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[I]One day a darknees spread across the digital world leaving the inhabitants confused and hopeless...Crops stoped growing...Lakes and ponds dried up...Many digimon died off leaving the population small and scattered...One dark day in a small village near the ocean 10 small digimon decide to do something about it...They begin their journey to help the digital world. Here is where their Journey begins.[/I]


Council Leader WarGreymon: Enough Calm down everyone i know this is getting out of hand theres nothing we can do. Not even the sovriens can stop this darkness. We are just going to have to find a new way to live.

*Comotion slows down*

CLWarGreymon: I know this hard for you ... its hard for all of us but the fact still remains that even if we knew what was causeing this blanket of darkness we would probably be powerless to stop it.

Wizardmon: But what if we sent out a scouter or two maybe they can at least find some things out.

CLWarGreymon: Its to dangerous you alredy know the plants out there have turned venomous, And carnivorous, and quite dangrous. They would rip any of our scouters to shreads...You all know plants like darkness they have enguled the entire area it would be murder sending some scouters out..... Suicie if any of you volenteered.

Rabbitmon: But we cant live we cant survive in this darknees our population has gone form 500 to 150 in a few years... we have tried everything i dont think there any other way to live the day care only has a few babys and young digimon its getting out of hand SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

*Comotion and lots of yelling*

[I]Hideing outside the council window was a small group of digimon all known as...The Little Darklings..They got the name cause they digivolve to their rookie forms the day the darkness blanketed over the land.[/I]

Renamon: They are right something must be done we cant sit here and let our village DIE OFF like some species of not wanted bug..

BlackAgumon: Well what do you sapose we do?

Guilmon: i sapose we should send out a scouter...

Renamon: Werent you listining sending out one or 2 scouters would be stupid...I vote we all go together...i mean theres more then enough of us i am sure we can get somewhere and do something..I mean come on there are 10 of us

Veemon: SO your saying WE as in US should go do something...

Renamon: why not....i mean The Coincil Leader isent doing anyhting we should

Terriermon: HELLO hes a mega level digimon and he still thinks its quite dangerous what do 10 rookies have agenst what evers out there

Raptormon: NOT TO MENTION those carnivorus plants

Bunniemon: ohh dont tell me a carnivore like yourself is scared of a few plants.......HAH

Raptormon: SHUT UP

Apocomon: well the fact stil remains they are out htere and they are dangerous

Waterbilmon: SO WHAT DO WE DO?

Ranamon: we do exactly what renamon suggested....lets do somehting..

Renamon: Ranamons right i wont stand here and sit back and watch this darkness take over our home and kill off everything in the village.

Everyone: Yeah we all agree

Renamon: its settled then we leave in a few hours........dont tell anyone...in tis darkness i dont think they will notice we are gone so pack up some FOOD and some water and make sure your all ready cause once we get out there there is no water...not good water anyways.....the plants have polutted it all...and ocean water isent good anyways even if it wasent polutted
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[I]Terriermon looked up to Renamon and sighed.She spun around,Her floppy ears spun through the air.she Lifted her ears and let the wind blow against them,Soon,She was gliding over to The Bunny House,(A place were lots of Terriermon's live.)she packed everything into a small backpack, lots of Water and Food(Carrots).After an hour of saying goodbye to her family,Terriermon set out back to the small vilage to meet the others.[/I]
[B]Terriermon:[/B]Owww,My ears hurt.wait I have an idea!TERRIER TORNADO!
[I]Terriermon started spining very fast,Her long Bunny ears slashing the air.She landed on the ground and arrived at the village in no time.[/I]
[B]Terriermon:[/B]Ahh,Thats better.
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Guilmon: What's with the big bag?

Apocomon: just some food. For everybody offcourse. I'll share.

Blackagumon: What kind of food do you have?

Apocomon: Coal to eat and oil to drink.

Blackagumon: I'll pass.

Apocomon: I can't believe you believed that!

Renamon: Stop that! And isn't that a bit too big bag?

Apocomon: I guesse so.... But done is done!:D

Raptormon: Man! Shut up!

Apocomon: Sorry.......
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Renamon: I HOPE none of you will tell anyone we are leaveing cause they probably being very paranoid.....will tell leader wargreymon and then we wont be going anywhere.



Terriermon: uhh...

Renamon: dont tell me you did

Terriermon:ok i wont

Renamon: ugh....i sure hope your FAMILY wont tell anyone cause crud....if leader wargreymon found ot.....he would put is un that digimon jail jsut to keep us safe ......

Raptormon: he can get that way sometimes

Renamon: is everyone ready?


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[I]Terriermon felt very guilty now.She walked far behind everyone.By every hour they walked,The Land was more...dead.[/I]
[B]Ranamon:[/B]who would do this...its horrible.
[I]Terriermon,Before she could answer,she heard something.It was coming from a dead bush.[/I]
[B]Terriermon:[/B]BUNNY BLAST!
[I]She opened her mouth wide and set a large blast at the tree...[/I]
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[I]A small ball of fur fell out of the tree.[/I]

???mon: Don't hurt me! Please!

Renamon: Why should we?

???mon: Youre no enemy?

Apocomon: nope

[I]They here something. It's a hard noice.[/I]

Guilmon: What was that?

???mon: that was my stumach. I haven't been eating since 3 days ago.

[I]Apocomon opened his bag and grabs some food out of it.[/I]

Apocomon: Take this.

Terriermon: Who are you?

???mon: thank you! Im Puimon. I was stuck on this dead tree. I can't climb so good you know.
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Ranamon: Well Puimon, why did you go up there in the first place, i mean im not THAT stupid!Are you lost or something?Do you need help...[I]renamon buds in[/I]

Renamon:I'll take it from here*[I]pushes Ranamon out of the way* [/I] We are on a journey, we could use some extra company...

Puimon: *[I]eyes open wide..*[/I] REALLY?!

Renamon: hop on my back you need a good rest

[I]In the distance the group spots a very very small village..[/I]

Ranamon: Finally!!Civilization!!I thought that I would have to walk forever!!!

Renamon,Terriermon,Puimon,Apocomon,and Guilmon: O brother!

Ranamon: You do know that I'm a hybrid...i could smash you to pieces!!

Renamon: Now we'll have none of that...we were only stating that you aren't very patient

Ranamon: [I]*face turns red* [/I] [I]Starts to walk slowly and strays from the group, she comes to a river and starts skipping stones.[/I] Im stronger than I look...They probably won't even know im gone..


[I]When they enter the town[/I] [I]Guilmon stops and notices that something is missing...[/I]

Guilmon: Something feels missing.....hmmm....WAIT I KNOW!!Ranamons whining is missing...where is she??Shes the only one who knows the water like itz the back of her hand...we'll all die..

Renamon: Take it easy Guilmon...We just have to find her..

Terriermon: Maybe she just wants to be alone..but then again we can't finish this mission without her...*[I]looks back and thinks...[/I] Where are you Ranamon?

[I]Suddenly in the distance they spot a pack of Lynxmon!!![/I]
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Bunneimon: Everyone, watch out! BUNNY HOP!


The two bunny digimon bounced out of the way of the charging Lynxmon as everyone one else ran off to the side. Well, everyone except Renamon.

Terriermon: Renamon, what are you doing?

Renamon: I can take 'em..
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Renamon: Diamond Storm!![I]*with a single hit, Renamon destroys three Lynxmon*[/I]

[I]what seem to be the leader of the pack comes foreward and challenges Renamon.[/I]

Renamon: I'm ready for you!

[I]As fast as lightning Lynxmon tramples Renamon and she falls on the ground[/I] *[I]Renamon screams in pain*[/I]

[I]In the distance Ranamon hears Renamon yelp and in a swirl of water she transports herself to Renamon.She gives Renamon soom water and food and Renamon was soon ready to take on the leader once again. Ranamon knew that Renamon had no advantage over this beast, so she stepped in and destroyed Lynxmon or so she thought..[/I]

Ranamon: I told you guys I was stronger!!

Renamon: I had no doubt..

Terriermon: Way to go!!

Bunniemon: She did it she did it!

Lynxmon: [I]*grwols from behind Ranamon* The Lynxmon takes Ranamon down and almost destroys her.[/I]

Ranamon: Just finish me off!!I have no friends anyways!!!

*[I]just as Ranamon said that Terriermon steps in front of the pouncing Lynxmon and with all his might slaps and bites and punches the Lynxmon till it went bye bye.[/I] [I]Since terriermon used up all his strength and power and was injured badly he couldn't get up and just lay in the dirt..[/I]

Ranamon: Why did you do that for .....m-m-me...?

Terriermon: Because everyone needs a friend....*[I]With that Terriermon blacks out*[/I]

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Sorry I posted sooooooo late..heheh.

Guilmon: Terriermon. * Catches Terriormon*

Apocomon: Does she need some food or drinks.

Renamon: No. She just needs to rest.

Guilmon: *Yawns* I think we all do.

Bunneimon: Well, it IS getting dark.

Renamon: Then its settled. We campout here for the night.

They all find a place to sleep and fall into a deep slumber.
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Renamon: ugh TERRIERMON...and ranamon we are all friends remember....we all became ROOKIES the day of the darkness and we have always been there for each other..remember all the hard times we have always been there for you..........so stay with us we noticed you were gone quickly...

Terriermon Fliped and flopped around and renamon picks him up and she dashes into a small building with a small fridgimon who was cooking a meal

Frigimon: and who are you dashing into my home like this?

Renamon: someone with a friend or 2 in need...

Frigimon: well that works for me
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[I]blackagumon was walking in the forest but he is very much lost and his freinds have gotten spilt off from him.[/I]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: this can't be good at all! i am lost and everyone is missing and i don't even think i am as strong as any of them i am just one very weak rookie how am i ever going to find a way to find them?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]dark voice: i will help you heheheheh.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: who are you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]???mon: the names devimon you must be a dark digimon i take it you are very safe here your a virus type but once you leave the forest it is VERY dangerous indeed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: why?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]devimon: well young one dark digimon live in dark areas and me and you both are digimon that are virus types i wll help you find your freinds but you must do something for me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: i will do almost anything if you bring me back to my friends.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]devimon :very well even thru i am a dfark digimon this darkness is way to much for any dark digimon if you would promise to kill the evil darkness i will hrlp you find your freinds and show you how to be MUCH stronger![/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: k well me and my freinds are out to seee what is going on and it would be useful to help them after all i am a very weak rookie compared to them .[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]devimon: k if you can gather data i will show you how to digivolve to the champion level it also works when your freinds are in GREAT danger.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]blackagumon: that would be great! if you could show me how! but can i see my freinds first?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]devimon: yes yes i will lead the way i saw them entering a frgimon's home.[/COLOR]

[I]the devimon lead blackagumon to a little hut in the midddle of the forest.[/I]

[COLOR=darkblue]devimon: i hope to see you again young one hehe[/COLOR]
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Apocomon: Where is blackagumon?

Terriermon: I thought you were on the back of the line.

Apocomon: I was, but he is gone.

Renamon: Not again.

Guilmon: shouldn't we search for him?

renamon: It would be dumb to do that. We just have to wait for Blackagumon here.
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After a hour or two Terriormon came out of Fridgimons house looking better.

Guilmon: Glad to see you.

Terriermon: Heh. You too.

Guilmon: * Scratches his head* What do you mean?

Terriermon: *Sigh* Nevermind.

Renamon: We should get going now.

Bunniemon: Yea while its still daylight.

Apocomon: One minute. Let me gather the rest of these berries.

Ranamon: Just come on.

Waterbilmon: Wait. We are missing someone.

Blackagumon comes running out of the woods.

Veemon: Where ya been.

Blackagumon: Well there was this Be-

Ranamon: LETS GOOO.

Raptormon: Yea come on everybody.

They continued down the path towards the darknes but the didnt know what was lurking beside them in the dark forest.

As they were walking.

Guilmon: Did you see that.

Renamon: What?!

Guilmon: In the forest.

Renamon: Uhhh...no.

Guilmon: Oh. Ok.

Renamon: Did you see something?

Guilmon: I thought I did.
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Ranamon: Theres something out there,[I]*Ranamon thought*[/I]

Terriermon: *[I]walks beside Ranamon*[/I] I think I saw what Guilmon saw, it was a dark creature...Well I hope itz nothing, are you ok?

Ranamon: Yah im fine, but being a Hybrid and only having the power of a rookie is really starting to bother me!!!

Terriermon: [I]*Face turns white like he saw a ghost*[/I] Look![I]points up ahead[/I]
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Terriermon: What Or who is that?

Apocomon: Grrrrr! I don't think it's very nice.

Renamon: Identify yourself!

???mon: Ask blackagumon. He knows me.

Guilmon: Is that true blackagumon?

blackagumon: I don't know it for sure. I only heared it's voice.
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Ranamon: Why didn't you tell us that you "met
" someone?

Blackagumon: He pro..mis...ed me something..

Ranamon: what?

Terriermon: Itz not like he promised you digivolution...

BlackAgumon: Well...actually...

Renamon: Noo he can't

Puimon: Devimon!You promised me that but you never gave me that power!!

Apocomon: Thats right, Devimon is unworthy

BlackAgumon: Nope Im leaving with Devimon, i know he woudn't break a pormise
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Apocomon: What?! You can't be serious! That guy is no good! He is pure evil! Youre saying he never breaks a promise? We'll I say he allways does!

Blackagumon: I believe him and you should too. Give him a chance!

Terriermon: He had enough chances! He is pure evil! You can't go with him!

Blackagumon: Im going and you can't stop me!

Renamon: Oh yes we can!

[I]Renamon jumps in front of Blackagumon who was about to leave.[/I]

Guilmon: Why? Why do you want to become stronger?

Blackagumon: Because Im weak! Now let me throu!

Renamon: Ooooh No!

Devimon: oh Yes!
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OOC:c_l Terriermon is a girl.:) (Not to be mean,just giving you the info:D )

[I]The Devimon smacked all of the Digimon except for Blackagumon and Terriermon(She had jumped into the air)[/I]

[B]Terriermon:[/B]Hey!Dont hurt my friends or you will be sorry!
[B]Devimon:[/B]And what is a puny Long eared freak like you going to do?
[B]Terriermon:[/B]Long...Eared...FREAK?Bunny Blast!
[I]The Ball of energy exploded in Devimon's face,But barely did anything.Devimon sneered and extened his hand towards Terriermon to destroy her(I forget his attack.)But before he could reach her,Ranamon yelled:[/I]
[I]and with those words,Devimon grabbed Terriermon but quickly dropped her becasue she was glowing with a bright light.[/I]
[B]Terriermon:[/B]I feel strange...
[I]Suddenly a crystal ball appeared around her and when it broke,A new digimon stood there,With Gatling guns for arms...[/I]
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blackagumon: oh this is going to be a one sided fight......(thinking) i know they have been my freinds for along time but they can't give me what devimon is offering he said we were breathern..... could he have lied?

gargomon: blackagumon why do you want to leave to a freak like this who just offers you hollow power?

devimon: HOLLOW! HA!

blackagumon: i can't let it end like this why does everything have to happen bad to everyone i KNOW!

[I]a black ball of light appers and when it disappers a virus version of greymon is all that is left[/I]

greymon: WOW!

renamon: oh my GOD!

guilmon: is that possable for him to digivolve to a dark greymon?

ranamon: it is becuase he is a virus version of agumon.... that may have been what got black agumon trust peaked.

greymon: now that i can digivolve i have no need for any of you!

devimon: FOOL! your are still a weak champion your true pwer only begines here coem with me and i will make you a ultimate or even a MEGA!

greymon: is that true devi or is it a lie like your lie about breathern!

raptormon: he said what!

gargomon: greymon you can't just leave us your still a friend and darn it friends don't leave friends not to mention you made a pomise that you really can't break.....

devimon: shut UP!!!!!!

ranamon: he shall not!

greymon: enough! NOVA BLAST!( heads stright between the 2 argueing digimon.

renamon: what was that for?
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Renamon - ok this is enough i am not gonna stick around and wait for someone to do somehting I AM OUTA HERE *dissapears and leaps from tree to tree and dissapears

Renamon*thinks*[I]i wonder why i left.....hmm maybe i belong on my oun....oh well no one really got along......we were all frieds but everyone seemed to ignore me or at least ARGUE all the time[/I]
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In the nearby forest, Hawkmon sat on a limb. She hadn't seen a single sign of life in at least a week. She was feeling the gripping lonliness more and more each day. She wondered how long she'd have to stay in this forsaken place. A low rumble in the distance caught her attention.
"What could that be?" Hawkmon said aloud. She flew towards the sound, It's volume increasing.
Hawkmon suddenly came to a clearing where she could see a Devimon and a rather dark Greymon and several smaller creatures arguing. Intrigued, Hawkmon perched herself on a branch to see the ending. She knew the sight of Devimon spelled trouble.
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Apocomon: Grrrrr! You wont see me around here anymore either!

[I]He left in the same direction as he saw Renamon run.[/i]

Reptormon: You! Devimon! Look what you did!

[i]In the meanwhile Apocomon found Renamon and walks aside of her.[/i]

Apocomon: Why did she? Why does she want to be stronger?

Renamon: I don't know, don't care. You wont see me around there anymore.
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Renamon: it isent that i dont like them its ever sence we enterd the forest everyones attituds have changed and i cant take it anymore......so i left....once they all calm down and grow up i might join them again........but for now........i am on my oun........hay why didy ou follow me anyways?

Apocomon: because i like you.....you are my friend.......remember when we just hatched...in fresh form our cribs were next to each other..........REMEMBER we have been friends ever sence the crib.....friends stick together......

Renamon: if friends stuck together.....they would have stoped me......and you wouldent have followed

Apocomon: they are jsut a little distracted at the moment cause of the ideot devimon....

Renamon: WATCH OUT

*a huge plant like venus fly trap looking thing lunges at Apocomon but renamon pushes apocomon out of the way and takes the bite from Apocomon.*

Apocomon: why did you do that

Renamon...ugh...thats what friends are for......to protect each other......now try to find a stick to pry it open befro this thing digests me...or bites me in 2......ARHH

renamon screams in pain as the plant trap bites harder and harder trying to get a good meal... apocomon looks around and sees a hige stick and gets over to get it and returns Apocomon rammed the stick into thetrap and jumped up and down on the stick prying it open bit by bit.....

Apocomon: OH NO

the plant bites the stick in half squeezing renamon even tighter

Renamon: oh for get this...........DIAMOND STORM......

renamons eyes glow and then the trap begins to glow then it eplodes open as its being riped apeart by renamosn attack renamon drops to the ground........ motion less..but breathing.

Apocomon: I am gonna get the others.....
Renamon:No leave them out of this...they have devimon to worry about......i will be fine

Renamon struggles and slowly stnads up....trying ehr best to keep her balance......renamon limps down the dark path with Apocomon helping her along...
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