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RPG Marvel Super Heroes: The Mimics


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[I]Craig sat on the edge of a crane, staring out into New York City, as the sun peaked out over the cities proud skyline. The city was normally nice and quiet this time of day, that was how Craig liked it. It would still be an hour or so before such people as Vulture and Scorpion started emerging from their lairs, and then Craig would be in for a busy morning. Now was his time to get in a quick warm up.

Craig extending his arm, his two middle fingers touching his palm, his two end fingers extended. A web shot from his wrist, and propelled forward, affixing to the corner of one of the thicker skyscrapers in the immediate area. Craig pushed himself off the edge of the crane with his legs, and he shot downward in a swinging motion, his body arched backwards from the force of the air resistance. He swung in a curving motion around the corner of the building he had fixed his web to, and he released his grip from the web. The momentum of his swing vaulted his body into a back flip towards a building. He clung to it, hitting it upside down, with his back facing the building. Pressing his hands against the wall over his head, he flipped over, so he was now facing upwards, stomach facing the building. He started quickly to escalate the building, heading for the roof.

Near the top of the building, Craig pushed himself off the building, leaning backwards into a flip as he started to free fall. Craig loved the exhilarating feeling he got from nose diving towards the busy traffic hundreds of feet below. He ripped downwards through the air, and when he was no more than 50 feet from the city streets, he launched a web up at a pole above him, that was sticking out of a building, adjacent to the floor. His body whipped forwards in-humanely as his arm was pulled upwards, and his legs snapped downwards. He was thrown forwards, coming within inches of a taxi roof as he swung over it. He continued to swing upwards until the web line was nearly horizontal, and then he released the web. Craig was propelled upwards in a back-flipping motion, as his hands gripped onto the base of an iron girder that was sticking out from the body work of a soon-to-be skyscraper. Using his momentum, he rotated upwards, his legs planting firmly on top of the girder. He sat in the classic crouched Spiderman position, and looked out over the street below. He let out a sigh of relief, it was nice to have this kind of freedom at one point in the day.[/I]
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"Still hanging around everywhere?"

Craig: Tyron, or should i call you Titan? *grins*

Tyron: found bad guys? *grins to*

Craig: Not reallly. It's calm. To calm.

Tyron: I know.

Craig why are you upon that building? Come here if you dare!

Tyron: Nah! I don't have sticking powers or Flying so, I'll stay here.

Craig: Fine with me.

[I] They don't talk the next two minutes.[/I]

Tyron: Shall we search for some crime in this city?
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[i] Nick Redips awakes on his bed, he looks out his window at a beautiful New York mourning. He gets dressed and makes his way for the door, and grabs his leather jacket.

Ten minutes later Nick is on the street, Wind blowing throught his Brown hair he walks towards Times square, what he usually does every Monday mourning.

On his way he could fell people's dreams, their fears, their lives. But Nicks used to this, he feels it every second of every day, this is his life.

Nick stops and looks up seeing Two figures swinging through New York city. One stops and looks down, Nick noods and he noods back. The two swinging men keep going and Nick continues his walk...[/i]
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Siren wakes with a start unable to breath or see... Struggling she rips her pillow in two... Panting, Siren sits as the feathers drift past her nose making her sneeze... Remembering, She reaches back and touches the black and indgo wings sprouting from her shoulder blades... Sighing, Siren stands and rummages through the piles of laundry on the floor... She tosses a pair of black cargo pants and a short green tank top with a hood onto the bed... She stands and gos to a drawer pulling out linen bandages... After straping her wings to her back, Siren gets dressed... She glances around for her other sock... Pouncing on it, Siren pulls it on and rushed to the front door... A glance at her watch confirmed her fear... She was late... Again... She stuffed her feet into her boots and stumbled out the door... Running down the stairs, Siren steps on her shoe lace and tumbles down the stairs... She lands on her back and comes up running... As she tears through the kitchen she snags a peice of toast... Mouth full, she hops around tieing her boot...

Siren: Sorrie Aump Jem... Lape fo worp..

A woman in her thirties reaches out and snags Sirens arm...

Aunt Jem: Chew and repeat...

Hurridly Siren swallows and chokes out

Siren: Im late for work!

Aunt Jem: Oh... Alright... Have a pleasent time dear...

Siren darts out of the kitchen and through the front door, slamming into a man on the sidewalk...


OOC: My apoligies but I leave tomarrow... If some would play my char for a while i'd be grateful... If it's too much to ask... Drop her or kill her

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The light of dawn burned into the back of Tristans eyelids forcing him to awaken and open his eyes. The glare of the golden ball of superheated elements floating in the sky burned into his retina's causing him to close his eyelids once more sitting up from the alleyway and scratching himself with a massive yawn. After standing up and brushing the dust and lint gathered onto his clothes from the night he wandered over to the local dumpster for a bite. A few long moments of scrounging and digging produced several semi-fresh half eaten sandwiches and he leaned against the dumpster to enjoy his meal.

Man: Hey look it's that homeless freak.

Woman: Not so loud dear, he'll here us.

Man: I don't care, that monster is where he belongs.

Before the female could react to finishing the sentence, Tristam had dropped the sandwich, leaped over landing infront of the man in a single bound followed by a ripping sound as his bone claws extended upwards. Stopping just below the mans chin he looks into the terrified eyes of this fellow and speaks. His voice exudes a venemous tone as he regards the passerby.

Tristan: The only reason you are not dead right now is because I am more human than you will ever be... Maybe you should look into your heart and see who the real monster is.

Not giving the man time to react he had ran back into the alleyway dissappearing into the deep shadows of it and turned a corner climbing a fire escape.

Tristam:(Thinking)"I almost couldn't control it this time. This rage inside of me keeps growing and I keep getting stronger, but will it end? Will I be able to hold this rage in forever? I wish someone could help me, anyone."

Finally coming to a stop, Tristam sat against the escape door on the roof of a nearby building staring out amongst the city... He couldn't see equal to the limits of the skyscrapers, but could definetely look down upon many of the penthouses from this height. He knew falling from here would not make a pretty art scene. He saw two figures off in the distance but thought nothing of it, probably just a couple of "freaks" like him out having a good time. Tristam, however, didn't see what was so great about being a freak. His mind kept on that thought for a long while.
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Deep within the bowels of the festering pit, something awoke. The covers moved about slowly over the bed, concealing whatever slept beneath it. A sudden mutter from below rings out, then the covers fall off as the person under it moves around. The person's face is pressed against the matress and he also has his butt stuck up in the air. A sudden movement again and the person awakes. He sits up, looking around the stinking pig sty that he calls his apartment. He scratches his head ruffling his hair slightly and rubs his eyes.

He suddenly realises that he was awoken by someone banging the door. He leapt from the bed, as he does so his light grey boxer shorts turn to a grim black then begin to spread all over his body. They turn into a pair of Jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of black socks. As he gets closer to the door he realises that whoever is knocking is also shouting. With a low toned gruff voice the man calls again.

Land Lord: CURTIS! I know you're in there so open up! you owe me 4 months of rent boy!

Andrew: I'm coming!

Andrew mutters something under his breath before pulling the door open.

Andrew: Mr Davies, what can I do for you?

Mr Davies: Don't play dum with me Curtis, You know your rent is 4 months oover due. This is your last chance to pay! Hand it over.

Andrew: How much do I owe you sir?

Mr Davies: According to my books you owe me.... *looks at some papers he holds in his hand*.... two hundred.

Andrew: TWO HUNDRED BUCKS?! To stay in this dump? *mutters under his breath as he pulls out some notes* Here you go!

Mr Davies: Thank you, now clean this place up!

Mr Davies then walks away counting his earnings. Andrew slams then door walking back inside his 'apartment', if it could be called that. He then looked at his open window smiling. His clothes came to life once more, changing to a sinister black colour then surrounding the whole of his body. There were suddenly two large white patches for him to see throuhg, a large white spider formed on his chest as well as on his back and two small white patches appeared on the back of his hands. Although you couldn't see it, he smirked underneath his suit then leapt out the window.
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[I]Tyron looked around and saw someone, just walking away.[/I]

tyron: Who's that?

Craig: What do you mean?

Tyron: there.

[I]Craig looks and sees someone walking away too.[/I]

Craig: Don't know. Looks unhappy.

Tyron: Yeah. I can see it's a "freak" too. He probably wasn't excepted by the "normal"human's.
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[color=teal][i]Jake takes off his coat and walks into his room, he looks up at the picture of his deceased parents and sigh a mournful sigh, "Why did you have to die, Dad I could really do with some advice here". The rooms stays silent and Jake walks over to his closet, he changes into his suit and jumps out the window onto the ground. He looks up at the moon and sniffs the air[/i]

Jake: Smells like trouble.........

[i]Jake jumps up onto the wall of the nearest building and bares his claws using them to climb up the building and up on the roof. Jake sniff the air again and jumps across to the next building. From there he peers down to see a gang attacking an old man. Jake decends downonto the gang[/i]

Gang member 1: Hey Hal check out the guy coming from the party

Hal: What a...............

[i]Before "Hal" can finish his sentence Jake's fist lands in his mouth and drives him into the wall. One of the other gang members attacks Jake with an iron bar but Jake cuts it in half, The gang runs off and Jake picks up the old man[/i]

Jake: Are you ok ?

Man: Thank you for your help I run a small newsletter and I'll make sure people know your name as a defender of the people

Jake: Thanks just call me.......Wolf

Man: That's all you got that sucks your gonna be called......[i]looks up at moon[/i] Silverfang

Jake: Hmmm that's alot better I'll take you home so that you won't get attacked again[/color]
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Tyron:Hey! There are some criminals who are breaking in a shop window!

Craig: Let's get'm!

[I]They jump down and call for the criminals.[/I]

Craig: Come here!

Criminal1: What were you going to do?

Tyron: Break youre head maybe.

Criminal2: Come on then!

[I]They walk towards Tyron and Craig, but Tyron frosen their legs and they fall. Then Craig shoots a web around them and they're caught.[/I]

Shop keeper: How can i ever thank you?

Tyron: no need.

"I saw the whole thing! And Im going to put it in the paper if you want it or not!"

Craig: Huh?

Man: I work for a paper and a few minutes ago there was an other guy. He saved my butt there. Now you helped him. Im really going to do this in the papers. What are oure names?

Tyron: Im Tyron. Also known as Titan.

journalist: and you?
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[i] Nick walks up to the fight between the fallen criminals, the ones Tyron and Craig defeted, he looked into there eyes, he say there memories and why theve done what theve done. Nick looked over at the journalists talking to the "heros".

All of a sudden two more criminals ran toward the crime scene, Nick turned put his hand up and the two criminals stoped in mid air.

Civilian: Oh my god!

Nick easily placed them ontop on the near-by cop car and started walking away, until the journalists ran over to him. He turned and looked at the two other heros and grined[/i]
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[color=teal][I]Jake jumped back through the window again and took off his suit, he thought for a moment and then went to bed. The next day he went down to the office but there was nobody there. Jake saw his oppertunity and walked down to the local taylor to have a chat[/i]

Jake: Hey Pete how's business

Pete: Business ? snce when are you interested in businesss ?

Jake: I've got a little job i want you to do

Pete: Hmmm busy last night I read in this mornings Daily Bugle that there's a new costume wearing freak loose around the city, That Jameson wouldn't recognise anything good if it bit him in the rear

Jake: So I'm famous now

Pete: Seems so...I suppose you want some alterations done to the suit ?

Jake: Yeah I'll need it to be silver and white.......if I'm to be a hero

Pete: So have you had any luck with those nanobots of yours ?

Jake: Yeah I'll put them in the suit, they'll do some pretty spectacular things

Pete: I'll have the suit ready tonight, by the way ever though about entering into a new business

Jake: Not really, but what had you in mind

Pete: Well that company Oscorp is always looking for talent maybe you should apply

Jake: Yeah maybe, business in the P.I. sector is slow. Yeah I'll check them out today, see ya Pete

Pete: Take care then Silverfang

[i]Jake exits the store and gets a bus downtown to Oscorp where he hopes to get a job. Unknown to him this is where he'll meet his most deadly enemy[/i][/color]
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OOC: Ive got Iceman's powers now. I changed. But I edited my last post.


[I]Tyron and Craig are walking over to the other hero.[/I]

Journalist: What's youre name young man?

Tyron: Hey! great move.

Craig: You really got them.

Nick: Thanks.
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Just so everyone knows, only one person in this RPG knows my secret identity... and that is Andrew. To everyone else in the RPG, I am known only as Spiderman.

[I][B]Craig:[/B] I'm just your friendly neibourhood Spiderman!

With that, Craig raised his hands, and webs launched up into the wall of the building, and he zipped upwards, then kicked off the wall and started swinging away, as the others watched. He hit the top corner of a building with his webbing, then clung onto the webbing until his web was almost vertical. Then, he launched another web into the centre of the buildings roof, and released the first web. He swung clean over to the other side of the building, and continued around, until he was thrown through an open window, just as another figure in black leapt out.

[B]Craig:[/B] Why does that always seem to happen?

Using his sharp reflexes, he flipped straight back out of the window, turned, and launched a web, swinging after the black figure swinging before him. He launched a web that clung to the figures back. Then, with a hard yank, he pulled the figure backwards, and he whipped past Craig, hitting the building wall. What seemed like a fight from the civilians above, was actually just a bit of fun. The black figure, Andrew, launched a web back at Craig, who released his own web, and went into a backflip, as Andrew's web past under his head. Craig started to nose dive towards the stree below, but Andrew sent out another web, which stuck to Craig's foot. Andrew threw his hand upwards, launching Craig up into the air like a whip. The web released, and Craig vaulted onto the wall of the same building Andrew was on. Andrew glanced up at him through his symbiote host.

[B]Andrew:[/B] Not bad... spidey.

[B]Craig:[/B] Yeah, speak for yourself.[/I]
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Byron ran as fast as he could up the stairs of a New York building. With General Lee and his men right on his back. Byron ran all the way to the top of the building. He ran all the way to the edge. He looked down and barley saw the car's on the bottom. He closed his eye's as the wind blew against his face. Then General Lee and his men where right behind him.

[B]General Lee [/B] Son just give it up we have you surrounded. All we want to do is help you. Your getting out of control.

[B]Byron[/B] Your trying to help me? I'll like to see the day. If your trying to help why when we where in Virginia you sent some guy to kill me? You must think I'm stupid, the only think you want to do is kill me.Then study me but it's not going to happened.

Byron then turned around then opened his eye's. They where a bright green color. Then his muscles started to rip out of his shirt. His body mass then started to get bigger. His skin repletion then was green.

[B][COLOR=green]Hulk[/COLOR] [/B] If you want me come and get me.

Byron then jumped off the building to the next. Once he landed on the top of the building his body weight caved in the top of the building. He landed on the second floor from the top. Byron then punched out the side of the building. He looked down and then he jumped out of the whole that he created. As he saw him self about to hit the ground he punch both of his hand in the side of the building to slow him down. Once he landed on the ground he was facing the build but when he turned around General's Lee men where there waiting for him.

[B][COLOR=green]Hulk[/COLOR] [/B] So you guys want to play like this huh? Well, lets do it.

OOC: Sorry for it being so short.
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Im skipping Scratn's post

Tyron: Wow! Big guy.....

Chris: You need agility to win from him and ive got that. *grinnes proud*

Tyron: Man! You?! Don't make me laugh!

Chris: Want to test my strenght?!

Tyron: Bring it on!

Nick: Hey!

[I]Tyron and Craig look towards Nick.[/I]

Tyron: Hey!
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[i] Im sry, I just got carried away when I saw Onslaught and stuf, dont u have to be a good marvel character?

Nick runs over to them seeing the huge red beast jumping over the building

Nick: Did u see that guy he was huge! Ha, so what u guys been up to?[/i]
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[i] Nick stands next to Spider-man and watchs Tyron fly off o top a sheet of Ice, he looks to his right and puts out his hand.

Spider-man noods and shakes his hand.

Nick: Im Nick Redips, im a telepath and i also have telekinetic powers.

Spider: Im Spider-man.

Nick: Yea I know, Ive seen you for a while.

Spider: Everyone does.

The two "heros" walk back to there homes talking, and begining a very powerful freindship.[/i]
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[I]Shinobi, for blatently disregarding almost every rule I have set up... I am hereby banning you from this RPG. It's your own fault, so don't whine or anything.

Also, much thanks to Schratn for actually listening to what I said, and calling me Spiderman. Atleast some people pay attention to what I say.

Also, I am also disregarding every post after SS2 Serren's, because you sorta have ignored what I said. In my post I was like on the other side of Manhatten with Andrew. It's an easy mistake, so if everyone could please just ignore their own posts after SS2 Serren's, it'll make things easier on me, especially since I am about to introduce the Mimics into the RPG.[/I]
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[i] Yea, I think you should,ss trunks is a Mod and stuf, so really listen to him or troubles cmon ur way, lol


Nick walked back into his apartment room and took off his long leather coat. He sat down on his bed and remembered what he witnessed today, the power of that Spider-man.

"He got the citizens to see us as human beings, not criminals" Nick said to himself.

" I think me and Craig could develop a good freindship"[/i]
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After a long day of wandering the streets and digging for money or anything of value in various dumpsters he's claimed through force or finding he returned to his home. The cardboard box in the covered alleyway off of Mainstreet. His home, his domain, his castle. He lay with his new possessions deciding to take them to the local pawn shop the next day and see how much money he could scrounge up from them. His eyes slowly drifted shut as his dreams become filled with the visions of the riches he wished he had.
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OOC: But Sabertooth is evil too!

tyron: Still I dont understand what happend too me.
Why can I freeze things and people?

[I]He sits on his bed and thinks a while. But finally he fals asleep
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Yea, but whose playing as Sabertooth?
[i]Nick looks out his window, which over looked Time Square, He tryed to remember bits of his childhood before the "fight" , but he could'nt. "Why, Why must I have this ability! WHy!"[/i]
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Super power: Sabretooth.
[I]It is mid night. Tyron awakes.[/I]

Tyron: Darn! I told Spidey that I meeted him at midnight! And it's allready 11:53 PM!

[I]He jumps out of his window, jumps on some ice he just made and goes.[/I]

Craig: Man! That took to long!

Tyron: I know..*breathing hard*. I fell asleep..... And.. I waked up at 11:53.

Craig: Ive forgetten it allready. Now that I know Nick some better...

Tyron: Who?

Craig: The guy we met.

Tyron: right.
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