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I know not a lot of you will understand this one; even I don't sometimes, but here it is:


Does the wind whisper truth in my ear,
empty as it was before?
During, after;
as if nothing changed at all.

Back into the metal tube,
I'm wingless; my stars have fallen.
And ever yet,
I emerge into the light.

A new path to the waterfall;
I look over my shoulder
to see my distant face,
and when I turn back around
your laughing echoes around me.

Smother my hope,
You cling to me
like a thin kinfe,
making me bleed slowly.

Where do butterflies
flutter when it's cold?
Your tireless lies
grow forever old.

I'll always be nervous here,
drowning silently,
in my tears.

OOC: Whew, that was longer than I thought it would be...
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