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During and after the battle of Naboo, the sport of podracing was growing greatly in popularity. The turmoil?s of the republic and a separatist movement has attracted a lot of people to the sport, who simply want some kind of entertainment to relive their stress. But, as the crowds grew and grew, the pressure on the racers became more intense. Pods had to be faster, more agile, quicker to respond, have better acceleration, better turning, and so on. Competition became far fiercer, racers began to steal parts from other racers, sabotage was common, and sometime even murders took place, all to secure victory in podraces. The crowds were unaware of the events going on right beneath their noses, and so the sports popularity continued to grow. Suddenly, some of the better racers found they had bounties on their heads, and so they started hiring protection. The Jedi, in an interest to keep the racers alive, and so keep the popularity of the sport, in order to keep the people of the galaxy happier; have started protecting the more popular racers themselves. The Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare is coming up shortly, and tensions are certainly running high.

Okay, although this RPG is based on podracing, you don?t have to be a podracer, just make sure that your character will have a place in the podracing world, you can be a Jedi guarding a racer, or even a bounty hunter after one of the racers, something like that. Here?s what everyone needs to put in their sign ups:
Occupation: (Podracer pilot, Jedi etc.)
Ship (if any):

If you are a Podracer pilot, you put this at the end:

Pod Class:
Pod Bio:
Pod Description:
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Xanko

[B]Age:[/B] 26 in human years

[B]Race:[/B] Dug

[B]Occupation:[/B] Podracer pilot

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Has a Shocktrooper class blaster pistol, modified and changed to fit his unique limbs. Also carries a few concussion and napalm grenades for his more hostile acquaintances. His biggest surprise though, it the mandalorian class flame-thrower on his wrist gauntlet, which he salvaged from a scrap heap one day. It shoots a flame 5 metres long, and a metre wide.

[B]Ship (if any):[/B] A heavily armoured, hollowed out cruiser, used to transport his Podracer. Like his blaster, its controls have been modified to suit the limbs of a dug. It is heavily armoured, has a decent weapon system, but is quite slow, and has an out of date hyperdrive, which Xanko soon plans to replace. The ship is called ?The Wretched Glider?.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born and raised on Pixelito on Malastare, Xanko soon fell in love with the sport of podracing. Ever since he was a boy, his hero and idle had always been Sebulba, who is also a Dug from Pixelito. Xanko started racing in Sky car races as soon as he was big enough to pilot a speeder, and had a natural flying ability. The lack of serious competition in this sport meant that he earned a lot of money very quickly, never once losing a match. At the age of 7 he had started to collect parts for his podracer, and as soon as he had enough spare credits, he moved to an apartment in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. There he was able to collect a lot of good parts from various smugglers etc, and even managed to win his small freighter, ?The Wretched Glider?, by betting on a podrace. Soon after, he had enough credits to construct his ship. He took the parts he had to the respected pod manufacturers Collor Pondrat. Using the parts, they made the exceptional pod known as the model XX-935J, or the Vulture. Xanko started racing immediately afterwards, initially in the smaller races, where he again seemed to have no equal. Most of the money he won went straight back into upgrading his pod, until he was confident enough to enter the big leagues. His first bid race was the Boonta Eve Classic, in which he came a respectable forth. It was also the first race in which he was competing against his childhood hero Sebulba, who was of course, the race winner. Sebulba was indeed impressed with the young Dug, and even congratulated Xanko after the race, something that he had never done to anyone before. Since then, Xanko has been competing in every big event he could, and has gained a lot of popularity. He has only crashed 3 times, and even then, his pod managed to escape serious harm. Unlike most other pod pilots, he refuses to have any form of protection. His only companion is his astro-mech droid; R2- X9, which Xanko simply calls ?X?.

[B]Description:[/B] Looks exactly like Sebulba, but has slightly lighter skin colour, and a more youthful look in his face.

[B]Personality:[/B] Conniving, devious, chaotic, much like any other serious bounty hunter. He likes to intimidate his opponents before the match, and gets angry quite easily, as to most Dugs.

[B]Pod Class:[/B] Collor Pondrat XX-925J: Vulture

[B]Pod Bio:[/B] The ?Collor Pondrat XX-925J: Vulture? is Xanko?s famous ship.7.96 metre long Radon-Ulzer 620C Split-X engines power it, allowing it to reach speeds of over 920 kilometres per hour. Illegal KAN Mark V secondary thrusters are hidden behind the main split X thrusters, allowing it to ?boost? for upto 10 seconds, reaching speeds of over 980 kilometres per hour. It has an E-23 suspensor that provides good traction, and also allows the pod the slide around corners, giving it a lesser drop in speed than most pods. Plug-8G 927 Array thrusters provide it with excellent acceleration, an added bonus to the low drop in speeds it has on corners anyway. It?s cockpit has small but heavy limbs or ?flaps? controlled by twin pneumatic pumps, which extend out on corners, giving him extra control and traction.

[B]Pod Description:[/B] Has engines almost identical to Sebulba?s, and his cockpit is shaped like an arrow head. All of it is painted in an intricate red and black pattern. His power coupling is a devilish black.[/I]
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[b]]Name:[/b]Xanatos II(Xanos for short)
[b]Age:[/b] 28 human years
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Occupation:[/b] Jedi Knight (Outkast)
[b]Weapon(s):[/b] 2 twin pure blue lightsabers, the Force
[b]Ship (if any):[/b] Jedi Starfighter
[b]Bio:[/b] Unlike his father, Xanos is not a sith. However, inside him looms the blood of the most dangerous Sith, but it makes Xanos all the more to be one of the greatest Jedi known. Like his father, he instinctively is able to wield two lightsabers, but though he is a good jedi, he knows the temptation of the dark side exists. Therefore, he chooses to be a Jedi, but stays away from the new council in the Academy. He now chooses to defend anyone in need of trouble, and specifically on Tatooine.
[b]Description:[/b] About 6'3", short, crew cut hair, ponytail
[b]Personality:[/b] Relaxed, likes to enjoy life but can get serious when needed, wise and fair
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Name: Darth Raider
Age: 23 human years
Race: Darth Maul's
Occupation: Sith master
Weapon(s): bloody red light sabre. Thunder (force)
Ship: Speeder (fast scouting plain.)
Bio: -??-
Description: looks like Darth maul, only Raider has a scar throu his right eye.
Personality: Is allways in for a battle. And if he battles... He wont give up.
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Guest Zero
Name: Hayato Kazuya
Age: 21
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Weapon: Crimson Lightsaber
Ship: Jedi Starfighter
Bio: Like other Jedi found at a young age. He past is behind him and he like it to remind that way for as long as possible. As a keeper of the peace he wish for nothing but to protect who ever he can.
Description: Since his favorite color is black he wear nothing but black. Hair short black with deep hazel eyes. And a cross shape scar on his left cheek.
Personality: Quiet but yet aggressive at time. Your not so basic lone wolf. When alone long for companion. When with a companion long to be alone.
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Name: Relee Asamiya
Age: 19
Occupation: azelean princess' decoy/podracer
Weapon: laser blaster
Ship: It was her that qui-gon jinn and anakin skywalker had sold the pod to. Since it was a rather fast ship, she decided that it may come in handy to her advantage.

Bio: Relee grew up with her royal family. She was supposed to crowned as princess, but rejected the job for she didn't want the responsibility. Relee is the elder sister of Kei, a padawan learner, and the younger sister of dysan, a jedi knight. Relee is also considered reckless, becuase of her love for adventure. She gets bored very eaisily and will do anything for a good challange and excitement. When the word about this sport, called pod racing, spred across the galaxy, she decided, as soon as she heard about what it was, that she was up for the challenge. Relee was up against anakin right before she bought the ship. Relee could never finish, which made her even more eager to keep on trying.

Description: Relee has short, dark brown hair with green-blue eyes that always look ready to take on a challenge. She is tall,lean and really lightly muscular. She wears the same thing padme wore on her trip to tatooine.

Personality: She is the adventureous type that can't refuse to go on an adventure or take on a challange. (I already explained it in her bio)

Relee is taking a looong break from her job (since the princess isn't in danger) and taking advantage of it by podracing.
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Okay, this is PODRACING RPG!!! Which means that most of you have to be podracers, or else we have no RPG. Now, since everyone seems to have ignored this in order to once again be one of their precious Jedi, I am limiting the Jedi to 2 people, namely the first two people who signed up as Jedi. (Dx Sabre and Zero.) DA is also allowed to be a Sith but the rest of you will have to alter your sign up's, or leave, it's your choice.

And before everyone starts babbling on about me having no power in this RPG, I am the co-creator, so I have as much power here as Majjin Vegeta.
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[color=teal][b]Name[/b]: Zen Darksabre

[b]Age[/b]: 29

[b]Race[/b]: Human

[b]Occupation[/b]: Bounty Hunter (ex-Jedi)

[b]Weapons[/b]: Zen wears a suit of black and gray Mandalorian body armor. There is a Jetpack attached to his back with a quiver for holding his lightsabre and his sniper rifle. He also carries around many extras

Silver bladed lightsabre: This is a normal Jedi weapon which Zen used in his Jedi training however his hilt is longer than most allowing for more powerful strikes

Dual blaster pistols: A gift from Jango Fett whom he helped during one of his bounty missions. These are similar to the one used by Jango himself only they are black in color

Poison gas grenades: These are simple grenades, which on detonation release a poisonous gas that causes instant paralysis to its victim

Sniper rifle: This is a highly accurate blaster rifle with a night vision and infra red scope. This rifle is capable of hitting most targets from a great distance

Flame-thrower: This device is capable of firing a wave of fire 7 metres long and one metre wide at his target it is attached to the glove on his left hand

Thermal detonators: Highly explosive grenades

[b]Ship[/b]: After his first mission to Geonosias Zen received a YT-1800 freighter (Similar to Dash Rendar's ship). In the months that followed Zen renamed his craft the [I]Hawk[/I]. He also had many upgrades done to his craft over the years. As a favor done to him by one of his latest clientele the [I]Hawk[/I] was brought to the Byblos Starport for upgrading. The engines were replaced with a pair of new Hoersch-Kessel ion engines. The old weapons systems were replaced with 3 heavy laser cannons, 2 proton torpedo launchers and 2 ion cannons. His ship has also been equipped with a highly illegal cloaking device

[b]Bio[/b]: Born on Coruscant into retched poverty. His mother and father died in a shuttle accident a few weeks after he was born. Zen was sent to be raised by his uncle a Bounty Hunter who taught Zen the ways of the trade. At the age of 4 he was taken to the Jedi training academy on Coruscant but he soon grew tied of the Jedi philosophies, At 17 just before the trails his master was killed in a fight with a Sith warrior. This loss to Zen of his best friend and mentor made him renounced the ways of the Jedi and so he went back to working with his Uncle as a bounty hunter. After 5 years of working with his uncle he left and went out on his own working for anyone who could pay him enough credits. His latest client has asked him to do some dirty work for him at the pod races.

[b]Description[/b]: Wears an armor similar to that of Jango Fett only it is black and silver. Under his mask he has dark green eyes and short black hair. He is 6'4

[b]Personality[/b]: Calm and cool but very business like, he gets straight to the point and isn't one to slack off[/color]
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Red, be quiet and acquire some intelligence before you go making idiotic comments like that. Firstly, the podracers to not hire Jedi, Jedi are assigned to protect the podracers, and two, they are not assigned to protect all the podracers. Geez, common sense man.
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Sorry for taking so long, I've been busy. And as Craig said, only two Jedi's, we wanna see more pod racers!!

Name: Andrew moto

Age: 37 in human years

Race: Kiffar

Occupation: Ex-jedi Podracer

Weapon(s): Andrew still keeps his icy blue light saber from his Jedi days. He also has two blasters in holsters at his side, the same two that Jango Fett uses

Ship (if any): His old Jedi Star fighter, the same as Obi-Wan's in episode 2.

Bio: Andrew, having an exceptionally high medi-chlorien count, was taken from his parents by choice to train under the Jedi's. He knew nothing of his family and was completly obidient to the Jedi order, until he got interested in Pod racing. While on a mission to stop a Bounty Hunter from claiming a prize Andrew became distracted by the Pod Race and failed his mission. His desire to race was to strong. He soon left the order at the age of 25, already a Jedi night and with many skills to help him. Using the mind tricks of a Jedi he managed to steal various parts and pieces which he put together to form his pod which he calls "Sonic 3"

Description: Andrew wears a long black cloak which covers most of his body at all times. Under it he has spikey brown hair (which is rarely seen), brown eyes and looks human. He is very muscular, about 6'

Personality: Andrew his very intelligent and knows how to take care of himself, but as he has the powers of a Jedi with him he tends to get cocky some time, he tends to joke a lot and does get into some tight situations.

Pod Class: JED-22953: Sonic 3

Pod Bio: The "Sonic 3" is the third pod Andrew has built. The first two were useless and couldn't be used so he took parts from both the "Sonic" and "Sonic 2" to create the "Sonic 3". It is a remarkable pod, with it's 2 Keizar-Volvec KV9T9-B engines it has brilliant traction and acceleration and thanks to Andrew's own tunings of the large engines it now has excellent braking to boot. In his first race he came 3rd, using the money he won from that race he made his pod faster and all kinds of extra surprises. After upgrading his pod he then came 2nd in his next race, the only person ever to beat him being the great sebulba. The top speed his Pod has ever reached is 350mph.

Pod Description: The Pod is a fine shade of blue, it's yellow power couplings connectng the two huge engines at the front. The total length of the pod is 11.4 metres. The cockpit is round at the front and has 3 large spikes coming from the back.
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