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Sign Up Liberty City - Invasion


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The convoy of Russian trucks and vans roared down the main street of Staunton Island, causing a few Yardies to turn their heads. This was unexpected. They were heading east, for Portland. They had come from Shoreside, or more specifically, the tunnel connecting to the mainland. They'd finally arrived, battered and bruised. This was their refuge. Liberty City.


The events that took place 7 days ago in Carsor city. The city was totally under Gang rule. The gang known as the 'Zaibatsu', controlled by 'Z', was no doubt in control of the city itself. There were other gangs; The Krishnas, the Yakuza, the SRS, the Russians... But the dark reach of the Zaibatsu spread across the entirety of Carsor city. If you didn't have the repsect, you were dead. There were a few who dared to make no alliances, no friends... But none of them lived to tell their tale.

The other gangs were tired of Z's dominance over the city. Alliances were made, and truces called. Most of the gangs bound together, and the dominant ones were the Russians and the Yakuza. The SRS Scientists made a large contribution to the cause as well, supplying technology and weapons to the 'Soviet Yakuza'. It was a glorious sight to see, the day the raid happened. Hundreds of Russian and Yakuza gang cars stormed into the Zaibatsu's Island hideout, 'the Village'. Glorious in its own cataclysmic beauty. Russian Car-bombs ruptured the walls of Zaibatsu structures, while Yakuza armed with Flamethrowers and Molotov's turned the place into a living hell. But it didn't last long. Zaibatsu arrived from the Residental and Industrial district quickly, and took the Soviet Yakuza from behind. In a few minutes, most of the attacking party was dead. But by now, the military had gotten involved. The Zaibatsu made a stronghold out of the Village, which was contstantly under assault by the army. The Zaibatsu had nowhere left to run--Aside from their 'secret exit', via an Overpass across the Red Neck's trailer park. Z ordered a retreat of the Zaibatsu, and, while exiting, blew the city's water plant.

The Russians and Yakuza, broken apart by the incident, also left the now Military controlled Carsor city. The Red Necks took over most of the abandoned territory, fighting constant land wars with the Loonies and Krishna. The SRS base was targetted by the Army, and quickly overrun. Many Scientists escaped the city, however, taking out the power plant just to piss city hall off as they left.

But there aren't many places for a mass wave of criminals to flee to. But, there is one place. Liberty City. All the gangs thought they were being pretty smart, but had no idea they were all heading for the same place. The Russians decided to drive in, while the Yakuza came in onboard a massive tanker stolen from the Carsor city docks. Z rounded up all the Zaibatsu he could, and brought them in on boats and in massive Cargo planes, landing at Francis International. The SRS drove in via the new Portland/mainland bridge, now under their control.

As you can imagine, most of the gangs in Liberty are less than happy with the new arrivals. Some, however, are pleased. Asuka, in control of the Liberty Yakuza, was most pleased to see Hiro, leader of the Carsor Yakuza, and an old friend of her brother. The Leone Mafia is worried about the Russians, taking control of the Portland docks. But, with the Mafia focussing on the Russians, the Triads have gotten power hungry. This has shaken up the Diablos, who are forming an alliance with the Yardies, who are spooked about the massive Yakuza growth. However, the Carsor Yakuza has brought information about the Zaibatsu, who have already begun to inhabit the southern and western side of Staunton Island. But with the Yakuza worrying about this, the Columbian Cartel have snuck back into the Pan Lantic construction site. However, the buildings currently under construction are contracted... To Z of the Zaibatsu. And they have been, ever since they were first started. But the Columbian Cartel have no idea of this. And with most of them gone from Shoreside vale, the Red Jacks and South Side Hoods have stepped up the severity of their turf wars, with the Nines now expanding, and finally getting a foothold in the street gang ladder. And the SRS scientists have set up a base of their own, at the Observatory over looking Shoreside vale. And on top of all of this, a once abandoned Oil-rig has shown signs of activity... But not of oil drilling.

Things in Liberty City are heating up. Gangs are looking for new recruits, and crime is at an all time high. The police are losing control, and the CIA has been dispatched. The ATF branch of the LCPD has been majorly rehauled, and given alot more power. They need it. City hall is powerless, and the stealthy Zaibatsu have all ready dug their claws into the city's political system.

Welcome to Liberty City. The worst place in America.

Standard sign-up procedure...

Initial Weapon/s: (Something Lite)
Initial Vehicle:
Gang Affiliation: (If any)

Mine shall follow...
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Name: Neil Jiharu

Age: 17

Height: 6' 6"

Initial Weapon/s: UAP-32/20 [url=http://www.redfaction.com/picview.cfm?weapon=submachine.jpg]Submachine Gun[/url], and USP-16 12MM [url=http://www.redfaction.com/picview.cfm?weapon=pistol.jpg]Semi-Automatic Pistol[/url]

Initial Vehicle: 2003 Silver Mustang Cobra custom with dual X-pipes and 450 HP engine.

Gang Affiliation: Yakuza

Description: Sporting a black trenchcoat and baggy black jeans with a black shirt, Neil appears goth. And he pretty much is, which is why many find it strange that he is associated with the Yakuza. Black spiked hair, green and slate eyes, Neil is a muscular, tall fellow with a cool and collected voice.

Personality: Mostly not one to keep his opinion to himself, volatile, and always on the edge. Anything can make him snap, and everything usual does. The type to kick his tires before he gets in his car, and to draw his weapon before he hears any sound or sign of impending danger.

Bio/History: Neil was raised in the ghetto by a young, beautiful woman named Sasanko, having some long and complicated relationship with Asuka. One day when Neil was 14, he came home from pick-pocketing neighbors to find his apartment a wreak, Sasanko gone, and a scribbled note telling him to find Asuka and "request guidence as a favor for an old friend".

Several years later, at the present, Neil is what Liberty City Police Department would like to call "Armed, extremely dangerous, and to be avoided at all costs." Known for extremely swift and brutal killings.
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Guest Zero
Name: Hayato Kazuya
Age: 17
Height: 6'4"
Initial Weapon/s: (Something Lite) Katana and wakazashi
Initial Vehicle: F-14 (May I?)
Gang Affiliation: (If any) Free Lance
Description: Since his favorite color is black he wear nothing but black. Hair short black with deep hazel eyes. And a cross shape scar on his left cheek. Not your most muscular person but still amazingly strong and smart.
Personality: Quiet but yet aggressive at time. The type to keep to himself. And take action when needed. Calm and the complete opposite of Neil.
Bio/History: Very skillful with a katana and wakazashi even at this young of a age. May use a firearm if need be. Orphen and taken in by the Yakuza but late leave.
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[color=teal][b]Name[/b]: Zen Lei

[b]Age[/b]: 28

[b]Height[/b]: 6'5

[b]Weapons[/b]: 2x Desert Eagles with armor piercing bullets and an AK 47, Zen prefers to use his handguns but will use his AK in tight spots

[b]Vehicle[/b]: Silver Cheetah, bulletproof armor and windows with a re-enforced titanium body. There are two gun slots for his Desert Eagles when his is driving his car with a slot under the seat for his AK 47, Zen had modified this model's engines to the last so that it will reach speeds of 150 mph

[b]Gang Affiliation[/b]: Yakuza

[b]Description[/b]: Short black hair, icy blue eyes, has a black goatee. He wears a gray trench coat, over a black top and gray pants

[b]Personality[/b]: Calm and cool, but very business like. He doesn't take crap from anyone and can turn very vicious in an argument

[b]Bio[/b]: His father was the most trusted bodyguard of Kenji. When Zen was 12 his father was killed in a gang fight with the Colombian Cartel. After that he joined the Yakuza gathering information and collecting protection money. A few years ago he got in a fight with 16 heavily armed Triads in a bar, he was the only one to leave it alive. He is very much feared by lesser criminals and police.[/color]
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Dimitri "Craig" Shukofski

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Height:[/B] 6'7"

[B]Initial Weapon/s:[/B] 2x Custom USP, optional mercury rounds.

[B]Initial Vehicle:[/B] Black Camaro SS, with NOS injection engines.

[B]Gang Affiliation:[/B] Soviets

[B]Description:[/B] A giant of a man, Craig has spiked black hair and goatee, and has a huge communist soviet tatoo on his back, and a smaller one on his left fist. He wears a black leather jacket ripped at the shoulders, and blue jeans. He has huge Russian edition army boots, and leather fingerless gloves.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, takes order well from his superiors, but does not take any insults well in the slightest. The last person to insult him got fitted with a pair of concrete boots, and then went for a swim. He also loves to fight, which is why he is so loyal to his gang.

[B]Bio/History:[/B] Born in to the Carsor Soviet gang, he has known nothing but fighting and war since he was a child. For some reason everyone knows his as Craig, and he diesn't mind being called that, but is just as happy to be just plain Dimitri. He is known to kill anyone, even Soviets, if they annoy him, and is believed by namy to have killed his own father.[/I]
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[b]Name:[/b] Ivan Shukhov

[b]Age:[/b] 42

[b]Height:[/b] 6'5"

[b]Initial Weapon/s:[/b] Trademark steel-handled revolver and brass knuckle.

[b]Initial Vehicle:[/b] Black Russian Skoda Octavia (a sedan with leather seats and tinted windows -- Shukhov sits in the back)

[b]Gang Affiliation:[/b] Soviets

[b]Description:[/b] Ivan has short grey hair and wears a black suit with a red tie. His red tie has a small, black hammer & sickle symbol on the bottom...the trademark of the Soviets.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ivan is calm and collected; he is rarely involved in a fight, often allowing his personal bodyguards to get involved for him.

However, when required, Ivan is able to pack a mean punch. He has become greatly feared in some circles, particularly when he was actually living in Russia, some twenty years ago...

[b]Bio/History:[/b] As mentioned, Ivan spent half of his life living in Russia. Whilst there, he became involved in a faction of the country's Soviet Mafia.

And when he was 20, he moved to America...he moved up the ladder slowly and now he is one of the senior members of the Soviets in Liberty City. While not at the head of the organization, Shukhov holds significant sway. He is particularly interested in taking out the other gangs in the city and his ultimate goal is to claim Liberty City as a 100% Soviet territory.

Thankfully, he has many friends in the organization...
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Guest Saiyangohan2002
[color=green] Name: The Cat
Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Initial Weapon/s: baseball bat, pistol. Flamethrower.
Initial Vehicle: Yardie Lobo
Gang Affiliation: Yardies
Description: a bit of a basketcase. fiercely Loyal to the yardies.
Personality: tends to get a little pissed when his turf is invaded. usually happy to run around town setting cops on fire.
Bio/History: Got his calling to the Yardies when the police convoy on the callahan bridge was attacked. He has been arrested for the illegal use of a car crusher. drugs charges including possession of adrenalin pills, repeatedly ram raiding portland auto shop to get Banshee. and setting cops on fire . Clubs old ladys to get petty cash. [/color]
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[b]Name: [/b] James Von-Kiesanowski
[b]Alias: [/b]Neo
[b]Age: [/b]21
[b]Height: [/b]6'6"
[b]Initial Weapon/s: [/b] Twin silver Magnums with a gold Sickle & Hammer below the barrel. (See picture)
[b]Initial Vehicle: [/b] Sentinel
[b]Gang Affiliation: [/b] Soviet Russian
[b]Description: [/b]Tundra Cargo pants, black glasses, black shirt & Black Trench Coat.
[b]Personality: [/b]Neo is known as a violent type, solving his problems with violence, instead of 'talking'. But underneath his initial appearance, Neo is a very observant and smart person. This has earned him a reputation as one of the best hit-men the Soviet Mafia has.
[b]Bio/History:[/b] Neo has been with the Russians since he was the age of 14. He became affiliated with one of the Mafia's hitmen, Yuri Aslack. He would clean his guns, and generally look up to him. Then came the day when Yuri himself was assassinated by the Zaibatsu. Since this day, Neo has been at war with the Zaibatsu, vowing a personal vendetta.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Lacroix Vukodlak
Age: 22
Height: 6 ft
Initial Weapon/s: Twin reaper knives (cross handle, blade on either side. Shaft running down forearm ending in bard.) Semi automatic handgun.
Initial Vehicle: ATV
Gang Affiliation: None
Description: (see attachment). Also wears hooded cloak that in no way impedes movement. Lacroix's body is covered in scars, remnants of his past.
Personality:Loner. Introverted and unfriendly. Athiestic existentialist. Due to his past, he is almost completely unemotionless. He tends to be guarded about revealing what he is thinking, or details about himself.

Bio/History: Lacroix lived an easy childhood, removed from violence, although he studied multiple martial arts as a sport. At 17, he encountered some people that said they knew him, and claimed they were offering an position in a fighting tourament. They warned that it was expensive and to bring a lot of money.

Fired with the idea of some freedom, Lacroix returned home the next night, breaking into his own house. Although it disgusted him, he stole all the money he could find. His parents were wealthy, so it was a lot.

Lacroix turned up at the named venue, a nightclub, dark in reputation and clients. As soon as he walked in, he was attacked, robbed and left for dead.

Bleeding and maddened with pain, Lacroix managed to run away and get to the edge of town. He escaped into the wilderness, slowly healing. When he returned to civilisation, none of his former acquaintances knew him. He was an emotionless killer, refusing to submit to any law but his own. Contemptuous of other people, he returned to his training and started using weapons.

Lacroix nows frequents the nightlcub he was attacked in. His attackers do as well. But they're hung in pieces on the roof. Lacroix was left insane, and there is very little anyone else can do to rein him in.[/font][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Agent 'Flash'

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Height:[/b] 6'4"

[b]Initial Weapons:[/b] Colt Python Magnum, Twin 9mm Handguns

[b]Initial Vehicle:[/b] ATF Esperanto

[b]Gang Affiliation:[/b] LCPD ATF Division

[b]Description:[/b] Wears a white shirt, black tie, baggy jeans and a black trenchcoat over top. Has semi-long hair, slicked back, and a clean shaved face, with deep green eyes.

[b]Personality:[/b] Cool, calm, collected, and not afraid to shoot first and ask questions later. He doesn't have any gang affiliations, but has a history of bad vibes with the Diablos.

[b]Bio/History:[/b] Flash is an inside man in the ATF. He gives out information to anyone who's willing to pay him. And if anyone dares to rat him out, he can get anyone on his side in a matter of minutes. With so many contacts, it's hard to go wrong. He's said to have had a history with the Zaibatsu in Carsor city, but nothing is confirmed.
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Arg... I make one, it doesn't post... I make another sign up, the computer resets before I can post it... ::crosses fingers::




[B]Initial Weapons:-[/B]
[I]Is an M-16 light? :P[/I]
Twin 9mm Black Panthers, fast-action Uzi.

[B]Initial Vehicle:-[/B]
Mafia Sentinel

[B]Gang Affiliation:-[/B]
'Warlock' is a freelancer, though he is currently working for the Leone Family Mafia.

'Warlock' has short, black, spikey hair and cold blue eyes. He has a medium build and a hard to see scar on his left cheek.

He wears black shirt with a strange symbol on the front, coloured red, black baggy pants and a black trenchcoat over the top of all that. He also wears black, stylish sunglasses and black fingerless gloves, also with the red symbol on them.

Despite his cold appearances, Warlock isn't one to get into a direct fight... He'd just as glady sniper from afar or drive-by with a Uzi.

His loyalty to his current employer is of the highest quality... Right up until he's offered a large amount of cash.

Overall, he's calm, collected, and lets nothing stand in his way of gaining power and money.

'Warlock' is a man with a plan. His goal:- To eliminate all his competition, and to become the baddest dude around, hopefully having every gang at his feet... And he's going to do anything to get there.

He's only been in Liberty City for about four months, but already he's on the LCPD's wanted list, in the "Armed and Dangerous" section, though he's hardly even been seen by the police, and on the sole occasion he has, the certain police end up taking a long walk off a short pier.

He's currently on very good terms with the Leone Family Mafia, and on bad with the Diablos. Rumors he's trying to collect a major stockpile of weapons and explosions is unconfirmed...
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