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  1. Thiers actually 2 and thier both in Orace of ages, one is the talus peaks and the other is the talus lake. Question. What is the name of the owl who helps you as a kid?
  2. Why change something that works so well, I mean their great with storylines like that, its what people keep playing them for. People fall in love with the charcters as they advance in the game, and its those concepts that they love. FF7 played and finished 24 times and counting :)
  3. Yeh charge beam is right then it goes Spazer beam, Ice beam and wave beam. Your question Twinzam.
  4. Q. In FF7, In Wutai, who is the God of Magic?
  5. Legend of zelda: NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: NES Zelda: Game and watch...I think.? A link to the past: SNES Link's Awakening: Gameboy Links awakening DX : Gamboy color Ocarina of time : N64 Majoras Mask :N64 Oracle of ages/ Oracle if seasons: Gameboy color Link to the past/four swords :both in one game pak for the gameboy advance Ocarina of Time/Ocarina of Time Master Quest, The Wind Waker, Collector's Edition : Gamecube. Q.Where is the first place you find Rosa in 'Oracle of Ages'?
  6. lol. i have 2 of thier Cd's (jeckal bros and milenko) But i dont like them anymore, I bought them when i was goin through my Cool,hip,rap phase when i was 13. Now i think thier the worst group ever and im now 17. Box, how old are you if u dont mind me asking..?
  7. I believe that would be astonish, Screech at level 1 & 8 Will o wisp at level 32 Faint attack at level 39 Q. What is tranataurs special move?
  8. Was it tales of phantasia? Only say this because its the oldest game i can think of that has swearing.
  9. Zidane

    Big Day Out

    Im definatley goin, I live near sydney and im dieing to see Metallica, oh and who can forget The Darkness. ROCK ON!
  10. I'd say u have serious talent especially if this is your first attempt. Dude if u make anymore definatley post them here so i can see them :D Plus i think linkin park rules so that kinda adds to my oppinion..
  11. Zidane

    Mortal Kombat 3.

    Has any here seen the series mortal kombat, It was set in another world and had a LOT of fighting in it along with great stroylines, It was ten times better then the movies. And im pretty sure the actor who was Lui kang in the movie played him in the show. Dam i wish this show was still on, Has anyone else seen it?
  12. I know thiers one on top of the inn in windia, Is that the one your talking about.?
  13. Zidane

    Mortal Kombat 3.

    I hated the 2nd myself, I cant believe they didnt cast Christopher lambert as raiden, Maybe he turned em down b'cos of the script...Anyway some of the fight scenes where alright and thier was no wire work, which is a good thing. The story just didnt come together strongly enough and the digital affects left nothing for the imagination. But if they made a third one and it had a fairly big budget i would definatley go see it.
  14. Im glad they left the sniper free at the end aswell. It leaves the path clear for more open thought on the movie itself after your done watching it.
  15. Personaly i like Queen brahne From FF9, I think shes is one of the best villians ever concieved. The way she blows her daughter off just for a little power is so hearltess and shes is so well designed aswell.
  16. I loved this movie, I thought the same thing as everyone else before i started watching it, "oh how crap, a man standing in a phone booth...boring." But i started watching and by the time it was over i thought it was great. The storyline is great and the charcters a portrayed excellent, Its been over 4 weeks since i watched it and i am still afrad to use a pay phone. (^ __ ^)
  17. When i first played this game i thought meh how crap.. I strongly hate cel shading with a passion but as i got into the game and started playing it, the other pros shone through. I now play it all the time although i still hate cel shading i think TWW is and awesome game. If u liked the others definatley get this one.
  18. Does anyone remember a show called super ted and banana man, they were classics. But i live in Australia so might be different for me.
  19. Q. In TWW name the location of the submarine map and whats inside the submarines.
  20. I love it. the way its subtle but still to the point makes it great!
  21. oh ok...i think u need to use the levitatoin boots...or using the hookshot on some crates, im not sure am i right?
  22. I remember getting up early for weekend football and watching aladdin before i left. though that isnt that old...
  23. 1. in a small building is a ghost which u can only see with the lens of truth. 2....i thinks its by just looking for the flag poles and following them.....
  24. I noticed no one is posting an answer to this question so ill ask one. Q. in FF9 name all the zodiac coin locations and what reward you get of queen stella in treno?
  25. Yeh i like the music from the blitzball FMV too. It also plays when you are fighting sin at the end, I reckon Square should put more rock music into thier games...;)
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