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    Shy got a reaction from Boo in Quarantine   
    I'm doing okay, all things considered.

    Been lurking on here for a while! Would love to chat with y'all in some fashion,

    - Shy
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    Shy reacted to Endymion in So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)   
    It's on like Donkey Kong 
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    Shy got a reaction from Queen Asuka in So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)   
    I support every idea Charles has ever had. This is no different.
    Count me in.
    - Shy
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    Shy reacted to John in OtakuBoards: What Next?   
    OB was the last forum-based internet community I was a part of, I think; since then, I've been involved with a small, close-knit game streaming community for several years now. And although there's something about message boards that I miss, an itch that remains unscratched, every time I find a new one that I think I might like to take part in, I'll sign up, browse the boards, look for a thread I might like to participate in, and... eh. I just kinda lose the motivation to participate. Is it because message boards used to be more or less the only way to be social online, and now that need is filled by a newer generation of shallower, more immediate social networking services? Is it because I found OB in my more vulnerable teenage years and I just don't need that kind of community in my life anymore? Is it because OB back in the day really was just a lot more lively and special than these other places I've tried out since then? I dunno.
    Maybe we don't come back because observation has taught us that nostalgia is a siren song, and if we try to rebuild the special thing we once had we'll only find that we can't just reach into the ether, grab the spark of meaning that once imbued it, and shove it back in again. I'm different, you're different, the world's different, and they can't ever be the same again.
    But that's just what observation has taught us, and sometimes observation is wrong. Like AmbyCakes referred to (excuse me, AmbyCakes. Almost forgot all the old post styling conventions!), the magic of forums is asynchronous communication. It's actually not a big deal for us to get back togetherâ??no commitment, no co-ordination, no planning. Just gotta hop on, make a post, and hop back off until someone else replies. We like to think that "life got in the way", but you know what? Most of us are probably twenty-somethings with ten or a hundred times better internet connections than we had back in the day, and desk jobs with plenty of hours to slack off during. And yeah, we've all changed, but guess what else: most of us have probably become way cooler and more interesting than we used to be. Because guys, I love you, but have you gone back through any old threads lately? A lot of that **** we posted back then was pretty cringe-worthy. I don't really want to be an anxious teenager talking about the Matrix again. I'd rather be an adult talking about the Matrix.
    And I'd rather hear about the new things you guys are into, too, and the interesting lives you led when you were away from OB. Did you guys know Sara got married? Ok a lot of you probably did because of Facebook, but isn't that cool?! We should talk about stuff like that.
    I think forums probably ended because they stopped being what we thought they had to be: our online homes. Maybe this one can live again as something else: our online neighborhood bar (yeah, you know what that is before you even click). A place that doesn't fill our deep emotional needs, it just greets us with warmth, familiar faces and good conversation whenever we feel like popping in.
    And if, like Boo expressed, we wanted to do this somewhere without the ostensible focus on anime, maybe we could goad Tony into re-establishing Orange Lazarus; that was the real cool kids' club anyway.
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    Shy got a reaction from showmemark in Wut R U Dooing?   
    It has been too long, OtakuBoards.
    While I keep in touch with a few of you elsewhere (You can bug me on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan) there are some that have dropped off my radar over the years. In my quiet moments I wonder what happened to everyone. It seems so strange to follow the daily happenings of a large internet community for years and then... stop, you know? OB will always be my online home. I mean, I joined 12 years ago before there was even a term for 'social networking.' Have you ever tried visiting this site on a 56k modem? I sure have.
    Anyways, people grow up, graduate, get jobs, marry, and maybe even have some children of their own. I guess I'm curious to see where the pieces have fallen. Did any of our talented artists and writers end up pursuing that as a career? Have they found any success? Have our members moved onto Reddit and other online communities, or did they simply get too busy to maintain an active online social life? Is Allamorph still insufferable? Okay, some of these questions I know the answer to...
    I currently live in Los Angeles/Hollywood where I have a boring day job working in online copyright enforcement. It pays the bills well enough, and afford me free time to play in a dodgeball league and run Dungeons & Dragons games every week. Beyond that, I'm working on writing for comic books. It's been a slow process, but a couple of my short stories are being published this summer and I got to speak about one at a panel in Comic-Con. Right now I'm working on an anthology of comic stories that I'll promote the hell out of once it's released. I'd like to do this full-time, but that seems unrealistic from a financial point of view.
    Writing/editing comics and working on OB RPGs aren't that much different. It's still a matter of trying to get a bunch of different plates spinning at once, and flattery is much more effective than guilt. These are lessons I learned a long time ago trying to rope players in posting more often in Almagest and whatnot, and I find myself using them constantly. Sometimes I think about starting yet another new RPG, but then I think that creative energy might be spent on something that can reach a wider audience. Still, if the right idea came along I suppose I wouldn't say no.
    I'm still very much a gay dude as well. I came out to OB before I had come out to most of my friends in real-life, and this community's support/ambivalence about my sexuality helped give me a lot of confidence at a time when I really needed it. Now it seems like such a non-issue, but I suppose that's the way it is with these things. It's amazing how much has changed, yet this silly internet message board soldiers on. So long as the site remains it will always have a faithful (albeit overzealous) moderator in Shy.
    What about you? How have you been?
    - Shy
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    Shy got a reaction from liamc2 in Oldies & RPGs   
    Please let the PRP get over 9,000 posts before it gets closed again. The GIF opportunities are too good to pass up.
    - Shy
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    Shy got a reaction from cepubdude in REQUEST: Jump into the limelight... MEGABOOK M3 is coming! Open Submission time!   
    Welcome to OtakuBoards, cepubdude. I hope you enjoy the stay.  :happy:
    I'm gonna send this to the Creative Works forum and mark it as a 'Request' so that it gets the attention it deserves.
    - Shy
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    Shy reacted to Sephiroth in Anyone here from 2001-ish?   
    I might have been from 2001 :)
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    Shy got a reaction from Boo in The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts   
    Boo wins this thread, and my heart. Yes, I'm biased.
    I've spent a couple of days looking for a manga (or manga-style) artist to hire for a comic story I want to publish. It's been exhausting and has taken me to depths of anime fandom that I hadn't experienced since my days as a Digimon forum moderator here. Really gross stuff.
    - Shy
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    Shy got a reaction from Allamorph in New OB Structure   
    I like it. Well done, dude.
    - Shy
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    Shy reacted to Boo in Commissions?..anyone?   
    Any ideas for what kind of Graphic Novels you'd like to do? I really direly love your art and Shy and me happen to be excellent writers and idea creators.
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    Shy reacted to otakuuu in Commissions?..anyone?   
    here it is! (: hope you and Shinmaru like it..xD

    1. [s]Shinmaru's portrait![/s] ---
    2. ---
    3. ---
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    Shy reacted to Boo in The Ultimate RPG   
    [quote name='Shy' timestamp='1337880346' post='711870']
    I think writers want to know there is a strong central idea behind an RPG before joining. If your sign-up is too vague on the plot points then the initial posts always seem to suffer. Conversely you don't want to have everything planned out in complete detail because you're denying the other writers a chance to make their mark on the story. [...]

    Someone needs to steer the ship, but that doesn't mean everyone needs to be rowing at the same time?[/quote]I think that's all pretty much true for most people, 'cept those who do not like it when others are in control too much.

    Different topic altogether. How long do you usually take to write a [b]DYNAMIC STORY[/b] post? And a thread? I remember quite vividly how my last posts in all [b]DYNAMIC STORIES [/b]I was in probably took me a few hours, even when the post was tiny. Writing my opening post for Bomber in Oceanus was great because I tuned the writing exactly to the song and my own reading speed, and then I needed a background picture that would fit exactly, so I needed to tune that too. Lots of tuning. I like tuning. I had a character that inspired me, and a concept I loved. Combination of music and kick-ass. The only problem is that after that first post, I could not think of something quite as epic, so I wanted to start from 0 again to give me some time for a next big music break, but for some reason all anyone could come up with was that we were under attack constantly, lololololol. I feel like continuing that now.
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