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  1. DeadlyDrifter

    Request Naruto: Gaara/ Kakashi avatar/sig set plz!

    These are great :) I really like the inverted one thnk you
  2. will any one make to avatars for me one that is equal to the size here and one that is to the ratio of 80x80 thnk yo uvery much i cant find any pics that lets me attach on this srry every one but if you can can you make the avatar with kakashi and the sig with gaara upside down srry to trouble everyone
  3. DeadlyDrifter

    School is out! about time.

    Shcool here isnt even close to being out here [font=Verdana][size=2]but here are my plans[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Paintball [/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Skateboard [/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Make an actual decent site[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]And hang out with kool girls and they are hot[/size][/font]
  4. DeadlyDrifter

    Writing New character story (UNDONE)

    OK thanks for the feed back and suggestions and it was kinda of a character for a comic that im going to TRY: to make and ill post it at my sight so check that out if you want to
  5. DeadlyDrifter

    Writing New character story (UNDONE)

    My life will never be figured out. Noone will ever know what happened to me back then. Not even my very dearest freind. Read this carefully and you might figure it out but if you do dont tell anyone, because if you do ill kill you. So here is the story of what noone has ever figured out. For centuries Ive lived for killing, I am the samurai that no one relizes I am. They just think that i am an worthless scum like my lord who has kicked me out of the sacred clan that rare people know about, and if they do they dissapear. I will get reveange on what happened so long ago. But im wreckless easily noticed but ignored. I act stupid and mentaly ill so that i wont be suspected. So you should watch out because once I get you no one will ever see you again you wont even go to heaven you will just be a mear image in the forest for ever. __________________________________ Reply after you read this please to tell me what you think and i cant think of a japanease name for this character that would also help if after you read you could reply one to thnx
  6. DeadlyDrifter

    What do you think of Vampires

    I only like the movies with vampires in it most games are stupid and other things like that and underworld was great i loved in fact im going to go watch it right now :babble:
  7. DeadlyDrifter

    Request Another Cowboy Bebop sig/av

    THier good if any one else cant read it thats their fault the avatar is kinda small though but it can do thnx
  8. DeadlyDrifter

    How did you get your user name?

    Well I got mine because i was watching an old japanese movie but i dont remember the name of it. While i was watching it sayed that the main character was a drifter and throught the movie he was killing all these people ao i thought Deadaly Drifter and now i use for all the games i play sites and deffintily Counterstrike
  9. DeadlyDrifter

    Writing The Outsiders

    I had to read it also for a project on Language arts its almost the only book i liked expet [b][u]All Queit ON The Western Front[/u][/b] wich i think is supposed to be based on a reall story. Right now im reading [b][u]Proud Legions[/u][/b] wich is also another war novel after that im going to read [b][u]Apocolypse Now[/u][/b] wich is also a old war movie about Veitnam. But back returnedunopened wich some ppl should remember [CODE]When that guy gets the letter back that he sent to his girlfreind and it was unopened[/CODE] Overall this was a good book also when s.e. hinton wrote this book when she was in school her la teacher said that it blew wich i bet she didt say now lol :)
  10. DeadlyDrifter

    How did you learn about sex?(Parental Advisory)

    Want to hear a story that just recently happened well i mean it was over spring break but recently figured it out. A kid at my school had this HOT girl call sorta drunk, inviting her self over two yrs younger. The guy said wanna do stuff (She knew what he ment) She said ok the have sex donwstairs. Twice. And the girl is proud of it telling everyone. and now everyone thnks she is a slut. He brags about it now and then saying the did hard and stuff i dont know. this girl wasnt at school for the rest of the week b/c she was at coart for be milested in fith greade now 7th. And IM best freinds with her brother who makes fun of her sister for it because she is going to get her *** whooped when the mom finds out. two days later the mom gets ans "Anomyunus" email for a teacher at are school who figured out. The mom goes to the kids hous BANG BANG BANG. then the guy who had sex with girl looks through the window see that its her (luckily her parents werent home) goes up stairs and gets his brother to tell her that she istn their. goes to school the nxt day to go to the office. The vice principle said to think with your other "HEAD" lol next you thinking of doing any thing. gets back to class and goes to next period and the teacher pulls him out into the hall way and starts bitching him out saying what were you thinking and all this stuff ( "I had To blow my nose" just like every one else). after that it still is going on but ill keep you up dated as it goes on. I learn about sex buy talking about it we did ht eMOVIE along time ago with that. and me my freinds talk about it and also the ocasional PORN and No im not an addict. thats how i figured out about sex. The story by the way is true
  11. DeadlyDrifter

    Art New Banners!

    oh by the way lan i saw the first sigat a different sight and it wasnt a forum site it was some ones sig site. If im wrong plz correct me another way i know is b/c i use to use it as a sig
  12. DeadlyDrifter

    Request Another Cowboy Bebop sig/av

    I got a new sig/av set i want and again its cowboy bebop here are the pics that you can use [size=1][color=teal]Title edited. Please be sure to make it as descriptive as possible, or it may not attract people to even enter the thread. -Syk3[/color][/size]
  13. DeadlyDrifter


    Mine are so f uped that you can even explain them/ thier not the kind of tormenting dreams or bad dreams thier just messed up their hard to explain ill try to explain later
  14. DeadlyDrifter

    Request Tenchu sig/av set

    Srry about that i didnt know thnx for keeping me out of trouble
  15. DeadlyDrifter

    Request Tenchu sig/av set

    Thier great i like them alot im going to use them on every site i go to Thnx