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    Anime Yugi and Kaiba?

    I don't think Yugi blames Kaiba for ripping up his grandfather's Blue Eyes because Kaiba was inhabited by that dark spirit or whatever it was.
  2. I thought that it was an OS rip-off when I first saw the commercial, too. I didn't even really think of CB until you mentioned it, though I watch it more than Outlaw Star.
  3. Jeebs


    I had to read "The Monkey's Paw" last year in Language Arts. I sort of believe in destiny. I don't believe in God or anything. I believe that there are countless worlds where we make different decisions. Like in Amphion's example; there is one world where you choose Fruit Loops, and another world where you choose Lucky Charms.
  4. Jeebs

    Hair cuts

    i just got my hair cut last week, and look like I'm in the Army. My dad makes me get my hair cut short because it grows back in quickly. I like my hair longer.
  5. I joined a year ago. I was already on one message board, so I decided to search for another one. I think that this was the first one that came up, so I browsed around and decided to join. The sad thing is, I still haven't even gotten 100 posts. *sigh*
  6. Jeebs

    Anime Exodia

    I have all 5 pieces in Forbidden Memories, but 0 pieces in the real game. Actually, I don't have any pieces of any cards in the real game. I can't find anywhere that carries them.
  7. Just so you know, the guy with the key is Shadi. Question: Even if Yami Bakura survived the Reaper of Cards, how did he get out of the graveyard and back into the Millenium Ring?
  8. I like: -Red-Eyes Black Dragon -Black Skull Dragon -Gaia the Dragon Champion -Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon -Magician of Black Chaos
  9. Jeebs


    Cool. I've been wanting a custom avatar since I joined, but I haven't even gotten to 100 posts yet and I joined a year ago. The problem is, I can't access my control panel. Every time I try it say page cannot be displayed of something like that.
  10. Jeebs

    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh 9-7

    Let's see now. Joey had to duel Bandit Keith, but Keith had stolen his entry card. Joey went back to his room to search for it, but, of course, couldn't find it. He was sitting in the hallway crying for letting his sister down when Mai (who had lost to Yugi at the beginning of the episode) gave him her card. Joey made it back to the arena in the nick of time and the duel was on. Keith kept using machine cards (which are resistant to magic). In the middle of the duel Keith played a Slot Machine card and kept pulling 7 Complete cards out of his wrist band to power it up. In the end Joey ended up winning with his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Keith said that it didn't count because Joey didn't use his own entry card. Joey admitted it but then asked how Keith knew that it wasn't his. Pegasus said he knew Keith had stolen Joey's card and that he noticed Keith pulling the 7 Complete cards out of his wrist band, then told his guards to take Keith away. Keith broke free and ran up to Pegasus, who stepped on a button, opening a trap door, which Keith fell through. Now Joey and Yugi must face each other in the next round.
  11. I think that Yuri's voice on Dirty Pair Flash sounds screechy.
  12. I'm not really afraid of bees, because I know to stand still instead of running around swatting at the like a maniac.
  13. - "Moonlight" and "The Answers" (Megaman X6 opening songs) - "Though the Night" (Outlaw Star opening song) - "Rock the Dragon" (DBZ opening song) It's not anime but "Melodies of Life" has been stuck in my head ever since I beat Final Fantasy IX.
  14. I caught a Lv. 50 Snorlax with a Poke'ball after using like 5 Great Balls. I think I saw somewhere that if you hold down a certain button combination you Poke'ball will become a Master Ball.
  15. I make noises and talk to myself :babble: , or I just think. And I'm alone a lot because everyone in my household (except me and my nephew) have jobs.
  16. I know that DBZ isn't the best anime, but it's not the worst either. I think that it's pretty good, though it is kinda frustrating how 5 minutes last 10 episodes. *cough*Freizer battle*cough*
  17. Strong Points -I can contain my anger. -I'm friendly -I do good at school Weak Points -Shy -I don't go outside -My fears
  18. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mstyrios WX [/i] [B]Sleep seisures are where you can't move,your paralyzed and you can only breath out of your nose.You have to breath unless you want to be tortured and then faint.Thats just about all I'm afraid of... [/B][/QUOTE] So that's what they're called. I'm afraid of: -Spiders and insects (except preying mantises). Just fighting those giant spiders on Resident Evil Survivor made me scared. (until I got the rocket launcher. DIE EVIL SPIDERS! DIE! :flaming: ) -Heights (I get scared just thinking about it).
  19. Poke'mon-The same thing happens in every episode. Ash catches a Poke'mon, Team Rocket tries to steal Pikachu, Pikachu shocks them and they get blasted away. Why doesn't Team Rocket just go back to Kanto while Ash is in Johto and work there? I still sort of like Poke'mon, just not the show.
  20. 1) Do you speak Japanese fluently? No. 2) Have you taken a class in Japanese? If so, how many? No. 3) Have you bought a book related to learning Japanese? If so, how many? No. 4) Can you count how many Japanese words you know? If so, how many? No. 5) Do you know hiragana and katakana? No. 6) About how many kanji do you know? None. 7) Do you have any friends or relatives that speak fluent Japanese? My cousin took a class on it, but I don't know if he speaks it fluently. 8) Do you WANT to learn Japanese? Sort of.
  21. I only remember some dreams, and nightmares. When I was little, I had a nightmare where I was in the Kryptkeeper's house (from Tales from the Krypt). I don't really remember what happened, but when I woke up, I couldn't move or talk.
  22. I didn't really have a summer vacation. I've had to watch my nephew all summer. My sister was supposed to move out at the beginning of summer, but she still hasn't moved out.
  23. Name-It was going to be Shadow the Evil Hedgehog, but that didn't fit. Actually, I think Shadow suits me. I don't talk much and I don't go outside. Avatar-I like Sephiroth from FF7. Banner-I like Zero from Megaman. Sig.-I thought that it was a funny quote.
  24. Jeebs

    Anime Akira

    Ever since people have been talking about Akira I've wanted to see it, but it's only been coming on on the Action channel, which I don't have. It's the same way with Ghost in the Shell and Princess Mononoke.
  25. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Twinzam v [/i] [B]I think akira, fist of the north star and Ninga scroll would do ok as a live action movie i have no idea about the actors [/B][/QUOTE] Actually, there's already been a Fist of the North Star live action movie. It was based on his journey to save Yolya (sp?)
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