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  1. Definitely in Trigun when [spoiler]Vash was forced to kill Legatp.[/spoiler].
  2. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Anime that need a sequel/continuation

    One very important reason why Trigun could NOT have a second season, is because of how far they moved away from the manga. The way the anime "ended" makes it impossible to continue with ANY sort of story. If they had followed the manga, then there could be MANY more seasons. I.E. [spoiler]Wolfwood would still be alive, as would Legato, and the Gung Ho Gunsmen. Nicholas is actually Chapel the Evergreen in the manga.[/spoiler] So, I would suggest reading the manga as your main source for Trigun excitement, and watching the anime for a sort of......"what if" scenario.
  3. I would really like to start drawing my own stuff, but I can barely draw lol....sounds silly I know, but I was wondering how you all would suggest starting from the very beginning? Thanks.
  4. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime What made you cry?

    In Trigun, [spoiler] When Legato forces Vash to kill him in order to save the girls. I shed a tear, because of how much I admired Legato's loyalness at that point. i mean, to lose your own life to cause another pain. That is truly sick. This in my opinion is what literally broke Vash, giving ultimate victory to Knives, despite what happens in the end of the series.[/spoiler]
  5. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Your DVDs and what you think of them

    Trigun Box Set: My first DVD purchase of an anime, cost me an arm and a leg, but I love it to death. And that's it.....
  6. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Which do you prefer: Manga or Anime?

    I like tow atch anime, but it seems to always stray away from the original story that comes from the manga. So, I like to watch the anime, then read the manga to "finish" the story lol.
  7. SaiyanDestroya

    Art Some of my artwork

    I personally like the second one, he inuyasha one is nice, just not a whole lot of detail. The first one is grat also, nice detailing.
  8. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Do You Like Demons in Anime?

    Demons kind of general, I think they're sort of played out honestly. But if you DONT mean demon in the literal sense, then i have a few favorites. Legato is a DEMON! Super hell of an evil bastard. [spoiler]Causing someone ultimate pain and suffering by forcing them to put a bullet in your head.[/spoiler] Oh yeah, and of course, the "demons" that appear in both the ninja scroll series and movie.
  9. SaiyanDestroya

    Sign Up Mission of Death (M- LVS)

    This idea sounds really cool to me, let me know if my character is okay! Name: Nool Mephisto Age:no younger than 24 Apperance: [img]http://forum.powerweb.nl/messages/45786/113719.jpg[/img] Bio: Nool is a person who has been blessed by the angel. A young magician starting out, he felt his life was going nowhere. He grew into depression, and hatem himself for being a human. Until, on a horrible raining night in a small peasant town, Nool, wandering aimlessly, was struck with a vision. An angel spoke to him then, saying the devil must never reunite with the angels two halves, or humanity would perish. Nool interested, heeded the angels words. Thus, the half of the angel that never wanted to become one with the devil again, granted Nool powers. He would be the first line of defense against the devil trying to reunite the two sides. Nool, now having new reasons for having pride in his species, shed total and unarguable loyalty to the angel. Devoting his existance to the being, Nool set out, in search of the devil......knowing what he must prevent. Personality: Nool has become arrogant with his new power, belittling and killing other humans that cross him in his quest. However, he knows nothing else but immediate and complete loyalty to the angel's side that does not want to be reunited. Nool is forever calm in voice, but quick-witted and arrogant. Power: Nool has been granted the ability to control others mind and body, however it quickly drains on him. He can even use the bodies of the dead, to do his bidding for a limited time.
  10. SaiyanDestroya

    3 Songs That Illustrate You

    'Mouth' By Bush: Awesome song. Really relates to how when i ty to help people they wind up bringing me down. 'Recognize' by Flaw: Another great song, saying how hard it is to realize the true nature of the people you know. 'Simple Design' by Breaking Benjamin: This is my yell at the world song, saying how the simplest things in life can still be screwed up.
  11. SaiyanDestroya

    Christmas Traditions

    That's pretty much what my family does, along with waking up at 5 am. Then we usually go to another family members house for a large dinner of some sorts.
  12. SaiyanDestroya

    Manga Trigun Manga Questions

    Okay, what is the difference between the Trigun Manga, and the Trigun Maximum manga? And are they both released here in the United States? Thanks.
  13. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Best "All Around" Anime

    Good point^ Should be something easy to comprehend as well....so, I would not suggest Evangelion right off the bat. Trigun is a simple, and GREAT anime. The story is awesome, action is good, and very humoroous. Give it a shot.
  14. SaiyanDestroya

    Where do you live?

  15. SaiyanDestroya

    Anime Gundam Seed Vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Who Would Win?

    This argument should not even be taking place. EVA's are the pinnacle of evolution as quoted from someone in the series(forget who). Gundam's are in a general sense nothing more then Robots with pilots. Eva's are living biological weapons, the "pilots" of a eva are there to merely attempt to keep control of the unit. With AT Fields, Dummy Plugs, and Berserker mode, the gundams fail to compare. And I don't know who said the Eva's have primitive weaponry, but your sadly mistaken. Have we forgotten about the Lance of Loginus? What about the energy cannon that draws the electrical output and energy of an entire city?... The argument just doesn't make sense.