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    Entomology: Care to look?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Next up: [I]Peripatus[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [IMG]http://www.carolguze.com/images/animals/peripatus.jpg[/IMG] [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]This creature lives in the rainforests of South America. It is approximately two to three inches long, lives under logs and rotten vegetation, and comes out at night to feed on worms and insects. This creature is apparently a link between annelids (worms and the like) and arthropods. In terms of evolution, it is ancient. It has the musculature and cuticle-covered skin of an annelid, and it shares it with the blade-like jaws, molting ability, and breathing mechanics of an arthropod. Plus, this creature has the ability to deliver live young. It's obvious to see why I find this creature interesting. For more information, either search on google, or click [URL=http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/onychoph/onychophora.html]this link[/URL]:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  2. Derald

    Ghost Storys

    [QUOTE=Doomberg]Hi derald nice to see you again anywayjust wondering if the house is still there.if it is do you visit it or is it owned by a preveous owner.dont mean to sound wiered here but I have herd of hauntings like this before.eether the ghost has on finished desiers in that particular room or something trajic happend in that part of the house and the ghost is trying to reinact that experience for its own self closher.sorry about the miss spelled words :animesmil also why isint it putting your quote in the box derald just wondering :animeswea[/QUOTE] [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]My old house is now currently owned by someone else who moved in sometime after we moved out (I don't really go and check the house out), and they don't seem to be budging. I guess they don't really care. As for the Quote problem, you have to make sure when you submit your message that the quote "identifiers" aren't cut off. Try using "Preview Post" before actually posting just to double-check. Also, check out my new entomology thread here in the Otaku Lounge.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. Derald

    Ghost Storys

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Around three years ago (here in Texas) I used to live in a small house which was previously owned by an old woman who at the moment was at the hospital (we lived in the house, but we didn't own the property, the old woman still did). Now, her daughter was threatening to sell the property since the woman was in the hospital, and , of course, the old woman died away with a form of grudge. After this, my family and I noticed every now and then that a shadow would go across the living room, and there were no roads or anything outside the living room window. My mother then noticed that this happened everyday, and that in one room in our house the lightbulbs burnt out too frequently, and that the room never responded to changes in the thermostat. However, we moved out of that house when my mother found a house we could finally settle into about 5 minutes away from the old house.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  4. Derald

    Anime sub or dub?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]No matter what anyone says, I like to watch anime with subtitles instead of dubbing. I prefer the original voices, and anything else sounds odd to me. Plus, I don't have to "read" the anime, that's why we humans have peripheral vision.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. Derald

    Anime How did you get into anime?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]For me, it wold have to be Serial Experiment Lain. To me, it got me thinking about this world (the plane of reality we are currently occupying) and wish I had taped the series, since I have no money to buy the DVDs.....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. Derald

    Anime Naruto!

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed].....so....no one voted for Shino other than me? Well, perhaps it's because I like insects, or it could be that relaxed, "chill" attitude, but Shino receives kudos from me.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  7. Derald


    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I believe in the paranormal, because really, how can we know anything is "normal"? I mean, humans seem to want an explanation for everything, they don't just let things be, and thus they try to disprove things such as ghosts based on human logic. I'm pretty sure there are different realities other than ours and no one can prove or disprove them with "logic," then no one can really argue, now can they? So ghosts could just be spirits in another plane of reality somewhat close to ours. And thus, we really have no way of proving or disproving anything on this plane of reality. Humans just make things up.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. Derald

    One Hour

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Scenario: You have contracted a fast-acting, lethal virus. Results confirm that you have but [B]one hour[/B] to live. What would you do? I will give my answer when I think of it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  9. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]A few thoughts from the Bible (I can't remember where from though): For one, humans are to receive the mark of the beast in the ending days. Well, guess what? The government, as many know, is issuing those information chips to people which include all personal information as a form of serial number. Not only that, but it is believed that they are to become mandatory in the future. Next, two "mountains of fire" are to strike the earth, releasing the beast unto the earth. Now this could be one of two things: either asteroids from space strike the earth or nuclear weapons. Now, with the whole nuclear weapons issue in the world, I'd say there's a good chance that the latter of my above statements is more likely. I'm not saying the world is coming to an end, but a few things are happening that strangely coincide with the events stated in the Bible.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Hmm..... Not completely sure yet. Here's what I have so far: [B]Mother's side of family[/B] -Spanish (not Mexican, as some would think) -English [B]Father's side of family[/B] -German -English (again) Other ancestries have yet to be found (records of my family are somewhat difficult to come across)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  11. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]With a name such as mine, you don't really have to worry (most of the time) that someone took your username. I just use my real name, and it seems to work out just fine. I don't feel the need to make up a user name (mainly because I can never think of a good one) and so I use any, if not all, parts of my name: [I]Derald Francisco Vogt[/I] (interesting combination, isn't it?).[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. Derald

    Anime FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Say, Doomberg, not only a second season, but how about a movie which takes place when Naota is about 5 years older, and after season 2? (Soundtrack exclusively by [I]The Pillows[/I])[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  13. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed].....I wish I could talk to people more easily. I'd have to say that the first major "crush" I had was in 5th grade back up in New York. This was perhaps the only relationship so far that [I]might have[/I] worked out. Her name was Emily Cody, and she was virtually the only girl in the class that spoke to me of her own free will. She was indeed a kind, and strong-willed, person. However, as I said, it [I]might have[/I] worked out. Right in the middle of the school year, my parents inform me that we are to leave within a week for Texas. I haven't been able to contact her ever since. So far, every other attempt of befriending another girl in such a way has proved futile. Nothing seems to work out. A girl I come across may find me attractive, but when they see that I like entomology and herpetology they run screaming. No girl I know really takes the time to get to know me. If they could only pause for a while and see and like me for who I truly am, then maybe I wouldn't have such a hard time.....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  14. Derald

    Where is everyone from

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Born:[/B] Groton, Conneticut. [B]Currently situated:[/B] Victoria, Texas. Big change of environment, and even though I've been here for five years, I still haven't adapted to the climate (except for winter and sometimes fall).[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  15. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I would have to go with FLCL. For some reason I just don't become bored after watching the 6-episode series time after time. It's just something I can't explain thoroughly enough. I will say, however, that the soundtrack may be a part of this reason.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  16. Derald

    Males and Females

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]...well, who couldn't see these arguments coming? To the point. It is indeed fightening, to say the least, that in nature there are organisms in which one gender has comepletely made the other obsolete. Example: There is a species of praying mantis in which the female has made the male completely non-existent, and they reproduce by laying unfertilized eggs which hatch into more females. Now, due to the current conditions in the world, it worries me that such a situation will arise in the future. Because of these sociological ideals presented everywhere there will not really be much balance in the near future, instead I see constant power struggles that might end up like the mentioned praying mantis' situation. Compassion for another is all it really takes. Forget about the standards set out by society. If you can find someone who cares for you then that's all that really matters.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  17. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Fantasy:[/B] [U]Guardian of Lost Souls[/U]. After I pass on, I would look after those who have lost their way and guard them from external influences and attacks. I would protect them until they found their way based on their own decisions. (Yeah, I know, kind of corny, but still, I can be unrealistic for a moment, can't I?) [B]Reality:[/B] I don't really know, but some career in biology pertaining to entomology and/or herpetology. (Any suggestions?)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  18. Derald

    How do you pronounce your username?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I'm guessing there aren't too many people out there with their name spelled like mine. Derald is my actual name. It is pronounced deh-rald with the 'a' souding more like an 'ah' sound, but it comes very close to 'o'. I have no idea where my first name's country of origin is, so could someone please help me out there?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  19. Derald

    Worst fears

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Funny how so many say they're not afraid of death. I would hate it if a loved one of mine were to be taken away. I would hate to die since I wouldn't be able to protect those close to me. Just think about it. What good can you do if you're dead?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  20. Derald

    Why OB?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I really had no reason to join. It's just something I had never done before, so I decided to try it out, and so far, the people here seem decent. (Plus, I finally get to speak about things on my mind to people who will listen, regardless of whether it is a positive or negative response.) So, I'm here to stay.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  21. Derald

    One Hour

    [quote name='Adahn']The scenario is unrealistic. The time between contraction of the virus, the onset of symptoms, and the results of a blood test would be considerable. To predict one's suspected survival to be within one hour is too baffling to even allow one to take it seriously.[/quote] [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Hey, can't you be unrealistic for a second? After all, why criticize this when you posted a thread on a magical frog.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  22. [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I've been waiting for someone in Konami to release a movie about Silent Hill that sums up all games so far. However, now that I've seen FFVII: Advent Children I think Konami should use the same style if they were to release Silent Hill as a movie. Just think about it for a moment. It would indeed make for possibly the greatest horror movie to date (in my opinion), doesn't anyone agree?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  23. Derald

    What's Song are you listening to currently??

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Crazy Sunshine[/B], by [I]The Pillows[/I].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  24. Derald

    What about a Silent Hill movie?

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]....I guess not that many people are as interested in Silent Hill as I thought. I'm sure that more people here have an opinion upon this matter, but I guess they spend more of their time in the Otaku Lounge, and I guess this thread was not as idea-sparking as originally intended. Well, I hope that some more people will express their opinion sometime. I shall continue to wait. Anyway, here are some thoughts on the movie: I was thinking they could use that atmospheric feel from the first game. That feeling was left out of all the following sequels. It's hard to explain, but I hope others know what I'm talking about. More ideas to come.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  25. Derald

    Existence Theories

    [FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]...why am I here? Is there some purpose to my existence? Is there a purpose to anything in the universe? Why was it created? I am not sure of anything anymore. Before, when I didn't know any of this, I had such a peaceful life. In 6th grade I was the top student in my cluster, but now my grades are slipping, I have no goals, and it's all because I found no point to my life. Sure, to ensure the survival of the species. Yeah, right. The human race will die out soon enough due to its own actions (i.e. overpopulation, exhausting resources, pollution, nuclear weapons, etc.). I also hate to think of my life as part of someone's recruiting plan (i.e. holy war - to those who are religious out there). Plus, I keep thinking of new theories although in the end I find some flaw. (Now you see the meaning of my title.) Could someone out there please give me some theories? (Also, do not assume that I am an unstable, suicidal person. Because I am not. I still enjoy life.)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]