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RPG Digimon: Digital Chaos


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Peace was restored once again after Season 4 ended. Then, That peace was shattered by a young man named Daleth Danaku. He broke the scale and tiped the balance of the digital world. Now, 2 groups of kids are thrown into the digital world to either save it, or take it over. You must decide your path now. Your choice will affect what happens to the digital world.


Teth runs out of the school. Summer Vacation!

Teth: This is it. Summer Vacation is here! Oh, I better get down to the shop.

Teth races down to the store and walks inside and to the back. He puts his uniform on and goes behind the counter, noticing there is obnly one customer, he pulls out his Digimon cards and looks at them. He says some of the digimon's names and the customer looks up.

?: Teth!
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Aidan trudged through the dark streets back home. He didn't like coming back form school. He didn't even like going in the first place. As he passed a dank alleyway, someone grabbed his shoulder.
"Hey, pretty boy!" a voice sneered. Before he could see who it was, a massive impact curled into his stomach. The punch threw him to the ground and his vision blurred in pain. He could feel someone going through his jacket. They snorted when they found nothing and started to walk off. Pulling himself together, Aidan jumped up and ran off. He knocked into another, feeling a sharp pain in his shoulder as he did so, and sprinted away.

When he reached home, he slammed the door behind him and looked out of the window. They hadn't followed him. Wincing at the pain in his stomach, he slowly crawled upstairs and sat on his bed.
"I knew I shouldn't have come in today." he sighed. Grabbing his remote control, he turned on the TV.
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Its cold and damp out as frankie walks along by the old abandoned cheese factory they closed months ago. It aggrivated her to see they closed such a historical factory that had been running for years. She remembered walking through the shop with her little toothpick...sapmleing all kinds of nifty cheeses while watching them make cheese through a large window. Little kids running around happily while eating their ice cream... The smells of pepper jack and garlic fill the air. But all that has fadded into drifitng meorys as blood thristy buys bid what they got to get it for their oun desires.

Frankie continues walking along..down past the closeing gift shop full of little sea animal stuffed toys. She walked past the local cranberry sweets. The smell and taste of freshly made peanut brtittle filled her nose. She walked on down to the docks and along them till she passed the old darkened crab house. Barnicle covered sail boards bobbed there just drifting about . The wooden planks creeked under her new comfort shoes ans she walked to the docks edge.

she slowly slides her ice cold hands into her deep blazers sweather she got off of ebay. She sits down and dangles her legs over the docks edge. The water slowly riseing as the tide came in.... Seagulls rested on drift wood nearby.

Frankie: Is my life just saposed to be lonely walks along the dock

her voice seemed to echo across the waters rippled edge as she looked aht her disorted reflection.
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Menaka added the finishing touches to the cards she was preparing. She reared back to look at her work. It was very well done, in her opinion. Her fictional twin digimon looked back at her with blank lifeless eyes.
Menaka sighed. She always felt the eyes were most important of all body parts. Ones heart is reflected in ones eyes, she thought, yet her digimon remained blank. She held the cards and gazed out to the lake in front of her. It was part of an old abandoned park, no one came here anymore except her. Menaka had made this her sanctuary when she needed to be alone. Now, she stuffed the cards into a waterproof bag and slid them under a rock. The last thing she needed was for her friends to start making fun of her for falling in love with a TV show.
As she turned to leave, she didn't notice that suddenly, in the eyes of her twin digimon drawings, spots of life shone brightly.
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Frankie swung her legs around for a bit with an ever so often sigh. The tips of her shoes could touch the water now and it made a smal tricleing noise she stood up carefuly and walked back along the docks and smiled fakely at the manager of the crab house who recognised her.

"Frankie...why dont you make friends..go to the mall what always brings you to the docks ever night." He says sweeping some dust into the air

"The stars bring me here...my lonelyness brings me here. I dont make friends cause....well its not my best skill...and lass arent my thing Mr. Zum" Frankie said stoping infront of him

" Well just dont fall in....the water this time of year is freezeing dont want you getting sick." Mr. Zum said as he went back to his work

Frankie walked on

"I alredy am... have been for years" Frankie said to herself

"Poor thing... reminds me of me when i was young..." Mr.Zum mummbled to himself as she walked on towards the center of town

Frankie turned the corner and leaned agines a shop wall. She sighed deeply and sat down on the hard bumpy gravle and hung her head.

"I wish people would stop feeling sorry for me... theres nothing they should worry about... im not their concern ... im no ones concern" Frankie sighs as she notices somethign in the shadows
"Whats that?" She got up slowly to walk over and investigate
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(David boots up his computer and logs on to the Internet. He checks his E-mail, and sees a strange message)

I know what you want. I can help you, but first, I need you to help me. Meat me outside your house. I'm probably there already.

(David shuts down his computer)
David: Does this person really know what I want? (He looks out the window and sees a man standing outside. The man is covered compleatly by the cloak he wears) that must be him. I might as well see what he wants. There's nothing better to do anyways. And if he can help me, then I'll help him.
(David steps outside and walks over to the man)
David: I got your message. What do you want?
Man: Follow me.
David: Fine. (They leave)
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Teth: What do you want here? Get your things and get out of my store.
??: Teth, it's about Daleth. He's gone mental on us. we need your help. We're trying to recruit some others but we haven't reached anyone yet.
Teth: Leave. I never want to hear that name mentioned in my store again.
??: Fine, but don't you wan't to try to help your brot-

Teth pulls out his digimon cards and flicks through them, then notices it's 5:30.

Teth: I'm late.

Teth rushes home and bursts into his room to find his friends on his bed. Teth grabs his hat and sits down.

Jessica: You're late.
Teth: I had a customer who brought up that name.
Jamie: Oh! You're so cute.
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Frankie steped into the dark shadows that seemed a little hazey. She notices soemthing shiney and automatical went towards it... like she was drawn to it.. she steps up to it it seemed to be a floating rock...she reached up and grabed the dark purple glowing rock and it formed into her hand and the light dimme d and on it was a screen 2 buttons and on the screen was a small ying yang..

"This aint no rock...looks like those giga pet things.. tamagachi or what ever they call them... wonder waht the ying yang means" She says as she slides it into her pocket. sudenly the rocks shift behind her liek someone was there

frankie whiped around to see nothing

" The ying yang means in here within a 100 foot radius of you... if im not it will be a little icon of me... or an egg that changes colors determining how far away from you i am" A females voice chimed in startleing frankie


"dont worry im not gonna hurt you" the voice said

"Can you at leaste show yoruself" frankie asks

"As you wish"

suddenly... a yellow fur covered figure meterializes in front of frankie...frankie fell fackwards onto the gravle

" your...your a" Frankie sputtered

"My name..... is Renamon" The foc looking thing says

"DIGIMON!" Frankie yelps out
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[I] Standing in a field of snow Fenix gazes about himself. As far as the eye can see there is nothing but snow. There is movement.[/I]

???: I don't think its here...

[I] Snapping out of his daze Fenix turns around back to the task at hand [/I]

Fenix: Well my friend I suppose you're right about that.

???: Fenix my hands are cold from all this digging

Fenix: WHAT!, your hands are cold, YOURE A SNOWAGUMON, how do you think MINE feel after all of that!?

[I] Fenix produces his trembling, frost bitten hands for his friend to see[/I]

SnowAgumon: Point, well what do you say we leave here and get some food, I'm hungry

Fenix: Fine by me, I bet we have at least a days head start, I don't think anyone else has made it to the digital world yet...

[I] SnowAgumon and Fenix begin to wander off quickly, leaving their failed excavation site [/I]
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Frankie grins at the sight of the fox but is yet confused at why it was real or why one has confronted her. She pulls out a renamon card she got when the renamon card first came out. She glanced at the pose the renamon was doing and it brought a smile to her face.

Renamon: Let me see that

the renamon took the card and smiled at looking at it

Renamon: Its a nice card but i think the real thing can pull of that pose much easier and with more grace

Renamon swings her tail around and leaps into the air and pulls of the move quickly and easily.

Renamon: Piece of cake

Frankie: Wow... cool..

Renamon: Pluss they got that card all wrong... my fur is to thick by my ears.... and they made my tail to big...... Sheeesh.. its a shame they dont have me modle for their artists...what do you think.... my new career?

Frankie: uhhhhhh lets not get to exited renamon... i dont think thats why your here...

Renamon: I sapose your right... im not....
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Aidan woke up with a start. The static on the TV screen illuminated the dark room. Groggily, he sat up and looked at his watch. '88:88' it read. Grunting angrily, he stood up.
Suddenly, a noise form the kitchen startled him. A loud crash resounded through the hallway. It was a fairly big house, and noise didn't carry that well, so it had to be something big. He tried flicking the light switch. Nothing happened.
"Great." Just as he was about to leave the room, he noticed a bright object next to his computer. Curious, he picked it up. It was a strangely-shaped electronic device. A creak in the hallway made him jump. Something was in the house.
"Mum?" he called loudly. The creaking noise grew louder. He could faintly hear the sound of metal clicking on metal. As it approached the doorway, Aidan could see a spiked shadow moving across the floor.
"I'm not Mum." came a rather tentative voice.
"Who are you?" Aidan called.
The shadow's owner stepped into the doorway and Aidan froze in shock. A large black metal armadillo-like creature grinned at him happily, large steel spines raised on his back.
"My name's MetalArmadillomon. I've been looking for you."
Aidan looked confused and excited at the same time. "MetalArmadillo[I]mon[/I]? You're a..."
"Digimon. Yep!" MetalArmadillomon crawled closer, Aidan watching him every step of the way. He jumped onto the bed and grinned.
Aidan held out a shaky hand. "My name's Aidan... what are you doing here?"
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(David follows the man)
David: Who are you?
Man: My name is Daleth Danaku. I know who you are. I also know about your secret.
David: My what?
Daleth: Don't play dumb with me. I know you have a digimon partner.
David: How did you know that?
Daleth: I need you to help me.
David: I know that. What's the deal?
Daleth: For years, the digital world and the real world have existed in peace. But recently, digimon have begun to prepare for an invasion of the real world.
David: Why would they do that?
Daleth: I believe that they feel they are supirior to humans, and they've decided to wipe us out.
David: How do you know this?
Daleth: I spied on a meeting in the digital world. I heard everything.
David: I'll help. just let me get some things. I can enter the digital world from there, too.
Daleth: Very well. I will find you in the digital world. (David returns to his house and goes inside) That was easy. He fell for that one. (He leaves)
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"I need your help, Aidan. We all do. The Digital World is in danger." MetalArmadillomon squinted as the lights flickered back on.
"What's happening?" Aidan sat down on the bed. His shoulder and stomach hurt.
MetalArmadillomon nosed the digivice in Aidan's hand. "There's going to be an invasion. Someone's trying to take over the Digi-World and we have to stop him."
Aidan shook his head, trying to take everything in. Only that afternoon he'd been beaten up and now he was being asked to save the world. "Do... are you sure you've got the right person?"
"Yes. You're definately who I'm looking for." he gazed at Aidan proudly. He'd been waiting to meet him for a long time. "I like your red highlights, by the way."
Aidan gave him a quizzical look. "Highlights?" His hand strayed up to his hair. It felt sticky. Looking at his fingers, he could see half-dried blood. His eyes widened in shock.
"Aidan, is everything alright?" the digimon's expression was full of deep concern.
"Yeah..." he said quietly. "I... meant to wash these out. I'll just be a sec." Very carefully, he walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, washing the sticky red out his hair.
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Teth looks down the road, lonely, misty, and deserted. A man in a black cloak stands on a cliff. Teth sees him jump off and Teth runs after him, but falls into the ocean because it's so dark. Everything goes black and Teth sees two little boys. one of the boys disappears and the other one stares at Teth.

Teth: No! It can't be. That's me!
Voice: You promised to protect me and always be there for me Teth.

The voice fades away as Teth gasps. Daleth satnds in front of him.

Daleth: It's all your fault Teth. You should've been there. You failed us all. Prepare yourself.

Teth and Daleth grab swords and start fighting.

Teth: I'm sorry brother. I tried to save you. I couldn't.

Teth wakes up in a cold sweat and sees something move towards downstairs. Teth dresses and jumps down the stairs to find himself back in the digital world. Teth sees a digimon and grabs it.

Digimon: Let go!
Teth: Ok. *lets go* Who are you?
Digimon: I am Bakumon, keeper of dreams.
Teth: What's this all about?
Bakumon: You are a savihondra.
Daleth sits on a curve and waits for David to come back out.
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The light in the twin digimons' eyes brightened until even Menaka turned. The rock was shattered and the card package evaporated. The light soon took form as two creatures, one blue and one black. The black one didn't stop glowing even as the blue one solidified and took small steps toward an astonished Menaka. The black one turned back into light and arrowed toward Menaka.
The girl fell to knees, unable to stand the light.Blackness settled.
[I]"Mena..kaaa?[/I] The voice was so distant. It only stirred Menaka a tiny bit. It came again, sharper. [I]Menaka![/I]
"Go away..5 more minutes." Menaka mumbled sleepily to a nonexistant sister.
[I]What's a minute?[/I] came a truly puzzled voice. A blue gold face swum into Menaka's view.
She woke with a faint shriek. She looked around to find herself in a meadow..a very unkept meadow. The grass was dead and the flowers looked like they could crumble at the touch of wind.
"Kamimon!!" Menaka started at seeing the face of her fictional confidant and friend. Then she sat back down. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I knew you'd come to me someday."
"Jeez, I was hoping to see you all freaked out and stuff and me explaining." said Kamimon as she pulled a face.
"I'm sure you were." replied Menaka. "So, this is the digital world, huh, why is it so dead?"
Kamimon's face saddened.
"Don't tell me." said Menaka. "It used to be all happy and nice, until some maniac came a destroyed it."
Kamimon nodded affirmative. "This is where Primary village used to be. It was moved when Astartemon turned it into a wasteland."
"Astartemon..sounds dead fimiliar, maybe it was a bad digimon i made up, so anyway, if we destroy Astartemon, peace will be restored right?" said Menaka. She seemed to know all the rules.
"Astartemon is only a pawn." said Kamimon. "there are others far superior to her."
"By the way," asked Menaka. "Where is Rakshemon, your dark twin?"
Kamimon cocked her head. "Oh, Rakshe's inside you."
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(David enters his room and opens his closet. Guilmon comes out. David grabs his backpack, empties it, and begins to pack)
David: We need to go to the digital world. There's trouble, and this Daleth guy asked me to help.
Guilmon: There's a guy outside. Is that Daleth?
(David looks out his window and sees Daleth. He opens the window)
David: Did you forget something, Daleth?
Daleth: Yes. Some humans have desided to help. The digimon have promised them things for helping. If a human you see says "Danaku Daleth", there on you're side.
David: Clever. See you whenever. (He closes the window)
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Frankie and renamon walk freely through the streets although people looked at renamon wierdly...they jsut thought it was an earliy try for halloween.... or they were going to a party or something.... Renamon smells the air as they walk past the cheese factory

Frankie: Well lets head to my house... then you can explain
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Having washed his hair, Aidan sat back down on his bed with MetalArmadillomon. "So what do you want me to do?"
"We have to get to the Digital World." MetalArmadillomon explained, scratching his right ear.
Aidan began packing things into a bag. "How?"
"I hadn't thought about that. Um... use your digivice, I guess."
"With what?" Aidan looked at it carefully. It had a narrow slit down the side. "Is there a card or something I'm supposed to use?"
"You mean you don't have any?" MetalArmadillomon looked shocked.
"Yeah!" Aidan raced over to his drawer and pulled out a large deck of cards. "A few. Which ones?"
"Um... there aren't any which get you to the Digital World as such, but take some anyway. We'll need them in battle."
Aidan removed the special ability cards and shoved them into his pocket. "Is there anything else we need?"
"Food. And then we have to leave. We haven't got long before the gate closes again."
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Frankie and renamon appare at a tree house in the park....

Renamon: Dont tell me...

Frankie: Yup.... my home..... i have a laptop so what you jsut explained to me....is simple to understand.... so i can put in my batterys and we will be on our way

Renamon: Um.... ok....but...THIS....is your....home...

Frankie: Duh.... oh well... anyways.. .lets get going

Renamon: The sooner the better

once up inside... frankie had her laptop all ready...

Renamon: Now just

Frankie: Hold up my digivise to the screen and go i know i know....

Renamon: Oh... you have an older version.... i wonder why..... most have d arks or powers..... you have......a d3.... old..

Frankie: It should still work just fine...

Renamon: True... but you can use cards to power me up in battle

Frankie: Im betting with this i can make you armor digivolve...saw it on the show once.... anyways........ im sure this d3 will come in handy ..

Renamon: No doubt...
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"Inside ME??!!" shrieked Menaka. "God, in all my fanfics, none of my digimon were never inside me! Of, course there was this spirit Evolution deal in Digimon S4."
"Season 4?" said Kamimon. "We've had many seasons pass through here, we're not that ancient that we had only four seasons."
Menaka stared for a moment and it all came clear. "Never mind the seasons." she said. "Besides, with your evolutions and me as Rakshemon, we'll destroy anything in our way."
Kamimon's face brightened at the mention of evolutions. "I can finally digivolve! What'll it be? Mega super Ahememon or aerial master Martialmon?"
Menaka looked sort of emabarrassed. "They're not your evolutions. They're from my other fic digimon."
"Oh." Kamimon's feathers drooped.
"But you have others." Mena quickly assured Kamimon. "When I get my digivice, we'll check them out. Now, let's go deal with Astartemon." She stood up.
"What about your computer?"
"I didn't have a ...." Mena didn't remember bringing her laptop with her, but there it was, decorated with everything she put on it.
"It might come in handy." She picked it up and hung the strap on to her shoulder.
Both digimon and human started off for Astartemon's lair.
"Marrrreoowww!" Astartemon let out a feline snarl as she blasted the mirror with her whip.
"Your Highness, that was the twentieth this week!" complained a Mikemon as it swept up the pieces. "Scrying mirrors are very hard to find nowadays!"
Astartemon ignored Mikemon's tone. She was a beautiful cat womon with a black top and a flame colored skirt. Even her tight mask, giving her an assasin like look, didn't hide her beauty. Green eyes always sparkled with malice and two rings on her tail clinked when she whipped it. Blond hair went well with tawny fur.
"Oh stuff it." said Astartemon. "How am I suppose to keep my cool when the brat already found her digipet and is on my grounds? I've been so stressed out; my nails are loosing their shine and my fur is getting wrinkled."
Mikemon looked at his mistress. Her long claws looked fine to him and 8 hours of brushing left not a hair unshone on her fur. But then that was Astartemon. Even though she was strong enough to take out champions and Ultimates without breaking a sweat, she was still like a selfish child.
"But that's alright," continued Astartemon, filing her claws. "I have sent them a surprise of my own."
Mikemon knew by Astartemon's tone that the surprise, whatever it was, was not to be enjoyed.
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Teth runs to a d-port and transports into the Digital world.

Teth: What's wrong Sorcerimon?
Sorcerimon: Seraphimon wants you.
Seraphimon: Teth, look at the Digital world. It is almost completly engulfed in darkness.
Teth: Yes. It is totally different from when Kotemon and I came and helped last time. More humans are arriving. We must warn them about Daleth but I can't be in two places at once. Wait. Hold that thought. Sorcerimon can you gater them all in one place for me.
Sorcerimon: Yes, I can try.
Kotemon: Teth, Daleth has already reached some of them.
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Frankie and renamon walked through a forest and frankie picks a leaf off the tree..

Frankie: This world has strange.... plant life

renamon: Does that matter....

Frankie: Guess not

just as they walk out of the forest they both stop....

Renamon: that would have been tragic

they stand on the edge of a cliff that overlooks a desert area...

Frankie: Oh that wouldent have been good...

the 2 back up a little...yet frankie was stopped by something she reached behind her without turning around and felt the...warm...metaly feeling of something renamon turns around and gasps....frankie turns around and copys renamon

Digi: Well... look what we got here;...2 lost rats.... and both kinda stuck... on the edge of a cliff

Renamon: This guy is not to nice...... Magnamon to be more..correct.... hes on the bad side....see that tattoo on his arm...

Frankie: i get it... but hes an armor type.....

Renamon: Thats wahts worrying me....

Frankie: Lets jump

Magnamon: Your that crazy

Renamon: i get you...

the 2 wink and... frankie leaps off the edge and renamon quickly scales the edge of the cliff..... renamon reached the bottem first and renamon leaped up and caught frankie... resting her....neatly on the ground

Frankie: Well.... that worked


magnamon yells from the top
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Aidan held his digivice to the computer screen and waited. "Are you sure this is how it works?" he asked.
MetalArmadillomon looked slightly worried. "It did before. I hope we aren't too late."
Suddenly, the monitor exploded with light. Before Aidan's eyes had time to adjust, he was sucked inside, MetalArmadillomon close behind him.
* * * * *
Aidan felt something soft underneath him. It was sand. Opening his eyes groggily, he could see a massive beach in front of him, the sea gently lapping at the shoreline. The sky was a reddish-blue, and fairly dark. Next to him, in a small crater, was MetalArmadillomon.
"Did we make it?" he groaned.
"If this is the Digital World, then yes." Aidan said, helping the digimon to his feet.
"I'm glad it's still here."
"It's very dark for a tropical beach, isn't it?" Aidan thought out loud, picking up his bag.
MetalArmadillomon sighed. "That's the effect that the dark powers are having on the Digital World. It's not good. This is what we have to stop, Aidan. Aidan?" he turned round to see him staring fixatedly at something on his bag. It was a smallish, blue creature with two thick, horn-like appendages reaching from his head. A DemiVeemon. It smiled at them and ran off, whistling happily.
"Cute." Aidan mumbled, slinging his bag over his shoulder. As they began to walk up the beach, they heard a strangled yelp from behind them. As they whirled around, they saw a man holding the DemiVeemon by the neck.
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