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Otaku Big Brother! <phase 1: nominations>


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((That's right. This is gonna make me millions! Muahahahaha!!))

Ok, here's the deal. You can nominate anyone to be in it, except for yourself. And [I]don't[/I] use an alternate account, Warlock can check your IP for me, so nyahh! :p

Anyway, there will be 10 people in it. (Based on the Poll, which I will run when Nominations close...) Everyweek, someone will get voted off. (based on a Poll, of course) The winner (whoever that will be) Will win a lot of uhh, cool stuff. So, what are ya waiting for? BEGIN THE NOMINATIONS!! And don't just Nominate your friends, nominate people who you think are worthy... now, begin! nominate!
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