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The ideal partner.

wrist cutter

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I am interested in what characteristics would make up the perfect person for you. This does not mean what you look for in a person - so don't pretend you're all deep and not say physical characteristics. This is just the perfect person. If you like brown hair the best, then by golly, say it.

So, try to consider many mental and physical traits that would make up the person that would be just perfect for you, or what you think would be the most perfect for you.
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I'd like to say I'm not very particular, but I've found when you start thinking about what you'd actually like (or want) it becomes a pretty long list.

So yeah, I'm sure this is going to be way longer than it should be and I'm going to come off like a dick who expects everyone to live up to this... But really I don't. Even the girlfriend I had that I was totally in love with didn't have most of these, and it didn't matter. I was happy. Still this is about "perfect" and hopefully no one will get into some crap over what people say lol.

I know mostly what I don't like...

Totally not into smokers. I can't handle being around it. My parents were heavy smokers before my mom had more kids, and it lead to a lot of illness on my part. I don't want to get used to it again, and it's just a major turnoff at this point.

Same with anything like it... drinking, drugs, whatever. I don't do this stuff (although I have done some things many years ago), and I don't plan to even when I'm of legal age to even drink. It does nothing for me. My parents and their friends drink (many joints at our parties lol, plus we have a full bar built into our basement), and while I love these people... I don't want to be anything like them. The same goes for someone I dated. I could tolerate the drinking, but I know I'd be worried about it all the time.

I don't like girls that wear lots of makeup. I don't mind some, and I actually like eyemakeup within reason... But blush and foundation and all that are a turn off to me. I don't really care if you can't see it, but I've found many girls cake on so much that it's just really obvious. It bothers me heh.

I prefer dark hair, I always have. I'm generally not into blondes at all, despite me being blonde usually (I dye a lot). Black is fine, but I prefer brunettes heh. Race itself doesn't matter to me, as long as I'm attracted to the girl. Usually winds up being mostly white and asian girls though.

Bodywise... I don't know. I don't like really skinny girls, but I am not exactly attracted to the opposite end of that spectrum either. I guess "average" is what you'd call it? Works for me.

I also find myself just not being attracted to women people find hot. I like girls that are normal, for lack of a better word. I don't like how pornstars look, I don't like many actresses (I [i]cringe[/i] whenever a girl says she wishes she looked like Julia Roberts, who I find totally unattractive).

There are also things that catch my eye and result in near instant interest on my part... One of those things are Converse Allstars (I refuse to call these things Chucks lol); dyed hair is another, preferrably done [i]well[/i] (I don't really like those halfassed dye jobs that look like they've faded and are all mixed in badly with the person's natural haircolor); of course anything that shows that this girl is remotely interested in any sort of music I like is also great.

For some reason I assume that people who look or dress certain ways would have more in common with me than other people. A lot of the time it is true, and a lot of the time it's not.

I joke with people I know that the perfect girl would love The Pixies. I've not met this person yet (well one, but that wouldn't have happened... dated her best friend), but perhaps someday. At the very least I'd like the person to at least tolerate my music. I'm tired of defending what I like against jokes constantly (especially Manson, I'm so ****ing tired of the junior high jokes and BS I have to listen to about that).

Liking games would also be nice... not that I really care that much. It is rather annoying when a girl (or whoever really) thinks games are the lowest form of entertainment and get all pissy when you want to play them. It's not as if I'm sacrificing my time with these girls to play my games, but they sure as hell act like it sometimes.

I guess one of the most important thing would be that I'd be able to talk to this girl at a good intellectual level, but still keep a sense of humor. This is a lot rarer than I thought it would be.

The thing that totally matters most to me is that I want a girl I could be with where we'd be doing absolutely nothing other than being together and it would be fine. I think that's important... I don't think either of should have to be constantly coming up with things to say or trying to impress one another. Sometimes just being together and not saying anything is the best thing there is.


So barring all that crap... Really just someone I could click with. That's a hard thing to explain, but I think anyone knows what I mean. Some people you just work with and you can read eachother really well. I've only met two girls like this for me in my lifetime, but I think that it is what is most important.

Sorry for writing so much... Most people would probably just write some sort of point by point list... :bluesweat
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Oh gosh, umm... *thinks*

One thing that matters to me the most is how we communicate. I wouldn't want to just go out with this new guy, when I haven't even talked to him. Personality matters to me alot.

Grades also matter to me. I don't want a guy who looks good, but is failing in grades. On the other hand, I usually don't like guys who study [i]all[/i] the time, and never really talk to anyone.

I also prefer guys who are somewhat good at sports, even though they don't have to be on any teams or play sports all the time. ^_^; Umm... in other words, it doesn't really matter to me if they're jocks or not. (Sterotypes, bleh. >>; )

Lastly... for some odd reason, I always look at their eyes, eyebrows, and lips. >>; I really like American/British...etc. guy's eyes alot, because the shape of their eyelids, and how their eyebrows seem to be right over it. o.o Although, races really, really don't matter to me. >>; Um, I'm not sure why I look at the lips alot, but for some reason, guys with thin-ish lips catch my attention more. >>; Like... Orlando Bloom! ^ .^

*gets fwapped by Ken, Lauren, Deedlit, and a few others*

[b]Edit:[/b] Aha! The hair! For some reason, I've always likes guys with gelled hair. ^^' (Spiked...etc.)

Also, I'd be able to act silly, and not feel too...silly about it! ^^[/color] [/size]
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Heh, it doesn't work that way. You see, when you talk about a PARTNER, it's more than just a sexual attraction. Therefore, appearance matters little. If you were referring to what type of physique attracts me or turns me on, then I'd say I like curvy women, well stacked in T&A. However, when choosing a partner, it goes WAY beyond appearances.

My ideal partner would be someone that I have a good connection with; someone whom I can be a total idiot with. In other words, I want to be with someone that lets me be myself. Also, this someone has to have the capability of drawing me, making me want to kiss her, hug her, be intimate with, and protect her. That's all I need... which is a lot, actually.[/color][/font]
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I am really into blonde, My ideal partner would be a blonde, blue eyes, i love that combination. I also like someone who has similar interests, someone I can talk to and share the world with :bluesweat Anyone who is nice of character and sensitive is a nice partner to live with would be my ideal
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I like girls who are about my height. Hair color doesn't really matter, but I do like blue or green eyes. The face would have to be cute. Good color skin. The usual healthy looking stuff. I really don't like the whole anorexic look either. Someone about my weight would be good as well. She'd have to be a fun person to hang out with, and someone who'd be my best friend. She'd have to show some interest in my likes, because I want to show interest in hers too. I'd like someone who knows me inside and out. Someone who could walk in a room, sit down with me, and not have to say a word to know what I want, or am thinking.
:rolleyes:Obviously I'm picky. No wonder I can't get a date.:rolleyes:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cyke [/i]
[B][font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Heh, it doesn't work that way. You see, when you talk about a PARTNER, it's more than just a sexual attraction. Therefore, appearance matters little. If you were referring to what type of physique attracts me or turns me on, then I'd say I like curvy women, well stacked in T&A. However, when choosing a partner, it goes WAY beyond appearances.[/color][/font] [/B][/QUOTE]

That's what wrist cutter was asking for in the first place in my opinion... both aspects. I thought otherwise at first, but upon reading it over I think he just wants to avoid all the self righteous BS people post about how they aren't superficial whatsoever or whatever else. He's asking for honesty really. Works for me, and stuff like this is one of the reasons I like him heh.

Edit - Unless you are referring to something or someone else and I'm confused... in which case I apologize. Either way, let's not get into it much as I don't want to get his thread off track :)
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Well, I disagree with him. I think the B.S. isn't when someone likes someone else's personality, but when someone likes them for their appearance. I really can't imagine having a partner based on looks. It's impossible, unless she happens to also have the things you look for in her personality.

Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful women. However, they are just eye candy when I ONLY consider their looks.[/color][/font]
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
Hmm...well when I look for a person I mainly look for these characteristics:

1.)Above all things I have to feel completely comfortable around them and they have to be easy to talk to on a very personal/intimate level.

2.)No blondes sorry ladies but this is a real turn off because I've had very bad first hand experiences with them and -___- that rumor about blondes in some ways lives up to those standards. I'm a brunette type of guy. ^_^;

3.)Physically I'm not really picky after all ^_^ I don't have a body of an Adonis but I preferably like women that tend to stay somewhat fit.

4.)Must be extremely intelligent, I'm not saying you have to be able to discuss quantum physics or anything of the sort. But if you can't even spell intelligent, or know the difference between irony and satire your about as -_- brain dead to me as they come. I need to be not only physically but also mentally stimulated and if a girl can't do that mental stimulation you can kiss any interest I have goodbye in that person.

5.)Must not be easy or have a record of being easy -___- I don't want anyone's left overs and if your only interested in me for that sort of "good time" then you can forget it. I'm not saying you have to be a virgin but if you sleep with a guy on the 3rd date or even earlier that's just really a bad turn off.

6.)I'm very picky about whom I date -_- so if your Hispanic or African American I'm sorry but I don't date within that race. ^_^; Here in NYC my encounters with those types V_V are rather horrible they have really bad attitudes. Please no one take offense to this.

^_^; Looking at what would it take to be a perfect girl of mine, -_- I realize that the reason I'm single is I set my goals way to high this list is almost impossible to find in this day and age. :bawl:
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[color=#808080]Sexual attraction is important to any longterm relationship, because your sex life is a major component. It's a major component, but it's not the BIGGEST aspect.

Obviously, let's face it...you're not going to go out with someone that repulses you physically. If you think you'll be doing that, then you're deluding yourself.

As for me, I really don't know what I look for in a person. Physically, the field is so wide open. I can find someone from ANY race attractive. Though, I tend to be less attracted to asians physically, but I should emphasize the word "less", because I've known some asians in my life who were physically stunning.

On a physical level, I mostly want the person to have a nice smile and a pleasant face. Not necessarily a flawlessly beautiful face, but you know...a face that is comforting and nice. A smile can be so attractive, I think. Even if you're really fat or whatever...if you have a nice smile, that can really make a major difference (to me, anyway).

As far as body type, I honestly don't care. I've had crushes on chubby people, skinny people and "in between" people. lol

I guess the main thing is that the person is clean (bad hygeine is a BIG no-no for me) and has a pleasant face. Other than that, my tastes are way too varied to start listing.

I tend to find also that if you start talking to a person and you really relate to them on a personal level, they start to become more physically attractive. This happened with my first partner to some extent. Someone can look kind of "ordinary" to me...but if we can have good conversations and if they're sweet, I'll find myself being more physically attracted to them.

At the end of the day, I guess if you're talking about a longterm partner...it has to basically be someone who I'd normally be friends with. It has to be someone who I can be [i]best friends[/i] with. Someone who understands me, who comforts me and who is always there for me. A good sense of humor and intelligence are also pretty important to me.

But basically, if I have all of those things (intelligence, humor, understanding, etc)...the physical elements tend to fall into place. Bar a few very basic things (like if I REALLY was repulsed by the person's face or something lol), I don't think there'd be too much of a problem.

As it happens, I already have a partner with all of those attributes above (including the looks lol), so I'm happy with that. What I've described is really what I already have.

But yeah, in a longterm relationship it's always important to think about the things that fundamentally sustain your relationship. Looks do play a role (and an important one), but there WILL be days where your partner is sick or something...and the looks just fly right out the window. lol

Or if your partner puts on weight or something...at those times, if you feel [i]less[/i] physically attracted, you'll still be in love because of the more fundamental things. And that's what counts in the end.

But anyway, I've rambled far too much...I'll leave the floor open for someone else. lol[/color]
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Hmmm....I'm picky, I think?
I have some strange fetish for long hair...don't ask.
She would have to be attractive, and not want to stab me in the eye everytime she looks at me. Definatly would have to have a similiar taste in music, or atleast have an open taste, so I could make her like the same stuff I do. I doubt I will ever meet her, simply for that reason...
Another thing, she would have to be able to speak english, or atleast make determinable gestures, so as we could communicate properly. It wouldnt worry me about much else, just as long as she wasn't overly religious.
I dont think so...
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]He's serious about the music taste thing. It's over the top...

Personally, I'd go for the whole pale skin, perhaps the English/Irish style complexion, long black hair, relatively tall and thin idea physically. Mentally, they'd have to have a pretty similar outlook on life to me, and basically be able to put up with my idiosyncracies.

Despite saying that, the two females I'm most into aren't exactly like that at all....[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]And every day you tell me I'm perfect. Ha!

Anyway, I would have to say on the physical side... gothic. Meaning, black clothing, black hair, pale skin, covers lots up, wears his fingernails long with black nailpolish, long, thin fingers (mmmm) and has to be thin. And tall.

Mentally... insane, exquisitly intelligent, broad minded, quiet, graceful, adept in knowlege of the arts, that includes dramatic, visual, musical, martial and the arts of war. And the arts of love. I don't want him to have been with anyone else and I want him to be completely unexperienced in relationships, kind of like a blank slate.

My taste in music would be excellent, and to be completely enamoured with me as well. My age too. It would be nice for him to be pretty emotionally fragile, and have a keen 'interest' in torture. It would be really good if he was good at massage, as well. Useful indeed.
Mmmm... not like current boyfriend...[/color][/font]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Well, this is sort of difficult to do since I am already dating someone, but I guess I'll just tell about my dream guy I had before Ryan.

Number [b]1[/b] He HAD to have spiked up hair. There was nothing more sexy to me (and still isn't) than a guy who knows how to gel his hair up right. That is so awesome...

Number [b]2[/b] He was going to be a skateboarder. I used to have this fetish for boarders, but now I just admire them from afar. ^_^

Number[b]3[/b] He had to be better at Tekken than me or at least JUST as good. I wanted someone who could hold their own in Tekken, like a good friend of mine. We used to stay up all night playing Tekken together. It was really fun.

Number[b]4[/b] He had to be smart. I can't stand someone who is dumb. I know I am an intelligent person and I want to date someone knows how stupid and complicated Calculus is.

Number[b] 5[/b] He had to LOVE me. I mean, I wanted to be the center of his life. I wanted him to always say good things about me because I have such a low self-esteem. I need compliments from my friends...*dies*

Number [b]6[/b] He had BETTER like the same music as me. I cannot date anyone who listens to Rap, Country, or other STUPID music.

Number [b]7[/b] Tall and skinny. That just about sums it up.

Number [b]8[/b] He has to have the same values as me. I don't want to date anyone who smokes, drinks, does drugs, and parties constantly. That is the biggest turn off to me.

Now, Ryan is not all of those things, but whoever says you're going to find someone to fit all of the criteria? I've never been happier in my life.[/color][/size]
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i like to think that im not too picky (but obviously i am).
my girl [I]must[/I]:
*be smart- you cant have much of a conversation with "tee-hee. im pretty!"
*have a physically attractive body- and we all know what is meant by that.
*have beautiful eyes- the eyes are one of the most attractive features. you must see Tori's
*be average size (or a little less)- i dont like big "youknowwhats". i dont think they are attractive at all. that doesnt mean i want her to look like two asprins on an ironing board, either. i want enought to do something with.
*be nice to other people.- if she cant deal with other people, how nice do you think she'll be to you.
*be open.- be completely honest.
*be passionate about music.-i prefer to share the same musical tastes, but im not going to [I]make[/I] you like anything. im always looking for new music, so if you like something, be willing to tell me about it.
*not discriminate.- i cant stand intolerance and narrow-minded bigotry. I HATE RACISM. ill defend anybody's race. i dont care what you are. race is completely insignificant in a relationship. i have done some serious sh*t to people over racial issues (especially involving my friends). part of why i hate redneck trash so much is their seemingly everlasting hatred of african-americans.

Tori is what i want in a person. she's a genious. she's beautiful. she's generally nice to everybody. we have a lot of the same music (tastes and actual albums:) ).
to demonstrate how important the tune-age is:
when i met Tori, as was absolutely astonished by her beauty. we struck up a conversation (in which her intellect easily outshone mine.) i was [I]really[/I] enjoying her company. the talk quickly came to the topic of music. Tool, obviously being my favorite band, was mentioned and she was like, "well... i dont really like Tool."
me:"hmm... this is [I]not[/I] going well."
to shorten the story, i became insanely in love with her and tomorrow makes 1 full year that we've been together.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cyke [/i]
[B]Well, I disagree with him. I think the B.S. isn't when someone likes someone else's personality, but when someone likes them for their appearance. I really can't imagine having a partner based on looks. It's impossible, unless she happens to also have the things you look for in her personality.[/B][/QUOTE]

I'm not saying you're wrong.

You're just not realizing what I'm looking for, it's what Semjaza said. Maybe if you ignore the word "partner" or something. I just want to know what physical attributes you like BEST in a person, like in my example. If you prefer red hair, then say it. It doesn't mean that it's the standard for you, or that you don't date blondes or brunettes or anything, it's just that it's the color you like. And the same goes for mental traits. If you love girls that are nitpicky, then say it. It doesn't mean you're saying your "partner" has to perfectly fit the description or anything for you to consider them.

If you still think I'm just full of BS or whatever, then just don't respond because I can't explain it any differently, so we'd just be getting further off topic.
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]All right. It's just that everyone seems to combine the two, which I think it's wrong. Purely physical/superficial/whatever-you-want-to-call-them traits I'd prefer:

Blue eyes
Big, round breasts. Fake or not, doesn't matter, as long as they aren't horribly fake.
Round Butt
Thin waste
Dreamy smile
Semi-long hair, straight, but not too straight.
Has to be slightly shorter than I.
Must like anime and video games, and be open minded about other stuff.
Must like sex/fooling around, touching/cuddling/playfulness, etc.
Must love to express her feelings towards me, no matter where we are.
Must have a good sense of humor, as in = can laugh even at the sickest jokes. In other words, know that a joke is nothing but a joke.
Can't be uptight.
Can't be a party girl, but ENJOY a party when the situation arises.
Loves to talk.
Loves to listen.
Is not lazy, but not a workaholic.
Must smell good.

Here, my perfect, fake woman. My girlfriend doesn't meet some of those requirements, which really matters 0% to me.[/color][/font]
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The perfect tabmow woman hmmmm
If we were to be just superficial in looking at physical charachteristics and some personality traits.

Not more than 2 years older than me or they must be old enough to have developed their personality on the other end of the spectrum (also must be legal)
Short to medium height
dark hair. length not important ( no female buzz cuts- like demi moore) natural color no funky dye jobs
no tatoos or piercings (ear lobes ok i guess)
body type small to average in the chest area (original material not enhanced)
not to skinny , but not jabbett the huttess either ( hey I'm being superficial here)
no smokers,booze hounds, or druggies
must have interest in differenet things , but be willing to learn new things and teach new things ( its your turn to wear the leash dear - woof woof )

If i ever meet the right person they may or may not have all these charachteristics. This list would not necesserally cause me to reject the right person but........ see below

most important of all must be willing to put up with me ( that shouldn't be too hard should it ......);)
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[color=red] This is actually quite hard, being honest here. I really don't care how the person I finally spark something with really looks. I just want there to be an attraction between the both of us. No matter how dull. Something little.

I'm not going to boggle down and be stereotypical and describe the physical traits I'd want. Those do matter, but I don't believe it is necessary to tell them. Someone can be sexually attractive to me, and once I actually see some of them, then it sort of dwindles. Or it can be other way around. I'm not attracted at first, but I get to know them somewhat and find I like them and they are more attractive.

But yes, I, as with all, do feel some kind of first, kind of first impression kind of attraction.

So what I'd like in my dream girl. That is very hard to just directly answer. There's so many different ways I could say or tell. But as I said, I'd like them to be at least somewhat attractive to me. Whether by getting to know them, or so on.

I'd like them to have some liking for writing. And even perhaps write themselves. It would be great to always have another person to read my works before say I publish them. It would allow for another opinion. And vice versa for them if they write.

I would like them to be deep. To have a deep feeling like I do towards everything. A sort of quizzical and always questioning way towards everything. A wanting to know not just the basic implications of something, but the entirety. The stuff that isn't meant to be seen. The stuff that muddles and slashes into some different entirety.

I would like them to be intelligent. But that is somewhat covered in a liking of reading and writing. Intelligence tends to come so forth from that. But I would like to be able to hold a somewhat intelligent conversation with them.

I'd like it if they would like video games and computers. Especially RPGs, my favorite genre. But again, it isn't necessary. As long as they can understand I like doing it and give me the space.

Possibly some liking of classical rock music. Just another thing we could click on. And that is about it. I'm not going to laborously give out too many specifics. Because most of them won't be met in the end anyways, so it really doesn't matter. But as Semjaza said, I want there to be a click. I want something to instantly mesh. So there's my contributions to this thread.[/color]
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Uhm, hard.......

1) Black hair/brunette. Long hair.

2) Likes Rap, hip-hop, no country *shivers*(important)

3) Don't matter what race.

4) Uhm, nice to talk to about anything, ANYTHING (important)

5) Likes animes, some sports.

6) Not to fat, not to skinny

7) No rascists.. (important)

I personally call myself picky, but- hey.
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[size=1]This is difficult because I have had no real experience in romance, but this seems like fun...

[list][*] Their appearance is important to me. I'm not looking for a supermodel, but I need there to be a mutual attraction between us.

[*]Probably someone tall and thin, with dark hair like mine. Spiked hair is my favorite, but it doesn't make a huge difference as long as they take care of it. (Like others have mentioned, bad grooming is a complete turn-off.)

[*]Light skin would also be good, they do not have to be completely tan or anything like that (because way too many people in Cali are).

[*]They do not need to be athletic, but it would be nice. I am not very athletic, but I am trying to go to the gym and stuff. Going to the gym could be something that we could do together.

[*]I would not date anyone more than five years older than me. I would prefer that they be older, just because that means they would be more mature.

[*]They need to share my interests, or at least they need to [i]tolerate[/i] them. I want to share the things I feel passionate about with him, there should not be any moments where I am afraid to talk about something because it would be "awkward for them."

[*]If I want to be alone, they need to leave me alone. They have to respect my privacy, because sometimes I need my personal space.

[*]They need to smart. I can't stand explaining things to people. It is important that we can talk about a wide variety of topics.

[*]They should be a writer, artist, or teacher. Their career is not very important to me, but it generally dictates how intelligent they are.

[*]It is important that I like their friends, and that they like mine. I do not want to feel alienated if I ever hang out with him and his friends, over time they should become my friends too.

[*]They should like to travel and go on trips, if they cannot handle a long car ride then we are in trouble.

[*]They need to respect my work schedule. If I take a career in Journalism then I might be working at random hours.

[*]They must not smoke, drink or use drugs. I try to be a moral person, they should be too.[/list]

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[color=crimson]Well, lets start off with the less deep stuff, IE pyshical body.

Starting from the head, going down.

Hair wise, I really like long hair. Its like icing on a cake- it makes it just that much more beautiful. I should define 'long', from a little [half inch] above the shoulders on down as far as you want. I think that makes them look beautiful, in a womanly way. Color, I dont like blondes as much, but I just seem to fall for every redhead that exists o_o;; Dark hair I also seem to enjoy alot ^_^ Highlights/dyed hair is attractive in my book also. ^_^ A nice smile, nice lips. I enjoy a mexican look to a girl's face, for some reason. o_o That or asian. ^^ Eyes, I seem to like green for some reason. I dont dislike any color, but green just captivates me.

Body wise, breast size shouldnt be overly large- C is the limit, generally. I have made exceptions before ^_~;; I like thin, but not overly THINTHIN. There has to be something for me to hug, eh. Body piercings are alright, drugs are alright. I'm open minded with stuff like that. And, "I like big butts". o.o;;' Lets see, skintone- a nice, mexicanish tan is really super duper attractive. I'm putty in your hands, if you have that. Xx;; Nice, smooth legs will also make me melt, if the girl wants to flaunt them.

Personality wise, I'd like a smart girl. Someone who could keep up with my silly nature, but still be able to be serious with me if the need arises- Ya know, maturely immature ^_-

Common interests are a good plus. I want to be able to casually chat with her about the things I do on a regular basis- Game, read, listen to Heavy Metal, with freedom, knowing full well that she understands what i'm talking about, and might have a point on the subject. ^_^ "Weird girls are the best".

She has to be a bit dark and morbid too, just to match my bits of depression. o_o;

Thats about all I can think of..[/color]
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[color=indigo]I like pretty, athletic built girls. My dream girl has to be in good shape, I also tend to like it if their shoulders are slightly broad...not super broad, but I don't like stick girls. I also like girls to have average size cleveage; I don't want to climb any mountians, nor trample any molehills, but I do enjoy a handful (well two handfulls, one for each hand...one handful would be odd).

Hair and eye color doesn't matter so much...I tend to like darker haired girls better than blondes and I like girls that have a little bit of a tan...not unnaturally dark, but a little color.

Everybody knows that I am super shallow, so, obviously, personalty doesn't matter much :p

Just kidding, I'd like a girl that was intelligent but had a different view of the world then I do. Having to much in common causes arguments over the most minute things. Plus, hot, intelligent, opinionated women are incredibly sexy (and if I had one, maybe she could help me get rid of my annoying ... problem ).[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mitch [/i]
[B]I'm not going to boggle down and be stereotypical and describe the physical traits I'd want. Those do matter, but I don't believe it is necessary to tell them. [/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, I'm just as interested in what you find attractive physically as mentally. So please do tell.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by treton_noir [/i]
[b]to demonstrate how important the tune-age is:
when i met Tori, as was absolutely astonished by her beauty. we struck up a conversation (in which her intellect easily outshone mine.) i was [I]really[/I] enjoying her company. the talk quickly came to the topic of music. Tool, obviously being my favorite band, was mentioned and she was like, "well... i dont really like Tool."
me:"hmm... this is [I]not[/I] going well."
to shorten the story, i became insanely in love with her and tomorrow makes 1 full year that we've been together. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]*blinks a bit* WELL, that's never the way I heard it (well, except for the part about Tool...) but it sounds like a romantic time. ^_^ And my intellect does not outshine yours. You're smarter than I am. You just don't apply yourself.

Anywho, all you people with your big breasted girls....for some reason I just don't see it happening. Isn't it funny how everyone has like this perfect vision all the time?[/color][/size]
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