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When cute turns...


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Heh, this is a nice WIP (work in progress) that [i]proves[/i] (at least to me) that I am not forever stuck in cute mode.

All my Digipeeps know Rondomon (one of my fab ficDigis), at the lower corner; a very few may remember what intially started out as Mirdopmon (a monster from [i]Martin the Warrior[/i]), but is now being renamed as Rodamas, tentatively (simply 'cause Rodamas sounds niftier than Mirdop).

Anyways, all comments and such like are welcome. I wanna keep Rodamas as bestial and non-cute as possible. (And btw, he has three eyes...you can only see the right one and the forehead one in this pose.)
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It looks better than before Ginnster (Hope ya don't mind) ^__^ Wow hey Ginny.................I envy you................. oh well I love it! I also love the Reakos! ^_____^ Shika is soooo cute ^___^

*Steals Shika*

Kairi:Shika? I know of no Shika.........[size=4]-.-[/size]
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GINNY THAT HUGE monster its.... its... soooo [size=4] CUTE![/size]

Sorry i just HAD to say it

*dodges sharpened pencils shot at her from ginnys hidden bow*

That i must say is awsome.. not cute... Awsome i say... again i wish i had a talent..

my only talent on this planet im sure is... sharpening my pencil... it all goes down hill from there
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Do I draw from whatsis? *looks puzzled*

*Rodamas bites the head off of something*


Heh, thank you everyone! *hugs everyone that posted in thread* Pyro was my inspiration!

OK, a tad bit. But my manager Ron was the largest chunk of inspiration. I showed it to him today, too, and he L-O-V-E-D it. Go fig. His favorite part was also the hand/claw deal (though I felt that was the worst part in the pic, heh; my fav part was the head and the "mane" and the hawk markings on the neck). The only claw I really like is the far right one, the one that is tilting inward.

Anyways, this pic seems to be a winner and I'm tucking it into my portfolio. Thanks, all! :D

(And sorry, no color. I'll leave it as is.)
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This one was done on a 8" x 11" piece of computer paper. :blush:

Lately, my art teachers have been pushing me to draw on 18" x 24" pieces. Eekers.

Does anyone have a copy of the Beelzemon piccie? I'm still not finding it anywhere--that includes both the original and the scan. :bawl:

I remember making Beelzemon Feral Mode about the same time I drew this one.
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