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Vampires: Extinction or Survival? (PG-13)


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[SIZE=4][B]Vampires: Extinction or Survival? (PG-13)[/B][/SIZE]

[B]10/12/2019:[/B][I]My name is Sebastian Drake, I live in Night City. I am a vampire. I became one at the age of 14, and even though it's been 4 years, I still look the same as I did then. I won't explain how I became one, it's unnecessary. Like all vampires, I must feed to live. But not on any type of food I used to eat when I was a normal kid. No, I have to have human blood. I haven't seen the sun for a long time now...but I wouldn't be able to, even if I wanted to. The sun is now my enemy, it is the enemy of all vampires...well, actually not all of them. There are some, the Day Walkers, that can survive in sunlight like any human. You're probably wondering why I mentioned them. It's simple, they are the ones that started all of this. They made a special chemical formula that spreads through the air like a virus. It doesn't affect humans, but it does affect vampires. They wanted to make us live with the humans in peace like they do - pfft, living with your food...So they made this formula that will make us be able to walk in daylight and sold it to the humans. Now the humans don't want to live with us either, so they changed the formula so that it's now more lethal than silver, garlic, and holy water combined. Mr. Vandell, the leader of the gang I belong to, Feral Beast, came up with an idea for a vaccine to counter this poison the humans have made. Our rival gang, Shadow Wolf, are going to destroy the virus and we are in charge of making the vaccine. To do this, we need the blood of some very special people. But first, they must become like us. That's why I was ordered to kidnap Davey and to have him drink my blood. He is only one of many that have the special type of blood that can save us. My brothers are still looking for the others. If we fail in our mission, then the ones who could have helped us will share in our destruction. That must not happen. Oh, I almost forgot. Strangely enough, there are some humans that want to get rid of the virus as much as we do. We call them, "Hunters", because that's what they do, they hunt us like animals. You see, if the virus did work and we became extinct, they'd be out of a job. They survive by killing us and we survive by killing them. That's how it's always been and that's how it's going to stay, virus or no virus.[/I]

Okay, That's the basic story behind the RPG. I'm going to try to make this a bit free form. Also, in this RPG, people become vampires once they die if they drank the blood of a vampire. Vampires have super human strength and speed, they can fly, and they can hypnotize people into seeing what they want them to see. Garlic, silver, stakes, (wood or silver,) sunlight, and holy water all have an effect on vampires. If you have any suggestions, questions, or disagreements on any of this, just send me a PM. Here's what you need for your sign up.

Age: (12 and older)
Affiliation: (If you're a vampire, then you can either be a loner, or be a member of one of the gangs, Feral Beast or Shadow Wolf. If you want to be a human, you can be a Hunter or someone out with a grudge.)
Weapons: (In this RPG, vampires don't rely on only their fangs and strength. You can carry up to 4 weapons, please don't make them anything too big and powerful. There is an exception for the Hunters. Their main forms of attacks are weapons, so they'll be able to get more powerful ones later on.)
Description: (Describe your character.)
Bio: (Give some background on your character.)

Here are my stats. You can take a look at them if you need an example sign up.

[B]Name:[/B] Sebastian Drake

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Feral Beast

[B]Weapons:[/B] 2 Boot knives, a machete, and 9mm.

[B]Description:[/B] Sebastian has straight brown hair that he keeps at chin length, he also has bright green eyes, a small nose and a round face. He wears a green military jacket, green khaki pants, a black t-shirt, black military boots, black fingerless gloves, and metal chains on his hips.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sebastian ran away from home when he was 14 years old. He was tired of his parents, his stupid school, and especially his older brother who got all of the attention. While he was walking down the slums of the city, a mustached man who said his name was Jacob offered him food and a place to sleep for free. Sebastian asked him what was the catch. Jacob replied that he just had to drink the wine that he held in his hand. Willing to try some alcohol, he accepted. Jacob then showed him to his room, and Sebastian fell fast asleep. He grabbed a pillow and smothered the teenager. Sebastian then awoke as a vampire and was brought to be a member in the Feral Beast gang.
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Intriguing Kouby... but I've gotta ask, would you be willing to accept any characters like "Davey"? I'd be willing to take that on if you'd like - if not I'm up for being a vampire or something ^_^ I'll post a profile when you let me know!

EDIT: Or - strange thought - could I actually "be" Davey?
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Guest cesar906


Affiliation:Vampire Hunter

Weapons:Shadow sword,Double Edge Sword, .45,and a small Samurai Sword

Description:Medium size with dark hair able to fight with samurai and likes to dress with good fighting outfits.

Bio:DFX became a vampire hunter because his parents were killed when their was an confentration with the shadow beast and feral wolf gang.An because he makes good money
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Name: Kurudo
Age: never been revealed... though his physical age is 25
Affiliation: A vampire, a loner...
Weapons: 2 custom 44 magnums
Description: Kurudo has long black hair that reaches to his shoulders, his face is shrouded in darkness at alltimes as for the reasons none are known. But for what the legends say there was a vampire who walked in day but yet still un-illuminated by the light. The only thing that pierced the taint was his simmering red eyes. A trench coat otherwise was his main clothing all year around. With a black T-shirt and black pants, and a black version of boots similar to hiking boots.
Bio: Somewhere in the 1700's was a man who slept as a vampire had intruded his privacy. He took his life and relieved him of his soul, and now he was a soulless beast, waiting for the right blood that would give his life of bloodshed new meaning. But otherwise he stood alone in the darknesses veil and watch as so many vampires die. The legends were born though, that he was a day walker, but loathed the sun but still. All the powers in the world couldn't stop him now, besides finding a cure for this virus was his top priority. His immune system was the greatest of all vampires. Still unphased by it yet, it still had some small affects, slowly turning him into a normal vampire...
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Ciiahn Telecanter
Age: 3625
Affiliation: Loner, has very little concern for the mortal, or even demi-mortal, world anymore.
Weapons: Absolutely none. He does rely on plain physical attacks, not that they've been necessary so far.
Description: Six foot tall, and slender. Skin is dead white, hair is long and black. Eyes are dark grey, with black flecks. Lips are blackened. Wears a leather shirt and breeches, that are somewhat tattered in places, and a very tattered black cloak. Doesn't bother much with shoes, unless he actually appears in public.
Bio: Ciiahn is one of the First, that small number of vampyres made by the Primary of the species, who went into the sun mere decades after Ciiahn's creation. Ciiahn himself was the eight vampyre created, the others long since died, many at their own hands. As one of the oldest left, Ciiahn has long retired from mortal concerns and world, and has little to fear from anyone. Least of all some kind of virus, something that couldn't effect a body which required nearly nothing. Blood itself was a rare need these days. Ciiahn, long in solitude, has returned to the world as an avenger, to right the balance. The only problem is his lack of familiarlarity with the mortal world.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=deeppink]Name: Cassandra[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Age: 14[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Affiliation: vampire: not a daywalker, but is not hurt by the light, agile, strong(not super strong), graceful, and has powers unknown to her.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Weapons: double bladed sword, fist and feet, electris baton, death talon[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Description: wavy cherry brown with little streaks of dark brown shoulder length hair, 5'2, prefers to wear dark colors, but occasionaly light, weras sunglasses all the time, can go out in the sun, talks to different creatures: eg: dragons???(i suposed created from somewhere or ressurected), wolves, etc...COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Bio: grew up only child, left house, lived on streets for 4 years, became vamp at age 11, lives with 18 year old vamp who makes weapons and other stuff[/COLOR]
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Yes you can be someone like Davey, BB. The only thing is...he's a vampire. If you're talking about being a human that helps the vampires, then go ahead. That would be pretty interesting.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kouberei[/i]
But first, they must become like us. That's why I was ordered to kidnap Davey and to have him drink my blood. He is only one of many that have the special type of blood that can save us.[/COLOR][/B][/QUOTE]

Okay, what I thought that meant was he hadn't been caught "yet" - but these people they're trying to find are human, right? So, I'm thinking during the course of the rp or something, someone [i]finds out[/i] that my chara has that special type of blood, they've been under their noses all along and they never knew... I'll post a sign-up anyway, lemme know if ya want me to edit or delete it k?

[b]Name:[/b] Joseph Dunning
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Affiliation:[/b] None
[b]Weapons:[/b] None
[b]Description:[/b] Brown hair, green, intelligent eyes. Average height and a little thinner than average. Usually wears jeans and an open shirt with a t-shirt underneath - also has reading glasses, but not many people know since he makes a point of not wearing them often.
[b]Bio:[/b] Regular kid, going to school, getting his grades, nothing out of the ordinary. Lives with his father after his mother died of cancer some while ago, has heard about the vampires and the virus, but really doesn't pay much attention to it, deciding that it doesn't involve him and he just needs to concentrate on keeping his science grades up...
[b]Note:[/b] He has the "special type of blood" that the vampires are all searching for.
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[b]Name:[/b] Ryan Schezar

[b]Age:[/b] 2654

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Loner

[b]Weapons:[/b] Bladed Whip

[b]Description:[/b] Very, almost painfully, thin. His eyes glow a very bright grey in the moonlight. Scars all over his body. Overly large canines. Messy white hair.

[b]Bio:[/b] Ryan was made a vampire at the age of 34. He was stolen from his family and turned by rouge fanatics. They tourtured him and demented him prior to changing him. They turned him lose and set him against the world. His first hundred years were spent indulging his thirts with the blood of humans. Insanity was always a close companion. The rouges that tourtured him left him not only physically scarred but mentally. He retreated to the mountains of Asia and stayed there, feeding off the blood of the ocasional wanderer. The times have changed. The voices in his head have urged him to come down from his mountain prison. What's next?
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[SIZE=2][FONT=arial][COLOR=green]I've got to join this, sounds really good!
Here be my stats.

Name: Tasrai (tas or rai for short)

Age: 16-18 in appearance, though really 20 years old(was 19 when bit)

Affiliation: Feral Beast

Weapons: 2 machetes, and 2 boot knives

Description: Tasrai has red-orange hair he keeps...(ever seen Star-wars: Phantom Menace well imangine Obi-Wan Kenobi's hair) he also has bright violet eyes (turn different colors in different moods), a acorn shaped kind'a head and face. He wears a black coat, green khaki pants (exceptionally big and baggy,but he holds them up with a leather belt.), a beige t-shirt (one size too small), and black boots(specked brown from mud).

Bio: Started out on his own once he was eighteen (won't tell anyone of his past life) and joined the Marines. He was one of the best, but he didn't fit in there, so after a year, he left. Wandering around the streets he ran into a man, who Tasrai later finds turns out to be a day-walking vampire, whom Tasrai befriended, not knowing what the man had in mind, when his "friend" called him over to celebrate the fourth of July. Walking into the man's apartment he sensed something wrong but ignored it. While they were drinking some drinks his friend leaned over to him and told him about what he was. At first Tasrai didn't believe him but when the man asked him to drink his blood and become one himself, and then produced a glass of blood smiling, he believed every word and turned toward the door. But there were two huge men blocking it, they grabbed him, held him down and forced him to drink the blood. Afterwards they beat him to death. He woke a day later as a day-walking vampire, but not having anything to do with them he went on his own once more. Only to soon become a member of the gang Feral Beast. Content on being the gang's spy on the other gang, "Shadow Wolf" since he could be out in daylight. He finally in his life fells at home. (Tasrai is a master at sneaking and theiving. He cannot speak to well and always stutters unless he's at an extreme. He often keeps calm in the hardest physical condition, but blasts off the wall at any verbal abuse(past history). Is as stubborn as two oxes when he's made up his mind and almost nothing will change his mind)

hope it's O.K. ^-^[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name:Alastuin Sakandre

Age: 23

Affiliation: human

Weapons: Some emergency pepper spray in her handbag.

Description: Long, blond hair, thin, supermodel's body. Wears stylish glasses and well cut suits - smells of elizabeth arden and wealth.

Bio: A wealthy family, a comfortable and conservative upbringing. Alastuin's brother was "embraced" four years ago, she is the only one who knows anything of his dissapearance, although she doesn't understand what happened.

Did well in school, well in college, studying biology. Is now a student teacher at a local highschool, hunting for answers in her time off. [/font][/color]
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Guest Oyeah
Name: Dace Brennan

Age: 18

Affiliation: Vampire X

Weapons: It's long, sharp claws on each hand.

Description: Extremely pale, black hair, blue eyes. Looks like a pretty boy human. Quite thin. Wears a black leather jacket, jeans and long black boots.

Bio: An experiment gone wrong. Dace was captured by German Special Forces and expermimented on by government scientists. They had hoped to create a war machine but when he escaped he was their doom.
Unlike ordinary vampires it feeds on both vampires and humans. Also it not only feeds for food but becomes stronger with each person or vampire that he drains.
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[font=courier new]I was wondering if it would be possible to be one of the Day Walkers, if I can't I'll change my post to a Hunter.

[i]Name[/i]: Wesley MacLeagha

[i]Age[/i]: 6129 (Looks only about 29)

[i]Affiliation[/i]: Day Walkers

[i]Weapons[/i]: Twin Baretta M9s loaded with silver bullets, silver broadsword of Middle Age design, Pump Action Shotgun

[i]Description[/i]: Wesley bears the appearance of a young man of only about 29 years of age. To cut the description short, he looks exactly like Wesley from Angel in the current series.

[i]Bio[/i]: Wesley is the First Day Walker, he was born very different to others in his race Nosferatu, the Vampires. He was cursed for his gift of being able to go out in the sun. His race hated and shunned him for his willingness to protect humanity from his Vampire brothers and he has been hunted all his existence.

Many years ago he came across another of his race and began to train him in the ways in which he had protected humanity from Vampires he gave him weapons and trained him until his skills were perfected. Now however Wesley had distanced himself from other Vampires believing that he is now a teacher rather than a fighter.

However upon hearing from what the Vampires have planned to do, he has rejoined to protect what he has guarded for all his life. He seeks out the one that the Vampire need hoping to meet other Day Walkers along the way.[/font]
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Yes we will. I'll start this tomorrow. Also, you can be a Day Walker, Red. You just might not want to be the same type in the story. (They try to help humanity, to pay back for the blood they must drink. They're usually scientists.) And just to make it a little more clear, here's a little bit of an explanation on what you can be.

[B]Vampires:[/B] A loner, a member of the Feral Beast gang, a member of the Shadow Wolf gang, a vampire who can walk in daylight, (not the Day Walkers,) or a vampire that is hurt by the sun. As long as you are a vampire, you can be something of your own creation as long as it's not too powerful.

[B]Humans:[/B] A Hunter, an Enemy of the Night, (these are pretty much just like Hunters, except that they kill vampires because they feel that it's they're sworn duty, not for money.) a human that has the blood the vampires want, or some other person that you think will fit into the story.

I hope this helps.
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Name: Rocky

Age: 12

Occupation: Vampire

Weapon: Uzis

Description: Dark Blue spiky hair, silver moonlight eyes, pointy ears (they became this way when he was bitten) light bue skin color (another effect), kinda scary looking, he wears black commando boots, black jeans and a black Jnco shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

Bio: When his parents were killed by a vampire when he was 7 years old, the same vampire made Rocky drink his blood. Throughout the years he became depressed and wandered around feeding on the blood and flesh of humans. He soon joined the Feral beast gang but hardly hangs around them cause he's a bit afraid of vampires even though he is one himself, but he sticks with the group to survive. He looks up to Sebastian and some of the others for guidance and training.
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Rokuki, my character is in the Feral Beast Gang. So if you look up to my guy, you might want to change sides. Unless you're saying that he got to know Sebastian once the Shadow Wolf and Feral Beast gang had to become allies. Also, in this RPG, you become a vampire by drinking vampire blood, not by being bitten. Okay? PM me if you have any questions or just ask them here. Besides that everything's okay. I hope you enjoy the RPG.
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Name: Xaphania
Age: 20
Affiliation: Vampire and member or the Feral Beast gang
Weapons: a pair of stainless steel sais
Description: Black hair half way between her shoulders and elbows usually in a messy bun, gray eyes, average height, always wears black jeans, a black fitted blouse, and a black duster.
Bio: Xaphania was only 16 when she died. At night, she sometimes wandered through clubs, hunting for her next meal or companion, without much luck. After wandering for a year, she became a member of the Feral Beast gang, looking for acceptance.
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  • 4 weeks later...
I wish I had noticed this sooner. ~_~ Well, here goes:

Name: Marika

Age: 26 (actual age),15 (physical age)

Occupation: Vampire (not hurt by sunlight)

Weapons: Two Platinum Daggers and a leather whip

Description: White hair, grey eyes, extremely tall, she wears a black leather dress with bondage straps and knee-high boots.

Bio: Marika was murdered when she was 15 years old. She has wandered the desolate streets for 11 years, and is now in search of the blood of the special humans. She doesn't seem to belong to any gang, and her goal is to protect her only friend. She helps people out when she feels it will do her some good, and is very hard to get to know.

Geist---> Sorry! I was confused! *thwacks herself over the head*
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It's not too late to sign up, Makai. I'm just going to ask you to change your character's age a bit. It's half of what it's supposed to be. Thank you for joining. :D

[B]EDIT: If you want, you could change your age to 10 years old. Davey is also that age. Once again, thanks.[/B]
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