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[color=royalblue]Everyone knows about the new Pokémon series coming out either this year, or later next year, so why not have our own little version of it?

You may be a normal Trainer, a Gym Leader, or a member of Team Aqua or Team Magma. Trainers may travel in groups (try to keep it down to three or four, if possible). Aqua/Magma members may work in pairs, or be free agents. Gym Leaders can stay rooted to their Gyms, or can join a group and travel as a mentor or what-have-you. There will be tournaments held at times in certain cities (which I will announce, so be on the lookout), and anyone may be allowed to participate, as long as you are by the city which it will be held in, or have a means of transportation to get there (i.e. a FLYer). Here are the sign-up sheets:

[b]Trainer Sign-Up[/b]

(Note on Pokémon: You may only have up to two Pokémon to begin with. You may catch more as you go. No Legendaries are allowed in beginning rosters, but they may be sighted and a capture can be attempted later on. Pokémon may be any of the 386 known ones, except for the Legendaries as previously stated. If you have an evolved Pokémon, kindly give a brief background in your Bio. ^_~)

[b]Gym Leader Sign-Up[/b]
Gym You Run:
Signature Type:

(*Note on Names and Pokémon: You may choose to be the normal Leader of the Gym, or you can make up your own character. It's entirely up to you. ^_~ Also, Gym Leaders may have up to four Pokémon at hand. They can also have a Reserve/Gym [as seen with Pryce in the animé].)

[b]Team Aqua/Team Magma Sign-Up[/b]
Partner Name (if applicable):

Pokémon battles must have at least a little detail to them. Your Pokémon, if unevolved, is free to evolve after one win. Be sure to be fair when battling. We don't want spats to break out over it.

There's no limit to the number of Trainers able to sign-up. We must have at least one member from Team Aqua/Team Magma each. Rivalries will obviously abrupt between these too, so be as out there as you want with it (i.e. Team Rocket Rivalry- Butch & Cassidy vs. Jesse & James, or take a more serious approach). Once the Gym Leader slots have been taken, that's it. If there aren't enough people to fill them all, the Leaders from the game will take over.

That about sums everything up. If you have any questions, ask them here. I'll post my sign-up later, if anyone wants to join. ^_~[/color]
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Appearance:Chocolate brown hair with vibrant emerald eyes.She wears a baby blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside and blue pants and blue and white joggers.
Bio:Sakura was an abandoned child from when she was young.She was given to an orphanage and was about to be given to a couple.Sakura didn't like it so she ran away into the nearest forest and met two eevees.She was so exhausted from running she fell on the ground and the eevees took care of her.They became her friends and she took care of them and trained them.Soon they evolved and became an Umbreon and an Espeon.Now they're her pokemon partners.

Is that good?Or do I have to have a hometown?
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Hometown:Petalburg City
Appearance:She has black hair,blue shorts that go over her knee,red T-shirt that goes over her thigh,and wears a red wrist band on her right wrist.
Bio:When she was about 3years old her mother and father were explorers so then she would have to travel around wih them.Then one day when she was asleep in the spot that they set up camp her mother and father ran away leaving 2 pokemon to help raise Kyoko.Those 2 pokemon were Duskull and Pochena.They all became best friends and made Kyoko the trainer she is now.Then soon after she had enough money she decided to buy a house in Petalburg City.
Pokémon*: Duskull and Pochena
[img]http://www.nintendo.no/gbadvance/spill/Bilder/pokeadvance/pokemon/yomawaru.jpg[/img]Duskull [img]http://www.pokemasters.com/gameboy/ruby_sapphire/pochena.jpg[/img] Pochena
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I never heard of the next series (in salford it only Jhoto). It sounds like fun. My pokemon are only the first sereies ones, Mewtwo for egg.

Name; Rad
Home town; (I'm makeing this up) Crysilaira.
Appearance; Spikey black hair a lot like a saiyans. Tall, and wears a long coat.
Bio; He has about 100 pokemon in his PC, but carrys his fathful two. When he was 4 he found a charmander that was hurt. He took care of it. Then he noticed that it had a scare on it's left eye, with made it's flame thower powerful. He then started his jounry. No one could stop him, because he had no parents. He has seen lots of legandary pokemon. One day he found himself face to face with a really, hard, unbetable trainer. He easly defeated him. (I made this guy to be the best trainer, but I'll start from when he was younger.)
Pokemon;(Ummm, he has loads, so I'll do the ones that stand out.)
Charizard and Nidoking.

(If you read dragon king in the story bit, you'll find out about Rad).
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Name: Mia
Hometown: Mossdeep City
Appearance: Tall with long black hair. She usually wears shirt and jeans.
Bio: Mia is a fairly good trainer. She has won and lost many battles in her time and has entered as many competitions as she could. She is usually depressed when she looses, but gets back up again. She likes her pokemon even if they are bit dificult to handle a times. When she was 12 and received her first Pokemon, she chose a Mudkip, which has now become a Marshtomp.
Pokemon: Marshtomp, Skarmory
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Rayquaza is a legendary pokemon. It's not allowed.

Name: John
Age: 14
Hometown: Sootopolis City
Appearance: a Pokeball bandana that covers his black hair, Red shirt with a picture of Groudon on it, Jeans, and Brown eyes
Bio: He was born in Sootopolis city. The Hoeen pokemon professor gave him the first pokemon when he was 10. Then later on he caught another one. Not many trainers came to the underwater city. He challenged all of them in a battle. He defeated all of them. After their defeats the Gym leader in Sootopolis would cream them badly. Soon he left with his 2 companions.
Pokemon: Gyarados and Combusken
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Name*: Matthew
Age: 18
Gym You Run: Sunshine Town Gym
Appearance: 5'7 short black hair jeans and a blue t-shirt
Bio: Whne Matthew was 5 he found an abandoned Rakiou. He took it in ans kept it as sort of a pet. When his dad found out about it he was furrious. He screamed and yelled about not catching it first. He tried to catch it but Matthew wouldn't let him. He got in front of everyone that he threw which left alot of makrs on his chest and head. After his father got tired he picked up two empty pokeballs and ran out the house with Rakiou on his tail. He made it out of his fathers house in the woods and came upon a huge town where he found an alley and he lived there fr 3 years. After those three years he heard about the opening of a new gym. He decided to try out for leader. He had caught four other pokemon although Rakiou (which he later named Speedy) always heald a special place in his heart. For many days he battled trainers also trying to be leader. He finally one and named it the sunshine gym and his dominate type was electric although he always carried his sunflora just in case. After another year Speedy alowed Matthew to catch him. Now he is at Matthew's chest in an old looking pokeball that looks like a neclace. Matthew vowed never to use Speedy in his gym because of his emence power.
Sigature Type: Electric
Sunflora (Grassy)
Minun (Minus)
Plusle (Plus)
Pikachu (Plucky)
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[U]Gym Leader[/U]

Name*: Max
Age: 16
Gym You Run: Sky Pillar Gym
Appearance: Short blonde hair. Bright Blue eyes. He has black cargo pants and a black t-shirt that says "Flight" on it and "Air" on the back. He carries his Pokeballs on his belt.
Bio: Max was bourne on Sky Pillar. His parents mysteriously disappeared and all that he has left of them is a feather, a stone in the shape of a wing and a Pokemon: Skarmory.

He bases his Pokemon on Flying. He does not have any trainers to acompany him. The only people he's seen is tourist from Pacifidlog Town and the official Hoenn legue administrators for the Gym Leader Liscense. He needs someone to take over his gym but he has no volounteers because they're scared of heights and the RayQuaza in the actual building. very few people have defeated Max because they almost never make it past the Rayquaza. Max doesn't dare disturb the Pokemon Rayquaza. He built his gym atop the Sky Pillar.
Signature Type: Flying

[URL=http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs115.gif]Skarmory (Roadrunner)[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs093.gif]Dotrio (Swift)[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs026.gif]Swellow (Quicky)[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs122.gif]Altaria (Mist)[/URL]
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[b]Trainer Sign-Up[/b]

Name: Ryo
Age: 15
Hometown: Rustboro City

Appearance: Yellow shirt with a thick red stripe and two smaller black stripes around it. Blue jeans, and new pair of running shoes. Wears a red vest with a gray stripe (same place where the t-shirt stripe is). Brown hair, blue eyes, and pretty tall.

Bio: Born in the metropolis of Rustboro, Ryo has always wnated to go otu and see the world (All of Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto). He made several short trips to Petalburg and Lavaridge, but never actually stayed around. One day, his grandpa, a retired Gym Leader, took him into the woods where he had caught his first Pokémon, Slakoth. So Ryo was given a few Pokéballs and caught his first Pokémon, Shroomish. Although it was small, Ryo and his Shroomish became wonderful buddies. Then afterwards, he went to Lavaridge, where his childhood friend Flannery showed him where to catch a Numel, his second Pokémon. Now Ryo wants to beat all the champions of each land, and dreams of travelling with a group of loyal friends, one of which he hopes ot be a gym leader. *Hint Hint*

[url=http://www.pokemondomain.com/pokedexrs/dex2/pics/101.gif]Numel[/url] - "Volcano" ||Evolves to [url=http://www.pokemondomain.com/pokedexrs/dex2/pics/102.gif]Camerupt[/url]||
[url=http://www.pokemondomain.com/pokedexrs/dex/pics/034.gif]Shroomish[/url] - "Mudstomp" ||Evolves to [url=http://www.pokemondomain.com/pokedexrs/dex/pics/035.gif]Breloom[/url]||
[Note: I plan on evolving Shroomish in my first post to get things started. Numel will follow shortly after]

Also, I was just wondering, is there some kind of Elite Four? I was just curious to see if maybe a trainer/gym leader could become one of them under special circumstances.

This is gonna be so much fun. I was just about to make one, until I noticed yours, Lady K. ^^
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[color=indigo]This sounds like it could be fun, and I'm thinking about signing up, but I'd need one question answered first: Would I need to be familiar with Hoenn to really be able to participate? I know Johto and Kanto well enough, but I don't have Ruby or Sapphire, so I don't know anything about Hoenn. I could probably find a map somewhere online, but beyond that, I'd be pretty much clueless. I also don't really know anything about the new Pokémon in R/S. :cross:[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Desbreko [/i]
[B][color=indigo]This sounds like it could be fun, and I'm thinking about signing up, but I'd need one question answered first: Would I need to be familiar with Hoenn to really be able to participate? I know Johto and Kanto well enough, but I don't have Ruby or Sapphire, so I don't know anything about Hoenn. I could probably find a map somewhere online, but beyond that, I'd be pretty much clueless. I also don't really know anything about the new Pokémon in R/S. :cross:[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=royalblue]lol Neither do I, hon. You honestly don't need to. You can be like Ash, who's coming to Hoenn for the first time. I'll find a World Map (or someone else could, to be nice ^_~) for people who are Hoenn-illiterate, like ourselves. *goes to look*[/color]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hyper [/i]
[b]Also, I was just wondering, is there some kind of Elite Four? I was just curious to see if maybe a trainer/gym leader could become one of them under special circumstances. [/b][/QUOTE]

[color=royalblue]Aye. That's one of the tournaments I was talking about. There will be a Hoenn Leauge Championship Tournament to be held at one time or another. That's up to moi. ^_~ I'll give hints along the way as to when. As for becoming one of them, somebody may drop out and allow a Master Trainer to take their place....

Edit- Found it! The only one on the Web I [i]could[/i] find, anyway. If someone could help me out by taking this to Paint, numbering the cities and giving us the names, that would help a lot, thankees.

Edit #2- Vicky, Mina, you two will need to pick hometowns that are actual cities from the game. Here's a list. Pick what strikes your fancy; Littleroot Town, Oldale Town, Petalbrg City, Rustboro City, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Mauville City, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town, Lavaridge Town, Fortree Town, Lilycome City, Sootopolis City, Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Pacifidlog Town.

I figure I'll post my own little sign-up, since I'm bored out of my skull.

Name: Rayne
Age: 17
Gym You Run: Rustboro City Gym (Note: All Gym Leaders should have their Gym names set up like this)
Appearance: Light gray eyes, around 5'10". Wears a light blue, kimono-like shirt with Dark brown pants and plain black shoes. Can often be seen with her long white hair pulled back into a bun, but known to let it down when in a tough battle or a cool or windy area.
Bio: Rayne has been the Rustboro City Gym Leader ever since she was fourteen. She inherited it from her older brother. He left to go on his own little adventure in the Kanto Region. Since she was old enough to take care of herself, being their parents had died when they were little, Rayne is very grown-up for her age. The disciples of her Gym look to her as a sort of mother, and they are all quite strong, both mentally and battle-wise.

Her Gym revolves around Water-type Pokémon. She has had a love for them ever since she was small. As a result, the Gym is also a santuary for Water Pokémon. She's learned over time how to treat several different types, and has passed that information on to her students.

Now Rayne is startinmg to feel restless. She wants to join the Hoenn Leauge, but is worried about her Gym. She has had her eye on a few students of hers, but she's not sure....

Signature Type: Water
Pokémon: Croconaw, Vaporeon, Mudkip.[/color]
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[font=courier new][i]Gym Leader Sign-Up[/i]

[i]Name[/i]: Lucas

[i]Age[/i]: 19

[i]Gym You Run[/i]: Lavaridge Town

[i]Appearance[/i]: Lucas stands just 6 foot tall and weighs about 145 lbs. he is well built and considered quite handsome by the opposite sex. He has dark blue eyes and short light brown hair. He usually wears a wine colored long sleeved shirt and jeans as well as beige trainer. He carries his pokeballs clipped to his jeans.

[i]Bio[/i]: Lucas inherited his gym from his grandfather, as Lucas was the only living relative interested in doing so. His grandfather was always fiery not only in his determination and personality but also in the Signature types he used. Lucas's grandfather taught Lucas in the ways of the energy that burned within a Fire based Pokemon and that it could overcome many a tough obstacle or opponent.

Lucas has been running the gym since his grandfather retired 4 years ago, theough he often gets visits and gives coaching advice to Lucas. Lucas seems to possess the same fiery will within him and is quite a tough opponent to overcome in battle. Though he also greatly cares for all life both human and Pokemon and respects it with great reverence.

[i]Signature Type[/i]: Fire

[i]Pokémon[/i]: Arcanine, Charmeleon[/font]
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[COLOR=blue]Trainer Sign-Up
Appearance:Short light brown hair, brown eyes, black button up shirt, slightly baggy bluejeans, and black boots.
Bio:Born in Palidan, Comis grew up feeding the Pidgey in his yard. One day he found a Pokeball in his father's old trunk and caught a pidgey with it. Ever since he has traveled the world training his Pokemon.
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[QUOTE]If someone could help me out by taking this to Paint, numbering the cities and giving us the names, that would help a lot, thankees.[/QUOTE]

Ugh..it took me 10 minutes to find a map and 30 minutes to make this stupid thing...well not stupid but anyways its not very good but here you go Lady K! :D

EDIT: I'm not sure if it's working... :bawl: I WORKED SO HARD! Please tell me if it works! If not i'll fix it.
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[color=royalblue]Sorry to say it, but it [i]is[/i] blank. That's okay, though. I appreciate the thought, hon. ^_~ The thread's started so everyone can go post now. Also, if anyone wants to sign up now, that's perfectly fine.[/color]
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Name: Sam (short for Samantha, so yes, she's a girl.)
Age: 16
Hometown: She used to live in Rustboro, but now Sam lives in Meteor Falls generally.
Appearance: Long jeans and a normal T-shirt. She normally wears a long, dark jacket that gives the appearance of a cape. Sam has long, brown hair and kind of looks a bit evil....
Bio: She used to live a wonderful life in Rustboro City. Her father worked at Devon and her mom worked at the Pokemon Center as an assistant. then when she was 12 lightning struck the house and her parents were killed in the fire. She ran away to Meteor Falls. even with the memory of the fire still haunting her she is determined to be the world's best fire/electricity type trainer. Sam refuses to become friends with any humans because of a dark secret she later learned about the fire, and swears revenge...
Pokemon: Charmeleon and Ponyta (very soon a Chinchou)
Charmeleon, Sam found when he was a Charmander near Mt. Chimney. Charmander was having a "little trouble" there. He quickly evolved after a battle with a wild Scarmory. Charmeleon is nicknamed Blaze.
Ponyta has always been with Sam, even before the fire. Cinder is actually the one who saved Sam from the fire.
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Trainer Sign-up

Name: Neo

Age: 17

Hometown: Pallet, just now getting to Hoenn

Appearence: Jean shorts that come to the bottom of his knees, green shirt with arms cutt off, black hair, blue eyes

Bio: His dad is the new Gym Leader of Viridian City. He wanted to journy to Hoenn to do something his father never did. He found his Mightyena hurt, at the side of the road. Ever since, they have had a close friendship and Mightyena, nicknamed Yena, never goes into his ball. His Bagon was given to him by his great grandfather right before he died. He cherishes it deeply. He also has telepathic and telekinetic abilities, as Sabrina.

Pokemon: Mightyena, Bagon




Gym Leader Sign-up

Name: Jerrik

Age: 21

Gym: Verndanturf Gym

Appearance: Short, white hair. Long, baggy black pants and red muscle shirt.

Bio: He has always been a loner since he has had to train to be a leader all of his life. He decided to be different then most gyms and use two types, which have almost nothing to do with each other.

He is a traveling Gym Leader, which means you have to find him to battle him.

Signature Type: (he has two types, is that ok?) Steel and Dark


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Name: Starr

Age: 14

Hometown: Fallarbor Town

Appearance: shoulder length cherry brown hair with starlit hazel brown eyes, crystal orb necklace, 5', white adidas with red stripes, black jacket, red t-shirt, jean capri

Bio: When Starr was 5 she met Pichu, Minun, and Plusle. They were both weak from battles they were never supposed to fight. She brought them into her home. Her mother, Lilly, and her brother, , helped take care of the three electric pokemon. After a while, Pichu, Minun, and Plusle grew to care and lover for Starr and her family. They also fit in great with the other pokemon her brother captured. When Starr became 10 she wanted so much as to go out and see the world. She left her home with Pichu, who did not evolve to Pikachu for the reason that she refused. Also, Starr had also raised water, fire, flying, fighting, psychic, steel, dark, grass, electric, rock, dragon, bug, ghost, ice, normal, poison, and ground type pokemon and all those in between. So basically she's been around every type of pokemon there is to be known and isn't afraid. As she fought trainers she gained more knowledge. After a battle with 2 flying pokemon, HootHoot and Taillow, she was able to capture HootHoot.

Pokemon*: HootHoot, Pichu
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[color=royalblue]^^; Of course, hon. Anyone who signs up can go ahead and post, just make a link to your sign-up so I can check. ^_~

*huggles Scorpio* You got it this time. Thankees!! ^-^[/color]
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Trainer Sign-Up
Name: Will

Age: 17

Hometown: Unknown, otherwise destroyed

Appearance: Red Hair, blue eyes, black and red cape, shirt, and pants, silver boots.

Bio: Unknown, never speaks, is very strong in battle.

Pokémon: Absol
Xatu- It simply came to him, through sympathy [spoiler]of his past love and loss[/spoiler]

Hope its good, more of his past will be revealed with time, so sit tight.
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