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Which One Was Better?


FF7 Or FF8  

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Guest fatnewt
Final Fantasy VIII was the best, in my opinion. Seven was just... I dunno, not as interesting. I loved eight because the characters were so believable and lifelike...

That came through in FFX as well, but the setting was a bit less believable. FF8 started in a relatively simple, modern and realistic setting, minus the magic and witches. I just felt I could relate to them more than in any of the other games. And that made it fun.
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For some reason, I just could never get into FF8. I made it up to the train bit on the first disk, then just quit. Squall really SERIOUSLY annoyed me.

So between 7 and 8, yeah, 7 all the way. It was my first Final Fantasy, and I will always have a special place in my evil pysche for Sephiroth. *evil grin*
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They're both pretty average, if you ask me.

FF8 had more realistic characters in an emotional sense, but that didn't really make them any better. Plus, Squall was horrible... even more angsty and moronic girl wise than Cloud could be in his worst nightmares.

Storywise, I think they're probably on equal ground. I'd have to give FF7 the nod simply because it's more fun and there actually seemed to be a sense of purpose. A lot of FF8 seemed to just be wandering around hoping for something new.

The Materia system was so much better too. Obviously a good successor to the Esper system. Magic stealing in FF8 was a cool idea, but should NOT have replaced the whole magic system completely. It should have been a special ability for another character or something.
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Once again I repeat my list of pros and cons in FF8:
+all young characters (I really dislike fuddy-duddies)
-too friggin' hard!!!
-junction-system was nerve-ripping!
-weapon upgrade-system didn't work! (in most of my characters I could only upgrade to the second weapon)
-too many secret things you couldn't possibly know if you hadn't read any walkthroughs (like secret GFs, where to get all the items for upgrading weapons...)
-irritating loadingtime between moving from screen to screen!

FF7, on the other hand had cool, lovable and unique characters, amazing storyline, good battlesystem, working materia-system and nice graphics (in that time's standards). I still have hard time choosing which one I like best between FF7 and FF9, but FF8 is way at the bottom of my four-FF-games-I've-played-thus-far-list.
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Fuddy duddies, huh? Then you won't care for 35 year old Auron too much. :p Out of curiosity, Sage, what is/was the fourth FF you played? (I'm assuming 6?)

I think it topic-limiting to only put 7 and 8 up for discussion, so let me move on to some others.
Everyone: *groan* Yes, we know you like FFX. SHUT UP!
Silly people.

+excellent graphics (main character costumes, places, music, etc).
-NPCs look weird
-bad lip syncing
+Sphere Grid, a piggyback of Materia, I guess.
+story was good
-story was too short and linear
++++++Auron! (had to throw that in there--what kind of obsessed fan would I be if I hadn't? :D)

I've also [i]finally[/i] gotten my grubby little hands on 6 again after so many years. (YAY!) And I am pleased--it's sucking me in the same way ChronoTrigger did all those years ago, so this is going very well.
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I voted equal because I couldnt decide. The public in General thought that 7 was better. Everyone thought that 8 was too realistic and too customizbale, which it was.

In my opinion, I loved 7 because of its large in-depth world, along with great sidequests and different outcomes. The graphics were very good for its time, was it '97? Im not sure. I barely beat the game under 30 hours because I went through it so fast. Second time I went thorugh my time was maxed out, I think I got all fo the sidequests, I havent played it in a while. But FF7 is truly one of the games that you should hold on to and play once a year to keep it from being unused.

Now, lets see, FF8. I loved FF8, I loved the realistic characters and the believable storyline and plot. I loved the fact that I was in a school/garden, having to carry out missions and such. The battle system was awsome, allowing you to tap R1 to enable a shot from your gunblade for heavy damage(was only for Squall which made me mad). The enemies and bosses were layed out nicely, and the FMV's(Full Motion Vidios) were phenomenal. The only draw backs were the magic systems, I hated the fact that you hate to Draw magic from your enemies which could take hours at a time to get a full 100 for each character. The junctioning system was nice and easy, but it allowed every character to be fully customizable which I didnt like. Also, along with exp. trouble, you didnt get exp. from bosses which made leveling up harder.

Thats really all I have to say, but I love all of the FF games. I get so into them, I wish those kind of worlds existed, it makes me angry because I'd like to live the life of the characters in FF, sounds pethetic.

I didnt really give any spoilers away, rather a small review thats all.

Oh and byt he way, I got all of the GF's from 8, it really wasnt that hard. The hardest one to get was probably [spoiler]King Tonberry.[/spoiler]
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Ginny: Yes, FF6 is the fourth ff-game I've played, but I'm hoping my sister's fiancé wll buy FFx for their shiny new PS2, so I could play it too...

Krillen: How was junction-system easy?! I mean, the game kept emptying the junction slots every time you had a little plot-twist, and then you had to set all the spells back all over again - not to mention the change of GFs, which made you set all the commands and supporting abilities again... Just too complicated! And you couldn't really spend the few lowsy spells you had in stock, because you needed them to make your character even a bit more powerful. Agh, have I complained enough?! Good! :rolleyes:
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FF7 will always be my favorite. I liked every character on FF7 I always had a hard time trying to figure out who I wanted to use. The story just gripped me and never let go. Can't forget about Sephiroth one of the coolest bad guy's Square ever created. This is one of the only FF's I ever played more than 5 times FF6 was the other. The Materia system was awsome like previously posted it was like FF6's Esper system. I liked all the mini games as well I must have played the mini games almost as long as the normal game.

FF8 on the other hand the characters weren't too bad any of them where useless they all had there moments. The story I thought was pretty good I didn't really care for the whole witch hunt thing though. I didn't really care for the way Squall's limit breaks where set up with the randomizer system. I mean come on you earn Lionheart you want to use it. On the up side I loved Triple Triad that was a fun mini game and it was real hard getting all the cards.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[i]Excuse me[/i]?! What deep storyline were you talking about, because I sure didn't see one in FF8! Or was it hidden somewhere? :smirk: I mean, geez! A boy meets a girl, [spoiler]the boy and the girl fall in love, the girl is blown into space, the boy rushes to save the girl from space, the boy and the girl (and a few totally insignificant others) go into an evil sorceress's castle to destroy her...[/spoiler] the oldest story in the book! :D

Sure the story was [i]emotional[/i], but I've seen no deep-scanning theories on FF8-storyline whatsoever. The whole story spinned around two people, and that was it...

Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but isn't this what opinions are for: to try to assure others to have the same opinion? ;)
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  • 2 weeks later...
I liked FF7 much better. The plot was very good, and the character design was amazing. Also the way your always [spoiler]chasing sephiroth[/spoiler]. That was always good. I still say I didn't get FF8's plot all that well.
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I prefer FF VII over FF VIII, simply because I hated just about everything about VIII. The only thing really worthwhile about it to me is the graphics and music and you get that with just about every FF game. Plus, I hate Squall with a passion.

I think FF VII had a deeper story line, because just about every character in the game had a story to tell and they weren't just there to support the main characters. Plus, the game is just more fun.

But if I may go off-topic a little bit, I have to say that my favorite is VI. The way that VI tells its story is simply incredible and not one character really outshines the others as the main character. And the game was simply the most fun out of all the games in the FF series.
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[b][size=1]*copies the [i]pros and cons[/i] list idea*

-The playing graphics.. as in the characters, lol
-The way you're always playing cat and mouse
-Some of the things that remain in this horrible cloud of ambiguous gamingness: [spoiler]The whole Zack thing to name one[/spoiler]
-Omnislash and KOTR.. I mean, I love them to bits, but they just made everything soooo much easier..
+Zack =p
+Individual background stories..*nods*
+Miniquests galore! ^_^;;
+The materia system.. I loved it to bits, lol
+The levelling up was just right, I thought
+The way limit breaks felt just right.. coming up around about the right times. Not too frequent, not too scarce (FF8-type problem). Also not always just happening to come up before bosses and being un-saveable to the next fight (FF9 *cough*)
+FMVs.. I thought they were really well placed, and they'd sorta pop up at relevant times and you felt you deserved the FMV for going through so much of the game -.-'

-Limit breaks, lol. They were too easy to get up, lol. I mean [spoiler] you could just leave Squall on low HP and keep the other two party members as healers while he just cleared house all by himself.. especially once he gets LionHeart o.O[/spoiler]
-The in-game graphics surprisingly. I mean, I dunno about you, but they seriously looked that 2D and twiggy to me.
-OMG the Ragnorak/Ragnarok (I forget) was sloooow..
-Squall's whining just annoys me >.>
-And when you'd run around in circles or go up and down on ladders, the following irritated me like.. ugh.
-Levelling up was too easy, lol.
-/+Odd storyline.. I dunno. Some bits bored me to death, while others just kept me in for quite a while. There were also those long boring bits that could waste ages if you messed up.. [spoiler]like catching Rinoa in space... loooooong and annoying[/spoiler]
+Those funny characters. I dunno. I really liked Zell and Laguna and Fujin and Raijin.
+I liked the FMVs.. although there were a few weird ones[spoiler], like Selphie's entrance. I especially liked the one where Squall was being chased by that AXTM or something spider.[/spoiler]
+I dunno. Call me an idiot, but I liked the way it ended ¬.¬
+I liked the whole junctioning system, although I didn't think it was explained very well.

[b]FFIX[/b] (I haven't finished this one yet, but I think I've played enough to say something)
-Levelling up >.> Too slow and difficult
-That second controller during battles was a totally useless function, lol
-The story so far reminds me a lot of [spoiler]DBZ. Dunno if that should be a spoiler or what..[/spoiler] That kinda bored me a bit.. a lot.. (why I never got on with it, lol)
-Trances. Ugh.. always popping up at the most awkward and easy times. And the fact you couldn't not-use them like in FF7 >.>
Never there during the boss battles, lol.
-/+The sudden class/job system freaked me out. But that's because this was my 3rd FF. But yeah. It's something that scarred my playing of this game.. I was totally unprepared for it, lol.
-Steiner's walking. ANNOYING! >.>
-Zorn and Thorn. ANNOYING! >.>
+I liked the magic stone system thing. It was nice and different, lol.
+The graphics were brilliant..
+And the FMVS, lol. I had to add them separately like I did for the other two games, lol.
+Oooh, four party members..

[b]FFX[/b] (Haven't finished it either.. but yeah! ^^')
-Bad lip-synching
-Awkward moments, lol
-Didn't like the way they got rid of the World Map and replaced it with the path-type thing. It was kinda more accurate, but it got rid of the fun of exploring/getting lost and going somewhere nice at the wrong time.
-I thought it was very unbalanced the way some bosses would be overly difficult while others were real easy
-Switching players during battles made it real easier too.. although sometimes it was pretty necessary >.>
-Yuna's voicing just seemed.. emotionless quite a lot of the time
-The first Blitzball match seems impossible, lol
-Spheregrid system:[b] ewewewew[/b]. I just hated it. People are always saying how customizable it was. It was really just a nicely-shaped straight line with the odd split and blank spots.. I mean.. not much customizing there.. ¬.¬
+No more ATB.. (well.. again) Eeee! I liked the change
+The slight class type thing at the beginning..that sorta fades away.. nice
+I liked that trigger thing during battles, sometimes.. just something new
+FMVs were brilliant ^_^
+And the graphics, lol
+Voice-acting is always nice.. especially in the FMVS, lol

[b]..I can't really say anything about the others because I really don't think I've played them enough to compare them yet.

But yeah. Anyway, I can't really say how much I hated or liked certain points of the game by just listing them, so it may look like I like some games more than other from there (and I'm bound to have missed a lot out), but in order of likingness: FF7, FF10, FF9, FF8.[/b]

*walks off*[/size]
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YAY! Another FFX convert, heh! *bounces around* (Aw, I [i]like[/i] the SphereGrid. Due the customization of the Grid, my version of Auron can now attack before Tidus, attack twice before Tidus, and Mug the [i]hell[/i] out of the enemies. Add that to Break HP Limit and Break Damage Limit and ^_______________^)

Would you believe I abandoned FF6/3 in favor of playing FF5? O_o; Prep for FFX-2 I guess, heh, but 5 is fun! Well, until you start forcing yourself to level up, which is common for all RPGs. I'll have to go back to Viii, but the general consensus seems to be against it, lol. I might go back to iX or X after V. Or iV, I need to finish iV.
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I borrowed FFX quite a while back, lol. (I was playing it like at about the same pace and step as James) But I got stuck at [spoiler]Lady Yunalesca[/spoiler]'s third form so I just swapped it back, lol. I'll probably lend it again after the holiday's over to finish it off.

FF8's actually not bad once you get into it. But once you finish the game, you realise that you'd never pick up the game again (except maybe for the end FMV; I liked that ^^;;). So maybe you should try that game againt too, lol.

I still need to carry on on FF1,2,4,5,6 and finish off 9 and 10 >.>[/b]

*makes FFX boss name spoiler so that the name doesn't.. spoil the game* ¬.¬[/size]
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The story in every single FF follows the same damn path as it is. You can't really say one is incredibly better than the other, they have the same basic plot lines. In recent times it has always gone from you fighting some sort of government/group to some sort of evil wizard/thing that threatens the universe. The Empire/Kefka, Shinra/Sephiroth, whatever (I forget)/Ultimecia, the Queen/Kuja and so on. It always turns out like this, and has since the fifth one at the least. Every single one of them can be described as the oldest story in the book by those lines, even if they do go off on some random tangent. It doesn't really make FF8 any less good story wise than the others in that sense.

FFX looked nice. The battle and level up system was very good. Some of the characters were quite good... but the story was nothing special at all. Especially considering how crappy most of the voice acting and syncing was. Normally I don't even care about story all that much if the gameplay makes up for it, but if a game seems to pride itself on how well written and intelligent it is... I have to make an exception.

I've not really enjoyed a FF game since FF6 (and that was marginally), but my favorite is still FF4.
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Guest TriGunMaSta68
Man yall, FF8 was great, but compared to FF7 it was piss. Its like comparing FF9 to anything.FF9 sucked balls compared to every-fricking-thing on the planet. Im surprised in Squaresoft *cough* Square Enix(man this merger is gonna suck).
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As you so "eloquently" already pointed out in the Merger thread you made. :rolleyes:

Frankly, these favorites topics always get shot down after awhile with people gritting their teeth at each other (and we're waaaaay off topic--I thought this was about Vii and Viii only, lol). It's nice to hear valid opinions (I've learned a few things about some of the FFs now), but they're still opinions nonetheless. Every game has its good points and bad points. IMHO, ChronoTrigger still carries my flame as far as RPGs go, but then we aren't talking about CT, are we? *lol* There just isn't an end all and be all to the FF series.

[spoiler]And according to Sem, FF isn't the end all and be all (is that backwards, heh?) to RPGs.[/spoiler] :p Which is true. Unfortunately, it's what I "grew up" on, so tackling other RPGs tends to be a little..."messy"...at times for me. :sweat:

I have no idea where I am going with this post....*wanders off*
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[color=indigo]Yes, this thread has gotten off topic. I also think that all the decent discussion that's going to come out of this thread has already come out. I'll be closing this now, to prevent this from becoming a flame-filled argument over which FFs are better.

And TriGunMaSta68, you'll want to consider stating your opinion is a less vulgar manner. People are more likely to listen to you that way, and it also won't be breaking the rules.

[img]http://www.angelfire.com/ex/desbreko/Lock.gif[/img] Thread Closed[/color]
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