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A message, to a special friend...


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In times of peril and plight I look to you...
For a new sense of hope.
A ray of light in a gloomy dark sky strikes down...
So I can find you and be with you when I need you.
I doubted you, you doubted me.
I wish I could turn back time...but I can't.
Who knows what the future will hold.
But hold on, hold on close to me so I don't loose you...
In the path of life.
As bleak as it has and will be.
This is the present.
Where everything is clear, everything is certain.

I love you with all my heart...
And nothing will ever change that.[/COLOR]

To my one and only, Raiha....

[SIZE=1]Real life name is kept confidential for privacy puropses[/SIZE]
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