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SSJ5 Vegeta

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Let's get this thing rolling:

It was a peaceful day outside. The grass gently bowed and swayed to the motion of the cool breeze, which blew from the north. The cool spring weather brought about all kinds of life and everywhere life was re-emerging from winter past. The birds sang, and new creatures emerged with their babies. And at Gotank?s house life went on as usual. Gathered around the table for dinner sat a family that spanned a couple generations. Gotank, his wife Jade, their young daughter Jen, their older son Tank, his beautiful wife Tai, and their Son Goku-San all sat down to eat together. Joining them as guests were friends of the family Granit, and his wife June and 6 and a half year old son Lazarus who was already showing great power and was good friends with Goku-San. Tank now 24 had met Tai when he was 17 and they had Goku-San the very same year who was now 5 and a half, 2 years before that Gotank and Jade had conceived another child which they named Jen. Jen was now 9 going on 10 and she had mastered the art of going Super Saiyan as well. But Goku-San was already a Super Saiyan Level 2 mastering the art of going level 1 when he was only 4 years old. After dinner Tank, Gotank, Goku-San, Lazarus, Granite, and Jen went outside, leaving Jade and June to sit and have a woman chit chat.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Hey you guys let?s have a sparring match and do some training exercises!

[B]Lazarus:[/B] Sounds fun to me. But you always win! You know me or Jen can?t go Super Saiyan 2, it?s no fair, cuz? you always beat us.

[B]Jen:[/B] Yeah! Play fair!

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Ok I?ll only go Super Saiyan I promise.

Goku-San stood with a firm look of concentration on his face then easily he bursted into a Super Saiyan.

Lazarus had no need to power up for he stayed Ultra Super Saiyan all the time, although Goku-San wasn?t allowed to stay Super Saiyan all the time even though he could because his mother didn?t like him breaking things around the house.

[B]Jen:[/B] Alright here goes!

Jen stood and looked down at the ground concentrating slightly then she too burst into a super saiyan. Her shoulder length black hair stood into golden spikes and her eyes turned green. And with that the three young Super Saiyans started an every man for himself battle royal sparring match. Meanwhile Tank went for a stroll and plopped himself down under a tree. He thought about days long past, and what the future would bring as the children played silently. He slowly got tired and drifted off into a deep sleep.
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[I]Warlock sat calmly under a large pine tree, breathing in the cool air and watching the buzz of life around him. With a sigh, he got up, and moved to an opening, where he sat down quietly. He started to meditate, relaxing his body completely. It was the perfect type of day to have a calm relaxing day in the forest. He started to drift asleep, but made sure he wouldn't fall asleep completely. He sent small pebles and stones from all around the forest into the air, and them made them fly around without hitting each other. The perfect way to relax, Warlock thought. After a few minutes, he put the stones back were they came from, and got back onto his feet. He started to walk towards the paddocks by the forest, to begin today's training... [/I]
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Later Tank awoke from his peaceful nap to the sound of his wifes voice.

[B]Tai:[/B] Tank... Tank hunny wake up.

[B]Tank:[/B] Huh? What.... Time... is it? (Drowsily rubs eyes.)

[B]Tai:[/B] The suns already gone down, you slept all day. You're at home now, I had Goku-San fly you back. I didn't wanna' wake you because you were talking in your sleep and moving around like you were fighting someone.

[B]Tank:[/B] I had a strange dream. But it's nothing to talk about right now. I just want to go to bed and forget about it.

[B]Tai:[/B] Me too.

With that Tai and Tank both rested peacefully in bed. But suddenly Tank got back up. There was a strange unease in the air. The air was calm, no breeze. The normally starlit sky was dark with blackish clouds. Reddish lightning flashed through the sky. Tank got up and upon walking towards the front door noticed that Goku-San was gone. Tank frantically looked around.

[B]Tank:[/B] Oh no. Just as in my dream! Goku-San!

Just then he heard the front door creak and ran to it, it had been left wide open and was stirred by a gentle breeze. He went outside and saw Goku-San standing out in their field which was about a 100 yards away. He had already powered up to a Super Saiyan Level 2 and his hair stood on end. As Tank got closer he could tell that Goku-San was trembling.

[B]Tank:[/B] Goku? Are you alright?

[B]Goku-San:[/B] *silence*

[B]Tank:[/B] Answer me Goku!

Goku-San turned to face Tank his eyes wide with fear.

[B]Tank:[/B] What is it Goku?

Goku-San pointed and Tank followed his fingers till he layed sight upon what he thought was a scarecrow at first. But then noticed it was a figure. The figure was in a hooded cloak standing out in the field. In a flash of lightning the figure dissapeared.

[B]Tank:[/B] What the hell was that?

Goku-San was trembling with fear so scared his eyes were watering with tears.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] That guy told me that the earth was created in 6 days. So shall it be..... Destroyed.

Dark clouds rolled over them. Bright red lightning flashed through the sky. Tank could literally sense a very evil, deadly power. He could feel it in the air that hit his skin, everytime he breathed, he could smell it in the air. The tiny hairs on his neck were no doubt standing on end.

[B]Tank:[/B] This is too weird. Let's go inside Goku, we'll worry about this in the morning.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Yeah. Dad....

[B]Tank:[/B] Yes son?

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Can I bring my blanket and sleep on the floor in your room tonight?

[B]Tank:[/B] Sure son.

The two went back into the house. But neither could sleep. Both Tank and Goku-San tossed and turned with fear, and unease. Finally around 1:00 they konked out.
When Tank awoke he couldn't believe his eyes. The clock read 10:00 am but he looked out the window and the sky was still pitch black. Outside a strong wind blew and bright red lightning continued to flash through the sky. He got out of bed quickly.

[B]Tank:[/B] There's something not right here. Tai, you stay here and watch the children. I'm gonna' go gather up the other fighters.

There was a knock on his door. Seems someone had already beaten him to the punch. He opened it to see Granite, his son Lazarus, Gotank, Jade, and Jen standing outside, all dressed in fighting uniforms.

[B]Tank:[/B] Seems you guys were thinking the same thing I was.

Tank went and changed into his fighting clothes. A black tank top and black baggy pants with black boots and a red belt.

[B]Tank:[/B] I think we should all go gather up all the other fighters from the great WAR. I think whatever this is, will take all the help we can get. I can feel it, the evil power behind this weather is... Is amazing. It sends a chill right through me. It's pure evil and I can smell it in the air everytime I breathe. This is like nothing I've ever sensed before. I have a feeling this isn't gonna' be easy. I say we all split up then meet back here in 8 hours.

[B]Gotank:[/B] I second that. Jen, and Jade, you guys come with me. I want to be there in case you guys run into trouble.

[B]Tank:[/B] Good idea Dad. Goku-San and Tai you come with me.

[B]Tai:[/B] But I can't fly.

[B]Tank:[/B] I'll carry you hunny.

Tai gave him an unsure look but walked over and climbed onto his back anway wrapping her arms around his neck.

[B]Tai:[/B] Don't go too fast, and if you get me killed, I'll be very angry at you.

[B]Tank:[/B] Don't worry hunny, we won't go too fast, and I won't get you killed.

[B]Granite:[/B] Son.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] But daddy. I can handle this on my own, I don't need your help.

[B]Granite:[/B] *smirks* Yeah... Right. You come with me and do as I say.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] Yes sir.

[B]Granite:[/B] I swear. These kids attitudes are getting a little to big for their powerlevels.

Jade powered up to Super Saiyan Level 3. Her normally long dark hair, went into long golden spikes. However unlike a male super saiyan level 3 her eyebrows did not dissapear. One large bang hung down in front of her face which she brushed behind her ear. Right after that Goku-San went Super Saiyan 2 and Jen went super saiyan level 1.

[B]Gotank:[/B] Ready to go hun?

[B]SSJ3 Jade:[/B] *Nods head* Let's do this.

[B]Tank:[/B] Ready to go son? (Rubbed his hand through Goku-San's hair.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] *giggles* Yeah!

With that all the fighters lifted off and burst through the sky in search for the other great Warriors.

A new WAR with an unknown evil... Had begun.
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In the Will2x Home there were 3 rules. 1# Dont fight after bed time. 2# Always obey the parents and 3# Never power up in the kitchen. Will2x had raised his kids right but now they were much older. Terrance was teaching students in college about abnormal power and making quite alot of money too. And with his power wrist band he can contain his power so he doesnt break everything he touches or increase his power to defeat evil.
Will2x was bored since its been forever since the last time he fought.

~2x home~

Will2x:... man.

Vivi: Whats wrong?

Will2x: Bored thats whats wrong.

Vivi: Wanna go pray over at Vegeta Marsh?

Will2x: I said I was bored not desperate.

Vivi: Oh, well maby you can play with our daughters video games.

Will2x: We have a daughter?

Vivi: :flaming:

Will2x: Jus kidding! ^_^'' ([I]that was a close one[/I]) I'll go out and exersize.

[will2x walks outside]

Will2x: *looks up* W..T..F.. the sky is.. Oh my God!
[inside wills head]
Will2x: Sez! Hey! Wake up.

Sezmo: huh?

Will2x: The skys black! whats going on!?

Sezmo: Ok ok, calm down. The earths probly jus being taking over by a superior intergalitic warrior or somthing. * goes back to sleep*

Will2x: Hey! This is serios, see for yourself.

Sezmo: Hmm...I see. *pauses for a minute* I dont know.

Will2x: Grrr, thanks alot.

Sezmo: No problem *goes to sleep*

Will2x: I wish i had the M2M with me right about now, but there either dead or missing now. :(

Will2x: I feel my evil side erging to get out.

{will2x turns into chibi}

C. Will2x: Wtf?

{Will2x turns back into normal}

Will2x: what jus happened here? Vecon...WHERE ARE YOU!?

Will2x goes into a sleep:

*will2x: where am i now? (echo)

will2x: hello? (echo)

vecon: hello will *walks closer*

will2x: vecon, where have you been man?

vecon gets closer and closer then walks right through will2x.

will2x: now hes gone! noooo

War: hahahahaa, you are just a fool.

Evil: so easy to destroy.

def: we control you...

deg: your purpose of existance was to be one of us.

Will2x: no! your lying!

War: did you really think you could live forever?

evil: now we will obsorb you.

def: you will disaperr.

deg: your an android built for evil...your only a toy.

they all chant" just a toy, just a toy, just a toy"

Will2x: nooooo! lies! all lies! *covers ears*

Will2x: huh. it was jus a dream, and im still standing. dang my attention span is low. something weird is going on....

~Gochan college university~

Terrance: Now everyone knows the first rule of power is to combine heart, mind,and spirit together as one. but whats the second rule?

Student: *raises hand* ooh, ooh, i know!

Terrance: yes, jacob?

Jacob: its eating heavily and balancing body muscel?

Terrance: eyea somthin like that. Now ill be on a break, you guys studie for the big traning test. and whoever scores higest gets to spar with me!

[terrance walks outside with a sack lunch when he notices the sky]

terrance: what the hell is going on? i hope janette is alright.
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Attila sits in a tree overlooking a vast field wondering about his dead father, Kamakazi. And then, he thinks to himself...

Attila:[i] Father...you were such a great warrior...you taught everything I know...and now with Evil and all his minions back, how can we dream of fighting without you...[/i]

Attila flies towards Tank evergy reading and lands near his house.

Tank:You look familiar...hey Attila

Attila: Hello everyone...so, I guess this is serious isn't it?

Tank: I would say so...

Attila: We need to find Will and all of the old M2S.

Gotank: Assuming they are alive...

Attila: Yeah...I hope they aren't all like my dad...

Jen: I'm sorry about Kamakazi, Attila...

Attila: Its alright...

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[b]Voice:[/b] Corellon, Corellon Wake up!

[b]Cloud:[/b] Huh? What? I'm not Corellon I'm Cloud!

[b]Voice:[/b] That was who you once were, This is your true idenity!

[b]Cloud:[/b] Huh? Wha? I'm...I'm... an Angel?

[b]Voice:[/b] Yes, that is right. You were brought back to life because it seems as if your needed.

[b]Corellon:[/b] *nods*

[b]Voice:[/b] There is a great evil Desterbing the planet of your old friends.

[b]Corellon:[/b] Zack? Is he still Alive? What about Will and Tank and all the others?

[b]Voice:[/b] You will see... Your journey is just begining.

[b]Corellon:[/b] *nods*

[b]Voice:[/b] Now go. travel to the planet earth.

[b]Corellon:[/b] No.

[b]Voice:[b/] You dare disobey the ruler of all?

[b]Corellon:[/b] No God, I trust you made the right dission. I just want to test my new body out first...

[b]God:[/b] Hahahahaha so you did know it it me after all?

[b]Corellon:[/b] Yes, of course!

[b]God:[/b] Well Corellon, When your ready to travel to the planet earth come back and talk to me.

[b]Corellon:[/b] Yes, I will, when i'm ready *Flies off*
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With Attila the warrior son of the great fighter Kamakazi in the running, it looked like things were shaping up for Tank and the rest of the gang.

[B]Tank:[/B] Hey you're just in time. We were just about to split up and go different directions.

[B]Attila:[/B] Cool. I'll go with you and Goku-San, and Tai? That is if it's alright with you Tank.

[B]Tank:[/B] Sure the more the merrier! And Jen, and Jade are going with my dad Gotank, and Lazarus is going with his dad Granite. Say I have an idea! While we're looking for the rest of the WAR fighters, we can also gather up the Dragonballs and wish your father back!

[B]Attila:[/B] Sounds like a plan to me!

[B]Tai:[/B] Hey guys sorry to interrupt but I made special radios for all of you guys. They can call or page someone way on the other side of the world. They're made so they fit right on your belt. Pretty handy huh?

[B]Tank:[/B] You're so smart babe.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] That's awesome mom!

[B]Attila:[/B] You remind me so much of Bulma... It's not even funny.

With that satellite guided radios were handed out to everyone.

[B]Tai:[/B] Alright babe you can continue.

[B]Tank:[/B] Alright you guys here's how it's gonna' be... Me, Goku-San, Tai and Attila will head due east, Lazarus and Granite head north, and Gotank, Jen and Jade head west.

[B]Jen:[/B] But who goes south?

[B]Tank:[/B] That's a good question.

[B]Lazarus:[/b] I will.

[B]Granite:[/B] No you won't.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] Yeah! C'mon!

[B]Granite:[/B] Fine you may go, but if you get into to trouble send me a signal on your radio.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] Don't worry I will.

[B]Gotank:[/B] You can page me. I know Instant Transmission, I'd be there in a flash.

[B]Granite:[/B] Ok. Page Gotank first if you get into big trouble but you page me after that ok?

[B]Lazarus:[/B] Yeah.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Dad. Can I go with Lazarus?

[B]Tank:[/B] No. Absolutely not. You're not yet powerful enough to take on anything coming your way.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Yeah but grandpa Gotank knows Instant Transmission and he's powerful enough to take on anything coming his way.

[B]Tank:[/B] Alright you win.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Yay!

[B]Jen:[/B] Hey dad can I go too?

[B]Gotank:[/B] Yeah sure.

[B]Jen:[/B] Cool! I get to go to you guys wait up!

Tank and Lazarus had already headed due South. Jen went super saiyan then burst into the sky after them. The other fighters soon went their seperate ways.

The search for the other fighters of WAR had begun.
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Let me introduce 2 people.

Name: Aikan - A Kahn(means beautiful)
Race: Kaojin
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black


Super Kaojin

Name: Kishin - Ki shin(means fierce)
Race: Kaojin
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


Super Kaojin
Ultra Kaojin

ok, here it goes...

Oblivion is hovering above a rock behind a waterfall when he senses and all to familiar feeling...WAR..his head shoots up and his eyes open wide...

[I]Oblivion thinks to himself: Great, he's back..I knew we would see him again..but I didn't think so soon..[/I]

Just then Kishin comes through the front of the waterfall

[B]Kishin:[/B] Father, it's--

[B]Oblivion:[/B] Yes son..I know, I once fought him..and i was absorbed...But your mother was a brave one..she got thw Dragonsballs and wished me back..I will never forget it.

[B]Kishin:[/B] Right, but you must come home, Aikan and Mother are getting impatient.

[B]Oblivion:[/B] Yes..we shall go.

They fly off eyeing the clouded sky..

They soon arrive to their home

[B]Aikan:[/B] Finally, it seems like it's been ages..I want a real fight!

[B]Kishin:[/B] What do you mean 'real' ? I give you real fights!

[B]Aikan:[/B] You wish!

[B]Kishin:[/B] At least I can go Ultra Kaojin! :p

[B]Ruby:[/B] Stop it you two..we will be under way soon enough...

[B]Oblivion:[/B] Right..now, you two are clear on the power of the stones, right?

[B]Aikan and Kishin:[/B] Right!

[B]Ruby:[/B] Let's go..

They fly off into the distance..What will happen next?
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Goku-San, Jen, and Lazarus burst through the sky heading due South. They flew in circles in the air and did loop the loops just for the fun of it. As they were passing over a forest Goku-San could feel a powerlevel, it was very weak, probably only a level 5 human. But something in him told him he should go investigate.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Hey you guys there's a small energy level in those woods.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] I feel it too Goku. So what it's probably just another human.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Well I'm gonna' go investigate it anyway. With the sky blackened over it's dark outside and whoever it is might have lost their way.

[B]Jen:[/B] I second that. I'm coming too.

Jen and Goku-San dipped down and flew down towards the dark forest they were passing over.

[B]Lazarus:[/B] I suppose I'll go too. No point in arguing with them, although I know it's probably just a human.

He followed after them and they all landed in the forest. It wasn't soon till the person showed up.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Who is it? I can't make them out since it's so dark outside.

[B]Jen:[/B] Let's just wait and see what they do. Let's power down, with our golden Super Saiyan hair we'd be really easy to spot.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] (Lazarus stays Ultra Super Saiyan all the time I just put it on his name to make it more noticeable.) Yes we will wait. And that is a good idea Jen.

Goku-San, Jen, and Lazarus powered down till their hair were like normal Saiyans. Lazarus's hair was like a perfect match of his great ancestor Brolli. And Goku-San's black hair looked exactly like Goku's. Jen's shoulder length hair flopped back down and turned black again. They all waited quietly suddenly in a flash of lightning they saw the figure. It was a boy, standing about 50 yards away from them. But then the boy dissapeared and appeared right in front of them about 10 yards away.

[B]Goku-San:[/B] Whoah. He moves like we do!

[B]Jen:[/B] Who are you?

[B]Lazarus:[/B] *Sarcastically* State your name and purpose or die fiend.

The young boy was dressed in white pants and was shirtless. His muscles on his chest and stomach bulged. He was definetly native american. He had dark chocolate eyes, and black spiky black hair that looked like Super Saiyan Trunks's right after he came out of the hyperbolic time chamber and was long and held up in the back like trunks did only his was spiked. Who stood silently then spoke with a rash tongue.

[B]Boy:[/B] White children huh? It is your type who wiped out my whole family. I'll make you pay for what your spawn did to my family.

With that he spread his legs apart in a fighting stance and held his arms out at 45 degree angles at his sides. To everyone's amazement he quickly and easily went......

Super Saiyan!!!!???

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Get ready you guys! (Powers up to Super Saiyan.)

Jen and Lazarus both powered up at about the same time.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] I'm not taking any chances! (Goes Super Saiyan Level 2.)

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Hold on you guys. We don't know how powerful this guy really is for all we know he may be even powerful than you Goku.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] How could that be?

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Just because he hasn't learned to transform into a Level 2 like you doesn't mean his powerlevel couldn't be alot higher than yours. My great ancestor Brolli was only an Ultra Super Saiyan but he was still extremely powerful, more powerful than most super saiyans, and maybe even as powerful as a Level 2.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] That's a good point Lazarus. Be on your toes guys.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Look we're Saiyans just like you, we don't want to fight you.

[B]Boy:[/B] I know you can't be pure saiyans you have to all be mixed. Mixed with the evil of the white man! And now you will pay!

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] I've had enough of your trap. I'll handle this you guys. (Stepped towards the young boy and walked right up to him and stared him in the eye.)

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] You have no idea what you're up against.

The boy just stared right back at Lazarus then in a calm cool tone he spoke.

[B]Super Saiyan:[/B] Neither do you.

With that he flew high into the air above the fighters.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] What's he doing?

[B]Lazarus:[/B] That's a really good question.

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] KAME!

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] He can't be doing the....

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Kamehameha wave!?

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] That's impossible! No one except for a few of the WAR fighters including your dad Tank, and my dad Gotank know that technique Goku!

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] HAME!

The 3 are all too shell-shocked to move. The young Saiyan Child obviously has figured since he's out numbered he'll wipe them all out with a single attack.

Who is this young child? And does he really know the Kamehameha wave!? Find out on the next episode of WAR.
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[B]Editors Note:[/B] I'm ignoring your last post Justin. First of all Atilla, Tank, and Tai headed due [B]East.[/B] Goku-San, Lazarus, and Jen headed due [B]South[/B] and there's no way he could be in 2 places at once. This is what Will2x was talking about when he was talking about people making posts that made no sense to the storyline. And you don't think 3 Super Saiyans can take care of themselves? Please try to stay with the storyline!

Anyway we now continue with your regulrly scheduled programming...

Way up in the sky the Saiyan child prepared the Kamehameha wave. A gigantic ball of bluish energy had appeared in his hands, he gritted his teeth as he pushed his energy into the attack.

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] HA!!!!!

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Time to boogie! (Flies upward and at an angle away from the blast.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] You got that right!

Goku-San just stood there.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Don't be a fool Goku! There's no way you can tell how powerful that blast is! It might plow right through your counterattack.

The blast is coming in fast. Goku-San just spread his legs into a firm fighting stance and lowered his eyebrows. And puts his hands with his wrists touching and points them at the blast. The blast is now only about 50 feet over head.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Kame.... Hame... HA!

The Kamehameha wave he releases smashes into the child's Kamehameha wave and begins pushing it back up.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Goku did it. He reversed that kid's Kamehame wave.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Yes we were wrong to think that a SSJ could defeat a SSJ Level 2.

The Kamehameha wave that Goku-San had released and the one the child had released just merged into one huge one that came right back at the Super Saiyan child moving rather slowly. Suddenly the Super Saiyan Child dissapeared.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Jen look out!

It was too late though he punched Jen in the stomach and tried to kick her but she blocked his foot. The two fought fiercely for a few seconds and finally Jen sent him flying backwards with a well placed kick.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Appears your more powerful than he is Jen. This should prove easier than I thought.

The child suddenly formed one hand into a palm heel shape, making his hand looked like a clawed foot.

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] Eagle Talon!

Three huge Ki blasts flew up at Jen. Lazarus got out of the way, but she didn't have time to move. There was a tremendous explosion.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Jen!

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Jen Nooooo!

After the smoke began to clear Lazarus and Goku-San were sure Jen was dead but then they heard a familiar voice.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Don't worry about me you guys.

Jen appeared floating in the air with her arms crossed in front of her. She had just blocked the childs blast, but she looked a little beaten up. Her clothes were slightly torn and she had a little black soot mark on her cheek and ones on her arms.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] I've had enough of this.

Dissapears and before the Super Saiyan child can do anything he is bent over by a tremendous impact to the stomach that makes him cough up a small amount of blood. Goku-San appears with his fist stuck in his stomach. Then he punches him in the face and sends him flying sky high. Then he dissapears and appears above the Super Saiyan Child. He kicks him and sends him flying all the way down to the ground which he smashes into with tremendous force. There is a huge dust cloud. After it clears the Super Saiyan child is laying in the bottom of the crater his body just created by hitting the ground. But amazingly he get's on one knee then stands back up.

[B]Super Saiyan child:[/B] Looks like I'll have to ascend to the next level if I want to beat them.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] He's an ascendent Super Saiyan too?

[B]Super Saiyan child:[/B] I know Gohan warned me about transforming and how it would waste alot of energy but it looks like I'll have to do it.

The kid stands firm then screams as he strains to put out more energy. His golden aura forms around him and his muscles start bulking up, growing little by little at first then popping out like crazy. His hair stands straight up in huge gold spikes. Electricity shoots around him like crazy. His eyes turn all white. The ground underneath his feet cracks and quakes.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] (Looks on in amazement) He really is ascending.

The aura around the Saiyan Child Get's huge and his muscles keep getting bigger and bigger and his pants begin to rip open down by his calf muslces. And finally in a grand finale his aura get's even bigger then dissapears he stands there, at Ultra Super Saiyan form, his muscles are gigantic. He has hardly any neck, just huge square muscles that go from his shoulders to his neck.

[B]USSJ Child:[/B] No what do you have to say?

Flies up towards Goku-San. Goku-San doesn't move.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Goku what are you doing? You do know he is coming at you.

Goku-San doesn't even move. He just let's the Ultra Super Saiyan Child unload into the side of his face with a well place fist. His head rocks sideways but he jerks it back quickly.

[B]USSJ Child:[/B] What do you have to say about that?

Goku-San just stares right back into his eyes.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] You still have absolutely no chance of winning.


He tries to punch SSJ2 Goku-San but before he can even punch Goku-San has already sent him flying backwards with a kick to the face.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Look how fast Goku-San is. I can hardly keep up. By the time that kid had drawn his fist back to punch Goku-San had already hit him!

The kid flew backwards away then powered up and stopped himself in midair. He rushed at Goku-San and unloaded with a flurry of punches, Goku-San dodged all of them grinning the whole time.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] He's just toying with him.

A few seconds later there was a loud explosion. The explosion was not from a blast but from the power of SSJ2 Goku-San's foot smashing into the Ultra Super Saiyan child's body. The child's body hit the ground almost the instant after he was hit. That's how fast he was thrown and how powerful Goku-San's kick was. There was a gigantic explosion as he hit the ground.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] No more fighting for that guy.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] That's for sure. Little Goku really lowered the boom on him.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Just to think. He's only a little over 5 and he's already this powerful. Maybe one day he'll be more powerful than everyone.

From their position Jen and Lazarus looked down upon the scene the child's body lay at the bottom of the crater. His hair had turned back to black, and his muscles were back to normal.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] His hairs back to black that means one of two things. He's unconcious or he's dead.

The child's chest gently swelled up and down.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Look he's still breathing!

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] You're right! But what are we gonna' do with him?

[B]Goku-San:[/B] I say we give him a sensu bean then let him come with us to help look for the other WAR fighters and the Dragonballs.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Yeah but he still might be a little fiesty.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Oh well, I can just beat him down again.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Yes you fail to realize Jen, Goku could've killed that little brat about a million times over he was just toying with him.

[B]SSJ2 Goku-San:[/B] Yeah that and I didn't feel like killing him. It'd be horrible to let all that power go to waste when we could get him on our side to help out.

With that Goku-San flew down and gently stuffed a sensu bean into the childs mouth. The Saiyan child ate it then moaned in pain and continued to rest. Goku-San picked him up and slung the Saiyan child over his shoulder. Then he powered back down to a Super Saiyan so he wouldn't waste any energy for he could stay a Super Saiyan all the time.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Alright you guys. Let's be on our way. Here Jen catch!

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Thanks Goku.

He tossed a sensu bean to Jen them him and Lazarus took off. She quickly ate it then with a slight power up took off with them.

The identity of this Saiyan Child is unknown, although just like Goku-San, Lazarus, and Jen he has great power for his age. Will he turn out to be a good guy after all, and what is his true identity? Find out on the next WAR.
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After a few hours the young Saiyan finally came to senses, while Goku-San was flying with him on his shoulder which was a strange experience. He suddenly began kicking and squirming.

[B]Saiyan Child:[/B] Lemme' go! Lemme' go I say!

He broke free of Goku-San's grip and flew up into the air and powered back up into a Super Saiyan and stood there facing Jen, Lazarus, and Goku-San.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Here we go again! :rolleyes:

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Give up you already got beat once.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] By the way, Goku why'd you just sit there while he attacked and blasted me the last time.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] I was just curious as to who was stronger, so I just decided to watch. I knew you wouldn't get hurt too bad, because I could sense you were stronger than him at Super Saiyan level, but as soon as he ascended he became more powerful than you, but less powerful than Lazarus.

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] I know why I couldn't catch you. My bulked up muscles weighed me down. I over ascended.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Well whaddya' know. Little suckers smart too!

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] But that one there's an Ultra Super Saiyan and he can still move as fast as a regular Super Saiyan.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Yeah but that's because he's learned to stay Ultra Super Saiyan all the time, and after a while he got used to the extra weight and increased his speed so that his strength and power matched.

[B]SSJ Child:[/B] I haven't... That's why I couldn't catch you when I went Ultra Super Saiyan!

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Actually you couldn't catch me because I was alot stronger than you because I was a Super Saiyan Level 2. Look I don't wanna' fight you. In case you haven't noticed the skies lately, there's a great evil stirring. We've come to gather up the best fighters from the South Quadrant of earth to help us in the great fight that's coming.

[B]SSJ Child:[/B] (Relaxes) So you are good guys then. I too have been noticing a great evil. I too was looking for some other fighters to aid me when I came across some strange orange stones denoted with stars. There were 7 of them. But I don't know what they are. I just picked em' up and puttem' in my pocket.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Lemme' see them! Please this is important.

He pulled them out of his pocket.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Yes! You have all 7 Earth Dragonballs! Now we can wish Kamakazi back! Won't Tank and Gotank be proud of us! He you guys whaddya' say we head back? I mean we've pretty much scoured the country side and plus we have the dragonballs.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Yeah.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Hey what's your name?

[B]Super Saiyan Child:[/B] Fallon. I'm part Native American, part Saiyan. When I was very young my village was destroyed by white man and everyone was killed except me.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] No wonder you hate white people so much.

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] Yeah... I went Super Saiyan for the first time because of all the rage I felt at seeing my family members dead. Then I wandered through the woods finally my master Gohan took me in and trained me for a year then I left, and now this evil has come.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] Whoah. Wait a second. Gohan. The Gohan?

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] Yeah... You know him?

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] No... But I've heard my dad talk about him sometimes.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Well glad to meet you Fallon. Weclome to the WAR fighters group. You're our newest member.

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] I don't know what that means but I'll join anway.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] I hate to be rude but we should be going.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Hold on. One question. When you first walked up to us, it already looked like you had been in another fight. Your pants were partly torn and you looked a little tired.

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] That's cuz' I did.

[B]SSJ Goku-San:[/B] With who?

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] Have you seen those one caped figures? I think they're demons myself straight from hell.

[B]SSJ-Goku San:[/B] Yeah. One showed up at my house and said the earth was ending in 6 days.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] Well I'm judging from the fact your still alive you won? Those guys should be easy to take out.

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] Actually I got my butt kicked. Those guys are like mega poweful. The demon almost killed me but with my last ounce of strength I did a Solar Flare and escaped while it was blinded. Then I ate the last sensu bean I had from the ones Gohan gave me.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] How many fights have you been in with these... Demons?

[B]SSJ Fallon:[/B] Alot. They seem to like hunting me down for sport in the woods.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Well let's go you guys before we get hunted down.

[B]USSJ Lazarus:[/B] I second that.

With that Fallon, Lazarus, Jen, and Goku-San headed back towards Gotank's house, the scheduled meeting place.

A new fighter has joined the ranks! What will happen next? Find out next time in WAR.

[B]SSJ Jen:[/B] Well I suggest we go before
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The Strange Sky Glows on will2x.

Will2x: Look Zack, i dont know what your doing but its not good.

Zack: :devil: ....

Will2x: (id best use a lite shiva wind on the critter) SHIVA(A A A A)
WIND (ND ND ND ND) *a hellish wind blows onto zack but zack holds it ground*

Zack: Well thanks, i was feeling kinda HOT! *throws ki ball and jumps into the air*

Will2x: *turns away* Now whered he go? *gets hit from above* ouch..*gets up*

Will2x: Kaaaaa

Zack interupts with a kick to the belly

Will2x: ooo!

Zack: You will pay. *super kicks will in the chin and sends him flying*

Will2x(in air): [in head]
Will2x: now would be a good time to charge me at full power.
Sezmo: cant you do it yourself?
Will2x: Yeah but i dont think hes gonna let me. this kids really trying to kill me.
Sezmo: Now thats scary. ok ill do it

in a flash will2xs power increases


Zack:.... *puts hand out saying bring it*

will2x throws 1 thousand ki balls. zack counters and has will2x running. will2x does instant transmission. will2x apears behind zack and punches him. will2x quickly says "kamehamehashower!". with a weak version of the kamehameshower will2x powers for an ultra flair. zack, not knowing what will is doing flips and cartwheels out of the way of the kamehameha's. will2x unleashes his energy and says "ULTRAAAA FLAIR!".

Will2x: he'll be blind for about 5-10 minutes. *instant transmission*

Zack: *rubs eyes* coward!

~Gochan University~

Will2x arrives at Gochan University to confront him about the recent attack when he sees terrance being strangled by Def.

Def: Hello Brother... Having a nice day?

Will2x: *gasp* *lite power up* ahhhh

Def: Notty notty *shields himself* its a shame isnt it? even with your godly power you still cannot defeat me. Master Evil awaits me. Oh and a senzu bean outta pump the kid back up. *tosses a senzu bean to will2x*

Will2x: :mad: terrance are you alright? *stuffs senzu bean in his mouth*

Terrance: *gargles it down* ooh man.

Will2x: your ok! what did he want with you?

Terrance: well i was staring at the sky and i thought i was hallujiating(sp) cause it look like the sky was falling when i saw def. Def said "easy come, easy go, the earth will be gone, with just one blow" what did he mean?

Will2x: I think i do. did you see a castle/mantion looking think while the sky was falling.

Terrance: Yeah! I was like wtf?

Will2x: Hurry, we gotta get you back home.

Terrance: No i cant, i still have a class in session.

Will2x: Dont talk back just OOOHHH!!

Terrance: Father are you ok? Whats wrong?

Will2x: I feel my evil side fighting to get out again. *goes super android* ouch! *goes back to normal*

Terrance: strange... maby we should go home. i can make up a antievil pill or something.

Will2x: ok..
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SSJ5 Vegeta [/i]
[B]Editors Note: I'm ignoring your last post Justin. First of all Atilla, Tank, and Tai headed due East. Goku-San, Lazarus, and Jen headed due South and there's no way he could be in 2 places at once. This is what Will2x was talking about when he was talking about people making posts that made no sense to the storyline. And you don't think 3 Super Saiyans can take care of themselves? Please try to stay with the storyline!

oops..my fault..for some reason I thought that I went with them..consider that post deleted...

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Corellon: Hmmmm (mutters under his breath)Chrasmatic Aura

Human: Huh? *looks up in the sky*

Corellon: *a small whitish beam out-lines Corellons hand* Holy Beam!

Human:ACK! *A hole appears thru his chest*

Corellon: heh heh, I doubt god will be very pleased with this.

Human: W...h......y..........

Corellon: *floats down out of the air* Heal!

Human: *looks down as the hole in his chest forms back into his chest*

Corellon: good, i'm ready... i haven't even tried yet i feel i have greater powers than ever...*flies back to where god is*

God: Ahhhh Corellon you've returned, i presume you would like to go to Earth now?

Corellon: Yes, oh Mighty One

God: Om gow an a sha ta!

Corellon: huh? *looks around* this place looks familer... Gotanks house i think?

*walks over to the house and opens the door*

Corellon: ... Gone i i'm guessin'?

*flies out of house*

Corellon: I feel a power comin' from the south...no a few powers!
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Attila: You think we should head for that power level..it feels like something nasty...

Tank: It feels like...Will2x!

Attila: I wouldn't know..I never met the guy. I think we should split up, I'll go after Will and you guys set up camp here..WHOA what was that?!!

Tank: That was Zack!!

Attila: The Zack..you mean WAR's nephew?

Tank: Yeah, but he isn't normal...****! Will just went God Mode!!

Attila: I think I'll go see what is going on over there..

Tank: Not by yourself!

Attila: Lets all go then...

Alright SSJ5 Vegeta...its your call...

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*as will2x and terrance wer headed home*

then in the pitch black sky a becon of light shines through........

terrance: what the hell!?!?!

will2x: it couldnt be!?!?! *takes off toward the light*

terrance: hey wait!!

will2x: (after so many years why now, if hes back that means.... oh **** this is bad) try to keep up terrance!!!

terrance:where r we going?

will2x:you'll know when we get there....

later at a very familiar place....

will2x: we're here.........

terrance: but this is....

will2x: yup.......the grave of guardian.............and look his grave is open !

terrance: does that mean??

will2x: he's alive..........* a sollum android tear streams down will2x's face* HE"S BACK!!!!!!!!

terrance:........... so where is he?

will2x: hell if i know............

"just then from the shadows 10 caped figures emerged"

will2x: figures

terrance: ya they just want to keep us in the dark and consume all the power of the light........

will2x: well lets fight.........

"then out of no where KA-ME HA-ME SHOWER!!!!! ki blasts fall from the sky like rain....and knock down 3.....then 2 more are pulled under ground by someone ........"

terrance: what the.....

"then someone rose out of the ground........."

?: come on there only knocked out..........

will2x: ok..........

"the 3 flew off in to the herison"

will2x: who r you??

?: what u dont reconise me??

will2x: no....should i?

?: ya i think u should reconise your friend...dont u?

will2x: GUARDIAN?!?!?!

guardian:ya do i look different??

terrance: what happened to all ur fur and white hair??

guardian: ohh that ....well its a long story

will2x: how do u keep all ur power when ur just in regular human form??

guardian: all in due time.......follow me its time i showed u something.........

"guardian leads will2x and terrance to a millitary base....."

will2x: what is this?????????

guardian: well ..........

"just then a soldier ran to them...."

soldier: sir we've got the info. on those caped figures......

guardian: ok we'll be there in a bit, back to ur post soldier

soldier: sir yes sir!

will2x: ..............wha........?

terrance: ..........

"what is this guardian the head of an army??? what secrits does he have??"
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hey these r just some new bad guys im introducing k (by the way they cant die so dont try to kill em off it wont work)

anouncer: thats right people orange star city is being blown to **** ..........oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

torant: hahaha i like this approach cell was wrong why suck them up when u can blow them to hell!!!hahah

hurcule: alright u satanic blue creep!!! time to pay!!!

torant: **** you *kills hurcule w/ a silver ki blast*

sell: hmm yes much more efective than my son who i sent so long ago in my place......

freeza: your son was an idiot...!

sell: shut up.. u would be dead and week if it werent for gannon

torant: **** gannon!!

freeza: what ur crazy

torant: im through with him and all of you!! *takes off*

sell: what the hell

freeza: hahaha gannons gonna send assasin and un breakable after him now hahaha

sell: come on lets get out of here.............
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