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For all my College friends...

Queen Asuka

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[color=hotpink][size=1]Well, I just sort of wanted to discuss the differences between High School and college. I feel so dorky because I'm starting this thread, but I think it will start some decent discussion.

SO, my question is, which did you like better and why?

So far for me, I'm enjoying the college experience, even though I've only been here for a week. I'm not living in a dorm, which sort of sucks, but my roommates in my apartment are totally nice.

One thing I like aLOT is not having to worry about a dresscode. I love being able to wear flipflops and mini-skirts everywhere. It makes me feel special. ^_^; I just hate how I fix my hair everyday and then the humidity kills it within five minutes.

I've also met a few new people and I've also seen how my friends have either steered clear or jumped straight into partying. So what's your views?[/color][/size]
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I imagine that I'll like college life more. More freedom, it seems like. I really want to be out of my house.

I find it funny that when I was a freshman I looked at the juniors and said to myself "Man, I wish I were there."

Now, being a junior, the upcoming two years look just as long as the original 4 years I was facing as a freshman did.

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College, definitely.

I'm in my Sophomore year now and I am enjoying it, even though that I don't live in the dorms. It's still fun hanging around and being in a more unrestricted environment doing whatever I want. I find that it's a lot easier to talk and make friends with random people (even for a shy person). Edit: Added plus is that it's on a big hill overlooking the bay, which means it's quiet and peaceful when I want to have some alone time.

Heh, I like waking up, going to class in what I slept in (typically loose tee and nylon sweats), and actually look normal. I also like not having to go to a class with a professor that can't teach because I find it easier to use that time to learn on my own.[/COLOR]
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Well, considering I'm going to "High School: The Sequel" (aka Community/Junior College) and I'm still living at home, my life hasn't changed that much. The only difference is that now I have a car (because there are no school busses, duh) and I have a lot more freetime because of the ability to arrange my own class schedule. Not that I use my freetime for anything, anyway.

Anyway, I like college better. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom mid-class, I don't have to raise my hand and ask for my teacher to give me their stapler with their name written on it in silver-colored pen. I can leave the campus for lunch. I can wear hats. Half of my teachers want to be addressed by first name. My only real gripe about college is that I have to pay for it.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Manic [/i]
[B] My only real gripe about college is that I have to pay for it. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]Gosh, tell me about it. My Chemistry book alone cost $190. Thank GOODNESS for Hope and Financial Aid.[/color][/size]
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Which did I like better? I don't know.

I'm a Junior, technically. I have no clue (other than those who posted) how far anyone else is in. It's been pretty much the same the entire time.

My first year, I went away for college. It was still in Illinois, but about 7 hours south. Really close to St. Louis... in Carbondale. SIUC was the name.

I hated it there. It was a party school, and I'm not one of those people who gets wasted. That's about all anyone did. All the decent friends I made there were in the next town over, Marion. I had a couple friends in Carbondale, but most people there just were obnoxious and fake. I've never seen so many posers in my life, and I hate that word. I rarely use it. It's about all that can be applied.

I had my own room at the dorm though, so that rocked. I got it because I knew I'd get some kid who hated my music. I hated the school otherwise. I'd think of excuses as to why to not go to class. "It's raining." I wouldn't go, etc.

I wound up leaving and have been at this school in downtown Chicago. It has its ups and downs... but downtown is just so great. I would be down there all day long if I could. So now, I do like college.

I don't think anything will ever top my Junior year in High School though... It was one of the best years of my life. I have more freedoms now... More real responsibility. College itself isn't really much different in terms of the actual schooling though.

I guess I'd pick college overall.
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[color=deeppink]I totally feel the pain about college expenses! I just paid tuition for this session (each session being 8 weeks, and there are 6 sessions in a 12-month year) and it was $3,475...! I almost died.

And then, instead of books, there's photography equipment. It used to be film and processing, flash and TTL Cord, now it's digital camera and memory cards! It is all so expensive...this is not a cheap career choice :cross:

Anyway, enough about that. I LOVE college!

I love my apartment and how I'm so close to the beach. I love where I live and that I'm a block from Vons (the grocery store here). I love having only one class a day on Monday - Thursday for 3 hours each. I love taking pictures and I even love the stress it creates because it makes me try so HARD.

I love being able to hang out with so many differnt people from all over the country, and I love living in California where you drive 30 miles east, south, or north of here and it's a totally different topographical area. I LOVE DISNEYLAND! And I love the mountains, they're so beautiful.

In some ways I wish that I had gone to a major university for at least two years because I'm going to miss out on the whole dorm/cafeteria/walking across campus thing. Some of you may think I'm lucky to have started out living in a nice apartment, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility! One year into college and I'm already paying every sort of utility bill imaginable V_V.

Anyway, Queen Asuka! It's fun to read your myOtaku thing and see how college is coming along for you. I remember my first week, and it was so new and exciting.

Oh hell, it still IS new and exciting![/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Well, I can tell you right now, I've taken college courses, and if they're any indication, I might as well graduate from Highschool now and get going. I already have enough credits to graduate...I just don't...fufill a few extra...college...requierments.

I had a shît time in school last year, might get better this year, because I'm a big fat senior and all that happy preppy crap. But seriously, I'll be glad to get out and stuff. Thanks to a $2000 dollar scholarship and financial aide, I might make it.[/COLOR]
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College is more enjoyable because of these main reasons:
1) You aren't in high school
2) Real easy girls
3) Away from the house
4) Having a midterm then a Final
5) no stupid projects that make it so I have to pick up the slack for worthless partners.

[quote]In some ways I wish that I had gone to a major university for at least two years because I'm going to miss out on the whole dorm/cafeteria/walking across campus thing. Some of you may think I'm lucky to have started out living in a nice apartment, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility! One year into college and I'm already paying every sort of utility bill imaginable V_V.
Dorms will pretty much always suck. Unless your with cool people, but you have to risk it.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BabyGirl [/i]
[B][color=deeppink]I LOVE DISNEYLAND![/color] [/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]w00t w00t!

I just finished my first week of college, so I don't really know how the workload is going to be. It seems like everything is going to be much more laidback, which is good. The people in my classes seem nice, but I don't think anyone is very mature. Hopefully there aren't as many social politics in college, heh.

Like Manic, I'm also going to High School: The Sequel. It's a lot cheaper than a regular college or university (although the books cost a lot,) and I don't want to use any of my scholarships until I choose my major, which might not be for a while. I'm also living at home, even though I [i]desperately[/i] want to move out.

My choice: Currently undecided.

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[color=#707875]I'm enjoying college (I've been in industry for two years and now I'm starting tertiary study "late").

I'm not studying at a University though, I'm studying at a private college. It's very expensive (no HECS) and just about killing me financially. But it's very worthwhile. I now have strong and broad access to various elements of the design industry through my school, as it is very well placed within the industry itself. My class is small (about 12 people) and I have really immediate and easy access to each tutor. And we're now getting various designers involved with my class. I mean, only yesterday we had the EIC of Design Graphics magazine give a talk in our class. It was great, because we have such a small group that we can chat about anything. It's not like some huge lecture hall where it's very impersonal.

So I enjoy that aspect. I still live in the same place and I do have to travel pretty far to get to school, which I really hate. But other than that, I like it.

I also have access to the RMIT Library in the city, which is fantastic. It really opens up a huge world, full of people who are interested in the same area of industry. And, the work is very challenging...which I like. My work this semester is infinitely better than what I was doing last semester. So I'm happy about that; it's given me the opportunity to expand my skills very rapidly.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shy [/i]
[B][size=1]w00t w00t![/size] [/B][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]I did not ever think I would ever see you post that. Ever.

I'm a senior in high school this year (that's so weird to say...) and I suppose I'm looking forward to college. In a backwards sort of way, at least.

Most of my friends graduated last spring, and I feel sort of left behind. Several have already disappeared to their respective new homes. Everyone else will be gone by the end of next week.

It's strange. As a little kid, I always thought about what it would be like for me to leave home. I never really thought about anyone else leaving. [/SIZE]
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Hm, both college and high school had their points for me. Of course, at the moment I'm rather jaded about college, since I stayed at school this summer taking classes so I can double major. So I'm dreading going back and high school has that pretty pink shade that reminiscing gives it. Just so you know my own biased opinion.

Anyway, I went to a tiny high school (40 kids in my grade), and we'd practically all known each other since we were about four years old. Which sounds annoying, and at times it was, but by junior and senior years it was pretty fun. We had some good times and classes were ridiculously easy.

Now I'm in a normal-sized university (going into junior year). I definitely love the freedom that comes with college, and also living with my two best friends for the past few years (I've had singles, but they're nearby). But I really don't enjoy classes as much as they say/I feel I should, and it sometimes seems like a waste because I should be studying stuff I enjoy. It makes me feel kind of crappy because I haven't found anything I enjoy studying. Oh, and my college's classes happen to be a hundred or perhaps a thousand times harder than my high school's classes, which doesn't help.

So yeah ... it's a tossup. Two very different experiences.
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Uh... I'll be attending college next year, but it's not as a residential thing. It's an intensive acting course and I'll be living at home.

I'm confused about the difference between college and university, where I would be going had I wanted to. There I'd definately be moving into a student flat and paying fees. As it is, I won't be this year. Although in that respect I don't think I'm missing much :p

I've no idea what it's going to be like. For the last two years I've been in a Sixth Form, which you can attend after doing your GCSEs at 16. But you can also go to college then, too, if you want to, although not to do a degree course o_O;

But anyway, I expect that this will be more interesting and fun, if a little harder to get to grips with. I only know two other people who are going, and I'm nervous about becoming an outcast, heh. I can't think of any real reason why I would, but I'm not into a lot of the things you'd normally do in college/university (i.e. drinking, sleeping around and partying). But this isn't an academic course... I'll be able to say more once I've started, heh. I still have holidays until September 8th, haha.
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Wow, I might have an original experience to share...I have actually FINISHED COLLEGE!!! And It was very nice. I am in graduate school though and that is really nothing like real college at all as a chemist. College is leagues better than high school, but it is also what you make of it. You just have to throw yourself into it, live in the dorms, and don't go home on weekends. All of my old friends who stayed at home and commuted to college hated it. Its just not the real experience. High school is silly, and you have to live with your parents and take all the same classes that everyone takes. I hated it in that respect. College is the only time in your life where you can be independent and yet not in the real world. Loans and aid pay your way through it, and all you should worry about is friends and decent grades. I had so many crazy adventures and I hated parties and I don't drink. College is the best time of our lives. Having a 40hr/wk job is ultimate misery compared to it.
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[color=indigo] Both were very different experiences.

I had some great teachers in High School, and I enjoyed having very few responsibilities. My only real responsibility was homework, my summer job, and after school sports. I hated the social scene that plagued my High School. Like most High Schools, mine was very ?clique-ish?, and I had friends within every social group. I am a pretty independent person, and it always seemed to me that I had friends that tried to tell me who to and not to hang out with?

College was entirely different. My school wasn?t huge (about 9000 students) but there was a big enough crowd that you didn?t have to see the same people day in and day out. My first two years were great, I loved the whole party scene and I really enjoyed my classes. After I got my DUI everything changed. My parents stripped me of all my financial backing so I had to work full time just to put myself through school (my parents made to much money for me to qualify for financial aide, but they refused to sign papers to help me get a loan). My last few years of school sucked, I was always tired and I was always working?

I did really like college though, I plan on going back and getting my master?s degree during the spring semester?it?ll give me something to do during my spare time.[/color]
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