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[size=1][b][ NOTE ][/b][/size]

This RPG is based on the [b]Maverick Hunter[/b] series of RPGs, which was originally created by Warlock and Final Flash. Due to the fact that this is the third in the series, it is my hope that any of you who are new to the series will take a glance at the two previous RPGs before joining. I know that this requires extra effort, but it is pretty important. The Maverick Hunter series has a great story, with characters that have really taken on strong personalities. I want to maintain that here.

Moreover, Final Flash isn't on OtakuBoards as much anymore. He recently retired from OtakuBoards (and I have yet to decide on his successor). He was integral to the series, particularly the second story. I know he probably won't be here to participate in this third story, but I'm going to try and contact him about it anyway. I miss seeing him around as much and I would hate for him to miss out on this story.

Anyone who was a part of the previous two stories is, of course, welcome to join in. However, you may not use your original character. The Third Succession takes place approximately 260 years after the end of Maverick Hunters: Personification.

If you're new, once again, I recommend taking a look at the older RPGs. And knowing a [i]little[/i] about Mega Man would be very useful here (as this story is very loosely based on Mega Man). Knowledge of that game is not terribly important though, as our series is mostly pretty different; it just retains a few names and character design styles.

Also, if you have no intention of sticking around for a while in this RPG, please do not sign up. My own time is as limited as yours, but I'm going to try my best. This RPG series has a lot of history on OtakuBoards and I'd hate to see it die without having at least a few hundred posts under its belt. And more specifically, I want us to be able to establish our new characters in this overall series.

Finally, I want to mention that this series is very fleshed out. There are many, many historical details here. Myself, Warlock, Flash and Medra created a very expansive historical timeline for Maverick Hunters. I don't have that with me now (due to my computer being formatted), but I'll get it soon and put it up here for you. It will give you a [i]very[/i] good idea of how this story is fleshed out. For the moment though, I'm going to use this thread to fill you in on The Third Succession. From there, you'll have a stronger idea about how to proceed. For those who know the series, please excuse me if my dates on here are a bit messed up. I'll fix them when I have a copy of the timeline.

If, for any reason, this RPG crumbles...I'm going to close this thread and leave it here. If Flash and Warlock are ever on regularly in the future, I fully intend to resurrect it with their support, regardless of its age.

[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9810&highlight=Maverick+Hunters"]Maverick Hunters: Replimasters[/url]

[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16550&highlight=Maverick+Hunters"]Maverick Hunters: Personification[/url]

[color=#707875][size=1][b][ A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF OUR HISTORY ][/B]
2000 - 2250 A.D.[/size]

The 21st century unfolded on turbulent times in mankind's history. Terrorism and war were paramount in the minds of many. And yet, at the same time, great advances in technology were becoming apparent. These advances, as time would demonstrate, were both positive and negative in nature.

Indeed, the key to the story of man's history during the 21st century can be found within the creations of one man: [b]Dr. William Light[/b]. Dr. Light was a scientist who bucked the trend of many in his field during the early 21st century. While many were focusing their work on the development of weaponry and security systems, Light's work was focused on one passionate goal; to create. That is, to create rather than destroy. It so happened that Dr. Light's work led him invariably to the development of highly advanced artificial intelligence, or A.I. This intelligence, combined with Light's work on advanced robotic systems, led to the creation of the [b]Reploid[/b].

The Reploid's life during the first half of the 21st century had an undeniably positive impact on the human race. Despite the fact that several models had become uncontrollable and dangerous (and subsequently destroyed), the vast majority of Dr. Light's reploids provided important services in human society. Reploids were used as field surgeons during war, relief workers in war-torn countries and even mine clearers. And, eventually, reploids took their place in mankind's everyday life. While they were too intelligent to be used as home servants or anything of the sort, they were often employed for physical labor purposes. As it turned out, most Reploids who posessed free will ended up joining military service or civil police forces.

Despite the few bumps along the road, the 21st century heralded a new world order for mankind. It was an order where man and machine lived happily side-by-side. And, toward the middle of the century, world peace seemed to be an achievable goal. But, as with many things, the good times and prosperity were not to last.

Sometime during the 21st century, a [b]terrible disaster[/b] occurred. To this day, we do not know the exact nature of the disaster. Nor are we aware of the exact year that the disaster struck. However, we do know that it destroyed much of the earth's population. Approximately 4.8 billion people were killed as a result.

Out of the ashes emerged a new sense of hope. Although mankind's worst tragedy had occurred, the human spirit endured.

The nation states that were spared (or what was left of them) came together to reform the United Nations. However, the UN's purpose was now far more real -- it effectively became a new [b]World Government[/b], with responsibility for all of the territories on Earth. And, in keeping with the concept of a SGN (Single Global Nation) policy, a [b]World Capital City[/b] was established. It was named [b]Novus Concordia[/b]. The city was constructed on what was left of the Commonwealth of Australia, which had suffered the brunt of the worldwide disaster. Novus Concordia was man's finest achievement. It sprawled over the entire continent and at its peak, was home to approximately 1 billion people (or, almost half of the world's population at the time).

And, as the decades passed, mankind was somehow able to grow anew. Novus Concordia's economy boomed and the remaining nations of the world shared in global prosperity. Poverty and famine were virtually nonexistant during this period. And, once more, the Reploid began to enjoy an increasingly prominent position in society.

But even so, mankind was unable to avoid tragedy. A computer virus known as the [b]Maverick Virus[/b] began to infect reploids across the planet. Reploids infected by the virus became known, simply, as [b]Mavericks[/b]. Mankind's conventional military forces were unequipped to handle such powerful beings. Reploids are, by nature, far more physically powerful than human beings.

The Maverick Virus' spread lead to what is known as the [b]Maverick War[/b]. The Maverick War was fought on a global basis, with millions of human troops. The war lasted for several years and during the latter half of the war, mankind began to rely even more heavily on Reploids for assistance. Reploids were recuited into regular army units and were used as a way of evening the playing field between Maverick and human.

Finally, the war ended. But man did not forget the negative effects of the Mavericks and was afraid that they may someday return. And so, the United Nations established its own defence force, known as the [b]Maverick Hunters[/b]. This new force was housed within a massive complex, known as [b]Maverick Hunter Headquarters[/b]. MHHQ was located within Novus Concordia, but was marked as its own territory. It was the size of a large city and was surrounded by expansive titanium barriers. MHHQ developed a powerful Reploid Army, as well as an [b]Elite Squad[/b], who were responsible for fighting Maverick outbreaks around the world.

The years following the MHHQ's establishment were turbulent to say the least. The Mavericks rose again, though in more limited numbers. An attempt was made to infiltrate the leadership of MHHQ and last but not least, a terrorist organization known as [b]Red Alert[/b] launched a war against the organization. You will find more information about the war in the next historical file.

2250 - 2510 A.D.[/size]

The second major war involving the Maverick Hunters is known as the [b]Protogen War[/b]. The Protogen War lasted for approximately 15 years.

To understand the Protogen War, one must first understand the organization that perpetuated it. And, perhaps more importantly, the leader of that organization must be explored.

The Protogen War involved the Maverick Hunters and a terrorist organization known as Red Alert. The terrorist organization was headed by [b]Dr. Lucia Karman[/b]. Dr. Karman had worked as an associate to Dr. Light in the early 21st century. And initially, the arrangement had worked well. However, unlike Light, Karman was interested in the concept of moulding both human and robotic parts together to create living organisms. These organisms are known as [b]Cyborgs[/b].

The Cyborg, a creation of Dr. Karman, was roundly rejected by the scientific establishment. It was considered to be inferior to the Reploid, but on a broader level, Dr. Karman's use of human organs was considered crude and unethical. Dr. Karman engaged in illegal actions in order to obtain many of the organs used in her experiments. When Dr. Light made this discovery, he disassociated himself with Dr. Karman and her research.

In the years that followed, Dr. Karman continued to pursue the development of Cyborg technology. And even more disturbing, she began to develop military-grade units that were capable of operating firearms and heavy military machinery. Her research culminated with the development of [b]PS-100[/b], a Cyborg created to look like a small boy. Karman became obsessive over her creations and labelled PS-100 as her very own son.

At this point, Dr. Karman's life took a dramatic turn for the worst. An airstrike that had been ordered on a sector of Novus Concordia (on the very block that Karman's laboritory was located), completely destroyed most of her research. The strike also destroyed PS-100. It is important to note that the airstrike was ordered by [b]Warlock[/b], a former member of the Elite Squad within the Maverick Hunters. As a result of the airstrike, the Maverick Hunters dismissed Warlock. The specific circumstances surrounding the strike are sketchy as of this time.

Nevertheless, Dr. Karman barely escaped the attack. She was horribly injured and fled to North America.

In an effort to repair herself, Dr. Karman employed her own Cyborg technologies. She charged a group of her very own Cyborgs with the task of operating on her damaged body -- they transplanted synthetic body parts for her own damaged ones. It could be said that Dr. Karman's very soul was destroyed as a result of this operation. Her appearance was much younger (she was around 50 when the operation occurred) and she was at least 50% machine.

The next few years are, as with the rest of our history, somewhat blurry. Just after her operation, the terrible disaster occurred. Dr. Karman managed to survive, by housing herself in a bunker deep underground.

Despite the personal losses that she had suffered as a result of the disaster, Dr. Karman primarily had the Maverick Hunters in her crosshairs. She held them responsible for the airstrike that killed her "son". And so, she commenced a compaign to destroy the organization.

It began with the establishment of Red Alert, a terrorist organization with five primary locations around the world. Dr. Karman used the organization to research and develop new Cyborg beings. Some of them were sold commercially, through a front organization known as Black Thorn Inc., a company created ostensibly as a defence contractor.

The sales of Cyborg units boomed, all while the subversive Red Alert festered in the shadows.

Finally, Dr. Karman developed a very unique unit. Not a Cyborg, but a Reploid. It was named P-180, or, [b]Proteus[/b].


Proteus was sold to the Maverick Hunters by Black Thorn. He was considered important, because he was the first Reploid of his kind. Proteus featured a unique technology called ACM, or, Active Cellular Modulation. In other words, Proteus was able to reform the titanium in his limbs, which enabled him to form a wide variety of weaponry (as opposed to the regular buster weapon that most Reploids were equipped with). Dr. Karman expected Proteus to be activated as soon as he was shipped to the HQ. But that wasn't the case. The Maverick Hunters placed Proteus in storage for several months before activating him. He was activated by [b]Flash[/b], a member of the Elite Squad.

Dr. Karman had hoped to remotely control Proteus and use his ACM capabilities to destroy the Maverick Hunters. But her attempts were unsuccessful. To this day, nobody is entirely sure as to why Dr. Karman was unable to manipulate Proteus.

This failure resulted in further desperate measures. Dr. Karman began constructing Reploids known as [b]Protogen[/b]. The Protogen were similar to Proteus in physical appearance, but they were manufactured on a large assembly line. And they were, for all intents and purposes, a mere shell with which high explosives could be housed. The Protogen were mindless, brainless machines. They were, in effect, suicide bombers. Dr. Karman used them to launch a series of attacks on MHHQ over several years.

This is what led to the Protogen War.

The Protogen War ended when Dr. Karman herself was killed in battle. She was confronted by Proteus and it was he who destroyed her. At the time of her death, Dr. Karman was approximately 285 years old. Those who saw her true form (her form without an elaborate body-cloak) were mostly committed to mental care institutions. Karman was said to have become a horrific mutation beneath her unassuming disguise.

With the Maverick Hunter Headquarters almost completely destroyed and with much of the Elite Squad killed in battle, the future of the Reploid was uncertain.

The world changed greatly over the next two centuries. Reploids were no longer relegated to military service. And, by virtue of their increasing technological sophistication (and increasing similarity to human beings), Reploids began to take their place alongside man as equals. And, ironically, Cyborg technologies became far more safe and commonplace. The average life expectancy for human beings rose from 80 to 120 as a result of cybernetic implants. The oldest living human was recorded to have died in 2478, at the age of 146.

Proteus was beginning to reach the end of his natural lifespan. Reploids were able to live longer than humans, but they were not invulnerable to the ravages of time. After the Protogen war, Proteus travelled around the world. Eventually, he decided to take up University study. And after only two years of education, Proteus received his degree in Advanced Robotics. Proteus also studied medicine for several years, eventually becoming a doctor in the Novus Concordia Institute of Neurosurgery.

Proteus died in his home, in the Nebula Heights district of Novus Concordia, on November 10, 2499. He was almost 400 years old.

[size=1][b][ THE PRESENT DAY ][/B][/SIZE]

Today, the world is at peace. Reploids are now very much like human beings. Their skin is organic, as is their hair. Although they are still fundamentally a machine underneath. Reploids continue to be born with human emotions, as they always were. And today, with advances in micro-robotics, Reploids are able to reproduce. Reploids are divided into male and female sexes and reproduce sexually. A female reploid would be able to give birth to an adult Reploid if she were appropriately sized, but because of body size limitations, female Reploids give birth to infant offspring.

And so, Reploids exist as humans do. Though there are noteable exceptions, particularly with regard to physical strength, lifespan and various other abilities (such as various in-built site displays, satellite-based navigation and self defense systems).

Despite the peace that exists in the world today, recent threats have arisen. Two years ago, a powerful new computer virus appeared on the scene. The virus is received only by Reploids. It attacks the Reploid's NeuroSyntronic brain whilst he or she sleeps. Currently, we do not know how the virus attaches itself to the host. Nor do we know where the virus originated. However, upon analyzing deceased Reploids who carried the virus, we find a single email file that includes the following:[/color]

[center][color=red]"Welcome to our new world. Paint the streets with their blood and you will live in eternal peace as one of us."[/color][/center]

[color=#707875]The virus is known as [b]Sygnosis 40[/b].

Sygnosis 40 has various effects on an adult Reploid. Most Reploids who are infected simply become violent, though they do not attack other Reploids. Instead, they attack human beings exclusively.

In response to the virus, a special task force has been set up by the Novus Concordia Defense Department. It is known simply as Sygnosis X. "X" denotes the rank of the Reploids involved in the force, as it is considered an elite rank within the human army.

Unlike Maverick Hunters, Sygnosis X is a relatively small group. It consists of around 20 individuals, who are responsible for investigation as much as physical combat. Most importantly, Sygnosis X is responsible for discovering the truth about the Sygnosis 40 virus and its origins. It is believed that a new force is at work behind the scenes -- one with familiar links.

[/color][size=1][b][ SIGN UP ][/b][/size]

Remember, your character will be a Reploid if you are in Sygnosis X. You can be "freelance" or "neutral" if you like. And you can also be human.

If you choose to be a Reploid, please bear in mind that ACM does not exist in current generation Reploids. That is, you will need to choose firearms and body attachments. You can be creative though -- remember, this story takes place in the distant future. But please, nothing "invincible" and so on.

And finally, bear in mind that current generation Reploids look exactly like human beings. The only difference is in the internal physical structure and the advantages that it brings (as mentioned above).

[b]Name:[/b] (If you're a Reploid, you'll have a "traditional" human name, but you will also have a compulsory callsign).

[b]Callsign:[/b] (ie: Proteus, Warlock, Flash, Demos, et al).

[b]Age:[/b] (Be realistic, in keeping with the history).




[b]Affiliation:[/b] (If applicable).

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] (Laser gun, arm-mounted buster, beam sabre, etc).

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] (Grenades, Remote Mine, Proximity Mine, etc).

[b]Defensive Capability:[/b] (If you are a reploid, you can choose one defensive ability -- ie: a collapsable shield, a force field, etc etc...but please try to avoid making it invincible).

And that's it. If you have any questions, please ask them within the thread. That way everyone can see, incase they have the same question as you. I encourage members who joined in on the former stories to sign up, but I also encourage new players who have read the history.

I'll post my sign up in a bit. I've done enough writing for now. ~_^
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Name: Sariyah Daskar

Callsign: Pyret

Age: 23

Appearance: Long black hair, tied in the back to hold it. He has a bit of chin stubs, giving him the rough look. Green shirt, black trench coat, black pants, and big boots. About 5'10, blue eyes. One eye is covered by an eye patch.

Personality: Comic relief. Sariyah, or "Pyret", tends to do stupid things. He may be a reploid and he may have advanced intelligence, but he sure doesn't use it. He bares a slight accent which is unusual, in some cases. A major thought that usually comes to his mind would be women. He tries for any girl he sees, even humans. Though he does this, he never gets any which is a pity. He can be kind and stick up for his friends, but can also be a nuissance and get in the way. He's most likely the weakest of the team. Let's just say he hears "Get out of the way, Pyret" way to often.

Biography: He may not be smart, but helping others can be his main goal in life at times. He signed up to Sygnosis X to help fight this crazed virus, for himself and for the others. Mostly himself. Not to mention that he also just experienced a certain "mishap" that also made him wish to join Sygnosis X. Plus, it may get him some ladies ;)

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary Weapon: Sever Sword

Secondary Weapon: Spreader (a type of gun in Megaman that shoots tiny bullets all over in a particular direction. It doesn't harm much damage, though :( )

Defensive Capability: Bounce Barrier (shoots attacks back at the opponent. Doesn't work on everything, though)
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[color=firebrick]Name: Sieg Warheit

Callsign: Warheit

Age: 25

Appearance: (pic)

Personality: Sieg is very straight forward making him an action junkie.He cares deeply for people both human and reploid and loves to help out when he can.

Biography: Sieg is driven by revenge.Two of his best friends were take by the Sygnosis 40 virus.Sieg was forced to destroy them after they started attacking humans.He has joined Sygnosis X to stop the rest of the infected before more humans are attacked or even killed.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary Weapon: Beam Sabre

Secondary Weapon: Buster Cannon

Defensive Capability: Energy Shield-a shield made out of Sieg's own energy.When Sieg is low on energy he can't use this shield.[/color]
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Name: Magnus Blade

Callsign: Magnum

Age: 23

Appearance: silver hair that is shoulder length kept in a ponytail. he looks very simimlar to Zero in his black armour other than he has red eyes and his outfit is a black trench coat, black pants, a black hat, and black tennis shoes.

Personality: Magnus is a prideful man who will help his allies in battle. Magnus likes to sit in his room when not eating/doing missions.

Biography:Magnus lost his friends to the sygnosis 40 virus. Magnus will get his revenge for his friends. He joined Sygnosis X to do this.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary Weapon: Flame beam sabre

Secondary Weapon: Magnum blaster

Defensive Capability: a collapsable shield
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Name: Ren Shiro

Callsign: Zeux

Age: 17

Appearance:6'0", Brown spiky hair, blue eyes, Black T-Shirt, dark blue cargo jeans, Black Boots

Personality: Ren is hot-headed and laid-back, always looking for a fight. He doesn't like to kill but when he has to he will without hesitation.

Biography: Ren says he joined Sygnosis X for the sake of finding a good fight, but appears to have other reasons for joining.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary Weapon: Laser Rifle

Secondary Weapon: Laser Gun

Defensive Capability: A force field
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]I'll try to avoid having major internet troubles midway through this one and have to drop out...

Name: Kattarin Alekseyevich

Callsign: Quietus

Age: 1.5 years since activated

Appearance: Kattarin is an inch under six foot tall, and was designed intentionally thin. Her skin is quite pale, uniformly white except for a black, tribal flash style design on the inside of her wrists. The designs in question are not exactly anything of note, and exist more to "humanise" her appearance than anything else. Her features are somewhat attractive, but normally closed off and cold. Her eyes are grey/green, with long black lashes, though the exact colour of her irises tends to depend on the surrounding light. Her lips were created black, and a medium size, neither small nor full. Her hair is black, and falls a few inches past her shoulders. She has a rather attractive figure, that tends to remain clothed in nondescript soft black pants, a black vest with attendant black sleeves (unattached, leaves about an inch of her shoulder bare), and soft soled shoes. To all eyes, she is the very picture of an introverted eremophile. How true...

Personality: Kattarin is extraordinarily introverted. However, unlike the more common forms of this personality trait, this does not mean she does not socialise with people. If talked to, she will reply, but the conversation is empty, and deals with concrete matters rather than abstracts, and the conversation very rarely reveals anything about the being in question. The conversation can end in a second simply by her walking away. Interaction or a lack thereof truly means nothing to her. The only real incentive to talk is interrogation, whether hostile or diplomatic. Kattarin has a rather cynical sense of humour though, a wry understanding of the world not normally gained so quickly. Pessimistic to a fault, she will always be willing to find something blackly amusing in any situation though. She's independent, and very rarely respects people until they earn it, or show some spark inside them that truly intrigues her. A certain flaw is her tendancy to become obsessed with certain people, should they seem darkly interesting enough. It's yet to truly worry anyone though.

Biography: Kattarin was designed and created in response to the Sygnosis 40 virus. She exists as a reconnaisance unit rather than any kind of combatant, though she is trained in melee. Her primary objective is to discover the reason the Sygnosis 40 virus was created, her secondary objective to discover who created it.

This seems all perfectly understandable, and rather mundane. Kattarin, however, was not created by the Novus Concordia Defense Department. She is the result of a private firm's effort, though exactly who it is she won't reveal. What this organisation's motives and concerns are is yet unknown, but they seem rather benign at the moment. Kattarin, after activation, simply turned up at the Novus Concordia Defense Department one day, and stated her purpose. After preliminary tests established her fitness for military service, she was indoctrinated into Sygnosis X, no further questions asked. It could be that some one in the deparment has contacts with Kattarin's creators, and may even have ordered the creation and activation, but if anyone knows, they aren't telling Kattarin. Which, all things considered, is fine with her.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X, and a possible sub-neural affiliation with her creators, that may be triggered by certain, so far unecountered events.

Primary Weapon: Neutrino Blade - A two foot, vaguely flamberge shaped coalescent cloud of particles called neutrinos. One of the smallest sub-atomic particles known to exist, matter tends to have trillions of them passing through it at any given moment. In the one in several trillion chance this neutrino actually hits the comparitively immense nucleus of an atom, it is moving at such a high speed that it tends to trigger a break up of the atom, though not with the expected release of srong nuclear force. The atom simply breaks into its component leptons, quarks, and the like (it's too late at night for me to remember any more of my particle physics). Kattarin's blade, a unique weapon, concentrates clouds of these miniscule particles by threading out a thin stream of anti-matter, that effectively traps the neutrinos within a confined space, say, the shape of the blade. The anti-matter streams exists almost as a form of alternating current, switching itself on and off countless times in a second, so as not to compress the air inside the shell too much. As such, it may take a second or so for enough particles to be trapped to actually do damage with the blade. When it is fully functional though, it tends to ignore just about everything in its way, except pure energy, as anything else is broken down on a sub-atomic level.

Secondary Weapon: Nitrogen charges - Given that upwards of 70% of the atmosphere, the very air most of us breathe, consists of nitrogen, and that when compressed is most effective as a weapon, nitrogen charges seem rather logical. Trace gas is extracted from the air, and compressed until it re-enters its liquid state. This reaction is by neccessity exothermic, so the nitrogen does achieve the phenomenally cold temperatures it is famed for. When these charges are detonated....There tends to be a lot of snap freezing.

Defensive Capability: Cyclical wave field, smart edition. Like your standard energy field, but it moves in longitudinal waves around Kattarin. The requisite areas of compression therefore add an extra strength to the shield, as energy is concentrated in certain positions at certain times. The first version of this shield had mixed results, as the waves did not move fast enough to compensate for the fact that the resultant areas of energy rarefaction could be detected and fired on, leaving the user vulnerable. This latest version hooks into the user's senses, and when an incoming attack is detected, cycles the wave motion into greeting the assult with a rather large build-up of energy. The waves also move far faster than the original version.

I probably made about twelve mistakes in there, though I did give the threads a fairly decent read over, so a PM of pointers would still be appreciated.[/font][/color]
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These sign-ups are all quite good, but I do think it's worth reiterating a few points.

1) Your Reploid will not have the armor of a traditional Megaman styled Reploid. It will appear far more human, due to the timeline issue here.

2) If your Reploid was "activated" recently and is an adult...you must explain why it was activated so long after being born. Remember, Reploids in the current generation are generally born as humans are.

3) This is a point that hasn't really been needed, but I'll throw it in anyway. Reploids and Humans cannot reproduce together. So a male human and a female Reploid (or vice-versa) can't have children. Your Reploid does not have to be a "natural born" machine though -- you can be "manufactured", if you can explain that in your biography.

The only other thing I want to add is that I encourage anyone with an interest in this story to join...even if you feel a bit daunted by the history. If you do something in the RPG that really doesn't gel, I'll just post a little reminder in my own posts. It's no big deal really. Once you get posting and get a feel for it, you won't have any troubles. ^_^

Anyway, here's my sign up...

[color=#707875][b]Name:[/b] Zaeon P. Carter

[b]Callsign:[/b] Cyan

[b]Age:[/b] 28 Natural Years



[b]Personality:[/b] Cyan is a born leader. Both his mother and father were highly independent people, with commanding roles in Novus Concordia's society. And Cyan is the result. Whilst he has the ability to lead others, he is not without a sensitive side.

When the time calls for it, Cyan has the ability to put emotion over logic. But generally, Cyan is a clear thinker who sees things in a very three dimensional way. He values friendship and loyalty above most else, though he does tend to put the mission at hand before his own personal needs. Cyan is, by nature, a servant of a higher cause -- in this case, the NC Defence Department. He tends to feel somewhat useless if he is without a cause to defend.

[b]Biography:[/b] Cyan is, as mentioned above, a result of his family history.

Cyan's father is Proteus Carter II. His famous name comes from his father, P-180. As we know from Novus Concordia's history, P-180 served the Maverick Hunters for many years of his life. And after that, he became a renound neurosurgeon. Proteus became dedicated to the preservation of life, rather than the destruction of it. In a sense, he had always lived up to his basic sense of duty, despite the original intentions surrounding his creation.

When Proteus left the Defence Department to become a civilian, he took on the last name "Carter", which was a name that had been held by one of his greatest human friends, who had died several years earlier.

While studying at the University of Novus Concordia, Proteus fell in love with a striking young woman named Elena Novus Carter. Elena was only just beginning her career in the world of defence -- she was, quite literally, a missile scientist. Elena was researching ballistics and advanced anti-gravitational technology. Proteus and Elena fell in love almost instantly and over the coming years, they decided to have a child. This was, of course, impossible. Proteus was a Reploid and Elena was a human being. However, new advances in robotics technology allowed Proteus and Elena to "create" a specifically-engineered child, one which took on their combined traits. Their child -- a new generation Reploid male -- was simply named, Proteus Carter II.

Proteus Carter II, like his parents, became a scientist. His mother died when he turned 50. She had died from a rare disease that had attacked her neurological system. This was partly what drove Proteus Carter II's father to the field of neurosurgery.

Eventually, Proteus Carter died. His son, Proteus Carter II, took up work within the defence department only five years later. And while working there, he encountered his future wife, with who he had Zaeon Proteus Carter.

For years, Zaeon Proteus Carter has worked in various areas of the Defence Department. He never liked the desk jobs, though, and when offered the chance to head a special new unit (Sygnosis X), he gladly accepted.

Sygnosis X was established in the underground of Proteus Carter II's expansive estate in New Hokkaido, on the outskirts of the city.

Proteus Carter II was killed by the Sygnosis 40 virus just after the establishment of the Sygnosis X facility. There are rumors that the creators of the virus knew of his involvement and deliberately targetted him.

(Note: New Hokkaido is Japan's capital city in the current time. It is where Proteus Carter II moved after his wife's death. The estate that he owned was also owned by Proteus Carter, which is why it is now being used by Zaeon. The Reploids who are working for Sygnosis X are recruited from various places in the world and for various reasons -- some worked within the United Nations, while others worked within the UN Defence Department and were sourced in that way.)

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Sygnosis X

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Twin Pheyton Blasters. Pheyton is a powerful plasma-like substance, which can be highly explosive upon impact. In addition, Cyan's highly accurate aim and physical agility allow him to operate the weapons with a strong sense of control.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Retractable Beam Sabre.

[b]Defensive Capability:[/b] Teleportation. Cyan is capable of limited teleportation. His synthetic body enables his action, though it requires large reserves of physical energy. In addition, Cyan cannot teleport long distance. For the most part, he relies purely on his physical agility to avoid dangerous situations. [/color]

Okay...done. Sorry for the somewhat rushed nature of the biography...I didn't want to explain every detail of his history right here. That's something I want to flesh out during the story. I just wanted to provide a short explanation as to why he's here and what his links with previous stories are.

Also...I'll start this soon. More people are very welcome to sign up. I'll provide a list of who got in, within this thread. Oh and...Warlock...hurry up with your sign up! ~_^
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[COLOR=darkblue]Name: Ryan

Codename: Excalibur

Age: 23

Appearence: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=4]here[/url]

Codename: Excalibur

Age: 23

Personality: Ryan tends to be on the quiet side but always sticks up for the little guy but at the same time thinks he's gotta flirt with every woman he sees but always gets smacked because he says the wrong thing. He also has a soft spot for little kids.

Biography: When Ryan was born he was greatly accepted by his family as a blessing because they couldn't have a real son and the family was happy but on Ryan's 15th birthday his parents took him to a theme park and they got seperated and this was deliberate on the parent's part because they had come to resent Ryan as a symbol that they would never have a "real" child and they didn't want to be anywhere near him anymore. It didn't matter if he acted and looked human he wasn't and he would never be.

After coming to the realization that his parents had abandoned him Ryan left the park crying and managed to find his way home but his parents had thought this out and had the locks changed while they were at the park and Ryan's key didn't work and his supposed parents threatened him with the police if he didn't leave right away. Still crying Ryan wandered from his suburban home into the city where he met a human boy his age that was living on his own too and they became close friends, they even called each other brothers and remained that way. The two boys found jobs and had money to get food, clothes, pay the rent etc. But this happiness ended abruptly too for Ryan.

It happened in late December, the two were walking home from work and they were taking their usual route down the main sidewalk chatting and they were about to head into a local coffee shop when a group of thugs came out of nowhere and jumped them. Ryan and his friend managed to fight back but one of them had a gun and shot Ryan's brother through the chest and he died instantly Ryan then went into a rage and snapped the man's arm enough that it couldn't function, as soon as the thugs fled a group of passerby ran over and one called the police and an ambulance but the boy had died there on the snow covered sidewalk. It wasn't a white Christmas that year, he had to bury his only friend.

A week later the police called Ryan who was in a deep depressional slump and said they'd captured his friend's murderers and would he come down and identify them. As he walked into the lineup room and watched the men line up along the wall Ryan could feel his anger swelling like a torrential rain storm gathering over a calm land. The officer asked if they looked familiar and Ryan nodded the men were arrested and senteced to life in prision for 1st degree murder.

After moping around a little more Ryan was watching the news one day and heard about at least 10 outbursts of Reploids attacking humans unexpectadely and that a virus had been the cause of it and that the Virus was now called Sygnosis 40, the news blip then went on to say that the defense department was taking new recurits for a new branch that would deal with this threat. Ryan feeling like he had a duty to protect people decided to sign up. So the next day Ryan headed for the recuritment office for Sygnosis X so he could help in any way, almost as soon as he signed up was he allowed into the organization.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary Weapon: A blue-hued beam saber.

Secondary Weapon: The black sword on his back

Defensive Weapon: A body forcefield, but it takes at least 1 minute to achieve full power and therefore leaves Ryan at a disadvantage.[/COLOR]
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[color=gray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Camori Slovoch

[b]Callsign:[/b] Arano Karakkaze [Goes by Arano]

[b]Age:[/b] One week, three days, fifteen hours, and 27 minutes as of joining Sygnosis X



[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet and resentful more than half of the time he's awake. He feels insignificant and used most of the time, but he is very trustworthy. Arano also suffers from an inferiority complex and is a bit bi-polar.

But in a fight, he's all smiles and jokes. The kind that respects his foe, and takes everyone seriously. He generally shows respect to his opponent, unless they manage to piss him off, which is a very unlikely thing to do.

[b]Biography:[/b] Arano was manufactored in a small lab in the industrial sector of New Hokkiado for the sole purpose of being a supporting member of Sygnosis X. He has no parents, no family, just scientists that want to test him, see what'll make or break him.

That was the first week of his life.

He clearly remembers being cold and vunerable, taken out of a capsule and placed under the glaring quartz lights, exposed to the world, just like a newborn child. All of his senses were airy and distant. Sounds echoed, sights were displaced, feeling was numb, and his throat was dry and haggard.

The blurry faces of scientists, behind masks and light blue haircaps hovered overhead. Drained and tiresome words droned on and on, techno-jargon, all of it meaningless to Arano.

"...-ombat evaluations soon as he wakes..."
"...-nosis X needs him within the week."
"...Hurry with the fresh protonue-..."

Minutes turned to hours. Hours to days. And finally, the test week was over. Countless times in battle simulation and hours of downloading fighting style techniques. Training with weapons, mostly hand-to-hand, and stealth counter-measures. He even had to infiltrate the lab on it's highest security setting.

And he passed each test with flying colors.

But now the true trials would commence. The real life difference between rubber bullets and plasma cannons.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Sygnosis X

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]

[*][b]Stinger Talon Edition V; "Raptor" [See attachment][/b] -- A special combat knife made of a carbon-base tempered alloy that makes it stronger than even a titanium mixture. But what's special about it is it's handle houses a small generator, similar to that of a beam weapon's, which charges the blade with ionized electrons. The blade gains a faint blue aura when activated, and it is basically surrounded by a beam energy, thus allowing it to block other beam weapons, deflect buster rounds, and cut through almost anything without dulling. Blade is seven inches long, handle is five inches long

[*][b]Melee[/b] -- Dispite the use of his beam-enhanced knife, Arano's true power comes in when he goes fist-to-fist with someone. He has superior agility, strength, and speed, even on a Reploid's standards, which makes him a very dangerous person to box with.[/list]

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b]

[*][b]Flashbangs[/b] -- Exactly what they sound like. A bright flash followed by a loud sound explosion that generally stuns most.

[*][b]Smoke Grenades[/b] -- Once more, exactly what they sound like. Pull pin, throw, grenade explodes at a controlled rate to let loose a smokescreen that can either be used to blind a foe or screen movements. Generally not helpful against smarter Reploids, or at least ones with thermal optics.[/list]

[b]Defensive Capability:[/b]

[*][b]'Black Holes'[/b] -- On his palms are, regardless of their name, white gems, smoothed and buffed, which are directly wired to a spare generator within his person. This allows him to do several things. One of which is absorb small to medium powered energy blasts and plasma rounds, and add to his energy reserver.

Another is to force energy out to either block some type of weapon/attack or to send a foe backwards.

And the last is to absorb passive and kinetic energy; if Arano was low on power, he could just turn his hands skyward and get some juice from solar/lunar light; he could stick his hands in moving water to receive a little boost.

The last feature is only helpful for recovering secondary energy reserves or regenerating a small bit of integrity, as to fully recharge Arano would take around two days.[/list][/size][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Fiona Kahoku

[b]Callsign:[/b] Archer

[b]Age:[/b] 5 years since activated

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Basically, the girl in my avatar.) Long brown hair and green eyes that stare. Of average height and a slim build. Rather beautiful, and rather aware of it, but unwelcome to any approaches about it.

Fiona was built by a small company specializing in the production of custom Reploids. Her special order was placed by a multi-millionaire named Glenn Archer, from whom she takes her callsign. Glenn purchased Fiona for two reasons; firstly, he was somewhat paranoid, and planned to use Fiona as a state-of-the-art bodyguard. Secondly, Glenn led a somewhat lonely life, and enjoyed the idea of owning a female Reploid.

Glenn was deeply involved in the customization of Fiona, and designed her weapons and defensive capability himself (with the help from the company's engineers). He also arranged for her to be designed with little to no free will, though the creators refused or were unable to completely take out the capability for its growth. The engineers were also able to create in Fiona an unwavering loyalty to Glenn himself. (Both these were achieved by arranging her hormonal balance so that she would have childlike feelings of trust and devotion to her first caretaker, in the same way a baby learns to depend on its mother.) Thus, the first four years of Fiona's life were spent in service as a bodyguard.

However, at the inception of the Sygnosis 40 virus, Glenn's paranoia resurfaced in a different way. He dismissed Fiona from service immediately, terrified that she would become infected and attack him. Because of the emotions and lack of free will she was built with, Fiona obviously had an extremely hard time dealing with her dismissal. She was basically forced to figure out her own life with the emotional maturity of a child.

Fiona quickly learned about the world, being thrown into it in such a way, and grew somewhat bitter, especially towards humans who mistreated her in her first few weeks of freedom. Though her free will and emotions developed quickly, she still retains her original helpless devotion to Glenn Archer. Though she is able to distance herself from the situation and realize his injustice to her, she feels unable to get over her initial programming, even though she realizes that logically she should be able to.

Fiona soon found herself at court for maiming a human male attempting to sexually abuse her, thinking she was human. The reviewer of her case happened to be a Reploid himself and felt some pity for her, so he bypassed conventional court procedures and sent her to the Novus Concordia Defense Department to be watched over and taught basic courtesy. However, through a mixup in the paperwork, Fiona was instead assumed to be an army recruit, and she did not correct this mistake. She soon learned of Sygnosis X and through luck and sheer determination, was able to work her way up the ranks and join the elite group.

[b]Personality:[/b] Fiona has learned from her experiences how to get what she wanted without considering others' feelings, and she is somewhat cold and distrusting. Though she often feels somewhat jaded with the way the world works, she can also be surprisingly naive due to her limited experiences. (Also see Biography.)

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Syngosis X; sub-affiliation, Glenn Archer.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Contempo Crossbow. Built into her arm, the crossbow is modeled after the traditional weapon, but can be loaded with rather more up-to-date projectiles. (One example: a bolt with an ultra-fine tip, designed to pierce through even metal, with a small explosive embedded in the bolt.) Of course, she carries a limited supply of projectiles at any given time.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] A beam saber for close combat.

[b]Defensive Capability:[/b] Impediment Shield. This shield approximately halves the speed of anything within range (its power is proportional to the object's initial speed). Its affects are not limited to attacks, which can be quite annoying (or interesting) if it's turned on at the wrong moment.
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Name: Toshiro Matantei

Callsign: Loki

Age: Three months since activation.

Appearance: [url=http://www.featureanime.com/ss/loki/12.jpg]here[/url] Minus the green glow, his clothes are black and his hair is red.

Bio: Loki was developed originally as a reploid specifically designed for hard manual labour. It is not evident in his appearance, but his secret is that his body been infused with powerful magnetic materials. Controlled by his brain, his body can alter the magnetic charges moving around him, and therefor be selective about what he attracts or repels. Therefore, his ability to control metal made him a likely candidate for a position in construction or other work. In order to acheive this end, however, he was given an certain level of free will so that he could change employers and work for those who needed him most. This turned out to be a mistake, however, as he slipped away from the testing facility that he had been currently assigned to, using his powers to force open doors that normally could not be opened.

Currenly, he lives incognito, and works for no one but himself. His life has led him to become a skilled thief, using his powers to find rare metal ores that he could sell on the black market or even legitimately (sp?). He is currently aware of the war, but due to his freedom, he is uncaring and apathetic, and plans to go somewhere and escape from the pressures of living in a land at war.

Personality: Normally very apathetic and easygoing, this attitude has led him in no particular path, and so far has no interest in taking sides during the war. However, he does seem to have a soft spot for women, and treats them only with a little more respect than everyone else. Not to say that he is rude, just doesn't say much.

Affiliation: Neutral

Primary Weapon: Explosive staff. Normally, it appears that he is not carrying the staff with him, and before his opponent realizes it, the staff materializes out of thin air. This is because of Loki's power to manipulate metal. He is able to summon tiny particles and atoms of metal to come together and float around him. Then, he is able to compress those particles into any way he sees fit. The staff is his first choice, and normally he adds gunpowder or other explosive metals into the head of the staff, and fixes it so that it explodes upon impact. Because of his ability, the staff is able to reconstruct itself from the recycled metal that is still intact when it explodes, as well as any new metals that happen to be in it's vicinity.

Secondary weapon: Sword, A traditional blade, Loki sometimes uses this in more heated close-quarter encounters. Using his aforementioned power, the sword is generated seemingly out of thin air. It also has the ability to extend or retract, as well as split into two or transform into several small throwing knives.

Defense Ability: Shield, Loki's power obviously has the ability to generate a defensive wall in front of him to block an attack. Additionaly, the wall can be thickened or thinned depending on the force of the attack. However, this skill renders Loki immobilized for a little while, depending on the strength of the attack, leaving him vulnerable to attack from behind.
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[size="1"]I know that I should have read the whole story and all that, but time is of the essence and I dont want to miss anything. I'm pounded with school work.

Anyways thats not the problem I'm concerned about right now. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions:

Whats a Reploid? Is it like a android?

If I choose human, do I have to sitck to reality, or can I give him unique super abilities?

Whats callsign? is that like a nickname, or what others call your character?

I'm confused about the affailiation thingy. Is it sides your character takes on.

Age? Does the age reflect on how the character looks? Can I make up a biography, or do I have to base most of it from the history of this story?

I'm very interested in this RPG and I want to be part of it. I got my character started in myOtaku blog...[/size]
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[COLOR=green]Bah. Somehow I screwed that bio up royally. That was just plain careless. As for the name, it's been my greatest weakness as far as roleplaying goes. My D&D Dungeon Master hates it as well...

[b]Name:[/b] Raith Nutar

[b]Callsign:[/b] Wraith

[b]Age:[/b] 31 Standard Years



[b]Personality:[/b] Raith is quiet and reserved, and rarely speaks without having something important to say. When he does speak, people listen. Raith isn't friendly, and doesn't completely trust anyone. He doesn't make friends easily, but when he does he is completely loyal to them. He expects the same in return.

[b]Biography:[/b] Raith was created by the now defunct Xerra Creations Inc. The company was formed with the goal of producing top notch combat reploids, although it's funding is still a mystery. Raith was the second prototype reploid created. The first had so many programming glitches that it became retarded by normal standards, and was eventually decommissioned. Raith was created a year later, and suffered none of the fatal flaws of his predecessor. However, the scientific team decided that Raith's personality was too close to that of a complete introvert, and that a new personality matrix needed to be created. He was placed in stasis to await his upgrade. It was during this extensive and fanciful venture that the company ran out of funds.

The entire company was auctioned off to settle the enormous debt that had arisen after the company had depleted its funds, and its mysterious backer had declined to provide more. Curiously, the lab facility was bought, along with everything in it, for the exact amount that the company owed. While many were suspicious, and rumors abounded as to the identity of the buyer, there wasn't anything anyone could do.

Raith, forgotten in stasis, was left in the lab for several years before he was awakened by a large earthquake that destroyed the lab. His stasis unit was severely damaged, but Raith was now free. Or so he thought when he first awoke. He was free to think anything he wanted, but his body was trapped under several tons of metal. He would have simply carved it to pieces with his laser knife, as he had done to numerous things in simulations, but he found to his dismay that all his systems were powered down. Raith was trapped.

His humanoid body was trapped almost at the top of a mound of rubble on the outskirts of Nova Concordia. He needed no food or water, and his body was designed to last for hundreds of years in battle conditions. He was able to drain the little power that remained in his neck systems that had allowed him to move his head, and use the power to open a power conduit on his arm, which was held high over his head. He knew the odds were pretty bad, but this was his only hope of rescue.

Raith would surely have gone insane if not for his communications monitoring device built into his head. It was able to tap into a limited number of unencrypted transmissions, and though this he learned the news. Then he would analyze the news. He would consider every aspect of the world's current events. He would do this, and wait for the day when he finally would be free.

Eventually that day came. Finally, a large storm entered the area over what was once birthplace. Lightning forked down from the black clouds and struck the highest metallic point around. Raith's vertically extended arm. Instead of just frying several of his deactivated systems, the lightning was absorbed through the open power conduit.

His systems groaned to life and he blaster his way out of the rubble, his exterior looking highly damaged. He knew what he wanted to do however. He wanted to join the new team that was rumored to have been formed to fight the terrifying Sygnosis 40 virus. Raith also understood more than most reploids, the valuable nature of time. He was going to make the most of what he had left of his operational lifetime.

After joining Sygnosis X, passing most of the trials by the narrowest of margins because of his heavily damaged systems, he was finally repaired. Completely powered up, upgrades on almost every system and a new blaster installed, he feels as if he could take on the world.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Sygnosis X

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Laser Sniper Rifle- Similar in appearance and design to the sniper rifles used in times long passed, but with several important changes. It is larger and thicker than a normal rifle, and is extremely durable. The rifle also has an incredibly long range and can shoot for several dozen kilometers, although the rifle's effectiveness decreases after four kilometers. It can be set to shoot ionization particles, tracking devices and small dark matter coated projectiles.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Laser Knife- A 7cm long handle, with a simple on/off switch recessed in the side. When activated a black beam of energy springs to life and extends for 20 cm. The beam in made of energy, and is used primarily as a cutting tool and a close combat weapon. He keeps this in a pouch on his right hip.

[b]Defensive Capability:[/b] Chameleon Cloaker- Dozens of sensors on 's body monitor his surroundings and feeds the information to a sophisticated computer program that, when activated, makes Raith blend in with his surroundings so well he is almost invisible. The whole system is stored on his left hip, in a small pouch and is activated by pressing a panel on top of the pouch. The cloaking part of the shield protects him from being scanned by heat and other electronic scanners. It is extremely difficult to detect Raith while cloaked.

However, if over a quarter of the sensors or the hip pouch is damaged/disabled the shield won't work. Also, Raith is prevented from using weapons while under the shield, since the sudden new sounds and movement associated with combat crash the program.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FartMaster745 [/i]
[B][size="1"]I know that I should have read the whole story and all that, but time is of the essence and I dont want to miss anything. I'm pounded with school work.

Anyways thats not the problem I'm concerned about right now. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions:

Whats a Reploid? Is it like a android?

If I choose human, do I have to sitck to reality, or can I give him unique super abilities?

Whats callsign? is that like a nickname, or what others call your character?

I'm confused about the affailiation thingy. Is it sides your character takes on.

Age? Does the age reflect on how the character looks? Can I make up a biography, or do I have to base most of it from the history of this story?

I'm very interested in this RPG and I want to be part of it. I got my character started in myOtaku blog...[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

A Reploid is a robot-like creature that has free will and has a wide array of emotions. It is basically a robot with a human soul. It is unlike an Android in the fact that they are built from bottom up, whereas androids are humans that have been gutted and replaced on the inside with all the trimmings.

Not if you're a normal human. You can be enhanced, but that would make you a Cyborg.

Callsign is effectively, yes, a sort of nickname. Like how Tom Cruise was 'Maverick' in TopGun.

1 a : to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch b : to associate as a member
2 : to trace the origin of
intransitive senses
: to connect or associate oneself : COMBINE
- af·fil·i·a·tion /-"fI-lE-'A-sh&n/ noun

Age really doesn't affect looks, as Reploids and Cyborgs can be redesigned. But if you are a simple, unchanged human, then yes.

It's cool and all if you have it on your MyOtaku account, but it needs to be posted here for it to be legitimate.


And here is my character's Appearance.

[Couldn't get a host. -_-]
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[color=#707875]I would point out that all of the questions FartMaster raised were in the main history.

If you're not prepared to read the history, I don't think you have the commitment level that I'm looking for, when it comes to this RPG.

You can prove me wrong by writing a stellar sign-up, of course. ~_^

In any case, I'll be starting this soon. Sorry for the delay, all. I've been semi-waiting for Warlock to sign-up, but he's a slowpoke. I can start without 'im.[/color]
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[size=1][b].//Name/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] Kerik Teroh[/color]

[b].//Callsign/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] Themos[/color]

[b].//Age/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] 15 natural years[/color]


Without the two swords in his hands.


Themos is an easy going Reploid. He talks frequently, not a whole lot though, when he is around friends and tends to ask a lot of questions. When he is alone, he tends to think about life since its only natural, and he often wonders why everyone has life but never know its meaning.

Themos is shy, when it comes to personal questions and friendly strangers. He has a very peaceful appearence and enjoys playing around with little children. Themos has a very quick temper though. Normally he doesn't show it or let anger to take over because it clouds his judgement. He tends to bottle his feelings inside until he is really angered and provoked.[/color]

[b].//Biography/ [/b][color=#aaaaaa]
Before Themos was created, there was a dramatic battle that destroyed almost all life in his city(Small Valley). There was a laboratory([color=black]Lab 43[/color]) cleverly hidden within the city that has escaped with a few scientists(group: [color=blue]Blue[/color]) left inside.

Then Themos was created. His main function was to proccess math. Billions upon billions upon billions of it. He was used to give [color=blue]Blue[/color] the probabilty of something to happen with given information, the distance of object(s), size, denstiy, ect... Themos main job at Lab 43 was to give [color=blue]Blue[/color] the probabilty of how successful a plant will grow and its speed of growth in a given enviorement. This allowed the scientists to bring back life in the city. As soldiers keep checking by in the city, [color=blue]Blue[/color] decided that it was necessary to build robots to help defend the city and what ever life that remains. As time goes on, [color=blue]Blue[/color] discover that the robots were a complete failure because if their lack of concern for life.

Then [color=blue]Blue[/color] decide to make Themos as fighter for the city as a last resort. Themos agreed on becoming a fighter for his city. [color=blue]Blue[/color] programmed a special fighting style for Themos and his newly aquired weapon, his knife. As Themos was dubbed the defender of the city, the enemies broke through the laboratory walls. With the help of the remaining mindless robots, Themos defeated the enemies inside the laboratory. He slowly looks around for the scientists, but discovers that they were killed. His only family, [color=blue]Blue[/color], killed.

Then an emotion that Themos has never experience before had ran through him: anger. Themos went on a rampage, he nearly destroys everything in his way. He runs through the new entrance the enemy came through, and saw a line of reploids in a line ready to fire. Themos was suddenly in a rain of lasers and bullets. He was nearly destroyed until the commander decided he serve as a valuble part of his army with his current abilities.

Themos was taken back to enemy base. He was held in a cage that was nearly undestructable. So there was no escape for Themos. The enemy deleted Themos' memory of every battle he has witnessed. They also decided to keep his skill in combat in using his knife because they thought that he might need it to defend himself from wild animals that might had happen to come by. They released Themos into the city knowing that he was harmless.

A few years later, the enemy has left Themos alone in the city wondering. Eventually Themos found the abandoned laboratory that he was created in. Since the enemy only deleted memories of battles he witnessed, he starts to become puzzled on why the lab was destroyed. He wonders around the lab recollecting old memories. Then he stumbles on a few corpes. He was worried that they might be the scientists that he has longed to see. So Themos repairs the tools in the lab and analyzes the corpes. Then it was comfirmed that they were the scientists. He starts to feel his anger building up again, but this time he holds it in because somewhere in his mind, he remembers that something bad happened but couldn't figure what it was.

Then Themos finds that the cameras where still operating and wonders if they stored information. All of the cameras recordings were stored in the second main memory bank.

Themos decides to zoom through them figuring that he would find a reason why the place was destroyed and why how the scientists were killed. He watches the recordings that where dated before his creating. He finds that the scientists were working on a plasma gun that had almost unlimited power(decribed in the primary weapon). He continues watching the recording then finds that [color=blue]Blue[/color] were also working on mind controlled orbs. Both items are still incomplete and not perfected.

Then Themos stumbles on recordings of threats [color=blue]Blue[/color] recieved from several countries and the city itself. Everyone wanted the new technology [color=blue]Blue[/color] made.

It took Themos several weeks looking for the plasma gun and orbs. He wonders around until he found the green house in the back of [color=black]Lab 43[/color]. This area was in almost perfect condition, it was untouched and vegatation seemed to thrived in this area. Themos had no recollection of this area. He explores it for quite a bit, and finds a ceverly hidden path. Through this path Themos finds a locked door. On door was a picture of a knife, Themos' knife. Beside it was a hole. Themos put the two together and figures that his knife must be the key. He inserts the knife and the door unlocks and opens. There, in the middle of the room was the plasma gun and the orbs.

Then a hologram pops up. It is [color=blue]Blue[/color]. They gave a long lecture and theory of life and mathematics to Themos. Then they explained the function of the plasma gun and orbs.

Themos later found out that the two items were made for Themos because he was originally planned to become the perfect fighter until the battle came and plant life was necessary for a new beginning in the city.[/color]

[b].//Affiliation/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] Neutral[/color]

[b].//Primary Weapon/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] A Plasma Hand Gun.

----->[b]Abilities[/b]: This gun takes advantage of its ability of sucking air & liguids and putting it into its fourth state, plasma. Its builds up pressure inside the chambers, then sends out a powerful plasma ball that travels 1/25 the speed of light when the trigger is released. This means that the gun gives the user the ability to control the power of the gun. From a light tap to send a small beam that act as bullet to a one minute hold. The one minute hold sends out a giant plasma ball that causes and explosion equivalent to 2 atomic bombs. This has never been atempted since most plasma guns can't handle the pressure, but there are rumors that stated that it was done before in a laboratory experiment. On the side of the gun is a small switch. The switch is used to change the firing settings of the gun.

----->[b]Default Setting(Setting 1)[/b]: This setting allows the gun to send out short beams and balls of plasma, this is dependant on how long the trigger is held, as stated before. This setting also allows the plasma the explode on contact.

----->[b]Setting 2[/b]: This setting allows the gun the send out a short beam that can reflect off any solid surface. The number of times it can refect of a surface is dependant on the length of time the triger is held. The downside is that it gathers matter into the chambers more slowly than the default setting, setting 1 and travel about 1/6,300,000 of the speed of light, making it slightly visible in motion to the naked and untrained eye. The plasma material moves so fast that it heats up everything behind it, leaving an aurora like glow.

----->[b]Physical[/b]: Its about the size of a hand gun. The chambers are made of special alloys to take on the pressure of the plasma that is gathered. About 1' 6'' in length from side view. 3'' in width from top view. 2'' in width from the front view. Weighs about 3 lbs, 6 lbs with plasma gathered inside from a 10 sec. hold. The gun is carried in a pouch carried around the waist. The pouch can be used as a cooler for the gun.

----->[b]Handling[/b]: Since Themos is good at mathematics he is able to easily find the angel of reflection to hit targets. Again, using mathematics, Themos is able to determine how long he must hold the trigger to be able to penetrate through almost any known armor, walls, ect...[/color]

[b].//Secondary Weapon/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] A Knife.


Overall Length of 15-3/8".
Blade Length: 11"
Blade Thickness: 5/32"
Blade Material: Made of a special stainless-alloy that can withstand almost any temperture. The blade's cutting edges is layered with diamond, giving it optimum cutting ability.
Overall Weight: 2 lbs.[/color]

[b].//Defensive Capability/[/b][color=#aaaaaa] Floating Orbs

----->[b]Description/Abilities[/b]: These orbs are like another body part of Themos. He is always aware of where they are, their speed, and wether his about to lose control of it or not. They are about the size of small marbles when not active. They are fragile while in this state. When they are active they will scale up to size to about the size of baseballs. They can float in almost in any enviorement. Themos carries about 4 of them in his pockets. When these orbs are activated, semi-controlled by Themos' mind, they buzz around at speeds that make them seem invisible to the untrained eye. These orb's can only orbit around Themos, and must be at a distance of 5 - 15 feet away from Themos or they will come too close and collide or hit Themos, or escape out of Themos ability to control them. They are made out of a material that isn't indestructable and it is made of one of the most mysterious substance(g-liter) in the known world. It can take on any shape, but the shapes can't excede the orbs' mass and can't be hollow, or else it will disigrate because of the speeds it reaches.

----->[b]More stuff[/b]: These orbs helps protect Themos by floating around him and hitting or reflecting anything that gets in its way. It is most effective when Themos is in hand to hand combat with several people. The downside to this is that Themos must use some of his train of thought into the orbs because of its high demand of control. Without Themos attention the orbs can be lost, deactivated, or stolen. The other downside is that the orbs can bounce of something and head directly at Themos, which forces Themos to focus on that one orb, which leaves the other orbs in a stand still state. This leave Themos temporarily open.

----->[b]Handling[/b]: With Themos' ability to proccess a lot math he is adapted and able to control all four orbs with ease.[/color][/size]

EDIT: Changed Image. It kinda makes more sense to show the the body and head...
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I hope this is alright

Name: Raynos Noir

Callsign: Shadow

Race: Reploid

Appearance; think this but with black hair and green eyes

Personality: Raynosis usually quiet and unassuming. He usually only talks if business is involved and sometimes comes off as cocky but he really is'nt that way. He actually has a good sense of humor.

Bio: Raynos had a good family. His mother and his Father worked as program analysts in the good city of Novus Concordia. Raynos had a happy childhood growing up living the good life but it all stopped at 17. While at the office his mother was looking over some computer files when suddenly out of nowhere the explosion happend. No one knew what happend , why it happend. His father and he went to the funeral. Through the next coupe of years he and his father were grief striken. No one understood what happend the day of the explosion so his father started investigating. He came upon a file called Sygnosis 40 he looked into it and learned the truth but he was found dabbering into the files by unknown scources and was killed. Raynos was so confused why did they do this to me. Raynos had a little hint from an anonymous scource that his parents where killed because they were looking into something they weren't to. He asked who and the person said Sygnosis 40 and hung. So that is why Raynos joined Sygnosis X hoping to find the killers of his parents and some clues as to why they were killed.

Affiliation: Sygnosis X

Primary weapon; Shadow Sabre
A blade designed for stealth missions. It is a plasma blade that emits very little sound , longer than normal, and is black.

Secondary Weapon: Noir Plasma Cannon
Plasma Gun ( twice the size of a normal handgun ) fires large plasma rounds that explode on contact doing medium damage but has a high blast radius. The special thing about this gun is that it makes little sound when fired until the plasma hits something. The gun is usually used either for long range or used for distraction.

Defensive Capability : Cloaking generator.
Mecahnism that allows Shadow to become invisible for 1 minute then it must be recharged . Can be seen by infra red radar but is invisible to other radars.
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Can I join?

Name// Leon Brinks

Callsign// Dynete

Age// 18 natural years

Race// Reploid

Appearance// 5'4", Orange lava flowing hair, Red long sleeve shirt with Black pants (zip offs), Blue shows.

Personality// Self explanitory, Free spirit.

Bio// Built by the sigma virus (yes a virus built him but he is good) and apperntly a reploid found him and when he was activated an error acurred and he woke thinking he was a reploid. Every now and then he'll have night mares of his creation, but he is starting to get used to it. Now he is enrolled in Sygnosis X , and he hopes to find freinds.

Affilation// Sygnosis X

Primary weapon// Lava based buster. (like Flame Mammoth's from MMX for SNES)

Secondary weapon// Heat saber. Uses intecen heat to damage enemys.

Defensive Capability// Lava Barrier. Limited to 2 times a day.
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[color=#707875]Okay, let's get this show on the road.

Those who were accepted are in the list below:

Dragon Warrior
The Harlequin

Now, if you didn't make it in...don't fret. ~_^

Some of you (like Boba Fett) had great sign-ups, but you made some errors that either seriously don't gel with the history... or your sign-up just isn't appropriate.

If you want me to detail why you didn't get in, you can ask in this thread. And if you want to edit your sign-up or try again, you can also do that.

If you've not signed up and you still want to...you can. But you have to wait until I approve your sign-up first. You may want to read the RPG a bit and then decide if you want to join.[/color]
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Please let me in James. I have read all of the main history you posted, and a few of the posts in the previosu RPG's. But it would take me hours to read through the whole story, however I feel that I have a good understanding of the plot-line now. *Fingers crossed for getting in*

[b]Name[/b]: Steven Traye

[b]Callsign[/b]: Deep

[b]Age[/b]: 32 natural years

[b]Appearance[/b]: Non-descript. Small goatee, slightly tanned face, reasonably muscled looking arms, wears plain black tee-shirts and Loose fitting pants, of a Kevlar-based material, strong enough to stop small to medium speed projectiles (i.e bullets) from penetrating limbs. Wears a modified Jacket in cooler climes, to maintain appearance of humanity. This modified jacket is black with brown highlights, and made of a similar Kevlar material, but stronger to lessen chance damage to internal systems. Dark hair, almost black, with totally black irises. Wears dark sneakers which have a good grip and heat-proof, Kevlar/carbon reinforced sole and sides.

[b]Personality[/b]: Quiet and introverted, until he obtains a good relationship, when he becomes open. Often sarcastic and cynical, he finds a down side to everything, despite his robotic programming. Does not tolerate fools well, and can take an instant dislike to others. Quite intelligent, with a pre-disposal towards mathematics.

[b]Biography[/b]: Naturally born to two Reploids, he was removed from their parental supervision at the age of 3. He was taken by a private firm, to experiment a new Defense capability on. This firm was a success, at least in their experiments, but their competitors found out about their operations, and a squad of mechs burst into the laboratory, killing all the scientists, and attempted to find the program to create this defense mechanism. Deep, who was a mere 7 at this time, used the capability to hide, and then he destroyed the lab, effectively hiding his program, and killing the mechs. He found his way to another firm, government funded, who eventually learnt about his defence mechanism. They tried to extract it, but every time they tried, he shut himself down. So they settled for making him have the best weapons they designed. He was a super-Reploid, and designed to protect the firm from any invasion by other enemies. They gave him an Oxy-Imploder/Exploder, and an energy transferer. When the Government officer at the labs discovered about Deep, the Government requested that he be sent to help with Sygnosis X.

[b]Primary Weapon[/b]: A blast of nitrogen/plasma erupts from the palm. This superheated/supercooled mixture results in instant combustion/compression of material. A very nasty mess is left, as you can imagine. Sadly it is not as fast as some weapons or Reploids, but when used imaginatively, or in an ambush, it is deadly.

[b]Secondary Weapon[/b]: Oxy-Imploder/Exploder- a nasty weapon, which absorbs oxygen from the surroundings, and either forms it into a large ball, or small ball. This oxygen remains together, wrapped around by a particle force. The Imploder side, makes a large ball, which then minimizes, crushing through sucking in, the opponent. The exploder side makes a very small ball of Oxygen, perhaps as big as a mote of dust. This enters the opponents body, before enlarging to the size of a basketball. This is kept in place by the particle web, which does not allow the Oxygen to escape, forcing the opponents Insides, aside, effectively killing, or maiming any humans or reploids.

[b]Relief Weapon[/b]: Fragmentation Grenade. This little beauty explodes, sending a riot of metal slivers in all directions. At such speeds, these slivers can go through up to 6 feet of concrete.

[b]Defensive Program[/b]: This wraps a wall of void around himself, bending light, absorbing heat, sound, and light. This also has the property of bending laser fire around Deep, but its one weakness is projectiles. So Deep prefers to avoid his fragmentation grenades.
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[color=#707873]Okay, Boba...you asked me to tell you why your sign-up is problematic.

I want to start by saying that I love your writing. You're one of my favourite RPers. So it's not anything to do with your writing or anything being bad. It's just that you've got some inaccuracies in terms of the story.

First, Maverick Hunters "died out" a couple of hundred years before this story begins. The timeline talks about its formation and the Protogen War. MH died out at the end of that war. So it's unlikely that your character would have joined up to MH and then joined SX.

Moreover, "New Generation" Reploids were not around during the time of MH. Back then, they had more "Megaman-like" Reploids. NG Reploids are far more humanoid, so the two wouldn't cross over like that (at least in historical terms).

Secondly, your character's name and description really don't keep in with the context of the story. Abob Ttef is just Boba Fett backwards...it doesn't seem to gel with the story/theme in any sense. And your character picture is a Star Wars based guy...not a NG Reploid. As you can see from my character picture (and Chaos/Domon's, too) you'll see that I'm going for a modern/urban anime/manga-themed style. These characters also don't wear any elaborate armor at this point.

So yeah, that's something worth noting. If you want to change your sign-up, that's no problem...I'll happily re-evaluate it. I'd never say no to a great writer like yourself, when it comes to giving you more chances to get in. ~_^

Oh and Baron Samedi...you are in. I think your sign-up is good.[/color]
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[sped together] Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! [/sped together] ^_^;; And sorry if it?s slightly scrappy, but a) I haven?t done this since, well, forever and b) I?ve rewrote it thrice.


[b]Name:[/b] Yang Tao

[b]Callsign:[/b] Cannon

[b]Age:[/b] 16 Years, Two Months, Seven Days

[b]Appearance:[/b] Graceful, yet powerful, Yang is an interesting sight to behold.

Standing at exactly six (6) foot, Yang could very well be considered handsome, even angelic. Always standing in a peaceful stance, even when in situations where such a footing might not seem appropriate, he doesn?t appear any more threatening then the next reploid.

Short black hair adorns his head, and his eyes are pure white, looking rather magical. In normal situations, he wears a shirt and trousers, both blindingly white.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ever heard of Yin and Yang? Well, Yang Tao is, as his name suggests, the personification of Yang.

The polar opposite of his brother, Yang could be considered an angel in terms of personality. He is kind, caring, a true gentlemen, ect ? in the simplest terms, ?good?. He always speaks politely, even when in conversation with the worst of the worst. Not in any situation does he let anger overcome him, or even become apparent. His mind is a calm ocean, always clear, never cloudy.

He is also incredibly intelligent, the brain of the Tao Twins. Not many things escape his watchful eye.

It may interest you why such a peaceful being is skilled in combat, or even wishes to participate in it. In truth, he much prefers to avoid conflict, using diplomacy to set things straight. But he is one to realise such things only work to such an extent, and when all other options fail, is willing to use force to stop those with evil intents.

While he respects and cares for his brother, he is constantly aware of Yin?s darker personality. While the larger Twin might still fight for the forces of good, he is but a step from changing sides, and Yang is ever constantly keeping his eye on his other half, keeping him from straying further from the path.


Cannon is a rather unique reploid, in that he was manufactured, instead of born. Created in tandem with his brother, Brawl, by Khan Labs, a Novus Concordia funded company, Cannon is one half of a prototype team, specifically designed for use by the Novus Concordia Defence Department.

Basing their work on extensive designs given to the Novus Concordia government (by an individual or individuals who have never been named), Khan Labs scientists created the two Tao twins, giving them the ability to merge as one for short periods of time.

Once activated, Yang underwent extensive tests, before he and Yin successfully activated their merger program in a monitored experiment. (Of note, of all the reploids created after Yin and Yang with the gestalt ability, none have survived the merging process). Following the extensive educational and physical training that came next, the pair was put into active service in the NCDD, working in the field.

With the set up of Sygnosis X, the two were transferred into the special task force.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] [I]Sygnosis X[/I]

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]

[b] [u] Variable Rifle - [/u] [/B]

A white, sleek, but rather large rifle, with one medium sized barrel and several smaller barrels. The VR can fire various gas, liquid, solid and energy projectiles, making it the weapon for most scenarios.

[*] [B] Plasma Option - [/b] The VR can fire off blasts of plasma, akin to that from busters. Quick bursts, charged blasts and unstable, explosive blobs.
[*] [B] Fire Option - [/b] The VR is able to be used as a flamethrower of sorts, as well as fire off superheated gases and long-range flame blasts.
[*] [B] Electric Option - [/b] Electricity is another firing alternative, from low voltage bolts, high voltage blasts to medium voltage scatter shots and continuous, if low voltage, beams.
[*] [b] Ice Option - [/b] The VR can eject super cooled gases, which when used in the proper situations, can freeze objects, or parts of them, for varied periods of time. The gases can also be turned into a solid once leaving the gun, making them effective long-range shards.
[*] [b] Sonic Option - [/b] Yes, sound waves are yet another alternative. While not as effective as other attacks, they can cause damage to aged circuits not protected against such things, as well as disorientate those listening.
[*] [b] Gravity Option - [/b] Using the latest technology, pulses of gravitational forces may be fired, sending targets tumbling to the floor, and flying back slightly, depending on the power of the force.
[*] [b] Explosive Projectile Option - [/b] While crude compared to the latest advances in weaponry, missiles and rockets are yet another option. Using a variety of propulsion systems, such as gravitational engines, they can be remotely controlled to home in on a target and explode, but due to its nature, can be knocked off course by various methods.

The nature of the VR allows for additional weapon options to be installed and programmed into it.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b]

[b] [u] Triton-B Pistol - [/u] [/B]

A simple looking pistol, the T-B, keeping in theme with the VR, has multiple modes of fire, but contains far less of them, as well as less power.

[*] [b] Plasma - [/b] With a plasma pack, the T-B can easily fire off low power bolts of energy. Like with the others, the pack can be detached from the handle and replaced.
[*] [b] Triton-B - [/b] The Triton-B pack, which gave the pistol it?s name, allows the gun to fire off the sticky and acidic substance Triton-B. Contact with T-B, while far from fatal, can cause minor damage as it gnaws away at the substance. When affected by high or low temperatures, it can explode.
[b]Defensive Capability:[/b]
[*] [b] Replication - [/b] Using powerful scanning technology, Cannon can copy weapon systems of unconscious or dead reploids, then construct and download a replication into his Variable Rifle.

[b]Name:[/b] Yin Tao

[b]Callsign:[/b] Brawl

[b]Age:[/b] 16 Years, Two Months, Seven Days

[b]Appearance:[/b] Towering, intimidating, deadly.

At a height of twelve (12) foot, Yin is like your average, modern reploid, but twice the size. Very filled out, with practically every space inch of his body covered by bulging synthetic muscles, ?Brawl? is a very fearful sight to behold.

His head, large enough to match his equally large form, is bald, though a plate of gold is always present upon the very top, attached to his head very tightly. His eyes are black orbs, miniature black holes in appearance, his mouth menacing when opened, baring his teeth.

His fists are gigantic, actually slighter larger than they should be - well, when compared to his two-times-larger-than-normal body. His feet are equally gigantic, and as expressed before, his torso, arms and legs scream strength and power.

In normal situations, he wears a sleeveless black shirt, about a size too small, making it appear as if one slight movement could tear it. Black trousers adorn his legs, though when compared to the shirt, they?re actually incredibly baggy. And lastly, a pair of white slippers, appearing metallic, rest upon his feet. Or something that appears similar to that, at least.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ever heard of Yin and Yang? Well, Yin Tao is, as his name suggests, the personification of Yin.

As close to crossing the line between good and evil as possible, he?s only barely held in the land of the good guys by his brother, Yang. Merciless, unforgiving and unrelenting, he enjoys carnage and chaos more then anything else. Every time an opportunity to bash some heads in shows itself, he launches himself right into action. He has no manners, and he barely follows the rules set out in front of him.

By far the ?attack now, ask questions later? type, Brawl is helpless in the tactical sides of things without help from his brother. He easily falls into traps, rushing head first into situations. In fact, he doesn?t show too much intelligence, usually letting his brother do the thinking.


Brawl is a rather unique reploid, in that he was manufactured, instead of born. Created in tandem with his brother, Cannon, by Khan Labs, a Novus Concordia funded company, Cannon is one half of a prototype team, specifically designed for use by the Novus Concordia Defence Department.

Basing their work on extensive designs given to the Novus Concordia government (by an individual or individuals who have never been named), Khan Labs scientists created the two Tao twins, giving them the ability to merge as one for short periods of time.

Once activated, Yin underwent extensive tests, before he and Yang successfully activated their merger program in a monitored experiment. (Of note, of all the reploids created after Yin and Yang with the gestalt ability, none have survived the merging process). Following the extensive educational and physical training that came next (though Brawl was noted not doing well in the educational part), the pair was put into active service in the NCDD, working in the field.

With the set up of Sygnosis X, the two were transferred into the special task force. Though Brawl, with his violent tendencies, is constantly, if secretly, monitored.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] [I]Sygnosis X[/I]

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]
[*] [b] Melee - [/b] Carrying no weapons apart from his T-Shield (read on), Brawl relies on his own fists, feet and other body parts in combat. While not overly agile, his strength is second to none, and his manual dexterity is surprisingly good. By far the sort of person to keep your distance from.
[b]Secondary Weapon / Defensive Capability:[/b]
[*] [b] T-Shield - [/b] Made from a mix of dense and sturdy materials, the T-Shield is both a handy defensive device and secondary weapon. Fitted upon Brawl?s head when not in use, the T-Shield can extend in size once off it, becoming large enough to protect even someone of Brawl?s stature, providing he kneels. Its bladed edges and tough surface make it a handy hitting device.
---------------[b] Merged Form [/b]---------------------

[b]Name:[/b] N/A

[b]Callsign:[/b] Tao

[b]Age:[/b] N/A


By some strange means, Tao is in fact /smaller/ then Brawl, let alone Brawl and Cannon combined. At nine (9) foot, five (5) inches, the gestalt combines Brawl?s power with Cannon?s speed, looking very fearsome indeed.

It?s head is completely covered by a smooth helmet, the only gap at the eyes, where golden orbs rest. It?s body, while not as bulging as Brawl, still appears to hold great brute strength. A cannon, appearing similar to the Variable Rifle, is mounted upon his right arm, and upon his left is the T-Shield, but in it?s retracted position.

[b]Personality:[/b] Yin and Yang combined?

Tao is a strange being, the product of two minds put together as one. The light of Cannon?s mind is combined with the darkness of Brawl?s mind. The end result is interesting, to say the least.

?He? combines the best points of both brothers; Brawl?s aggression, Cannon?s compassion, and so on.

[b]Biography:[/b] N/A

[b]Affiliation:[/b] [I]Sygnosis X[/I]

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]
[*] [b] Variable Cannon - [/b] (see above) Identical in use and abilities with Cannon?s Variable Rifle, the only difference between the two is it?s name, and the fact it?s mounted on Tao?s right arm.
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b]
[*] [b] Celestial Sword - [/b] While just a generic beam sabre, it?s large blade, and ability to send waves of energy from it with a simple swipe, makes the Celestial Sword just that tiny bit more deadly.
[b]Defensive Capability:[/b]
[*] [b] T-Shield - [/b] (see above) The same shield that Brawl carries; here the T-Shield is used in the exact same way.
[b] Additional Notes: [/b]

The very nature of Tao means that Yin and Yang can rarely merge into this form. The process is draining, and can sometimes be dangerous if the two aren?t focused before. So unless it?s during a significant event and you believe it should really be done, keep the two separate. :)
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[color=#707873]Mm...I don't think so, A_F. I'm really sorry, but your sign-up just doesn't seem to gel at this point.

I know you spent a while on it, but I don't want to let people into the story just because of that. Remember, this RPG series has great importance to me...I'm probably less willing to experiment in some ways. Perhaps another time.[/color]
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Okay, that's IT. If this has to go on, take it to PMs.

Now, A_F, I can see what James means. Your sign up simply doesn't seem to gel well with this specific RPG world. Being more or less descriptive has nothing to do with it. As a whole, it simply doesn't fit. I really can't think of any other way to describe it right now, but it doesn't fit.

Several things, like the Cyber Shield, just don't seem to work in this sort of environment. Sorry.

And, as I mentioned at the start, if you want to continue this, the least you can do is take it to PMs, and stop cluttering up the thread.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra Kinotaka, aka Alex

[B]Callsign:[/B] Angelus

[B]Age:[/B] 17 natural years

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Personality:[/B] Although looking beautiful and having no faults, Angelus is a straight forward, optimistic, seductive, and not to mention, intelligent reploid.

She does not give in to anything and will not go down without a fight. She has the ability to fight while she thinks. Like the quote, "Think before you speak, as well as think before you act", she thinks while she acts, but speaking is another.

Angelus is a loyal, protective, calm, somewhat quiet, and independant female. She has the guts to say something to your face as well as fighting numerous people.

She is one female reploid that is ready to take actions into her own hands and do what she must.

[B]Biography:[/B] There is no certain history about Angelus. All there was known about her was that she was found on the streets, nearly beaten to death when she was an infant reploid.

She was taken in by humans. The male was a detective at Novus Concordia Defense Department. He was a well known human teacher who taught humans, as well as Reploids. The female was a Combat/Weapons Teacher at U of H. The two humans knew quite a lot about attacks and such.

When Angelus was 5, a group of masked people came into her home and asked for her. Saying, "Give us the reploid! It is a menace and a killer." She didn't know what was going on, but the humans that took her in refused to give her away. The male, who name was Itchido Kinotaka, stayed behind and kept most of the masked men away from his wife, Yukina Kinotaka, and Angelus from getting injured.

As Yukina and Angelus ran from the home, a large explosion was heard. Yukina and Angelus kept running forward. They soon got to Yukina's other home. A reploid named Lillith Maiden was there. Yukina told Lillith Maiden to keep Angelus safe and from harm. Yukina went back to the other home that Angelus, Yukina, and Itchido lived in. When she got there, she was ambushed and killed.

Five years later, Angelus turned ten years old and learned about who she really was. She was grateful that Yukina and Itchido took her in. She knew now, what she trully wanted to do with her life. She would join a group of task force fighters and fight for the right thing.

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Sygnosis X

[B]Primary Weapon:[/B] Replication Blade- The sword that Angelus carries has a remote on the hilt that allows it to become any power that Angelus comes across.

When in the wrong hands of someone, the blade will not respond. The blade requires a DNA from Angelus. The first time Angelus touched the sword, it took a bit of DNA from her and used it to connect to her.

The Replication Blade can use combinations of other powers and create a dangerous attack.

Melee- Angelus not only lived with martial arts/combat teachers, she learned from them. She has the strength, speed, balance, and accuracy of a ninja. Therefore, she uses ninjitsu as well as other martial arts.

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] Cyclone Glaive- It is a retractible glaive that has blades retract counter clock-wise. For a picture, I will post something.

[B]Defensive Capability:[/B]
Phasing- Angelus is able to phase through certain object, but for a period of time. When she phases through large objects, it takes most of her energy to do it.

Phasing allows Angelus to go through walls, floors, locked doors, a human/reploid's body, etc. This also allows her to get information from locked cabinets, files, etc.[/size][/color]
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