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Sign Up Ruingarth: Part One- The Eye of Darkus (Big RPG)

Dragon Warrior

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First things first. This RPG is gonna be big. To start us off, watch this [URL=http://free.eh-solutions.net/real16/Part1ani.gif]animation[/URL] I made for the RPG before reading on. Otherwise, it won?t work. MEH!

Assuming that you just watched that animation, I will start with the basics of the RPG. The story from that, to sum it up, was simply that the Demon Lord ?Darkus? ruled the world from the dawn of time, enslaving all races of all kinds from Elves to Dwarves to even Men. Then, 9 sages came and whooped his arse. He was defeated and the eye of his staff was smashed. Some dude found it and it possessed him using Darkus? soul that still remained inside of it. Using this man, the staff had him cast spells on the descendants of the nine sages and turn them into nine horrible monsters to work for him. But soon, the man himself became possessed so much that he too turned into a horrible creature from where he could not wield the staff anymore. The staff was then lost. Not too long later (probably about less than a year), the staff was found again by our hero (my character) who soon learns he must use the staff to defeat the ten demons as well as destroy the staff itself before Darkus? soul returns.

What I?m looking for in signups and people of this RPG are people who can: (1) Roleplay well or decent enough not to make this sound like crap. I want this to be good. (2) Be quite creative in what they do in the RPG. Nothing all boring read and stuff that causes the other players to do a snore fest [teehee]. (3) Go with the theme. When I say this, I mean that the person plays by how Ruingarth is. They don?t make characters that are prostitutes or gothic-like people or bounty hunters. Crap, that?s not Ruingarth and I?ll explain later how you can master your character?s stats and keep with the Ruingarth spirit at the same time of customizing your chara to a good length.

Those three factors are what is going to make you get into this RPG. That?s right. For once, I?m having people sign up and I choose from them for who?s gonna be in the RPG. I don?t have ANYTHING against anyone so don?t complain to me if you don?t get chosen. It?s just for how good you roleplay and how you roleplay. Your character?s stats are BIG on getting you into this. It also shows how well you describe such and how creative you can really be as well as showing Ruingarth potential.

This is the first of a three-part series (note the ?Part One? in the title) so people who are chosen in this one are most likely gonna show up in the next two. That means if you signup here, you will have to be prepared to signup in the next one. In any case, we can kill off their character if they don?t wish to be in the next two, but that makes it ugly so please don?t sign up if you?re not up for being in sequels.

I guess that?s enough jabbering. I?ll get into some stuff on Ruingarth and it?s people and culture and crap. It?ll help you customize your chara to the best that you can and make me want YOU (not that way, you sick person >: o)

Let?s start with [b]Races[/b].

As usual, these guys make up most of the world. They are the strongest nation, but never were the wisest and best at strategizing. They often fall in battle, but go out with a bang! That?s what seems to make them strong. They are masters in weaponry, but weak in magic. In fact, men aren?t magic users after the deaths of all nine sages. Men no longer possess such ability to wield magic so they resort to the best of fighting capabilities. They are also resourceful in finding jobs like knighthood or blacksmiths.

If you are a man, keep in mind that they are often corrupted with power, but can hold back. They are weapon-users and love armor and such. Magic is not in their power. If you choose to be one, be careful. They are not always friendly.

[b]NOTE:[/b] I will allow at least one person to be human and be some kind of mage. It never hurts to have human wizards still. I may of said there hasn?t been a mage human since the nine sages, but there can be those who practice in? secret?

Forest folk! These guys are great for numerous reasons. They are wise, for one. They are agile and quick for two. And for a whopping third, magic is their best ability. They can use bow and arrow and now and then other weapons, but magic is their main source. It is rare to find an elf that can wield both magic and weapon skillfully at the same time. It?s never even. If they?re good at magic, they?re weak at weapon. Or vice versa. Their large ears help them hear great and their eyes are sharper than hawks. They are a great race, but are disliked by some, such as dwarves for example.

To be an elf is a good deal, but try not to have so many people sign up as one, please. They do have their downfalls still. They are weak in the armor and can be easily injured. Even the wise fall sometime.

Fine miners and workers as well as weaponsmiths. They are masters of the axe and can carry a wide variety of types when on journeys. They are strong, even for their stout and short size. They often aren?t the prettiest to look at, but are often the best in close combat. There are tales of dwarves beating several humans with one hand! Like said before, they dislike elves, but their culture is similar. They believe in peace even if combat is a great sport for them.

To be a dwarf, you must be able to handle a character who can be aggressive in nature, but also be kind at heart. I?m not saying you can?t make your character all happy and jumping around, but try to keep the basic fact of them not liking elves and being fierce warriors. And don?t forget how dwarves are great at weapon-making!

Nasty, little green creatures that often live in damp caves or tunnels. Old mines can be occupied by them as well. They thrive on killing and slay anything moving, even each other at times. If you run across a horde of them, it?s not unusual to be slain in an instant. You should remember that they train to kill. Killing is their life.

-You cannot be this character-

Similar to goblins and yet more hideous. Orcs were once another peaceful race called the Oralas who spent their lives healing people who passed by their lakes and streams. Then they became corrupted with power and how people mistreated their land. They soon morphed and evolved into what we know as grotesque orcs. Like goblins, they live to kill, but they still carry out lives like any other. After all, they were once Oralas and they still have a partial piece of that life left, even if the Oralas no longer exist.

-You cannot be this character-

A Vortrass is a bird-like being who is in the shape of a human. They are like men, but with bird hands and bird feet and the typical bird head, but a bit misshapen. Their wings protrude from their backs where their flowing capes have holes. The men and some women of their kind of what people call ?Guardians of the Sky? and guard sky castles or floating fortresses and temple ruins. Their homes are mountain caves high above where no man could ever live because of the lack of oxygen. It?s a mystery why they can even exist up there.

-You cannot be this character-

Lizard warriors of the jungle, they are archers who hiss past enemies at great speed and fire endless amounts of arrows. They often have some kind of poison or bag of powder at the end of each arrow to harm the foe and put more of an effect on it?s target. All that?s really known about these guys is that and how they attack travelers who enter their tribe territory. It?s unusual for one to survive a Komodo invasion.

-You cannot be this character-

I?d say more races, but where?s the fun in that? I?ll just reveal more later and say a description of them then. Now that you?ve got an idea of what type of creatures and such you can be, it?s onward to cultures and crap.

Like any medieval adventure, weapons involve axes, swords, throwing daggers, bow and arrow, etc. What I don?t wanna see is katanas and ninja stars and stuff like that. This is medieval, not Japan or China. Heh. Just wanna get that through. That also goes for character names and style of clothing. But I?ll get to that later.

When selecting weapons for your characters, remember what I said about the race they are. They do have certain weapons and such that they can use if they can use any period. Swords should consist of regular looking swords and broad swords and just swords in particular. Remember, keep it medieval. Go ahead and make your character have a sword that your father gave you or something and it?s all-powerful, but to me, that sounds kind of cheesy. It?s been done, it?s washed up. It?s cliché, that?s all =P

As for axes, that?s kind of self-explanatory. Same with bows and throwing daggers and stuff. Be creative with arrows, though, if you can. If you recall the Komodos, their arrow ends were tipped with poison or something. If an elf, why not have flaming magic arrows or whatnot. They?re danged magic users, for God sakes!

Any other kind of weapons I?ll look over and say something if they?re not to the Ruingarth type. I?m sure they will be, of course.

Once again, it depends on your race. Let?s start with humans. They can be from just plain clothing to armored. You decide. Maybe mix it up a bit. Just keep it medieval, like I always say. People here on OB often go ?Japanese? style on me and that won?t work for this RPG, I?m sorry to say. If I burst anyone?s bubble, I apologize.

Elves are authentic. They tends to dress without armor, but really nice clothing. You could say that style is everything to them. They wear clothing that catches the eye?s fancy so remember that when designing an elaborate costume. Of course, not all elves are like that. There are many types of elves. Some dress nice like I said, then there are those who dress in the Link-like getup from Zelda or Legolas look of LOTR. As such, once again, be creative and Ruingarthian.

Dwarves are big armor fans. Unless sleeping, you?ll never see dwarves without their armor. What am I saying?! They sleep with armor sometimes. Even when they eat. They are weapon and armor fans. Hardcore, baby! So that?s pretty much it right there for them.

That?s what you should keep in mind when making a character?s outfit. Go ahead and post a pic you found off the web that you like, but it must be like what I described. Dangit, I hate when I sound picky.

I?ve said it a billion times so this part is sort of useless, but Ruingarth is hardcore medieval. You can walk in and not find a trace of anything else. It?s LOTR, Zelda, Everquest, and blah blah blah all stuck together to make a damn great place. And I?m not bragging or anything. When making your character?s ways of life and such, try to keep that in mind. Not that I?m not bragging, but that it?s medieval.

Names are big in this part of this idea. I?m sure you?ll wanna go all ghetto on me for saying it too, but there?s ways of making names in this. Ruingarth is a place that doesn?t enjoy complex names, but likes ones that are unusual. You don?t hear them often.

That means make up your own.

Let?s have a special example here of good and bad names.

[b]Good Name:[/b] Winthcrow Louhatch

[b]Bad Name:[/b] Korokai Maliochi

The bad name was way too complex and Japanese for my liking. The good name was just right because it portrayed medieval at the same time of being easy to remember. In fact, I kind of fancy that name. I just made it up now. Go me!

Also, depending on what your race is, you?ll make your name a certain way. Remember these pointers:

-Elves usually have ?y? and ?s? and ?r? and ?v? in their names.
-Dwarves use ?r? and ?f and ?t? and ?w? in their names.
-Human names are common, but try to make them sound medieval. No ?Bob?. Try ?Bobothire?.

That wraps it up for culture. Just recall that your race largely affects how your character will act and their way of culture and the way they feel and react to their environment. Real deep, aye?

Age matters. Elves can be so dang old and look so dang young! Remember that! But they are not immortal, mind you. Dwarves age like men and men age like men. Well said, Gavynn. Thank you, Gavynn.

This really is just for elves and the one man mage if we have one. Magic is useful in battle and you can make it power, but don?t make it God-like. Casting a spell that wipes out a whole army is bad roleplaying to my taste because it makes you seem invincible. Then again, if you add an after-effect like you goes unconscious for a day, that?s cool. Or maybe you unleash the best spell of all time in place of your life. You can be creative with this stuff. Make spells that do special effects aside from making elemental shiz like a lightning bolt shocking the bejezus out of a guy.

Medieval! *shakes fist*

Woo! This is a big part of the chapter. The world is vast. The world is dark and yet peaceful. The world is frickin? medieval! As such, give it a type of LOTR effect, if you please. In a way, that?s what I picture it. It can beautiful here and there, then you take a step into the woods, trip over a root protruding from the ground, tumble down a little steep hill and you?re BAM! In the evil warlord?s clutches. Of course, that probably wouldn?t happen, but it?s just an idea.

One wants to give a gloomy effect to a dark place. One wants to give beauty to a happy place like an Elven Kingdom. That?s just common roleplaying sense. If you roleplay well, you know how to make an area the way you want. Go ahead and get crazy with creative ideas. Make this RPG have vast worlds that no one could just dream up. Make it different from anything else. And yet?

? make it medieval. *shakes fist again*

[u][I]History of Characters[/i][/u]
Pay attention, youngins. This is an important part. This is what?s gonna get you into the RPG aside from the rest of your signup. This is most important, let?s just say. For one thing, always follow how your character?s race is. Keep to that, but at the same time, be unique. Don?t be afraid to venture a bit to the wild side. Give your character an interesting occupation to start off with or whatnot. It may link with the story better.

Giving your character a good past is fantastic. That gives you a good boost in my ?I-Like-You-I-Think-I-Will-Let-You-In-My-RPG meter?. The more original and unique, the better for you. And if you?re gonna go the way of ?I have no past. I can?t remember it, blah blah blah,? have a good reason to back it up and make sure to tell me what it is. You don?t have to put the reason in the signup, but please contact me somehow whether it be by IM or PM. Because the blank past idea is used too often without good reason. My character for one, is using it, but his reason is original. I will explain more when I post my own signup.

[u][I]Linking To The Story[/i][/u]
You don?t have to necessarily add this into your profile when you sign up, but if you want, you can. You need to think of a good way to get with the group to fight Darkus. Just walking along in the woods one day and meeting the party and saying ?Why, a dark demon lord, you say? I?ll slay him too? is not that catchy. Who would be DUMB enough to risk their life to slay a dark lord for no apparent reason? Me, for one, but I?m just stupid.

Anywho, good thing to plan.

[u][I]I like Mashed Potatoes[/i][/u]
Well, I do!

[u][I]Way of Posting[/i][/u]
Well, it?s obvious when you post, you must be creative and descriptive. A good roleplayer makes up a good RPG. If they can follow the theme and always pull something new and original out of their as? fault-covered carrying case, then they are a good addition to the story. I?m looking for these kinds of peeps and if you?re one of them, you have a damn good chance. Booyah!

No spamming or two sentence posts. If you are a good roleplayer, then you must know that two paragraphs is the limit. And I mean, well built paragraphs. Nothing like this:

Gavynn walked up to George and said, ?Why, hello there George.?

George sneered.

Boo! If you are a good roleplayer, this isn?t a problem for you! So merf to you!

Ha! No one in this RPG (not even me) is all-powerful. Except maybe the monsters and Darkus. We are all equal. In fact, I can?t really say I?m the main character. Scratch that if I said it before because I?m not. I carry the staff. Big whoop. We are all big characters in this and the story runs around us all. Sure, you can have a heroic part here and there, but don?t make it so you run around and go ?Me slay youz and youz and youz? oh! And youz! Can?t forget youz!? because that makes you look like an ***.

I?ve already mentioned this all before, I believe under magic. We are not Gods, here. Just normal characters. So merf to you!

[u][I]I forgot to say this before in the ?Way of Posting? Thingy[/i][/u]
Make sure not to post script style. This is script style:

Gavynn: I are the sexah beast!

George: Oh yeah? *slays Gavynn*

Gavynn: That?s it! We?re not friends anymore! :sad:

George: I didn?t mean it!

God, no, please. Let?s try posting as if you?re writing a story. I may wanna keep this like a book when it?s over. Maybe rewrite it and publish it and give us all credit (yeah right!). But mostly make it story form since it?s the best way to read and the script form is so plain and not that descriptive. Leaves out a crap load of creativity.

THAT IS ALL. You guys are the best. Now, after reading this, you are probably thinking, ?I read all that and this guy is very picky and I hate him, but he loves Mashed Potatoes.? Well, if you?re not thinking that, sign up *wink*wink*

[u][I]Sign Up Sheet[/i][/u]
Well, it?s not a sheet, but? shut up!

[b]Name:[/b] (Your character Name)

[b]Age:[/b] (Age matters on how your character acts. Remember this)

[b]Race:[/b] (Humans, Elves, or Dwarves)

[b]Weapons:[/b] (if any, you can have 2. If a dwarf, you can have up to 5 different axes. Make sure to describe each one briefly. If an elf with bad weapon skills and good magic, you can only have one weapon.)

[b]Outfit:[/b] (What they wear)

[b]Magic:[/b] (if elvish or mage man. You can have 3 starter spells if you choose an elf who?s skilled with magic and not weapons. You can choose one starter spell if you chose an elf with bad magic and good weapon skills.)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (aside from clothing and weapons, what does your character look like. Eyes, hair, etc. This is where a picture can be posted.)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (what they do. If no job, what they do to survive or hobbies)

[b]Description:[/b] (personality and way of life)

[b]History:[/b] (Their past and goals of the future. This can be where you post how they meet the group. It?s probably best to keep that until the RPG starts since your idea may change as the RPG does)

[b]Likes:[/b] (This is just for fun. To get to know your chara more)

[b]Dislikes:[/b] (Ditto)

[b]Style:[/b] (Want your chara to be different in some way? Here you can post how they speak or the way they walk or whatnot. Something uncanny. Anything else would be description or appearance or even History. Have a look at this example below of a way of talking.)

?He ?ad a way of livin?, but I don?ten unnerstan? ?im.?

For those who don?t know what the hell I just said, I said ?He had a way of living, but I don?t understand him.? Try not to make talk so thick that we can?t understand XD

THAT IS ALL. If I think of anything new to add, I?ll put it under the ?New? Category. The newest will be in red. Check back at this topic to see if I add anything. HAVE FUN, DARNIT!

Medieval? *shakes fist*

Nothing yet.

[b]NOTE:[/b] I need at least 4 others.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Kell Chi-Rho

Age: 19

Race: Human

Weapons: Cherrrywood stave, also sometimes uses her two daggar/hairpins laced with laburnum oil.

Outfit: Long black shawl, sometimes used to channel her magic through, form fitting tunic, and black leather boots. In the way of jewelry, she keeps the usual assortment of silver pendants and earrings and chokers.

Magic: Three starter spells, as perscribed by the great Mystical Man Gavyn himself.

Divining Eye: Gives her supernatural sight, to peer into the soul and mind of any mortal, or partway immortal.

Lord of Nightmares: Just what it sounds like.

Ignious Toreno: The generic looking fire blast.

Appearance: see attatched picture. Hair is dark brown, eyes are silver when using magic, honey when not. Skin is as pale as it looks, but not lacking lusture.

Occupation: Dancer; She dances for money when the times are tough, but otherwise does very little other than leech off her uncle.

Description: A wanderer by nature, usually kills small animals for fun. J/k. Actually, she's very sweet and kind, but when she dosen't know, or doesn't trust you, you'd have more luck talking heart to heart with a rock. She can be cold and uncarring, but actually hates showing her soft interior. So....you'd be better off contending with her sarcasm than to do little else.

History: She was born to a rather well to do family and was also initiated in the secret rites of the Tristae witches when young. This marked her as a holy assassin for life, although she is far more comfortable doing what she loves best, and that would be work her magic quietly. She specializes in sublte skills, but has the power for devastating blows.

This makes her extremely good for defensive and offensive magic. Her defenses are generally very good, and she's a fast learner. As for her wandering, she'll take any job that comes her way, provided it suits her interests. If she were to meet up with the staff holder, it would finally give her life some Direction and Purpose. Which would be something she's been lacking up till now.

Likes: Walking in the rain, calm quiet peace, white wine, and twilight.

Dislikes: Noisy men, boistrous crowds in smokey pubs, bad beer, and blinding sunlight.

Style: Sarcastic and witty by nature, has no visible accent. But can speak in an archaic form of Crystaline.[/COLOR]
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I'm up for it, if I'm allowed in.

[b]Name:[/b] Esthil Morenwood
[b]Age:[/b] 243
[b]Race:[/b] Elven
[b]Weapon:[/b] A light, one-handed sword with a small glowing enchanted jewel embedded in the hilt for decoration. (I have to say "enchanted" in an RPG like this somewhere, don't I? ~_^)
[b]Outfit:[/b] Wears light leather armor under a green cape that shines on the underside when revealed to direct sunlight. Under that is a dark brown shirt which reaches down to under his belt (But isn't a tunic. *squinty eyes* The shirt just goes down rather far.), which is bronze and bears his family's emblem on it. (The emblem is a long dragon wrapped around a tree with daggers in hand) Wears rather tight (But not skin tight) brown pants, which reach down into his worn leather boots which reach up to about his knee. The holder for his sword is on his belt's right side (He's right handed, if that's required info).
[b]Magic:[/b] 2 starter spells: (He has moderate swordsman skills)
--The Wrath of Flames-- His sword is is magically heated so that it feels as if it was just cooling after being forged. It adds an extra nasty touch to the slice of his blade.
--Shield of Light-- (It's a metaphorical shield, more like a barrier, but I think shield sounded cooler.) Protects Esthil and those around him from most direct attacks for approximately 3 minutes.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Short dark brown hair and gray-blue eyes that seem to be rather lively.
[b]Occupation:[/b] An apprentice to the messenger of the Elven Lord Ilsoriv, his master has recently fallen ill, leaving Esthil to do all of his work for the time being. He also enjoys practicing fencing with others in his spare time.
[b]Description:[/b] A charming, outgoing young man, (Young for an Elf) who is sometimes so optimistic and cheery that he excruciatingly irritates others without really being aware of it. In the heat of battle, however, he tends to be more quiet.
[b]History:[/b] Heir of an Elven family with rich heritage, he was sent to work for Alorem Melshire, messenger for his Elven kingdom's lord. Through his travels he has met many various people of various races and cultures, and has learned how to act around certain species when the need arises. He has not heard from his parents in 50 years now, and has pondered over the reason for that in the back of his mind for several months now. However, when his master fell ill, the thoughts came out more, and he has been thinking of little other than this during most of his free time.
[b]Likes:[/b] Those who respect him for his work.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Those who treat him poorly.
[b]Style:[/b] When he fights he partially acts as if those around watching him are his audience in some sort of performance of his. He is very acrobatic in his maneuvers and speaks in a rather nonchalant manner.

Sample: "Ello there. Whatcha up to?"

Hopefully you all could understand that, but if you didn't, here's a translation:

"Hello there. What are you up to?"
Well, that's about it.. DW said I can add some stuff to my profile before the RPG actually starts if the need arises or if I think of anything new.. I'll be sure to put new stuff in bold or something like that. ^_^

I pretty much just changed some words around.. I changed Gavynn to DW for length reasons (Heh, I guess you could say length reasons) and took out a few words in my character's description.
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[color=crimson][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Lekitas Yorfeindaiys (ummm... Your-fin-dios Oo wow, that was hard even for me to describe OO)

[b]Age:[/b] 25 (looks 17)

[b]Race:[/b] Elf

[b]Weapons:[/b] A bow and arrow. The bow and arrow set were given to Lekitas when young from her mother; "my gift to you," she said. "Is a bow of the Miraveist. Worthy of the skill of our woodland kin." Lekitas took the bow and arrow with pride and observed the form. An excellent bow and arrow set, the arrows with a beautiful arrange of silver feather with an amber tint to it, and the bow long about five feet length, a black coating, arching at a perfect angle. The finest quality of Elvin bow and arrow weaponry of all forests (just a mini story of how she got it ^^) and two edge blades (the kind Legolas has ^^ not so sure what they're called O o")

[b]Outfit:[/b] A forest green tunic with a glossy, silk look to it (Kind of like a felt feeling Again, like Legolas?s things) and a cape and hat of the same material (a hat like Link's from Legend of Zelda) and pants also of the same material, and are a tucked in to her boots making them seem baggy at some point. A light brown belt wrapping around her chest, made of a leather-like substance, and two black wrist guards, with a design of her home castle, with the brown belt wrapped around her, attached to the large pouched arrow holder holding thousands of arrows, some that magically light on fire, and ice, then those of the normal kind. Black boots that are made of the same material as her clothes, but a bit tougher, a silver shirt beneath her tunic, made of the finest silk within the Elvin race, and a black belt wrapped around her waist, with the same design of her wrist guards.
(I?ll draw a picture and post later ^^ that should make things clear for you)

[b]--Curer of the Elf--[/b] Strong Elvin magic from her woodland clan. Can heal many bad cuts, and scars no matter how bad.

[b]--Elf Eye--[/b]The arrows Lekitas carries, uses this magic spell to add speed, and accuracy to the arrow itself causing a strong, brutal impact on enemies.

(Two magic spells are fine, and all I can think of Oo)

[b]Appearance:[/b] A beautiful Elvin princess, of the Elfeisalen forest. With, long, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Long pointy ears (of course! ^^) she has bushy-like blonde eyebrows, she has a serious face, and her right ears pierced at the lobe. A selected area of her hair behind her ears is braided and goes to the back of her hair and both ands from each side are tied together while the rest hangs limply and straight; with light brown streaks going through, barely noticeable.

[b]Occupation:[/b] She is a excellent archer and is the leader of the archers within her clan. She controls the archers and is also the heir to the throne of her clan. She is the princess but remains to act as if she is of no importance to keep safe from any harm. She arches for hobby, and guards the main gates in to Elfeisalen. She also can give orders to the creatures within the Elfeisalen forests.

[b]Description:[/b] A serious person. She also has a sarcasm problem when in the presence of an enemy. She also has a wild battle style, like using her shield to slide down stairs while shooting her arrows. She also tries very hard to hold back feelings and tears, her position is a serious role and of none other. She can act odd at times, and is quiet unless she needs to speak up. She?s the eyes sharper than a hawk, and ears that hear for miles, and sometimes can get strange senses from her surroundings when danger is near.

[b]History:[/b] Within the wonderful, beautiful, peaceful castle of Elfeisalen; The water glowed like silver and the falls flowed peacefully. The place filled with joy and kindness, the castle was large, and had a fortress made of living trees standing before the gate, and the people always willing to help? But, the years passed and a war broke out, a dark force had surrounded the castle of Elfeisalen and ruined the woods which they belonged; her father also the leader of the Elvin troops at the time, but was shot down before Lekitas?s very eyes by the enemy archers. By a slight push of luck to the Elves, they won the fierce battle losing most of their population within the area. Since that day, she vowed to avenge the death of her father and works to that goal. She planned years after waiting for the day when a group of another clan would come and help her avenge her father, and bring the evil to her knees, She left the castle to her brother and mother then traveled alone to try and find others who would join her clan of Elves and help them defeat the evil force.

[b]Likes:[/b] The thrill of battle, and feel for her bow and arrows makes her happy, and to laugh at the silliest of things. She also loves to hurt those who jump ahead of themselves, mainly those who are hard headed ^^ she has also likes having her fun during battle by doing new, crazy tricks to show off making her seem superior.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Jokes of her kind, and friends, also of how a female warrior has disadvantages in battle. These things burn strongly within her causing her to scream rage and give no mercy.

[b]Style:[/b] She tries to do things in a hyper style, just like a teenager would, like, (as mentioned above) using her shield to slide down stairs while shooting her arrows, or a wild style like that. She's a little clumsy too. She tends to mess up on her tricks and get herself in to BIG trouble. She has wits and no fear of nothing, well? if she?s face to face with an Orc? that?s different she would probably cower and run like a baby and look for protection from allies (great leader huh? Lol) She loves taunts, and is quick since she?s a little smaller than most (not too short; not too small Oo?)

[b]"Thou hast crossed a line! You've played with my bow long enough! Now feel my arrow of hate pierce your heart of hatred!"[/b]

[b]"Heeeeeey, were those arrows aimed at meeeeee?"[/b]

[b]"My mind draws of chibi me in blanks Oo"[/b] (she sees ina childish style in mind; little crayon chibi drawings when she?s gone a little overboard, or is confused ^^)

(Heh, just a few styles, She's a serious kind. But in a funny way ^^)[/color][/size]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Name: Rali Kreigyr

Age: 29

Race: Dwarf!

Weapons: Twin handaxes - About a foot long in total, with four inch crescent blades. Lochaber - Big, very big, axe. The haft is about four foot long, and the single blade is nearly a foot in length, and six inches at its widest point. Also crescent shaped. Battle Axe - About two and a half feet long. Has a typical heavy axe blade on one side, and a round, flat hammer like object on the other, for the backswing. I'll cut yer legs off, then break yer damn fool skull as ye fall!

Outfit: Chain mail, without coif. The mail is tightly locked, but supple, and forms a perfect shirt. Starts just below his waist, and stops over the shoulders, covers the upper arms and stops just before the elbows. Wears leather bracers on his forearms. Metal, supple plate gauntlets for his hands. A heavy helmet, with nose-guard and cheek plates that stop at the outer edge of his eyes (though on his cheeks, so an inch below his eyes), rather than a visor. The helmet, of course, has two large horns on it, believed to be minotour's. A pair of sturdy leather breeches, with greaves, and hard soled, hobnailed, battle boots.

Magic: None, aisiding a little...personal charm, if ye get m' drift....

Appearance: About four foot tall, and that's tall for dwarf. His skin is slightly brown, tanned more by years at the forge than by the sun. His hair, and complimentary (very, very complimentary in his opinion) beard are heavy, large, and very, very red. His hair is normally worn free, and its wildness makes him look like a hillman or berserker. His beard hands down almost to his belt. He's very, very well muscled, even for a dwarf, and is quite literally as tough as the steel he forges. His eyes are blue, and filled with an inner fire.

Occupation: Blacksmith. Forger of fine steel and weapons, capable a' breakin' goblin hide or pasty elf skin with ease!

Description: Rali idealises nearly everything a good dwarf wants to be. He's a forger of metals, he loves a good ale, a fine story, and a fierce fight. He's generally easy going with friends, but remains very distrustful of those he doesn't know. Dwarven trust is hard to earn, but rock-solid. His sense of humour seems to be amusing only to dwarves, and they're also the only ones who appreciate the gravelly ballads he occasionally belts out, usually under the influence of that good ale (of course, most of the other patrons are by that time either on the floor or waking up the next morning...Weak as water!). He has a lot of respect for wisdom and intelligence, possesses quite a bit of the former, and a modest amount of the later, but still won't hesitate to simply pull a large axe and hit things with it. He certainly doesn't take much too seriously, though can be as stoic as the situation calls for.

History: Rali grew up in the forge, and that's where he wants to stay. However, the great dwarven underground kingdom of Raggoth Grathen has been running into a few problems. Situated under a huge mountain, the side of the mountain, and lower caverns below the dwarven city, are home to goblins and orcs. Normally, these feral creatures are no match for the hardened dwarven army, but lately they've appeared in numbers too great for the dwarves to match. Rali, being a highly respected member of the community by both the common folk and the elders and clerics, was designated to travel to the surface, and determine whether some human or elven army has been pushing the orcs and goblins into the dwarven realm, or whether it is something darker....Rali is a trained warrior, like all dwarves, and strong and hardy even by their standards, and well-versed in dwarvish lore (though he knows little about daily surface life), so he really was the best suited to the job. He worked day and night at his forge to outfit himself for the journey, then set out, carrying only his weapons and armour and provisions. And a small blacksmith hammer, just in case a small village happens to have a spare anvil...

Likes: Ale! And axes! And hackin' at skinny elves! And a good long tale in the long hall during winter, and a good glowin' piece of fine steel, and a hammer in me hand!

Dislikes: Elves! Weak, pasty little critters. And goblins and orcs. And bathing! Bathing is for elves...

Style: Style eh....Anything from "I dinnae ken what yer talkin' aboot!" to "Where's me drink?" to "I KILL YOU, I KILL YOU ALL!", depending on mood.... (OOC: Gods, it's going to get difficult typing in that accent....)[/font][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kaede-san [/i]
[B][color=midnightblue][size=1]She also has a wild battle style, like using her shield to slide down stairs while shooting her arrows.[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE]


Anywho, these are great. Keep 'em coming. My mind is swimming with ideas and who meets my requirements or not :)
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Name: Harmonia Gibbleson

Age: 16

Race: Human

Weapons: two daggers with golden hilts, woven with black and silver in a criss-cross style. Each one is topped with a gem, the one used in the right hand with a ruby, the one used in the left hand with a saffire. The blades are coated with bees-wax and have a slight off-white colouring.

Outfit: A purple straight cut dress flows gently down her young body and blue embroyderary gently winds it's way around the bottom part of the dress, forming the shapes of long winding dragons and tree branches. An armoured body plate, appearing to be made of a very light weight gold, rests across her front which is embosed in a criss-cross style similar to that of her daggers.

Her arms are bare, with just a piece of blue material wrapped around her left arm hiding a scar. she wears plain brown leather gloves which are fingerless and have a star cut out on the back and the palm of the hand.

Magic: none, unfortunatly

Appearance: brown bobbed hair, which is tied back with a silver hair band that not only loops around her head but falls over backwards and flows freely down her back, splitting into two.

Blue eyes which seem to search deep within everyones soul and a pale brown skin colour, giving her the air of mystery.

Occupation: Roadwarnen on some of the more uncharted paths of the world. Her basic jon is protect those that travell on her assaigned paths but these have led to more and more dark and danerous paths...so she has moved further a field, trying to get into a better and more potent occupation, like a squire.

Description: Harmonia is a very strange young lady of the road, given her time she has a fair amount of knowledge as to the workings of the trade routes and where they go. She has a rather harsh and partically dry sense of humour that can sometimes land her in trouble with many of her 'employees'. She appears to be good natured and a little bit hyper at times, but she does have a darker side.

If someone is stupid enough to try and hurt her in any form, she has been known to kill, wound and even mame persons and she can hold grudes for a very long time. Not so quick to anger as to hate but if you ever do her wrong....just watch your back.

History: Harmonia was abandoned in the wilderness as a baby by her parents. She would have surely died if it had not been for a passing group of knights who discovered the young child and took her into their care. They travelled far and wide over the world and taught Harmonia her first words and steps. They named her as well, saying that she was a reason for harmony in the group and they were also told by a fourtune teller that she would glow with the radiance of Onia - a flower that grows only once every century and is meant to bring truth and light to those who witness it.

Shortly after this prediction, the knights were captured and tried for treason against the state. Harmonia was removed from this as she was to young to know what was going on and was passed from pillar to post for any price that her masters and mistresses could see fit for her. She never found anyone who was willing to keep her by them for long and subsequently she ended up feeling guilt if she out-stayed her welcome with anyone.

Eventually, after much deliberation, she was given as a payment to a Roadwarden by the name of Gibliseon who taught her the ways and rules of the road. Since a Roadwarden's job is usually done alone, Harmonia was soon left to her own ends and to make her money where she could.

The darkness has warned her that it is time to move on and she now heads to the towns and villiages, in search of somewhere to properly call 'home'.

Likes: Jesington - her horse and most loyal friend, water, the silent country roads with nothing but a pack on your back and no where to go

Dislikes: people who try and swindel, abuse, insult, cheat, steal or backstab her.

Style: She is very delicate in talking and will often be very quiet and surreal. "I believe that these times are indeed dark and dangerous...the ground beneath me tells me so" is very much her manner of talking, adding to her mysterious character and nature.

hope that's okay...it took me ages to do this.
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[b]Name:[/b] Aaron Barlow

[b]Age:[/b] 37

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[list][i]Lorangalth-[/i] A short sword forged from pure steel. The hilt and handle is a bronze/steel hybrid material. There is etching in the shape of vines about 1/3 up it's two foot blade.
[i]Crossbow-[/i] A simple crossbow that loads simple arrows. It's made of wood from the Ash tree. The thread is black and woven from yak hair. -_-[/list]

[b]Outfit:[/b] Aaron wears a suit of steel mesh underneath of his mostly bland clothing. On his head he wears a olive colored bandana and a scarf of sorts around his neck. On his upperbody he wears a simple brown shirt that is tattered in many places, yet has been patched to hide his armor. An overcoat of faded brown leather covers the shirt and hangs down to about midleg. His pants are old leather that has been torn and repaired several times over. He wears a pair of black elvish boots. On his left hand he wears a silver ring with a red stone embedded in the top. On his right, a braclet made of dried, woven grasses.

[b]Magic:[/b] N/A

[b]Appearance:[/b] Aaron is rather tanned from being outside most of his life. His tan stops right above his elbows/knees. His face is scarred but strong. He has lightbrown hair and strikingly pale blue eyes. His facial hair is kept down to a stubble when possible. His hands are rough from the near-constant forest adventures.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Farmer

[b]Description:[/b] Aaron usually keeps to himself and only fights to protect himself. He is calm and calculating, and usually the last to react. An overall nice guy, but he has a rather large power-hungry streak.
Aaron owns a small plot of land and farms potatoes. He likes potatoes.

[b]History:[/b] When Aaron was young his parents were rather wealthy. They owned a house of comfortable size, and had money to spend. Often they would go into town and purchase exotic spices and other useless items. They bought him anything he wanted, which wasn't much. All Aaron wanted to do, from a very young age, was to explore. As an infant he would sneak out of his room and wander the house. As a toddler he would leave his home and explore the farm. In his teenage years he often left for days into the forest that bordered his families farm. He had several run-ins with local wildlife, not to mention a few thieves and mauraders.

On one rather remarkable occasion, he came upon an Elven settlement. They welcomed him, the lost human child, into their care and fed him. They gave him shelter for the few days he stayed. Aaron was quite sad to leave the Elven settlement. When he did leave, they gave him a pair of boots endowed with magic to never become too small or wear out. He treasured them always.

When he was almost ready to leave his home, at the age of eighteen, his father died from a bacterial infection. He was forced, by his morality, to stay with his mother and help her to maintain the farm. Seven years later, she also died, but from natural causes.

Aaron could never bring himself to part with his home. Even though his dreams are big and his hunger for power large.

[b]Likes:[/b] A good potato stew, beef, brunette women, coffee, schorching sunlight,
and the outdoors.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Close quarters, confinement, and ale.

[b]Style:[/b] He is an incredibly hard worker.
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True Name: Favyr Anoll

Assumed Name: Adahn

Age: 19 (Human equivalent)

Race: Elven

Weapons: Well-crafted yew longbow/arrows, steel shortsword.

Outfit: Adahn wears the clothes of a commoner, but these are always covered in a hooded cloak, black as night (magically enchanted to draw darkness).

Magic: (none) However, he has the potential to learn.

Appearance: His face is usually hidden by his cloak, however, if it is removed, he would have short, unruly black hair, deep green eyes, and features only a little sharper than most humans. The one big feature that sets him apart from other elves is that his ears have been cut down to human size (will explain later). Other than this, he is attractive to humans, and has a fairly light build.

Occupation: He is a "sword" for hire. A mercenary, if you will. However, he only does jobs that are in accordance with the laws of nations and common morals. His specialty is sneak-attacks/ambushes.

Description: Adahn is usually quiet, and almost always serious. He walks swiftly, and when in public, he tries to avoid notice. If he is observed while alone, he seems most at peace on cool nights where he can remove his cloak and take in the natural world untouched by human/elven/dwarven etc. hands. Despite the dark aura he may give off, he is actually quite kind and considerate when it is appropriate.

History: Favyr (true name) lived most of his young childhood in solitude with his parents, who preferred living near the forest. The would hunt and gather from the forest, trade for goods at the nearby town, and altogether live natural, happy lives. One day, Favyr was sent out into the woods by his parents to gather berries and fruits. Favyr's appreciation for nature caused him to take the job slowly, examining animals and such, travelling deep into the forest.

As he was about to put a ripe-looking raspberry into his basket, he heard a far-off scream coming from the direction of his home. He immediately felt a pang of fear, dropped his basket, spilling the contents all over the ground, and sprinted toward his house. When he arrived, panting, he was frozen by fear.

His house was on fire, and orcs were dancing around it, torches held high. They had the door barricaded with a large cart we used to bring goods to and from the town. Tears ran silently down Favyr's face as he saw the silhouette of one of his parents through the window, experiencing a last burst of flame before its charred body fell to the floor. It was at this time that the orcs noticed him, and they all grinned and cackled ecstatically as they advanced towards him. They were about to kill him when they noticed he wasn't moving a muscle, blinking, or exhibiting any kind of fear. They realized he was the child of the elves whose house they had burned down, and decided it would be better for him to live his life in anguish than to end his suffering. They proceeded to hack at his hair and cropped his ears down to a human-like size and shape. Favyr didn't do anything while this happened, in fact, it took him hours, to respond to anything at all.

When he snapped out of his shock, his sorrow was gone, replaced by the strongest feelings of anger and hatred possible. He vowed revenge on the orcs who had done this to him, and murdered his parents. More importantly, he vowed never to show weakness of mind, including sorrow.

Eventually, Favyr went to the town and reported what had happened. Naturally, everyone sympathized with him, offering to help him in any way. One mage admitted that his ears would never be restored, but he offered to make them seem normal human ears. He accepted their gifts, and eventually went into the forest to make peace with himself, and say goodbye to his parents. Ever since then, he has worked to improve his fighting skills so he would one day be able to have his revenge. He would know the band because of a distinct marking on their forearms that he only remembered much later. Eventually, he adopted the name "Adahn" and masqueraded as a human to hide his shame, and to try and forget as much of his past as possible, except for the prospect of revenge.

Likes: Adahn likes improving himself, whether it be his skills or equipment. He also likes people who take life as seriously as he does. As stated earlier, he appreciates nature's beauty, especially at night. He has also made a habit of watching every sunrise and sunset.

Dislikes: Adahn doesn't like people who are ignorant. Overly cheerful people depress him because he realizes he will never be able to feel that way.

Style: Adahn doesn't beat around the bush, he gets things done, and done right. He doesn't talk unless it seems necessary, and is angered by ineffectiveness.
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[b]Name:[/b] Trystae (tris-tai) Valencia

[b]Age:[/b] 176

[b]Race:[/b] Elf

[b]Weapons:[/b] A bow and arrow of her own creation. A long, light sword, the word [i]Sorraia[/i] inscribed on its blade, a gift made for her by Vinthus (discussed in her history). The sword has a small hole at the base of the blade, made to fit a gem; for now, it remains empty.

[b]Outfit:[/b] Trystae never sacrifices practicality for fashion ... or vice versa. She usually wears light and airy gossamer clothing in shades of green or blue. She wears those kind of pants that are so wide they look like a skirt ... only in Ruingarth, they actually look like a skirt :); this is to allow her full mobility. She completes the outfit with a long-sleeved shirt with slits down the sleeves.

[b]Magic:[/b] [i]Anodyne[/i] -- a simple spell that rests and comforts the recipient. It may also have light healing powers, increase accuracy, heighten concentration, or any combination of those effects.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Trystae has extremely good posture and walks with a delicate grace, giving her an instant air of subtle nobility (though she isn't). Her legs and arms are thin, but conceal toned muscles. She has medium-length brown hair, and hairstyles that change nearly every day; her eyes are a fine blue, one of the few things she got from her parents.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Trystae discovered a talent for creating bows and arrows at a young age, and she has been an apprentice at the weapons shop in her elven village for quite a long time. Though she is still only an apprentice, the weapons master generally turns to her for bows and arrows, and she is expected to succeed him eventually. (Vinthus is a skilled forger of elven blades, and was also an apprentice at the weapons shop until he left.)

[b]Description:[/b] Trystae smiles often, and lives a simple life, not really wishing for much more than the love of her foster parents and Vinthus. She prefers not to think too much into life and philosophy, and would keep the atmosphere around her as light as possible. She is not afraid of danger or darkness, though, and will not turn away from her responsibilities or those she loves.

[b]History:[/b] Trystae was born to an elven family famous for producing a long line of powerful mages. Her parents, therefore, were somewhat ashamed when it was discovered that Trystae did not have much skill with the magical arts. In fact, they hardly knew what to do with her, as their entire village consisted of mages, and were rather unprepared at the prospect of training a child in anything but magic.

After much discussion, Trystae was sent to live with some very distant relatives, who lived in an elven village more accustomed to her kinds of gifts. They took her in as their own daughter and raised her with their son, Vinthus, extensively training both in elven combat. Trystae mostly fell out of contact from her actual family, though they usually remembered to send her token gifts for birthdays and holidays. (She is not particularly upset about the lack of contact between her and her birth parents, as Vinthus's parents were extremely kind, but it still remains in the back of her mind.)

Trystae and Vinthus soon fell in love (yes, they were distant enough cousins), and Vinthus's parents were overjoyed. Before proposing marriage, though, Vinthus felt he needed to offer Trystae something of utmost value to show his dedication to her. Against her heartfelt protests and their parents' assurances that this was unnecessary, Vinthus set off on a quest to find the Maerin, an elven gem said to appear to lovers whose hearts were pure.

It has been two years since, and Trystae has no doubt of the purity of Vinthus's heart, nor in his weaponry skills. Regardless, she has resolved to set out in search of him.

[b]Likes:[/b] Water, archery, pretty clothing

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Cruelty, cold weather

[b]Style:[/b] Nothing that sticks out in voice, but Trystae is a little bit vain, and takes care in how she looks and dresses (not much like her creator ...).
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[color=crimson][b] I just edited my char's outfit OO I don't think I described it right ^^; here's what I mean basically just imagine her wearing what Leggy (Legolas) is just smaller since she's... sort of short *weep* heh, the pic I'm gonna draw (still hasn't got to it!) *growls and curses to herself* she's in the same stance and stuff, but I'm gonna make slight changes... like gender oO" and other stuff, it won't be colered DW, so here's what her oufit basically looks like ^^ I also edited my post! Much more descriptive! ^^


Aww, you caught me *puts hands up in mock surrender* (lol) [/color][/b]
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weee I'll join!!

Name: Aurora (yet again ^^')

Age: 20

Weapon: Staff and a Sword. Staff is all shiny and almost as tall as myself, has a small jewel at the top. Sword is like a wavy shape on one side, and strait on the other (sea and land), one matching stone at the bottom.

Outfit/appearance: basically, this girl: [url]http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=503[/url]
if that's concidered too Japanish, then I'll just pick something else.

Magic: Fire Bomb-random fire bombs on the enemy

Occupation: Mage, she teaches simple healing spells to others in secret. Occationally out on a mission to destroy some evil......stuff.

Race: Human Mage

Decription: Overall nice person, but when you make her mad you better watch out. Content and happy with her friends and (can I pwease have a tiger Gavynn?) tiger(?).

History: Was abbondoned at birth, was raised by her now friends family. Was trained when small how defend and fight for herself because she lived in a very dangerous area.
Now lives near her friends and defends the small village where she protects along with them.

Likes: animals and friends, nature, pocky (O.o), chocolate, etc.

Dislikes: mean people, evil, being alone, nuts (heehee).
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The time has come! The signups are over. Yays! First, my chara...

[b]Name:[/b] Sagelin Mysdor (Sage-lin Mice-door)

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Race:[/b] ???

[b]Weapons:[/b] Sword and Darkus' Staff (Though, the staff is only used on the Demons)

[b]Outfit:[/b] Blue cape-like cloak, blue shirt, dark blue pants, leather boots, leather gloves (he has a thing for blue, I suppose?)

[b]Magic:[/b] None

[b]Appearance:[/b] I'd say scrony, but that'd be puttin' his features down. Let's say not so muscular, but he can fight. Weha! He has blue eyes, dark blond hair, he's about 6 foot, and has red markings all along his body and face. See the attachment for a really quick sketch of his head. I even added a leafy border :)

[b]Occupation:[/b] Messenger- Delivers and recieves messages which are crossed between knights to peasants. Even royalty, but that's rare.

[b]Description:[/b] He can be cheerful, but serious. He seems cautious and you would be too if you were on the road all the time with important messages of a secret attack or even the King's birthday invitations. He won't hold back if challenged, but does not challenge others. Fighting is wrongness ;_;

[b]History:[/b] He cannot remember anything before the age of 6 (most can't anyways so MEH). He was found on the road by a messenger and taken in to be cared for by a widow or lonesome lady. But the messenger decided that the Board of Messaging was the place for him. The only thing that stayed with him was a wise, old falcon which one of the messengers later named "Aldwyn" since it meant wise. He grew up there and when he became rightful age, he became a messenger as well. He has continued this life to this day until his new adventure unfolds. His family is not known nor what species he exactly is. He has pointy ears so people just refer to him as elf, but the strange markings all over him scream out treachery and dismay.

[b]Likes:[/b] Peace, a good glass of ale, his falcon Aldwyn, and Mashed Potatoes.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Fighting, being knocked off his messenger horse, having his messages stolen, chicken.

[b]Style:[/b] His style is to be crafty and quick and not try to cause trouble. Be cautious. If trouble finds you, take it head on and hope to God it doesn't harm you. His voice is rather simple with a touch of Old England accent.

"I say, that looks mighty terrible!" Nothing changed in words except he sounds odd O.o


OtakuSennen - Esthil Morenwood - Elf
Kaede-san - Lekitas Yorfeindaiys - Elf
The Harlequin - Rali Kreigyr - Dwarf
KOTR - Aaron Barlow - Human
Terra - Trystae Valencia - Elf

I am truely sorry to those who didn't make it. Your profiles were just not what I was looking for :(

I will start the RPG soon!
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