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RPG Lost Hearts


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Okay, first of all everyone..I ask nobody to post just for a little while until the story is set..I will let everyone know when it is safe to post on..second of all, this is not created just from me, but Charlie Levoy and ssjBrolli as well..and lastly, this is my first time, I don't know bout those 2, to do this so please be patient and play off as best as you can*when it's okay to do so, which won't be long*Okay, here we go....

My Character:

NAME: Mikuru
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
RACE: Unknown
WEAPONS/POWERS: She has yet to discover
APPEARANCE: 5'5" tall, slender, curvy body, bronzed skin, long milk chocolate hair that flows just beneath her shoulderblades, and emerald green eyes. She wears a skin tight, ruby red sheer and lace top w/long sleeves and half a neck and it stops above her belly button, a pair of black, soft leather pants, a pair of high heeled boots, and a silver scarf w/red stitching
BIOGRAPHY: Mikuru led a happy, but not completely normal childhood. She had friends, but felt completely different from them. On her 12th birthday in the year 2097, her parents mysteriously die in a car accident while they were on their way to see her at the camp she went to every summer. The police were never able to give a reason for their accident Ever since that day her life was changed forever. She lived w/her grandfather and tried to make a life for herself. But the children at school were cruel and gave her a bad reputation, which only added to her pain..Her goal in life, to find the answer as to what happened to her parents..
PERSONALITY: She's dark, shady, angry, and confused. Yet, there is a soft, gentle, fun side to her. If you let her, she will come around..But don't push her, be patient w/her.

ssjBrolli's Character:

NAME: Yujin
AGE: 19
RACE: human
WEAPONS/POWERS: Staff and knowledge
APPEARANCE: 6' tall, broad shouldered, muscular, bronzed skin, golden blond hair which fell over his dark blue eyes. He wears a white ceremonial robe*by the way he is training to become a monk*. He always carries his staff wherever he goes.
BIOGRAPHY: Yujin lived a happy life, always making everyone around him happy. He was(and still is) popular w/the girls. On his 13th birtday in the year 2097, his parents were also mysteriously killed. The police could not give him an explaination as to who killed them or why. He was then sent to live in a monestary*forgive my spelling* and swore to live the life of a monk. His goal, to find the murderer(s) and avenge them.
PERSONALITY: This is no ordinary monk. He is outgoing, fun, has a great sense of humor, very intellegent and need I say, charming. His fun loving personality gets him into tight squeezes w/the ladies, but he seems to wiggle his way out from these situations. But don't get him wrong, he is very serious about life and is a great allie in battle, and if he weren't a monk, he'd be an amazing companion to snuggle with on those cold winter nights.

Lost Hearts

Mikuru knew she was different from her friends, she just had this gut feeling that there was something more. But she did not let that get in the way of having an ordinary life with her friends.
It was her 12th birthday, the year was 2097, she was at the summer camp where she went every summer with her girlfriends from the age of 8. Parent Day at camp, "So Mikuru, today's your birthday? That's cool that it's on Parent Day, you can see your parents!" Mikuru's friends sang Happy Birthday to her and they all went outside to wait for their parents.
Hours went by, and Mikuru sat and watched all of her friends and their parents laugh and talk..but no show of hers. She watched the parents leave and as the last parents were leaving she saw the camp's head counelor and two men in black suits walking towards her. Their faces cold, mournful.
"Mikuru..I regret to inform you that your parents...Your parents.."one of the men with black suits starts.."..your parents are dead. They got in an accident this afternoon, I'm sorry."
"I--I..uuhh" Mikuru faints..Hours later she wakes up in her grandfather's house.
"Ssshh, you are fine now.."
-------4 years later...

"I will find the answer. I promise..." Mikuru stands up from kneeling in front of her parents graves. The summer breeze turns cold and grey clouds sneak up on the pale blue sky, drops of rain start to fall.
"Why did this happen? What happened? I don't understand.." Mikuru starts to cry. It was Mikuru's 16th birthday, the anniversary of her parents death.
She sits down and leans her back against the tombstone and weaps..."Hello, are you going to be alright?" Mikuru looks up at what she thinks is an angel. His voice soothing, his face flawless, his eyes so sensire.*What is this feeling? I have no feelings, not after that day.* Mikuru's confusion was obvious.
" Are you okay?" He asks again.
" Uhh..*Snaps back to reality*..yeah, I think I will be fine.."the mysterious man helps her stand up. The rain came harder now. "Come on, underneath that tree." the man throws part of his robe over her head.
"Thanx *both shake off and she shivers, so he keeps the robe over her shoulders*, who are you? What are doing here?"
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[i] Lost Hearts: Yujin's story
Yujin lived a happy life, he was happy with his mom, he was happy with his dad. He was happy with everything in his life. Until he reached his 13th birthday. It was at first a joyful day for him when he awoke from his bed. "It's my birthday!" He screamed with happiness and throughout the entire day his family was making him the happiest kid on earth, but what happened after changed his life forever. While he and his family were out shopping for some gifts a strange man walked up to his father and gave him a grunt, his father said what a rude man and that's when Yujin will never forget what happened after. When his father turned his back to the stranger a strange mutter came from the man and right before the poor child his mother and father fell dead on the spot. Police found Yujin trying to wake them up with no sucess and police also couldnt find the man responcible for this. All Yujin remember's last is the police saying the'll take him to a home where he'll be safe and they'll catch the ones responcible for it.
5 Years later.
"My son it is time for you to venture out into the world." said a fellow monk. "learn all that there is to know then you will only be a true monk."
"Thank you my friend" Yujin said with a smile he then said bye to his fellow monks and walked out of his home he lived in for the past 5 years. As he stood at the entrance of the temple he though as he smelt the air. "I'll make you pay you for killing my family. You will not get any mercy from me.
He walked for days till he came to a cementary and heard a girl crying. "sounds like a job for sexy helpful Yujin" Yujin thought and walked up to the girl. He never knew she was about to change his life forever. She thanked him and asked him his name and he stood there and looked at her and said with a calm and ashuring voice." My name is Yujin." [/i]
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"Yujin?" Mikuru questions.
"Yes*He says in a seductive voice*.and yours, if you don't mind," he grabs her hand, " for your name must be as beautiful as your face." He leans to kiss her hand, but to his dismay she takes her hand back.
"uhh*blushes*M-my name is Mikuru,'what's this, I am blushing?*she places a hand on her right cheek*..."
"That is beautiful." Yujin stares into her emerald eyes, only to make Mikuru blush even more.
"uuuhhh..Thanx, I guess..."
"I don't mean to sound imprudenent but is that your families grave?"
"Oh..yeah..It's my mother adn father's grave..they died 5 years ago...on this very day."

OOC: Edit to my first post..Mikuru is 17 on this day, Yujin has no changes.

"Oh, really? Mine died 5 years to this day also...That's strange..May I ask how?"
"No one really knows, the police told me a car accident but I have that it was no care accident...How did your's die, if you don't mind me asking?"
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[i] I really hate thinking about that day. But since you asked me and I can't refuse a girl's question. I was shopping with my family and this guy came near us and said something that I couldn't remember and my dad thought he was a rude man and then that man turned and well uttered a strange language I can't remember for the life of me. *sigh* I've vowed to find and kill him for it since then.[/i]
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"Oh, that's rough, I am terribly sorry. But, you're a monk. How are you going to kill a man?" Mikuru was confused. The rain was still falling, softly though. The air fresh. She looks over at Yujin whose face was as pale as his robes. "I am sorry to have questioned you on how you plan to deal w/the murder..Is there anything I can do?"
Yujin's face lit up. "Actually...*he leans close to Mikuru's face*, a kiss always made me feel better..."
"Whoa....cool down, my monk friend. What do you take me for?!*shoves Yujin back*"
"*clears his throat*I am sorry..I was just mezmorized by your kindness and concern for my feelings...I sincerely apol---" Yujin was cute off. Mikuru gave him a peck on the cheek. He puts his fingertips on his left cheek and looks astounded at Mikuru.
"What? That was for YOUR kindness to shelter me from the rain. Which at the moment has stoped now.." Yujin still stares at her.
"Thank you.." he finally sputters out.
"Hey..Since today is my birthday my grandfather is giving me a little party, would you like to join? All of his old friends are going to be there. I am sure he won't mind."
"Umm, yes, I would love too. Today is my birthday as well."
"Oh, really?" Mikuru didn't know to believe him or not.
"Truely it is, I am 18...and you are 17.."
"Yes, that's right..*giggles at Yujin's quandering gaze, "I giggled..I haven't done that in years..Why am I feeling this? What is it about him?"*..So, umm..let's get going."
"That we shall." he says as he extends his elbow.
Mikuru smiles as she hooked her arm w/his and together they walk out of the cemetary..
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[i] As Yujin and Mikuru walked to her party that was waiting for herparty he began to think to himself. "What a strange girl, most girls usually fall for me when I pull off that cloak bit. This one is different thats for sure." He then rubbed his check again. "Not to metion she has quite the arm on her." They continued to walk and they finally arrived at the house. Sujin thought this might break the little ice between him an her by doing his awardwinning move. He then stopped her and quickly did the unexpected to her, he gave her the most romantic and softest hug he has ever givin a lady. [/i]
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Mikuru stood in his embrace confused, she didn't know how to respond, she wanted to push away..*Know one has ever held me so, but..it's so..warm, and caring..Is he trying to seduce me?*
Despite what her head was telling her, she wrapped her arms around him and let his sweet smell of insence of roses surround her and she melted into his strong arms.*I don't want to let go..Why don't I want to let go?*
Finally, after what felt like hours when only it was a minute or two, Yujin pulls away, while holding onto her shoulders he stares into her soft expression in her eyes. "Umm..Your party awaits..." Yujin is now blushing..*What's this? I am blushing! What is it with this girl?*
"Yes..*she clears her throat*" they walk in to a "Happy Birthday" theme that her grandfather and his friends were singing. Yujin sings along too.
"Who is this young man, Mikuru?" her grandfathers shakey voice sounding youthful again.
"This is Mikuru..."
"It is a pleasure to meet you grandfather...*Yujin leans to Mikuru and whisper*What is his name??"
"Sanosgai.." Mikuru whispers back in his ear.
"..Grandfather Sanosgai, you have a lovely home." Yujin was greeted w/a toothless smile and a surprisingly firm hand shake from the old man.
After greetings and cake was served, the gifts started to rain in from everyone. "Open mine first Mikuru!" the neighbor next door exclaimed. 5 gifts and countless bowls of ice cream later, all of the guests but Yujin had gone.
"I wanted to wait to give this to you alone, my dear granddaughter.." Grandfather Sanosgai hobbled over.."it belonged to your ancestors and has been in the family for many generations.." his wrinkly hand opens to reveal a stunning necklace. The necklace was made of platinum, embedded in the metal was a ruby chizzled into the shape of a heart. The stone was partly covered by dragon's wings, and it started to glow bright red.
"Oh, Grandfather..It's gorgeous.." Mikuru breathlessly whispered. As her grandfather placed it around her neck she felt a strange energy rush throughout her body. Yujin's expression frightened her. He noticed her worried look and shook his head and gave her his most charming smile.
"It's beatiful around your flawless neck..." *That necklace, that energy..It's strange, the energy feels mournful and angry..I know about this necklace..but to be certain, I must go back to the elder monk and make sure that my accusation is correct..* "I am sorry Mikuru, I must go.."
"But..*she stands up quickly*..Are..are you going to come back?"
Grandfather raises his eyebrows in curiosity.
"I shall return, fear not.." he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. He leaves and Mikuru watches until he turned the corner and she could no longer see him.
"Hmmm..sounds and looks to me that you have a crush on that young monk..a monk, Mikuru.."
"I know..I know.." Mikuru sighs. All of a sudden she shivers from a tingling feeling that went up through her back and into her chest.
"Are you okay?" her grandfather questions.
" Yeah...I am fine, let me start on those dishes.."
"Nonsense, you are the birthday girl..I will do the dishes.." with that Grandfather Sanosgai wobbles off.
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[i] Yjuin was very happy meeting a girl like her but one thing really bothered him. That necklace he knows he's seen it somewhere before, but he doesn't know where. He knows though that his elder Monk knows but he had to walk all the way back. As he walked towards the temple he found himself entering the Cementary again. This time though he was drawn towards a very familiar tombstones, his parents. "Hi mom. Hi dad." Yujin said with sadness in his heart."I met someone today." He said a little more cheerly. "Her name is Mikuru and she's really nice you'd like her very much." He said with tears starting to fall from his eyes, one falls on the tomnstone and he quickly tried to clean it off. He doesn't know why he did that he just felt he should. "I miss you both so much. I promise mom and dad." He said now full in tears and anger in his voice. "I will kill the man responcible for this!" Yujin said then he said his prayers and then got up and left with a little more happiness in his heart.[/i]
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Mikuru twiddles the necklace in her fingers and looks out the window..*What was that disturbed look on his face? It was kinda scary, to see such a beautiful face turn so....ugly...*
Suddenly, another spine-tingling chill went up her back and into her chest. Only this time there was a vision, it was all too fast..A beautiful, mythical forest, a fairy of human proportion, then a white castle, then *a terrible feeling arose in her stomach* a dark, evil, and frightening sight of death and destruction, and on top of it all was a sinester smile. She didn't see the face, only the smile. The very thought sent shivers throughout her body and she snapped back.
"What the crap was that?"..then she hears her grandfather yell for her and a crash of dishes. Mikuru runs into the kitchen.."Grandfather!!!" He was lying on the floor face down and a stream of blood flowed on the tile and stained his clothes.
She threw herself to his side and flips him over, holding him close, tears flooding her vision. "Grandfather...*shakes him lightly*..please don't leave me..you're all I have..no, no.." Tears are now flowing down her drained cheeks. Her attention was drawn to a dagger on the floor w/ a piece of paper tied to it by a black ribbon. "Come back to me, Queen Shalyndria(Sha-lynn-dree-uh)...You have what I want and I want it now, if you do not return...I shall kill you." There was a strange signature that she could not decifer.
Her blood ran cold as she just sat there holding her grandfather's body in her arms. The necklace started to pulsate into her chest, sending Miruku out of breath and lying on the floor. "Wha--t's happen-ing..?" the same vision again, and passes out.
She awakes on the floor in the kitchen, an hour had passed. Hoping it was a bad dream she looks to her right, realizing it wasn't a dream. She calls the police and her grandfather is taken away. Two hours go by, Mikuru sits on the widow seat stroking the necklace and reads the note, which she hid from the police. *Knock, knock, knock!* the door.."Mikuru! Mikuru!!"
Yujin runs into her room and stops dead, "What happened?"
Mikuru turns her head slowly towards Yujin.."Grandfather.." Yujin holds her in his arms and tries to whipe her cheeks w/his hand as she explains through her chokes and tears. "And this is what you found?"
"Yes, and I can't figure out what that signature says."
"I can...."Yujin's face turns dark and serious..
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[i] Yujin looked deep into her eyes and said with a calm and assuring voice.
"There is a story of a queenwho forged a stone that was used to entrapted all of her soul and powers into the stone for her reincarnation. The reason why she did this was because a evil sorceror murdered her husband and she tried to avenge the death of her love and was defeated. Her soul couldn't rest until her husband's murder was avenged, that's why she had the stone forged, so when she came back she could carry out her goal. You see the sorceror was the king's brother who wanted the Thrown and the Queen and since the King refused to give his spot to his brother he was murdered. The queen who loved him dearly trapped his soul and her's into a sacred stone that she gave to her most trusted subjects. Years pasted by with no one knowing where that stone went until now. You hold the very stone in your hand that holds the soul of the queen." Yujin said very seriously.
Mikuru looked at Yujin very carefully."And what about her husband? Where is his soul?" She asked. [/i]
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"His soul was entrapted inside of a tree that only the fairy queen of the forbidden forest knew about, not even his queen knew about it."
"Then how are their reincarnations supposed to find eachother?"
" It's said that if his reincarnation was created then the soul would seek him out, then he would seek out his queen so that they could both be together and bring the evil brother's reign of terror to an end..."
Mikuru's face was puzzled. "But this happened over thousands of years ago..The world is fine today, so that means the evil brother must not have succeeded.."
"Not neccessarily..The brother sold his soul to the dark lord for eternal life."Yujin continues.
"But..I don't understand, if he is still alive then why isn't the world demented?"Mikuru's head started to hurt.
"Because Artex, the evil sorceror/brother, found out about the stone and tree and the story of the reincarnation. He worried that the incarnations would come back more powerful than ever and defeat him...."
"It doesn't make any sense!! Did he just give up the thrown? Because the world is fine!"
"Wait, I am not done yet. His high priests told him that in the far future the reincarnations would be created, and they would travel back in time to get their revenge..So my best guess is that the sorceror found a way to travel through time and into the present time, seeking out the Necklace of Lost Hearts and the reincarnations to destroy them before they could find a way to destroy him. And I have something else to tell you, it's going to be hard to take in.."Yujin took Mikuru's hands into his.
"What is it?"
"Our ancestors were the guardians of the necklace and the sacred tree, and that's why they were murdered. My parents being the descendents of the guardians of the sacred tree knew of their ancestory and swore never to say a word. Your parents being the descendents of the guardians of the necklace knew also about their ancestory swore never to say a word. So we had no idea, they were just protecting us..Unfortunately your grandfather encountered the evil Artex..He refused to tell him anything and was killed. Other than us two, he was the last person to ever know where the necklace and sacred tree are. Well, we don't know where the sacred tree is but we do the necklace." Yujin took the stone in his fingers.
"Oh God...How do you know all of this?"
"The elder monk knew of the history. I remember him mentioning it to me years ago, but I didn't pay too much attention. That's where I went earlier this afternoon."
"Just one more thing..How were the reincarnated king and queen supposed to travel back in time?" Mikuru remembered Yujin saying that.
"I have yet to find that out...The elder knew nothing of it when I questioned him.."Yujin's royal blue eyes were a dark navy blue, " I say we should get you out of Tokyo. You are not safe in this house, and I will not leave you."
Mikuru looks into his eyes full with sencerity, she runs her hand through is gold hair. Yujin closes his eyes*I have never felt this touch before. There's just something so warm, so familiar..*He was awaken from his thoughts by Mikuru's winces of pain. She slumps over into his broad chest. His arms envelop her and he starts to shake.
"Mikuru! Mikuru!" Yuji lifts her up and her head falls back. Suddenly her head snaps up and she looks into Yujin's eyes.
"I saw the tree! I saw the sacred tree!"
"What? Where is it?"
"Not where, but when..."
"Huh? Now I am afraid that I am the one who is lost."
" I saw it in the forest, the time was different. There was no sign of buildings, or streets..or anything of the world we are in. It's like it was out of a fantasy novel..so beautiful." Mikuru winces again and grabs onto Yujin.
"What's happening to you.."Yujin holds onto Mikuru. He closes his eyes and when he opened them again, he was astounded by what he saw. They were in the forest!
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Lost Hearts: Mystika's Story

Mystika had a happy childhood with her parents and the rest of the fairy village. Their was joy and peace in her village and she thought that it would stay like that forever.
It wasn't until that fateful day did her life change forever. She was playing with the other children when all of the sudden out of no where a ball of fire hit the village. Their were screams of pain and death in the village as a few of the buildings burned.
It wasn't even a moment later when three more balls of fire hit the village. Mystika and the other children were so frightened that they tried run from the balls of fire as they hit the village, but eventually they were surrounded by fire.
Since they were only children they didn't know how to use their wings yet and all of the adults were either dead or badly injured. It wasn't until a large tree had fallen on top of a water barrel smashing it and letting the water flow over some of the fire did an opening appear.
Mystika ran towards it as quickly as she could barely making it through the opening of the fire before it was hit by another fire ball. She ran and hid in the rest of the forest watching her village burn from a distance. She was the only survivor from the village and had to learn how to live on her own.
She was twelve at the time and since then she has learned how to use her magic and weapons. Making friends along the way she has traveled in search of the dark forces that burned her village so she can get revenge for her dead people.
-----------over 600 years later

Mystika is in a tree resting with her animal friends. There is a green snake above her, a white owl next to her, a grey wolf and a large black cat down on the ground beneath her. They are all asleep when a bunch of bird chirping wakes Mystica up.
She looks up at the sky and sees a rather large pack of them flying from the north. " That's odd." she whispers to her self. She then decides to go see what caused them to fly. She looks to the snake.
"Sazar....Sazar wake up." The snake stirs then looks down at her. "I'm going to go see what disturbed the birds. Keep an eye out in case I need help. Alright?"
The snake nods his head in undstanding. Mystika then gets up and jumps off the branch. In midair she grows blue and white butterfly wings and starts flying north.
After a while she starts searching the ground for anything unusual. When she had been flying for about a mile she sees two people dressed in unusual clothes and decides that they must have startled the birds.
She lands on a branch somewhere near by them. She puts her wings away and trys to listen to anything that they are saying. It is when she is this close that she can that one of them is a male and the other is a female.
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"Hmm..such strange clothes, who are they? What are they doing here?...And what is that energy, I know that energy..." Mystika perched on a branch wonders.
"Uhhh..Yujin, Yujin..." Mikuru's eyes flicker open, then they open wide and she sits straight up looking around frantically, "What! Where are we? How did we get here?!"
" Calm down, I have no idea as to how we got here, but I think we are in that forest you said saw...Does it look familiar?" Yujin looks around as well.
"Yes..it is! Yujin, how did..we..I am so confused." Mikuru brings her hand to her forehead.
"Hmmm...*Yujin looks at Miruku*..You look exhausted, get some rest, and let me try to figure out what's going on. Here, lay your head in my lap." Mikuru lays down and Yujin leans his back against the tree. *What on earth is going on?*

OOC: Okay ppl, I think it's safe to post now..Just, please, don't get too out of hand....If you have questions then PM me, ssjBrolli, or Charlie Levoy. IF you have a problem w/someone or you don't like the way things are going, PM that person or ssjBrolli, Charlie Levoy or myself, or just keep them to yourselves. We don't want any unwanted attitudes or rude comments, Thank You..Have fun!
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"Where are we Yujin?." Asked Mikuru with a sence of fear in her voice.

"Oh my goodness."Yujin said. "I believe we are in the forest where the great tree resides."

"But that would mean!" Said Mikuru.

"Yes we traveled back in time." Let's go look for it."

"But I want to go home Yujin."

"Mikuru listen to me. this is the safest place to be right now. The sorceror won't suspect us being here. He might still think we're back in our time. Besides, I realised that if we kill the sorceror here our family would never would have been killed. But that would also mean we would never met each other." He said in a serious voice.

"Maybe we could find each other if this was over and we did kill him. (Wait why am I talking like this? I thought I didn'T trust this guy!)"

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"You would actually want to find me?" Yujin had never heard a girl say that to him..Well, not with sincerity.
"Yeah, why not? You seem like a good guy to have around..you know, just in case something were to happen...."Mikuru started to blush when Yujin looked deeply at her.
Suddenly there was a deep growl from within the forest. "What was that!!?" Mikuru jumps into Yujins arms.
"I don't know. But I am about to find out," Yujin stood up and grabbed his staff.
"Be careful..I don't want to be here alone,"Mikuru stood up.
Yujin looks into the brush, and as he was turning around a white tiger jumps out. "LOOK OUT!! YUJIN!!" Mikuru shouts.
Yujin gasps as the huge beast jumps on top of him. Out of no where a beam of purple light dug it's way into the tigers throat. The tiger roared in agony and fell to the ground, an arrow sticking out of the neck. Mikuru rushes to Yujin's side. He had a gash on his arm from blocking the tiger's claws.
"Are you alright? Who are you and where did you come from?" a beatiful, human-sized fairy jumps down from a tree.
"Yes, I am fine. I am Yujin and this is Mikuru," Yujin sits up, "And who might you be?" his eyes looked up and down her body. Mikuru notices and groans, *Ugh, what a jerk. Doesn't he like me? Wait a minute..What do I care for?! I don't! I don't care at all!...*
"My name is Mystika," the fairy replied.
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Mystika looks at the two and their strange clothes trying to understand as to why they didn't have weapons with them.
" Why is it you don't have weapons with you?" she asks the young man. " Didn't you know that you would need weapons for the beasts in these woods (moves her hand towards the tiger) or did you think that you wouldn't meet any in here?"
Yujin looks at her as she is eyeing him with curiousity.
He answers, "Ahh....No we didn't think we would meet any in here. We thought that they would leave us alone if....we leave them alone." he smiles at her.
She raises her eyebrow to him in a way of saying (oh really). She looks at him a bit longer than says, "Well if I were you I would head towards the nearest town by weapons for the rest of your journey."
She looks at their belongings and realise that they don't have supplies either. "And while your buying that you might want to think about buying supplies to. Unless of coarse you have them hidden somewhere?" she eyes him questionally.
She thinks to her self. * What kind of idiot would come into the woods with out weapons and supplies? Who are these people and what are they doing here?*
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"Um, thanks for the advice...Where would we find the nearest town? And what exactly would we need?" Yujin smiles dumbly at her.
"Oh, God.." Mikuru stands up and walks over to Mystika,"..Um, Mystika. Do you know anything about the Necklace of Lost Hearts and the legend that follows it?"
The beatiful fairy's expression went dead serious. "How do know about the prophecy?"
"I umm.."Mikuru grabbed the necklace.
"Where did you get that girl? Where did you get that necklace?" Mystika walked to Mikuru.
"My grandfather gave it to me..before he died, " Mikuru looked up at the fairy's chilling stare.
"Your grandfather? Gave it to you? He just gave it to you! Do you have the slightest clue about that necklace?" Mystika pointed.
"Yes, I do. That is why I asked you.."
"This doesn't make any sense...Why do you guys have it? You are not from my time, obviously, how did it fall into your hands?..I am just utterly confused!"
"As are we," Yujin stepped in,"We are from the future, it's her birthday, the anniversary of our parents murders and her grandfather just died after giving her the neckalce, adn suddenly we ended up here, to make a long story short. We know of the prophecy."
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Mystika looked at them with a shocked expression on her face.
" Let me get this straight. You both are from the future, it's the anniversary of both of your parents death and her birthday (points to Mikuru), you just recieved that necklace today and your grandfather died shortly after giving it to you, and you both know about the prophecy. Am I correct?"
Yujin and Mikuru looked at each then back at Mystika and nodded their heads at her. She bends her head down, closes her eyes and rubs the bridge of her nose with her right hand. She then looks back them and thinks. *It figures that they would know about the prophecy and that they would be from the future. Oh wait (opens her eyes and tilts her head up a bit with her hand in hanging below her chin) if they're from the future that would mean that they have no idea where the closest village. Well I better show them where it is so they don't get lost.*
She puts her hand down to her side and straightens back up. She then looks back at Yujin and Mikuru and says, " Well since you're really not from around here I guess I should take you to the nearest village then?"
" We would be most grateful if you do." Mikuru said with a small smile. Mystika looks at her then smiles.
" Of coarse I will. I'm not going to leave two strangers out in the middle of the woods where they could be killed. Just give me a few minutes and we'll be on our way." Yujin laughs," Do we even have a choice on when we leave?"
Mystika smiles at playfully," Well no unless you don't mind getting lost for days on end." Yujin gives a doubtful smile, "I think we'll wait for you to show us the way."
Mystika just smiles at him then takes out a flute and plays a small tune on it before putting it away. After five minutes had past a snow white owl flys over head and Mystika puts her arm out so it can land. Mikuru looks at the owl with a wide eyes and her mouth slightly open.
" Is that your owl?" she asks. Mystika smiles at her," Well she's not mine, but she is one of my best friends. Her name is Lyla.(looks to the owl) Lyla I'm going to be taking these strangers to the nearest village. I want you to come and get me if their is any trouble with the others okay?"
The owl bobs her head in understanding and nibbles Mystika's hand affectionately as she gets her head scratch. "Alright then, now get going. I'll be back as soon as I can."
The owl flys off and into the distance. Mystika turns back to Yujin and Mikuru. " Well lets get going. The village isn't that far so it won't take us long to reach it."
Mikuru and Yujin follow Mystika as she heads east towards the village and arrive their an hour later. The village isn't small, but isn't big either and their are a variety of different buildings. All of them made of wood. Mikuru turns to Mystika and asks,"What is this place?" Mystika smiles and says,"This is the closest village to the woods. It is called Moaduving."

OCC: Oops sorry Anima, well I've edited it so it Mikuru now. I'm not exactly sure why I started writing Miruku to be honest. lol Sorry about that.
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Arch was arguing with a merchant about the price of bread, since he had nothing better to do. He then noticed a few humans walk into the villiage, along with a fairy. *This should prove more entertaining than the incompetent merchent* Arch ran up to them(which was considerably fast) and pointed at the fairy. "Excuse me, but do I know you?," he asked. "I don't think so." Mystika said *Oh please, he's probably trying to hit on me* she thought."No I'm sure I do... or at least have heard of you..." he said. "Don't think so," She said "C'mon you two, you need some weapons." "I can pay for them!," Arch said "Oh please!," Mystika began, then seeing the mythril he was wearing, she shut her mouth. "Of course you can help us!" She said with way to much vigor. "Now come along, we have to equip you with the best stuff here!" She said, then ran of with them, and Arch's money before he could protest. "Oh, right." He muttered "It seems I'm being used." "Who is that guy?" asked Yujin "I don't know, but now your gonna get much better equipment than I was planning to buy you," She said "Maybe he's some kind of royalty, because he's rich!" "I can hear you, you know." Arch yelled across the town "What?!" Mystika yelled back "Your way too far out of earshot, your just a-" A wave of realization came over her. "You aren't human, are you?" Mystika asked. "Now we're on the same page." Arch grinned.
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EDIT- Hey Char, just to let you know the name is Mikuru..It's okay, I had tried to type "Miruku" often.

"Hmm, quite the hyper one I see..."Yujin just stares ahead at the young man.
"Yes, but he is helping us. What a nice guy, right? And cute.." Mikuru taunts, she sees Yujin's annoyed expression.
Arch looks over his shoulder and smiles suavely. "Why Yujin, I do believe that's a look of jealousy?" Mystika also noticed Yujin.
"A monk is never jealous. Why should I be jealous?"
"You're a monk? Hmm, sucks to be you. You don't have any fun, no drinking, no women...." Arch talks as he just walks straight without looking back.
"Eh hemm..*Yujin clears his throat* I am not the monk you think I am."
Mystika and Mikuru both look at eachother.
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Back from a recent war, Sephiroth eats his sandwich in peace. He finds irony in sitting around in a bustling city. Not accustomed to this, he gets up and pays the bill before leaving to go back into civilization.

He sees the group and walk over quietly to hear whats going on. Keen on the story about the prophecy, he decides to go to the group to listen in on what they are wondering about. A man of few words, he gets right to the point:

'Whats this about the necklace I heard you speaking of?'
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Mystika stops and looks at the man who had asked the question. She sees him grinning at her as he waits for an answer.
" I'm sorry, but who said we were talking about a necklace?"
He laughs a little then says,"Nobody did, I just heard you talk about it."
She stares at him while she thinks. *No way, we weren't that loud for him to have heared us....or were we? Well since it's Mikuru's necklace I'll let her decide if he should know or not.*
Mystika looks at Mikuru. "Well since it's your necklace you can decide if this man knows about it or not. In the mean time lets head over to that shop over there. (points to a shop with a sign that reads "Voron's Weapon and Armor Shop") He makes the best weapons money can buy." she says as she starts walking towards the shop.
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"Why do you want to know?" Mikuru grabs her necklace.
Yujin steps up beside Mikuru, as did Arch. Both had their game faces on. Yujin grips his staff tighter, Arch reached to his side out of the man's view to hold onto his weapon.
"Let's just say I am a fan. I have heard about it before and I overheard you all talking about the similar story I had heard, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this for my own eyes." The stranger looked greedily at Mikuru's hand which held the necklace.
"Well we are busy at the moment, so if you don't mind..." Mikuru starts walking, the others follow. Yujin still looks at the man who didn't seem to notice and was focusing on Mikuru. "Yujin, are you just gonna stand there?" Mystika called.
"I am right behind you," he turns around and follows. *That was no ordinary man. Something cold, dark, and deathly....His clothes were dirty and worn, but they looked like they were from the more modern era...*
Mikuru notices Yujin's deep concerned expression, "Yujin, did you get a weird feeling when we talked to that man? He kinda gave me the creeps, the way he stared.."she shudders. Arch puts his arm around her shoulders. "It's okay, you got me to protect you little lady."* Yujin's eyebrow twitches*
"I can take care of myself thank you very much! So all of you quit treating me like a child!" Mikuru storms up to Mystika's side.
"Don't let that man get to you, focus on what you came here for," Mystika saw Mikuru's face go from angry to worry.
She just smiled, "It's just that I feel like I knew that man from somewhere."
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First RPG! WHOOT!!

[i] *Meanwhile... in the modern age...*

A flash of lightning rips forth from the dark, nebulous matter. The matter is constantly swirling, changing its color with every passing moment. Figures nearby type the keyboards at alarming speed, though its exact effect on the matter is unknown. The room is a huge, gigantic lab, with a multitude of scientists swarming over the consoles, the key boards, or observing the progress of the matter. 2 guards are stationed on either side of the huge entrance door. The guards, as well as the scientists, seem to be nervous. The nebulous mass is contained with electromagnetic fields, but it is unknown if it can be contained for long. As they all watch, entranced, one of the scientists slowly creeps up to the guard, and lightly touches him on the back of his neck. The guard responds, and a few curt words are passed between the two figures. The scientist walks away. A few moments later, the guard emits a low, gurgling sound, and collapses, his face a deathly tinge of green. With this sudden interruption, the remaining guard rushes over, and after a quick examination, calls up the paramedic squard. The scientists all glance over, but their eyes quickly snap back to the mass. What is one human life compared to such a huge progress in science? As the remaining guard is busy trying to revive his partner, the same scientist slowly unfurls his lab coat, and a multitude of gleaming battle darts are visible underneath. A fellow colleague sees it, and gives a shout.....

2 minutes later, the paramedics arrive at the scene. They find one guard dead from poisoning, the other dead from blood loss. The scientists are all dead, with numerous stab wounds all over their bodies. The nebulous matter is gone, and so is the mysterious scientist. The death count is 34, one less than the 35 present in the lab at the time. As the records are searched to identify and locate the missing scientist, the name "Enrique Warrington" comes up on the record data....

There. That sets my character ready for the past don't you think?
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