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Which Ober's Changed You?


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I know everytone here has there own group of buddies or someone that has changed them ever sense they started on hte OBs. I want to know, which Obers changed you and why are they special too you.

Mine Are as Follows:

ReTarr- She is on my best buds list. Great girl and great person. ALwasy fun to talk to and she always has somehting to talk about. I have had many a long conversations via PMs with here and she is just great.

SilpheedPilot- Were to begin..... My first real buddy. Probably my best buddy. We talk to eachother via PMs all the time. I run all of my RPGs by him and see what he thinks so that i have a good prospective. He runs his idea's past me. Just a fun guy. He is also the co creaotr of my notorious gang of outlaws, the Armeggedon Gang.(*cough*palmpilot*cough*)

Ruby- Great person. Great freind. Ruby is forever one of my best buds and we talk at anygiven time. RPGs usually aren't fun without her as a member.

Lone Bebop- My freind in cime. We create many a RPG in partnership and we hold some of the best spars at the battle arena as our cubbeted players, Double Barrel Daigo and the Trick. fights last long and its always fun to talk and spar.

Spotg67-we probably have the most in common with each otehr. WE have long conversations and enjoy talking. what else could i say about my E-wife?

maladjusted- No! Were not freinds or freindly acquintances. We probably hate each other more than anything. WE have long drawn out arguements about almost everything and its proably one of the most fun activites i've ever participated in.

Anime Forever- great guy. great guy. Fun to talk with and he is a very active member in the Armeggedon Gang and the battles and RPgs i create. He is alwasy helpfull and i love him for it.

James- i never really had a close relationship with James, but i have to full heartedly thank him for creating my favorite addicton, the OBs.

Charles- Suportive and cool. He helps me out alot when i need an answer to a technical question.

Trigun_11- Oh, don't even get me started. WE have conversation\s that last hours and battle like you've never seen. Props to my home girl.

Dark King- He is my favorite MC on the OBs, check out the rap battle at th Battle arena and you'll know what i'm talking about..

There are many many more and it woudl tkae up a very large space if i were to post eeveryone nad thing. Now i want to know, Which OBers changed you?
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[size=1][color=red][b]This has been done before.

Anyways, here's mine:

Ginny- she's a great listener, speaker, and overall person. I wouldn't be where I was today if she wasn't here by my side.

Shaun- an awesome person as well, we have different views, but we're destined to stay friends.

wristcutter and Harry- both of your witty comments and blunt suggestions have made me laugh [i]alot[/i].

Charles- you're hilarious and nice, which is what I like. Even if you're a little freaky with the cats, you'll always be my friend.

There's more, but why list them all? They know who they are.[/b][/color][/size]
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If I was to pick one OB'er that changed me, then no question it would be...

Justin - He's a fellow Christian here on OB, and, he has helped me overcome a major obstacle in my life, I will thank him for that. I can't tell you what that obstacle is, or it might lead to flame wars. He's a great friend.

Other respected OBers::. (In no particular order, no particular version)

Final Flash
Transtic Nerve
Jinzouningen 17
Mnemolth (can James and Mnemolth co exist on the same list? *ponders*)

p.s sorry for any typos, I'm getting my glasses fixed, and this is like driving blind *_^ [/size]
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[size=1][QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Double_B_Daigo [/i]
maladjusted- No! Were not freinds or freindly acquintances. We probably hate each other more than anything. WE have long drawn out arguements about almost everything and its proably one of the most fun activites i've ever participated in.

I do not [i]hate[/i] you, we just have very different viewpoints. But the debating is always a plus.

Hm. *looks around aimlessly*[/size]
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I don't really have very many buddies, but I'll put 'em anyways.

SilpheedPilot- My good friend. I knew him before I joined the OB, in fact he had me join. He's, well....I cant say much about him. Very mysterious. Well...not mysterious. I'm getting off track...

Hells Fire- My first friend on here. He trys to stump me with easy Lord of the Rings questions, good luck buddy.

Drix D'Zanth- Now this guy knows his stuff. LOTR expert, he probly knows more than me(we'll see).

Artemis- I don't know her that well. I've just started talking to her. She doesn't get on very much.

Those are my buddies. Again, I don't have very many. I don't know, maybe I drive them away? Hopefully not.
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Double B Daigo- Fellow martial artist, and writer. Somehow he can basically write most kind of stories well, most of which that I cannot. Also a great RPGer, we can usually bring up a conversation at any random moment. Good guy all around, has a strong sense of faith for what he believes in...And a strong sense of justice. DBD's out looks, and how sees things from every one's point of view and can for the most part understand them. Is great

Shinmaru- One of the best guys around! Our conversations go on for some of the longest times. We can talk about anything. Great listener, speaker, and writer. I can't help but love 'em.

Taki Ebina- can't help but love Taki Ebina other. He's my e-husband. We have the same anime interest, can talk to him hours on end. He knows some of the coolest stuff. Taki Ebina is also a fellow BW, TF, NEG, etc., fan. I love having debates with him about Asuka and Rei.

ShadO MagE- Although he's mostly not seen too much. Still a great guy, I can't go a day without read a poem of his. Even if I've read his writings a thousand fold. I never get tired of them. Has a great personality. We have some of the same interest, and when I can talk to him we can have some of the best conversations.

SailorStar- Truly one of the greatest RPGers I know. Gotta like her attitude, and out looks. Some of the RPG's I'm in with her, well without her they'd be kinda dull.

Inuyasha Pro- Always fun to talk to, even if it's in the middle of the night. His topics are very intresting to talk about.

And so many more, my list would be too long to post.
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Eh...Obers who changed me...Hm..Well...Starting from the roots..

[B]Dmitri Drago[/B]on- Taught me alot of things I didn't know, he helped me out around the site. A great person...So long as you dont have itchy-typing-finger roomates...I usually run my more epic ideas by him, and he honestly tells the god-honest truth. You cant go wrong with someone like Dmitri around!

[B]The Harlequin[/B]- Not much to say here, you CANNOT argue with him, you WILL lose. He changed me, cause now I dont rag on anything without thinking it through.

[B]DBD[/B]- A weird fella...in a good way you explosive chump! A great friend! I usually run my idea by him to make sure they look okay in the 'younger' eyes. We chat through PMs like we are talking face to face, its great. He changed me cause well..I never used to use my PM functon! Also the El Capitan of the Notorious Armegeddon Gang!

[B]Radaghast[/B]-This guy knows the most about LOTR then I've ever seen! (This doesn't mean bombard me with LOTR crap, I dont know squat) For a youn'un he is quite the brainiac, a really reader. Him and I share book info, he changed me by..Well...He hasn't changed me, but had to put in a mention cause he has been my friend forever, off OB that is.
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[color=darkred][size=1]There isnt a single Ober that has changed me. I dont talk with much of anyone from OB, I did during summer but now that schools started I got real life crap going on. I dont like getting envoled with over the net kinda things[/size][/color]
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Well there is many OB'ers that helped change me a lot. but I'd like to thank a few really important people to me. (Don't take it personally guys and gals you are all equal in my heart)
Solo: For helping me with my Sig size and post quality (I'm still working on it and I'll try my best ^_^)
Basicaly the entire OB Staff. Don't know how or why, I just feel that they helped me a lot.
Japan_86: For showing me this place and made me happy by making me her friend.
And most importantely my darling Wife: Charlie Levoy who helped me through really hard times (not saying others haven't and i'm sorry if you felt left out)
as for the rest of the OB'ers that help changed me they are all listed in my sig. Thank you all guys and gals.
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Kanojo by far has influenced me the most. If you have not yet experienced Kanojo yet, please find the nearest Cyanide dispenser and partake of the delicious fruity combinations you can purchase from said dispenser.

If you really want to know who influenced me.. rever to my previous post: New Awakenings.
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Heh... *jokingly indignant* Do I have to answer this question again?!..

-Makai Kite- My first OB friend.. Though I haven't seen her around in a while, she opened me to the wide world of friendly folk that call OB their online home.

-K.K.C.- A real comic relief aspect of my happy hoppy group of online pals. Again, she hasn't been on recently.. Most likely 'cause of school.. But she's always fun to talk to, and has become one of my closest friends.

-Japan_86- Always a good friend to talk to.. She is always quite comforting in tough times, and is very reliable..

-Syk- ^_^' Always great to talk with, and has shown me (I first talked to him at about early Junior Member level, a newbie at heart) that mods are not hard to talk to if you are just yourself.

Of course, there are many others, including Kazoku (Formerly Chou Long Kai) and Charles, so there are far too many to list in a single post. In fact, everyone on the boards may have changed me, in some way, whether it was to get me to think on a more logical level or just increasing post quality.. It can't be singled out to just a few people.
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Just a note: Have you noticed how certain types of people tend to clump together? I have noticed that a lot....

Anyways. People who have influenced me.

terra: She gave me my banner and avatar and I do so dearly love them
EVe and Tasrai: I PM Eve hepas, and I had a cool PM thing going with Tasrai for a while. Cool people.
James: Doesn't veryone love him? Cool, funny... he just has this great feeling about him.
Charles: Funny. Don't see him so much anymore, but he is funny.
Poisontongue: Intelligent *claps*
Drix: *Read above*
Chaos: Corrected me on MAverick Hinters. Hopefully making me into a better RPG'er

I am sure there are others, but it is period change, bell going, so I better go. Anyone I have missed, well You are all great. Aside from those I don't like, but that doesn't go in this thread.

I was going to put Semjaza in here, but he can go jump now. :p

Until then, he was pretty cool.
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[size=1] If anyone readily says that they have been "changed" by someone here, and says it like they actually mean it, then I suppose we should all just go and jump off a cliff together. It is quite too bad I'd say that we can't do that, now. So I have invented a new innovative way to do this; we can all boycott the internet just as at the Boston [i]Tea Party[/i].

The anarchist in me is the apatheist in you; the breathing life in us is the dying breath of you.

Or we could all just lynch ourselves...understand the oppression that so many african americans have gone through. We could even whip one another and stand and watch as blood flew all over the deck.

How great the image of slavery is..not.


After much bibilcalation, I have decided that no one here has changed me. Not even affected. All they have done is talk to me.

And "talking" is a sad way to put it. In reality, all it is is their hands hitting keys on a keyboard and making different words. Stuff such as that is called text, and textual relations only go so far as to give you so much.


Confused with this post yet? I am too.[/size]
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[size=1] Well, the peps have already honored there buds. There was a thread about this recently...

Can't you take some sarcasm? I guess not, and that said, I am not going to explain my sarcasm. That ruins it entirely.


Yes, on with this topic.[/size]
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Guest Anime_Forever
Oooooooo.......... I wish Tical coulda seen this... but since hes standing RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! Ill speak for me and him. Me first.

I havent been here long but Ive definetally made some good friends. Double_B_Daigo and me are constanty PMing each other abou RPGs. Tsukasa_Hack has taught me that you should never try to dig to deep into an RPG storyline. And James taught me that you have to read an entire post no matter how long it is.

Now for Tical....

He was probably my best friend. I first started talking to him whn I was accepted into the Armmageddon Gang and when I entered (and finished) his RPG.

I think she was the first person on my buddy list. I first started talking to her when I found out her birthday was the day beforee mine. SHe had sent me over 80 PMs before I was banned.

Lone Bebop:
Hes really cool. I will always remember him as Demirti. I first started talking to him when we practically became partners and finished the Trigun RPG.

T Man: My rival. Every time he entered an RPG I would enter as his enemy. I first started talking to him when he wouldnt die in the Trigun RPG.

I think thats everyone, unless you wanna hear about my enemies...

But that wont happen because hes BANNED!!!!
Tical just hit me. Bye.
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I just recently arrived here, and as such, have only met one person who has really "changed" me.

stun gun Milly: She is the one that gave me the great banner and avatar and we have PM each other for 2 days. She's mostly the reason I come on OB in the first place. We goof sometimes but it's still fun. I commend her on being a great person. Hope you see this :)
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