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[color=blue]The hour is upon us, the prophecy has been fufilled.
The Three have taken human form and now walk freely upon the Earth. Diablo, Mephisto and Baal, are free to wreak terror on the world they desire to destroy.
There are countless unchecked monsters that crawl from the cracks of hell and into our world, to do the bidding of their summoners. All across the country buildings are falling into ruin, beasts of untold origin feast upon the cadavers that now litter the streets. There are now corpses that aren't simply fed on, but they feed on the living.
The world has been thrust into turmoil by the Rising.

Heaven has now moved into action against the Prime Evils, but are outnumbered twenty-to-one by summoned deamons alone. The only hope they had was to turn to the remaining humans and take powers that had been reserved for their time above, and bewstow them now. Humans now have the power to fight the Rising.

The Three must be stopped before the living drown in the blood of the fallen.[/color]

You can play either a human, an angel or one of the Prime Evils.
I would prefer that there are some humans in this game, if anyone at all signs up, that is. If more people sign up for the Prime Evils then there are suppossed to be, I'll choose who would be best suited to the role.

-The Prime Evils are as follows:
*Diablo is the lord of terror. \
*Mephisto is the lord of hatred. | TRY TO ACT LIKE IT...
*Baal is the lord of destruction. /

- The humans in this game will all start in the same place, as you will be the first group to have been given these holy gifts.

-The Angels and Prime Evils can go where-ever. Angels have wings and the Prime Evils can teleport basically anywhere, so don't be afraid to move around alot.

Here is what we shall need from you:

[color=navy]Race: (Human, Prime Evil, Angel)


Age: (only required if human)

Sex: (Only for humans and angels, the Prime Evils are all male)

Appearance: (Prime Evils are big deamon things, but be creative)

Location: (Humans are all in London, but don't worry, it doesn't mean you have to be British!)

Weapons: (Go nuts)

Skills\Powers\Spells: 4 or 5 should do it...
(Humans aren't that strong, but of course Angels have a bit more power. As for the Prime Evils, anything short of a 700 foot wall of fire is ok. If you put in anything to severe, I'll tell you to step it down a notch)

Short Bio: (Basically only for humans. If anyone signing up as an Angel whats to put one in thats fine. The Prime Evils don't need one either, less you want to.)[/color]

[I]Baal - Myself
Mephisto - to be decided
Diablo- to be decided

[color=crimson] The Rising has begun...[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Race: Prime Evil

Name: Mephisto



Appearance: About twelve feet high, and skeletal in appearance. The skull is demonic in appearance, with two dark eyes, and the body possess four arms and no legs. Large spines extend from the back ribs, and arc around to stop pointing directly forward. An actinic aura surrounds the body.

Location: Australia...where hatred runs rampant. That's right. Rednecks are, indeed, tools of the/a devil.

Weapons: Ye olde claw and fang, and backspikes!

Skills\Powers\Spells: Mainly elemental mastery, focusing on electricity.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Race: Angel

Name: Kellnine Chi-Rho

Sex: Well, I think that's sorta....sexist, don't you think? ....oh well. She's a female.

Appearance: see attatchment. Wings fold down into her scapulae bones, will extend when necessary.

Location: The stratasphere.

Weapons: Goddess style bloodsword, covered with tracings of silver, steel oragami, and a simple metallic folding fan. All three respond to her thought, not exactly her touch.

Skills\Powers\Spells: Water based.
1: Mystify: Exactly what it sounds like, only throw in a little hypnotism, and you've got the idea. In all honesty, it's a pretty powerful spell, works on lesser demons, but takes more concentration to affect big things.

2: Silver Kiss; We've been over this before, but it's is the least angelic of all her attacks. If you know what I mean.

3: Celestial; Allows her to Glorify, generally raising her energy levels and physical abilities by a pretty decent chunk, adds four extra wings, blah blah blah...

4: Pentience; Calls out the strength of the great I AM. This will send aid in a completely random form.

5: Loprilisu Aquarius; Summons out the waters of the sea to obey her command, generally a very devastating attack, even when not focused.

Short Bio: (Basically only for humans. If anyone signing up as an Angel whats to put one in thats fine. The Prime Evils don't need one either, less you want to.[/COLOR]
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Race: Prime Evil

Name: Diablo

Appearance: Corpse like and hollow, near enough to seven feet tall. Covered in a tight, almost shrunken skin, thin and translucent. Wicked balefires glint and dance within the withered frame, dancing lights playing out across the skin. Within the empty eyesockets of the skull shines an entrancing red luminence. Hands ending in wickedly curved claws.

Location: Happy enough to wander, the petty manthings always run, thus one needs give chase.

Weapons: Well we've got our sickle fingers, and a mighty club for the smiting, lets leave the rest for the unholy powers of dark magic.

Skills\Powers\Spells: Fire is fun, fire is terror, and terrors what I want, so some control over the flames should about cover it.
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Race: Human

Name: Ratu Leinrosen

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tall, semi average looking but has brilliant silver eyes and long jet black hair. his skin is somewhat pale and his body is thin yet highly toned.


Weapons: 2 9mm's, 2 uzi's, 1 long sword, and A Chackram, All of which have been blessed by a priest and cleansed with holy water.

Skills: Dead Eye-Uncanny Accuracy with ranged weapons.

Powers: C'Tans Sword-The power to materialize a sword into a targets head. Only one way 2 ways to prevent. The first is if the target doesn't have a head.

Spells: Heal Self-Pretty self explanatory there, also restores tissue and bone... Annihalate-Creates a cone of purely non elemental destructive magical force that renders from reality anything in it's path. the only ones who have been known to resist this have been the engels in heaven or the prime evils.

Short Bio: Ratu was dropped off one night infront of a church just outside of paris france. There he was raised by a convent orphanage becoming quite the fanatical priest. He was often visited by "angels" and had "Divine inspiration" like prophesies. Others thought him to be just a little insane, but the day the sky ran red with blood and the prime evils walked the earth, they believed him. even until their last breath they believed him. Now he is the last of his convent. To this day he hunts the demons. Honing his skill and thinning the ranks of the undead and demons until he is ready to face the lords of evil themselves.
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[size=1]Race: Angel

Name: Velamat

Age: (only required if human)

Sex: Male

Appearance: Velamat has long, inundated, dilapidated wings which appear in teathers and are barely recognizable as wings. He has a cracked halo upon his head which has almost lost its glow, and oftenly blinks intermittently on and off in sparks of black and yellow. He has an almost kind face which is smooth, but crinkles into an evil appearance whenever he smiles or sneers. He has thin hands, and his body has a very emaciated appearance--through some of his white you can catch glimpses of maggoty ribs, bones, and mallow.

Location: The gates of Heaven.

Weapons: He has a long sword which is named Gurumbal. That is all.

Skills\Powers\Spells: He is able to sway people's minds easily with his crafty, sly, devious nature. His powers are very limited, which will soon be shown why.

Short Bio: Going into heaven, he was mistreated as a worshiper and anointer of God. When he tried to assasinate God upon first entering, he was abated of most else of his beatific prowless. Left with no place else but to wander to hell as God told, he has been sent away, a broken angel, from the gates of Heaven.[/size]
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Looks good so far ^_^

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Name:[/b] Saethi (He's been kicking for an RPG for ages)

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Sex:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] 6'1'' 'punk-esque' mess of short hair, black with white tips. Baggy jeans, T-shirt with padded vest. Small lensed sunglasses, transparent blue.

[b]Location:[/b] London of course. Ukrainian descent. Studying in Oxford thanks to his father's wealth.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Single ceramic Glock pistol that he keeps with him at all times in a concealed holster at his back, just in case one of his father's 'associates' desides to pay a visit. A blackened (carbon based) survival knife.

[b]Skills\Powers\Spells:[/b] Mild combat training, nothing serious, just a dabbling in throws, holds, and painful things. (No idea about the powers thing when it comes to humans. I assume you'll sort it out)

[b]Short Bio: [/b] His Father is a weapons and drug smuggler in the Ukraine, a head of a localised segment of the Russian Mafiya. His father, wanting to save his family, first smuggled his mother away to London, where she had family.

However, Saethi wanted to remain with his father longer, fearing it would be the last he saw of him, stayed on. His father met him halfway and decided to train him in sorts of defence, under the facade that he was training him to serve the interests of the Mafiya.

When Saethi was 26, he left for London to meet with his mother, to 'set up office' for the Mafiya and exploit the Rave drug market and to arm local gangs.

He has lost contact with his father after his last shipment of automatic arms. A note was attached detailing that they were for his own and his mother's protection.

A wire transfer into his Swiss account of half the family funds has left Saethi with doubts of his father's continued existence on this world.[/size]
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Race: Human

Name: Tao-Zhou (though he rarely tells anyone)

Age: 25-ish

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tao is tall and lean. He dresses in baggy black pants and a baggy black shirt. He wears a Duster too. He has dark brown hair and spikey bangs. His eyes are an intense blue-grey.

Location: London

Weapons: His Ninja-to (the Yami no Yushi) and his wits

Skills\Powers\Spells: He can make covering clouds of darkness, can shoot fireballs, transfers shock-waves from his sword, and his a nasty little technique where he creates a an explosion about 20ft in diameter (him being in the center). He has to yell Shiisa before using it, so people often learn to run when they hear it.

Short Bio: Tao is Asian by birth (Chinese and Japanese), but has lived in London and the surrounding area most of his life and has picked up the accent. He worked as an assassin and still does, finding it an apt profession in these dark days. He is a master in most martial arts, with his true passion lying in Ninjitsu.

Hope this is all right, now that I toned down the explosion.
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[color=blue]Well people, I can't say I'm not suprised. I expected to get the normal result of people signing up to my RPG's. Normally, I get Flynn and then some other people who are crap, but by the looks of it, I have some people who can think for themselves. Good stuff.
Well everyone is in and unless anyone signs up in the next few days. I plan to start this on sunday or so, so keep thine eyes open. If anyone else is still interested, feel free to sign up.
Oh and Xion, you might want to tone down the 50m explosion for the mean time. Your powers will become stronger as the RPG progresses, but for the mean time, drop it back a bit ok?
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Race: angel

Name: Fiona

Age: N/A

Sex: female

Appearance: Looking at Fiona gives you a feeling of uneasy beauty, which can change into terror in an instant. Her features are at once human and ethereal; pale, clear skin that looks nearly translucent, dark gray eyes, long brown hair. Her wings are an odd shade of white, that seems to somehow be tinted with blue, or gray, depending on how the light reflects off of them. She is not particularly tall, though she can occasionally make you think she is ...

Location: wandering the heavens

Weapons: Amused by the weapons of humans, Fiona carries a shotgun with her, though she loads it with ammunition of her own creation. She also has a thick blade that looks to be made out of some sort of chunky, dirty silver, with inscriptions over it in the language of God. Finally, she has a long, leather whip.

Fiona has some limited illusionary power; she can't make things appear in front of you, but she can highly exaggerate and manipulate how things around you look.
Her blade also carries various powers in it, many of which she's not aware of yet. So far, all she knows is that by speaking aloud one of the inscriptions, the blade alights with fire and adds force to her own attacks. (She's read aloud all of the inscriptions, of course, but none of the others have caused any effects so far.)
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I have been in the mood for RPGs lately....

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Name: [/b]Alana

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Sex:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance: [/b] Blonde hair that falls in loose ringlets, deep green eyes, slender and graceful build. Dresses in mostly pinks and blues. Magnificently beautiful.

[b]Location:[/b] London, England

[b]Weapons:[/b] A light crystalline staff that glows when in use.

[b]Skills\Powers\Spells:[/b] Besides being a healer, Alana specializes in earth magic.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Alana was born in Scotland and raised by her mother. She moved to London to go to school at Oxford and has been there ever since.

*Well, I hope that was fine. I can add more to it if you like*[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Eh, what the heck? I have time to kill, and it looks like fun. The RPG, not killing time. o.O;

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Name:[/b] Elli

[b]Age:[/b] 19 and a half.

[b]Sex:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] 5'7", straight strawberry blonde hair, blue grey eyes. Lithe build. Dresses in almost any colour -- cannot stand reds.

[b]Location:[/b] London. Oxford, too, for convenience sakes. Wiat a minute...isn't Oxford in Oxford, not London?

[b]Weapons:[/b] Apart from Pepper Spray [What can i say? She's a practical girl], Elli carries two knives on her, for emergencies. She doesn't believe in guns -- thinks they aren't honourable -- although her father insisted that she know how to use them.

[b]Skills\Powers\Spells:[/b] Elli's intelligence, a few defensive techniques her father's bodyguard showed her when she was a teenager and didn't know how to discourage the boys.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Elli has that slightly doe-eyed look of someone who often finds themself in too deep. She is intelligent, but she hates the stifling and competitive atmosphere that permeates the city of Oxford. She wanted to go to somewhere lesser known, but her parents put their collective feet down and said she [i]had[/i] to go to Oxford. Instead of accepting their word, Elli applied for the University of London, and her parents made sure she was rejected.

Furious at their interference, Elli sought revenge by spending all her free time in London, more specifically, the artsy London community, situated somewhere between the middle class, and the slums.[/size]
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[[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Race:[/B] Angel

[B]Name:[/B] Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra

[B]Age:[/B] (only required if human)

[B]Sex:[/B] female

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Location:[/B] Judgement Gates, as well as wandering around the heavens.

[B]Weapons:[/B] double edged crystal broadsword, silver fighting fans, crystal and obsidian pendant that changes into anything she desires- if a human touches it, it will not lose its power, but it will not reveal itself, if evil touches it, they burn.

[B]Skills\Powers\Spells:[/B] Light based, as well as all elements
Grace of God- a healing spell is basically what it is.

Heaven's Spells- the strongest spell she uses. It combines all of the elements and spreads it around the enemies. It is dangerous yet protects the good at the same time.

Summon- it's what it says. Kilani summons a creature or mythical beast and uses that to attack.

Zodiacs- She uses different Zodiac signs, astrological signs, for different purposes.
[*]Libra- weighs the good or bad that you have done. wind attacks greatest.
[*]Aries- blows on the horn of a Ram, but the horn is able to hypnotize people or put them to sleep. fire attacks greatest
[*]Taurus- uses the strength of the Bull and makes her sword heavier to lift for others and stronger. ground/rock attacks greatest
[*]Gemini- clones things so that evil does not know which is the correct. illusion attacks greatest
[*]Cancer- uses its powerful claws to crush the bones of evil, human, anything that does not deserve to live- Moon/Dark attacks powerful.
[*]Leo- the bravery, speed, strength, and quick thinking of the Lion lets Kilani's summons be more affective. Sun based attacks.
[*]Virgo- lets things be purified. if it is too evil, then only a proportion can be purified. Nature/Forest is greatest.
[*]Scorpio- camoflauges yourself so that those who cannot see it, walk by. As well as poisons those who do walk by with venomous poison that is injected into your sword/weapon. ice attacks are greatest.
[*]Pisces- psychic powers are more effective. psychic powers are greatest
[*]Sagittarius- your aim will be more precise, and thunder/lightning attacks are at their greastest.
[*]Capricorn- Earth attacks are at their greatest. causes many earthquakes, landslides, many earth related disasters.
[*]Aquarius- water disasters, as well as water creatures are more dangerous to those who do not know. water is greatest.

Genesis of Revolution- Genesis is the beginning and Revolution is the end. So, it's the beginning of the end. Kilani uses the most energy here. It is the second most powerful. She strikes her sword into the ground and 8 crevices appear and 8 different elemental beasts appear.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] (Basically only for humans. If anyone signing up as an Angel whats to put one in thats fine. The Prime Evils don't need one either, less you want to.)[/size][/color]
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Hm... I was hoping for an RPG where I can use angels... and use my own name :) So far everyone seems to be good RPGers. Sign me up o_O

Race: Angel

Name: Metatron, the Angel of Death

Age: N/A

Appearance: His human form varies with the time and place. For the most part, he takes on the form of a young child, innocent-looking, playful, and slightly mysterious. In this form, he appears at around an age of 9 ~ 12, blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a calm smile playing upon his lips.
His angel form is a bright, radiant form, with 4 huge wings on his back, 2 of which are Seraphim wings, and the remaining two, bat-like and grotesque. His body is covered with a crimson red cloak, and his eyes bound by a ethereal cloth which alternates from nothingness into existance.

Weapons: An ancient rune blade, from the ages past, rumored to have its hilt created in heaven and its blade forged in hell. A diabolic inscription can be seen on the blade, glowing in a hellish fashion, and a divine inscription can be seen on the hilt, thus creating an unstable flux of heavenly and hellish energies conjoined forcefully.

Finger of Death - To any mortal being, this spell means instant death, no matter what abilities the mortal may have. A blue-green lightning rips forth from Metatron, tearing a hole through the body, and ripping the soul free. The soul is then taken to the respective realm(i.e. heaven or hell), or can be destroyed, eradicating the very existance of the unfortunate victim.

Immunity - Metatron is immune to any spell, be it hostile or friendly. Of course this means any offensive spell cast against him is useless, but he also does not gain benefit from healing or supportive spells. Its a double-edged blade.

Dispel - Any magic that is hostile can be cast off with this simple, but extremely effective spell. The very mana that keeps the hostile spell in effect is burned away, breaking the spell's energy source, thus resulting in the termination of the spell.

Spell Steal - A variation of Disenchant, Metatron can transfer the mana source of the hostile spell from the opponent's mana pool onto himself, giving him control of the spell. Due to the combinations of his two anti-magic spells, using any form of magic against Metatron is foolish indeed.
Short Bio: One of the most ancient angels known, Metatron is granted full mastery over death, and to smite out judgement upon the denizens of earth. He has been recorded in ancient scriptures twice, once in his child form and again in his angel form. Both scriptures are cut off short, and what exactly happened when Metatron was present is unknown, save that when he appeared in his angel form, a plague followed his appearance, killing thousands before it died out.
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[size=1]Race: Angel

Name: Thaurnovwen

Age: older than dirt, that's for sure.

Sex: Female (although angels are androgneous)

Appearance: Picture, picture! (looks like that both angelic and disguised. . . . except with different clothing. yeah.)

Location: . . . depends?

Weapons: Only the sword, and a few backup knives and the sort. (The sword is a soul-eater, don't mock the pretty sword.)


Soul's Terror: A nice blowy-upy spell. Works well in small, kill-them-and-be-done situations. Esp. if you don't want to leave evidence behind.

Heart's Blood: The chosen victim(s) bleed to death from every opening in their body. As in even pores. It's slow, painful, and really messy.

Soul's Frenzy: Almost a confusion attack. Everyone in the aformentioned attack turn on each other and hack away until only one if left. And then that one kills itself.

Heart?s Ache: An unknown attack. Only used if the situation is dead ended. One who casts the spell will die. (Unknown because no one's lived to tell about it. Hee hee.)

Other skills: Being an angel, she's normally faster, smarter, more agile, has better hearing and sight, and has more powers than a human, but since she pissed God off and got kicked out (or is on the brink of that), she's down a few pegs. But she's still got the basics.


Rae threatened me with death if I didn't get off my arse and get involved more. Including this. So one the price of saving my tushie or dying, I chose to save my tush and join.

Go me.

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[color=blue]Well this is easily the most successful RPG I've ever started. I'm going to kick this one off now, before you all realise that I'm stupid and withdraw your sign-ups. So yeah. This thing is officially closed, If someone else really wants to PM me, they can, but this is more then enough. Everyone has made it, and is fine with what they put down. (Obviously excluding Xion as I mentioned in a pervious post) Lets do this thing.[/color]
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Guest cloricus
Thanks Jesus. :devil:

[color=teal]Race: Human

Name: Seth Jolth

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Appearance: 6`1' feet tall with light metallic buzz cut blue and stinger reflective bright red shades supported by a thin frame. Wearing British issue DPCU pants and black long sleave shirt with a heavy sleeveless Army jacket on. Fashion style was not something blessed upon Seth.


Weapons: Styer 9mm w/ two clips x 40 rounds at all times for short range combat, hidden dirk blade for hand to hand fighting, Smithfield Snipper single shot magazine load long range rifle for six hundred to a mile accurate shotting - zeroed.

Skills\Powers\Spells: RSAS combat training.

Short Bio: Arriving in England to participate in Infantry Minor Tactics (IMTs) training with the elite Royal Special Air Service (SAS) after winning a competition back in his home country. He came sixth out of twenty and was given a small consolation prize of a two week vacation with limited expenses payed to stay in London, he did.[/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]No thankyou, Unknown Son of Deity.

Name: Tsukeume (japanese for pickled) Kenkyusha

Race: Angel

Sex: Female

Appearance: Completely ordinary in appearance - asian, long, black hair, but apart from that you can't pick her out of a crowd, and if you meet her once, it's not likely you'd remember her in a lineup. No distinguishing features, average height, wears modern clothes. Black wings concealed under trenchcoat.

Bio: An angel, has been on earth for many hundreds of years, regular duty. Keep an eye on the people, basically. Nearly forgotten by heaven, and so was uninformed of the immenant apocalypse. Lives in London and keeps a life as a human, her many human friends don't know she's an angel, she had a nice boyfriend but he found out her identity and she had to kill him. Upset by that greatly, and as a result, has started to feed her cat more expensive food. [/color][/font]
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race: human
name: Ares
age: 29
sex: male
location: London
weapons: katana custom
power: Firaga, Curaga, and Bloodlust(bloodlust is an attack in which Ares releases the energy he's been gathering and lets loose on a bunch of enemies at very high speeds.)
bio: Ares was born in Kyoto and never saw his father. He was trained in the unique art of kendo at the age of five. He enjoys fighting, and he is a very brutal fighter.
appearance: [img]http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue211/samurai2.jpg[/img]
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