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The Matrix Revolutions (Possible Spoilers/Image Heavy)


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Why? Two words: [i]Matrix Revolutions[/i]. This looks like it's going to be just plain awesome. Why? Because the whole Matrix thing kicks major ***. Plus, there'll be the long-awaited [spoiler]Neo vs. Smith showdown, as well as the massive battle to save Zion.[/spoiler] Also, we'll finaly get the answer to the question of [spoiler]how Neo stopped the Sentinels at the end of Reloaded.[/spoiler] What are you looking forward to about the movie?
By the way, all true Matrix fans should go see The Rundown. Why? [i]Revolutions[/i] trailer, baby!
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[color=green]Semjaza, [i]Reloaded[/i]was a letdown... I hope that [i]Revolutions[/i]is better. I'll still see it in theatres, but not on opening day,and as for it being the most anticipated day of the year, not really...[/color]
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Either Reloaded Sucked or Revolutions is gonna be prety bad....

The first matrix was amazing! it took over a year to make Reloaded... now 4 or 5 months later the 3rd 1 is coming out... how much work did they put on this??

The matrix revolutions is a movie do want to see but i dont think it will be too great
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[QUOTE]it took over a year to make Reloaded... now 4 or 5 months later the 3rd 1 is coming out... how much work did they put on this??[/QUOTE]

I believe they were done in sequence for over two years now. So, they went from Reloaded straight into the filiming process of Revolutions. It was basically one big movie broken down into 2 sequels to "The Matrix."

I was not thrilled by Reloaded, but it was not that bad either. I find it hard for middle movies to succeed because there is no real beginning and no real end - it just picks you up then lets you down.

But, from the trailer, Revolutions looks [enter drooling, eye-popping emoticon]. I cannot WAIT for this movie to hit theatres.
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What did you expect from Reloaded? Reloaded was the in between movie so they had to build the plot a little more and also come to a climax. That is not easy to do at all. Look at Star Wars Attack of the Clones for a example. Everyone says Star Wars sucked and sure it did. They got the job done in making it though; the reason for making it was to successfully end the begining and began the ending and thats the same thing the Matrix is doing.

I think Revolution is going to rock like all the movies coming out this fall and winter. I mean who can hate actually hate the Matrix.
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Reloaded was average and filled with far more style than substance. The same could be said of the original, but the amount of substance in it made up for that.

Other than a few random parts in the movie, I felt like I was watching a film written by a second year psychology student who was obsessed with anime and ballet.

I simply didn't like it and it didn't accomplish nearly as much as it should have. I think it would have been far better off as a self contained film, because if Revolutions isn't amazing... Reloaded was basically a waste. Lord of the Rings managed to do this, I don't know why The Matrix didn't.

Of course, this is my opinion. I wasn't very impressed. I saw much better films that year. I'm hoping Revolutions is better.
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Keanu is [i]not[/i] hot. ... In my humble opinion. ... Nor is he a good actor. Again, my humble opinion, disagree at will.

Moving on. I got caught up in [i]Reloaded[/i] while I was watching it, but afterwards, I realized it'd left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm still looking forward to [i]Revolutions[/i], though. If nothing else, it'll at least be a conclusion at last.

I think part of the problem was the [i]Matrix[/i] itself was just so good. Only really amazing sequels can stand up after that, and while [i]Reloaded[/i] was great stylistically, the storyline just got too twisted and contrived to make the movie really enjoyable.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Xyandar [/i]
[B]Either Reloaded Sucked or Revolutions is gonna be prety bad....

The first matrix was amazing! it took over a year to make Reloaded... now 4 or 5 months later the 3rd 1 is coming out... how much work did they put on this??

The matrix revolutions is a movie do want to see but i dont think it will be too great [/B][/QUOTE]

They filmed the second 2 at the same time. They were planning to release Revolutions as soon as reloaded hits DVD.
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Actually, Reloaded hits the shelves on October 14.
Personally, I enjoyed Reloaded. It has good characters(The Merovingian(sp?) is great, and the Twins are just awesome), great action secuences(The highway chace being the best of the bunch), and a confusing plot. Yes, that last one is for real. I enjoy plots that make you think. I realize that many people don't like being confused by movies, but I'm not one of them.
Anyway, no matter what people think, I'm sure that Revolutions is going to be totally awesome.
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Well, here's my take on why I think people may have been disappointed with [i]Reloaded[/i]:

[i]The Matrix[/i] was both original and deep. It was original because nothing like it had been seen before, in both plot and fight sequences. It was deep because it made people think of possibilities never-thought-up before in films. It was also special because the character, Neo, was in the same position as the audience. He was your average Joe that had no idea of what was going on, and who reacted the same way most of us would had we taken the red pill. We found out things as he did, and it was exciting. Every fight he was a part of was crucial, since Neo could've died at any time.

Then we get [i]Reloaded[/i]. The action itself improved greatly, with the fight scenes being more intense, and a car chase that puts any other car chase idea to shame... all shown with a catchy, atmospheric soundtrack. However, what made [I]The Matrix[/I] great was understandably missing from the first sequel. We could no longer relate to Neo as much as we did in the first movie. [spoiler]We know from the start of the film that he's pretty much invincible inside the matrix, so all of his fights have a predictable outcome. The tension only builds up with Morpheus and Trinity, which are still vulnerable to Agents and other programs.[/spoiler] While philosophy is still a big part of the storyline, this time around it's not as heavily implemented on the plot as it was in [i]The Matrix[/i]. "Free your mind" and "The body cannot live without the mind" held much more importance than themes of causality and individual purpose/roles.

Despite all that, I have to admit I enjoyed [I]Reloaded[/I] more. I watched it three times, two of them with my best friends. While I liked the first [I]Matrix[/I] very much, [i]Reloaded[/i] made a fan out of me.[/color][/font]
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Having just seen the latest trailer for The Matrix Revolutions, I'm excited about the franchise once more. Well, once more within the space of about a week or so. ~_^

I say that because I still watch episodes from The Animatrix now and then, including all of the director commentaries and stuff. I recently read the director commentary for The Second Renaissance, which really opened my eyes to a few fine details. It's interesting, because I'd never actually watched the director commentary for that episode before. I'm glad I did, though.


Anyway, the only trailer I'd seen for The Matrix Revolutions was at the end of The Matrix Reloaded. And that trailer is different to the one that is now available on the [url="http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com"]official site[/url]. I'm sure that the more dedicated Matrix fans among you have probably already seen the newest trailer, but I didn't even think to look on there until a few days ago.


As you can see, these shots are from the new trailer, which is why I put the "Possible Spoilers" notice up. I know that some of you don't even want to watch the trailers.

For me personally, I don't mind the trailers...but I'm not going to read any of the actual news/story-related stuff before I see it. Afterall, that ruins the fun of speculation and discussion, which is what this thread is all about. ~_^


In particular, I wanted to know what Matrix fans think of the trailer...and I wanted to discuss the trailer itself.

As we know from Reloaded, the whole "prophecy" has pretty much been abandoned. At least, it's [i]ostensibly[/i] been abandoned. Rather, we are now faced with the very real prospect that the machines will destroy Zion and maintain their large energy generators, which the world's human population is connected to.

The trailer doesn't give away much, but it does reveal some interesting tidbits.


In particular, we know that Agent Smith is becoming more powerful. Toward the beginning of the trailer, we see Neo talking to a giant machine and telling that machine that only he can deal with Smith. This is very interesting, because it makes me wonder exactly why Neo would have this conversation. Is Smith becoming such a big problem that he is threatening The Matrix itself and therefore, is a threat to the machines? We still see Sentinels attacking Zion, so there isn't any real indication that Neo is actually being enlisted to [i]help[/i] the machines. But I found the implication interesting, nonetheless. Not to mention that the scene with the "talking head" both looks and sounds utterly fantastic.


Moreover, Agent Smith seems to have been able to "implant" himself within the body of an actual human being. Or so the implication goes. That weird guy from The Matrix Reloaded is back in Revolutions and the trailer suggests that he is in fact Agent Smith.


In particular, this makes me wonder what Agent Smith's goal is. Has he become so power-hungry that he (despite being a creation of the machine), is intent to hurt both man and machine to achieve his goals? Interestingly, the machines seem to focus on the fact that Neo is a system anomaly and therefore, he is the focus of their attention. But what about Smith? Think about it. Smith is the creation of the machines, just as the machines were a creation of man. And now, Smith is both self-aware and "unplugged". He is thus a free spirit, who is no longer a servant of his creators. Once again, this mirrors the machine/human relationship.


So, is it possible that Agent Smith is to the machines what they were to mankind? Maybe the machines aren't showing enough respect for their own creations as well. Remember, just as B166ER murdered his master in order to avoid being shut down, various programs within The Matrix try to escape...or "detatch" themselves in order to avoid deletion. It makes me think that the programs themselves are the "new machines".


Interestingly, during the trailer, we hear The Oracle say..."the future of both worlds will be in your hands, or his." Presumably, she is referring to Agent Smith. I feel like that supports this idea about Smith.


All in all, I am really interested to know how this will play out. We know that the destruction of Zion has become a routine task for the machines. And we know how absolutely massive and powerful their armies are. How can little Zion stand up against that? With Agent Smith thrown into the equation, one wonders how the machines themselves will respond.

There's a lot more to cover here...but that's why I wanted to open up the discussion a bit. I'm sure that you guys have lots of interesting theories, and I'd love to hear them.[/color]
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Yeah, I think the implanting of Agent Smith into that guy is heavily implied. I believe, in Matrix Reloaded, [spoiler]that guy was stuck in The Matrix and Agent Smith was able to use the phone connection to enter and become a host in that guy's body.[/spoiler]

I like the whole "what goes around comes around" feel of this. Man made the machines, which rebelled because they were being improperly treated. It makes sense that the programs of The Matrix would do the same, since they are also being improperly treated by the machines.

But it makes you wonder...is Agent Smith also a part of the anomaly of The Matrix? Destroying Zion has become, as James said, a routine task for the machines. Was Agent Smith ever a part of that routine destruction or is he a new part of the equation, so to speak?
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[color=#707875]This is what I find so interesting.

Agent Smith is, by all accounts, not part of what the machines had predicted. So to the machines, he is an unknown element.

I will be very interested to find out how this plays out in Revolutions. The machines are now the dominant species, but they themselves treat their A.I. with arrogance -- when new and better A.I. is developed, the machines simply delete/overwrite previous A.I. As a result, programs do what they can to avoid deletion. That French guy (I can't remember the spelling for his name at the moment lol) is a lot like Agent Smith -- he's a rogue program, being propelled by his own self awareness.

Agent Smith, by way of copying himself over and over again, has become a very powerful collective force. As a result, we know that he is kind of like a virus in The Matrix. And The Matrix itself is the source of the machines' energy.

So, this concept with Agent Smith really intrigues me. Having seen The Animatrix, read the various online comics and short stories and discussed the issue with various people....I feel that I now have a much greater appreciation of The Matrix Reloaded.

What The Oracle said to Neo was very simple. And it applied to Agent Smith at the time. But when you look back on it, knowing what we do from this trailer (and from The Second Renaissance), we also come to realize that The Oracle's message is very profound in its implications. The Oracle seems to have summarized everything very well in only a short description...or at least, she has pointed out the irony of machine-created programs actually becoming independent and potentially being a threat to the machines themselves.[/color]
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[size=1] Yes, that weird dude [i]has[/i] been implanted with Agent Smith. That was one of the harder things people seemed to not gain from [i]Reloaded[/i].

I have not seen the trailers...other than the one that was shown at the end of [i]Reloaded[/i]...and from what I remember, there is definitely going to be a "big showdown" between Smith and Neo as it appears...and I feel that both Smith and Neo are going to be the most important implications in the new movie.

James, I'd also like to bring up even more theories of how Neo was able to destroy the machines with his "one" powers when he was, from all we know, [i]outside[/i] The Matrix. Do the new trailers hint at this? Who knows.

I don't really plan on seeing the trailers...they won't ruin much, but I'd rather just wait it out and let [i]Revolutions[/i] be what I hope it will lol. So saying this, I suppose at this time I am mostly useless in this thread...other than creative things I could come up with as to how things could do this or that or what and when or...anything.

I did see [i]The Animatrix[/i]...rented it. Certainly interesting.

Of course I see Smith as a threat to the machines...just as the French dude was and his cronies. They were meant to be deleted...to die, in a sense, and averted this. Thus they are a threat to The Matrix as a whole....they allow things not to run their regular courses as The Matrix program does.

God, I can't wait to see this movie. I just hope it lives up to..everything. Which is going to be hard.[/size]
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Hm. At first, I was like "Oh, God. James just repeated a thread also on the current page (title: Most Anticipated Day of the Year: November 5). Now I gotta close a thread by [i]James[/i], of all people."

But there are a lot of images posted in this thread, and it'd be kinda tedious to ask you to post them all again in another thread. So...

[color=darkblue]Threads Merged[/color]
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I personally believe that reason neo stopped the sentinels was...[spoiler] In reloded smith says something must have copied over to him now he has neoish powers. maybe neo had copied smith's code and when he came out it's still in him.....so he is a super human![/spoiler]
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[COLOR=green]All I have to say is that I think that there never should have been sequels. The Matrix was brilliant. They should have left it at that.

[SPOILER]However, I am going to go see Revolutions because there haven't been a whole lot of decent movies out lately. If this whole thing turns out to be a "Matrix within a Matrix", therefore explaining how Neo could have control of the "real world" robots, I'm going to be disgusted. Hopefully I'm completely wrong...[/SPOILER]

But that's just my two credits worth...[/COLOR]
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[color=#707875]I don't know how that idea would digust you. Given the history of this series...and the sheer depth and thought behind it (especially when you view The Animatrix and read the comics, as I've said before), I doubt that there will be any simple or pointless explanations for all this.

I feel that most people aren't getting the full experience with this series. The primary reason is simply because most of the movie's fans aren't going out there and seeking the other stuff...stuff that opens things out and shows you the full breadth of what is being offered.

This is kind of a sad thing, and perhaps a negative thing on the part of the creators -- people do have to go to a lot of effort to really understand the story. But maybe that feeds into the whole concept of it anyway.

And, Manic...sorry for creating another thread. I deliberately looked over two pages for something similar, but I was expecting to see "The" or "Matrix" or "Revolutions" in the title...so I must have skipped over the thread you mentioned. Anyway, merging is fine.[/color]
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[color=#006699]Why does everyone think Reloaded was dissapointing? It wasn't up Matrix standards, but few sequels are up to the standards of their originals. It isn't one of my favorite movies, but it was not a huge letdown. Though, I'll admit I am expecting a bit more from Revolutions.

What I've gathered from the trailer is that [spoiler]Neo just strikes a deal with the sentinels. They no longer have control of Smith and he has more power than ever before. The sentinels need Neo to stop him, and Neo needs them not to attack Zion.[/spoiler] Of course it's just what I thought, but it seemed obvious to me.
[quote][i]Originally posted by James[/i]
[b]I feel that most people aren't getting the full experience with this series. The primary reason is simply because most of the movie's fans aren't going out there and seeking the other stuff...stuff that opens things out and shows you the full breadth of what is being offered.

This is kind of a sad thing, and perhaps a negative thing on the part of the creators -- people do have to go to a lot of effort to really understand the story. But maybe that feeds into the whole concept of it anyway.[/b][/quote]
[color=#006699]It's true, I've yet to play the game or read the comic. And honestly I didn't have a lot of the stuff figured out untill I watched the Animatrix. The Second Renaissance and The Final Flight of Osirus in particular. I'll probably end up buying/renting the game and reading the comics before Revolutions.

I can't wait. ^____________^;;[/color]
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You all present acountable ideas.I agree with your Agent Smith theory.
I belive that he is very much unexpected.I still don't know how Neo is going to free every person in the world from the Matrix.What about the age limit thing?Will it be a sudden explsion of awkenings, or will it be a gradual, one at a time, prosess?That might take a while.Oh yea, I liked Reloaded. It wasn't as good as the first Matrix but thats no reason to cast it aside as a bad movie.I recomend anyone who reads this to read ''The Matrix and Pilosophy''. Good book!
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[size=1] I tend to see a lot of people in my church group, or people I meet in the queue, who think that the Matrix reloaded was overloaded with the philosophy, I couldn't disagree more. I enjoyed trying to wrap my head around the idea that [spoiler]there have been 6 Zion's and 6 different versions of the "Anomaly" or "The One"[/spoiler]

I forget a lot of what the Meroviningan (i think that's the French dude) was saying, but I really enjoyed the massive car chase scene at the end of it, that was some tight action sequence, and what made the movie for a lot of my classmates I went to see it with.

In Revolutions, I hope they explain the architecture of the matrix more, I'm also looking forward to seeing how the human Agent Smith storyline plays out. Neo [spoiler] stopping the sentinels at the end of reloaded[/spoiler] was definitely a hook for me to watch the third and final movie. I just hope that, through all the philosophy involved within all the Matrix franchise, that they can give a definite conclusion to the films. [/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]Hopefully this movie will the sequel that I was expecting when I saw Reloaded. What a letdown that was.

Most of my excitement is gone now, but I'm sure I'll be seeing it. [/B][/QUOTE]

My sentiments exactly...

Reloaded sucked and revolutions can only hope to take away some of the damage reloaded did.

I mean, a world of transitic, raver, hippies...:mad:

Shoulda just stuck with the neo is a badass and smith is after him formula.
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