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Life Goals?

Vash's girl

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I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish before I die. I would like to know what other peole think about this. I wanna know what some of ya'll's goals are. Here's a few of mine
1.Make decent mac and cheese 2. Get along with my sister for more than a day 3.Graduate from college 4. Animate a cartoon
5. watch the Ring with out closing my eyes 6.Reach the level of OTAKU! 7.Get married and have a family 8. Sponsor a orca
9. Move out of the house and support my parents 10. ride a roller coaster
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humm... that is a really good question. There are so many things that i would like to do, but here are some of my top ones.
1. Find and what is wrong with my mom, and find a cure for whatever she has.
2. Finish my novel, and then make an anime series out of it.
3. Graduate from college and become a rad tech.
4. have a family with the person i love most in the world
5. live in a big house, and not have to worry about money!
6. get along with everyone i meet, and never try to hurt anyone i love
7. stay best friends with Lyndsey and Katie-chan forever!!! :)
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[color=royalblue]*beep* Now detecting bitterness in the vicinity....

1: Get accepted to UC Irvine or better yet UC Los Angeles.

2: Graduate with a Master of Fine Arts degree in something. [can't tell for sure what I really want to do yet]

3: Get a degree of some sort in Dance, Choreography.

4: Fine the "One"

5: Marry the "One"

6: Start a family, the usual romantical stuff. Although that sounds fun.....really it does.

7: Travel, preferably before the family part.[/color]
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Raiha: Why not take the squalling brats with you? keep the people on the plane entertained. Heh. :p

[center][b][u]My [strike]Wish[/strike] Goal list.[/b][/u][/center]

1: Invade conquer and reform Amsterdam, utilising it's natural resources for my own evil ends.

2: Complete my schooling (i.e: go through uni) in something and get a good job.

3: Turn Amsterdam's armed forces on Bollywood and produce multiple X-rated movies.

4: Enjoy my job, and make lots of money from it.

5: Drop copies of my movies in Saudi Arabia.

6: Travel widely.

7: Make "Who said" by Planet Funk be the national song for Amsterdam.

8: Get married with a wonderful person and have kids.

9: Retire and become the World Wise [strike]Man[/strike] Arse.

10: Retire with plenty of money, and live out my life.

11: Stay at OB.

[Note: In case you are thick and dense and have a plank of wood for an aunt, every second post is what I really want to do, excepting "11" which I really want to do as well.]

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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]First of all, other people's goals I've already achieved:

1) Watch the Ring with out closing my eyes - took me three goes.

2) Move out of the house and support my parents - kind of, mum's moved out and i'm on my own, paying her rent.

3) Ride a roller coaster - Harlequin and I went on the largest freefall drop ride IN THE WORLD on monday, and it was horrible. Never again. Apart from that, we did the tower of terror - again, one of the tallest and fastest rides - fantastic. 38 storeys up, 160km/h, in this strange L shape... along, up, fall back down and along again. According to [url]www.dreamworld.com.au,[/url] it accelerates its passengers to a world record 161km per hour in just 7 seconds. *insert profanities here*

3) Find the "one" - or, to be more accurate, he found me.

4) Travel - have been to Egypt, Greece and the UK for a year. Will be travelling SE Asia in a year's time, with mum.

My own goals...

To not self destruct, keep doing my best at study and get my dream job - a forensic pathologist. Hold on to Harlequin.

Another really nice little daydream I have is a few years into the future, third year med student, sitting down at my house and logging on to the ol' OB, an official veteran.[/color][/font]
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Hmm. This is interesting.

1. Graduate from college to pursue a career of some sort that deals with animals (zoo keeper, trainer, breeder, ect.).

2. Find "The Second One" (since "The One" has been called multiple times here already).;)

3. Get over fear of marriage and spend the rest of my life with "The Second One".

4. Ally with Baron Samedi's Amsterdamian forces to take over Turkey.

5. Re-name Turkey "Chicken".

6. Watch every Bugs Bunny cartoon ever made. I'm serious about that one.

7. Keep in contact with all of my close friends.

8. See the following countries/cities/states : Japan/Tokyo, England/London, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

8. Find something better to do with my time than get the "No Life" rank on OB. :p
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DeathKnight [/i]
[B][color=crimson]1. Become a history professor.

Aside from that, I might help TN out, if he wants my help, that is. ;P[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

Ironically enough, I'm majring in History at the Uni and I wouldn't mind becoming a History professor too... thats a bit odd.
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I think about it a lot, I want to:

1.)Finish school,go to college
2.)I wnat to be a science teacher,and I wnat to teach here,where I live now.
3.)I want to fall in love and get married and start a family
4.)I wnat to visit Australia and Germany and all kinds of other places
5.)I want to see a kangaroo
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[font=arial]Out of everything, I have [strike]four[/strike] three things:

1: Marry "The One."
2: Create an Anime with a stroy I have been cuncocting in my head for years.
3: Achieve happiness and peace with all the world.
[strike]4: Eliminate the pathetic humans that annoy me so.[/strike]

By the way, if an anime called "The Legend of Draken" ever is released, then Arch made it![/font]

EDIT: 4. was purely joke.
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[size=1][color=maroon]I can't help myself..

1. Graduate with [i]at least[/i] a Masters in History (European or Classical, I think), and go on to do something with that degree that I really, really love - either teaching, or... teaching... maybe I'll work in a museum or something.
2. Go back to London, and especially Italy, and spend a prolongued period of time there. I'd like to go to Ireland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Russia, and Australia as well.
3. Learn Latin or Italian... or [i]both![/i]
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Learn to cook.
6. Live a long, healthy, successful, financially comfortable life with lots of dogs (preferably labrodor retrievers) in a beautiful but small town with cobblestone roads. But if I can't have that, I'd like to die a horribly violent death that people would remember [i]forever.[/i]

As of now, if I happen to marry somebody, it'll purely be an accident. Here's hopin' he's a good guy, though.[/color][/size]
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[size=1] I do not set goals much. It is a stupid thing to do; I would much rather live life as it is now.

"You have built castles in the sky," and now I shall, day by day, build the bases to this in my own way.

I do not call anything I have a goal. A goal is a set thing that you will reach at all interdictions. I rather just, very broadly, hope to become a writer. Perhaps get some books of poems published. Perhaps go under a penname. Perhaps go under the name of MG Smith.

Nothing more than that. And even that said, I do not know if writing is for me.[/size]
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Random thoughts that happened to intrude in my mind after seeing the topic...

1.) Live in Japan (America sucks...)

2.) Break away from religious restraints (UC...)

3.) Be the world's best in Kendo (Japanese sword martial arts) *never happening*

4.) Stick around OB for an indefinite amount of time, perhaps achieving the 'no life' status.

5.) Hopefully never fall in love (seriously)

6.) Read good books (any suggestions? o_O)

...Thats all for now... nothing much else crosses the mind...
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I'd say this is pretty much it. Or at least all I can think of.
[*]Completely read all books written by Stephen King.

[*]Rewrite my, annulated, book "Lilly Daggers" and finish up all of the novels I've been writing.

[*]Get more of my writings published, at least more then I have now anyway.

[*]To become a scholar. (This won't be happening anytime soon, I'm afraid.)

[*]Find, love, and marry "The One" (Not very original...)

[*]Become third or second degree black belt.
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You will be seeing me in the future on TV

1. Win a High School State Championship
2. Go to Notre Dame and win a College Championship
3. Go over the ocean and win a European Championship
4. Come to the NFL and play for every team in the league.
5. Win a NFL championship with The New Orleans Saints.
6. Go to Canada and win a championship there

As you can see my goal is to e the greatest football player of all time. The 1st goal is in reach but the other are a long shot. I have the skills but no scouts ever come except from interstate colleges.
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1. Become a writer. Of course, doing that would involve finishing all the half-baked novels I've left lying around over the years.... I'd best get cracking, ne?

2. Get good enough at drawing and inking to produce my own doushinji.

3. Learn everything there is to know about Photoshop.

4. Reach a ridiculously high number of posts.

5. Learn Korean, Japanese, Latin, and Old English. I'm still in the process of learning French, so that might have to wait a little bit.

6. If I have a spouse, to stay happily married to him (or her.... I'm quite flexible in that regard) until we're both six feet under.

7. Even if I never get published, I want to keep on writing and refuse to give up.

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Okay...mac and cheese. I'll give you lessons, I get the cheap microwavable stuff.
Okay my plans before I die are:

1.Get into a great college and be a veteranarian (that's what I want to be, I like animals a lot)
2.The "one" thing and marriage (basically what Raiha said)
3.Start a family
4.Live on, have no really big problems, and hopefully will not get sued if I do something really stupid. I really hope I don't mess up.
5.Be able to draw decent anime. I'm practicing, and I'm getting better.
6.Die and go wherever god chooses me to go. And rest in peace or become a ghost wandering around some place...
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