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Does anyone else here sing? ...a lot? :D
I'm in the second choir (auditions required) at our school, and I have a lot of fun w/ it. I feel like our music department doesn't get as much funding or attention as it deserves (not to mention other academic activities: debate, forensics, drama). :roll eyes:
So...2 questions: :wigout:
1. Are you in a choir? If so, what part do you sing? :babble:
2. What are your thoughts on the distribution of funds at your school? (i.e. Do sports get more money? Is this fair/unfair?)
Let me know what ya think! :cross:
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I DO I DO!! i sing...a lot also! I have alreayd ben in like 8 musicals at my school...no exaggeration. O yeah i obviously act too. But yeha how goo of a singer are u? My school program is pretty good. But myteacher is a b*tch. I do not like that women! She wa one of the reason i almost didn't join it last year. but i said to my slef o suck it up and join choir. So i did.
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[color=green]I was that girl in high school, music drama, debate. Oh yeah, I was cool...*saracasm* I did choir half way through college too. I love it still. As to tha allocation of unds, true arts don't get enough money, but nothing does right now. Seeing as all threse activities at the Jr. high/high school level are elective, mandatory things come first: books, science supplies, electricity bills... States are crunched right now, and there's no where for money to come from. If I had my way, music of some kind, even if it is an appreciation class would be required. The world is dreary without art.[/color]
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I was in the school choir for about 7 years in elementary school. Middle school and high school here don't have one so there wasn't anything to join. All there is is band. In church I'm a soprano and lead most of the songs. If someone else can't make it, I end up singing for them since I know all the words to every song. The instructor doesn't even know them all. The funding is well, nothing. If we're asked to go sing somewhere else sometimes we are thanked and given a small amount of money. Maybe somewhere between $20-120. I don't think it'll go that high though. It usually depends on where you are. We pay for things ourselves by collecting maybe $10 or $5 from everyone on the choir. The president and treasurer are never there so it's hard to get by sometimes. We don't pay dues to help pay for anything either. Besides, we do it for the fun or it. Not for anything else.
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[size=1]....... >.< I was about to make a thread about this............

I have been in choir for about one year. I joined in sixth grade and I am now in seventh grade. I also went to honor's choir a few weeks ago, where we had everybody from different schools and grade levels in middle school learn to sing five songs very well in one and a half days. Heh, it was a free trip to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. My voice part is bass, and is the third one in my school choir, and I think the only one in seventh grade.

I think it is sort of unfair that the schools aren't supporting programs such as band and choir. I know most principals would like to support them. Some schools don't even have these programs, and I think schools like ours are very lucky to even have them. But most of the time they have to get money by fundraisers, and this week we are collecting our sells.

Just wanted to have a say ^_^[/size]
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I'm in choir.....I have no clue what part I sing, all I know is that it isn't bass 'cuz the boys sing that. They kinda suck, you can't hear them because they're trying to hit such low notes. They still suck if you listen close enough.

I don't know if choir is being paid. We just had a fundraiser though.
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Yeah, I was in choir, last year. Unfortunetly, this year, you had to pick one out three: band, choir, or ochestra. Being the clarinet player I am, I picked band. My second would of been choir though.
And, yes, I think the school spends a lot more money on the sports than the music department of it all. The band/choir/orchestra room in the basement of the school. We have a few half-windows, but still, not a great amount of sunlight. We keep our instraments in the closet. We don't even really have enough stands for just two people.
I think that school systems should a least some more money into the music department. Especially our school, it's passed the levy every year it ran.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Molleta [/i]
[B][color=green]I was that girl in high school, music drama, debate. Oh yeah, I was cool...*saracasm* I did choir half way through college too. I love it still. As to tha allocation of unds, true arts don't get enough money, but nothing does right now. Seeing as all threse activities at the Jr. high/high school level are elective, mandatory things come first: books, science supplies, electricity bills... States are crunched right now, and there's no where for money to come from. If I had my way, music of some kind, even if it is an appreciation class would be required. The world is dreary without art.[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

"I was that girl in high school, music drama, debate. Oh yeah, I was cool...*saracasm*"

If I was able to be cool in high school, then anyone can be cool. ;)

Our experiences are eerily similar, Molleta. I was a huge Drama Geek/Music Dork. The music hall/auditorium was my second home, especially on those uber-hot days in May and June. While the rest of your unfortunate [non-music] classmates are sweltering in the unbearable heat throughout the rest of the school, you can escape down to the nice, cool, relaxing Chorus room...a room that never drops below and never rises above 65 degrees. :D

I was in my high school choir for 3 years, never achieving any particular choral honor, but my name was known throughout the music hall. Let's just say I, along with 3 of my music friends, left our mark on that music department. To this day, we are still spoken of in LEGEND. Really awesome stuff. The Big Four is legendary. Thanks to RPCrazy spreading the good Estonian Gospel, I live on in the halls of CHS Music.

The trees whisper of adventures long ago,
Relaying events teeming with electricity.
The walls occasionally pulse, still feeling the
Strain of the enormity of The Big Four.

We were giants, and our footprints
Are forever marked into the ceiling
Of that long and gracious Music Hall.

The Band Room houses memories
Of insectoid attackers, both live and plastic,
The live buzzing and tormenting The Big Four.
We thus tried to slay, but
After spending a long while
In our attempts to kill the buzzy beast,
We ask, "Just how many high school seniors does it take to kill a fruit fly?"
The answer, we all concluded, "More than four."

What be the plastic insectoid?
It be the hidden Transformers of Scott,
The Transformers that Paul had hidden
Numerous times, sending them into
Countless nooks and crannies,
Eager for Scott to then go search for them.

These searches were legendary,
For Scott was one of The Big Four.

Who am I?
I am the one who announced our presence.
I was the barker,
I was the bard.

It is I who have recorded our adventures,
But not only I.
Scott has taken a hand in the scribing,
Crafting film epic about our janitor,
The one and only Charlie Wollack.

We did have a joyous time in music,
And our marks were left very well,
As we knew how to leave marks.
After all, we would not have been
Righteous Cinnaminsonians
If we had no knowledge of how to
Leave notice of our presence.

Those walking the hall may detect an,
An aroma of an odd nature,
They may hear a scratching coming from
High in the rafters.

We have been there.
They are hearing what we inflicted.

By chance, should one examine the organ pit,
They would find a most secret area,
A restricted place only privy to those
With Python in them.
Stores of uniforms and weapons could be found there,
But only we,
The Big Four,
know of the secrets buried within,
Buried below the stage,
And only we have knowledge to unlock the treasurestore.

Though our funding was most lacking,
We still achieved much backing,
Through blackmail and the like.

Our footage is disturbing,
Videos no man nor woman should endure,
But kick yourself now, come inside, and lock the door,
As we show you what we found.
Cross-dressings, sexual advance,
Many discarded pairs of pants.
Intragender kissing,
Sight of the camera they were missing,
And now they pay us fifties every week.

As you can or cannot see,
There are ways to get money,
You just need the camera to record.
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I'm a soprano 2 but I'd much rather be an alto 1. I don't know about the whole funding thing. We do have a computer lab now, with keyboards (musical ones) and such, but we don't get a lot of funding. We did get Handel's 'Messiah' with a state grant though! ^_^ I can't really say much about it going to other programs, since, being the over-achiever I am, am involved in two sports and just about every club in school. But I can say that funding is nowhere even close to equal. Oh, if anyone out there is bored and can play the piano, PM me. I need to practice for a solo audition thingy. All my friends in orchestra backed out all this week... ~_~
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[FONT=arial]I'm in the choir at church and the 'chorus' at school, soprano in both. sometimes I play the piano for the church choir, and lately the chorus director at school has wanted me to play a couple of things for future performances. much rather be singing though, since I signed up to be in 'chorus', not 'piano performance'. but hey, whatever-ish. meh, used to be pretty tone-deaf lol, since I wasn't really comfortable with the way I sounded; but once I got used to it (singing, not the being tone-deaf part :cross: ), I had a lot easier of a time fixing it. now I'm not Celine Dion, but I can carry a tune fairly well.[/FONT]
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Singing is one of my passions, much more prevelant than some of my others. I sing Tenor 2 or Bass 1 in my current chorus, but I don't really have a part in the Christian band I'm in, JesusFysh....

I have both a rock voice, and a chorus voice, and that voice that you'll find in...um... Christian Rock bands (you know what I'm talking abotu).. I don't have one of those broadway voices, 30's voices, or Poop vibrato yeah-ye-e-a-h kind of voices... Am I the only one that think that different people have voices that fit into these categories?

Anyway, I love singing, I'm in two choruses at school( which is, um, all of them...), and the JesusFysh... I love being in both of them, though I don't really like the music the chorus instructor picks... I enjoy singing them, though, because I work on my voice and I get better.
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[color=green]Choir is something I've loved since I was a small child, I sang in the Church choir until about 2nd grade, and 1st-5th, I was in the required music class.

I've been in choir since 6th grade, and this year I'm an Alto 1, though I seem to be able to go as high as many Sopranos, and almost as low as a few Bass.

I've always loved choir, and I plan to stick with it all throughout highschool. It's been an enjoyable experience, and though we're short on music and funds, we still have tons of fun.^^[/color]
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I joined a choir during my sophomore year since my friend dragged me into it... I'm currently junior, so I've been doing it for a year and a few months. I've been singing bass mostly, but currently I'm exploring some other voice ranges, and I seem to do fine as a baritome or also as tenor. I could even do a soprano as well, but then my throat becomes parched and dry for the rest of the day so I rarely do that. Not to mention its quite freaky to see a guy singing high soprano.

Our school choir is quite well funded. It should be. The freaking school charge us $24,000 per year, plus various expenses. Besides, quite a few of my fellow choir members have rich, powerful lawyer parents. They'll probably start up some trumped up case against the school if they find out their kids aren't having fun.

But all in all, choir is enjoyable, not to mention its the easiest possible art you can take... no homework, not much time is needed, and it gives you excuses to get out of class.
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o i don't sing in the chior,but I'll sing along to a cd or radio.I'm a bando myself. How it works at our school basically is fund raisers. the band and chior and any sports get a lot of their funding from fund raisers. Right now we're selling pizzas for the band and the multi-cultural club is selling little bags of candy to be given out tommarow on halloween.I think it's a fair way,depends how much effort you wnat to put up.
Funds are never an issue here, if we really wnat something, nothing stands in our way.
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I sing Alto in our schools Mixed Chorus class. Our first concert is of course on the 16th of december i think... Chrismast stuff. Like carol of the bells, oh little town of bethlehem, unchained melody, danny boy, o holy night, the little drummer boy, and a few others.

There are about 25 or such Sapranos and about 6 active altos (the other two never sing..) 5 Tenors one girl four boys... and then about 8 or something others.

In Carol of the Bells the entire class was sapposed to sing until the tenors kept dragging the sapranos and altos out and then going flat.... so... The teacher picked a select few from each group to sing the song... Four Sapranos i guess... three altos i am one of them (actually four but one doesnt sing..ugh) two tenors but one of them (the boy) He is sapposed to play the song on the piano while we sing.... i dont see how thats gonna work... Oh well.
And the rest are just guys who goof off.

Fun class though.

as for funds... oy if i started on that topic id never shut up.
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[QUOTE]But yeha how goo of a singer are u?[/QUOTE]

I feel sort of inferior at times b/c the girls on either side of me are prima donas. So...if I ever screw up, I look really stupid. (Plus, they're both younger than me, and one's my section leader. She frequently tries to correct me when I'm not doing anything wrong. Example: She was gone on the day our teacher told us to roll our r's in a Latin song. The next day, we sang the song, and the girl promptly told me, "Don't roll your r's!" I snapped back at her, "She just told us yesterday to roll them. And, by the way, you [I]always[/I] roll the r's in Latin!" That was the first time I'd ever really snapped at her. She tried to be my friend for a while...:rolleyes: She's probably the biggest pain in the rear in my choir...:butthead: ) However, despite the prima donas, I've had people tell me that I sing well. In fact, the teacher is having another soprano and me sing a descant against the rest of the choir in one of our Christmas songs. (I think it insulted Miss Prima Dona Section Leader!! :p :laugh: )

[QUOTE]As to tha allocation of unds, true arts don't get enough money, but nothing does right now. Seeing as all threse activities at the Jr. high/high school level are elective, mandatory things come first: books, science supplies, electricity bills... States are crunched right now, and there's no where for money to come from. [/QUOTE]

Even before the economy took a turn for the worse, arts received less funding. My point was, that as an added activity (outside of the mandatories) the arts receive less funding than sports. I'm beginning to think that it's b/c the choir kids, if they stick w/ music, usually grow up to be poor, starving choir teachers. The sports kids (at my school, at least) end up w/ scholarships, stickin' w/ it through college, and making enough money to donate more funds to the sports. Additionally, at my school, our sports teams are already pretty good. I think the administration thinks they're awarding the jocks for their good work... :rolleyes:
c'est la vie
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Hm, memories for me, not too long ago.
When I was in the fifth grade, I had been picked to join the All County Chorus in Maryland with three other girls. My music teacher thought we were the best of all the other fifth grade students. *Must have thought I was a good singer*
Well we practiced and then once it was the last rehearsal day, and we had a party with ice cream and pizza. We had fun.
But the problem is on the day at the concert, I had to be at Towson High at 8:30 A.M.!!!!! Then the whole choir practiced and the show didn't start until like 3:00 p.m.
But it was worth it. I had a certificate for it once I had graduated Elemantary School, and it's in my memory book at this very moment. Also because that was also on TV :)
I don't take choir now, I take the Violin, and I learned to play the violin part in the song, "Graduation" by Vitamin C. To me, I do pretty darn well.
But I keep practicing, and I can sound like a violin also. When my old violin teacher was playing, I was humming, and she asked, "Who's playing?" I said I was humming, then everyone made a big deal how I sounded like a violin. It's cool, a talent I'll show once I have kids.
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I wish I played the violin... :( I played the clarinet until I got braces. I've played piano since 1st grade (current senior in high school). I'm actually pretty bad considering how long I've taken lessons, but I do it for the joy of it. I may not be as good as I should be, but I love it, and it tends to be a stress reliever. (I'm also stepping into the realm of composition... :wigout: )
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  • 2 weeks later...
I sing sooooooooooo much!!! It is one of my favorite things to do, besides acting. I sing at home, at school, during class (which really annoys some people. Not that i'm bad or anything, i just sing A LOT), and i am in choir, show choir (auditions required) and Jazz choir (auditions required). IN choir i sing baritone, possibly Tenor. I'm not exactly sure. But the other boys in my chorus are well.....to say the least, they're not that good. *cough*they're horrible*cough* I'm serious though. None of them try to sing out at all, and I'm the only one in my chorus who even tries to sing in my headvoice during Jingle Bell Rock. Our Chorus teacher gave us that one which as the altos as Soprano 2s the Sopranoes as Soprano 1s and the boys as altos. It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high! Not to mention, our chorus teacher does the same songs just about every year, and all she ever does is call us names and critisize us. Well, us meaning in general, but she kinda embarasses me sometimes by saying that I'm sitting up so straight, and i'm singing out, and i have a good voice, and she asked me if i could come to both choir concerts. We have two choruses so there are two concerts. Not that i don't like the attention, it just gives others another reason to be all like "Well there goes Ricky, he's probably gonna get an A+ in Chorus just like all his other subjects." And it also gives them another reason to think I'm gay, which I'm not. Everyone thinks that I'm gay just because I'm good at singing and i like it, and i'm good at acting and i like it. IT IS REALLY REALLY STUPID!! GAHH!

anyway, as to the funding, i think they pay a little less then they should. They could do a lot more. Well, thats my story. I hope you loved it with all of your heart.
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Well our music teacher (instruments) got the idea from a freind of mine to make a choir. We have a concert for Christmas and so why not add a choir to the instruments. I will be on December 8th. And I was choosed to sing in the choir and I was the one who thaught I was bad at singing...
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[b][size=1]Uh said the lady to the man she adored
And the whores like a choir
All night and everything
She's tired

This is
the sound
that your mother makes
when the baby breaks

We're chained
we're chained
we're chained
we're chained[/b]

I love The Pixies..

Anyways, I am not part of a choir or anything, but when I am alone and listening to music, I sing quite often. I also hope to be a singer-songwriter when I grow up, if that happens. It's doubtful...but you never know heh. Singing is fun.[/size]
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Let me just say, here and now, that I appreciate everyone of you guys out there who participates in choir!! There is a severe shortage of guys in most performing arts. (at least in choir and dance...not as much in theater, except at the high school level) By the way, guys who sing ([I]well[/I]) and act...*sigh* I think I love you already, thethespian!! lol :love:
Normally, I prefer tenors, but I'm finding that they have chronic "prima dona" syndrome. Basses and baritones are much safer... :laugh:
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.[QUOTE]By the way, guys who sing (well) and act...*sigh* I think I love you already, thethespian!! lol[/QUOTE]

lol, awww shucks. Thanks. I'm glad someone appreciates me for what i do. And as for the Prima Donna thing with Tenors, i agree. Though the only reason i'm a tenor right now is cuz my voice is still changing. I don't know what i'll eventually be. My older sister is like, "who's my little Bass?" and in a deep low voice i'm like "i am" lol. its funny. Well, ummmm not that you'd care really about that. But ummm, yeah, i'm going now
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