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Sign Up Rebellion - A tribune to FFVII [Violence, possible gore and mild language possible]


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For those of you who have or haven't played FFVII, it doesn't matter.

[size=1][color=indigo][b]Imagine 'The Planet'. Well I suppose you can't really imagine it as we merely live on the surface. But imagine a timeline, a timeline that could grasp people and bind them to a path that could make them evolve from practically nothing ambitious in life, to a soul that everyone dreams of deep down.

Scraps of prophecy I found in the old item store one day read briefly: -[/b]

[i][center]"... There walked a man,
Just in exactly the same time and world of this,
Alongside many others.
Some who would've been there until,
The end.
But they perished.
However, some betrayed,
But still continued,
Some believed,
And still continued,
And some simply joined for something so meaningless,
Yet all traces of this group can not be found.
That world did end once..."[/center][/i]

[b] I know what you're thinking. I think it too, everyday. "How can a world exactly existent in every way possible and exactly at the same time, disappear?" But it doesn't really matter. I mean, after all, we're slummers. I myself am a Sector 7 slummer. Spend most of my time in that bar, [i]7th Heaven[/i]. Pretty nice place, I always get a sense of De Ja Vu when I go in there, haven't got a clue why.

So why am I even talking to you all, you ask? Well, everyone's angry about something down here. Usually, conditions of living, job occupations, everything, but I'm not like alot of the people 'under the plate' as you all know what I'm talking about. You are what you are, and you only realise that down here. People complain about the constant darkness, I don't. It's relaxing, sure most of us are as pale as Odin, but we get the most electricity.

That's exactly what I'm angry about. If you didn't already know, Shinra Corporations have already started construction of the areas that became 'desolate'. And that's another thing, what happened to the people who lived in the inner sector of all the sectors put together? They didn't move to here, and you say they didn't move to your sectors, so where could they've possibly gone?

Shinra don't care about us down here. There's no sense of control down here. You walk at your own risk of getting mugged, and it's recommended to only travel in groups. I've had my fair share of problems. It was only two days ago that, that notorious thug 'Johnny' threated to 'bottle neck' me if I didn't cough up some Gil. So I gave him some Gil. Next time though, I'm making a stand. Aren't you fed up with being pushed around. Shinra can only control Midgar with money. No sense of rights whatsoever. The only form of 'police' we get here are some off the streets train guards that stay on their posts for less than five minutes before going to a local bar, or to [i]Wall Market[/i] to have a look at the lovely ladies at the [i]Honeybee Inn[/i].

Back to the construction thing though. I heard from the gossip kids that they're building reactors. What the hell for? The upper city will become like here, and here will become worse. I'm not saying I'm going to fight Shinra. I'm saying I want to escape. People are already trying to emigrate, and only the Upper City have the chance to. The only chance of us getting up there is by us 'proving ourselves'. We don't want to join the Shinra forces, but I'll do whatever it takes. Even if it involves me dressing up as a Honeybee or Moogle. Heh, I never get too old for the Moogles in kids books. Could you imagine if they exist in the outer world? Or chocobos, or even monsters? There's no way I'm going to become like the great 'Sephiroth' as prophecies talk about biased for and against him simply by living down here.

I, myself, am a merchant. I scrounge and look for whatever sources of Materia I can find. What's Materia you say? Well I heard a rumor that it is capable of unleashing destructive, miraculous or simply neutral abilities. All I used it for is to put into my little nooks I make or find. I sell what I can, it's usually just jewellery though. Heh, I heard a tiara I put some materia into and gave to a little girl once prevents them from getting ill now. It was a lovely blueish, white jewel aswell. I wonder what that means. I might just have lucky hands.

Hang on, let me just take this last sip of [i]7th special[/i]. Ah, good stuff. Anyway. It appears I keep strolling off of the subject of Shinra. I have nothing to leave really. Apart from my dog, 'Maximillion'. And my home, but my home isn't really anything special. I suppose someone here could look after him for me. So really, I just want to get out of here. And to be honest, the road is going to be long. I know nothing about this planet, neither do you. So I'm going to need some company, to keep sane. Old Jones who must be 80 odd keeps trying to escape. But he's too frail, we can't take him. So I need people like you. But only if you think about it, I am not forcing you.

It may be this drink, but I got a good idea. I'm going to call our group R.E.B.E.L.L.I.O.N. Ask me what it means tomorrow morning. I simply don't trust Shinra, and neither should you. So I don't know about you, but I am sure as Ifrit planning this thing. We're gonna need supplies, perhaps even weaponry. Not that we know how to use it. Maybe I should go talk to Old Jones. Anyway, I'm going to hit the hay now, knock on my door if you're interested. Anyone's welcome, as long as you're as desperate as I am. So see you around...[/b][/color][/size]


[color=darkblue][u][center]Summary of the plot[/center][/u]

The Shinra corporation is the government that overwhelms the entire area of Midgar. It has connections to every gang-like organisation, it has it's own military, research, police force, everything. But it struggles to prevent any uprisings occuring by it's huge surplus of funds. Obviously it does not have an affect on the entire Planet, or so people think.

Midgar is a huge city run of technology and electricity, but none of this last forever. That is the sole purpose of why reactors are being built. It is made up of the Upper City; Which houses very wealthy or official people of Midgar. The Industrial plate; Which all railway connections lead to, and the Slums; The huge run-down complex of shacks and seedy areas houses convicts or the poor as they're known. However, many people know by themselves that there is a huge world out there to be explored, but what puzzles the population is why Shinra just doesn't allow people to move out when it is over crowded anyway.

The genius Professor Hojo has rumors lurking about him stating that the strange dissapearances of the people that used to live on the construction sites are caused by him. [i]Experimenting[/i] on them. And apparentley they don't come back. So in desperation, we see group form and try to escape to move onto the incredibly numerous locations of The Planet, or so this group will attempt to.

But to do this, this will come with a large surplus of plans and missions directed internally within the group. Where will they have their HQ? They may need weapons, how and where are they going to get them? Unlimited missions will be given out until the event that the group are stopped, but there is a high chance they will not be stopped. Let us just see how it goes for the troupe.

[u][center]Mission system[/center][/u]

Within this RPG there will be a non-linearity to it. Missions given out by me or you if you feel you have a good idea will determine how the story goes. And whenever a mission is given out, there will be at least three choices to take. There will be a vote, via PM to me and so the RPG will focus on that specific mission until the story can continue. For example; [b]Mission: Find tools that can be used as weapons: -

.You either steal them from surrounding sites.
.Construct your own tools.
.Or not bother with the weaponry at all.[/b]

This is merely an example but you should see how it goes. I decided to do this as everything will be interwined with the plot and therefore keep everyone interested as last time, it got quite good, but many simply gave up as it was simply strenuous to write about walking, heh.

Basically this RPG is about everyone's involvement and I feel this will be an interesting change, lowering the risk of this RPG dying.

[u][center]Your character[/center][/u]

Your character is your character. However there is some strict criteria to follow. Basically, your characters were born and live in the slums. So they are nothing but people of worthless occupations for example miners or even flower sellers. Something that only puts food on the table and leaves nothing to buy luxuries from. You could even be thieves, anything appropriate really ^_~.

However, eventually, this RPG will progress to your character. For example, your character will level up depending on activities taken place. How are you going to know how much Gil or what level you have, you ask? Well that is because once I have decided who enters this, I will create a blog dedicated to this RPG. For example, you will be able to access your character's information as I will design a little summarised biography of what you put. I will constantly update it and you will have surpluses of money you could use to buy things from stores in this world, or whatever.

Gil is self explanatory, nobody in RPG's lives without eating or stocking up on potions or weapons (Hint hint in the future of this RPG ^_~) so you're going to need Gil. Just try and write about how you find Gil as you do when you play RPG's, like you type ' So and so rummages through some [insert description here] drawers'. Or from combat etc. I will always update on options to earn Gil aswell, say if you help me with suggestions within the RPG etc.

And please make your character relevant, I really do not want some super-man/woman. You will just have to see. Well that's about it really. Remember A.V.A.L.A.N.C.H.E. in FFVII if you've played it? We're like them. So onto what I want as a sign-up form.[/color]

[color=silver][u][center][Sign-up Form][/center][/u]

Well now this is an example of the sign-up form: -[/color]

[size=1][color=royalblue][b]Name:[/b] (Self explanatory)

[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or female)

[b]Age:[/b] (Human years please. Not something like, 600.)

[b]Job:[/b] (No I don't mean anything like job class. Something like a miner, scrap collector or basic shop keeper etc, lowly jobs and use your imagination.)

[b]Height:[/b] (Centimetres or feet please.)

[b]Birthdate:[/b] (Just any month and the day of that month. No year to be mentioned please.)

[b]Birthplace:[/b] (By this I mean which part of the slums. It could be anything from sector 1-8, or Wall Market.)

[b]Specialities:[/b] (By this I mean any talents, it could from smithing to engineering or sales etc.)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Try and be very descriptive with this. Or you can always use a picture.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (We want to know something about your character, so come on now, use your imagination.)[/color]


[color=darkblue] So there you have it, nothing too complicated. I do not need a sample of your work but I will be judging on your sign-up quality. And another thing, I don't want people who have no commitment. I really do not plan on letting this die, so take a look at your schedule and see if you can fit this in. While your at it, I'll post my sign-up form.

[b][center]My character[/center][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Leo Morton

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 24 years old

[b]Job:[/b] Wandering merchant

[b]Height:[/b] 5ft, 11"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] August 12th

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Sector 7.

[b]Specialities:[/b] Item and accessory synthesis

[b]Appearance:[/b] Leo is of an average height man, we was always quite small as a child but finally he spurted significantly at around the age of 16. On first impression, Leo isnt a fearsome looking man with a kind, young face of which many choose him as a target to attempt to harrass him. His figure is very slim, but he is well built with shoulders broad enough to maintain balance of the bags he constantly carries on his shoulders.

Leo's hair is of a dark brown colour while it is styled with the fringe upwards into the air allowing his pale forehead to recieve the cool air that never stagnates in Midgar. His hair doesn't contrast with his eyes as his eyes are of an incredibly deep and dark brown that drowns anyone's contact into his eye-line. As for his face, it is neatly shaved which surprises many as unshaven characters are common in Midgar while his chin is rounded of subtley.

The clothes upon Leo's body are very plain as he wears a simple white T-shirt that doesn't cover his arms but this contrasts with his short sleeve, very dark blue shirt with the cuffs rolled upwards to seem short sleeved. He also wears small leather gloves with the glove fingers cut off to show Leo's dirty fingers. His trousers are baggy which are tucked into his large black boots which are ladened with a brass buckle each to tie the strap that connects the layers that form the boots. Back to the trousers, they are of a navy colour but blackened by the grimy stains that infest the area.

[b]Personality:[/b] Generally Leo is very sociable and only drinks socially. This often benefits him with the population of the slums as his charisma often takes advantage of numourous techniques that persuade the people that reside there. Whenever Leo finds a companion or at least an acquaintance, he gains a sense of loyalty that they deserve and thus gives it to them often trying to please them. However, this has it's drawbacks. If a violent or aggresive situation arises, Leo is often lost for words or plans and therefore tries to flee, even though his will to fight back stands strong, his heart still longs for peace.

His love for his canine friend stays as he never really has had anyone to hold onto. His family disappeared of which he immediately closes off if the subject arises. And he always holds on to what he has, finding it difficult to accept change. Leo's personality is rare as a majority of the slums are pent up of hatred or anger, or sorrow, but Leo tries to make the best of what he has. Therefore, by making good use of his resources, Leo has very good leadership qualities.

Always curious about personal problems of others and always needing new information, Leo gets around but by this he longs even more to explore the [b]Planet[/b]. So for himself and others, he wants to prove himself by exploiting the Shinra for what they really are. But to do this, he needs companions and friends. A fellowship if you will. So amongst all his qualities that many people desire, there is only one thing that Leo Morton longs for... [i]freedom[/i].


So there you have it, I hope to see you take some notice of this, and think about what you want to do. See you in Midgar. ^_~

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[size=1][color=CC0000][b]Name:[/b] Rasanak Modeus Arkhan

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Job:[/b] Miner

[b]Height:[/b] 5'9"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] 6th January

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Sector 2

[b]Specialities:[/b] Fighting and finding ore in rock.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Rasanak is twenty-two, but looks in his mid-thirties. His face is tired and unshaven, his eyes sullen and blackened under them. His skin is not pale like those from under the plates, where he now dwells, and looks a lot more tanned.

He has a small scar on his chin, and another long-ish one above his left eye. His left arm has a set of scars that line it that are gradually fading. These are from his teen years, when things were very bad and unfair for him, when he took his rage out on himself..

He is an average-sized man, of average height and stature. His shoulders are of slight broadness and his arms are quite skinny but very tough and sinewy; full of muscle. He has light brown hair, the right side is long and spikes over the right side of his face and the left side is shorter and slightly spiked up messily.

He wears a dirty-white tank-top, covered with coal and oil stains from the mine he works in. This is tucked into a pair of dark brown trousers and fastened with a black belt with a silver buckle. The trousers are baggy, dirty and ripped in places and have zips around the mid-shin area so that they can easily be turned into 3/4 length shorts.

Around the thigh section of both trouser legs, there are a pair of brown leather holsters that attach onto his belt. These are for the hammers that he carries around when mining and walking the streets alone. The bottom of his trousers are tucked into a pair of black, laceless, nearly-worn-out boots. These are made of leather and have steel toecaps.

He also wears a pair of tight fitting, black leather gloves with very large cuffs and has his bottom lip pierced in the centre. He normally has a silver ring in the piercing.

[b]History:[/b] Rasanak is from the Arkhan family, a rich family from the Costa Del Sol that were obsessed with business and money. When Midgar started to get popular, a lot people started to move there and take their families there, instead of the Costa Del Sol. This is why this seaside town is very small today.

Annoyed with their sudden decrease in popularity, all the living members of the Arkhan family moved to Midgar. Upon their arrival, they were cheated out of half of the money they brang, which was over a quarter of a million Gil, by a squadron of guards at the city's vast main gate. The party of five then were directed by a few of the nicer residents of Midgar to a vacant house in Sector 2.

This was owned by a rich, money hording swindler known simply as "Skiz". He, again, cheated them out of the rest of their money, save about 200 Gil by charging them an obscene amount for a cramped shack. However, it wasn't that bad; it happened to be better than most of the dumps in this particular Sector. This is when things went downhill for the decadent Arkhan family.

Within the first week, the three men of the family had sought and received jobs in shops and mines, except for Modeus, Rasanak's future grandfather. He stayed at home with his daughter-in-law, Faye Arkhan. Her husband, Marciel got a job at a local mine. Her brother, Denra and Marciel's brother Lucesco both got a job in the same Item Shop in Sector 3. They travelled there each morning at 7am and returned twelve hours later.

In the next week, Lucesco and Denra both left to go to work and did not return. After learning that Sector 3 was a lot rougher than Sector 2, the remaining three Arkhans assumed them as dead and mourned for days. In this period, Modeus went out to get some food from a local store. He was told at knife point to hand over all his Gil on his journey back. Modeus told the would-be-thief that he had no money, which was the truth. Angered, the thief drew a knife and launched a most likely drug-fuelled frenzy on the old man. After about 5 minutes of continuous stabbing, Shinra Guards had to pry the crazy murderer from Modeus' punctured body and shoot him in the head straight away. Things got even worse from here on.

Marciel, after the loss of his brother and his father, began to drink at the local bar in Sector 2. He would spend at least five hours a day there drinking after quitting at his work in the Mines totally, leaving Faye at home alone all day. She, in her depression and mourning, resorted to drugs and prostitution. Marciel would come home in the early hours of the morning or mid-afternoon, blind drunk and beat Faye, just because she was there to hit.

One fateful night in the bar, there were a couple of Shinra Guards at the bar that Marciel now practically lived in. He'd had a drink too many and went to sit next to the guards. After they put up with Marciel talking utter nonsense at them for about fifteen minutes, they told him to shutup and go away. In his druken state, Marciel took this personally and swung at the nearest guard, missing horribly. He lost his balance and fell onto the dirty floor, slurring and swearing at the guards. They lost their temper and dragged the drunkard outside.

In the doorway, there was a commotion. Bloodcurdling screams coming from a broken man being kicked in the face, ribs, stomach, head, anywhere the guards thought it would hurt him most. Within a few minutes, the crying man on the floor was a bloody mess and the guards had got bored of their feet. So they then brought the butts of their guns into play, smashing his face into an unrecognisable pulp and breaking bone after bone in his chest and abdomen. Marciel was still alive, whimpering when the guards got bored again and left him in the middle of the doorway of the bar. No one inside so much as blinked at the incident outside.

Marciel made it to a crossroad and collapsed hardly breathing, where thieves robbed him of his Gil, even in his state. After they only found about 10 Gil, they planted a knife in his heart and walked off. Amazing what Midgar can do to a family in three weeks. On that same night, in fact, Faye was raped by a member of SOLDIER passing through Midgar. Eight months later she gave birth alone to a premature baby boy, it was a miracle either of them survived it. She named him Rasanak after the supposed founder of the Arkhan clan, centuries ago, and Modeus after her unfortunate father.

Rasanak grew up to be unusually strong-willed and physically strong. Although Faye knew why this was, Rasanak remained puzzled. He went to the mine where Marciel had worked and applied for a job. He got it at age fifteen. When he was eighteen, he was involved in a streetfight just outside his house. There were two thugs against Rasanak, who wanted his Gil. Rasanak stood up to them and actually beat them easily, by using a nearby metal pole.

Mystified why he was so strong, he went inside and asked his mother. She told him about the story of the Arkhan family's move to Midgar and all the events that had happened, including the incident with the SOLIDER member. Rasanak was proud to have an essence of Mako in him, but at the same time disgusted to even have anything to do with these terrible henchmen of Shinra. He vowed revenge and freedom for him his mother.

Faye died a week later.

[b]Personality:[/b] Generally, Rasanak is a good-natured guy. He is strong-willed, but this can often be perceived as stubbornness by people around him. This could be a trait from his unknown father. He recieved a cool intellect from his mother, a severe element of worry and paranoia hung around him all the time from the stories that Faye told him about Midgar after dark when he was little.

In fights, Rasanak is smug, stubborn and stoic. He stands his ground and will try his best to let nothing get past him. Even though he knows he has Mako inside of him, he acts as if he is normal a normal guy until someone tries to hit him. It has made him be agile, strong and quick thinking. A good fighting mind to have.[/size][/color]
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Can we do history like Break did? I have lots to tell :D.
Name: Sean Masaron

Gender: male

Age: 23

Job: Personal Trainer

Height: 6'4"

Birthdate: April 6th

Birthplace: Wall Market

Specialities: Fighting, making empty threats, and various materia techniques (the ability to mixed up propertys of materia to amke a multi-function one, and using the right materia in a fight)

Appearance: Auburn hair with hazel eyes that turn scarlet most of the time. His face can be easily mistaken to be angry. He has broad shoulders and ripped muscles that can be seen through his black t-shirt that says "Pity is for the weak on the back" that isn't tucked in. His abs can also be seen through.He wears brown saggy pants and tied a part of the jeans to his ankle. He wears what looks like a pair of black army boots. His hands has red gloves with metal knuckle pieces attached to it.

Personality: Strong willed and friendly. He likes to follow around people's orders and stand up for them. When he's frustrated he'll curse as much as a garbage truck. He's always happy to help out people in need. He doesn't really want to travel the whole world, or the whole planet. He's a small town guy. He doesn't really drink. If you put alchohol in his drink, he'll be a mean drunk. Very mean. He has plenty of friends. WHenever his friends are in trouble he immediatly reacts and run to them to help. He beleives that 1 person can make a difference in the tide of battle....

History: At the age of 2 he moved to the chocobo ranch near Midgar. As he done more chores for his grandpa, he became stronger and stronger. Sometimes, he would see the most unlickely things, such as male and female chocobos mating. Repeatly in the age of 7, he would ask his grandpa about it, of course he would change the subject. Soon in the age of 18, he moved back to Midgar in Wall Street and training there. when he was 19, he started his job as a personal trainer. The people he worked with eventually were his buffed up friends that backs him up in very bad situations. Every saturday night, he visits the honeybee inn and charm the girls there. He doesn't really sleep with them becuase whenever he thinks about it, he thinks of the chocobos. Whenever his eyes turn scarlet his whole body seem to glow red and trembling with so much energy. His parents are unknown, and he has a natural talent of materia usage and he could do all sorts of things with it.
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[b]Edited Version (now with free History section!!)[/b]

[color=crimson][b]Name:[/b] Kon Vichama

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Job:[/b] Blacksmith's Apprentice

[b]Height:[/b] 5'10"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] August 31

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Sector 3

[b]Specialities:[/b] Smithing/weapon synthesis (is there weapon synthesis in this RPG?) and picking out the best of weapons and what they're worth.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kon's hair is chestnut in colour, and is quite short. Almost crewcut. Otherwise sweat would build up when he's working over a furnace and melted metal all day, and sometimes deep into the night.
He is a little over average build, and is also about average height. His skin has a light tan to it, and thanks every deity there is that he hadn't chosen to go and work in the mines to become a pale, shrivelled man.
Kon is a little proud of his looks, and when he goes to nightclubs on weekends, almost always walks away with a good looking woman (hehehe....)
He wears a white singlet and dark brown 3/4 pants. You can usually see his muscles through the singlet. He also normally wears a leather apron so he doesn't catch aflame from working around so much fire and heat. He wears a pair of old army boots, mainly for safety around the workplace.
Kon's eyes are a sharp violet, sharp yet warming. Kon can almost always be seen with a smile on his face.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kon is probably the happiest blacksmith in Midgar. Life is sometimes hard, true, but it's simple and can also be fun. You never know who is going to turn up.
He loves to work and learn from the master blacksmith (being an apprentice) and enjoys making weapons especially.
On weekends, and sometimes during the week, Kon goes to the local nightclub, has a bit of a dance, impresses a few ladies, and eventually brings one of them to his home for the night. Not that he sleeps around or anything. Kon likes to charm women, but never sleeps with them unless he is going to be totally devoted to them. Kon is truly....or will truly be a family man. When he's ready for that though. He's still young, and likes to have fun.

[b][i](Edited)[/i]History:[/b] Born in Sector 3 of the slums, Kon has lived a hard life. Yet he seemed to enjoy it enough.
Most of life from his birth until the age of 10 is now a blur, it seemed so long ago.
Once Kon had taken an interest in smithing though, his life became easier and clearer. Most of what he now remembers is just smithing.
Kon's parents sent him to live with his rich uncle who lived in the higher parts of Midgar.
Life was great, so much money to spend. But one day when he went out with his friends, he was roughed up by a small gang.
Kon was so devastated. He knew it was because he lived with a rich family member. He ran away to the slums.
That's when he met his smithing master. THey bumped into each other. The old man soon taught Kon some manners.
By the age of 16, Kon was the most successful blacksmith's apprentice in all of Midgar. He sometimes got picked out of the crowd for a bit of a "chat" with some gang members, but they soom left him alone.
By the age of 19, he had started making weapons. He knew fairly well what material almost each weapon was made of by just looking at it. He knew a good price when he saw it too. Kon became a great haggler.
By 20, Kon was starting to learn to use materia. No one has come up to him unless to greet him since.


Was that all?[/color]
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[color=silver]Ah good to see that this has been noticed.

G/S/B Master, it's fine to make a History of your character, it adds to the depth of not only your own character but the entire plot itself.

Dagger, of course I'll save you a spot ^_^, just hurry up with it. I need something to read, heh.

inti, that's fine, you may also want to do a History it doesn't really matter but will most likely guarantee chances of getting in.

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[B]Name:[/B] Westan Gruffield

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Job:[/B] Miner

[B]Height:[/B] 6 feet 7 inches

[B]Birthdate:[/B] 14th, November

[B]Birthplace:[/B] Sector 3

[B]Specialities:[/B] Two-handed skill (Westan can use both hands simultaniously) and Excellent Agility (he is able to do the same action continueously, for a long period of time without having to stop too often.)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Westan stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 234 pounds of solid, working, miners muscle. He has coal-black hair, with stunning green eyes that seem to glow with a life of their own. Westan wears a dirty, grungy looking gray A-shirt, with brown baggy pants. He holds his pants up with a dark-brown, very worn belt, that is clasped with an emerald colored piece of metal. He has a pair of mid-calf, black boots, which are stained with mud, and help together with leather thongs. He has 2 "sheaths" if you will, that he puts his hammers in. They are strapped across his back diagonally. He has a slightly crooked nose, and a scar running through his lips. His skin is taunt, and you can see his muscles ripple if he were to flex them a certain way. He has his hair cut short, except for his bangs, which he keeps a foot long, one on either side of his face, pointed to a ti with a tip of grease-gel, and dyed crimson.

[B]Personality:[/B] Westan is a gruff silent young man. He doesn't speak much, but that is not because he doesn't want to. He just isn't able to. Because his lips are almost all scar tissue, he cannot form some sounds right, therefor, he will not speak very often. But when he does, he will speak his mind, talking slowly to try to help whomever he is talking to understand what he is saying. Westan rarely ever smiles, but when he does, you can see it in his eyes. He does not smile with his mouth for he believes that that denotes the true essence of the emotion a smile brings. He laughs when he finds something amusing, or funny, yet he will not laugh at anothers situation, knowing what hardship is like, having to live it every day.
[B]History:[/B] Westan was born to Frederick Gruffield and Destiny Hermaphetus, a prostitute and thief. His father was considered among one of the wealthier people of the slums in Sector 3, having a 2 story shack, with actual glass that was intact. His mother cared for him more than his father ever did, since Frederick wouldn't admit that Westan was his son for the first 3 years of his life. At the age of 14, Westan came home to find his mother strangled to death with Frederick staring vacantly at her body. When Westan asked his father what had happened, Frederick just looked at his son and said "I killed her...I killed your mother." Going into a rage, Westan picked up the nearest object, an old miners hammer which he had found on a dead man, and struck at his father, who, surprisingly, stopped the blow before it could connect.
His father looked at Westan, shook his head sadly and said "I don't keep my windows intact just because I can buy them...I am an ex-SOLDIER Westan...I know how to fight better than you, and if I have to, I will kill you."
Shaking his head in disbelief, Westan grabbed his mothers Gil, the hammer, and the "sheaths" that he had made, and ran out of the door, ignoring his fathers calls. Ever since that fateful day, Westan has been working in the mines, living in a small one-room shack in Sector 3 close to the mines so he doesn't have a long commune to work. Westan just happened to be in Sector 7 the day Leo was talking...And Westan just happens to believe what Leo says, he also believes, that Leo is one of the greatest men to ever emerge from the slums.
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[color=silver]Don't worry Baron and Outcast, spots are saved. There's no real limit but then again, it cant be hundreds of people hehe. But at the moment it's fine, as I said to Dagger, hurry up, I like reading sign-ups.

And Shikaku, I like your sign-up. It suggests an 'untalkative Laguna' from FFVIII, very interesting. Nice work so far guys and gals.[/color]
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I miss the last FF RPG you did. I thought it had such a fun start and could've been really exciting. I hope this one pans out.

[color=chocolate][b]Name:[/b] Rydia Salayes

[b]Gender:[/b] F

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Job:[/b] seamstress

[b]Height:[/b] 5'3"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] June 10

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Wall Market

[b]Specialities:[/b] Well, obviously, making clothes. Also, though Rydia's job consists only of manipulating cloth, she is often able to infuse a protective element into the clothes she makes.

[b]Appearance: [/b]
Rydia has soft brown hair and brown eyes, which usually possess a lost, somewhat sad expression in them. She is quite small and often gets overlooked, which can sometimes be very difficult for her and sometimes works out to her advantage. Her fingers are slim and nimble and she's occasionally considered becoming a thief out of desperation, but never has done it. Her skin is very pale and smooth. Others usually think that she is much younger than her age.

Rydia is quiet, and at first impression comes off as weak-willed or easily manipulated. The fact is that she is not. She has a very definite will of her own and refuses to let herself be toyed with in any way; you would only find this out if you tried to mess with her.

Though she is in reality quite a strong person, she is still very shy and soft-spoken. She is dreamy and has a strong imagination, which she often allows herself to get lost in when she's in the middle of a task that doesn't require too much thought.

The people she meets usually have one of two reactions: either they automatically pity her and try to protect her because they think she is weak and small, or they try to use her for their own benefit. She hates both of these reactions. If the person tries to get to know her further, they will be able to see the more complex person beneath; but few people do, and thus she has few friends.[/color]

I may put in a history later; I have it thought out, but my paper calls.
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[color=silver]Terra I'm really glad to have you onboard. I was very impressed by your post quality in the other FF RPG and I know you try your hardest with RPG's. Such a damn shame that we didn't meet even though I was in exactly the same area, in October o_0. Once again, good going guys and gals.[/color]
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I would have edited my previous post, but I couldn't attach a picture to it. Thanks for saving me a spot; I hope this is okay.

[b]Name:[/b] Lavie Silvana

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Job:[/b] Manages the used-books section of an antiques shop

[b]Height:[/b] 5' 5"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] September

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Sector 7

[b]Specialities:[/b] Smart and highly observant, Lavie makes an excellent strategist, and possesses a great talent for talking herself out of sticky situations. She is also something of a budding linguist, and has managed to familiarize herself with the basics of numerous languages, both ancient and modern.

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment. Though Lavie looks like the typical absent-minded bookworm, she is actually a surprisingly tough young woman. She smiles readily and has not a single streak of self-consciousness. Beneath her glasses and modest clothing, she is a pretty (and very large-chested) young woman.

[b]Personality:[/b] Though she's quite intelligent and loves learning above all else, Lavie is in no way an introvert. Outspoken, friendly, and talkative, she has a vast circle of acquaintences. Despite the fact that she's energetic and shows a great deal of enthusiasm for her work, she prides herself on being a realist--there's little room for optimism in the slums.

Lavie despises thieves and has developed all sorts of insanely elaborate schemes designed to prevent them from plundering her beloved bookshelves. They're usually interested in the shop's more obviously valuable items (such as old jewelry), but she's a bit paranoid about her books, regardless of the fact that they aren't technically hers.

Lavie has no patience with wishy-washy people. She makes decisions quickly and always stands by her personal code of honor. She rarely grows truly angry. Lavie greatly enjoys teaching others--whether it's explaining her personal theories about various works of literature or showing someone how to fry an egg, she'll be happy to pontificate about the subject at hand. She also excells at card games and chess; fans of such games often stop by her section of the shop for a quick match. Thus far, she hasn't lost a single one.

She carries no weapons other than a small pocket knife, although she has been known to smash thugs over the head with anything from an umbrella to a wok (still filled with stir-fry). Overall, her personality might be described as likeable and gregarious, albeit undeniably eccentric.

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Name: Ruben Thorne

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Occupation: Racketeer. Essentially, a person who threatens others [esp. shop-keepers] with damage if no money is paid to him.

Height: 243cm

Birthdate: 24 August

Birthplace: Sector 3

Specialties: Thieving and Strength

Appearance: Tall, dark haired and swarthy skinned. At the age of 4 he suffered from an extreme bout of pox. His face is pockmarked and scarred. His unruly black hair is slightly curly at the very tips, but he mainly wears it short in an army-type skin-head style. He wears denim [do they have that?] pants, which were originally black, but are now a faded grey colour. He wears a black cotton shirt, and a wool-synthetic jumper. At some time in his life he found or acquired a long black trenchcoat. This has numerous, deep pockets in which he smuggles items, and any weapons or materials he may have acquired. He has black leather boots, which come up to around mid-calf level. He has a scraggly black beard, and has had his nose broken at some time in his past. Very muscular, he has an overbearing presence... people fear him. He makes a living as a racketeer, but hopes to escape sometime...

Personality: Straight out aggressive. He is ruthless, and determined to get what he wants, but is not above wheedling, bribing and conniving. He will lie, cheat, steal and even kill to survive. He has no remore, and barely possesses a conscience. He is out there for himself, but has been known to work well in a gorup- if necessity demands it. He has a soft-spot for children, but he just really wants to leave. Sitting in a bar one day, he listened to a man, rambling on. Escape, a free world. Same old pipe dreams. But this man seemed different. Ruben followed him home.
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[color=red]EDIT:[/color] Added some more small details, hoping to make it better.

Name: Tristan Mercer

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Occupation: Junk shop owner, does illegal side jobs (smuggling weapons, drugs, etc.)

Height: 6'2"

Birthdate: 19 November

Birthplace: Sector 6 Slum (not Wall Market)

Specialties: Repairs and invention, ripping people off, also quite the actor, and can earn the trust of almost anyone.

Appearance: What used to be dark red hair is now oil-stained and filthy, so now it is a more brown shade and sticks up in all the wrong places, giving him an appearance of permanent bed hair. Has blue eyes, but they are usually covered by a pair of cracked sunglasses. Light skin and a slender figure, burned slightly from the heat of so many gas torches, and also slimy with grease. Wears a brown sleeveless shirt when he works in the shop, usually torn, and sometimes with holes burned right through, and wears a dark green bomber jacket when he goes out. Wears a belt over his stomach instead of his waist level, and keeps all his tools there, including other "essentials" like lockpicks or sharp worthy-to-be called-weapon-like objects. Also wears torn black and white camouflage pants, complete with multiple pockets for carrying extra equipment, and worn out white sneakers.

Personality: Tristan is a real opportunist, and will grab any chance of making a quick buck as it comes along. He rarely gets into trouble, since he has earned the trust of so many around him, but he stays on his guard nonetheless, since he has had several unfortunate run-ins with the law which he has narrowly managed to escape thanks to "connections". He spends any and all free time in his shop, perfecting the next "secret weapon", provided it doesn't blow up in his face and give him an even worse appearance. Tristan is also optimistic, and despite the losses he may suffer, he has a strange habit of bouncing back just as all seems lost. Despite this admirable quality, he also speaks his mind on subects he cares deeply about, especially when one's life, that is to say, his own life, is at stake. When he thinks that something is a bad idea, he is sure to make it clear to everyone before it gets any further. He would never stick his own neck out before anyone else, and would much prefer to let others take the heat in his stead. He is also somewhat of a pacifist, and avoids confrontation whenever possible, preferring to rely on stealth and his (figurative and literal) ability to slip out of the grip of his adversaries. However, like any other creature, he only reaches for his sharp objects when cornered or threatened. He has a positive outlook when he is at peace and working in his shop, but when real work comes along, it's down to business.
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[COLOR=darkblue][B]Name:[/B]Yuki Nanoko




[B]Birthdate:[/B]15th February

[B]Birthplace:[/B]Sector 6

[B]Specialities:[/B]Thievery,Stealth and Agility and Magic/Materia Techniques

[b]Weapon:[/b]Dragon Blade/Sword

[B]Appearance:[/B]See attachment.Minus Stopwatch.

[B]History:[/B]Yuki was born to an abandoned father.Yuki's mother had left her father after she had been given birth.Her father was poor and was out of work because he had gotten sick.He used to be a Miner,the dust and air pollution had gotten into his lungs after the years and he had problems breathing.That's why Yuki started to steal from places.She used to be a terrible thief and was always found out.She was 9 and was only a beginner.

One day she stumbled into an alley after an unsuccessful day.She was caught by a gang of theives.They checked her pockets and found nothing.The Theif ord came from the shadows and spoke to her.He asked her why she was trying to steal,as they had seen her day after day being unsuccessful.Yuki explained everything and they felt sorry for her.The Thief Lord agreed to give her lessons if she agreed to do a favour for him when he needed it.Remember Yuki was young and didn't think much of a favour and agreed.Day after day she would go to the alleyway and would get lessons.2 years passed and she was 11.She had become quite an expert and stole from people like nothing.She could steal something from someone's hand without them noticing until it was too late.She stole clothes for herslef and her father and items that could help them.She'd steal food daily to keep her father's health up.After another year,Yuki had grown to the age of 12.As day after day,month after month,year after year passed she became a Thieving Prodigy.She would often visit the Thief Lord and his gang.They would talk and laugh about things.

When she was 14,she went to visit the gang.She hadn't visited them for 2 months.She went into the secret area in the alley and gasped.The whole gang was crowded around something.Yuki pushed through and tears started to well up in her eyes when she saw what was in the middle.It was the Thief Lord.He had been like a second father to her.Her father was still alive,but sick and weak.Yuki held his hand and a tear fell onto it.

"You can't die....You can't."she sobbed as he wheezed.
"Yuki...You've been as precious to me as a daughter....I'll miss you..."he errupted into a coughing fit.
"How long?"Yuki said,looking into the eyes of one of the gang members.
"A month and a half..."the member said quietly.
"Please....You can't go...You can't...."Yuki said as tears fell from her eyes.
"Yuki.....It's time you do the favour for me.....Remember?"he said quietly.
"Of course I remember.....What do you want me to do?"
"You must agree to do it....You can't reject it...."he said.

He pulled out a beautiful sword.The hilt was made of solid silver,the blade was made of a metal she had never seen before.It glistened and reflected light and images.At the end of the hilt was the tail of a sapphire dragon the coiled around the hilt.The head stopped,coiled around the cross-hilt.It's eyes were rubies.The body of the Chinese type dragon was like a grip because the scales were nice to hold.He also gave her a sheath made of silver.

"It's beautiful......"she whispered.
"It's yours....."he said holding it out to her.
"No.....I can't take it...."
"It belongs to you.Look at the shine on the body,the glint in it's eyes and on the blade....It was made for you..."he said.

Yuki held it and swung it.It was the lightest sword she had ever held.

"It's beautiful....Thankyou...."Yuki said putting it in it's sheath.
"Now for the favour......"he said.
"You must use the blade.....to end my life..."he said coughing.
"No!I won't do it!"she said standing angrily.
"You promised Yuki......."he said to her.
"I know it'll be hard.....be brave.....It hurts Yuki....End it....."

Yuki drew the sword and closed her eyes.With a stab she stabbed it into his heart.He wheezed a last breath and closed his eyes...To take the Eternal Sleep.Yuki sheathed it sadly and ran from the area.

Yuki continued to steal through the years and she still does.She got her latest clothes from Wall Market and her father's still alive.Thanks to the Thief Lord...that helped her when she was young.Now she's the Thief Lord of the Gang and she follows in his footsteps.

[B]Personality:[/B]Even though she's a thief,she's a very friendly and caring person.She's loyal and she only steals what's needed.Sometimes she would steal Gil to buy items instead of stealing the items.She's very quick and agile on her feet that helps her to not be seen when stealing from people.[/COLOR]
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[color=silver]Okay UnsungHero your spot is saved. Ohkami that is a nice character but I'd like to bear in mind, we are people with no real combat experience. After all we're not mercenaries. So really, I'd prefer you to just edit it a tad to not seem so 'God-like'. I can work with you having a weapon but you should make our character inexperienced with combat. Being a thief is fine. Although I may be mistaken, just tell me if I am. ^_^

[b][EDIT][/b] Ah the problem is okay now. Ohkami explained everything thanks. The RPG may start soon. We have to wait for everyone like Dagger etc to post their sign-ups or if they take too long, like two more days, we shall begin without them.[/color]
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[color=silver]That's fine UnsungHero, we understand. I hope you have a pleasant trip, all the best.

Oh yes, the Blog is coming on alright, it's just a matter of linking to banners and stuff which seems to be showing a problem. No matter, Monday will be the start of this RPG.[/color]
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[color=indigo]Count me in. I've been yearning for another good Final Fantasy RPG, and this looks like it will do nicely... But don't you mean a "tribute" to FFVII, in the title?

[b]Name:[/b] Arik Marshall

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Job:[/b] Pickpocket

[b]Height:[/b] 5'7"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] January 19

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Midgar Sector 1 slums

[b]Specialities:[/b] Removing the valuables from one's person, moving stealthily

[b]Appearance:[/b] Arik's face is rather gruff looking, his unshaven face combining with his sharp, set jaw to give him a dangerous look. His hair is a short and unkempt mass of black-brown upon his head, which is straight and not in the least bit curly. The most striking feature about Arik, however, is his sleet-blue eyes that almost seem to shine of their own accord. No one, not even Arik himself, however, knows if this is from a Mako infusion or merely a natural occurance.

The garb of choice for Arik--not that he has all that much choice--is a heavy and tattered t-shirt the color of dried blood. This hangs untucked over a pair of black denim pants, which also show signs of wear. The pants are tucked into a sturdy but light pair of brown leather boots; the perfect footwear for fast, secure movement on any kind of terrain terrain.

Over all this, Arik wears a long, brown leather overcoat that reaches to his shins, sporting numerous patches up and down its length. In the bedraggled coat's many pockets, Arik stores his many "findings," as well as misc. oddments such as matches, a handkerchief, etc. His most valuable possession, however, he keeps strapped to a narrow belt looped from shoulder to waist: A stiletto daggar complete with leather sheath, positioned for easy access on the belt near his left breast, yet completely out of sight beneath the overcoat.

[b]History:[/b] Born, as far as he knows, in the Sector 1 slums, Arik was an orphan. He doesn't know who his true parents were, but according to the family that took him in as a baby, they found him wrapped in a bundle of cloth near the train station. When he was 10 years old, however, he ran away to Wall Market after an incident with his adopted family. Arik doesn't talk about that incident, and no one has ever pressed him farther on the issue after getting an icy glare from those daunting eyes. Doing any obb jobs available in Wall Market in order to survive, and stealing when necessary, Arik struggled through life by himself.

Becoming more proficient in the art of thievery over the years, Arik started to move around in the slums, eventually visiting all eight sectors. Arik isn't well known as a thief, however--he only steals when he needs to, mainly from other thieves and miscreants, and is fairly open with his money to those that command respect. To most people that have had dealings with Arik, he's known as an honest and fair man.

Over the last few years, Arik has been trudging through life in search of something: The truth about who he is. Arik has always wondered about his eyes, and also, who his real parents were. Through some discreet inquiries, Arik has learned that eyes such as his are a result of prolonged exposure to Mako...but he doesn't show any of the other traits of a person infused with Mako, such as increased strength and heightened abilities. He suspects Shinra has something to do with his mysterious origins, but information on the company's scientific experiments is virtually impossible to obtain from the outside.

With all his leads dead, Arik now searches for a way to escape the slums, hoping to be able to learn more in other areas of the world. Leaving the Midgar slums is easier said than done, however, and it's been some time since his search for a way out started. Currently he's looking for information in Sector 7--there's a popular bar called the 7th Heaven, where he's gained more than a fair bit of useful knowledge. Perhaps he'll get lucky again.

[b]Personality:[/b] A loner by nature, Arik nomadically moves from sector to sector in the Midgar slums, never staying in one place long enough to really make friends, but enough to have a wide range of contacts throughout the slums. On the outside, Arik seems like a fairly easygoing person, even if he is more than a bit distant, but on the inside is a strong will and a forceful sense of determination. With nothing to lose, Arik has little fear of danger and the unknown.

A strong sense of fairness is also imbedded deep within Arik. Though most of his income is from stealing, he usually does the stealing from other thieves and criminals. And he does this by the discreet method of pickpocketing, so as to avoid conflict. So far, with his deft hands, he's been rather successful at avoiding attention, which is just as well; he really has very little combat experience with his one weapon, a dagger.[/color]
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[color=silver]Right due to the incredible response I've gotten in this RPG, you're all in. Even you Outcast, however, you've gotten until tomorrow unless you want to just leave out of the RPG. We MUST know what your character's like. Well I'm going to write the introductory post now, see you in Midgar.[/color]
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[color=#707875][size=1]Thanks for allowing me to stay in the RPG Zidargh, I hope it turns out well, I've changed the basic idea behind my character.

[b]Name:[/b] Van Ambrose

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Job:[/b] Mechanic/Inventor/Book Collector

[b]Height:[/b] 6'1"

[b]Birthdate:[/b] February 23

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Sector 7

[b]Specialities:[/b] Wide Variety of Knowledge including Lore and History, quite charismatic w/ an ability to sell useless crap to most people. Very intelligent, inventive and intuitive, he has the ability to build things from simple components and judge people quickly and accurately.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Van has longish, dark, chestnut brown hair that has grown down to his ears. He keeps his hair well trimmed and looking well although his fringe sometimes get in the way of his eyes when he is reading and has his head tilted downwards to the lamp light. He has watery dark blue eyes that seem to shimmer with an intelligence and an understanding of the world that does not match his physical age. His face is clean-shaven and has a look of innocence and naivete. It is without and marks or scars that might distinguish him, in all respects Van looks like he's never actually left his desk in all his life.

Van stands just over 6'1" in height and weighs just over 60 KGs, from a long life of study or planning of new inventions in a room where he sat in his desk, he is not in the least bit well built and has quite a lean and athletic body. He does enjoy being out an about an in actually quite fast, although one does have to be to avoid thieves, although most have no interest in books or history but merely any new piece of equipment he might be carrying.

In terms of clothing Van likes to keep his clothing simple and comfortable, he wears a pair of tan trousers with a white t-shirt covered by a tan jacket. He wears a pair of dark brown leather boots that allow him to traverse uneven ground quickly and safely. Inside many of his pockets he carries many of his smaller tools and other little trinkets that he uses to fix up machinery and electronics for those who have them in the different Sectors.

[I]If you can't actually picture Van then think of Daniel Jackson from Stargate:SG1 Season 1[/I]

[b]Personality:[/b] On looking at Van one would almost dismiss him as being boring and without substance. One would think all his years of book reading has left him with some fairly tale imagination, however he is actually very aware of the modern conditions of sub-Plate living and of the evils the Shinra Corporations is committing. It disgusts him that these people would commit such acts against fellow human beings and that they have so little concern for the damage and pains that they cause other people merely because they are not as wealthy as these big executives and those who live Above-Plate.

He would gladly take hardships if it meant saving some other poor soul from them, he has a great love for the other people of the Sub-Plate level and often does favours by fixing up things that have broken and doing it for nothing. Most people know that he is a loyal generous trust-worthy person who is worth knowing.

[b]History:[/b] Born in Sector 7 in one of the bigger shacks 28 years ago as the only child to Fiona and Van Ambrose Senior. Van's father was a miner and his mother was a Bar Waitress in the 7th Heaven. From youth Van displayed an ability to make simple things from rudimentary parts. As he grew older these talents became more and more apparent as he began to design new mining equipment for his father and his father's co-workers at the mine. It was these simple inventions that allowed Van to help his family make some money as the mining equipment designs were bought by the mine's Chief Director and distributed to the other mines run by the Shinra Corporation.

At the age of 15 Van discovered that he had a great love of books and of the history of the planet, at some stage he wanted to visit Cosmo Canyon and learn about all the different Myths of the Ancients. It was later on that year that Van's family was stricken by an awful blow with the death of his father during a mining cave-in. Van was left with only his mother who was the only other person to bring in money into their hom. Van decided to start working and became a sort of an engineer fixing up things for people and building new equipment for different business's in Sub-Plate levels.

At 17 he was offered a position in Shinra but turned them down because of what he knew they stood for, his father had always told him that Shinra cared more about money than they did about people. His father also told him that they had polluted the Sub-Plate level with little or no concern for those who lived down there. Life continued quite like this for Van for the next ten years as he read some more, designed new things and sold them to buyers who were interested in said equipment. He is well versed in many of the Histories and Myths of the Planet and the people of the Planet.

His mother has been taken quite ill and he is unsure of whether or not she will survive, he is deeply worried but knows the situation is out of his hands....[/color][/size]
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