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Pokemon: Battle of the Legendary...


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[center]Pokemon: battle of the Legendary...[/center]

As we know, the legendary powers of ice, fire, and lightening are contorled by Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Then, Lugia rules over then three. We knoe Groudon rules the land, Kyogre rules the water, and Rayquaza rules over them. We know that Mewtwo rules over the clones, along with Mew. But, something mixes up those fundamental abilities and sends the world into a shift..

One day, the gaurdian is out, watching over Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. But, he is accidently caught. This throws off the ballence, throwing the birds into another battle. This, pulls in the groudon/kyogre and rayquaza trio, and such and such. All the gaurdians are pulled in, including Latios and Latias, etc. It turns into a huge fight over the orange islands, and it must be stoped.

Now, Ash and misty are long gone, but Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua are still here. Jesse and James are still around with that stupid cat, Meowth, etc.

Ok, if you posted your start-up in my recruitment page, you are in. The requitment page will be open for a while longer, but once the action starts up it will close. So, if you want a friend to join, get them to join now.
Here we go...

Announcer: It's a beautiful day in the Orange islands, and Ash and the gang are lost, as usual. But, somthing smells fishy, and it ain't Team Rocket.

Misty- Ash, we should have nerver turned right at Alberkerkie!

Ash- ...Albercerkie?

Brock- I think i know what she means.

Ash- Oh well, it's an awesome day.

Pikachu- Pika, Pika Pika!! Pikachuuuuuuu!

Ash- what's wrong Pikachu?

Suddenly, Lugia bursts out of the ocean. He looks around, and spots a character with a pokeball. Lugia roars, and launches an Aeroblast at the intruder (with good reason i might add) This bounces the wrong way and the island that they are on blows up, knocking Ash, Misty, Brock, and lil' ole' Pikachu up like team Rocket. They land...all the way back in Pallet Town, with big concussions. They're out for a while, folks.

OOC: Remember, nobody can have anything to do with Ash, and the Gang, or TR. And..let the postnig begin.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Me and K.K.C. agreed with something here =)


Lance and Cay walked along, Cay following Lance.

"Man it's so strange our here these days..." Lance mumbled suddenly stopping. "I don't know what's up with this world now." he added looking at Cay.

"Tell me about it..." Cay said. Lance took a Pokeball off he belt and throw it into the air. Suddenly, a HUGE Charizard appeared. Lance had a massvie Charizard, he was big, very!

"Charizard, go on ahead and see if you can spot anything strange." Rad told Charizard. Without second thoughts, Charizard flapped his wings and rose into the air speeding off ahead of them.

"Why didn't you just use a smaller flying pokemon?" Cay asked. Lance shrugged and looked around him.

"Because you know Charizard, he's the smartest pokemon I know, and the most loyal to me. He's powerful also, and I know when he needs things. We're like brothers." Lance explained starring ahead.

"Oh.." Cay mumbled. Lance readied another pokeball in his hands.

"I've got Absol ready too. He can help out if Charizard spots anything weird." Lance told Cay.

"I can help too!" Cay said smiling at Lance. Lance smiled back and looked up, and he could just see Charizard.

"Something isn't right these days, huh Cay?" Lance said to Cay. Cay nodded.[/B]

OOC: I didn't know where to start =)[/SIZE]
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OOC: >.> <.<

IC: [size=1]Cay pulled a pokeball from her belt and tapped it against her waist. It opened and her Quilava appeared next to her on the ground. She smiled to it as it jumped up onto her shoulder and looked up into the sky to see Lance's Charizard flying around overhead. Cay pulled out another pokeball and held it in her hand, just in case anything happened with Charaizard they would have another large flying pokemon to help it out.

Cay glanced around and noticed it was creepishly quiet. She then looked back up at Charizard and then at Lance. "Something really doesn't feel right here...." Lance stopped in his tracks and looked back at her, Cay stopped as well.

"I know what you mean... It's like... something has shifted suddenly." Lance said softly. Suddenly, Charizard let out a loud roar.... [/size]

OOC: >_>
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Zeo was riding on wings back with changing floating next to them. Zeo didn't real know of a spot for them to land on but figured they'd find one sooner or later.

"What do you have for a weather prediction" zeo asked looking back.

Changing just turned into its sun form and smiled.

"So it'll be clear weather then" zeo asked.

Changing just nodded. Zeo smiled as he went back to looking for a island. He saw one with a small forest on it. He pointed to it and wings started going down. Once they landed zeo got off of wings back.

"You can come out guys" zeo said letting out the rest of his pokemon.

The pokemon came out and sat down. Zeo watched as his pokemon went there separate ways for the time. As he watched he saw ice blaze go over to the water. It looked back and called zeo over.

"What's going on now ice blaze" zeo asked as he walked over to the water.

Ice blaze just pointed with its horn to the water. The water seemed to be unsettled.

"Some thing has happened. That's why you since a disaster isn't it" zeo asked.

Ice blaze just agreed with zeo as it sat down. Zeo herd some thing behind him so he turned around. He saw changing go into its storm form.

"You two seem to think some thing will happen soon. If some one or some thing comes to the island find the other pokemon then find me" zeo said as he started walking into the forest.

Ice blaze and changing nodded as zeo left.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance looked up.

"Go Pidgeot!" Lance shouted throwing another pokeball into the air. A Pidgeot shot out and landed beside Lance and Cay. "Pidgeot, fly me-" Lance stopped suddenly when he saw Charizard heading back to them. "Charizard...?" Lance ran over to Charizard as he landed, followed by Cay. Charizard looked at them both hopefully.

"What's wrong with him?" Cay asked. Charizard never flew away from things. Lance shrugged.

"I dunno. I think we should stop for awhile, give our Pokemon a rest and relax, try to figure a few things out." Lance said. He held out two Pokeball's, and Absol appeared along with Nidoking. Taking two other pokeballs' Lance called out Solo (Mightyena) and Blastoise. Cay sent out all her Pokemon too.

"What'd think Charizard flew away from?" Cay asked sitting down under a tree.

"I dunno..." Lance said. Charizard and Nidoking where Lance's top Pokemon, and his most powerful. Nidoking grew from a Nidoran and Charizard from a Charmander. They had been together for more than 6 years. Charizard and Nidoking stood behind Lance while the other Pokemon played and relaxed. Ivysaur and Blastoise got along pretty well, even though they seem very different. Solo scouted along, back and forth with Absol.

"Lance... do you think something has happened between the legendary Pokemon?" Cay asked him. Lance looked up.

"Maybe..." Lance replied putting one hand on Nidoking and the other on Charizard. "All I know is that even my Charizard came back, for the first time." Lance added. He had known his Charizard since he was only a boy of 5, since it was his fathers Charmander. Charizard lay down, along with Nidoking. Lance sat down inbetween them both, wth his head resting on Charizard's back.

"Lance... can you hear something?" Cay asked jumping up. Lance flicked his eyes to the side.

"Yeah... but it'll be a Pokemon..." Lance replied.[/SIZE][/B]
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Shinobi was sitting in a chair in his house near Fushis when an image woke him from his sleep. He could see clear as day Lugia getting caught. He shook his head, and thought it was just a dream. He fell asleep again, knowing that nobody could catch Lugia. He was saved by destiny for Shinobi. A few minutes after he fell asleep, the image returned. this time, Lugia didn't come back out of the pokeball. Shinobi woke up and shook his head again. This time, he beleived the image. He grabed his pokeballs off of the counter and Cliped Houndoom to his necklace. He then walked outside and called out Charizard and hoped on.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance got up again and looked over at Cay with two of her Pokemon. Lance looked back at his Charizard who had his eyes closed but was not asleep, for some reason you could always tell. On the other hand, Nidoking was snoring loudly on his side. You wouldn't think much of Nidoking, but he was a truly great Pokemon.

"Cay, I'm just going for a ride on Charizard." Lance said looking over at Cay.

"Ok..." She replied playing with her Pokemon. Lance shroked Charizard on his head, and Charizard stood up letting Lance jump onto his back. Charizard roared loudly and rose into the air. Lance found it was faster on Charizard then on any other Pokemon he had. The fastes in water would be a tie between Nidoking and Blastoise. Charizard flew forward with great speed, and when Lance looked down he was supriased how far away they where already.

"Hey! Look over there Charizard!" Lance shouted pointing to his left. Charizard turn his head and flew back over where they where laying down to see. It seemed to be a huge cloud of flying Pokemon in the air. Lance smiled at the sight, and Charizard kept his head turn. "Chari-" Lance began, but when he faced forward he saw another Charizard heading for them. "DUCK!" Lance yelled. Charizard looked forward, and by that time both Charizard's clashed into each other.

They both went crashing on the ground, making Cay jump and waking up Nidoking. Lance jumped off Charizard and saw someone was on the floor too. Lance's Charizard got up like nothing happened.
"Show off..." Lance mumbled playfully to Charizard. "Are you okay?" Lance asked.

"I'm fine..." Said the other guy. "I'm Shinobi..." He added. Lance smiled.

"I'm Lance. This is my Charizard, Nidoking, Pidgeot, Absol, Solo and Blastoise. That's Cay." Lance explained. Cay ran over and gave a cheerful smile.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1] Cay regained her breath as she ran over and met up with Lance and Shinobi. [i]Note to self: When Lance goes flying, you go flying.[/i] Cay laughed silently to herself.
"Hey, you two ok?" She asked them, Shinobi rubbing his head trying to get rid of the pain.
"Just a bump..." He mumbled. Cay knew lance was fine, a funny thing about him, he can't get hurt no matter how far he falls.

Cay's pokemon all scurried up or flew over to where they were.
"These are my pokemon: Quilava, Flygon, Quagsire, Ivysaur, Jolteon, and Nidorino." She made a weak smile and then looked around and noticed the direction Shinobi was going in before he collided with lance. "Where were you off too?" [/size]
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Shinobi stood up and dropped his pokeballs. Out came Espeon, Unbreon, and Houndoom. They all lined up in a pose-like style, and Charizard landed roughly behind them and shot a flame out of his mouth. All together they bordered the bute stage. Shinobi shook his head.

Shinobi- Drop it you guys. It ain't cool anymore.

Houndoom- Hound? DOOM!

Houndoom shot out a flame, like he was saying [i]i don't care, and if you wanna try me...[/i]. Nate stepped back and growled at Houndoom. He dropped his head, and layed down.

Shinobi- Anywayz.....has anyone noticed like...a weather change? It's getting freikishly cold out here..for summer.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance nodded.

"Yeah... and before my Charizard flew away from something over there. Charizard has never done that before." Lance explained.

"And the weather has been chopping and changing!" Cay added. Lance nodded and looked at his Charizard and Nidoking stood side by side.

"Nothing seems right... this whole thing seems out of order... Oh, these are pretty cool Pokemon you have there!" Lance said to Shinobi. Shinobi smiled and looked up.

"I did have a vision of some sort... Lugia, being captured." Shinobi told them. Cay looked at him in confusion.

"How can a Legend be caught?" Cay asked. "I mean, even if someone was powerful enough to do that, they're not THAT dumb are they?" Cay folded her arms and shook her head.

"It is possible though. I've seen Pokemon far more powerful than a Lugia, and if someone had one chance to capture one, they would take it." Lance explained resting his hand on Charizard's head. Charizard looked at Shinobi's Charizard and looked away.

"Something is not right." Shinobi told them.

"I can go looking where Charizard freaked out if you want. I'll take my Pokemon too." Lance said. "You guys stay here, if anything happens to me, I'll be fine, trust me!" Lance said jumping on Charizard. He returned 4 of his remaining Pokemon to there Pokeball's, leaving Solo out. "Solo you scout ahead on the ground!" Lance said.[/SIZE][/B]
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Shinobi- Besides,...i came close to catching him. But i was nice enough to let him go. Eventually. Maybe you remember around time that blizzard came, about 2 years ago in April?

Cay- Oh yea, i remember that.

Shinobi- Caused by your truely. I didn't know it then, but....hey...it happens....

A shadow shot over them. Shinobi snapped his head up as it shot over them. He looked above them, but there was nothing. He blinks.

Shinobi- Latios.......

Then, another shadow shot over them, going almost the same direction. This one was slightly smaller, though.

Shinobi- Latias.....Something's up. a battle of some kind. I have a feeling it has to do with guardians, i understand Latios and latias are the peace-keepers of Hoenn. But, i shall wait for....the..other one to come back.

Cay- Lance.

Shinobi- Yea. Lance.

Shinobi sat up, staring at the clouds that looked like little....fire-balls and ice-cicles. Kinda frieky...
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Zeo looked up. He thought he had heard some thing go past the island above him. He didn't know what it was but figured he'd find out soon enough. He started running back to his pokemon. He found ice blaze and wild fire looking at the sky.

"Did you hear them to" zeo asked as he ran up to wild fire.

Wild fire just nodded. Wld fire was zeo's first pokemon and his strongest. It's skills were higher than any of zeo's pokemon so it could stand up to most pokemon.

"Find the others ice blaze. We'll be leaving in a bit" zeo said.

Absol nodded and left. Wild fire got up and started stretching. a couple of minutes later ice blaze cam back with zeo's other pokemon. Zeo returned them to there pokeballs except for wings.

"If you saw where those pokemon went I want you to go after them as fast as you can" zeo said as he pulled his goggles down.

Wings just nodded as zeo got on its back. Once zeo was on it took off after latios and latias.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance looked down to see his Solo running along fine.

"Charizard! Over there!" Lance said pointing behind them. Charizard turn himself around to see two flying Pokemon ahead of them. Charizard roared loudly and began to fly towards them and Solo did the same. "Latias and Latios!" Lance whispered. He saw Solo falling behind, so Lance too a Pokebal of his belt and sent Nidoking out. Suddenly Nidoking appeared beside Solo and began to run at amazing speed benieth Lance. He bent down and Solo jumped on the back of Nidoking. Lance's pokemon knew how to work together, that's what made Lance a great trainer. Suddenly, Nidoking lifted his head sending the fierce Mightyena into the air, and in range so Lance could return him to his Pokeball. Solo dissappeared into his Pokeball, and Nidoking continued to run benieth them.

"Lance...?" Cay looked up and saw Lance flying over head.

"Looks like he's already going after Latios and Latias." Shinobi said jumping on his Charizard. "C'mon!" Shinobi shouted. Cay returned all her pokemon and jumped on... Flygon (You have one right? They can fly right?)

"Charizard! Slow down! Nidoking's falling behind!" Lance said pulling his goggles over his eyes and blocking the wind. Charizard slowed down enough for Nidoking to catch up, and soon they came over the water and Nidoking used surf. Charizard flew low down near the water making an archway over himself and Nidoking.

"LANCE!" Lance heard someone shout behind him but ignored it. Lance took out another Pokeball and returned his Nidoking too.

"Charizard, let's go!" Lance said pointing forward. His Charizard rose higher in the air and sped off with amazing speed.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=blue][size=1]Nikkie had been following her Blaziken for about half an hour now. Now at the pier, she continued to ponder the weather and all the weird things that had been happening. She didn't like the looks of it. She looked into the sky when suddenly a Charizard flew overhead.

Blaziken let out a high shriek then began running after the Charizard. "Blaziken?! Where are you going?!" It looked back, letting Nikkie know that it heard her, but that it had something very important to do. "Well hurry back!!" she shouted to the Blaziken, now out of sight. She shook her head wondering what was so important.

She pulled a pokeball off her waist and out popped a Manectric. "We have to give the signal now, okay?" she asked it. It nodded and she stepped back. Manectric used Thunder, then was returned to it's pokeball. A few seconds later, a large Salamence landed gracefully next to Nikkie.

"Great, you're here. Did you have fun?" she asked it while scratching it's chin. It let out a small roar and then turned, signaling Nikkie to get on it's back. She did and they lifted off the ground.

"Blaziken ran off after a Charizard that flew by earlier. I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with the strange things that've been happening," she explained to her pokemon. It gave another soft roar and sped up.


OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I haven't been able to get online for two days...[/color][/size]
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Darious walked down the path with his Zangoose. Tehy had just stopped to take rest when he felt gusts of cold air.

" Zangosses did you fell that" he asked

Zangoose shook its head and they continued to walk down the path when Darious looked up and saw Laios and Latias fly past

" Maybe they caused the cold breeze.. I gotta try and catch them. They're sooo close." Darious said as he ran off after them with his Zangoose right beside him.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance looked back and saw Shinobi and Cay coming, but still far behind. Lance thought he could see someone right at the back of them, but they wheren't catching up too Lance.

"Hurry up!" Lance shouted to them. "Full speed ahead Charizard!" Lance ordered. Charizard roared and blasted off. When Lance looked back he noticed that he couldn't see Cay and Shinobi anymore, maybe because they where in so much mist. Charizard roared loudly and moved closer to the ground out of the mist, and when Lance saw Latios and Latias almost right next to him he couldn't believe it. "Wow... Charizard you can go much faster than I would have thought." Lance told him looking back. He could see figures in the background, it must have been his friends. Charizard roared loudly and began to slow down.

[I]What are they going after?[/I] Lance asked himself. Charizard sped up until he was right behind the two Pokemon. Latios looked at Charizard with somewhat a glare, and Lance wasn't sure if he would attack or not.

"Charizard! Keep alongside them! I'm not going until I find out what this is about!" Lance shouted. Charizard flapped his wings faster in order to get alongside the two Legendary Pokemon. Lance looked at them in confusion... they seemed to ignore Charizard ad Lance. Charizard began to let out a series of roars, as if he was talking to them both. Lance's eyes widened, as if he knew what was wrong now. Latios turned to Charizard, then looked ahead. Chariard roared again, and Latios turned back to him.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=blue][size=1]As Nikkie and Salamence continued to fly, they entered mist. "Speed up, I can see shadows. Try to stay out of their sights, okay?" Salamence nodded and lowered so it was nearly four feet above the ground.

The further they flew, the thicker the mist. They were still trailing the shadows. Salamence and Nikkie spotted Blaziken ahead. They hurried and stopped right next to him. It was tired from running after the Charizard.

Nikkie knelt beside Blaziken and listened while her two pokemon 'talked' to each other. After they finished, Blaziken was returned to it's pokeball, and Nikkie hopped back onto Salamence.

"I thought something powerful was behind all this. Let's go. We might even catch those two legendary pokemon," she said excitedly. Salamence sped up to a speed where Nikkie had to shield her eyes from the force of the wind. The shadows they had been chasing earlier were back.

Salamence flew closer to the ground again, but this time it was around ten feet from the ground. As they flew, they passed the shadows only to see more. They were going very fast. "Okay Salamence. Let's see what you've got. Full speed!! We gotta catch up to those guys," Nikkie said pointing to the shadows.

Salamence let out a happy roar and zoomed forward.[/color][/size]
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Shinobi trailed behind them on his Charizard, about 50 feet up, not trying to keep up. He grabbed Charizard's pokeball and returned him, then let himself plumit-just to fall 1o feet. He then shot off towards them at an amazing speed. A few times he blinked in an out, to appear about 200 feet from where he disapeered. He caught up them in just a few mnitues.
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(David is on his Swampert, which is swimming toward Shamouti(sp?) Island, located in the center of the Orange Islands. He had heard of the island's annual Legend Festival from the Festival Maiden, Melody, who he had met two months ago. The two became fast friends, and Melody informed David of the Legend Festival. Scince they hadn't yet found a trainer to act as the "Chosen One", David had agreed to do it. He's curious about a legendary Pokemon called Lugia, and hopes to learn more about it from the residents of Shimouti. After all, he knows that it has been seen there, along with Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Melody hadn't told David anything, and David is hopeing to either convince Melody to tell him what she knows, or to find someone else who is willing to share information with him. But he didn't expect an eventful trip there, and he was quite surprised when it started to look like it would be that way)

David: (Thinking) All right, this is [i]not[/i] normal. there are a ton of Pokemon flying overhead, including Latios and Latias. And they're all heading toward Shamouti. Something's happening there, and it's probably not good. (Out loud) Swampert, things have just become urgent. We need to go faster. We need to get to Shamouti. Hopefully, someone there will have a clue as to what's going on.


Shamouti was the island where the events of the Pokemon 2000 movie occurred, and scince our characters are in the Orange Islands, I assumed that this would be starting in that area. If I'm wrong, please tell me, and I'll edit.
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Darious continued to run. As he ran he saw three other trainers on pokemon flying full speed at Latias and Latios.

" They ain't gettin them before I do" he thought. He then grabbed a pokeball and returned his Zangoose, he then grabbed another and threw it out. It was his dragonite.

" Dragonnite after that Charizard! We can't let them catch them" He shouted.

Dragonite nodded and took off in a quick burst. They were heading straight for the Charizard. After about 3 minutes they finally caught up to one of the Charizards.

Boy: Who are you....?? he asked

Daroius: Darious.. and I gotta go catch Latios and Latias. So see ya. Darious said as Dragonite blew past the boy and his Charizard.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance grinned.
"Charizard..." He mumbled. Suddenly, Charizard sped off so fast Lance couldn't see where they where. They appeared in front of Daroius and Dragonite.

"Hey!" Daroius yelled.

"I'm not letting you catch them. They are Legends, and even if they need to be kept away, they should be free, and not captured. If you want them, you'll have to go through me and my Charizard. If you do you will be the first." Lance said. Charizard flapped his wings lightly and roared.

"I don't have time for this!" Daroius shouted.

"There's something going on back there! Latios and Latias might be needed, and if you catch them, who knows what you would cause! The only reason they're flying there is because they know they are needed, if you capture them we may never find out what it is they are flying too!" Lance replied. Charizard hooved to the side still blocking Dragonite's way. "You can't capture them, yet!" Lance told him.

"Look-" Daroius began.

"I'm not moving until you say you won't! Even though I want to catch new Pokemon, I have enough honour to know not to catch a Legend until it's safe! After we find out what this is all about, go ahead and catch what ever you like!" Lance shouted.

"Dragonte! Go now!" Daroius replied. Dragonte began to fly around Charizard, but was stopped by a flame in its path.

"You're not going passed without going through me! If you do you'll be the first, and your pokemon will be to tried to capture any pokemon!" Lance explained. Charizard flew forward again in front of Dragonite. "Either you'll be smart and not try to harm a Legend, or dumb enough to ruin our chances of finding out what is going on!" Lance shouted. "Are you following them, or catching them?"[/SIZE][/B]
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" Get out my way" Darious yelled as he Draonite tried to mve around Charizard.

" Im not going anywhere until you tell me you're not going to catch them" Lance replied.

" I'm not telling you anything! Now move!!" Darious yelled.

" NO!!" Lance yelled back.

" Well then I'll have to move you..." Daroius said smiking " He leaned down to tell Dragonite something., then a burst of ornage and red flammes shout out at Lance's charizard and hit it straight in the face. Charizard was stunned and Dragonite took off again.

" Hated to have to do that but....he would't move. " darous said as they flew full speed once again at the legendary pokemon.
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[SIZE=1][B]Lance laughed.
"You can't run from my Pokemon, they always catch up!" Lance yelled. Charizard blasted off again and was alongside Dragonite. Charizard sent a flame thrower, knocking them back and Charizard flew in front of them again.

"You've got skill..." Darious laughed.

"I have more than skill!" Lance said. He took a Pokeball off his belt and tossed it into the air, unleashing Nidoking who blunged into the water below. "Thunder!" Lance shouted. The skies began to turn black, and a massive bolt of thunder arose from Nidoking just missing Dragonite. Lance took another Pokeball and sent out his Solo (Mightyena) who landed on Nidoking. Nidoking pushed Solo into the air. "Hyperbeam!" Lance shouted. Solo charged up a Hyperbeam attack, and in seconds a colourful beam shot from his mouth, pushing Solo onto Lance, and hitting Dragonite with amazing force. Dragonite began to fall to the ground, and just stopped over the water, right next to Nidoking.

"Dragonite! Just go through it!" Darious shouted. Lance's Charizard flew down over Nidoking.

"Sorry... I won't let you pass. Nidoking, attack them at your own free will, just don't let them pass!" Lance said returning Solo to its Pokeball. Nidoking's horn began to spin, and he was ready to use a Horn drill. Charizard opened his mouth and began to charge up a flame, like he was ready to use a Fire Blast. "If you try to pass us in the air, a Horn Drill will knock you out, if you get passed Nidoking, you won't escape a Fire Blast." Lance laughed. He took out another Pokeball and sent out Blastoise. "If you go any other way, Blastoise will knock you away with HydroPump." Lance laughed again. He sent out Pidgeot, then Absol. "You can't get passed now." Pidgeot began to circle above. Lance suddenly noticed Cay and Shinobi coming up. "And, you can't get passed my two friends." Lance said. "I've been with my Pokemon for years, and they work together, to make an almost... Immortal force..." Lance said. "Listen, just come with us, have some Honour and Pride!"[/SIZE][/B]
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" Not without a battle.. I don't care if I loose... " Darious replied. he reached for his belt and grabbed 5 more pokeballs. Out came a Nidoqueen, Umbreon, Electabuzz, Magmar, and a Zangoose, all ready for battle.

" Nidoqueen take the Nidoking, Umbreon handle the Mighteyena,
Magmar, you battle Charizard, Electabuzz battle the Blastoise, Zangoose and Dragonite stick close, I might need you.." Darious replied.

" Lets make a deal... If you win go and catch Latios and Latias, If I win you join us and you can't catch Latios and Latias. Deal?" Lance replied.

" Deal. Let's shake on it" He replied. The two of the shook hands.

" Now let ths battle begin" Lance replied.
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Zeo saw other trainers ahead of them going after latios and latias. Some of them were flying and one of them was going through the water.

"Give it all you got wings. See how close you can get" zeo said.

Wings nodded and started going faster. A couple of minutes later they were with the other trainers. He saw some of the trainers fighting each other.

"I wonder what they're doing" zeo thought looking at the other trainers.

"Stay outside of them wings. We wouldn't want to get hit by a stray attack if a fight starts" zeo said.

Wings nodded as it stayed away from the other pokemon but stayed close enough for zeo to keep and eye on them.
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