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Favorite books characters

Ozymandius Jones

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Hey. I started this thread because there are a lot of threads about favourite [I]books[/I] but none about favourite [I]characters[/I] , and [I]everybody[/I] has favourite characters. Ok, here are mine.
1: Antryg Windrose, Barbara Hambly's the Windrose Chronicles
2: Samwise Gamgee, J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR.
3. Severus Snape, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books.
4. Elda, Diana Wynne Jones' Dark Lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffen
5. Corran Horn, Star Wars X-wing series.

Ok. There you go. When you post, please put the books the character is from, and who the books are by, next to the character's name.

Have fun!
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[size=1] [color=red] Be sure to tell [i]why[/i] you like this character as well, otherwise there's not going to be much to this thread, and it will thus be considered spam, thus having me to close it.

As for what characters I like. I actually haven't read [i]too[/i] much things (reading has been slow for me as of late) but I can try to give some charactes that'll contribute to this discussion.

I've always liked Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's widely known [i]To Kill a Mockingbird.[/i] He's a man that has dignity, which is something I highly value. He also said that courage is, "when you're down and out" and you still try at something, even if you're going to fail for sure. Also, there's his mentality of "putting someone else's skin on" and wearing it--walking around in it a bit.

All those things are things I believe in highly. Atticus in general is a very likeable character, I think.

Let's see. I liked Sam too, from the also (*cough*) widely known epic [i]Lord of the Rings.[/i] He's just a good character. I especially liked his speech, to Frodo, as they were approaching Mount Doom. The one about how there's some things in this world worth fighting--and living--for, and so on. In the movie adaptation of the books, Sam says that speech pretty much word-for-word, if I recall. It's a good speech.

That's about all I can think of at this moment, sadly. I need to go to the library, read what books I have, blah blah blah. Stupid lazy unreading Mitch.[/size][/color]
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Yes, sir, mister Moderator, Sir!
As demanded-er, politly requested-my reasons for why they're my favourite characters.
1. Antryg Windrose: The reason I like Windrose is because he's insane. He's flamboyent, he likes to collect strange things, and he's a misfit, even from the misfit community. He's a sweet person who was forced to do some pretty bad things early on in life, but he's overcome his past.

2. Sam Gamgee: I like Sam because I can identify with him. I, too, am incredibly loyal, not too smart or good to look at (but, also like Sam, not dumb or ugly). Sam knows what his job is, and he'll do it to the best of his abilities.

3. Severus Snape: I like Snape because he's about the only teacher at Hogwart's who doesn't let Harry get away with everything. I also like him because he's a very mysterious character...Rowling has hinted at things in his past that made him the way he is, and she also leaves you wondering what it is that he did to gain Dumbledore's trust...

4. Elda: I like Elda because she's the perfect example of an 18 year old girl...who just happens to be a griffen. She suffers normal teenage emotions like sibling rivalry and crushes, but she also has to deal with emotions native only to griffens and also with the fact that she's a very powerful wizard-in-training.

5. Corran Horn: Corran is my favourite Star Wars character because he's a Jedi, but he's not at all mystical. He doesn't hit you over the head with all the 'use the force' junk. He does use the Force...but only when he can't do it by himself.

Anyway. There you go. Happy, Master-er, [i]moderator[/i]? And you all heard the guy. Put your reason for liking the character, or, like he said...it would be kinda boring.
*slinks out muttering about meddling moderators...*
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Well, there are really a lot of characters that I have come to love, from so many different books. Hard to choose, but the name that comes up at the moment is Lestat De Lioncourt, from the Vampire Chronicles from Anne Rice.

Why do I like Lestat? That's a hard question. Lestat is so, so out there I guess. He's a vampire, he doesn't consider himself a good vampire or anything, infact he's pretty evil. He does things sometimes that are so despicible that you may just want to throw up, but you can't ever really hate Lestat. He's just too... Too himself I guess. I think the biggest thing that contributes to my affection for him is Anne Rice's amazing writing skills, describing the world as we have never seen it before through the eyes of a Vampire.

There's so much more to say about him, and so much unsaid about the other Vampires whom I have also come to love, but I think it's better if everyone just read the books if they are interested. The first one is titled "Interview from a Vampire". :D
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favorite character? That's easy. It has to be Jimmy McCray from Jack L. Chalker's [i]The Quintara Marathon[/i] trilogy.

Why do I like McCray? He's from an Irish world (this is hundreds of years in the future, and many countries have worlds by then), and a Catholic one at that. He was a priest, but didn't like it, so became a spacer. He has a parasitic-"ah, symbiotic"- creature named Grysta attached to him. He's also a telepath.

Durring his religious education, McCray took an intrest in demonology, which makes him one of the most important characters in the trilogy. See, demon legends are the one thing common to every single known race. Demons even have the same basic appearance in every race's legends. Why? Because they actually exist, which is the concept at the center of the trilogy's plot.

McCray's knowledge of the demon legends prooves to be invaluable, but what makes him a truly awesome haracter is how his attitude, his knowedge, his current situation, and his past fit togeather. He's this hard-core spacer who works with teams that have the extreamly dangerous job of being the first to land on new planets. While he maintains that image throughout the trilogy, he frequently quotes Dante, cracks both stupid and funny jokes at even the most serious moments (when naked and being asked for tribute to enter the demon city, he says, "Ah! Tribute! So it's a toll gate, is it? Well, terribly sorry, old boys, but I seem to have left my other pants in my other pants), and manages to figure out quite a lot about what's happening (what he figures out based on his knowledge of the demon legends is topped only by what Gun Roh Chin figures out through logic and guesswork). And [spoiler]when he dies, he goes out by taking a demon prince with him, laughing the whole time.[/spoiler]
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[color=009966]1.) Legolas and Pippin from [i]Lord of the Rings[/i] by JRR Tolkien
2.) Ron Weasly from the [i]Harry Potter[/i] series by JK Rowling
3.) Laurana, Palin Majere, Raistlin Majere, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot from the [i]Dragon Lance[/i] series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (I couldn't decide who I liked most, so it's a four-way tie. :whoops: )[/color]
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I Really like Aragorn from the LOTR by J.R.R. Tolkien. I like his apprieciation of the elvish culture and his respect for diversity. I liked how he always had a handle on things and how at the end, he made only hobbits allowed in the Shire.

I also really like the character Happy Noodle Boy from Johnny the Homcidal Maniac by Jhnen Vasquez (The "O" in Jhnen's name is dead for those of you who dont know) Mainly because he is random and hilariously funny.

I also must say that the quirky Billy Pilgrim from Slaughter House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is a very bizarre yet believable character.

Finally, I like Nita from Diane Duane's Young Wizardry Series because apart from a few events, everything she has gone through in the series has happened to me.
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Sandy and Dennys from 'Many Waters'
Bean and Petra from 'Shadow Puppets' by Orson Scott Card
Achilles from 'Shadow of the Hedgemon' also by Orson Scott Card
and pretty much any other character in the ender series by orson scott card
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[size=1]I loved [b]Sandy and Dennys[/b], from [i]Many Waters[/i] and the other books by Madeline L'Engle. I always thought they were cool, and I was postively ecstatic when I discovered that they had their own book. ([i]Many Waters[/i] was cool for other reasons, too, mind.)

Of the characters in [i]The Dragonriders of Pern[/i] books by Anne McCaffrey, I had a couple I really liked. [b]MasterHarper Robinton[/b] was at the top of the list. [spoiler]When he died at the end of [i]All the Weyrs of Pern[/i], I was really upset, started crying and everything. A few months after that, though, I got my hands on [i]The MasterHarper of Pern[/i], and everything was happy again...at least until I went back and reread the series.[/spoiler] He's got a great sense of humor, and is this mentor figure that everyone respects. Not only that, but he was a Harper, and I love music. I think Harper would be an ideal profession for me--go around playing music, telling stories, acting, and keeping track of history? I mean, is it even [i]possible[/i] to cram any more of my interests in there?

I also really liked [b]F'nor[/b]. He's F'lar's younger half-brother, and rider of a brown dragon...was it Canth? I always liked him better than F'lar, for some reason. I'm no longer sure why, I haven't read the books for years.

Another one of my favorite characters is [b]the Marquis de Carabas[/b] (or something to that effect), from [i]Neverwhere[/i], by Neil Gaiman. He's simply one of the coolest characters ever created. It's impossible to explain if you haven't read the book...and if you[i] have[/i] read the book, I don't need to.[/size]
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[color=green]I have to agree with Mitch on Atticus Fitch. He is a man of respectible moral character. I love that book, and most things about it, but Atiicus is definitely a highlight. While on the subject of the book, I like Boo Radley's character. I find him very intriguiging. Not a lot is really outright said about him, but so much is implied or symbolized through him. Now I must go and read that book again!

My favorite character is Ponyboy from [u]The Outsiders[/u]. It's my favorite book. I think that the fact that He and Johnny were forced into a self-defense situation and for self preservation had to become stroger people. I think SE Hinton does a really good job with character development.[/color]
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[color=green]My favorite book characters are:

1) [b]Boba Fett from [u]Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back[/u].[/b]

This guy is too cool for words. He is everything that my avatar says he is, and more. His cool demeanor and his formidable reputation made up for his few lines in the novel. Although the novel doesn?t do him the justice that the movies do, he still remains my favorite character.

2) [b]Bean from [u]Ender?s Shadow[/u].[/b]

Bean is a child genius who survives a harsh life on the streets and rose to great fame first as the second in command to Earth?s ?savior? from an alien threat and then as the military advisor to Ender?s brother Peter. Very interesting guy indeed?[/color]
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[size=1][i]Catcher in the Rye[/i] is one of my favorite books ever, and that's definitely because of Mr. Holden Caulfield. He was the book, basically, and I think that so many of his thoughts and opinions are something that a lot of teenagers can relate to. He was also just so adorable, in that really lost, confused, "I have no idea why the hell I'm here" sort of way.

After him, I'm completely in love with Arthur Pendragon and anything having to do with Arthurian legend.

If anybody's ever read Roger Zelazney's [i]The Amber Chronicles[/i], you'll also know that Corwin kicks a lot of bootay. He's amazingly clever and witty and he can talk his way out of any situation. And to many of the other characters' dismay, he's also got this nasty habit of not dying when he's supposed to.

Robert Langdon (a Dan Brown creation) is another fun character; very relaxed, very intelligent, and incredibly funny in a really understated way. He's also a college professor (of symbology) and that's just darn spiffy.

Yeah. I need to find some good she-characters before my obsession with men really starts to show.[/size]
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[quote name='Arcadia][size=1']Robert Langdon (a Dan Brown creation) is another fun character; very relaxed, very intelligent, and incredibly funny in a really understated way. He's also a college professor (of symbology) and that's just darn spiffy.[/size][/quote][size=1]*grins* I liked him.

I also have to agree with Atticus Finch from [i]To Kill a Mockingbird.[/i]

*glances at Arcadia* I also like most of the male characters from Tamora Pierce's Tortall universe. [b]Numair, Neal, Neal's cousin, Cleon, Raoul...[/b]the list goes on. Even [b]Jon[/b], in the earlier [i]Alanna[/i] books. I really loved Numair, though. A great guy, sense of humor, very kind and fun, who just happens to be an obscenely powerful wizard, and sexy to boot? *laughs* [I [i]swear[/i], that's not me talking...]

For some reason, most female characters annoy me. I'm still trying to figure that out.

I do like [b]Libby[/b] from [i]Libby on Wednesday.[/i] I can't remember much else, but I liked her.[/size]
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I thought this question would be hard to answer, but I figured out my favorite character fairly easily!
It would have to be Phedre no Delaunay from the book [U]Kushiel's Dart[/U]. She's such a strong person, and also very intuitive. She's skilled at discerning what goes unsaid by others and uses that to determine how to react to a given situation. Phedre is just a cool character, and a lot of fun to read about!
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Just to get this out of my system: Anne McCaffery, while a very talented writer, is nothing but a sour old hag who needs to die a slow and agonizing death. Or at least be forced to realize the horrible mistake she made by forcing the majority of her greatest online fans off of Pern.

And now that I'm come to terms with that. ^_^

So many choices. Do I dare mention Bastian from [U]The Neverending Story[/U], or Atreyu? Or Falkor, the luckdragon? There are just so many wonderful and creative characters in this book...and I am talking the book, this time. Alex gave it to me for my birthday, I'm almost done reading it. ^_^ And it's so different from the movie. If you ever have the chance to read it, I highly recommend it.

Oh, god, a book I haven't thought of in years: [U]Dear Mr. Henshaw[/U]...I loved that book. It was the fist book I actually took home to read when I was in forth grade. And I liked its sequel, [U]Strider[/U] as well. Possibly [U]Strider[/U] more...simply because it was about the boy and his dog. ^_^

There was another book I read when I was in 4th grade. Oh, what a wonderful book. The young boy is blinded when a firecracker goes off in his face. And at first, of course, he's depressed. But eventually he is chosen to receive a service dog. And of course the dog helps him to grow strong and proud and to overcome his fears and insecurities. A little cliche...come on, I was in 4th grade. I still love that book, though. Such a wonderful message. Sadly, I can't remember the name. >_<

-pulls out her old collection of books- Gah, they're all dusty! Lol. Let's see...Ooh! [U]Bridge to Terabithia[/U], good lord! I love the girl in that one. She was just...it was like she was everything I had wanted to be in my youth when I first read the book. [U]Maniac Magee[/U], come on. Who doesn't love Jeffery? [U]The Whipping Boy[/U]...Jemmy! Love Jemmy! He's such a witty character, I always laugh when I read this book.

Now, I realize most of the titles I'm telling here are books that probably shouldn't even be mentioned along side of stories like the LotR and HP...and the other wonderful and "advanced" tales you've all mentioned. But you know what? These are the characters who, even after all these years (ha! What? 5 or 6?) have stuck in my head and inspired me. They gave me hope when I was a child that maybe I could find that inner strength in me and become a better person. I think that qualifies them enough, yes?

Oh, and to add one more tally: Atticus Finch (Fitch? Finch? I really thought it was Finch) is definitely a noteworthy character. -nods- Oh yes indeed.
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My favourite character, from any book EVER is, as said somewhere before in this thread (Christ I have a bad memory) is LeStat de Lioncourt. Why? Because he is the shiz. No, thats not why. Its because he has it all. The arrogance of a true anti-hero coupled with the occasional glimpse of softness and otherworldly powers.

Second favourite is Takeo from [i]Across the nightingale Floor[/i]. He is just REALLY cool. And his morals are incredible (proof of this: he lives in a japanese style honour bound society and refuses to kill people even though it is a mandate of his clan, thus risking losing his honour). He also has otherworldly powers, which just makes him cooler.

Final favourite is Garion from the epic (epic=twelve books) Belgariad. He is so inocent yet so powerful at the same time. And his development throughout the books is satisfying and funny.
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[insert post here][/QUOTE]
[SIZE=1][i]Dear Mr. Henshaw![/i] I remember that book! And I have to agree that [i]The Neverending Story[/i] *stoicly resists urge to sing the title* is an awesome book. Atreyu! I [i]adored[/i] Falkor as a kid.

And yeah, it's Atticus Finch.

You mentioned [i]Bridge to Terebithia[/i], and I suddenly remembered about a thousand more books and characters, heh.

I don't remember what my first Paterson book was, but starting some time in fifth grade, I absolutely fell in love with her books. I loved [i]Bridge to Terebithia.[/i] I can't remember the boy's name, but the girl was [b]Leslie[/b], right? Oh, wow, I loved that book. Then there's the girl from [i]Jacob have I loved,[/i] and the title character of [i]Lyddie.[/i] Heh...

And of course I loved [i]Maniac Magee[/i]. Maniac (did you say his name was Jeffrey, or was that a different character? I really can't remeber...) was great. I also really liked [b]Stargirl[/b] from the book....wait for it....[i]Stargirl[/i] (also by Spinelli.)

And while I'm on the topic of eccentric females, there's [b]Melinda[/b] from [i]Speak[/i], and [b]Marisol[/b] from [i]Hard Love[/i].

Melinda was really fantastic. I completely enjoyed her character. (Scarily enough, [i]Speak[/i] is one of the few books I've actually lent out to people. And most of the friends I lent it to returned it with the comment that Melinda was exactly like me. *laughs softly* ) And Marisol was just really cool. I also liked the main character from [i]Hard Love[/i], but I can't remember his name at the moment. (the only reason I can remember Marisol's is because the book mentions that it means "bitter sun," and I'm a sucker for etymology.) Incidently, [i]Hard Love[/i] is a much better book than the title implies. /[/SIZE]
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And of course I loved [i]Maniac Magee[/i]. Maniac (did you say his name was Jeffrey, or was that a different character? I really can't remeber...) was great. I also really liked [b]Stargirl[/b] from the book....wait for it....[i]Stargirl[/i] (also by Spinelli.)[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Ah, I [i]loved[/i] [b]Stargirl[/b] (the book)! Both she and Leo were wonderful characters, I thought. Especially Stargirl because she was just so [i]cool[/i] and unafraid. After I read that, I told my mom I'd found a new role model and that I'd soon be changing my name. She just rolled her eyes.

But as said, I really like Leo, too. (We're back to the male thing.) He had this sort of boyish charm thing going on, and the way his character progressed throughout the novel was really fun to watch.

Yay for Spinelli![/size]
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I hope this isn't limited to manga and such book charecters.... :sweat:

My fav book charecter tends towards...
*ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum* (Dramatic Drumroll!)

A TIE!!! (:huh: )
James McCarthy from David Gerrolds War Against the Ch!Torr series, for his realistic reactions, straightfoward charecter and evolution of purpose as the dramas unfold. One of the most anticipated SF series from the author StarTrek's of "Trouble With Tribbles".
Arilan of Smoking Mountain (aka Lord Obsidian) from Lawrence Watt-Evans' Lord Obsidian Trilogy, for his sincerity of charecter and distinct charecter growth and truly unique charecter construction. Great and truly unique fantasy.
Runner Up:[color=silver]
Regis the Halfling from R.A. Salvitore's Drizzt novels (19 of them), for his realistic and lifelike reactions to problems and situations. D&D games, rush out and buy them now![/color]

Third goes to:[color=orange]
Abraham VanHelsing from Jeanne Kalogridis' Diaries of the Family Dracul Trilogy, for exceptional insight and linking of overplayed and constantly mocked charecters into well drawn-out humanistic charecters with a continuing backstory. A must read for all Dracula Fans.[/color]

Honorable Mention:
Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novels, for her sincere and humanistic reactions. The only limitation of her charecter from the top spots is the sheer content of the mentioned books. They are heavily charged with erotic and homo-erotic scenes and content. Not reccomended for children. I'm still working on finishing off my first novel of the series at a friend's request. An excellent and compelling read.[/color]
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Beyond a doubt, my favorite character is Corwin from the Amber series by Roger Zelazny. He is cynical, tough, and generally realistic. He's the main "good" character, but he obviously has a dark side. He lies, cheats, and murders to get what he wants.
My second favorite would be Pol Detson from Wizard World, also by Roger Zelazny. Mostly because he can cast spells and control a horde of monsters.
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My two favorite books would have to be:
Number 1 Harry Potter The Order of the Pheonix which so far has to be the best out of the Harry Potter books since it is the most dramatic and saddening book. It also has suspense and leaves you wanting to read the rest of it not wanting to put it down.
The Number 2 book would have to be:
Lord of the Rings Return of the King a good book and excellent movie I own the Return of the King and The Two Towers; I checked out The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Rings, but Return of the King is the best since it is the finale of the epic journey and has an excellent plot and story line.
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I'm going t dig this up because I like it.
My favorite character would have to be Prince Kheldar or Drasnia from David Eddings' series The Belgariad. I like Kheldar "Silk" for his sarcasm. He knows when to keep his mouth shut but he doesn't because he knows it annoys people. Silk knows his way around the country and most important of all how to slip away unnoticed. In the series after the Belgariad (which is the Mallorean) [spoiler] after silk finds out his dear friend was murdered by a family ascending to the throne he goes on a killing spree of it's family members and doesn't think twice about the consequences [/spoiler]. Silk's skill with daggers is amazing and he can barter with the most hard ass shopkeepers and still get the item for half the price. This sly, sarcastic weasel faced man is my favorite book character.

Second favorite would have to go to be Robert Langdon from Angels & Demons and from The DaVinci Code both written by Dan Brown. In Angels & Demons Robert a Harvard symbologist is whisked away to Europe to help solve the murder of Physicist Leonardo Vetra. The case ends up leading him through Vatican city in search of an underground brotherhood called the Illuminati. He's intelligent and is a quick thinker. What more could you ask for? The DaVinci code is a controversial best seller so it must have good characters right?

Finally the bronze medal goes to Jason Bourne. He's suffering from amnesia trying to uncover his past while strange men chase after him trying to kill him. How cool is that! I'm talking about the Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. I loved it how Jason knew how to keep persevering despite the setbacks of having guys shooting at him wherever he goes. Even though he has amnesia he still remembers how to completely dismantle a gun in under thirty seconds. He's awesome.
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My favorite book characters would be....hmm

1) Paul: Later to be known as Muad'Dib, Paul is probably one of my favorite characters from the book Dune. I love his personality and the observations on the world around him. He is a very calm and at times bland person, but he still seems to get the job done.

2)Alex: Alex is from one of my favorite books, a clockwork orange. A picture of alex can be seen as my banner. He was (from a heterosexual male's point of view), almost sexy the way he talked about every thing that was going on in his vice-driven world he was living in. So, now that i made that "sexy" comment, I will have all of OB thinking that Im homosexual...great
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I really like Ender, Valentine, and Bean, from Ender's Game. All three of them were smarter than the adults (which was pretty much the same for every other character, but these are better because I say so), and they seemed to be the most pure out of all the characters.

I also like Mina from Dracula, just because. I'm an LXG fanatic, and I don't mean the comic. xÞ

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