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Sign Up The Turks: Perspective Upon a New Conflict [Coarse language, excessive violence]


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[size=4][font=Times New Roman][u][CENTER]The Turks: Perspective Upon a New Conflict[/CENTER][/u][/font][/size]

[i]*Click* "October 2nd. Midgar, Sector 6... Reno speaking. Note to self, [b]Cloud and company[/b] have moved on. It seems we won't be seeing them again, heh, they were alright I guess. At least they won't be on our tail, kind of depending on them to get rid of the [b]Meteor[/b] looming over us. No point dwelling on it. Elena, Rude and I are heading back towards Wall Market to set up our organisation again. Ever since Heidegger, Tseng and Scarlet have gone, aswell as Shin-Ra, it's been pretty hectic. The Turks are gonna be re-built and regain the reputation they once had..." *Click*

*Click* "October 3rd. Midgar, Wall Market... Reno speaking. It appears nothing is running smoothly. The chaos in the streets seem to be dying down, due to the fact that Meteor is gone, you should've seen it, a huge explosion, felt like it was going to wipe us out. The rubble from the attack of Diamond WEAPON is still apparent, it's a complete dump. Elena and Rude have reported that the Shin-Ra building is abandoned, a good spot to set-up headquarters. The only problem being that half of the building has been swept clearly off, apparentley killing President Rufus. Midgar has no dominating government now, but things seem to be settling down. We plan to hire construction workers to rebuild the facility and the rest of Midgar in fact. People have started already..." *Click*

*Click* "April 27th. Midgar, Turks Headquarters... Reno speaking. Note to self, everything's run ahead of schedule. Midgar's reparation payments have been paid off from taxes and the metropolis of Midgar has been rejuvenated into a better and bigger city. We've recently had a report from the mysterious Agent Frost who was presumed dead. Costa Del Sol seemed to have survived the explosion and is once again a tourist resort, the rest of The Planet is back to normal now. She was very brief but talked about a new Government recently in power. We hadn't heard anything about them but the whereabouts of where this Government originates is unknown. They seem to pose no threat to our group, but are simply taking over every major location on The Planet, by the use of troops apparentley. Sounds too much like Shin-Ra but we've been told to prepare for a routine inspection and takeover. The Midgar HQ for this Government is due for construction very soon." *Click*

*Click* June 4th. Midgar, Turks Headquarters... This will be the last frigging recording I'll make on here. The previously talked about Government is named, [b]RESISTANCE[/b]. I am not frustrated because of this but one of our new recruits to our [b]Task Force[/b] (Seperate to The Turks but under control by them. Similar to SOLDIER of Shin-Ra) has stated that Agent Frost has been killed. There is evidence that the Government had nothing to do with this but a very new organisation on The Planet. It turns out she was caught sending a report to us and her cover was blown. Then, two days later, on her way back from her cover job, a simple taxi drove past and the transported people slaughtered her. Police found her body with over 40 gun shot wounds all over it, 40 ******* shots. What's even more ******* confusing is that we hadn't heard of this new organisation until now. Whoever they are, they [COLOR=DarkSlateGray]are trying to rival us, no doubt about it. And whatever it takes to prevent any more [/COLOR] of these attacks, is eliminating them for good... END OF TAPE#18233074"*Click*[/i]

[size=4][color=navy][font=Times New Roman][u][CENTER]Plot Summary[/CENTER][/u][/font][/color][/size]

[color=navy][b]The Turks: Perspective Upon a New Conflict[/b] takes place 8 months after the destruction of the looming [b]Meteor[/b] that threatened the dying Planet. Cloud Strife and company successfully destroyed Meteor and after the final bout with Sephiroth, were never seen or heard of again. The crater in the Planet gained new layers and become once again so the Planet was whole again, with no more threats to it as the Mako source had also stopped being drained. As you can see I have made this RPG so that [spoiler]Midgar was not destroyed and the Planet was revived[/spoiler]. However, instead of following on of Cloud and company, this RPG deals with the story of [b]The Turks[/b] and the rivalling organisation in their struggle for vengeance and power.

[b]The Turks[/b] are an organisation that could be compared to that of the Mafia, Triads, Yakuza or any other big organisation unreachable by law and also revolves around matters of crime such as smuggling, assassination etc. [b]The Turks[/b] used to work for Shin-Ra, a huge governmental form of power that ruled over Midgar by fear and money and were sent with the task to stop Cloud and company in their tracks by whatever means necessary. The Turks are feared by many, yet some aspire to join them due to their reputation of carrying out the [i]dirty work[/i].

After the elimination of [b]Meteor[/b], [b]The Turks[/b], with their task complete, returned to the surface of Midgar to take over [b]Shin-Ra[/b]. As the second President (President Rufus) had been killed, there was nothing to stop The Turks from rebuilding Shin-Ra headquarters into a facility for them to use. With no more governmental figures to serve, Reno, member of The Turks for a long time, alongside Rude and Elena set up the organisation and then created a recruitment system. And after months, thousands aspired to join them, however, some were not up to par with the standards of being in The Turks, so the organisation set up the [b]Task Force[/b]. Looked upon as a guard unit, the [b]Task Force[/b] is in fact similar to that of SOLDIER who were essentially an army when Shin-Ra existed.

With many in both factions, The Turks were revived and capable of carrying out operations that they had been asked to do or felt was a necessity to gain power in Midgar, similar to a mercenary or assassin force. Their lines now stretched beyond Midgar's walls led to disruption in their preferable system. At first, a new governmental source appeared out of nowhere with no source of election whatsoever named [b]RESISTANCE[/b] and gained complete control over all major cities in the Planet, however these hadn't or at present, do not pose a threat to the Turks as it has been reported that RESISTANCE has hired The Turks' assistance on many occasions. But, after a neutral Special Agent. Frost was murdered by a mysterious faction, The Turks were aware that RESISTANCE was in fact hiring both the Turks and this faction, so therefore competition arose.

Today, this mysterious faction has been found to originate in Golden Saucer, a huge tourist attraction and Amusement Park, now that it had been bought by the leader of the faction. Gaining more influence upon the Planet every day and purchasing more businesses to equal the amount under control of the Turks, the competition increased and it is not long before the two organisations would be drawn into sub-terrainial warfare. This mysterious faction is named 'SENTINEL'.

Now it is time for the scales to drop in one of the organisations favour, and thereon the destinies of these organisations shall begin...[/color]

[size=4][color=darkgreen][font=times new roman][u][center]The Cast[/center][/u][/font][/color][/size]

To be judged, confirmed and updated...

[size=4][color=gray][font=times new roman][u][center]Author's Advice[/center][/u][/font][/color][/size]

[color=gray]Well, first of all, thankyou very much for being so patient to read the story and the background story. I hope it appeals to you, anyway here are a few points you should consider before signing up.

- I highly recommend having some experience with the game, Final Fantasy VII, it isn't compulsory but you should at least read a biography of the main plot of the game by looking at a dedicated site for example. (If you haven't played the game at all).

- When signing-up, I will be checking an RPG you've taken part in to see if you are up to par with writing quality as this will be a factor determinating whether you're in or not.

- Be imaginative with your character! This RPG will have a somewhat dark quality to it, while there be alot of time to adapt your character in the RPG.

- I will not be keeping the limit of people to be in the RPG high as alot of people can lead to confusion, and your character must play an important role in either organisation. For example, someone will be playing Rude in the RPG or Elena, while you can also make someone up from your own imagination for either organisation. I will be letting people know if they are going to be the leader of the other organisation depending on their sign-up if they show allegiance for that organisation.[/color]

[color=darkblue]Right, you've made it this far so do not give up now. You should have a faint idea of your ideal character in your head so get to it. I'm so kind that I felt like making an example recruitment sheet for you. ^_^ Remember, imagination is the key, and make sure you are [b]human[/b].


[b]Name:[/b] (Nothing Elvish, hobbit-ish or along those lines, but nothing too dull like 'Bert'. There are a few characters already for people to take on, those are the obvious still in the Turks. If you're with SENTINEL, you make your character up.)

[b]Age:[/b] (Human years. The appropriate age range is something like 21-55 years of age.)

[b]Gender:[/b] (Male/Female/Transgendered/Hermaphrodite)

[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bi-sexual, this is important as it can adapt your character very strongly.)

[b]Alliance:[/b] (The Turks or SENTINEL - I would allow Neutral but surviving RPG's need a sense of to-the-point-ness.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Obvious. This is a good area to where you can impress me and some others who shall remain nameless ^_~.)

[b]Biography:[/b] (Your character's history. You gain better marks if you link it to why you are with your organisation aswell as your character's past.)

[b]Weapon:[/b] (Now acceptable things are quite obvious but nothing like, 'An UB3R CoOL LAZR GUN!'. Pistols and rifles, etc and melee weapons such as swords and the like are acceptable. Be imaginative here aswell.)

[b]Apperance:[/b] A photograph or drawing is preferred. Otherwise, a very detailed description.[/color]

And that's it. There will be a strong plotline and large amounts of combat in this RPG so be prepared. I wish you all good luck and hurry up as places are limited. And try and even out the organisation members. Thankyou all. [b]Word of warning[/b], don't join if you're not commited.

Anyway, here is my sign-up sheet: -

[b]Name:[/b] [SIZE=1]Reno Montague[/SIZE]

[b]Age:[/b] [size=1]23 years of age[/size]

[b]Gender:[/b] [SIZE=1]Male[/SIZE]

[b]Sexuality:[/b] [size=1]Heterosexual[/size]

[b]Alliance:[/b] [size=1]The Turks[/size]

[b]Personality:[/b] [size=1] Reno is sarcastic and at times cocky, however, these are the key characteristics one needs to be able to lead an organisation such as the Turks. However, Reno has been known to become very serious when something opposes him or takes away someone who he is close to or loves, and with this serious reaction comes determination as it has been known that when his heart is set to something, noone can stop him. Showing alot of loyalty to the organisation and Rude and Elena, Reno can become compassionate if he is called for and can be depended on if treated well.[/size]

[b]Biography:[/b] [size=1]Oldest of nine siblings and the youngest Turk ever, Reno was brought into the group at age 17 to fill in the gap made by Raife?s death. Reno's father was killed during a train derailment when Reno was 14. To support his mother, younger brothers and sisters, Reno became one of the boys at the Silk Pavilion in Wall Market (a very high class sort of call boy agency). During that time he became an addict of the materia-based street drug, candathine (candy). He quit at the same time as he became a Turk, but he still has a lingering touch of unnatural mako glare in his eyes as a side effect. Before Meteor, Reno consistently sent a measure of his pay to support his family, and to ensure that his siblings wouldn?t have to do what he did.

Unfortunately, Reno lost touch with his family after the attack from Diamond WEAPON due to the fact that alongside hundreds of thousands of others, they were killed. With noone else to turn to except for his loyal companions Elena and Rude, Reno knew that the Turks would still continue no matter the amount of officials of the Turks who had been lost. So he went onto pursue Cloud and the rest who followed him until the final encounter in the Midgar subway.

After exchanging words, the Turks and AVALANCE decided not to fight but to walk sepereate paths and pursue their own tasks, only to find that the Meteor that threatened all existence on the Planet exploded because of Cloud's efforts. Disappointed that he was never going to be able to finish what Cloud and him promised to do, fight one on one, he went on to recreate the Turks organisation.

Practicing in firearms, Reno found he had a natural talent by aim and therefore used that to his advantage in the event he'd need to defend himself from a gunner. So by combining his combat skills in both melee and ranged combat, Reno was capable of achieving even more goals set to him when hired after the Turks were revived once again.

After the murder of Agent. Frost and the rise of competition between the Turks and SENTINEL, Reno's hatred grew even more towards the rivals and towards RESISTANCE due to their neutrality and not getting involved with the issues of Agent. Frost's murder. He strives to avenge those killed by whatever means necessary whether the government or rivals are affected, and this becomes stronger when the [i]incident[/i] occurs.[/size]

[b]Weapon:[/b] [size=1]Reno's melee arms consist of a staff similar to a cattle prod but used by a swiping motion as it is charged by electricity which emits a shock when contacting with an object. Reno's newly acquired skill in firearms is used by a simple Colt. 45 pistol which is used when [i]interrogation[/i] is necessary, or when battles become too much at close range.[/size]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.kekkai.org/bishink/ff7/chreno.jpg[/img]



Well here it is. This is the type of sheet you should be aiming for, well I wish you all the best of luck. I'm thinking of whether or not to use a chapter system similar to James's [b]Kill Adam[/b] RPG.
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This is exactly what I've been waiting for! I'm doing this sign-up just in case my own RPG (FFLLCC) won't work, but no worry, I have time to participate in both this and my own. ;)

[B]Name:[/B] Elena Foxtrot

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Sexuality: [/B] Homosexual

[B]Alliance: [/B] The Turks

[B]Personality:[/B] Elena is still as dedicated to her work as she was when working for the Shin-Ra. She often finds herself pushing her male colleagues onwards when they face problems. She is good friends with both Reno and Rude, but there's nothing more to it. In fact, she feels like "one of the guys", checking out chicks with her friends. Deep down she's frustrated that she's not in a leading position, because she often thinks she has the only brains of the bunch. To others this seems that she only has a way too big ego. Only time will tell if she's going to take her chances on becoming the leader of everything...

[B]Biography:[/B] Elena is an only child of a rich enterpreneur. She's highly educated, as she went to the best schools of Midgar. Her parents were killed in a carcrash in shady circumstances. Soon after that, at the ripe age of 18, she was recruited by Tseng to join the Turks, who claimed it was because of her high intelligence and lack of empathy. Thus, she has spent many years working for the section. Despite being smart, her morality isn't high enough to think there's anything substantially wrong in what she does. She fought many battles alongside Tseng, Reno and Rude against the rebellious AVALANCHE, yet they were defeated every time. This hurt Elena's ego deeply, and she's determined to make it up by succeeding in her work. Although her plans aim high, she's currently working obediently with Reno and Rude against the new threat rising. She had also an affair with the deceased agent Frost, but she has petrified her heart from taking it too hard. Yet sometimes, when she goes to bed alone, tears fill her eyes. But in the morning she rises to face a new day with new challenges, forgetting the past.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Elena fancies the way of ancient martial arts, so her selection of weapons includes a nunchaku, some throwable shurikens and - in case neither of the former is in hand - her bare fists and feet.

[B]Appereance:[/B] See the attachment for an authentic picture of Elena in the game. Nowadays she's wearing a white silk suit with an extremely exposing cleavage (think as in style of LeBlanc from FFX-2) and widening sleeves and legs.

I hope this will suffice! I know this game will be [I]good[/I], so I'll stay and wait...
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Yes, I shall definitely look forward to posting in this ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Roland Gilead

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual

[b]Alliance:[/b] SENTINEL

[b]Personality:[/b] Roland is very stoic and comes off as aloof to most people. However, this is because he has a deep mistrust of people and has no longing for the companionship of others. His indifference to emotion makes him perfect for what he is...a cold-blooded killer. He has a solid determination and almost nothing will stop him from achieving whatever it is he sets his mind to. Roland is also a hard worker and has no qualms against doing whatever is needed to get a job done.

[b]Biography:[/b] Roland lived in a small city on the outskirts of Wutai. Growing up, he was an extremely hard working boy and showed a keen intelligence that was rare amongst his people. From an early age, he helped out his friends and family with the daily farming that provided the sustenance for his people to survive. Along with his father, Roland came up with several farming techniques that made gathering the crops vastly simpler and much more streamlined.

However, his village's simplistic lifestyle would come to a rather bitter end. In their search for those whom had potential to join the ranks of SOLDIER, Shin-Ra paid a visit to Roland's village. Roland, 21 at the time, and a more than capable fighter, was considered for SOLDIER, but lacked the greenish eyes that signify a mako-injected person.

Shin-Ra decided that the small village had been exposed to far more secrets than they would have liked and ordered their army to burn down the village. The people of the village put up a decent fight but they were vastly outnumbered and outclassed, especially after the Turks showed up. The only capable fighters of the village were Roland and his father. They used the trademark guns that had been passed down through generations of their family lineage to gain a slight upper hand but after the Turks showed up, it all went downhill.

Roland's last memory of that day came when Reno of the Turks killed his father, with nothing more than a smirk on his face. "It's just business," he said, pulling the trigger and ending the life of Roland's father. Most likely, Roland would have been killed, as well, but Reno spared the life of the young man. After all, Reno only killed when it was absolutely neccessary and Roland posed no threat to Reno. Not on that day.

Two years to that day, Roland finally traveled to the city of Midgar, only to find Shin-Ra Headquarters in shambles. He saw no sign of the Turks whatsoever and left the city, disgusted with the sight that he saw. Roland knew that the Turks were definitely out in the world, somewhere, as he had heard many rumors pertaining to their continued existance.

Eventually, Roland happened upon a recruitment site for SENTINEL. At first, he was very reluctant to join with these "madmen" due to the fact that he still (and would likely continue to for a long time) harbored a deep resentment for mankind. However, his pure hatred for the people that had stolen all that he had (namely, the Turks, since they were the only remnants of Shin-Ra remaining) outweighed his dislike of working with other people by far. And so, he joined the ranks of SENTINEL.

Roland's fighting skills have sharpened by leaps and bounds since the day Shin-Ra invaded his village. He wields his two revolvers with deadly precision and accuracy, despite the fact that they are extremely heavy and cumbersome to use. His senses have also sharpened to unheard of heights due to his years of travel in the world. He mainly fights using his two guns but he is not adverse to using hand-to-hand combat, either.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Two large guns, seemingly taken from the Western stories of past times and ages. The stocks of the guns are yellow sandalwood, smooth and finely grained. Each gun can only hold six slugs each, but Roland has easily mastered the art of reloading, so that it only takes a couple seconds of quick maneuvering to reload each gun.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Tall, with the tanned complexion that comes from years of travel. Black hair that is generally unkempt and a slight beard that he has grown used to not shaving. However, what people always remember about Roland are his piercing blue eyes...cold and unforgiving. See attachment picture for more detail on the appearance, heh.

I hope this is good enough because I'm really looking forward to posting in this ^_^ If you have any questions or problems with my sign-up, you know how to contact me.

EDIT: I'm more than fine with taking on a leadership position in SENTINEL, Chris. No troubles here, heh.

EDIT #2: Maybe so, Dagger *grin*
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That's great, really, that is superb. Sage I'm very pleased you took on the role of Elena as I was worried noone would take her, and Shinmaru, I'm very pleased you've joined SENTINEL. I will write in detail about what I thought.

[b]Sage:[/b] I'm very pleased with you taking on Elena and how you stuck to the guidelines of her character very well. Only one thing, could you add maybe just one or two more paragraphs in her biography as not only will it make it easier to adapt the character for you, but it will be much more interesting. Just try to talk briefly about her younger life for example or maybe why she appealed to Tseng as remember, it was very tight conditions you had to meet you join the Turks. But other than that, no complaints whatsoever. ^_~

[b]Shinmaru:[/b] Sweet jeebus, that was very good of you to create a character just like that especially for a potentially unknown organisation. Your biography is fantastic especially how you connected two characters together (Reno and Roland), I sense a good encounter between them two. Very, very well done. No complaints or changes to be made. ^_^

Keep it coming y'all, -_-;
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Loren Fingeon

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Alliance: Neutural, about to meet a Turk.

Personality: Sexy, basically reeks of feminine charm and grace. However, that's all a carefully cultivated act, underneath she's quite a bit of a psychotic fighter. Still, she will be nice to little children and do them favors without asking for payment. In the presence of females, she's quite the flirt, but in the presence of males, she seems to simply scream: "Rape me." Of course, they could try. But she might go insane and knife them. [If they have money, she'll ask them if she can get a job before knifing them.]

Biography: The daughter of a bartender at Turtle Paradise and one of his prostitutes, Loren is an excellent fighter, trained with the hardknocks of life, more or less. When she was old enough, she left Wutai for good, leaving it's "old ways" behind. Of course her father and mother waved her goodbye and packed her a lunch so she wouldn't get hungry as she made her way to get off the island.

Soon enough, she was picked up by a passing ship and got a ride to one of the bigger continents. After a short stop in Costa de Sol, she snuck onto one of the cargo ships headed for Junon and made it to Midgar, where she hears all travelers should stop at least once. And she couldn't have picked a better place to start her buisness. Seing as how she's also a mercenary, and has very few qualms about which side she choses, so long as they have plenty of gil to pay her with. She was headed towards a bar when she saw a girl trying to defend herself against what looked like gang bangers. She approached and subsequently tossed more than two guys into the wall and pumped the next two full of lead. As for her payment, she took a kiss from the adolescent female and headed for the nearest bar.

Any more excitment for the day would be quite welcome. She does various odd jobs, but she could do with a more productive, longer lasting hire.

Weapon: AK-47, extra ammo in a full belt/bandolier type thingy, and an extra knife

Apperance: see attatchment, short brown hair, cropped close to avoid it getting in the way during a fight. Normally, she wears combat boots and a long vest/coat over her normal clothes, but for this picture, she was aiming for an almost nice approach.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Rudolph "Rude" Alexander

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual

[b]Alliance:[/b] The Turks

[b]Personality:[/b] Rude is quiet and reserved, speaking very little unless necessary, and able to keep his cool through anything. His job as a Turk and his friendship with Reno and Elena being about the only things he has left in life, he takes his job seriously--but not too seriously. Content to stay in the background, he lets Reno and Elena handle anything that requires dealing with other people, and never lets anything work-related get to him. When not working, he generally hangs with Reno and Elena at various bars, getting himself drunk to pass the time.

[b]Biography:[/b] Growing up in the Midgar slums, though in a fairly stable home, Rude was always a very independant child and he learned to protect himself from the dangers of the slums early in his teenage years. Training every day in the local gyms, Rude became skilled in boxing and hand-to-hand combat, and used his talent as a means of support by entering tournaments around the city after he had moved out of his parents' home.

Not too long after he started boxing profesionally, Rude started drinking, though he never let it interfere with his work. Rising in skill and popularity, he was eventually able to work his way up from the slums to the plate, and began living quite comfortably. Then one of his rivals, bitter from his defeat at Rude's hands, hired some mercenaries to find and kill Rude's family. It was a total massacre, driving Rude to seek vengeance and also causing him to slip into bitternes and alcoholism.

While still seeking information about who had hired his family's killers, Rude's fighting skills were noticed by Raife, a member of the Turks, and he offered Rude a position as a Turk. His adept hand to hand combat would make a valuable addition to the group, and the Turks' resources would help him track down the man he was seeking revenge on. He agreed and quickly became Raife's partner, but when asked where he was going one evening, Rude only answered with "Personal business," and left by himself.

Having tracked his former rival to a bar in Sector 4, Rude followed, wherein he quietly walked up behind the man and snapped his neck with one wrenching twist. Quickly the scene turned to one of chaos as the man's cronies converged on Rude, and though he fought fiercely, the number of opponents eventually brought him down. Only by a surprise attack from a redhaired boy did Rude survive.

Later, when their pair had fled the scene, the boy introduced himself as Reno. Surprised at his expert sneak attack, Rude offered him an opportunity to train as a Turk, which he accepted. Two weeks later, when Raife was killed during a mission in Sector 2, Reno was accepted as a Turk and became Rude's new partner. Even more depressed from the loss of his former partner as well as his family, Rude sunk farther into his cold, withdrawn state. Reno became the only one he felt truely comfortable around; his only friend.

Later, when Tseng was killed by Sephiroth and Shinra destroyed, Rude yielded command of the Turks to Reno, prefering to act as a second in command than take the responsibilities of leadership. Rude does this job well, always keeping his cool and making sure Reno doesn't do anything too rash. He lets Reno do the talking unless it's necessary for him to step in.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Using his skill of hand to hand combat, Rude wields brass knuckles as his weapon of choice, always studded with Cure and Heal Materia as he acts as the group's medic. When long range combat is required, Rude employs the use of a shotgun.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Though times have changed, Rude still opts for the navi blue business suit that he's always worn as a Turk, along with sunglasses to hide his mis-matched blue and green eyes. He keeps his head shaved bald, the only hair on his head being a short, well-trimmed beard. His features are hard and set, his face never betraying any emotion.
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Good to see this RPG is gaining attention. I'd just like to note, with the aid of Desbreko, I have decided that we will allow only [b]one or two[/b] more people in the Turks organisation. We need the same amount of Turks as there is in SENTINEL to lessen the confusion and make it much more fair on Shinmaru, heh. If you want to play a leadership role for SENTINEL by all means say so, and a note to Shinmaru, if you want to take on the role of the leader of SENTINEL, that's fine, just say. It's also fine if you don't want to be though. ^_^ So far, I will put the slots available...

[color=navy][u][b][LEFT]The Turks[/LEFT][/b][/u]

1.) Reno Montague
2.) Elena Foxtrot
3.) Rude Alexander
4.) Murisai Iori Shokan
5.) Van Ambrose
6.) (Possible side for James to choose later on.).[/color]


1.) Roland Gilead
2.) Sofia Kiev
3.) Blaze "Fox" Kitsune
4.) (Possible side for James to choose later on.)
5.) Loren Fingeon
6.) Possible opening, must impress incredibly.[/color]

Keep it coming.
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Murisai Iori Shokan




The Turks

Quiet, mysterious, antisocial are a few words to describe Murisai's personality. Around big crowds of people, he would be the guy standing away looking into nothing. It is often not deep thought, but just a blank stare that he has acquired over his years of hardship. In these situations, he feels the need to speak only when he is spoken to and feels no need to start conversations. However, when he is with people that he knows, he would be more talkative than usual and he may even crack a smile from time to time.

When he fights he is fearsome and ruthless in his onslaught, but he still upholds chivalry when fighting because as he says, "if I decided I was going to fight unfairly, the opponent might as well kill himself right there and then", he enjoys the fun of a fair fight. But fighting is not his only strength, as he has excelled in logical thinking and can spot weaknesses in armies, enemies and everyday people.

He was born in the sleepy town of Wutai to a fairly wealthy family. He had no brothers or sisters, so he enjoyed a life of attention from his parents. When he was six, his father taught him how to use a sword, as this art had been passed down from father to son(s) in this family for many generations. Murisai quickly learned that he had great talent with a blade and his father suggested training against wild monsters at the mountains, and the network of caves in them behind their village.

He trained in that place for another four years. He had little knowledge of battle techniques (his father only taught him the basics), and developed his own method of fighting, with many different special cuts and sneaky techniques. On the fourth year, when he was ten, he was up in the mountains training against monsters again when he heard a noise he'd never heard before coming from the town. Worried at what it might be, he rushed down to have a look.

Two men dressed in blue were firing into his house with machine-guns. He decided to hide behind a large rock until they were gone. When they had gone he ran into his house, but to his horror his parents were lying on ground near the open door. Blood was splattered in little flecks on all four walls in the first room, his father's chest was a bloody ruin and his mother had a trickle of blood running from a neat hole in her forehead. His parents were dead. The only people he had ever liked were no longer there to take care of him. Leaving his own sword behind, he took his father's sword and a small pouch of Gil before he left Wutai forever.

He spent two years wandering in that continent and met many monsters and travellers along the way. A few weeks after he left Wutai, he saw a man casting fire from no where onto a wild monster, which killed it instantly. This is where Murisai learned about materia and their uses in fights. Intrigued, Murisai bought three materia spells from him: Fire, Ice and Lightning. He thanked the man for this and continued on his journey around the continent.

After another five years he came to Costa de Sol and met a firearms expert named Miribana, who asked if he was interested in buying his latest model. Murisai explained his situation and his hatred for all guns to the expert. Miribana tried to explain to him that if used correctly, the gun can be an "art" of sorts, "A master of the sword can only fight up close, but a master of the gun and the sword can be deadly from everywhere," is what he told Murisai.

He asked to see Miribana's new model and fell in love at first sight. It wasn't a cold, square of metal that shot hundereds of bullets per minute, rather an long antique-looking, wooden flintlock pistol with ornate metalwork on the handle. It fired small metal spheres that could absorb mako energy from materia. After a demonstration with Ice-spell materia, which resulted in a fairly large area of the beach being frozen for a few minutes, Murisai was sold. He bought the gun and a lot of Makosorbing Ammunition with his last remaining Gil.

He settled down in Costa de Sol for several years, making a living as a small time mercenary/assasin. A large company known as Shin-Ra soon caught wind of Murisai's escapades in battles and sent an official over to talk to him. After days of persuading and arguing, the official convinced him that he was perfect for the job. Murisai stepped down and took a job up in a small Shin-Ra subdivision called the Turks.

At this time he was twenty three, and the following year the Shin-Ra building was destroyed and Rufus, the president of the Shin-Ra company was killed in the blast. Unfortunately, Murisai did not get to join until that year as a band of troublemaking freedom fighters calling themselves AVALANCHE had travelled on a boat from Junon to Costa de Sol. He was not allowed to travel to Junon because Shin-Ra were worried that AVALANCHE would travel back to the Midgar area.

All boats were stopped until the freedom fighters disbanded and Murisai travelled with his old mercenary armour to Midgar and joined a new and improved Turks group, no longer under Shin-Ra's control. But now a new group called SENTINEL is threatening the existence of the Turks once more.


[b]Takendaro-Hokoshi (see sword in attachments)[/b]
This is an expertly crafted weapon, the cutting edge has a severity of sharpness that is monomolecular. Despite the seeming weakness in such a thin edge, it is very strong and has been known to cut two or three feet into rock. It has two slots available for materia so that Murisai can cast spells or incorporate the materia's magic into his blade when he attacks.

[u]Materia equipped[/u] - Fire

[b]Miribana Flintlock (see pistol in attachments):[/b]
Although Murisai dislikes most firearms, he carries around a flintlock-pistol for long-range fighting. However, this is no ordinary flintlock, as it also has two materia slots. When fired, the materia in the slots lends its elemental energy to the ball inside the barrel, creating a devastating shot.

[u]Materia equipped[/u] - Lightning, Ice


[b][URL=http://dwpics1.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/zhoutai.jpg]Murisai Iori Shokan[/URL] [/b]

Like that, I guess.. maybe without the cloak. He keeps the Miribana Flintlock in his belt along with a pouch of ammunition, but carries his sheathed sword around all the time.

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I hate to say these kind of things but I'm afraid, for a decent RPG, I'm going to need to. Inti, I'm afraid I do not feel you are up to par with the quality that is needed in this RPG.

For instance, this may be incredibly minor, but you couldn't follow what an organisation's name was, you spelt it wrong, and it wasn't just a typing error but in fact all the way through your sign-up, it's 'SENTINEL', [b]not[/b], 'SENTINAL'. And obviously you could edit this but it's just a point of what your quality of writing is like.

Also, you do not seem to understand that not much about SENTINEL. They aren't some willy-nilly organisation hiring here and there, they're trying to gain power as much as the Turks and have a dark tone to them, as do the Turks, there was nothing even to hint a dark tone to it in your sign-up.

Nobody in their right mind could get in tough with The Planet in Costa Del Sol as it's just a tourist resort, Wutai would be the only location to become truly in touch with it, aswell as Cosmo Canyon. I'm afraid you do not seem to have an understand of the world of which this RPG is set in. I apologise for the tone I sounded, saying this in but I need to and am going to be very strict about this RPG.
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[color=darkslategray][b]Name:[/b]Blaze "Fox" Kitsune



[b]Sexuality:[/b]Believed to be heterosexual (hasn't shown interest in ANY direction).


[b]Personality:[/b]Quite reserved for a man his age, Fox has stood alone ever since his parents were murdered by the Turks in a raid on Rocket Town. He is genial when he wants to be, which isn't "as often as Cid would attempt to launch a shuttle" as they said in Rocket Town. He tries hard not to focus on vengeance, but after [b]Meteor[/b] destroyed Shin-Ra, it has been the only thing on his mind. He does not allow anger into his lifestyle, and thus his thirst for vengeance makes him somewhat of a paradox. When he finds himself brooding over his parents' deaths, he pulls out his guns, a token from his acceptance into SENTINEL, and thrusts himself headlong into his katas. He is clever, strong, and focused, and as a matter of fact managed to survive a direct assault by WEAPON on the Mako Cannon while operating as a SOLDIER. His strength has increased since then, as has his worldy knowledge, but he shows no interest in sex, drugs, or alcohol. In fact, the only thing he seems to care for is the well-being of other people. He appears rough around the edges, but then, so did Cloud to Aeris.....

[b]Biography:[/b]Born in Rocket Town before Cid's failed launch attempt, Fox grew up wondering what "Shin-Ra" and "SOLDIER" were. When he turned six, for his birthday, he recieved a wooden sword from his mother's friend, Cid. Cid, it seemed, was very happy about something or other involving the space program and told Fox all about the merits of a life as a member of SOLDIER, though he himself had never been one. Immediately, Fox began training himself physically and mentally, wanting with all of his heart and soul to become strong enough to join SOLDIER.

At the age of sixteen, Fox passed the test. He became a member of Shin-Ra's military arm, SOLDIER. Fighting mainly against monsters produced by Mako Reactor's around the world, he found himself growing further from his hometown. he decided it wouldn't do and returned home, if only for a little while. It was then that he witnessed the Turks murdering his parents for "crimes againt their employers". The images of Reno and Rude were burned into the back of Fox's eyes, and if Fox's hatred hadn't been stemmed by Cid's warnings of "No, kid! These guys'll tear you apart!", Fox indeed would have murdered the two on sight. They were gone shortly, leaving Fox to redouble his efforts to make himself a strong, intelligent fighting machine. He was playing right into Shin-Ra's hands. His mind set, he forced Cid to give him a ride to Wutai. He took up martial arts, going AWOL from SOLDIER....or so he thought.

After two years of stringent training in the martial arts at the Pagoda of the Five Gods, his aura was now focused on inner calm. Fox's mako-blue eyes had become fiery red through direct control of his anger aura. He is almost emotionless, though he knows that down that path lies destruction. Fox had managed to allow a few emotions back into his life and set out for SOLDIER again. After a series of brief reprimands from the higher-ups in SOLDIER and Shin-Ra, Fox settled once again into the pattern of destroying creatures for Shin-Ra. It came to his attention that in his two-year absence, one of the members of his team, 1st class SOLDIER Zack, had vanished. Sephiroth, too, had disappeared. Fox shrugged it off and began to climb the ladder.

Four years later, Fox was stationed at Junon Harbor for the firing of the Mako Cannon at WEAPON, which had been released a short time before. Just as the weapon was about to be fired, while Fox was doing the rounds on Junon's gun, the klaxon sounded, alerting everyone to WEAPON's presence. Battle stations were readied, and Fox, a strange sensation in his belly, drew out his sword and stood prepared. A barrage of conventional weaponry proved useless against WEAPON, who retaliated with an attack of its own. Fox was nearly directly hit, but his sword drawn in a blocking stance and his focusing on ki energy being absorbed into the large blade, Fox survived. The blade did not. He was knocked unconscious after aiding Cait Sith, whom he knew was a Shin-Ra employee operating a remote control doll, in rescuing the prisoners they had taken for the public execution. He awakened in Junon's waters, a sickly-looking dolphin keeping him afloat. Just looking about him, at the pollution evident, made him sick. He withdrew from SOLDIER, tossing his broken sword's hilt from him as he walked towards the harbor.

it was a short time later that he came across a broken, battered body in the gutters of a ruined Midgar city's seventh sector, which the attack by the WEAPON had opened up again. The body showed all signs of an attack. It was a member of AVALANCHE, as far as he could remember. Somebody named Jesse, he baguely thought, remembering a brief exchange between this person and the infamous Cloud during an altercation at the Mako Reactor in the video files. It seemed that she and her partners had not escaped the plate from falling. As he pondered this, he remembered exactly who had killed the AVALANCHE members before releasing the plate to fall to the ground below.

The Turks.

Picking up a nearby sword which had been planted deep in the ground after burying the body, he set off for the Golden Saucer. He needed to get drunk or the rage that engulfed him would kill him.

He arrived at the Golden Saucer and proceeded to drink, realizing it would take a prodigious amount of alcohol to make a martial artist drunk. He began talking with somebody at the bar, a person named Roland Gilead. Fox began talking about his history in Wutai, and Roland began asking questions about how Fox felt about The Planet. An offer struck the table: join SENTINEL and fight the Turks to help The Planet. Fox thought it over and decided to check it out, finding that SENTINEL was interested in taking over, or at least managing a hold on, The Planet's various cities. Such a wide range of operation impressed Fox, and so he joined after a few months' deliberation. His main reason for joining was, to him, for a feeling of brotherhood.

Fox joined and received a new set of weapons from Roland as a gift to a kindred spirit. A pair of high-caliber semi-automatic pistols.

With the pistols, Fox proceeded to take his first taste of vengeance for his family by murdering a member of the Turks, an agent he'd discovered named Frost. After committing the murder, Fox felt something he'd not felt in years, an emotion that turned his aura-eyes a deep, emotionless dark color.


He moved on to Fort Condor, consolidating SENTINEL's hold on the region near Midgar......


[i]Twin Snakes:[/i] A pair of semi-automatic high-caliber pistols capable of single fire or three-shot bursts. Named by Fox for their signature serpent design on the stocks, the guns are made of steel-reinforced silver, the bullets fired charged with whatever materia Fox has fitted into the circular holder in the stock. Fox has not let these guns from his sight with the exception of sleep and shower since he received them.
[b]Materia Equipped:[/b]Ice and Lightning

[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment.[/color]
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Okay Legacy, you seem to understand the story well so there's some credit for you. What you do not understand is that SENTINEL isn't just some group trying to avenge deaths of The Turks, SENTINEL is just as 'dark and dirty' as the Turks are due to their struggle for power so there isn't some good or bad side to this and murders aren't always directed against the Turks, as long as it gets the job done, then it's justifiable in SENTINEL's eyes aswell as the Turks. That was just to let you know anyway, so perhaps you should edit your biography as a martial artist who studied in Wutai for years would've forgotten vengeance so there must've been something else to appeal to join SENTINEL in your character.

Also your weapons seem god-like combined. You cannot have an incredibly high powered melee weapon and two short, powerful shot firing pistols, you'd probably slaughter all of us and then that'd be it for the RPG, so I ask you to choose between your gunblade or the two pistols. Thankyou.
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[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]OK here you go Zidargh, done and dusted.[/color][/size][/font]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Van Ambrose[/size][/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Age:[/b] 34[/size][/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/size][/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual (He's even made several passes at Elena although all have been unsuccessful.)[/size][/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Alliance:[/b] The Turks[/size][/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Personality:[/b] There are many words that could be used to describe the mentality of Van Ambrose, from a strict recruitment point of view he'd be described as being intelligent, athletic, highly skilled, enduring and capable but suffering from occasional emotionally based flaws. Those that have worked with him would describe him as being fiery, spirited and passionate, it these words sum up nearly all motivation for Van's actions as a member of The Turks as well as his personality outside of work. Van is also a very decent, fair and honest individual who can be depended upon to do the right thing in any given situation, thought this can sometimes give his superiors headaches because for them the right thing mightn't be the "right thing". Although some may say that he sometimes lacks the clear thinking that would make him a more effective agent Van has never allowed his feelings or his nature to compromise his usefulness in the field. He is by comparison the parallel opposite of several other members of The Turks who are cold and lack any form of emotion about their work. Van could never understand their motivations because they seemed to lack any kind of passion to get them going about their work or their missions. [/size][/font][/color]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Due to Van's nature and personality many people question his reasons for joining The Turks. From growing up Van knows the stories of how The Turks kept the Shin-Ra organisation in power through acts of terrorism and violence towards those who would stand up and attempt to fight the oppressive corporation. It has even been implied that they were responsible for collapsing part of the upper-Plate, which crushed Sector 7 as a response to the attacks by the group AVALANCHE. Van is unsure whether the Turks are responsible for such and action but knows that it is possible, he someday plans to ask Reno that question and find out for himself. Van believes that the Turks could become and organisation to protect the people of Midgar from other dangers from the outside world such as these new groups SENTINEL and RESISTANCE.[/color][/size][/font]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Biography:[/b] Van was born in the sub-Plate area of Sector 7 nearly four decades ago to still unknown parents, though it is assumed that they died either shortly before or after him being abandoned. It was through a force of chance or rather luck that a well-to-do banker found-upon him just after exiting the local bar 7th Heaven after a night of despondent drinking. The banker's name was Dominic Ambrose and he'd been drowning his sorrows at the deaths of his wife and son during childbirth. Being severely inebriated he took finding the baby as a sign from those above that he should raise this child as his own son since neither of them appeared to have anything else in this world bar one another. Taking Van with him back to his home in the Plate Level of Midgar, this would the last time for more than twenty years that Van would return to his place of birth, Dominic treated Van from that day forth as though he was his own flesh and blood son. He even went as far as giving the child the name him that he'd chosen for his own son who'd died at birth, it was around this time that his "father" decided to withhold the event surrounding Van's birth and rescue until he was old enough to understand. [/size][/font][/color]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]And so Van's childhood began with him having absolutely no memory of the events that surrounded his birth and rescue from the Sub-Plate Sectors. His father turned out to be one of the more wealthy bankers of Midgar who had several dealings with Shin-Ra on a very legal basis, his father taught Van from an early age that honest dealings with people was always the best policy for business. Van was sent to quite an exclusive private school for his education, Dominic wanted to make sure that Van never again ended up back where he found him the years before. It would have been considered it peculiar by many people that Van felt at-odds with his situation, he never truly felt like he belonged where he was, although his father plainly understood the reasons for such a feeling. Overcoming these initial feelings Van proved to have a keen wit and a bright mind to him and was quite successful in his studies. Van wanted to make sure that he could repay his father for all that he had done for him one day. While blessed with a sagacious intellect Van was also a keen athlete and it was this that brought him to join the school dojo of martial arts from a sensei from Wutai. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]His studies of the martial arts progressed although it took longer than other things, but this never bothered Van, he preferred to take the proper amount of time to do something or else it was not worth doing at all. And so life continued like this for Van, from the age of 8 to 18 his time was spent in the same routine of education and martial arts, his father was supportive of his son in every endeavour Van made at life. By the time he reached 23 it appeared that Van seemed to have grown out of the feeling that he didn't belong, such a thing was not true, he'd never felt comfortable with the life he had been given. Van felt that there was something that he didn't know about himself that would make a difference to his life and maybe rid him of the feeling of that he didn?t belong. Dominic still did not feel that the time had come for Van to learn of his origins, he suggested that Van go on a trip to Cosmo Canyon, a place that Van had always expressed a desire to visit. Van saw this as a possible ruse but decided that a vacation might to him some good to get out of the city for a while, he packed some things and went on his trip to Cosmo Canyon the following week.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Van always had a keen love of history and mythology and would spend ages just reading quietly to himself in the libraries or gazing at the stars in the observatory if he was permitted. It was while he was here that the Shin-Ra Corporation first approached him with an offer to join them, they said that they'd be reviewing his progress at his school as well as his training records at the dojo and they believed he'd make a capable operative. Van knew this was odd, Shin-Ra didn't just approach you like this and try and recruit you, well at least not from he knew about their methods. Van at that stage had also very little interest in fighting for some company just to keep people in line and plainly refused their offer. Taken aback by this blunt refusal to join Shin-Ra the recruiter began to "test" Van through a number of annoying and yet frequent encounters while he attempted to enjoy his vacation. Van did his best to ignore these untimely meetings and continued to just enjoy him holiday in Cosmo Canyon, however this was plainly contrary to the wishes of the Shin-Ra Agent who continued to harass Van wherever he went. In the end Van was so agitated by the very presence of the individual that he attempted to kill him by throw him off a cliff in the Canyons.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]It was after this incident that Van was left well alone for the remainder of his vacation, unfortunately for Van his father grew quite ill around this time and he was forced to return to Midgar to be with his father. His father revealed to him that he was dying from a congenital heart illness that affected all male members of the family once they'd reached their mid 50s, he told his son that there was no cure and that he would soon die. Van was heartbroken at the news and concentrated all effort on making his father's last days and weeks more comfortable, he father in turn go everything ready for Van to take on the role of the Banking Director at the firm his father had founded. Fourteen weeks later on August 12th Van's father Dominic passed away without ever telling his son his origins, in reality Dominic Ambrose felt that he was Van's biological father and wouldn't do anything that might deny such a fact. Van took on the role of Banking Director and held the post for just over 4 years, during this period of time he became obsessed with improving the company so that it would be one of the most profitable in all of Midgar and stand tribute to his father.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]However due to his policy of dealing with people he'd made several enemies inside Shin-Ra as well as his refusal to join The Turks had left them scheming away at a plot for revenge against the young orphaned entrepreneur. Their chance presented itself when they learned that Van had recently dispatched a high level Administrator from the company in connection with corruption charges for several of Shin-Ra's executives. Using this as a cover they had their lawyers work on a way to implicate Van as a conspirator in the corruption charges and even went so far as to implicate that it was Van and not the Administrator who's be giving out bribes to Shin-Ra executives. Van was sentenced to 5 years in a Shin-Ra prison in the underground levels of Migdar. Shin-Ra with Van out of the way placed one of their puppets at the head of the Banking firm ensuring that it would run into the ground within the year. Everything he'd known was gone, his father, his lifestyle, his company and now his freedom. The prison life was harsh and brutal and nothing like he'd ever expected, everyday was a fight for survival and Van still believes that had it not been for the physical training he did as a young man he'd have not survived his sentence.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Coming back out after his prison term Van was just released in time to learn that the World might end soon, he said he'd never forget the hysteria and panic caused by the Meteor. It was during this time that he was once again approached by The Turks, this time by Reno and asked if he was still interested in joining, with nothing left to lose and everything to gain he accepted and became a Turk operative. Since then Van has steadily risen through the ranks of the Turks and become one of their best operatives, he was present during the rebuilding of the old Shin-Ra building and served for a time of the board for acceptance into The Turks. He still keeps with him all the ideals his father even imparted to him and one day hopes to undo all the damage that Shin-Ra and SOLDIER and The Turks have done.. [/color][/size][/font]

[left][color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Weapons:[/b] Van uses weapons that suit the situation at hand, although he is equally adept at both Melee and Medium/Long range forms of combat he prefers stick to Melee unless necessary to success. These traits make him a very adaptable member of The Turks, of course that would mean that he'd have to carry around a range of weapons but Van has limited them to what he deems necessary although this can sometimes give him a disadvantage in the field if he is not properly prepared.[/size][/font][/color][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]- [i][u]Melee Combat[/u][/i] - Samurai Sword - See Attachment [/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]- [i][u]Medium/Long Range Combat[/u][/i] - 9mm 92-FS Pistol - See Attachment [/color][/size][/font][/left]

[color=black][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.darkhorizons.com/1997/jackal/jack05.jpg[/img] As seen here, this was taken during Van's prison term. Van is supposed to garb the normal clothing of The Turks when working but generally prefers looses clothing that allow him to blend in with the crowd. Although some of the lower ranking members of The Turks dislike Van's sometimes unprofessional look there is no doubting his abilities in the field.[/size][/font][/color]
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Right Lynx, that's good. I can see a future point in the RPG where we may disagree (in character) due to what you believe The Turks could do.

We seem to have an array of characters and I'm very pleased so far. I'll try and do some advertising as I am highly anticipating this RPG.[b] I am accepting only one more person to be with The Turks and that is it for that side, if you cannot impress me you may not get the part on The Turks' side, so everyone should now sign-up to join SENTINEL, thankyou.[/b]
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Do I detect some Stephen King in there, Shin? ^_~

[b]Name:[/b] Sofia Kiev

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Sexuality:[/b] Homosexual

[b]Alliance:[/b] SENTINEL

[b]Personality:[/b] Volatile, manipulative, and frighteningly intelligent, Sofia is a woman of few scruples. She smokes heavily, drinks so much that she seems impervious to the effects of alcohol, and generally disdains those who look down upon so-called vices. Sofia prefers to work as a strategist, pulling the strings behind the scenes, but she can hold her own in any conflict. Her ability to remain calm under incredible pressure is one of her greatest assets, while her sexual appetite often gets her (as well as her colleagues) into trouble.

[b]Biography:[/b] Originally the only daughter of a corrupt businessman, Sofia inherited his company after he was assassinated by the Turks. Much to their surprise, she transformed from a quiet teenage girl into a formidable threat, and proved herself able to defend against their frequent attacks.

But as the years passed, she discovered that she really wasn't suited to this level of responsibility. Sofia cared little for the law, and had no qualms about bending it to her desires. While doing so caused her wealth to increase exponentially, it also meant that her life was constantly in danger.

Before she turned twenty-two, Sofia sold the company for an immense personal profit, and spent her spare time working as an assassin for hire. She didn't particularly need the money, but wanted to become thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of killing. She'd learned the dangers of relying on bodyguards long ago, and her family's tangled past could easily catch up with her.

Sofia began to feel the itch for power about a year before Meteor arrived. Biding her time and trying to lie low, she kept careful tabs on Shin-Ra's situation. Once the government dissolved, she made her way to the notorious Golden Saucer, where a new order was rising from the chaos. It was here that Sofia first encountered the leader of SENTINEL, and here that she met Blaze and Roland.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Sofia is a superb sniper, but can handle basically any kind of gun. However, she does prefer to avoid combat, thinking it beneath her.

[b]Appearance:[/b] See picture. She can and will pass for male.

I hope that's alright. ^_^

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Ah, very good to have you onboard Dagger IX1 and especially considering you are joining SENTINEL. A few places left now before we begin, it's going to be good, I can feel it.

I am going to create a banner for this soon, or ask someone to so we should attract readers to it. I hope you lot are preparing yourselves as I already have something in store for both organisations.

[b]Right, everyone, the RPG is now beginning. Raiha, I hope you are alright with meeting a SENTINEL member instead of a Turk as The Turks are now full. There is ONE MORE space available and then sign-ups are closed, see you all in The Planet.[/b]
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