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Welcome! I am your Host, Lrb.

You, have been invited to be a Bachelorette on the first ever Otaku Bachelor! You see we have selected a Bachelor from OtakuBoards and 10 women will go on dates and the sort to finally reach the top and marry him.

Dragon Warrior, or Gavynn, will get to know these 10 women via a series of social gatherings and exotic, romantic dates ? in groups of two with some, and individually with others. He will introduce some of the women to his closest friends and family, and will visit their hometowns and meet their parents in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.

The Bachelor follows a gradual process of elimination, as he goes from the 10 whom he meets initially, then narrows it to 8 by presenting them with a single, red rose. He will then decide on six, then four, three, two and, ultimately, on the one woman who captures his heart. However, at any point along the way, should a woman decide that she is no longer interested in him, she may reject his invitation to continue dating.

The Bachelor provides an in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of each participant involved in this unique dating process. At the end of the journey, this gentleman will have had an unforgettable experience, made new friendships and quite possibly found true love. But the big question is: After all of this, if he pops the question, will she accept?

So here we are now, with you, one of these 10 women. I am the host of course and DW, the Bachelor. If you have anymore questions then please ask me by PM. If not then let's continue!

The Sign-Ups will be a very easy process for you. Why? Because you know everything about your character! It's you!

[B]Your Name[/B] will be the least important for all we have to do is look at who posted that sign-up but it will be your OB Username so, no worries.
[B]Your Gender[/B] will be female of course. Only girl users may sign-up! But don't worry boys! If this one is successful then we will have an Otaku Bachelorette.
[B]Your Age[/B], your [i]real[/i] age, please.
[B]Your Appearance[/B] is what you look like of course. All you have to do is look in a mirror! Pictures of yourself are allowed.
[B]Your Reason[/B], why are you here?

Now, Gavynn, our Bachelor will be in it aswell but does not have to sign-up. So, let the sign-ups.. begin!
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[color=green][size=1]Don't you mean "If he pops the question, will he be serious?" ;)
[b]Your Name[/b]: K.K.C. - Caroline (>.<)
[b]Your Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Your Age[/b]: 14 (I rounded XP)
[b]Your Appearance[/b]: *growls* My digital camera died cause Lrb shot it. DW already knows what I basicly look like from an older picture that I could post, but won't. (short dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and a toatally cool hat :toothy: )
[b]Your Reason, why are you here[/b]: Cause Gav is teh sexi beast and everyone wants him, but I want him the most (i did post my sign-up first) ;) and he's also nice and funny and we got alot in common. *shoots Lrb* You've been Punk'd![/size][/color]
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Wow, this sounds fun! :)
Name: Ryoko T.D.C. Ryo for short. (Olivia for real)

Gender: Female

Age: 14 (I also rounded XD)

Appearance: Short brown hair with blond highlights, brown eyes, glasses, nice shirt that say's "Shortys Skateboards", low rider jeans, and pink convers. (But different outfits when we go out) ((Duh!))

Why?: Because it sounded fun and DW is really funny! I think he's really kewl. Pluse, he's my idol!*giggles*
Is that good?
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[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Name: DDG (real: Kayla)[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Gender: Female[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Age: 12[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Appearance: I have no recent photos so I'll just make it a good description: 5' 2'', 120 lbs, medium brown shoulder length hair, light brown eyes, glasses. Most of the time I like to wear a black hooded sweatshirt with Eat, Sleep, Skate on it, baggy blue jeans, and black Vans Skateboard shoes.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Why: I am joining because DW is a very funny and likeable person. I also believe that we will get along together great because our personalities match oh so well.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=gray]Can't wait for this to start.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=deepPink]Your Name: Arylle
Your Gender: Female *gasp*
Your Age: 12, well 12 1/2.
Your Appearance: You can't describe me! I'm too perfect. XD But really, I have straight ash blond hair down to a little below my shoulders. My left eye is blue/silver(-y) with black rims, and the right is a deep blue, rimmed black. oh, and I'm a little tall comared to my friends. (Second tallest.) And my fave t-shirt is black, with a zombie bunny on it. It's Horrable, Hidius, Fluffy! I wear black alot. *sigh* I just do.
Your Reason: Why? Simple, Dragon Warrior is teh sexay beast. ;)[/COLOR]
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Thank you for joining... [i]Arylle[/i]. ;) Anyways, I believe I failed to mention that one of the joiners in The Otaku Bachelor will be the Bacholerette in The Otaku Bachelorette. So look alive ladies. We're going to Mexico City! Or.. somehwhere around there. I'd really rather go to France though. They have good food.... yes...
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[color=blue][size=1]*Walks up drooling* Dragon Warrior... BACHLOR!! *squeels* I've waited for this day for soo long...

[B]Your Name:[/B] Kitty (Reveille for real)

[B]Your Gender:[/B] Uh... is this a trick question? I don't get it..

[B]Your Age: [/B] 13 and a HALF!! BOO-YAH!!

[B]Your Apperance:[/B] I don't have my digi cam or any pics on this computer, so I'll just tell you. I grew taller since I posted my last piccy. I'm now.. (dun, dun, dun) 5'4!!! I have brown-golden hair down to my.. well... five inches below my neck. I have green-blue eyes. I like wearing jeans.. guys jeans, actually. Heh. I'm a cross dresser... O_O;

[B]Why:[/B] Does this question need an answer?! Well, if I must, DW is a TOTALLY hunk. And he'sh funny and soo nice to me!! Even though he accuses me of stalking.. I WAS FRAMED! *shifty eyes* Yeah...

PLEASE LET ME IN! *Ish impatient*[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Pink][B]Your Name:[/B] Noëlle

[B]Your Gender:[/B] Of course I'm a female!

[B]Your Age:[/B] 15 (til March 21!)

[B]Your Appearance:[/B] I am 4'8" 90 lbs. I have short black hair that flips out to the sides. (Like Yuna from FFX-2!) My eyes are a honey color and sometimes they turn green. I normally wear, dark blue hip huggers (size 0), a t-shirt that always seems either too short or to tight. And I wear healed boots to make myself seem a bit taller.

[B]Why?:[/B] Becuase I think Gavynn and Dragon Warrior are very sexy men. And they seem very nice and caring. Knowing how to treat a woman correctly.[/COLOR]
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This is not right we already know Dragon it dead sextah, but does he need an RPG will ladies telling him he is. We other guys need to protest over the overuse of Dragon Warriors sexyness I mean comeon look at all these girls I don't even have one and look at all the posts he got for just the use of his name in an RPG he even got girl 13 and under to sign up sheesh.
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Unless your posts have something significant to do with the RPG, they are considered spam. Please keep those last few comments and questions to PMs.

You might want to check Harlequin's sticky to read up on it, just in case, though I know some of you know better.

Thank ye kindly,
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Your Name: Goddess (Skye)
Your Gender: Female(Duh!)
Your Age: 13(Just turned!)
Your Appearance: 5?6, dark brown hair with gold streaks through it, wavy, down to the bottom of my shoulderblades, wears: No Boundaries tennis shoes, Bongo jeans, baby blue jacket, white tank top, large hoop earrings, solid silver ring on pinky, gold w/ jade on middle
Your Reason: Cuz I had nothing better to do? and gav is so sexsay!

^^ Good?
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[B]Your Name:[/B] Min-ah is my Korean name, which I prefer. But sadly, all my friends call me Minnie.. - - ;;;
[B]Your Gender:[/B] Female (I would hope so)
[B]Your Age:[/B] 16 (FINALLY! I can get my license! yes!!)
[B]Your Appearance:[/B] 5'3" (yes, I'm short for 16 *sob*), dark brown eyes, and two feet of straight black hair. As for what I wear...? Hmm..I suppose anything that'll get me through the day.
[B]Your Reason:[/B] Hmm...I've always wanted to be on one of these shows:p heehee. As for Dragon Warrior, since I have no idea who he is, well, I can't say he's sexy. Sorry. ;) But prove it to me.:)
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[color=darkolivegreen][b][font=tahoma]Looks like I'm taking Ohkami's place then.
Your Name- ErinZyger (call me Catie)

Your Gender- Female...Duh...

Your Age: 13. Yacha!

Your Appearance- Somewhat on the short side, brown hair that's just above shoulder length (with new copper highlight action), brown eyes, clothes vary alot, but always wears jeans, khakis, long skirts, and long dresses (though very rarely). I don't usually [b]do[/b] shorts or short skirt. But I have my moments. Sneakers, gotta have sneakers. Except on those special occasions were I wear my black leather high-heeled boots. I love my wonderful dress shoes. Also, wears a cuff clip earring with a chain connected to a stud earring.

Your Reason- To try my luck. Besides, DragonWarrior is one sexay beast. *wink*[/color][/b][/font]
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Guest shangrim_reaper
[B]Your Name:[/B] Shangrim Reaper (not exactly willin' to give out my real name)
[B]Your Gender:[/B]Female
[B]Your Age:[/B] 17
[B]Your Appearance:[/B] 5'4" long red hair, dark brown eyes, thin
[B]Your Reason:[/B] I'm bored, dammit!
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