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Digimon- Way of the Worlds [PG]

Solo Tremaine

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[color=#503f86][i]"No-one knows how many years it's been. Not many people care. All they want is an end."[/i]

[i]"There is no question of if an ending will come. The only question is when, and how will you bear up to it?"[/i]

* * *


That dream again. Why did he keep having it?


Grey clouds covered the sky, the orange sunlight of the morning barely visible behind its thick barrier of water vapour. Droplets of heavy rain cascaded onto the digital tree leaves; their loud but soothing noise echoing throughout the entire city.


The creature's eyes flickered open. The water trickled down the concrete slope and dripped onto his face. He swooped a lazy claw over his muzzle and flicked the water away, rolling onto his side.

"Damn water," he growled, pulling his makeshift blanket of old human clothes over his face.

Another drip of water fell onto his exposed flank. He twitched, groaned and sat upright, being careful not to scrape his head on the low ceiling.

Perhaps it was time to wake up after all. It was best not to stay in one place for too long anyway- more often than not something would be along to try and eat, kill or kidnap you.

Shoving his things into the small khaki bag beside him, he trudged out of the building and rubbed his eyes, trying to rid himself of the tiredness that had been plaguing his body for days. Probably lack of decent food. His blue-scaled tail flicked idly in the dull light as he surveyed the landscape.

This was one of the larger cities he'd come across. Although most of the taller skyscrapers had crumbled to the ground and a lot of roads had digital rocks or trees breaking through, it remained one of the few signs that humans actually existed on this planet. They still lived in some of the buildings, but they were becoming less and less common.

He hadn't seen one for days. Mind you, he was a digimon. Humans didn't seem to understand that he didn't want to hurt them, they just tended to run away regardless, or try and kill him.

Fladramon let out a long, loud and satisfying yawn. He gave a quick look around and headed down a street to his left, his bag slung over his shoulder.

"If there's nothing else left in this world, there'd better at least be some food." he sighed.[/color]
Alright, guys! Post as you like, but take care with other people's characters when you include them in your posts. I'll start getting the story moving soon, but for the moment just introduce your characters.

[b]No more than two posts per person per day, please[/b]. I don't want it moving too quickly as to get confusing for everyone else, heh.

Have fun ^_~
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[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"Kira, don't you think you should be a little more careful?"[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Oh Renamon. Stop worrying. We haven't seen a single wild one all day."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Kira carefully stepped over some rubble. Renamon quickly followed behind her. Kira looked up at the only remaining skyscraper in the destroyed city. She searched every window for some sign of life before moving on.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Kira walked another block. She saw only the remains of houses. Every once in awhile some tattered clothes strewn here or there with some bones around them. It disgusted her, so she preferred not to look.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Kira was just a young teenager. Trying to live her life in a world full of violence, destruction, and disaster. She was searching for any sign of human life that was left. She was trying to find anyone who was willing to help restore the peace of the two worlds.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Ever since the peace between the two worlds ended, she had been trying, along with her parents, to restore it. When her parents were killed by rampaging Digimon, she vowed she would continue what her parents were trying to do.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Only a few months after venturing from her destroyed home, she discovered an abandoned Digiegg and Digivice. She immediately took the egg in and took care of it, causing it to hatch quickly.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]The egg hatched into a small baby Digimon named Reremon. Kira kept Reremon safe and continued her loving care for it. Only a few days after becoming Reremon, it digivolved to Viximon. Now at the in-training stage, Viximon began to protect Kira from all dangers that she faced.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]As Kira and Viximon wandered from town to town, searching for other humans and even other digimon, who were willing to help, they encountered certain Digimon who were determined to 'exterminate' any human or any Digimon friends with or in contact with a human.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]The intensity and number of these encounters, and also Kira's love for Viximon, allowed it to Digivolve to what it now is, Renamon.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Kira noticed an oddly shaped boulder. She proceeded to pick it up when it [i]sprang to life[/i]. It jumped up and stared at Kira with an enraged look. "Kira--"[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Don't even say it Renamon." Kira snapped at Renamon. "C' mon. This Digimon is small. We can take it." Kira said. Renamon charged into a fierce battle with the Digimon.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]It was a Gotsumon. A rock-like, hot-headed Digimon. It was gutsy, and wouldn't give up a fight easily.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]The Gotsumon threw a boulder at Renamon. She jumped out of the way and conjured up a storm of ice crystals. "Diamond Storm!" she yelled and the ice crystals flew at a lightning speed toward the Gotsumon. It managed to dodge a few but was hit by the rest.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Gotsumon looked around and spotted an old, crumbling building nearby. It ran to the building and picked up a large part of the front wall. It threw the wall at Renamon, thinking Renamon wouldn't be able to get away. Renamon was fast, but not that fast but Renamon had a surprise of her own.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Kohenkyo!" she yelled and her and the Gotsumon disappeared. A few seconds later they both reappeared, with Gotsumon where Renamon should have been and Renamon where Gotsumon had been.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Gotsumon was hit by concrete wall and knocked out. Renamon walked to Kira to make sure she was allright.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Am I allright? Of course." Kira answered. "You did a great job in that battle Renamon." Kira congratulated and hugged Renamon. "C'mon, it's getting late. We should find some shelter." she suggested and the two headed towards the nearest building that looked safe.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi sat in her room. She was restless. She had been waiting for something bad to happen, expecting it to hit her in the face. She yawned and leaned over the back of her chair in a stretch. She straightened again and got up, just as something on her belt started to beep and flash. Chi reached down and unclipped her D-Ark. Chi walked to the large window. She could see a commotion going on a few streets away. Her digimon appeared on the bed.

"Let's go." they said in unison as Chi grabbed her silver, reflective, custom-made sunglasses.

Chi knealt and pulled something out from under the bed, her pair of inline skates. They were small and she used them to travel to most places. She put them on in a hurry and put on her blue gloves that ended at the wrist and were fingerless. She nodded to Strabimon and he jumped out of the window, landing safely on the floor from the second story. Chi climbed out of the window and gripped the drain pipe. She positioned herself and slid down the wall with her skates. She landed on the floor and sped off in a hurry. Strabimon ran infront of her.

Chi entered the street and saw people running away in fright. Suddenly she saw a blast of power that she expected from the enemy digimon and saw a shadow, a hologram came up about the digimon. It was Psychemon. It looked like a pink Gabumon.

"Get 'im Strabimon." Chi said cooly.
"You know I will." Strabimon smirked and sprang forward.

He showed the other digimon his claws evilly. The Psychemon laughed and shot a Blue Blaster at Strabimon. Strabimon crouched and sprang up, easily avoiding the attack.

"Light Nail!" Strabimon called as he came downwards with his claws outstretched.

Psychemon caught Strabimon's claws and pushed him back. Strabimon backflipped away from Psychemon and growled.

"Light Beam!!" Strabimon called as he released a beam of power at the other digimon.
"Blue Blaster!" countered Psychemon.

The two attacks collided and let off an explosion. Chi covered her face and looked back up after the dust pasted and saw Strabimon getting angry.

"Physical Combo!!" Chi called to Strabimon.

Strabimon grinned and nodded. He dashed forward and disappeared just before reaching Psychemon, only to re-appear behind him and let out a flurry of Physical Attacks before ending it with...

"Light Kick!!" Strabimon yelled as he turned the Psychemon into Digi-Data that he absorbed.

Chi skated over to her digimon and stood beside him.

"Something wasn't right about that Psychemon." Chi said.
"Yes...Something was wrong. He was well trained." Strabimon commented.

Chi looked at the time on her D-Ark and gasped.

"C'mon Strabimon, we gotta get home before Mom calls for dinner." Chi said pushing off with her right foot.

Strabimon shrugged and ran beside his partner. Chi's long auburn hair flew behind her in the wind as the sn began to set.

"You did well Strabimon." Chi said.
"I wish I could digivolve." Strabimon mumbled.
"I wish you could too, I don't know what's wrong with my Digivice. Don't worry Strabimon, we'll find a way, soon enough." Chi said as Strabimon wrapped his arms around her. Chi hugged her digimon and he phased into her room.

"Thanks Strabimon." Chi said as she pulled off her inline skates and gloves. She shoved the skates back under her bed and threw the gloves into the drawer she had gotten them from. She picked up her brush and ran it through her hair to make it neat and took off her sunglasses, putting them into the same drawer she had put the gloves into.

She just finished doing all that when her mother's voice drifted up the stairs, calling Chi for dinner.

"I'll bring you some foodd, you deserve it." Chi said grinning as she ran out of her room, sliding along the wooden floorboards and ran downstairs.

Strabimon stared after her and smiled slightly before lying on the bed and waiting for Chi, he closed his eyes but his ears were alert for anyone coming, in case they discovered he was there.[/COLOR]
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"What's that?" a deep voice asked.

"A library. At least I think it used to be one" another voice answered from the darkness.

A gust of wind pushed some reaped pages past them.

"And what is a library?" a large purple-furred humanoid creature asked.

A rat suddenly ran out of a large pile of book that collapsed across his way. He walked over it. A man followed suit, climbing over, than sliding down the mass of paper.

"A center of knowledge. Full of books to read." He tried to remember the last time he'd went to a library. A least a dozen years ago. He picked up a book, a portuguese novel titled "All the Names". He wondered what had happened to the author. If his house had been brought down in some battle, or if he was now dead in the hands of starvation. He probably never got a grave, outside the rubbles of some building.

"Tycho, come on. I don't think there's anything of interest here." The digimon said.

"Yes. Memories." Tycho whispered to himself.

[i]I can't believe these are going lost.[/i]

He grabbed a three branch and started climbing down through the 2-stories tall hole.

A voice suddenly boomed from the lobby.

"Who's there?" it yelled in portuguese.

Tycho freezed, activating the suit's mirror mode.

"The librarian." He whispered.

The scientist looked back down to see a famelic man holding an antique and cracked codebar reader as if it had been a dangerous weapon.

"They come here!" The man yelled again. "They steal the books and they figure I don't know!" He seemed completely crazy. "They take them so they can burn them! But I know! I know of each and every book thay've taken! I know for the Illyad, and I know for the Shakespeares!"

Tycho rolled his eyes at the man continued ranting and jumped down behind a bookshelf. The man reacted immediately and a laser ray came at him. Tycho crouched and started running alongside it. Shot book fell down around him, a bit more singed on the edges. Tycho puched a book row down the shelf behind and hid there, leaving the old man to shoot at the closer shelf.

Chronomon looked down at the man. He didn't know what was a librarian, but he hoped there weren't too much of them. Shifting his look, he watched Tycho get under cover and signal to him.

"Don't kill him." He mouthed.

[i]Sure. Let's just not kill the man who just tried to shoot you.[/i] He shook his head. Sometime he really didn't understand people.

[i]Oh well.[/i] He looked around for a missile and found a small Portuguese-German dictionnary.

The old man kept firing at whatever was moving in the shelf. He had already kiled three rats, a pigeon (Tycho made a mental note to take it before they leave.), and at least 2 years worth of old newspapers. The pages flew everywhere and he wondered how the man managed to shoot through that.

Then a loud crashing preceded with wood cracking and leave rustling came to him. The shooting stopped for a second before a short "thud" followed by a louder one were heard.

Tycho looked around the corner to see the man on the ground and a smug-looking Chronomon walking toward him. He rolled his eyes.

"What did you nail him with?" He asked.

"Advanced German, I think." The digimon answered. Tycho noted the edge-shaped mark in the forehead of the man.

"Let's go."

They walked toward what had been an entrance to Lisbon's Public Library and glanced for danger. A faint sound of fado music could be heard. Tycho held up his Digital Reader.

"A digimon, probably a rookie, 300 meters to the north, the tree inside is digital. An unknown, but strong signal 450 meters to the east."

"I say we get a look at that unknown signal."
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[i]So, yeah, just where do I start again?[/i]

Footsteps echoed through the long marble hallway, as three men dressed in heavy black cloaks walked quickly down the hall. One man in front, holding his arms crossed oddly out in front of him, as though he were in a strait jacket, and the other two walking on either side of him. The one in the center had neatly cut red hair and sported a pair of dark glasses, hanging lightly on the edge of his nose. The man on is right wore the same cloak, only had a pale face and straight blond hair. The third man had a dark brown ponytail at shoulder length, and he was also the tallest of the three. All three men wore the same expression as well, intense.

[i]Ok, my name is Bolt...Bolt...yeah, I got that down...and my three best friends in the whole world are...[/i]

An image flashed through Bolt's mind of the red haired man with sunglasses.


A second image passed through his mind, this time of the blond haired man.


A third image, of the tall man with the ponytail.


...Cool, I got them all right, I think...So, anyway, what do we do for a living...we are data hunters... I'm not sure just what that is, but I can tell it's important, because I drive for my team, or so they tell me.[/i]

The three men stepped out of the elevator, apparently all business as they walked towards the security station at the end of the hall. The security guard there looked bored as ever, holding out a small detector as the three men walked by. He held out the detector to Crossfire's chest, and it gave off a small, high-pitched squeal.
"Please remove all metal objects you are carrying..." The man started, but stopped as he heard a strange jingling and looked down to see a pair of tiny rings at Crossfire's feet. Crossfire threw his cloak wide...

[i]So, just today, I hope to be able to remember a bit about myself, so, I decided to try and keep this diary for that reason. Hopefully, I won't forget as much the next time I listen to what I say into this little machine, but maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to remember what my purpose is someday...

...I hope...[/i]

The men inside the office building all jumped at the massive sound of the grenade explosion down the hall. The only thing is, after the initial shock, none of them seemed too surprised at what came next. Crossfire, Wind, and Chain, all storming into the room, heavily armed. A security guard seated at the end table began to get up, but Wind was on him in an instant, and gave him a powerful shock with a stun gun in his hand. The guard collapsed heavily, and all eyes in the room turned to Crossfire as he held one pistol high in the air.
"Down on the ground." The room obliged, as every occupant immediatly dropped what they were doing, paperwork, deskwork, coffee break, and put their hands over their heads and lay down on the floor. Crossfire looked around, none of them seemed armed.
"Everybody feeling okay? Need a glass of water or something before we get started? Anybody feeling sick?"
No one in the room responded.
"Okay, let's get down to business." Chain walked up to a man cowering under his desk, and picked him up with one hand. Crossfire looked at him.
"How you doing today, Buddy? Any new data for us?" Crossfire looked with a belligerent smile up at this man being held a foot off the floor by the enormous Chain. He gasped for breath.
"Put 'im down, Chain." Chain obliged, and soundlessly lowered the man to the ground. The man choked slightly and treid to lean on Crossfire, who obliged by pushing him back into the wall and pressing the pistol to his throat.
"Well? Any new work today?"
"...No, not much." Buddy replied, still slightly out of breath. Crossfire shook his head.
"It doesn't work that way, Buddy. You are supposed to find the best data, so we can pick it up everytime we come to collect. If there's no data, then what do we collect? What does the 'repo man' do, when his client has nothing? Eh?" Crossfire leaned in close.
"Accidents happen, Buddy." Crossifre turned his head slightly to the side, making himself audible. "Hey, Chain, what's an accident look like again?" Chain pulled a large machine gun out of of his cloak and began flasihng it around the room, everybody put their heads to the floor, but Buddy began to squirm.
"We got a live one." Chain stopped at this statement and looked at Crossfire, who, in this case, seemed really surprised.
"Well how about that? You really are something, Buddy. Hey," He looked around the room. "Everybody give Buddy here a hand, you people work so hard and well, you know that, and you're the ones that make it happen! Give yourselves all a hand!" Reluctantly, people in the room began to clap, until the room was filled with scattered applause. Crossfire put his hand up.
"Ok, that's enough." Everyone stopped in unison. Crossfire turned back to Buddy.
"So, where is it?"

The tiny creature stared curiously at the massive human towering over it at the moment. The human seemed to be inspecting it very closely, as though fascinated. The digimon stared up at a second human in the room, this one very tall and stern looking, but the third seemed nicer, he crouched down and began rummaging through it's pockets. A large smile on it's face.
"So, just when did you find it?" Crossfire asked Buddy curiously, his weapons were holstered now, and people in the office were getting up to look at what the data hunters were going to do next.
"Um, about two days ago." Buddy said, his sense of nervousness had not waned in the least, as the enormous Chain was still standing next to him. Crossfire looked down at the digimon.
"Well, it sure seems to be...Hey, Wind, what're ya doing?" Wind had crouched down next to the small digimon, and was now feeding it a piece of a sandwich in his hand.
"Well, It looked kinda hungry, so I thought it might like a little something." Wind replied, almost shyly. Crossfire smiled.
"Ok, that ought to do it." He looked back at Buddy. "So, what have you been feeding it?"
"Um...well..." Crossfire guessed what was coming next, and slammed Buddy hard into the wall again, the gun was out, and pressed against his throat.
"You meaning to tell me it hasn't eaten for two days?" Buddy began stammering again, Crossfire pressed the gun down harder, while Chain was reaching into his pocket for his piece of the sandwich.
"Maybe I oughta shave your head and pull out your teeth and let it eat [i]you[/i]." Crossfire continued, Buddy whimpered, when suddenly all eyes turned to the door, as the alarm began to ring.
"Oh, you see? That's what I get for being nice." Crossfire said indignantly, and looked at the guard at the far side of the room, next to the alarm. He looked at Chain, who pulled out his large machine gun. Wind scooped up the digimon, and the three made a hasty exit, Chain kicking the guard in the face on their way out...

Bolt, meanwhile, was waiting in the car when what sounded like an explosion rocked the building above him. He saw his three best freinds leap out of the fourth floor window, and they all landed next to the car, making a hasty leap into the large trunk.
"Step on it!" Crossfire yelled, as Bolt slammed on the accelerator, the tires screeched, and the group left behind a huge dust cloud while they made their exit...
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Fire. Burning. Endless Conflict. It won't stop. For not the first time in his excistence FlameAngemon is plauged by nightmares of what is to become of this world that was once two seperate places...seperate dimentions. Waking with a start he graps his Staff and looks out into the darkness around him, "Who is there! Show your self coward and face me!" He knows that no one will answer but he needs to vent his frustration out on someone or something. Possesing a very short temper for some one of the Angel type FlameAngemon does not know where his place lies in this world. Kicking a near by rock he sets off in no particular direction hoping it will lead him to the path of digivolution, talking to himself as he goes.

"Why is it when ever I have this dream I hear a voice saying 'And change will calm his spirit'. Damn, it doesn't make sence but I HAVE to find the answer....before I talk myself to death.

As time passes he see's many Digimon of the In-Training and Rookie levels, barely worth his notice but even they are above humans in many respects. His light footfalls hardly leave a track as he crosses the grasslands from an area of Earth that was mostly spared. Looking up into the sky he see's what looks like another Angel type Digimon...about the size and shape of an ultimate, with a grin on his face at the prospect of gaining more energy for his Digivolution he opens his wings and takes off after the other Angel Digimon. [I]'Things may be looking up'[/I] He thinks to himself as he feels the air going through his hair.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue]"Heh. It never ceases to amaze me how humans can be so pathetic."

[i]Gatomon looked down from her spire of crumbled sandstone, the remains of what had once been a magnificent church. During the battles that ensued after the merge, however, it'd become a base for human militants and was eventually bombed by Digimon-guerilla troops. Now what little remained of it served as a pitiful shelter for human refugees.

As a hunting party returned from foraging in the glades a few kilometers away, several young ones ran out to meet them. Gatomon looked down in utter contempt at the young humans.[/i]

"Look at them. Atrocious little runts. That 'food' or whatever they want to call it won't last them two days even. And this area is almost barren. And like the little fools they are, they'll sit and eat it all at once. Idiots."

[i]She sat down on her haunches and looked toward the sky. Ever since the merge, it had been nothing but a flickering reminder that the world would never be the same. It constantly switched between that of a normal sky and glimpses of binary data floating amidst a large network. Every day, the bits where the binary data showed up seemed to grow a fraction of a second longer. At least it seemed that way.

Gatomon heaved a sigh and lept down from her perch, landing neatly in front of the humans. Almost instantly, they scatted like cockroaches into the remains of the church, frightened beyond words. Gatomon merely smiled at their actions.[/i]

"And here I thought you all would be happy to see someone who could put an end to your misery."

"L-Leave us a-alone!" [i]shouted one of the little ones. His mother instantly grabbed him and dragged him further back into the church, scolding him for being so wreckless as to goad the feline. This only made Gatomon's smile widen.[/i]

"Oh, don't worry. I don't get my kicks off of killing little fools. Lucky for the lot of you my temprament is pretty good today. Otherwise, you'd all be dead by now."

[i]A mixture of looks ranging from fear to contempt greeted her comment. She simply chuckled and shrugged, turning to go.[/i]

"I suppose you all have at least another day to live. Unless the Bakemon decide to cut loose tonight."

[i]With that, she bounded off into the glades, grinning at the fresh anxiety she knew she'd just caused them.[/i][/color]
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The street was cracked and the buildings ready to collapse. Yet Tycho distinctly heard yells and warnings as they approched. He sighed. He could feel their looks on his neck and Chro's nervosity.

"Calm down, Chro." He trieds to reassure his friend as they went round an old overturned tramway car.

"But I feel something... Wrong..." Tycho looked at his friend and noticed a short shiver.

[i]This is not good.[/i]

The man snatched his digital reader. A flock of signals were surrounding them. A buzzing sound was heard as a gigantic yellowish dragonfly flew overhead. Tycho jumped under the cover of the tram. The digimon, which Tycho identified as a Yanmamon, didn't notice them. A red and black serpentine form then followed, and a flock of small pink bird digimon.

"Whatever it is, it draws digimon to it." Tycho noted. "What do you think Chro?"


"Chro?!" Tycho called. He drilled his look in the window where the digimon's dark silhouette was still visible a second ago.
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[I]"Crap! Crap! Crap! [B]Crap![/B]"[/I]

Deciperemon jumped behind a tree as the human shot at him. The tree splintered under a barrage of bullets. Deciperemon was breathing heavily. A group of humans, obviously prejudiced against digimon, were trying to kill him. They were armed with guns and knives and Deciperemon didn't really want to deal with them at the moment. If he had had time to set them up, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But they had caught him by surprise and now he was running for his life.

"Feinted Blasts!" he shouted, ricocheting several shots off of nearby trees. He could hear several humans curse as they dodged the attacks or were hit by them.

Deciperemon leapt up onto one of the tree's branches and then leapt onto another tree. Maybe by keeping above the humans he could lose them. [I][B]ZOOM![/B][/I] A bullet flew right by his head. "Oh, geez!" exclaimed Deciperemon. He leapt to another tree.

"Feinted Blasts!" he called, unleashing a barrage of bouncing attacks. He kept this up until the humans had taken cover, at which time they normally opened fire again. Deci ran. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" he pouted.

Jumping from treetop to treetop, Deciperemon noticed a couple of Kuwagamon flying low over the foliage. Looking quickly down at the humans below, and then at the razor-sharp pincers of the Kuwagamon, Deciperemon jumped. He leapt up towards one of the Kuwagamon, landing precariously on one of its legs. Deciperemon grabbed ahold and held on for dear life as the Kuwagamon quickly flew past the humans below.

The Kuwagamon noticed its little rider, and halted in midair. The second Kuwagamon ran right into it. The two began to fight, with Deciperemon caught in the middle. Deciperemon blanched. He dodged, jumped, yelled, screamed, punched, kicked, and generally made a ruckus until he finally slipped between the arms and legs of the two insectoid digimon. Deciperemon plummeted towards the ground.

"Oh yeah...great idea, Deci. Why don't you just jump from a flying object?" he muttered.

Deciperemon landed rather painfully in a large bush, causing a group of Motimon to scatter, gibbering in panic.

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[font=Lucida Console][color=lime]Waiting_[/color][/font]
[font=Lucida Console][size=2][color=#00ff00]Wakeup Sequence Initiated_[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Console][size=2][color=#00ff00]Diognostic Activated.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Console][size=2][color=#00ff00]Checking..................................OK[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Console][size=2][color=#00ff00]Open Eyes_[/color][/size][/font]

[color=navy]Andromon woke up and checked his surroundings. It was raining. He hated the rain. Andromon had a long way to go, and rusting was the last thing thast he needed to do. The android type digimon had come to rest under the crumbling remains of an overpass and was shielded from most of the falling precipitation. He sat there for a moment, staring upwards at the gray concrete and matching sky, and listening to the dull rumble of the rain. Andromon remained motionless, quite at peace with his liquid foe, until an alarm went off in his head. [/color]

[color=lime]Proxcimity Alarm Activated.[/color]
[color=#00ff00]Movement Detected 30 Feet Southeast Of Current Position_[/color]

[i][color=dimgray]Here we go...Maybe this one will prove to be a challenge...[/color][/i]

[color=dimgray]"I already know that you are there, so you might as well show yourself!"[/color]

[color=black]"You shut yah mouth, [i]thing[/i], and speak only when spoken to!"[/color]

[color=navy]It was merely some dreg of a racist human. [/color]

[i][color=dimgray]I guess that's a negative on the challenging fight then.[/color][/i]

[color=#696969]"You should really reconsider your attitude, before someone teaches you a lesson for it."[/color]

[color=navy]Andromon sauntered over to the human, who had to be in his mid teens. The kid was wearing a tattered black t-shirt and a pair of ratty blue jeans. He wore a makeshift pair of sandals on his feet, and an old yankees baseball cap over his rumpled brown hair. The teen peered up at Andromon, dwarfed in size by the seven foot tall digimon[/color]

[color=black]"You better learn to hold yah tongue, [i]thing[/i], or else I'll scrap ya and turn ya into a laptop!" [/color][color=#000080]The surly kid told Andromon. [/color]

[color=dimgray]"Do you even know what a laptop looks like, let alone how to build one?" [/color][color=#000080]Andromon answered back. [/color]

[color=black]"... Nevermind that! I'll show ya how much I know!" [/color][color=navy]The teen pulled a gray digivice out of one of the pockets on his jeans. The kid called his digimon, a Goblimon, while Andromon studied the digivice closely. [/color]

[font=Lucida Console][color=lime]Model No. xx00001[/color][/font]
[font=Lucida Console][color=lime]Early Prototype Digivice; Circa Early 2012. Characterized By Sporadic Periods Of Function. Prone To Short Circuit. Generally Unreliable.[/color][/font]

[color=navy]A smile crossed Andromon's face, but he made sure that it disappeared before his opponent noticed it. [/color][color=dimgray]"Its strange that you would partner with a Digimon when you are so prejudiced against them."[/color]

[color=black]"He understands who the boss is, and when we're done with ya, you will too! Digivolve!"[/color]

[color=#2e8b57]Warning! Target digivolve not recognized. Searching for apropriate target...Target not found. Shutdown activated.[/color]

[color=navy]The Goblimon began to glow, but instead of growing into an Ogremon, it merely stopped glowing and fell over, unconsious and snoring. [/color]

[color=black]"Useless pile of crap... I knew that I should have taken care of this myself..."[/color]

[color=navy]The kid pulled an old Beretta out of another of his pockets, but Andromon cleaved the barrel off with a Lightning Blade attack before the teenager could aim it. The Ultimate type Digimon then snatched the digivice away from its owner and chased the kid off. He then proceeded to crush the digivice in his hands, and absorbed the stored data of the handfull of Digimon that had been scanned and absorbed into it. [/color]

[i][color=dimgray]That was...strange. Now where was I?[/color][/i]

[color=navy]Andromon walked a bit of a distance away from the sleeping Goblimon, and went back to listening to the rain. [/color]
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A girl stood at the door way of an old shed that was worn down by years of use and misuse. A large blue dinosaur crouched inside... he entered the shed through two large doors... The girl stood in the small doorway that was actually part of the two large doors... She watched the surrounding area.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Why cant we just go to our spot like usual Tara!?" [/COLOR] The Dinosaur grummbled.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Because there are humans there... So we dont move till they move."[/COLOR] She waved her arms and shook her head.


[COLOR=Sienna]"No Allomon you know I hate Humans... and seeing how if they saw you they would try to destroy you like they did Antylamon I refuse to go near them with you like this... When do you think you will De-Volve?"[/COLOR] She punched the wall with her gloved fist.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] "Unsure" [/COLOR]The dinosaur yawned, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"But I am getting tired so it should be soon I hope." [/COLOR]Allomon nods

[COLOR=Sienna]"Good... Its much easier to travel without being seen... and you my friend are one to be seen..."[/COLOR] Tara simply sat in the doorway and stared out at the nothingness... Colorless grass that was dead for some reason... The air didnt move much except for a little bit... It was pretty deserted.

She smiled at the large blue dinosaur. He had red stripes and very sharp nails and teeth. He had feather like things on the back of his head and furry things around his wrists. He also had orange like hair and green eyes. He stood about as tall as the barn like shack itself so he was crouched down in an uncomfortable position.

Allomon looked back at his partner who seemed deep in thought and smiled. She had short brown hair and eyes of the same color. She wore a leather shirt that was brown with black sleeves. Her leather pants were also black. She wore simple white shoes that fit her well and had some strange markings on it. Her face was the most interesting to him though because she had a strange tattoo that went from under her eye and all the way round back to her jaw bone. She had said she got it when she was 15 but Allomon wasnt around then so wouldnt know for sure.

[COLOR=Sienna]"What?"[/COLOR] Tara asks

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Um... Just thinking about that tattoo thingy... Why did you get it?" [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]"Eh... thought it would look cool... Why do you ask?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Just wondering..."[/COLOR] Allomon shruged almost knocking one of the rafters loose. [COLOR=RoyalBlue][i][b] I wonder why she hates humans so much. Why wont she tell me the story... If shes going to mention things she should at least tell me the entire story...[/b][/i][/COLOR] Allomon thought to himself.
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[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Kira woke up to her Digivice. It was beeping. She looked at the screen. "One perhaps two Digimon...attacking a house just outside of town. C'mon, lets go Renamon!" she declared and ran outside with Renamon.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Renamon took the lead and Kira picked up speed to keep up. After about five minutes, they reached the area of which her Digivice was indicating that some Digimon were. [i]Allright, if there are Digimon here attacking, then maybe there are some humans here as well![/i][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Renamon charged towards an object that was moving in the distance. It was a Digimon, but it wasn't alone, neither was it attacking. It was the one being attacked. A Kuwagamon, miles away from its forest home, was attacking the small Digimon.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Hey! You! Kuwagamon!" Kira yelled at the large bug. It turned around and snapped it's pinchers at her. Kira was undeterred nor frightened by the large Digimon. She glanced over at Renamon who was standing nearby, awaiting orders.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Get it Renamon!" Kira yelled. Renamon nodded and sprang upwards, toward Kuwagamon. It pinched at her, but she quickly evaded each time.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Renamon kept up a brisk pace, evading each failed attempt by Kuwagamon to hit her. She was wearing down the Kuwagamon, exactly as she had planned. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]She finally decided it was the right time to eradicate the Kuwagamon. "Diamond Storm!" she yelled and sent a shower of ice crystals hurtling towards the Kuwagamon. It was hit by each one and suddenly, dissolved into thin air. It's data remained for a few seconds.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Kira hesitated. [i]Should I absorb it?[/i] No. I wont. I wont. I don't like to do that. It's too cruel and I'm afraid Renamon will think that I might do it to her one day, too.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]The data disappeared and the small Digimon that had been attacked frightenedly took a step towards Kira. The Digimon was a Veemon. "Thanks for, for saving me." it shakily said and looked at Renamon. Renamon gave it a small smile and so did Kira.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]It now seemed as if Kira and Renamon had made a new friend. One who might be able to help them out.[/color][/size][/font]
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OOC: Solo gave me permission to participate via PM,so I'm participating.


Azufe stood facing a man named Jaht. Each had two wooden poles in their hands. Azufe usually used metal poles, and Jaht carried twin swords, but when practicing, they used wodden poles to reduce the risk of injury.

Jaht was very skilled, but Azufe was clearly the better fighter. He was keeping Jaht on the defensive, although Jaht was managing to block Azufe's strikes. When Jaht had the chance, he immedeatly did a very risky double strike, attacking low and high at the same time but leaving him open to a counter-attack.

Azufe spun one pole, deflecting both of Jaht's. He used his other pole to sweep Jaht off his feet.Before Jaht could get up, Azufe swung his pole down, stopping the attack just before he hit Jaht's head.

"Not bad," Azufe said as he helped Jaht to his feet. "You've improoved since last

"Yeah, well, obviously not enough," Jaht responded. "You know, I thought I might stand a chance this time."

"And just how drunk were you when you reached that conclusion?" They both laughed.

"You have improved," Azufe explained, "but you're still making a couple errors. First, you seem to like double strikes. Unless your opponent is disarmed, he/she/it will get you with a counter-strike. And second, you kept watching my weapons. Watch me instead. You should know that you get a better idea of an opponent's next move from the face then you do from the weapon."

"I know," Jaht admitted. "It just doesn't seem natural to take my eyes off the weapons."

"I had the same problem, believe it or not. You just have to get used to it."
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Tara sat there in the doorway and sighed, "[COLOR=Sienna]You know... That was some battle... Why do they have to be like that?[/COLOR]"

[center]~~Flash Back~~[/center]

"[COLOR=Sienna]Watch Out![/COLOR]" Tara shouts as she gets up off the dirty ground.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Im trying...."[/COLOR] A little red bid shouts back while flying in the air to avoid attacks.

[COLOR=Black]"You cant dodge my attacks for long! Crimson Claw!"[/COLOR] A large devidramon shouts.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Hawkmon! Get out of the way!"[/COLOR] Tara shouts but it was to late, [COLOR=Sienna]"Hawkmon..."[/COLOR] Tara catches his weak body.[COLOR=Sienna]" Oh my... Hawkmon im sorry... I caused this..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]" Im alright... What do you mean You caused.... it?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black]"That wont matter now! Crimson Claw!"[/COLOR] Devidramon shouted again.


Suddenly Tara's digivice began to shake and beep like it was going crazy.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Whats goin on?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]" I feel strange... Armor Digivolution Engaged...Hawkmon Armor Digivolve TO!"[/COLOR] The little red bird at first sounded robotic but his voice went back to normal as he began to glow a bright white color.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Allomon!"[/COLOR] The large blue dinosaur shouted as he appeared... pulsing with energy.

[COLOR=Black]"Digivolving wont save you!"[/COLOR] Devidramon shouts as he powers up another attack.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]" Dino Burst!"[/COLOR] Allomon shouted as his mouth opened up wide. A huge blue flame shot from Allomon's mouth and engulfed Devidramon and combined with his attack... Ripping him to shreads. The data of the fallen Devidramon floated around for a while and then dissapered with the wind.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Thanks a lot Allomon...Now De-Volve and lets get out of here before someone comes... All that noise had to have attracted someone or something."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Uh... Tara.... I cant De-Volve.... To much energy or....something..."[/COLOR] Allomon whined.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Hmm... fine then... let us find a hiding place."[/COLOR] With that they set off to find a place to stay for a while.

[center]~~End Flashback~~[/center]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]" Why do you think they are like that? Im still young so i wouldnt know..."[/COLOR] Allomons body began to fuzz out and he shrank down into Hawkmon again.[COLOR=DarkRed]"Ok... Im Back.."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]"Good... And they are like that towards us because I am... what I am"[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Sienna]"Im a human.... Digimon hate humans..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Im a digimon and I dont hate you..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]"You are different pal... The others were around through the downfall... they hate humans just as much as I do. The only differences between us is I dont go attacking them...And the fact Im human as well.. You on the other hand were born not to long ago and dont carry the same hate for humans as the others... Not to mention you hang with me so I guess you cant hate all humans if you live with one."[/COLOR] Tara rambles and hawkmon just stares...

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Um... Alright... Anyways Im Hawkmon now... what next..."[/COLOR] Hawkmon asks standing next to his friend.

[COLOR=Sienna]"We Walk..."[/COLOR]
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OOC: Just a suggestion, Solo, but you might want to introduce the main plot soon. I think that doing so would encourage people to post.


"Want to go another round?" Jaht asked.
"No time," Azufe replied. "Briefing starts in about five minutes."
"What do you think this one's about?" Jaht asked Azufe as the two of them walked to the briefing room.
"Don't know. Probably something to do with all the reports of data hunters. The frequency of hunter strikes seems to be increasing."
"I hope I'm not assigned to deal with them," Jaht said. "I don't like going after other humans."
"Niether do I" Azufe agreed, "but someone has to. They have to be delt with. If there are any assignments made, I'll probably get one. I've gone for a while without one,"
"Me, too. There just hasn't been a lot of need for us lately. Army's been busy, though."
The two of them entered the briefing room and took seats in the middle, waiting for the briefing to begin.
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OOC: Just a reminder Takuya.... Solo is busy a lot of the time. When he is online its either homework or just by luck he gets a few moments... So dont flip if he isnt around often.

Tera and Hawkmon walked along in some trees so not to be seen by any travelers on the road... Be it Digimon or Human. Tera shifted her eyes from side to side to look at her enviroment. Little did she know she was being followed.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Do you hear that?"[/COLOR] Hawkmon looks around slightly in search of the noise.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Just us and trees I hope..."[/COLOR] Tera nervously glances at her partner who begins to fly next to her.

They continue to walk by the mix of digital and real trees. The wind blew lightly giving it the dark mysterious feel. Tera fakingly smiled at Haekmon who was now on her shoulder. His weight made her balance a little wobbly but mostly she could handle it.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"There i heard it again!"[/COLOR] Hawkmon looks around.

[COLOR=Sienna]"You are just being paranoid!"[/COLOR] Tera says crouching down a bit in the thinner bushy areas.

Suddenly a large crack noise was heard and a tree behind them fell the the ground. Leaves and wood shards flew into the air. Tera shielded her face from getting hit by pieces of sharp broken wood. Hawkmon lept from Teras shoulder and stood in front of her... facing the direction of the noise.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Who's out there? Show yourself!"[/COLOR] Hawkmon shouts.

[COLOR=DimGray]"Its nobody you dont already know... And Ill probably be the last thing you will ever see!"[/COLOR] The figure leaps from behind the trees to reveal a large metalic rabbit like digimon. He was a golden covered digimon with an angered glare.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Oh lord not you again!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]"The golden armor digimon... Rapidmon..."[/COLOR]

OOC: I would love it if someone ELSE came and met me or something. It kinda sucks to be playing an rpg ALL alone... thanks... and please people more posts than just me and takuya... it sadens me that when the leader doesnt post one small post you all scatter... Heck we are all creative here... think of some tiny event that doesnt bother the storyline...
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[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Kira had headed into the forest with Renamon and Veemon, hoping to find possibly another human. Veemon followed closely behind Kira and Renamon, afraid it might get attacked again. [/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"So Veemon, do you or did you ever have a Tamer of some sort?" Kira questioned as the three walked through a small handful of real and digital trees. It nodded. "I used to have one, but he freaked out and left me after the worlds went to war. He was afraid I would become like the wild ones. I've been alone ever since."[/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"Well, you wont be now." Kira comforted Veemon.[/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Renamon began looking around. "Kira, I believe I hear something, up ahead." Kira nodded and checked her Digivice. "Two Digimon, one Ultimate and one Rookie up ahead and there's also a...another human!" she exclaimed and began running in the direction of the two Digimon and the other human.[/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Renamon and Veemon followed her into an area where the trees weren't so thick. Kira continued on until she found the group she had detected. A Rapidmon and Hawkmon were about to fight. Another human was standing back, behind the fight.[/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Kira looked at Renamon and Veemon. "C'mon, lets help them out." she said and the two Digimon charged into the fight. Meanwhile, the other girl had moved over to where Kira was and greeted her with a strange smile.[/color][/size][/font]
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[i]So...yeah. Just where it all begins doesn't really make sense to me anymore, since I can never seem to remember exactly what's important in my life. It's just escaped me since I started this whole crazy ordeal. Sure, there are some cool points to it, too, but there really is nothing I feel that I can do to try and get my life back...[/i]

The large car swerved dangerously around the corner, throwing Crossfire back into the car from the back window, and throwing him against the far door, where he struggled to try and get himself on his feet and away from Wind. Chain leaned out the side door and pulled out the small machine gun, whereupon he began firing wildly at the car in pursuit. He was missing quite a few hits, though, and Crossfire leaned back towards the trunk, and came out with a strange gun that looked like a massive drill bit.
"Try this one!" He yelled at Chain, throwing the weapon into the front seat. Chain pulled his head back and picked up the large gun, it appeared to have three barrels and the ammo clip was attached to the back. It was a chain gun. Chain pulled back on the trigger slightly, and the three barrels began to whirr and spin quickly. Chain got up and looked out the sunroof, and held the gun up at eye level.
There was not so much recoil as it was an uncontrollable vibration, and the constant whirr of rapid fire bullets flying in all directions didn't seem so rythmic as it was more of a flat, incessant roar. The chain gun emmited a bright white flame which began to hurt Chain's eyes, but it had done it's job. The pursuing car was now riddled with bullet holes, and stopped comletely, either because the bullets damaged the engine, or all of it's occupants were dead. Chain was not very sure, but he hastily ducked back down and closed the sunroof as the car screamed around the corner and out of sight.

[i]Now I feel like I'm starting to understand what I've been doing this past while, like small flashes of memory about all the battles I've thought, but I can't remember any details. Only the fact that my three best friends were always there with me, and walked beside me...[/i]

"Hey, man, what're ya doing?" Crossfire asked, as a startled Bolt whirled around, mic in hand. Crossfire cocked his head to the side slightly, and began chewing his lower lip.
"It's a little something...I'm keeping just for myself, nothing really important." Bolt answered hastily, and turned back. Crossfire whistled, and the whole group's attention was now on Bolt.
"Well, maybe you ought to share with your friends, you know, there should be no secrets between the four of us."
"That's ok, I just want to do this myself." Bolt began, but Crossfire leant in his direction and draped an arm across his shoulder, looking at Bolt over the top of his sunglasses.
"Hey, man, I'm serious, we all ought to keep a diary like that. It's a totally cool idea." Crossfire pushed his sunglasses back up his nose and whirled around, looking at the crew.
"Well, what do you all think? We keep a little something in honour of our good friend here?" Wind nodded slightly, Chain just grunted his approval.
"Ok! So, now that you have had your turn, it's mine." Crossfire snatched the mic out of a bewildered Bolt's hands, and Bolt looked helplessly at Wind as Crossfire ducked into an alley...

[i]Oh, damn, is this thing on?

...Ok, my namne is Crossfire...well, that's not my real name, just what the crew gave me, you know. Just cuz I don't want to confuse Bolt over here, I thought I could leave it at that...

...Ok, a bit about myself, I'm from Korea, nothing big to say there, but I haven't seen the damn country since I was about...12. I like hanging out with the boys, busting open the data banks, and snatching all the glory. I also build the hardware for the boys in my spare time, even helped good old Bolt fix up the car everytime we messed it up. As for things I hate, well...I hate being the shortest guy here, and people not respecting what I do. I'm a data hunter, which is world away from being any damn thief. I don't believe in that, you know?

Anyway, I really like hanging out with this crew, even if they are a bit weird sometimes. Sure, we have our momonet, but we're like one big, happy, dysfunctional family, you know? It's a hard feeling, but I like the way things turned out sometimes...[/i]

"Hey! You've had enough time! Now it's my turn!"
"All right, all right..." Crossfire stepped slowly out of the alley, and tossed the tiny device over his shoulder to Wind. Bolt looked annoyed, but Wind just shrugged helplessly and ducked back around the corner...

[i]Um, hi...my name's Wind, in case Bolt happens to forget. Except I do have another name...just, no one's used it in a real long time, so I guess Bolt really wouldn't care about something like that. Eu sou portuges, e eu ja cohnece um pouco da lingua...Heh, sorry about that, but I've always wanted to see Portugal, cause I grew up there. It's a beautiful place, where the sun shines and people are so nice...

...Huh, well, I really like hanging around with Bolt and the group...well...I just really like what we do. We stick together through any situations and get stronger as a team, and we like what we do...I think. I've always wanted to be in a team like we are now, it's such a great feeling, to be able to have such experiences with friends like them....[/i]

"Hey! Quit hogging the mic! It's Chain's turn!" Corrsfire's voice echoed into the alley. Wind stepped out from the shadow, face tinted slightly red, and gave the mic up to Chain, who looked at it for a moment before taking his turn in the alleyway.

[i]I am Chain, but that is only the name that these people gave me. I won't use my real name because it would just be pointless to try and explain it to Bolt and the others. Chain is just something I have gotten used to.

I am from Canada, specifically, a First Nations tribe in what used to be Nunavut Territory. It was a beautiful land, from what I can remember, but in my village, we were stricken with poverty and my family agreed that it would be best for me to go find a job with the others when I was very young. Me ambition is to one day, return to the land I came from, and learn what's happened to it. Finding my path in life through trial and hardship with these three.[/i]

Crossfire opened his mouth to speak, but stopped just as Chain stepped out of the alleyway, looking almost taller than usual, and soundlessly handed the mic back to Bolt. Crossfire clapped a hand on Bolt's shoulder, startling him slightly.
"Well, man, now you won't ever forget us, right?" Bolt looked down at the mic, and looked up a the group began to head back towards the car.

A smile, the first smile in a very long time, found Bolt as he looked back down at the mic.

[i]Thanks, guys, I'm really lucky to have you here with me.[/i]
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ooc: Gold rapid mon is a champion... an armor digimon... but thats ok..

Tera stared at the human with almost disgust in her eyes, [COLOR=Sienna]"What do you want?"[/COLOR]

"What!?" The newcomer says in shock.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Oh she is always like that towards humans..."[/COLOR]


Hawkmon dodged a punch from the other digimon and got closer to the new person in the area, [COLOR=DarkRed]Its a long story that even I do not know... But Tera here has a deep hate for humans... Buzz Saw!"[/COLOR] Hawkmon then fired an attack back at the other digimon..

[COLOR=Sienna]"Now you just hush!"[/COLOR] Tera turns to her partner and glares. [COLOR=Sienna]"I dont tell you the story cause i dont think anyone should know much about me got it! But...hmm"[/COLOR] Tera turns to the new girl in the area, [COLOR=Sienna]"Thanks for stopping by... He just De-volved and cant fight again for a while... Thank you for any help you can spare... My name is Tera"[/COLOR]

"Uh... Ok... Mine is Kira"
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OOC: Here comes the plotline...

Remember, not too many posts per person per day. Give other people a chance to post as well, heh. I am often busy with things, but where I can I'll try to keep up.

Thanks, guys ^_^


[i]A cave shrouded in darkness deep in the Himalaya mountains brimmed with activity. Digimon and humans ran about in dim light carrying computer terminals, coils of wire and assorted pieces of metal. In a larger cavern, away from the large network of tunnels, stood a massive crystal pillar of light, from it stemming wires, cables, electrodes and several large computer systems.

A large Maildramon paced around the room while a Digmon typed away at a modified keyboard.

"Why can't we go and look for it ourselves?" Maildramon growled. "It's ridiculous sitting here doing nothing."

"Because without our help this world would have disappeared long ago." The Digmon said, not taking her eyes from the screen. "You know as well as the rest of us that if we leave here then everything we've strived for will be destroyed. We have to let the world know about the-"

"The world stopped listening years ago!" Maildramon roared. "Haven't you figured that out yet?"

"Just because you might have given up on this planet doesn't mean I have to. There's still hope."

"Hope? More like blind stupidity. Best to cut our losses and start again."

"I won't forsake the human race! Now that our worlds have been bound together we need them more than ever. They aren't all evil."

"I don't care. Look what they did to our planet! Your planet! They even desecrated their own world. They deserve everything they get."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" a booming voice yelled, its sound rumbing throughout every corner of the cave. For a human, he commanded great respect from the Digimon.

"How many signals do we have?" the casually-dressed man strode over to the Digmon and watched the computer screen. On it was a map of the world covered in small green and red dots.

"67 active, 538 in total."

"Damn, it's not enough. I was hoping we'd be able to get more than that. Any idea who has them?"

Digmon took her drill claws away from the keyboard momentarily to switch to another computer screen, then immediately continued typing. "There are several large stockpiles around the world; some are in the Digimon territory, most with the humans."

The man ran his fingers through his hairand closed his eyes in deep thought. "Alright. We haven't much time left. Let's get in as many of those active signals as we can and hope that they aren't all being used by bandits."

"Yes sir."[/i]

* * *

Flamedramon couldn't read. He didn't see the point of learning. After all, when were battles won by reading? Some of the human activities seemed so trivial in the grand scheme of things. No self-respecting Seadramon would let its prey get away if it could read it a bedtime story.

He glanced over the multi-coloured packets lining the shelves and covering the floor, occasionally puncturing a more interesting one with his claw and sniffing the contents to check if it seemed edible. He picked up a tin labelled 'Bird's Best Anchovies' (he could only guess it was food) and sliced off the lid. The burning stench of salty rotten fish seered his nostrils. With a yell of disgust, he threw it across the store.

He had tried learning to read once, but since he didn't have a human around to teach him anymore there was little point trying. He recognised words like 'DANGER', 'BRIDGE and 'FOOD', if only because he happened to come across them more than anything else.

He grabbed a few tins of soup and shoved them into his bag. As he pulled his claw out, it caught on something which fell on the floor, its white screen glowing slightly. It rolled underneath a stack of shelves and disappeared from sight.

"Crap, where is it?" he hissed, scrabbling around the floor and sending packets of food flying into the air.

Suddenly, he froze. He could hear footsteps creaking on the old broken tiles. Slowly, he drew himself to his feet and crept towards a storeroom.[/color]
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The briefing began when a man named Branit took his position at the front of the room. Branit wasn't exactly what you'd call "thin", but he had an excuse for that. He was prone to illness and rather fragile physically, especially in the legs. He was also a paraplegic, and confined to a wheelchair. The injury was a direct result of his following orders. Because he couldn't fight, they gave him the job of briefing the unit Azufe belonged to.

"It has come to our attention," he began, "that the general millitary has lost track of several hundred million dollars withing the past few months. Investigators have gone through the information several times, and so far nothing has shown up. We suspect that the missing money is being used to fund a covert and illegal research project, but we're not certian, and are looking into the matter. We believe that we'll have to send one or more of you out eventually, but not yet. More details on that when we have them.

"Today's main topic is the recent surge in attacks by data hunters. As you know, data hunters are individuals or groups that make a living by breaking in to various facillities, normally those doing R&D-type activities, and stealing every bit of data they can. We've recently made progress tracking one group."

The small theater-sized screen behind Branit turned on, showing four men. "From the left, we have Crossfire, Wind, and Chain. The other man appears to be the driver, and we don't have a name for him. These names are undoubtably fakes, but they seem to be the names this particular group goes by.

"This group has been going to several facilties in a set pattern. When they've done every one, they start over at the first one again. We've analysed their pattern, and we believe we know when and where they'll strike next. We need one of you, preferrably one with a digivice, to go there and stop them. Capture is preferrable, but not required. Any voulnteers?"

[i]What the hell[/i], Azufe thought. [i]At least this group is predictable[/i]. "I'll do it."

"All right, then. Azufe, get Terriermon and meet me in the armory in fifteen minutes."

Azufe nodded, then walked out of the room while Branit concluded the briefing.
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Tycho climbed the stair of a nearby house, stumbling nervously as he went on.

[i]Chro, were are you?[/i]

Reaching the top, he entered a north-sided room, coughing into the dust cloud he sent in the air as he walked. What looked like a pile of ragged, mouldy cushion sat into a corner. He dragged it toward the ash-smeared window, sat on it and pulled his reader to his face. The signal was still strong as ever, and surrounding by a flock of less powerful signals.

[i]Damnit! I can't distinguish him![/i]

Tycho rubbed the glass panel until he could see something and his eyes widened.

A large zone of house had been destroyed, as if a bomb had exploded. Tycho could saw the remains of what seemed to be a grocery store. But what really thre him off were the Digimons, dozens of them, surrounding a mass of something brilliantly twinkling. Tycho adjusted the goggle's filters and noticed it was some translucent diamond-like matter, shaped in a very rough pyramid.

[i]Is this it? A destiny Stone??[/i]

The matters around the stone seemed o transform constantly, turning into data back and forth. Tycho shook his head, now was not the time to think about his old research,. he needed to locate Chronomon. His eyes scanned the growing masses of digimon. Some of them, he noticed, were occupied into killing some humans, but all seemed enthralled by the vision of the Stone.

[i]C'mon Chro... Were are you?[/i]

He switched his goggle in telescopic mode.
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Azufe and Terriermon met Branit in the armory. Unlike the image that the word "armory" usually creates, this armory had absolutly no guns of any kind. The people who used it had no need for them.

Branit had several devices spread out on a table. He picked up two related-looking devices. One was a perfect sphere about an inch in diameter, and the other was a cube with side length of half an inch, two buttons on opisite faces, and a dial on another face.

"This," Branit said, indicating the cube, "is a detonator. The sphere is the bomb. Of course, this is no ordinary detonator. What you do is place the detonator in a clearly visible place within ten yards of whatever you want to blow up, and put the sphere on the target. Activate the detonator by holding down both buttons while rotating the dial once counterclockwise. When the detonator is removed from whatever surface it's attached to, it sends a signal to the sphere. Boom."

"Clever," Jaht replied.

"Yes, I know." Branit then picked up a penny-sized disk. "This is a camo-bug. It blends in with the surface it's attached to, making its discovery very unlikly. It transmits on secure frequency Alpha 6, so you can use a standard comunicator to monitor it."

The next device was an electronic ID card that opened almost any electronic lock. Another device was a pair of sunglasses with infrared lenses, and the last one was a camera. "The flash from this thing is enough to blind someone for about an hour," Branit explained.

Azufe placed all of these items in his backpack, where he also carried the standard equipment; communicator, map, food, ect. "Transport?"

"Standard model AFX53-Z Silent Runner hover."

"Good. Anything else, sir?"

"Nope. The locations and target order of the facilities are programed into you map."

"All right. Terriermon, let's go."
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ooc: Um Takuya... think about the worlds state... do you REALLY think they would have all those go go gadget things!? Where would they make them especcialy with angry digimon running about... ah what ever... im just waiting for her to post! (ddg)

Tera stood there... The other said nothing but renamon was busy.

[b][COLOR=Plum]"Diamond Storm!"[/COLOR][/b] She sent the shards at the Armored rapidmon but the attack just bounced off his armor with a storm of clattering noise. [b][COLOR=Plum]"So you want to play tought huh... Alright then...Power Paw![/COLOR][/b] The fox's right paw began to glow bright blue and she raced at the rapidmon. She punched it hard and he went backwards a bit but still not to hurt.

[COLOR=DimGray]"That the best you can do? Miracle Missile![/COLOR]

Renamon knew this was coming and got herself ready. She waited till it was close and pulled a kohenkyo. She appeared where rapidmon was nad rapidmon stood where she was but he had a grin on his face.

[COLOR=DimGray]"Sorry foxxy... Wont work on me! Thats why its a Miracle Missile..."[/COLOR] He laughed as the Missile turned around and headed in renamon's direction.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Buzz Saw!"[/COLOR] Hawkmon shot the attack at the missle and it exploded before it could get to renamon.

CRASH!!!! Another tree falls to the ground. A large Ultimate level digimon steps into the area and growls. Renamon turns to it ready to fight...

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Leave now or i shall be forced to destroy your armored little rear end!"[/COLOR] The large dinosaur like digimon growled.

Rapidmon looked around and realized against two rookies he was home free but against the ultimate alone he would be digi toast.[COLOR=DimGray] "Arggh... Ill get my revenge some day... When you dont have friends to come save your pathetic human rear."[/COLOR] With that rapidmon dissapered into the forest.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Thank you so much Triceramon... Nice to know you were around... Although im sure renamon and hawkmon could have handled it.."[/COLOR]
Tera let out a glad sigh and waved as her friend walked away trying to avoid trees.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"No problem Tera... Id never left a friend get hurt by some angry tin can trying to get revenge on someone who wasnt responsible. Anyways i gotta go.. BYE"[/COLOR] With that he dissapered.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Well that was fun... When will he learn to leave us alone..."[/COLOR] Hawkmon sighed.

Power paw is a renamon attack... ill edit it if you absalutely didnt want her using it.
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OOC: If people can make combat suits (I think it's Tycho who has one), then they can make the much less complicated stuff I mentioned in my post, as well as the vehicle in this post.


On the way to the "garage" where the vehicles are kept, Azufe explained the assignment to Terriermon.

"I don't see why they won't let me come to breifings," the Digimon complained.

"Some of those guys have very large digimon as partners. Digimon that can't fit into the briefing room. SO, to keep it fair, all DIgimon are excluded."

"Makes sense, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

They reached the garage area, where one of the vehicle maintainance people was preparing a Silent Runner craft for departure. The Silent Runner looked a lot like a basic millitary Jeep, the main differances being that A, it had additional equipment suitable for the kinds of missions it's used in, B, it was a lot quieter, and C, it had no wheels. Instead, it rested on the ground when off and floated about a foot off the ground when on. Hovers were faster than "wheel equipment", but a lot harder to drive and unable to carry as much weight.

"It's fueled up and ready to go," the tech told Azufe. "You know how to drive it?"

"I'm no expert, but I can certianly drive it."

"Good. There's extra food, water, and a couple tanks worth of gas in the back."

"In that case, we're good to go." With that, Azufe and Terriermon climb into the roofless vehicle. Azufe starts it up after throwing his backpack in the back, and the two of them are off.
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