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Blood-red Moon


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The Blood-red Moon is a one of a kind crystal said to have magical powers.It is belived to grant the wish of one who is worthy of it. Other than that not much is known about it, except that somewhere, someone is hiding it from others and not makeing a wish themselves, for some reason unknown...

Born in 1823, London, Doll suffers the curse of immortality. She is destianed to live forever in a pool of lonliness, all her life she has only found very few of her kind, even than the few she finds want nothing to do with her. Now, in the year 2004 she seeks the crystal for reasons only known by her. Weither it be for mortality or somthing else Doll will stop at nothing to find and get the crystal.

ooc: ok here is Doll's stats:

Name: Doll
Age: (Apperance:around 15)
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Personality:she dosn't talk much, but she observes everything around her. She is very obedint and listens well to others.
Appearance:She has a pale complextion, dark blue hair, and light green eyes. She wears dresses with lace and petticoats, and she is never seen without her drawing ]
magic/weapons: Doll always carries around a gold pocket knife under her dress
Speical Powers:flight
Weakneses:Sunlight and fire

Sorry if somthing is wrong, I'm new. (but not new to rpgs)

Please join


Aplications should look like:

Speical Powers:
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Name: Thyme (Pronounced Time) Nickname (Or name most know her as: Sage)

Ok, I?m going to sign up, just a few q?s. What time period is it? Is ?Doll? a vampire? And can we be puppet mages? Puppet mages live forever too, only they don?t have fangs, but always seem to have a ghostly glow about them, like a specter or ghost, and often look like (excuse the wording,) dolls, or puppets. The reason why they are mages is because they can make things move (telekinesis) but they prefer the use of invisible threads, making the victim a puppet.

I also think you should add more to the sign-up, give it more substance, and less confusion.

(suggestions to add)

Race (vampire human, puppet mage or W/E)
magic/weapons and whatnot.

You don't have to follow my suggestions, yes [U][B]SUGGESTIONS[/B][/U], but I think this RPG has a great idea, and don't want the mods to flush it.

[COLOR=Red]EDIT: Teh new sign-up

Name: Thyme (Pronounced Time) Nickname (Or name most know her as: Sage)
Age: (looks about 13)
Gender: Female
Race: Puppet Mage (Human)
Personality: She?s like a puppet, she changes how she feels to suit her, (It takes a lot of self control)
Appearance: (Attachment)
Magic/weapons: A Shadow Katana, and a dagger. (And telekinesis if you count that)
Special Powers: Telekinesis and other mind powers.
Weaknesses: Mind blocks and going into idiot?s minds. [/COLOR]
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Time period is 2004.

Yeah you can be puppet mages, they sound cool!

Oh I geuss i forgot to mention that Doll was a vampire, sorry everyone.

Oh and thanks for the suggestions, you have a good point.
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[color=purple][size=1]Finally, an RPG that looks a bit interesting. As requested, I changed my character from a Puppet Mage. She didn't really fit the description anyways.[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Emryss

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet but laughs easily. Seems to be searching for the crystal for herself, but no one's quite sure.

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment.

[b]Magic/weapons:[/b] Her sword and her sketchpad and pencil

[b]Special Powers:[/b] With the help of her sketchpad and pencil, Emryss can draw something, (a small monster to help her fight, a change in scenery, etc.) to help her. However, her powers do have limits. (She can't draw anyone dying, she can't draw a ridiciously large monster, and if she changes her scenery to make herself teleport, it can't be too far of a distance from where she was.)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] Her sketchpad and pencil
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[b][size=1][COLOR=SlateGray][i]Hello Doll. I told you I would check it out ^_^..So here I go, enjoy..

Name: [/b]Yelena Zaitsev

[b]Alias[/b]: Reaper

[b]Race[/b]: Russian

[b]Species[/b]: Vampire

[b]Age[/b]: 666 (physical appearance looks 26)

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Appearance[/b]: [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/53-2.htm]Reaper[/url] *Imagine a short black skirt, that way she's not in her underwear. Yelena stands at a short 5'3" and weighs 115lbs.*

[b]Weapons: {Natural vampiric abilities, however, due to her history, they are greatly advanced. Everything is tripled.}

[u]Blade of Elecrophoresis[/b][/u]- The sword is an electroplated, titanium alloy that is very light and durable, unbreakable and incredibly strong. Electroplating is basically a covering or coating of electrons over metal, thus, only adding strength to the blade. This electroplating gives an electric field for charged colloidal particles or molecules to migrate and create high volts of searing electricity. When the opponent is stabbed or sliced with the sword, the high powered volts of electricity shoot throughout the body and burn the opponent inside-out.

[u][b]Electrolysis' Slash[/b][/u]- Electrolysis is the chemical change or decomposition, produced in an electrolyte by an electronic current. This happens because the reinforced steel wires, enterweaved in the fibers of the whip-like cord, are coated with the same electroplating as the blade. When the opponent is whipped, the elecrtonic current of the wires begin to destroy the skin tissue. If the cut is deep, the electrolytes from the electronic current enter the blood stream and begin to destroy the internal muscles and organs, then begin to decay. The cord is 12' long and wraps around Yelena's left arm and the upper half of her body.

[b]Personality[/b]: Sadistic, witty, stubborn, cold, and remains calm during battle. Her face usually carries no expression. If she is smiling, I will advise that you run.

[b]Bio[/b]: Yelena has no memory of anything before the past one forty-five years. She tries to remember, but recollects nothing. All she remembers is the laboratory she escaped from. Since then, she's been on her own.

The laboratory was owned by a prostigious scientist. He was known for his twisted creations and his sick mentality. Yelena came in his grasps after she'd already become a vampire, or was she already a vampire? Yelena had no idea, but this scientist captured Yelena and performed experiments and tests on her. He then altered her genes and enhanced her vampire abilities.

Yelena woke after two decades of chryogenic sleep and killed all of the scientists in the lab. She escaped from the laboratory and set out into the changed world. Because of her enhanced DNA, Yelena quickly adapted to the new world. Her lust for blood was stronger, sending her to prowl the countries for her food. She started to investigate her history, but found nothing. This search for herself went on for years and the dead end sent Yelena into insanity.

She became very sadistic and psychotic, slaughtering men and women, never a child. For unexplained reasons, Yelena could not bring herself to kill a child. Perhaps it was because of the day Yelena escaped. She stumbled into a small town, naked, cold, lost, confused, wounded from gun shots, and frightened. A young boy took her into his home and gave her clothes and the warmth of a stove. He helped Yelena learn how to speak English, he helped her to heal her wounds, he helped her to gain a sense of comfort.

Yelena became attatched to this young boy. Something she'd never experienced. She began to develop human-like feelings of love and affection, she cared for the boy as if he were her child. One day, Yelena came back to the boys house to find his body slaughtered and delimbed. He lay in a puddle of his own blood, along with his loving parents. Yelena knew it was vampires and her heart turned cold and vengeful. She set out to avenge her young friend and brutally murdered every vampire in sight. To the vampires, she became known as "Reaper".
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Looks very interesting ^.^

[B]Name:[/B] Skyler leCour

[B]Alias:[/B] Skye

[B]Race:[/B] French

[B]Species:[/B] Dark Angel

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown, for even he has lost track of the years. Appears to be 15.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.we-love-anime.com/gallery/index.php?g=DN%20Angel&p=49&frpg=3&f=#pic]Skye on the bottom[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Holy Black Katana. He stole it from God while he was still a holy angel. He was banished from heaven for his crime and his poured his magic into the sword and turned it dark and even more powerfull, like his hatred for all holy matter.

[B]Special Powers:[/B] He can grow long, black wings for flying, hence his 'original' alias. Even though he was banished from heaven, he has mastered holy powers that he has transfigured to his own liking.

[B]Personality:[/B] Calm, collected, and strangely quiet in tense situations. Not obnoxiously loud, but not quiet or shy, either. His face is usually expressionless, because his eyes can show all of his emotions quite well.

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] Holy places, pretty girls, his self-conciousnous of his appearance as a teenager.

I hope this is alright. I was a bit confused when no one specified the species and such, so I expect everything is fine. Tell me if you want me to change anything :).[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I want to try. Wait for me.

Name: Lex Van'Artial
Alias: (none)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: He is a control freak but still takes advice from others. He likes to have a challenge and will fight even if he is too weak to win. For every person he kills he gets another tatoo to punsih himself and to never forget that moment.
Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair, white skin, black trenchcoat and gray long sleeve undershirt. On his left arm he has belts that head up to his elbow and the same on his right arm. Baggy black pants with stiched on patches and chains. A scar on his left eye. He also has black buckled boots with steel toe. Under shirt he has a ton of weird tribal and japanese tatoos. He has these kind of tatoos on his arms also.
Magic: (None)
Weapons: Black bladed sword with a weird handle with pictures of ghosts, sawed off shotgun, and a chain wip.
Special Powers: He has alot of overwhelming techniques that he does using multiple weapons.
Weaknesses: He is really weak to magic.
Background- Lex grew up as an orphan. As he got older he learned more and more about defending himself and who to trust. He began to peirce his body and get tatoos as a form of fear which he would strike into others so that they would be repelled. As he entered his twenties he learned that if he could fight for other people he could get money and thus began his bounty hunter job. He collected weapons and tried to become more gothic to scare more people. But he began to hear about the Blood Red-Moon Crystal. As her heard more and more about it he wanted it for himself so he could use magic and become the ultamite fighting machine.
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Name: Rook

Age: 17

race: unknown, but seems to be a halfbreed........

Personality: He is scared, and always looking for a way out of social situations.

Backround: Always on the run, he left his putrified home at the tender age of 9, his entire family turned to vampires. He himself exibits mant vampric qualities, but he hides them well.
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Ok, I was talking to Doll the other day, and we both agreed no more puppet mages, only I may be one (well you can make up your own, just explain them) All who have chosen to be a puppet mage must change it, I don't have the time to pm anyone. I now have limited time on the web, so what time I have I don't want to spend on pming people who don't read posts after they sign-up. If the person, or persons do not fix it, they will not be in it. Ask Doll, we both agree about that. (Or at least that's the way it came through to me.)
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[COLOR=Purple]Okay Iv'e constructed alist of who all can play. However if you feel you don't wish to play now or you feel that you won't be able to post and want to quit please contact me. Hopfully none of you guys will quit. Anyway here is the list:

Doll (Doll)
Thyme (Ryu_Sukura)
Yelena Zaitsev (Annie)
Skyler leCour (DaisukeAngel)
Lex Van'Artia (Box Hoy)
Rook (Inuyasha Fandom)
Emryss (Silent Angel)
Charisma (Kittychanann)
Ram Ureic (Tasrai)

Anyway please contanct me if you have any questions. We will start the rp when ever you guys want to.

Scincerly, Your vampire: Doll[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Pink]*raises hand* Is it ok if i jion





Apperance~She is about 5'5 in height and weighs 105 pounds. She has mid lenght hair wich she wears in a ponytail. She wears a pink cheacker dress with floppy pink socks and black maryjas. She has a necklace with a sunburst on it wich she loves most in the world.

Personality~ She is well mannered and kind hearted. She loves to make friends and see people smile. She is known for telling bad jokes. She is kind of clumsy. She will do anything to help defeand her friends. If you get her angry she snap and goes on a rampage.

Weapon~ she uses her own fist and sometimes knuckles.

Weakness~Her necklace and her friends

Background~ HAving a curse placed on her at the age of 19 by a witch. She had the curse placed on her when she stole the sunburst necklace. Now she is forced to wander the world with it. Where ever she travels she makes new friends. She in the search of the crystal. But for what reason she is not even sure herself.

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[COLOR=Purple]Okay everyone I set up the forum. It's not on the first page in the adventure arena, it's on the secound page. The title is called Blood-Red Moon. Anything about the rp that is not ic can be said here.

Thank you for you patience,
Scincerly, your vampire: Doll[/COLOR]
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[Size=1][COLOR=teal]Doll said I could join...yay ^-^

Name: Ram Ureic

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: human/werewolf

Origin: Irish

Personality: Ram has a very big heart and will take care of anyone who is hurt or in need sacrificing everything for them. He is friendly in a shy kind of way...he is very dependable and trustworthy, honest and honorable, making friends easily.
Though courageous and brave Ram is impulsive in tense situations and almost never thinks things through. The set back to his charming personality is that he doesn't have a lot of self respect and when left alone he often is found cutting himself or brooding off in a corner.

Appearance: Shaggy blonde hair that is never kept or brushed with expressive and intelligent green eyes. He has handsome features which are disrupted only by one scar that runs from the middle of his right cheek to abut halfway down his neck. His body figure is lean and well muscled he stands at about five ten to eleven.
Usually wears somewhat baggy khakis with any generic shirt he can pick up, carries around a black backpack which holds all his belongings.

Magic/weapons: Magic- has some healing abilities and knows a sleeping spell
Weapons- a hunting knife and a black handgun along with a few small throwing knives.

Special Powers: Can hear, see, and smell extremely well, also has incredible endurance.

Weaknesses: pure silver, enclosed spaces that he can't get out of (has an intense fear of being locked up) and people in need.

Bio: Ram was adopted when he was four by Luke and Ryan Owens, two gay guys who owned a wineshop in a little town called Clear Water Creek, which Ram always thought was funny because the creek was always known for being the muddiest in the county. Despite being raised in a gay household, Ram himself is not gay and lived a perfectly happy if not somewhat awkward childhood.
All through his life Ram has always been loved by his town elders, and popular with his peers. Because of his parents, Ram has great tolerance of others and their beliefs, opinions, cultural, race etc... and therefore always has had a lot of friends.
Then one day when he was seventeen, his perfect little life came crashing down on him leaving him underneath with no place to escape. One night while he was walking at night with his best friend Nathan, a couple of shadows which looked like some kind of animal came up behind them...Ram remembers everything vividly, wolves came out of the woods and attacked them. One of the wolves got him on the leg and wouldn't let go, the other got Nathan on the back of the neck, somehow managing to puncture the jugular. It was over faster than it had started, the wolves let go suddenly, together as if with on mind. Ram crawled over to Nathan, who died in his arms. Ram blames himself for Nathan's death even though there is nothing he could have done, so all that guilt eats at his soul. Finally tired of putting the one's he loves at risk every month, Ram left home after graduating high school as valedictorian, with Luke and Ryan outside their wineshop crying. Ram had wandered for a few months when he heard about the crystal from a old woman afterwards she put a curse on him, and now searches for it...torn between the decision to end the curse or to regain what he lost that fateful night?

Yes, Doll I revised some of it but it is basically the same. ^-^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=times new roman][size=2]Oo! Me! I wanna play!

[b]Name:[/b] Kamika 'Kit' McKinney
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Personality:[/b] Usually a goofy person, though very secluded when not around her friends. She is friendly, in a shy sort of fashion, and very flirtacious. Kit has a short temper, but becomes excedingly calm when she is mad.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Standing about 5'6", Kit is very feminine. SHe has dark brown hair with gold streaks that falls to just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes are hazel, with a gold ring around the pupil. She has a tan complextion, and firm, toned muscles.
[b]Magic/weapons:[/b] Telepathy, and a small pair of throwing knives.
[b]Speical Powers:[/b] Kit has the ability to look into others thoughts. She can tell what they are thinking, and what their current emotions are. She also takes 'pictures' with her mind, and can steal pictures from otehrs minds.
[b]Weakneses:[/b] She is a socker for romance. She is also very weak when put up against someone 'helpless'. SHe can't fight someone if they are undefended.[/font][/size]
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Name:Mauka Mckinney
Age: 13
Race: Human
Personality: Very serious unlike her sister Kamika.She always was trying to tell her about to stop the goofiness.
Appearance:Small and fragile.People always tell her she looked liek Kamika wich she denied.
magic/weapons: a whistle.Yes a whistle
Speical Powers:Mauka can communicate with spirits to make them do her dirty work.
Weakneses:Getting told shes small and can't do anything.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay I chose to make this ooc comment here so that it dosn't get messed up with the ic posts in the rp. It's come to my attention that we are all...confused. :confused:

[SIZE=2] I realize as well that every one is not just posting for ther character, but for other peoples characters as well. By doing this you may make the rp quiker(and not as long), but not always is what you post what that character will do. The only people who know what there character will say and what there character will do, is the player (the one that created that character) of that charater.

I do understand that this will make the rp slow but we must be pateint. By doing this I'm sure that we will not only be less confused, but we will also be able to post more than before.

So please no more posting for other peoples charecters. And so that the new posts won't be short I ask if you can be discriptive.

Scincerly, your vampire: Doll[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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  • 3 weeks later...
[COLOR=DarkRed]Maby it is just me but has anyone else noticed the sudden lack of intreast in this rp?

I mean one day we are posting like 8 times a day, now it seems that there are few people that still post.
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