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I was going to hold off on making this thread until Tuesday. Oh well, I have a lot to show you. I can't wait for my bowl. My patience is wearing thin. So, to start you all off with, I'll show you a couple of my drawings. I have lots to show you, so please post.


This drawing is from Naruto. Sakura is sad and depressed, and those images of the others are her thoughts and memories.


This drawing is of Himura Kenshin from the anime, Rurouni Kenshin.


This is just a five minute stetch of a dragon from YuGiOh. I sure love to doodle every chance I get.

That's it for now. I'll post more once you reply.
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[color=#707875]Nice work. ^_^

The first one definitely has a sad/depressing tone to it...I think you've been able to capture the facial expressions pretty well there. With further development (possibly a digital clean-up), I think you could have something very nice there.

The second image is my favourite, if only because it's the most developed of the three. I think it demonstrates that you're able to work fairly well with proportion and things like that.

The shading on the clothing is quite good, but again, with more development you could probably finesse that a little bit by having softer shading and more prominent light/dark spots.

The final picture isn't bad for a five minute sketch; it's definitely good to practice whenever you can. Again, the thing I notice most is that you're worked with proportions quite well, even on a very short sketch. I think that's one of the most critical elements with fan art like this; no matter how beautifully something is rendered, a problem with proportion can throw out the entire image.[/color]
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[color=teal]At their current stages, I'd like to see them more or less as 'nets' that will give some idea, or some distinct planning at least, of what the pieces will look like at their peaks.

Anyway, the Naruto pics look great. Like James said, you've captured the character's facial expressions pretty well; you've got Kakashi's dopey look, Sakura's frequent depression, Naruto?s hyperactive attitude, and Sasuke's lone-wolf temperament. They've all been aspired well.

I can tell from the picture of Kenshin that you've mainly focused on again, his facial expression--moderate and patient. Though I like the way that his hair moves in co-ordination with his back dashing, readying to draw his sword.

To comment on proportions and other elements as such, you really have applied it well. Everything is in accordance with each other, no arm or leg is deemed longer than the other, making it a pretty successful score. To say the least, even without fancy Photoshop works and digital whatnot, you can evolve your art into something even more appealing and well-focused than it already is by simply using the most basic arts and crafts equipment.[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]As both James and Blue Yoshi already said, the Naruto picture is awesome with how you were able to draw all of the character's personalities, since they both covered what I was going to say I'll just say this. I can't wait for it to be inked/colored in, right now it looks awesome but I'd like to see an inked version too just for the sake of seeing an inked version.

The Kenshin one, is superb with the way you were able to keep him proportional with movement being added. I also like the facial experssion. This one too, I really look forward to seeing the inked version.

Now, the Red Eyes Black Dragon. This is a very cool pose of the dragon and I think that for a five minute sketch you did great. Since that was a five minute sketch, I really can't wait to see the full detailed version, I mean that would simply be great to see.

All in all I give them all a thumbs up and keep up the good work ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Thank you so much for replying. I'll try and get the final version of the dragon scanned in so that you guys can see. For now, here are some others, I think you'll like.


This drawing is what I saw in the February issue of Animerica. I thought that the image looked cool, so I drew it.


Now this one is one I saw on a Quizilla Result on DeathKnight's page. I liked it a lot, so I drew a black and white version. I was concentrating on the shading, as well as porportion.


Now, this last one, is from DNAngel. I don't know the character's name, so I couldn't help you there. I tried to concentrate on the coloring, shading, and the hand. A friend in real life told me that this guy looked like he was going to murder someone. lol
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[font=Verdana][size=1][color=darkred]Well, I'm no art expert, but I feel at liberty to say that you're doing really well with your drawings. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=darkred]I like how it looks like the first girl (in your latest batch) is pouting, it adds a playfulness to it. Hehe. The left shoulder (her right, I guess) is a little bit off, but that's it. Everything else is fine ^_^[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1][color=darkred]The black and white sketch is gorgeous, don't know what else I can add about that ^_^; [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1][color=darkred]The last one is my favourite, because you've created such a magnetic look in his eyes. It really feels like he's inviting, or demanding (~_^), you to take his hand.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1][color=darkred]I'm looking forward to seeing your other art, such as woodwork and I think you talked about a silver ring ?[/color][/size][/font]
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I think the drawings look pretty good. The addition of color to your latest drawings, in particular, adds a lot to them (though, your drawing of Kenshin is my favorite of the lot). Actually, I'm fond of the the drawing you made from the Quizilla result page; that one looks pretty nice, as well. I like the aloof expression on the girl's face and the figure is well drawn and proportioned (even moreso than your other drawings, I think).

I cannot offer much in the way of advice or anything (as I am a sub-par artist, myself...and that's putting it lightly lol), but I will say that I like your drawings ^_^
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[SIZE=1]I really like the top two a lot. I like the way both are shaded differently. I don't really know the guys from the top one, so I can't really say how you could improve it because nothing looks off to me.
As for the Kenshin one, like everyone else, I love his facial expression. His chin seems a lil big, but I think it was like that anyhoo.

And the doodle's awfully detailed for a doodle, lol.
*applauds Japan*[/size]
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[color=navy]Ah, some Japan art. Cool.

[b]Rather depressing Naruto one-[/b] I really enjoy the way you drew Sakura on this one, but Sasuke looks even better. The proportions are perfect. My only real problem with this one is that Kakashi's headband is rather.. Odd, but it's rare that you find a Naruto fanart where the headbands are perfect.

[b]Kenshin-[/b] Your skills with poses and proportions are very impressive in every one of these drawings, but I must say that I really like your shading in this one. Whenever I shade a drawing, it comes out very uneven, or too dark, and so on. You have everything perfect here. The only issue I have with it is that Kenshin's facial features are rather smashed together, and the positioning of his eyes are off.

[b]Red Eyes Black Dragon(?)-[/b] That's a better Dragon fan-drawing than 90% of what I've seen, and you did it in "five seconds." Very, very impressive. Not much to say about this, in the constructive criticism department.

[b]Pink haired girl from Animerica-[/b] This one is.. Eh. Not the best. The positioning of the facial features, again, is pretty strange, and her shoulders are very, very imbalanced. You should draw character frames, or outlines (Sort of like SSB Wire Frames), and then draw the actual character over them. That would make this one a lot better.

[b]Girl from quiz-[/b] ..Wow, I'm starting to make some pretty lame titles here. Anyway, I do like this one. You're really good at profiles, it seems. The eyes in this one are particularly neat, and her arms are really cool. Her body seems rather.. Elongated, or something, though. It's rather hard to describe it. Very good, though.

[b]D.N.Angel guy-[/b] I totally suck at drawing hands, but you've got everything perfect right here, in each of these drawings. I have no objects to this final drawing, except for that, again, his eyes aren't matching each other. If I'm not explaining this too clearly, I'm sorry. Just say so, and I could scan in an example.

Awesome, Japan. I'm very impressed.[/color]
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I was sort of sick of drawing anime all the time, so I decided to draw a panda.


This is my first time ever drawing Link.


Now this little guy is from Shamen King. His name escapes me at this moment, but I think that he's cute.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]THe little dude in the last pic's name is......(flips through SHonen Jump pages) Kororo the Koropokkur. And it's a she BTW (since she blushed at Morty when she saw him in the fight between Yoh and Horo-horo >_>)

Panda pic: Great. But something is really bothering me when I saw the marks in the white parts of the panda... Great drawing notheless

Link: Pretty good for someone who just started to draw Link.

Kororo the Koropokkur: SOOO CUTE!!!! *ahem* I think this is the best pic out of this batch.
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Here are the last two drawings of mine.


This one is of Himura Kenshin.


I drew the man first, and then later, while I was watching Lion King and Finding Nemo, I drew Simba and Crush.


Just because I am out of drawings, that doesn't mean that I don't have other stuff. I made this ceramic bowl that my bamboo plants are in.

There are lots more to come, so keep those replies coming.
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I tried to keep my posts from being too overwhelming with a lot of art, but here are the rest. Enjoy!


Now this thing is a computer-skateboard. The idea behind this was that everyone in the class had to write down three different things onto a 3 pieces of paper, and drop them in a box. Then after that, choose two slips of paper and out of the box, and whatever two objects you picked, you must build with clay.


Here is a dragon incense holder that I made.


Here are more random pots of mine. I love working on the pottery wheel.


Some lizards that I carved.


A mallet tha t I made on the lathe.


Finally, my beloved silver ring that I made for myself.
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I like the pottery you have here...I had limited time on the wheel this year (though, I did make what I consider to be my best piece on the wheel), but I did get to work on the banding wheel, which is about as good. I also noticed the box among that stuff, so I'm guessing that you also worked with the slab roller, heh. Personally, I never cared for the slab roller...all my boxes were lame lol.

But, yes, nice work.
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[color=teal]Those are really creative, I think. The lizards look awesome, and that Dragon holder thingy is a bright piece in your collection... looks more like a dinosaur though, heh. Let me stress to you something about the mallet: It's for display only, okay?[/color]
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Whoa...your sculptures look great, especially the pottery. The glazes you used give them a unique/old look.

I've gotta take a pottery class this fall, hopefully my stuff turns out as good as yours.
But I don't think they will, I'm not a big fan of the pottery wheel.

I also really like the ring you made. Did you really forge it from silver?
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I did make that ring out of silver. It is all silver, except that there are a bit a blue crushed stone in the top.

That mallot is not for display only. Though, it cannot be used for wood. It is made out of birch. If you did not know, birch is a rather soft wood. The only material I can use it for is clay.
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