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RPG The mage's relic.

Prince Van

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Do you believe in Time Travel? You don?t? You think it?s not possible? Try telling that to the past.

It was in the medieval times, there was a Mage. A Mage who didn?t bother with wars of battles, instead he wondered what would happen in the future. He imagined different things, and he wanted to see the future one-day. Being one of the most powerful Mage?s of his time, he created a Relic. This Relic was able to switch the places of people in the future, with people from the past. The future would switch with their family in the past. Though the Mage knew it would be years before anyone would use the Relic, and he was in doubt about anyone knowing how to us it. The Mage kept a hold of his Relic for all his life, and didn?t dare let anyone touch it. Though, because in these times there was chaos and fighter, thieves stole the Relic. The Mage could never find it again.

The Thieves sold it to other people for gold, other people lost it, other people found it. One day it was in the hands of a greedy King. He tried to find out what it was, and what it did, but could never figure it out. He grew angry, and threw the Relic away. There was a great battle soon after that, and the Relic was buried by mistake under the ground with all the battles, never to be found again.

Though in the year 2004, you and a few friends were on a Trek, tour whatever you want to call it. You all decided to wonder off, and found a strange looking object. At first, you didn?t dare touch it, but being the curios bunch you were, you did. And the next thing you know?

You had switched times places with your Ancestors. You went back the medieval times. None of you meant to touch the Object, none of you knew what you were doing. So what next? Well, you have to get back to your own time. How? That?s what you need to find out. You must all try to live the medieval way, learn magic, learn how to fight, learn everything you can, only then will you unlock the power of the Relic, and finally return home.


"Where the hell are we?"Leon asked.
"That's not the question, when are we?"Jim replied.
"Yeh good question, what about you Mariko, your the one who touched it?"Leon said.
"I don't know but what say we get out of here before we caught."She answered.
"Everything's a joke with you isn't it, we're not gonna get anywhere if were pointing fingers."Kenjiro complained.....

OOC:Now someone else continue.
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[SIZE=1][B]Alan, or Ares (his nickname) was lay on the ground rubbing his head. He heard the mumbles and shouts of his friends, and some other people above him. He opened his eyes and groaned.

"What happened...?" Alan asked.

"You tell us." Vivina replied. Alan shook his head, and noticed a few "new" faces around him. Alan just stood there for awhile wondering, when he remembered.

"Mariko!" Alan shouted at Mariko.

"What?" She spun round staring at Alan as if she didn't know what he was talking about.

"Why did you touch that thing, and who are you?" Alan asked looking at a guy with black hair and baggy jeans. Jim and Lean sighed.

"I'm blaming you!" Leon snapped at Alan. "You went to get that stupid outfit and we all ran into that stupid object that Mariko touched! So it's your fault!" Leon shouted. Alan backed up and shook his head.

"Maybe we should stop shouting and try to figure out where we are...?" Tyeam suggested. The others nodded and looked around. They seemed to be in the woods, somewhere. The trees were closer together, and it was much, much darker. Alan looked down, and noticed he was still wearing the armour he put on.

"Maybe we should just ask Ares the Wanderer to lead us into another situation and hope Mariko touches something again that takes us home." Kenjiro said sarcastically. Alan smirked. He looked down on the ground, seeing a sword and helmet. Straight away, Alan picked the sword up.

"Wow, check this out! I've got a sword!" Alan said, ignoring the situation they were all in. He swung the sword, almost hitting Jim, Leon and the new guy. One of them swore loudly. "Sorry." Alan said. He picked up the helmet next, and put it over his head. "Wow, this is too cool!" Alan laughed. "I'm Ceasar!"

"Look, will you stop fooling around already?" Leon snapped.

"Personality change, Leon?" Alan laughed. "Okay, I'll stop. So... any clues...?"[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1]"You know what I think," the new guy said as he turned to face the group, "First off, we should get away from here, I mean for all we know that sword came off of someone that was recently killed, and I wouldn't want to end up the same way". "You still haven't told us who you are," Alan replied, "So I'm not sure if I want to follow your ideas".[/size]
[size=1]"I'm Reis Terras, but I don't care if you agree with me I'm just stating the facts and I think we should head to a nearby village and see if we can get into it without being suspicious" he replied. "I have to agree with Reis,"Leon said, "I mean he makes perfect sense and at least he's not trying to blame anyone else, so I guess we should go". "Fine, let's go" Alan replied, turning towards the forest, "We should go that way since no one else has any suggestions". So Alan and the group began to walk off into the forest.[/size]

OOC: I hope thats okay tell me to edit if you don't like my idea
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Mariko made her way through teh group to Jim,who was looking down as they walked."Hey Jim!" Mariko said with all out excitement "Hey Mariko" Jim replied.Mariko couldn't ever think of anythign funny around Jim,or even talk in full or sentences taht made sence.Jim was aware that Mariko liked him.As they went ino teh forest Mariko became kind of scared.She pulled back her black hair and looked around.A rat scurried by and Mariko screamed.Leon looked back and said "Aww,did the wittle baby get sacred by a wittle bity rat?"."Leon shut up.." Leon then replied "What satrts with f and ends with k?".Mariko not enjoying teh joke said "firetruck!" everyone luaghed and Leon got pissed off.

Mariko looked at Jim as he walked with his hands shoved in his pockets.She took a deep breath and took one of Jims hands out of his pocket.Jim looked up and Mariko threaded her finigers into his.They came to a clearing in teh forest the new guy said 'Well,this looks liek a placeto rest.."
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]"It does look like a good spot." Vivina walked into the clearing and found a rock to sit on. She brushed the dirt off with her hand and sat down. "I don't know about you guys but I was starting to get tired." Taking off hat she whipped her forehead and placed her hat back on her head.

"I wonder how far it is to where people are." Tyeam stated in wonderment.

Everyone looks at each other. "Who knows?" Leon stated.

Vivina let out a sigh. "Well that does us no good. I mean i f if the closes town, village , or whatever is far from us what are we going to do for food and water. I don't think any of us no alot about being in the wood, unless one of you boys were Boyscouts."[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Yes that is a problem," Reis said, "but we could fish for food if we really had to cuz I hear a river right through those trees". "How would we make fishing poles?" Leon asked, as Reis turned to him he said "Just forget the idea, I think I hear voices that way anyways, and I'm not crazy for those who want to make a joke". They all started walking deeper into the forest as the voices were getting louder.

What they saw surprised all of them, as they walked into a huge battle, "Um, I think we should hide before we end up dead," Mariko said, diving behind a log, "She's right about the hiding thing ya know," Vivina said. Reis ducked out of the way of a sword that had flown out of someone's hand, "Ok I agree with Mariko too," he said dodging something that looked like an axe covered in blood.
OOC: I hope that's okay and not too soon for any action.
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[SIZE=1][B]Alan put his helmet on straight away to protect himself, and lay flat on the ground.

"Wait, what happened to that thing? That object you found?" Alan asked Mariko.

"I left it back there." Mariko said.

"Hang on, I'll go get it!" Alan said. He jumped up off the ground and ran through the men fighting, right back into the forest. Suddenly, someone grabbed his cape. "Gerroff Jim!" Alan shouted. He turned round, seeing a man with armour on, a long sword and cuts on his face.

"What're you doing running away from battle? You're not on the scumcs side, are you?" Shouted the man. Alan gulped and shook his head. "Well who are you then?!" Shouted the man. Alan shrugged.

"Al-" Alan began. "Ares, and I'm not in this thing so-" He began again, but the man dragged him onto the battle field by his cape. Alan coughed heavily, ne before he knew it another warrior swung his sword at Alan. Alan fell on the ground so he didn't get hit, and the guy fell over Alan, landing on an axe. "...Eww..."[/SIZE][/B]
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Seeing everybody disserpear through the portal he foolows them by touching the relic. "Where the hell am i" he says as he looks around. He starts walking hearing all the comotion he went over to where all the noise was and he saw everybody fighting, he soon got a glance of Ares and runs over to him helping him up."What's going on here" Ares shurreged to the question. After asking the question he decides to pick up the sword laying on the ground and starts to swing it around ready to fight.

He soon saw someone charging at him and went to go slice him and missed the man kept charging but he slid out the way and stabbed him" Damn that was close. He looked at the large fight he didn't know what he should can and what not to kill so he just went plowing through everyone untyil he saw Vivina, Ries, Jim, and Mariko. He went over to them quickly and sat down next to Ries"quite a battle going on."
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OOC:sunofexiles you cam swer and evryone remember we've never fought before so we would seriously get slaughtered.

IC:Leon walked over to the body stuck on the axe, he lifted it off and hoped the man was dead.He took the man's armour an put it on, it was a near perfect fit then he took the axe and put the handle down the back of the armour.
"Let's go there must be a town or village nearby."Leon said.
"Yes there must be."Reis agreed.

Leon walked over to the people cowaring behind the trees.
"Come on you chickens, oh yeh Mariko watch out there's a rat right behind you.
Mariko screamed and jumped up, she looked down than turned to Leon.
"Your pathetic."She said.

Imi and Tyeam ran into the little area where everyone was.
"I finally found yous."Imi said.
"Wow what was that weird flash?"Tyeam asked.
Both Imi and Tyeam stared at Ares and Leon in a weird way.
"What?"Leon asked.
"Your look ridiculous in that thing."They said.
"It's called armour and by the way that flash was some weird effect of that statue thing.We don't know where we are or anything but we're not in the same place."Leon replied.

Leon walked off through the trees.

OOC:Now everyone's introduced to the past.
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The woods were thick and seemed to be a maze on the time it took the group to finally find a small village. It was quant and peaceful looking to them and they slowly entered witout fear or worry. Mariko was still a bit squeemish after LEon gave her another scare witht he rat, but she got calm after a while still holding onto Jim and all. Once they got into the vilage the villagers looked at them kinda weird, some of their clothes didn't appear normal to them at all.

"Isn't this just grand...everyone forgets their mannors and just stares at you" Imi stated as he looked around. Suddenly there was some rumbling coming from someone in the group. Everyone looked at Ares as he just stood there blushing a bit.

"Guess i forgot to eat something today, heh* He stated as he patted his belly, well the armor area of it at least.

"Before he get something to eat, we might as well ask where and when we are....nothing lookes like home to me" Jim stated as he took his hands out of his pockets and scratched his head for a minute, before long his stomach started to rumble and he blushed a bit. MAriko poked his belly and whispered to it.

"Shut up for now" Mariko stated, her poking made Jim giggle a bit.

"Alright...lets get some grub in us" Leon stated. Everyone pared in groups and went three different ways. Jim, MAriko, and Ares went on a path that led to the east end of the vilage. Leon, Imi, and Vivina went to the northern trail. Lastly the new guy Reis and Tyeam went to the western trail...the village was quite big when they were in the center after all.

*Hope I didn't leave anyone out*
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OOC:Yeh you missed Kenjiro and Spydawebs charcater who I forgot their name but they went with the last group okay?America never existed in the medievil times so don't mention it.

[COLOR=Blue]Leon walked through the street watching people hide as he walked near.
"Okay what's happening?"Leon asked.
"I don't know maybe it's your face."Vivina laughed.
An old man walked up to Leon.
"You must be a brave and talented young man.He said.
"Yeh sure?"Leon replied.
"Yes you must be to have killed Callan."He answered.
"Who's Callan?"Leon curously asked.
"The former owner of the armour your waring."he said "You better leave town if you've killed Callan or his gang will kill you.
Some men walked round the corner and drew their sword.
"Go to the temple, you will find sanctuary."The old man whispered to Leon then shouted "Run boy!!!."
Leon grabbed Vivina and Imi's arms and dragged them along as he ran down the street, he saw a church type building and assumed it was the temple, he stopped for and as he did one of Callan's gang shot him with a crossbow, he had a bolt stuck through his arm.Leon screamed in pain then ran in the temple shouting "Sanctuary!!!!".

A priest approached Leon and ripped the bolt out, he then stuck his hand out and spoke in a weird language, Leon's wound closed and it was fully healed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Everyone learned the spell, cure minor wounds.[/COLOR]

Cure minor wounds can only cure cuts or gashes so it can't regenerate limbs.

OOC:Every time we learn a spell me or vicky will type it in red.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: I'll use Ares instead of Alan for my characters name from now on, since we're back in the Medieval times it sounds better.


Ares, Jim and Mariko all walked along the path in the village. There were many shops and people on the streets selling things, but none of them seemed to have any food. They kept walking until the streets began to get less crowded, and the shops were no longer around.

"Now I wish I'd took some food instead of this armour...." Ares groaned.

"You!" A voioce yelled. The three turned around, seeing two men lay back against the wall. One man was tall, with a short sword clenched in his hand and a cape, the other had a green cloak on and a hood over his head, not to mention he was smaller than Ares. "Interested in hiring a few extra hands?" The smaller man said, pointing to the taller man.

"No, we're just looking for some grub." Jim said.

"I can sell you that." The smaller man said. Mariko shook her head.

"I forgot, we don't have any money!" She sighed. Ares sighed, too.

"Hmm... no money, eh? Well here's a deal. You, with the sword, you look like a good fighter, I'll give you some food, if you can beat my friend here." The small guy said. Ares gulped.

"I can't fight." Ares stuttered. "Hang on... let me talk to my friends." Ares backed away, as did Jim and Mariko. "It's our only chance to get something to eat, but you are aware I can't fight..." Ares whispered.

"What're you?! A chicken?! Get in there and win us some food!" Mariko yelled, pushing Ares in front of the tall guy. Ares gulped, bringing his sword up. The smaller guy smiled.

"Here's the catch, first person to get slashed, stabbed, injured, anything, you name it, loses. If you win, you get the food, if you lose, I get that sword and armour." The small guy said. "Good luck." As the small guy backed up and the taller one moved forward, Ares began to shake. He'd never fought with a sword before, in fact, the only fighting he did was street fighting or just messing around, that wasn't real fighting, it was just rough housing. Ares gulped. The big guy swung his short sword, knocking Ares's sword and knocking him to the ground. Ares gulped again.

"Thanks a lot, Jim, Mariko! I can only rough house and pull peoples hair out, I am NOT a warrior!" Ares shouted. The guy swung his sword down again, just missing Ares's shoulder. Ares gulped. "Oh well... I'll regret this...." Ares said. Since he could only "play fight" or fight like a teen, he decided to use what he had already, fight dirty. Ares kicked the big guy right in the legs (you know where... O.O), and rolled over getting up. Then Ares shoulder barged the guy right in the chest, knocking him flying into the wall. Without thinking, Ares swung his sword, slashing his foes face. "Hey... I won!" Ares yelled. The small man chuckled under his cloak.

"Yes, so you did." The laughed.

"Can we have some food now?" Jim asked.

"I don't have any, but I do have some gold." The small man said, taking out a small bag filled with gold. He handed it to Jim, and smiled. "That should be enough to last you a few days. Hey, kid, what's your name?" He asked.

"Ala-" Ares began. But like last time, he didn't use his real name. "Ares."

"Ah. You've got talent, not fighting talent, but just talent that kicks in. I mean that was a nasty trick, but you still won. Happy spending!" The small man chuckling, walking off with the big man.[/SIZE][/B]
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OOC:Maybe if Ares played baseball or something you could use a sword.

[COLOR=Blue]Leon told the priest why he had ran into the sanctuary.The priest gave him, Vivina and Imi some robes to disguise in.They put the robes on top of their clothes and wlaked calmly out the temple.

"Excuse me monk, did you see a boy and two girls enter your temple?" One of the thugs said to Leon.

"No I did not, maybe one of the priests inside did."Leon answered.

The three walked on and hid in the alley way(Which I think they did have but not like todays), they took the robes off and went to look for the others.

"I'm lucky this time, hey why didn't yous go when you had the chance and leave me?[/COLOR]

OOC:I can't be assed typing any more.
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Imi sighed, "Why leave someone who is helpful to us?" she said, in a matter of fact kind of way. "Why waste something like that?" She asked, with an air of arrogance around her. She looked at Leon, "How is your arm?" she asked, not actually sounding as if she carred.
Vivina looked at her, "Why ask a question that you don't care about anyway?" she asked.
Imi shrugged, "Conversation?"
"Stop joking around!" Leon said, sounding edgy. "We could be in a lot of danger, so lets be carefull"
Imi huffed and Vivina nodded. "Thank for saving us." She said, she meant it.
Imi looked around the corner of the alleyway and was pulled back quickly by Leon, "What the hell are you doing?!" He hissed, she shrugged.
"I was looking to see if they were following us, that's all." she pulled away from Leon and sat down on a box with Vivina coming over to sit next to her.

OOC: I hope this was okay for my first post. I'll write more as I get used to the story.
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[COLOR=Green]All my OOC posts will now be in green, Ic in blue and learnt spells in red and yeh that post is fine.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]"Maybe we should go to the other end of the alleyway that will give us some distance."Leon suggested.

Leon ran to other end of the alley way and the girls followed, he grabbed the girls and walked into a nearby Blasksmiths.

"Hello sir I was wondering if would like to do some business with me, see I would like to buy a longsword."Leon said.

"Yes certainly."The blacksmith said.

"Hey you don't have any money."Imi wispered to him.

"Who doesn't?, see the armour wasn't the only thing I took of Callan"Leon replied.

The blacksmith passed Leon a rusty Longsword.

"No, I was thinking more like that."Leon said pointing to a silver shimmering sword which was hooked to the wall.

"But that's my prize piece."The blacksmith complained.

"Yes but there is money involved"Leon replied, he emptied a bag of gold on the table.

"Would you like something else?"The blacksmith asked in suprise, the gold was worth a sailing boat.

"Yes I'll have those two short swords and a metal horse cart, and you can throw in a few horse shoes."Leon answered.

The blacksmith passed all the stuff forward(Apart from the horse cart) and said "The horse cart is the stables and you may as well have my horse I don't use it, thank you for purchasing from me sir."The blacksmith said.

Leon passed the girls a short sword each and then turned to the black smith."I want to sell this axe and armour."Leon said as he passed the blacksmith the axe and armour.

"Yes sir good to do business with you."The backsmith said as he passed Leon the money and took the axe and armour.

Leon walked out with his new sword in hand, "Now to the leather worker girls."Leon said.

He walked out and looked for the leather works, when he found it he went in and bought three suits of leather armour(Cause I can't be bothered doing a load of speech again).

He gave the girls the armour he bought for them and they all put it on.

"Why don't we go get something to eat now with the rest of the money I've got and then to the stables."He suggested[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Green]Now someone continue.[/COLOR]
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Kedo walks into one of the stores and looks around"Man look at all these weapons" soon a the man behind the counter said"can i help you with anything". Kedo looks up at him and shake his head he takes out the sword he took of the guy and hands it to the man and takes out a couple pieces of gold he got of the guy too. "s that enough to buy that battle axe over there" Kedo says as he points to the Axe on the wall. The man nods and Kedo walks over to the Axe and picks it up as the man says"nice doing buisness with you.
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[COLOR=Green]As I said to Spydaweb, you can't just find cool stuff in a box.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]Leon took the girls to an inn, he ordered fruit and vegetables.

"Why did you want fruit and veg?"Asked Imi.

"Because they didn't know how to properly in the medievil times."Leon answered.

"Not often that you see a druid wearing leather."The innkeep said.

"We're not druids."Vivina said to the innkeeps suprise.

They ate there food and left to look for the others.They walked towards the east side of town, where Ares, Mirako and Kedo were.Leon walked round a corner and hit into Ares "Watch it jerk."They both said.
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[COLOR=Blue]Tyeam began her travels. Her adventure begins here. She travels trough a small town. She was interested in all the different shops and what they sold. But before she can begin look she relised she was hungry.

"Whew now i can find a place for something to eat"

Tyeam notices a resturant nearby and decides to go over to it. Then a man just got in her way. She decided to be polite to the man and spoke.

"Eh please excuse me, i want to get passed".

The man turned looked down at her and smiled. He also laughed and turned to his mates.

"Hey look boys. Look at the cute young girl thats want to be passed"

The others laughed and said

"Yeah Max"

Max turned towards Tyeam and smiled again. He noticed the goldern madalian and he suddenly grabbed hold of her.

"Hey i bet that thing is worth loads. Give me it now".

Tyeam shook her head and struggled to break free. She was now scared of the man.

"No it belongs to my farther. Hey let me go. Someone help me"![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi snickered as she watched the two bump into each other, she finished off with a smirk. Vivina looked down, shaking her head, "I was about to warn you...." she started.
"What was the point?" Imi interrupted, "They wouldn't have listened anyways" she finished off with a huff and went to stand by Mirako.
Vivina pulled tongues at Imi's retreating back and said hello to Ares and asked if the two were okay.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Ares said, rubbing his chest.
Leon nodded, "No harm done" he laughed. "I'm glad we found you." he said, looking at Ares and then to the others. "How have you been?"
Imi frowned, "Will you cut the sappy re-unions?" She said impatiently, "It's making me want to barf." she rolled her eyes and folded her arms. The stern expression back in place.
"Sheesh, she's back two minutes and she's already ticking me off." Kedo said, frowning as he did so.
"Well, you know what she can get like...just ignore her." Mirako whispered to him, hoping Imi didn't overhear.
Ares looked at Leon, "Well, now that we are back together...where do we go from here?"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]"How about we go look for the others."Leon suggested.

"Yes that would be a good idea"Mirako agreed.

"Can any of yous ride a horse?"Lein asked.

"Yes me."Kedo answered.

"Right lets go to the stable and make the search a lot easier."Leon said.

They all went to the stable and got the horse and cart, Kedo rode the horse while the others sat in the back.


[COLOR=Green]I'm tired sorry for the shortness of the post.[/COLOR]
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Kepo walks out of the store h\and see Tyeam and runs over to her and slams the guy in the face knocking him down saying"leave her alone". The man looks up at Kedo and tells his mates"Kill him!!!!!!!!" Kedo help the blade side infront of him thinking this is just like lacrosse and he started to swing at the guys and cuts them all in one swing. "Anyone else want some" Kedo says holding his blade as the man gets up and they all run. He turns around looks at Tyeam and says "hi you ok". She nods to him."hi i'm Kedo, nice to meet you".
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[COLOR=Blue]Tyeam smiles and says to him

"yeh im fine thanks for helping me there"

Kepo smiled at Tyeam and nods. But he was thinking what kind of people would hurt little kids. He again spoke to her

"Hey where did you get that from"?

He said pointing to the madalian. Tyeam looks at the madalian and repliees

"It belongs to my dad. He says it would protect me from evil. Thats why i gotta look after it".

Kepo understood her and nodded then he said

"Hey come with me"[/COLOR]
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Kepo started walking with her following he walks over to the stables and looks at the horse then at the group."this is a nice horse how you get it" Kedo asked Leon. Leon replieded''i bought it from the blacksmith'' Kedo nodded. "I guess i should ride it to see if it fast". Kedo looks at the horse and then at Tyeam"can you hold my axe for me". Tyeam nodded and took the axe as Kedo put his armour on the ground and Leon got the horse ready. Kedo turned around to the horse and got on he rode it around and then shot into the forest and soon came back saying" this is the fastest horse i ever riddin".
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I'm very lost now... One minute, Kedo or Kepo is on a horse, then saving someone, then back on a horse. Not to mention... is it Kedo or Kepo? You're making me confused, for god sake... can we get back on track and someone please tell me where everyone REALLY is?[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Green]Some people who signed up haven't posted yet if they don't post in the next two days, they'll be immediately killed off.Oh yeh Imi is not going to be able to post until saturday so I will have full control over her character.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]"Wait I know what to do."Leon said.

He walked into the inn, when he came out he had a ragged piece of paper it said that someone needed some bodyguards.

"Right we may as well do some errands while we are here."Leon said.

They went to the person's house of which it said who needed protection.Ares knocked on the door, they heard some bangs inside and a man utter a cry.

"We're your bodyguards we mean you no harm."Vivina shouted in.

"How can I trust you?"The scared man said.

"We would have kicked the door down!"Everyone said at once.

"Weird."Ares and Leon said.

The man opened the door and let them in.[/COLOR]
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