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Sign Up Phoenix Collective: Underworld Law [17+]

Manic Webb

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Demons, fairies, aliens...
Figures that exist only in literature, film, and our imaginations. Right?

Approximately 60 years ago, a small troop of humanoid explorers arrived on planet Earth, which was locked in the heat of a world war. The visitors, who wanted peaceful relations with all of Earth's governments, soon discovered that the world was in fact [i]not[/i] ruled by humans. For hundreds of years, an Underworld has existed that is inhabited by demons, fairies, and other creatures of folklore. With the help of these visitors from space, the Underworld secretly integrated new technology into society. The Underworld has tried to discredit its own existance by creating fictional images of itself in the media. After all, who believes anything they see in the movies?

Operating publicly and from the shadows is a law enforcement agency known as the Phoenix Collective. Composed of creatures from across the world, the PC is dedicated to upholding the laws of the Clandestine Federation and keeping their existance unknown from the general public.

A business mogul named Jonathan Tact started a multi-billion dollar company with nothing but hard work, determination, and a few strong connections in the Underworld. Since then, however, he has lost contact with his supernatural resources. A mole in his company has reported that Tact is involved in secret experimentations that will combine the essence of untamed magic with the human soul to create the perfect mage. His ultimate goal: a black market magic-augmenting drug. If these experiments succeed, it could alter the balance of power and crime within both the Underworld and the public Overworld.

The Phoenix Collective has called in a crack team of investigators to find out what they can about Tact's experiments and shut him down.


And there you have it. I'm going for a more modern day, noir, mystery feel in this adventure, mixed with a little bit of sci-fi and fantasy. You can sign up as an assortment of races, be they elves, vampires, humanoid aliens, sorcerers, or just normal humans. All characters can use magic and advanced technology, but certain characters will excel at them above others. All races will be arranged in 5 categories...

Demons may be evil, but that doesn't mean they're irrational. An Underworld law has been passed that prevents demons such as vampires and werewolves (or anything else you can think of) from stalking the night and killing unnecessarily. They have a begrudged truce with all other races, and think themselves above humanity. They excel at dark magic, cannot cast light magic, and are fairly moderate in most forms of technology. Can be a PC agent.

Elves, dark elves, dwarves, gnomes, nymphs, and pixies (and anything else in that vein) make up the Fairy Kingdom. They have a special bond with nature, but have recently started to integrate technology into their society. They also recently started becoming involved in the affairs of other non-fairy races. They excel at light magic, are fairly moderate in dark magic, but have the worst time adjusting to technology. Can be a PC agent.

Although they appear human, they are not of this world. They have inhabited this planet for half a century, and have begun to dwell amongst other members of the Underworld. Their level of technology is unmatched, but they do not completely understand the concept of magic. Thus, they cannot cast any form of magic. Feel free to make up your own planet of origin if you choose to become an alien. Can be a PC agent.

While most humans are unaware of the Underworld, there are some that help maintain its secrets. They are weary of all other races, but work with them nonetheless. Their level of technology is second to the aliens, and they can cast all forms of magic in equal succession. Their ability to cast these spells varies from human to human. Can be a PC agent or T-Mage.

The experimental soldiers working for Tact Biological Inc. Their level of magic is exceedingly high, but difficult to control. They also have access to advanced technology and are completely loyal to their suppliers within Tact's company. Cannot be PC agents.

I'll be playing two characters: The leader of the PC team, and Jon Tact himself. If you have any other questions about this RPG, feel free to ask. And the moment you've all been reading for...

[b]Name:[/b] Pick a name. Any name.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or female. No making things up or going asexual. :)
[b]Race:[/b] Be specific. If you want to be a dark elf, don't just say "fairy."
[b]Age:[/b] Anywhere above the age of 18. Feel free to adjust for immortality or oddball aging.
[b]Alliance:[/b] Phoenix Collective or Tact Bio.
[b]Skills:[/b] What you're character is good at.
[b]Tools:[/b] Any equipment your character carries.
[b]Description:[/b] Remember, you have to look at least somewhat human. PC operates publicly. Feel free to take a few liberties, though.
[b]Biography:[/b] The obligatory life story.


[b]Name:[/b] Theodore Curry
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Race:[/b] Human and Naiad (Water Nymph)
[b]Age:[/b] 52 (appears to be in his mid 20s)
[b]Alliance:[/b] Phoenix Collective (team leader)
[b]Skills:[/b] Being the son of a water nymph, Curry has the ability to sense and analyze the presence of water as well as age at a slow rate. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who is credited with excellent strategizing skills and a keen mind.
[b]Tools:[/b] Sunglasses with infared vision, a pistol in his jacket, and another pistol holstered to his back.
[b]Description:[/b] Short in stature, but makes up for it in style. Curry tends to dress well wherever he goes, sporting slacks, a blazer, and a pair of infared sunglasses. He has a dark tan skin tone, and an almost bald haircut.
[b]Biography:[/b] Officially, Ted Curry is a child prodigy who worked his way up to become a researcher for the FBI. Truthfully, however, Curry is a man in his early 50's who ages slower than the average human being. Raised by a human father and born from a Naiad water spirit, Curry is an immortal who used his connections in the Underworld to create the identity of a 24 year old researcher and anthropologist. After getting involved in an incident with two rogue agents, Curry left the FBI to join the Phoenix Collective as a field agent. Suffering from too much [i]Kojak[/i] in his youth, he enjoys to jokingly suck on lollypops and asks friends to call him Theo.
Being half-nymph, his sexual appetite sometimes inhabits his judgement. He'll try not to let this get in the way of his new task: to lead a team of PC agents in an investigation of Tact Bio.
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Sounds cool ^^

Name: Imi Kagami
Gender: Female
Race: Demon (Werewolf)
Age: Something around 300 but she looks about 19 or 20
Alliance: Phoenix Collective
Skills: Black magic, very good with fire spells. Seducing men and taking advantage of them. :p She can use her staff as a weapon and can handle guns
Tools: Magic staff, hand gun, paper fan for annoying comrades, magic spells and incantations
Description: About 5'8'' she is quite slim and...how to put it? Busty? She has long, dark blue hair with a fringe that covers one of her eyes. Her eyes are bright green and slitted, showing that she is a demon. She is thought of as an elegant young woman and very attractive. (uses it to her advantage) She has a large crimson scar across her chest which she tries to hide. Dresses in polar neck tank tops usually and paggy pants or a skirt and boots. She either wears black, blue or purple clothes.
Biography: Has become known in the Underworld as somewhat of a whore. This is not true, of course, but is just a rumour started by an angry man who she took advantage of and stole some precious items from. She always ignored the insults she would recieve off old friends turned foe untill it got too much. She left the Underworld and joined PC. Even though Curry is her boss, she enjoys making fun of him and she likes to tease the other agents. When she is on the job, she is serious but [I]very[/I] sarcastic and when she's made angry, the enemy better watch out. She is not known for fighting fair.

I editted it, I hope it's alright now.
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Name: Clous (no last name)
Gender: female
Race: Vampire
Age: 1000(looks about 30)Im not sure how far back the shang dynasty was.
Alliance: tact bio
Skills: She has hightend sences, very fast, she has a speacel power given all vampires do, she has the power to freeze certen(SP) things like humans cars bullits ect. but not magic. can handle a sword quite well too dosent like guns.

Tools: A pair of red sunglasses to block bright lights, long red bladed sameri sword, throwing stars.
Description: She is about 5'10 slim but muculer(SP) very pale skin. She has long flowing black hair and a few bangs hang over her face.Her eyes are blood red and seem to glow at times. When she wants to she can make herself very atractive. she has a scar acorss her left eye. wings that are conceled within her self and only come out when needed. She wears pin-striped pants, dress shoes, a white dress T (her boobs bust a little from the shirt) and black suspenders which cross in an X at her back. A black hat and leather gloves.

Biography: Befor she became a vampire, she was the noblelest(sp) sameri in the shang dinasty. She left home for training around the age of 13. Her master was Lee Yang, he trained her very hard and made her respectful and polite.
One night after training Clous went to gather water for her master, while at the well she herd master yell and ran to see what was the matter. When she went into the doegoe there was a creature with glowing red eyes and long teeth, it sank its teeth stright into Lee. Clous let out a scream and grabed her sword,but the creature had vanished. Ather that day she trained hard an vowed to find the one who killed her master. One fateful night she did. the two battled for hours, but then the creature struck her down. Seeing that she was very strong he changed her into one of the damed, and left her to her new life. Since then Clous has not seen that man since that day and is still looking. Althouth she used to be a sameri she has only respect for herself and of course her boss. She gets very angry when people dont obay the rules, but usealy she can keep her cool.
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[B]Name[/B]: Elissa Thorne
[B]Gender[/B]: Female
[B]Race[/B]: Half vampire, half human
[B]Age[/B]: 214 (apparent 19)
[B]Alliance[/B]: Phoenix Collective
[B]Skills[/B]: Being only half vampire, she does not have the special powers of others. Her strength and speed are only slightly above average, and she is not immortal, merely gifted with an extended lifespan. Her injuries heal faster than most humans and she is immune to the effects of sunlight, however, any wound that is capable of killing a human will kill her. She is particularly skilled in infiltration techniques, and will only use magic if it will help her remain unseen.
[B]Tools[/B]: Conceiled wrist blades - the left is shorter than the right, used for finishing moves; pistol with optional suppressor.
[B]Description[/B]: Approx. 5'7", Elissa is seen as an elegant and attractive 'young' woman, at least to those who do not know her secret. Being a half-vampire, her vampiric features are far less distinctive than most. She is reasonably well-tanned as she has no aversion to sunlight, and the only hint of her vampiric heritage is her sharp, pointed teeth. She has medium brown hair to near shoulder length, and her eyes are pewter grey. She always wears a long, full body dress in either crimson or dark blue/black. The long sleeves of the dress conceal her wrist blades when not in use.
[B]Biography[/B]: Elissa was born of a vampire father and a human mother. She inherited the majority of her mothers characteristics, and very few vampiric ones. She was born and raised in the Overworld, by her mothers wishes, while her father returned to the Underworld. She only became of her vampire blood as she watched her mother age and, eventually, die, while seeing herself barely age at all. Through her mother, Faye came to understand the importance of the underworld a secret. Her mother had once been an operative in the PC, through which she met Elissa's father, who had illegally moved into the Overworld. The two fell in love, Elissa was proof of that fact, but they both knew that he could not stay in the Overworld forever, and so he agreed to return to the Underworld. One of the reasons for Elissa joining the Pheonix Collective is to hopefully one day find her father again.
Elissa's speciality is in infiltration, though she is perfectly willing to engage in operations of any kind. Though her field expertease is somewhat limited, she believes that she has proven her ability on the battlefield.
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Name: May
Gender: female
Age: 25
Alliance: Tact Bio.

Skills: She has been trained in hand to hand combat and knows tie chi, jet kun doe, and kick boxing. She also is skilled in fire arms such as pistols, snipers, and hand guns but she can mostly use any kind of gun. The only magic she can do with out it going out of controll is to heal others and herself. She perfures not to use spells to harm someone for it could go quite wrong and kill many. She can also change her apperance but perfures to stay the way she was made to look.

Tools: In her right arm a compartment of computer reapir tools and a built in hacking device. She also has a shild instulled into her right arm to block against attacks but it can be broken. She has a voice comutacator placed in her head. Her right eye is also macanical she can use it to see in the dark and it has a heat sink and locks on targets.


Biography: May was young when she went to work for Jon Tack about 19. She was found by some other T-mages after she had been hit by a car, they took her back to their lab and fixed her up with macanical parts. When she awoke she could not remember anything of her past, even her name was lost to her. So when she started training to become a T-mage everone called her May because she always smelt of may flowers. She trained for about 2 years finaly when she was 21 she begain to work in the labs helping with the black market magic-augmenting drug. She also started to do some spy work on the P.C. agency. She does not like to fight but if shes on a job she will and only if she has to will she kill someone. She also injoys working part time at cafe right across the street from her apartment where she lives with her cat Neko.
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Name:Revus Ashburn

Gender: Male

Race: Silver Werewolf

Age: Looks 21, is actually 112.

Alliance: Phoenix Collective

Skills: Hand to hand combat, using his claws and bite to tear enemies to shreds. Since he can usually remain in control when in morph, he uses basic tactics and some kick boxing techniques. Trained in the ways of street fight, he isn't above using objects in the battlefield to his advantage, usually ripping out large blocks of concrete to smash his opponents.

Tools: None. He uses his natural weapons and perhaps a few cinderblocks ripped up from the ground.

Description: See small animation ([url]http://home.arcor.de/redtalon666/werewolf.gif[/url])
Biography: He was born a werewolf, but as a silver werewolf, he does not change at full moon. He can morph at will and usually retains control when he does. He is also resistant to silver, but not blessed items (if this is alright). He excels at hand to hand combat, usually taking many different wounds. A short temper, he tends to blow up at the slightest provocation. Prone to wild mood swings, he has a dark sense of humor and only feels truly alive when in a good fight.

((If I should change anything, PM me please. NOTE: I take no credit for the small animation. I have not had any form of hand in this. All rights go to its creator))
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[B]Name: [/B] Darian Dumore

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Race: [/B] Elf

[B]Age: [/B] 256 Appears to be in his late twenties, early thirties.

[B]Alliance: [/B] Phoenix Collective

[B]Skills: [/B] Although Darian's Fairy brethern are behind in technology use, he excels in it.
If he weren't in the Phoenix Collective he would more than likely be one of the leaders of integrating technology into the Fairy Culture. Thus, he is distinguished in the use of most modern technology and if given the proper resources could do anything.

[B]Tools: [/B] Darian carries a backpack which holds a high-powered laptop. With it he carries two extra batteries in case he is in the field and cannot get to a electrical outlet to recharge. He also carries two pistols in shoulder holsters under his jacket.

[B]Description: [/B] Darian is rather tall for an elf, standing well over six feet. He keeps his silvery hair shoulder length, and always has it pulled loosely back. To hide the tips of his ears. In public he always wears a nice pair of slacks, a button up shirt, and a sports jacket, sometimes even a tie if the occasion calls for it. When on a mission, he wears whatever the situation calls for.

[B]Biography: [/B] Darian was born in the "Underworld." He was raised in a technologically deprived community and was very sheltered for the better part of his life. When he neared his first century of life however, he discovered that the Overworld was advancing in technology very rapidly. Naturally, he became obsessed with something that amazed him.

As the years passed and the technology advanced, he made sure that he knew how to utilize everything. With his knowledge in technology he was sought after for the Phoenix Collective.

When weaponry became as sophisticated as it is now, Darian abandoned his knowledge of white magic and replaced it with the knowledge of modern weaponry. Even improved upon it to some extent. Thus he is a genious in the field of technology, and weaponry.
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Coolness, a new adventure.. Must join!
And when u see that is u don't mind I'd also like to have two characters. I like being on the side of good and evil! HEHE! But here is my good chara. if you allow I will edit and add a bad chara!

Name:Analee Tremen


Race:Half Alien and Human
Age: 26

Alliance:Phoenix Collective

Skills: Very tact when it comes to the technology whe uses. Has been intergated in the operations of building dome of the machinery and weapons. Also knows about and believes in magical forms that have been seen to her by her mother. Can only use low-level fire magic, for the time being. Her concentration on technology and her fathers awareness has kept her from studying too much magic.

Tools: Pocket PC for not taking and jotting down many orders. She then trancscibes them to her laptop that she usually keeps at the office. Has an excellent memory. Carries a small pistol for her protection as well as a kitana. More so for practice. But is very deadly when she has to use it.
Description: Stands at 5'10 with long dark hair with silver streaks. Her eyes are blue with a silver tinge in it. Her skin color is very light brown with small darker lesions on the neck and upperback. Thin and lightly built.

Biography: Born in a lab. Analee was an expermint to see how well the human and Juia alien genes would form. Although she was not formed in utero, her mother and father still became very attached to the child as it devoloped.
As predicted, she took human form and had Juia characteristics. She also had their brain power and at a very young age breezed through the school system.

She rarely kept friends and is not very sociable. Since the age of 10. She worked with her father day and night on many experieints he ranand many technologiacl advancements he developed for the PC. At 15 she was working for PC. But thanks to her mom she was able to learn a few human emotions and gained sensiblility. Her mom also enrolled her in martial arts for disciple and body training. She was so small as a kid and different looking that she needed to be able to protect herself. Not only that but she learned about magic. Something her father lept a strict leash on. But luckily she was able to become a firestarter and lept the secret to herself.

To this day she still holds that secret and rarely uses the magic. Now at 26, She still looks like a teenager. Also another Juia trait, they age 2 times slower than humans. She works graciously along with PC. But a threat is growing and she is ther to protect it.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Name[/b]- Beatrix
[b]Gender[/b]- Female
[b]Race[/b]- Demon, Cat demon
[b]Age[/b]- Appears to be in her 20's
[b]Alliance[/b]- Tact Bio.

[b]Skills[/b]- Beatrix possesses all natural cat-like abilities and reflexes, such as: Agility, flexibility, sensitive hearing, incredible sense of smell. However, sense she is demon and has been victim to many laboratory experiments, Beatrix's abilities have been highly advanced. Her speed is impeccable, her senses have enhanced tenfold, her sight in the darkness is as sharp as it is in the day.

Magic? Hah, she may be demon, but not a demon of magic. Of course, she does hold the power, but she prefers not to use it.

[b]Tools[/b]- Most of her body (as you can see in the picture) is mechanical when in demon form.

[u]A Cat's Toy[/u]- Beatrix's claws extend and are equipped with projectile, poisoned needles. The poison, once injected, will instantly flow straight to the victim's heart. Once at the heart, the poison acts as an acid, slowly and very painfully melting the muscular organ. This siezes all movement in the heart and kills the victim within just a couple of minutes.

[u]Catnip[/u]- This tool is Beatrix's tail. As like her claws, her tail extends and retracts. Only, there is no poison needles or what not. In fact, her tail is equipped with a powerful, multi-purpose laser blaster. It can be an ultraviolet light, searing creatures weakened by the sun. It can be a beam of scorching heat (imagine a lightsaber). It can also be a taser (stun gun).

[url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/catgirl/7-8.htm]Demon Form[/url]
[url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/28-4.htm]Human Form[/url]

[b]Biography[/b]- Beatrix's birthplace and most of her history is unknown. What is known, is that she came into Tact Bio's possession, bloodied and wounded. A dispatch of bandits and bounty hunters was sent to kill her for being the demon she is. Fortunately for her, Tact Bio took Beatrix under their feared wing and carefully rebuilt her body. As time went by, her genetics enhanced and her strength increased tremendously.

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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Melanira Ciarda Drusille

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Born from Vampiric heritage, yet tainted with the blood of a drow. (Please see Extra Information about my race.)

[B]Age:[/B] The old age of 325, but appears in the young age of 23.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Tact Bio.

[B]Skills:[/B] Melanira has the skills of a drow, as well as a Vampire. Her senses, stamina, strength, stealth, speed, knowledge, and such are heightened by a tenfold. She is one of few demonic species to have such a blood type within her. Since Melanira is part drow and part vampire, she is able to use the magic skills of a drow, a drow of high power I might add. In short, Melanira possesses great skills and powers from both sides, which shall be explained further on later.

A drow, such as herself, is able to shape shift into any form she pleases, may it be a creature or even a human. She is able to shape shift the creatures of darkness that she calls upon, which is another power that she uses. Melanira, being part drow, taught herself to learn the ways of drow, to teach herself to become a great woman of power with mystifying skills and immense powers of magic.

[B]Tools:[/B] The natural powers of a vampire and drow, twin silver dual fans injected with poisonous venoms and liquids that eject when directly striking the enemy, high-tech automatic crossbow that appears to be a mere bracelet, but becomes a deadly long-range weapon, and finally the Piece de Resistance, Melanira?s favorite weapon, a whip made from a snake-like creature of darkness. This whip is called Viper?s Venom. The whip is able to change itself into a ninja blade, yet still have the same features of the snake-like whip.

[B]Description:[/B] See attach,ment for Demon and Human. Her hair is black with visible red streaks. For her demonic look, her eyes are glimmering silver with black slits, she has the same "outfit", fangs, and pointed ears. For her human look, she wears a shimmering, dark oceanic blue business suit, gorgeous black prada high heels, and around her neck is a silver chain with a mirror-like pendant that hangs around her neck and can open to be a locket.

[B]Biography:[/B] Born in the underworld, taken from birth, raised by the aristocratic vampiric community, Melanira became a sophisticated woman of power. She was taught to hold off the hunger for blood and the thirst for greater things, taught to become the ruler of the vampire nation, yet taught to be the knowledgeable demon. Not much is known about her past, for she has undergone many rituals that have made her forget things of the past, let bits and pieces slide in. Yet, all Melanira thinks of now is to become great with power, technology, and the underworld.

Edit: Everything, hope this is good![/size][/color]
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[b]PC Agents:[/b]
Rei_Man as Elissa Thorne
SpiritOfAnime as May
SilverCyclone as Revus Ashburn
Dmitri_Dragoon as Darian Dumore
sweetreyes as Annalee Treman

[b]Why You Did Not Make It In*:[/b]
Anna & Akira: You hadn't finished your sign-ups as of the time of this post.
CloueX: I find a 4,000 year old vampire a tad far-fetched (especially if they're a mere "secret civil servant"). Also, samurai (not spelled "sameri") are Japanese and were not part of the year 1760BC Chinese dynasty.
Imi: You did not specify a demonic type and 3,000 years is a tad too old for a demon to simply be an underworld law-woman.

You can make it in if you feel like editing any of those discrepancies in your sign-up posts.

Sign-ups will continue. I'll start the RPG itself in a few days, and I'll send out Private Messages to notify all accepted characters. I'd also like to encourage others to sign up as bad guys. The way I have this story mapped out in my mind, some of you might actually want to be bad. Granted, some of the good guys are already evil...

sweetreyes: If you feel you can juggle two characters, feel free to sign up as another.
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[B]Name:[/B] Cayn Destrante

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Demon and Dark Elf

[B]Age:[/B] Appears to be in mid-twenties.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Tact Bio

[B]Skills:[/B] Skilled in most forms of combat, and is also one of the most skilled mages that Tact Bio employs. Magic is a tool he easily uses, and it molds naturally because of his mixed blood. Only working with dark magics, he has built up a small immunity to other magics over the years, and from various experimentations. However, he doesn't take to easily with technologies, and although he will tolerate them, they make him uneasy, unless in the presence of Jon Tact.

[B]Tools:[/B] Various instruments of torture hidden away in his jacket. Also various blades that slip easily into his hands.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Biography:[/B] Born in the Underworld, in the early years of life Cayn was raised by the Elven side of his family. His strong ability with magic was easily apparent, and training began to sharpen his skills. Soon enough, he was aware of Earth and humans, and he was then recruited by the Phoenix Collective. A talented agent of the PC, he was one of their top operators for a number of years.

However, life seemed to take a downside, and his work seemed to take a mental toll on his health. Cayn seemed to become a bit more depressed, but his magic ability became stronger. The PC, sensing the change, sent him back to the Underworld to recuperate. It was then that he was approached by those of Tact Bio. And he, confused and shaken by his changing abilities, agreed to join them.

Thus, his life continued, and his magic changed continually until it was molded to his odd, mutant form of dark magic. Also one of Jon Tact's special experimental subjects, various tests have made him slightly immune to other magics and beings. It has also made his wild magic more magnified, but at the same time rocks his mental stability. He's becoming increasingly unstable, and sometimes loses control altogether. However, he is still completely loyal to Jon Tact and Tact Bio, and is very valued.
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Name: Miatatzu Mihyotto.
Gender: female
Race: Demon, Wolf demon (werewolfish i guess)
Age: 20 extreamly young for wolf demons
Alliance: Phoenix Collective
Skills: Amazing jumping and running skills, especialy when in crouded, cluster conditions, like forests.
Tools: A blue bladded katana and shireken throwing knives
Description: A typical human figure. Only she has wolf ears, a tail, and fur around her ankles, neck, and wrists. She wears a vest with a dragon on the front, kept open, with a black tanktop underneath and black bellbottoms.
Biography: Not alot is known about Miatatzu's past. Her parents died when miatatzu was young, and as far as anyone knows, she never had any siblings. miatatzu grew up on her own, surviving on instincts, in the darkest, dencest, dwellings of the Underworld forests.
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Silk Colubra

Gender: Female

Race: Sidhe/Fairy

Age: 600 [count off in dog years, she's not that old really.....especially for a fairy]

Alliance: Phoenix Collective

Skills: Magical wards, sealing spells, light control, and the control of snakes. Generally all boids [snakes] will obey her commands, but some require a little more stimulation.

Tools: Silver Bangles for both balance and magic channeling, staff of ironwood, and four earrings, lso for magic channeling.

Description: You see the ears? Yes, they are normal. And that tunic? Yes, it's see through.

Biography: The daughter of a powerful Sidhe [big bad fairy with chip on shoulder and magic potential] and a gentle looking Fairy [cute light spell caster], Silk is aptly named. Not only does her skin have the texture of silk, her voice is smoother than her name. Snakes of all forms are drawn to her, while, naturally, all vermin flee from her presence. Light magic is an inherent skill, perfected over the span of 600 years [a pitiful nothing of an age for a sidhe crossbreed], and used constantly. When she is embarassed or afraid, her light presence becomes a very powerful aura. But generally, Silk remains very calm, and her eyes stay a cool honey gold.

When spellcasting or channelling, her eyes take on the blue haze and her body glows. Of course, 97% of the time, she's almost human. At least with her capacity to understand emotions and react accordingly. People see nothing different about her, except maybe the way she always refers to her pet snakes as her "children."[/COLOR]
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Guest Heezay
[B]Name:[/B] Lee Ziad
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Alliance:[/B] Phoenix Collective
[B]Skills:[/B] Specialized hand-to-hand combatant, in fact, Lee utterly excels at this skill. He was brought up as a martial artist. His senses are sharp, though training, not artifical experiments. Lee prefers the style of Kung-Fu above all else. Lee is also pretty proficient with technology and computers, and knows a little magic as well
[B]Tools:[/B] A Pocket Pc(with built in cell phone) and a sword that he wears with a sheath on his back.
[B]Description:[/B] Wears a blue jacket with a gray T-shirt underneath. Brown eyes and black hair. He wears black cargo pants and boots. He's completely human and inconspicous( hope I spelled that correctly) except for the sword hanging from his back.
[B]Biography:[/B] Born of human parents.

Lee's father was a PC Agent, and wanted him to be one as well. Lee was vigorously trained in many martial arts from when he was a boy. Lee lived in the Overworld for his life, but occasionally visited the his dad's office in the PC from time to time. This was how Lee came to know about all the races of mythical creatures.

When Lee was 10, he began to learn magic as well. His favorite kind is Thunder magic.

Lee continued to live in the Overworld, and recieved his sword when he was 14 years old. Since then it has become like an arm to him, and has protected him when all else failed.

When Lee was 19, he was old enough to apply for a job in the Pheonix Collective. Since it was the purpose he was raised for, he was allowed in. He works now as both a cop and investigator.

(Hope this is all right. If there's anything wrong, PM me.)
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Alright, sign-ups are now [b]closed.[/b] If, however, you have a pre-existing character accepted into the RPG and you wish to add another, PM me the sign-up form.

[b]PC Agents[/b]
Manic as Theo Curry
Rei_Man as Elissa Thorne
SilverCyclone as Revus Ashburn
Dmitri_Dragoon as Darian Dumore
sweetreyes as Annalee Treman
Raiha as Silk Colubra
Heezay as Lee Ziad

[b]Tact Bio[/b]
Manic as Jonathan Tact
SpiritOfAnime as May
Cyriel as Cayn Destrante
Arika as Melanira Ciarda Drusille
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Sorry it took me so long, but I did edit my character. Her bio isn't my finest, but I hate writing those things.[/color][/size][/font]
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