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RPG My Grayce & Pity [M for Cursing, Gore & Man-Slaughter, Sexual Content]


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[SIZE=1]An unknown spirit looked upon the entire land of Vain, sorrow fufilling his heart, and eyes hazy in thought. His white hair shifted through the howling wind. "What will become of this once peaceful land? Has the end finally neared to the last moments of despair?" Everyday was now dark, the sun never rose; the moon was always beaming.

He watched the madness from the sky above, shocking screams of crying and cruel laughter. "Unless..." At that very moment, the weak spirit used some of the last stregnth he had to make a prayer. The sprit began to glow a soft silver, shining with the moon in harmony.


Shimmers of light then rose higher into the sky as he lifted his arms, looking up. The prayer would reach out to another galaxy- to the planet Earth. The land of Vain needed the five saints more now than ever before; they needed the Angels. And the spirit faded away for the time being, not having the heart to watch the agony of the people suffering. He would wait for the Angels to come and save and restore Vain to it's former glory.[/SIZE]

Harukichi lay against the side of the wooden fence, clutching her gun to her chest, breathing ever so shallow. All was silent, until she could hear her heart beat; louder and faster her pulse grew. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to take a chance, she had to try her luck. But before she could even take one move, her brother jumped over the fence, instantly aiming his gun at her.

"Haru-Chan, think fast!"

Harukichi's eyes widened greatly...as her seven year-old bother sprayed water all over her! They were playing water-tag, and used water guns as their offense in "battle." Harukichi shrieked with laughter as he got her completely soaked, and she fired in return. Soon, they were both out of fire power, and drenched from head to toe. Harukichi dropped her water gun onto the boucy grass, and wiped the water from her eyes. "I'm done now. I'm going to go change." she said, tired. "Aww, please sis?" begged her brother. "Just a little longer." Her voice turned a touch cold.

"No, lil' bro. Bug off."

It was a hot summer evening in Kyoto, and a bit busy. Harukichi lived with her mother and only kid-brother, Jiroi; they all resided in a semi-quiet neighborhood. Because no neighbors had children of their own, Haruchiki and Jiroi always had to play with each other. But Haruchiki was growing up, and needed to find friends her age, or at least older. "Mom, I'll be at the park for the rest of the day!" she called out. But there was silence- her mother was asleep again. Harukichi sighed, then left a note on the refridgerator. After walking into her room, she changed into a white tank top with navy shorts and tennis shoes, and then left for her destination, leaving her damp blonde hair to dry while walking.

On the walk to the park, Harukichi observed whatever caught her eye- the icecream man, sandy children from the playground, elders taking up the benches. She was already bored- anyone that was older than her was either old or the icecream man; and she definately did not want to talk to the children. There wasn't anyone her age either. [I]"Geez. Well, I guess I'll just enjoy the boredom- whoo." [/I] She then sat at one on one of the empty benches, leaning back, relaxed in the shade. She huffed, blowing some hair away from her face.

"This makes math class seem like a good idea- and I absolutely hate algebra."
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Azurel absentmindedly stroked Angel, at peace with all that was going on in his life. Angel yelped and grabbed her frizbees. She looked at Azurel expetantly as if to say, "Come on lazy, lets go play!" Azurel grinned and ran after her, but then skidded to a halt to call dad at the hospital. He had an infection from doing drywall that paralized his hand. After talking to him, he sped after his dog yet again. Azurel caught her and played tug-a-war for a while, then they got to the center of the park.

"Its such a beautiful day, eh? Skies are blue, grass green. All good." Azurel said to Angel and she looked like she nodded. All of my friends were at camp or something. Azurel only had a few neighbors and they all had 3 and 4 yr olds. Azurel didn't mind, because they were getting very distructive lately and Azurel started hanging out with a different crowd. After playing fetch, our stomachs were grumbling, so we went to get some rice and shrimp. Azurel sat at a bench, Angel laying under me. Azurel fed her half of the shrimp and rice. We just ate and looked at the passerby. A beautiful girl, about Azurel's age with golden radiant hair and serene eyes walked past. Azurel felt his cheeks go red and hid his face behind the box of food until she passed.

Azurel felt like they would get to know each other soon, but Azurel didn't know why.
Azurel went home to see if anyone had come by. No one had, but Azurel had a great idea.
"Hey Angel, what do you say we spend the night at the park? We can sleep in a tent, and hopefully not get kicked off. Waddya say?" Angel yipped in excitement.
We grabbed a lot of food and supplies and the then the tent. Azurel had his permit, so Azurel drove to the park. We spent the rest of the evening roasting marshmallows and giving them to passerby. Azurel hoped to meet the cute girl he had seen, but even though Azurel didn't, litte did he know Azurel would soon enough....
OOC: what else should I say? should i say something about at night with the spirit?
Is that better?
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]It was that time of the evening when the sky looked the most beautiful.... twilight. Imric wandered through the streets of Satrin, his blue hair and pale face hidden under his dark hood.
'Foolish humans' he thought as he saw children playing blissfully in the street. He had not attacked this town in a while, but still, the humans shouldn?t have been so careless as to let their children play out at this time of night.
He smirked, 'Giving them a lesson on parenting would make them think twice.' he laughed to himself.
"Hey, kid...." he called from under his hood, making his voice sound as intriguing as he could.
One of the children, a young boy, looked up and walked over.
"Yeah mister, what is it?" he asked, the big blue eyes reflecting back the dark of Imric?s hood.
The demon smirked and only a flash of his green eye could be seen, "I found a puppy that looks lost..." he said and the kids eyes lit up, "I think he needs someone like you to look after him."
The young boy looked ecstatic, "Really, oh wow, could you show me where?" he said, his voice brimming with excitement.
Imric laughed, "Yes, of course....follow me..." he said as he started to walk off towards a back street.
The child followed humming a little tune as they went, Imric rounded a corner and stopped.
The boy looked around, "Where's the puppy?" he asked sounding confused.
Imric turned and threw back his hood smirking maliciously at the boy, "I thought your parents would have taught you not to talk to strangers!" he laughed as the child started to scream.
Imric continued to laugh and sneered, "No use now...not when you'll be found [I]dead[/I] !"
The boys shouts stopped and an eerie silence fell upon the whole town. Imric snorted and lifted his hood back up, "Well, that was mildly entertaining...." he said to himself, not caring if anyone heard. He bent down over the boys corpse, he had used a suffocating spell on him. The throat closes over for a few minutes cutting of the lifeline of oxygen needed for survival. Imric plunged his hand into the boys chest
withdrawing with a palm full of blood. On the wall he wrote,
"Fear the night because there is no sleep for the sons of evil."
With that he wiped his hand on the boys clothes and walked of, his cape billowing out behind him He would be long gone by the time this new murder was found.
'By tomorrow,' he thought, 'They will have learned not to let their guard down.'[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]OOC: I hope this was okay, it's not too violent is it? PM me if I need to tone it down.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]Daisetsu was sitting on the curb, at the end of his street; he was waiting for his friend Akio to meet him. He dribbled his soccer ball with his feet while sitting. He wore a light blue shirt, with white knee-length shorts and black sneakers. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Damn, it's hot. Even for the evening." Soon, five minutes had passed- then ten, and then fifteen. "Where the hell IS he?" muttered Daisetsu aloud. Then, he heard footsteps behind him, and swiftly turned around. "And where were you?" questioned Daisetsu to Akio. "We were supposed to meet here twenty fricken minutes ago!"

"Shut up," said Akio, sort of smirking. "You know good and well you like to be early for things." Daisetsu stood up and held the soccer ball against his side. "Well, you ready to go then?" Akio held his smirk as they walked to the park, the sun soon to set. It wasn't until they almost reached the park that Daisetsu noticed Akio still smiling. "...Hey," said Daisetsu as he raised an eyebrow. "What's up? You're awfully cheerful today." Akio looked at Daisetsu innocently, like nothing was wrong. "Nothing," he answered, shrugging. "What if I just felt like smiling for once? Have you ever thought of that?" Daisetsu just scoffed, and they were then at the park. Everyone seemed livelier today, though the elders were leaving as some kids were being picked up by their parents. Daisetsu then felt a small amount of dissapointment as he frowned.

"Great, the sun is almost going to set," he said to Akio, kind of mad. "We may be too late to play, and I have to be home by the time the streetlights come on." Akio grinned, making Daisetsu greatly confused. "We can still play for awhile. Come on, you've lost your sense of risk." said Akio, and Daisetsu just rolled his eyes. "Oh please," teased Akio. "You're scared to lose, huh? I am the greatest of us two, after all." Hearing this, Daisetsu ran to the small grass area that he and Akio always played in. Akio followed as Daisetsu dropped the soccer ball, and kicked it over to Akio. They passed the ball back and forth a bit; each time they recieved the ball, they became faster and kicked harder.

That's when Daisetsu saw her- a blonde sitting on a bench, alone. Her hair was extremely long, and her eyes were golden brown. She looked very bored, as she had her head on her hands, and was watching the remaining kids making horrible sand castles. Daisetsu was so distracted, he never noticed Akio kick the ball back to him. Thusly, the ball hit Daisetsu swiftly in the knee. "****!" shouted Daisetsu, grabbing his knee and yelling at his friend. He continued to yell. "Why couldn't you have just missed me, or saw me standing there?!" After that, Akio answered back with smart replies. "Well, I for one thought you were ready to recieve the damn ball. Then when it was coming towards you, I even called out your name. You need to chill." Akio shook his head as Daisetsu grunted.

Daisetsu then smiled like nothing had happened. Realizing that he could show off to the unkown blonde, Daisetsu stood upright again and played harder than before.[/FONT]
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Azurel looked around and saw 2 other guys playing soccer. Then, Azurel saw her again.
The blonde. Azurel bolted to his feet and went over to the bench where she was sitting.
Her hair blew softly in the crisp air, and Azurel thought of nothing else, until he got hit in the head with a soccer ball.

"Damn that hurt! Is this your ball? What the **** did you kick it at my head for? Are you brain damaged? How about I throw the ball at you, ****head? Ok, maybe I shouldn't of done that,but I am a bit temperamental right now. You guys want a soda? I got 10 or so in the cooler.
I even have snacks. I don't do this everyday. You just look thirsty. What do you say?"
Azurel called over to the guys. He felt he should be kind to them after cussing at them.
And besides, he was being a dweeb, just staring at the gorgeous girl.
Azurel waited for a response.
Just in case, Azurel walked back to his truck and grabbed the cooler.
He set it down and opened it up.Azurel pulled out a cold, dripping Dr.Pepper and
chugged it down in one gulp.
"So?" Azurel said lazily as he sat there. They must of thought him completely weird.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1] The skyline began to darken as day began to be embraced by night. Soon, somewhere, horror stories mothers told their children before they went to bed would in fact become reality. Vain isn't wonderful during the day....night can be a nightmare, literally. Farmers in a local community in Mantua started packing up their equipment in their carts to head home as dusk came into being. They knew they had to beat night fall, but even dusk was dangerous.

As they traveled home the forest grew eerily dark, and an ill-scented fog began to constitute itself out of nowhere. Horses became edgy and snarled erratically. They began to struggle so much that the farmers lost the reigns and the horses darted down the path, out of the obstructed view of their masters. As the farmers tried to continue, and make due without their laboring workhorses, a chilling collection of shrieks and screams came from where the horses had taken off to. The farmers stopped dead in their tracks, paralyzed from fear.

An uncanny wind blew through the band of farmers, and only increased their fear a hundred fold. The trees around them began to move slowly, but began to increase in erraticness. All but two of their lanterns blew out, leaving them in near dark. The leaves, bushes, shrubs, and saplings sounds only deafened them to the oncoming horror. Glowing eyes...many of them....coming....

A shadowy figure watched from a nearby cliff, gazing upon the fraying rope that was the farmers' time left. Bursting forth from the trees in an inhuman speed, the farmers could only scream horrifically as they were being torn apart. The figure up above only smirked serenely at the sight. When the groans and screams finally subsided, the path was littered with broken wagons, and the tortured, mangled, and maimed pieces and parts of what once were men. The trodden path of dirt, stone, and grass, was almost like a river of blood. Even the surrounding trees were doused in the death....

The glowing eyes appeared all around the spectator...He turned to the shadows, looking in their direction.

"Very favorable....you even managed to get me to smirk. I hope you enjoyed playing with the human trifles....A new age will dawn soon...and drown light whereever it may be...Let us go now, and return to the citadel." The spectator commanded...

The creatures lurking in the shadows bowed in acknowledgement, and seemingly vanished, only saying, "Yes Lord Endymion..." in almost a coarse whisper.

The apparent leader marched off and began to evanesce in the darkness.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Harukichi was still sitting on the bench, and she saw three very strange guys- two with blonde hair and one with black. She never budged from her position, though she slowly rolled her eyes over to them. One blonde was actually quite near where she was sitting, with the other two walking over. Harukichi's eyes lit up a bit. [I]"Oh wow. People that look my age. This usually doesn't happen." [/I] Two of the guys were seemingly apologizing to the other one, and Harukichi eavesdropped upon their conversation. "Sorry about that," said the black-haired one. He punched his blonde companion on the head. "Daisetsu here doesn't know when to quit." The one named Daisetsu shouted out in annoyance and pain from the hit, and hit his friend back in the same manner in fury. "Yeah, Akio here doesn't know that I CAN quit, as long as HE quits hitting me."

Harukichi couldn't help but snicker at their behavior. [I]"Man oh man, and I thought I was childish." [/I] So the dark-haired one was named Akio, and his friend with him was Daisetsu. The remaining unknown blonde spoke again. "Well now, sorry about that again. You guys still want a soda?" The one named Daisetsu shook his head and responded. "No thanks. All I want right now is a new soccer ball." He pointed to the slightly flattened ball, and huffed. Harukichi changed her mind.[I] "No, he's even worse than Jiroi." [/I] She sighed loudly, feeling that someone was watching her; she dropped the matter quickly. The sun was close to setting now, as she looked at her watch. [I]"About a half and hour more, and I'll be outta here for bed. I guess I'll just watch them." [/I] Harukichi thought this while looking around- only two small children remained, along with the three other teens.

But what she didn't know, was that she wouldn't be going to bed at all.
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Sydney walked slowly, Dusty pacing himself next to her. She brushed a stray strand of blonde hair back from her face, and back under her cap. She saw four teens, and smiled. She wasn?t a teen anymore, presay, but she could act it. She knew Dusty wouldn?t go far so she let him off the leash.

She took of her hat, and walked over to the four. She smiled. ?Hello.?

The girl looked up from the bench. She seemed to judge the older woman. ?I?m Sydney. You guys are?? She dropped into her teen-language, as everyone called it. The girl cocked her head. ?Harukichi.? Sydney sat next to her, and tossed her hair over her shoulder.

?You guys mind if I stick around??[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Hana we need those designs by Monday!! Hana are you listening to me?" The man on the other end of t he phone screamed.

"Yes i am. Please don't worry I will have them completed for you." Hana held the phone away from her face, you can hear the man yelling over the other end.

"YOu better or else we are going tto be in trouble." The phone slams down.

"Sigh." Hana place the phone on the reciever. "I need to come up with some good ideas." She flopped down on her couch. She bolted up. "Idea, idea I'll go to the park. I always get insperation there." She grabbed her bag, sketch pad and color pencils and rran to the door. She took of her slipper and placed her shoes on that machted her outfit.

She looked up at the sky andseen it would soon be dark. She skipped along and looked at the people pass. [I]Nothing has hit me yet.[/I] She got to the park and seen five people standing around. She looked watched them. She found a tree and climbed up it. [I]I will watch them and maybe something will come to me.[/I] she pulled out her sketch book and sat with her back resting agaist the trunk of the tree. Her pink skirt flowed down the ends of the branch she was sitting on. A slight wind blew her hair and she held her head up to breath in the air. [I] I do love Kyoto.[/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[i][color=navy]“Huiy!” Niji yelled as she sent a stream of fire shooting at her opponent.

He dodged the attack and jumped behind her, shooting a counter attack of fireballs. Niji engulfed herself in a ball of flames and turned within the ball. When she let the barrier down, she jumped in the air, as to avoid any surprise attacks (she can not see what her opponent is doing inside the ball; they could launch an attack as soon as she let it down). Once at the peak of her jump, she shot numerous balls of fire at her opponent. He dodged all of them, running from building to building. Niji landed and faced her opponent who was standing at the other end of the street. The city was aflame now, and most of the buildings had been destroyed. However, neither Niji nor her opponent heard the terrified cries of the residents, or the sobs of the people crying over their now dead friends and family. No. Neither Niji nor her opponent heard any of this; they were concentrating on their fight.

Niji’s opponent sprang into the air, and Niji followed, but positioned so that she would come up facing his back. Once level, Niji didn’t give her opponent time to realize where she was, she shot a beam of fire, square at his back. It hit him dead on and sent him about a hundred yards before she ceased the flames and he fell, still ablaze, into the top of a building. The building collapsed and raised so much dust that, when Niji landed, the area of the city she was in was also hazy. She turned to a building behind her and shot a blast of flames at it, propelling herself backwards until she was next to the crumbled building. She turned to her right at the pile of rubble and slowly approached it. Once she reached it, she started digging for her opponent, tossing pieces of plaster, metal beams, and wires and pipes in all directions until she found him.

“Very….arg….good,…Niji.” Maersto Frypo grunted to his pupil as she helped him out of the rubble. “Heh. I’m getting old. And you’re getting better.”
Once he was standing straight up she gave a little bow and said. “Cink sei, Kiy Frypo.” She replied in her native tongue. (“Thank you, Master Frypo." )“I will get a meal and we will be on our way.” And with that Niji was gone; running in the opposite direction.

Niji ran along, looking for a meal that would be just right. She couldn’t find one two big, for that would be a waste, and she couldn’t find one too small, for that wouldn’t give her or her master enough energy for their training. She spotted a little boy, crying over his scorched and bleeding mother. Niji walked slowly over to him, sneaking up behind him. When she was looking over his shoulder, she saw that his mother was still alive, holding his hand. She looked up at Niji, right into her eyes. Niji stared back blankly and showed no emotion. She just picked up the boy and left. When she reached for the boy, Niji thought she heard the mother whisper “Michael”, for she probably could barely speak or else Niji was sure she would have yelled it.

When she returned with the kicking and screaming five-year-old, Maersto Frypo tried to bow, but stumbled to the ground. Niji helped him up and supported him as they walked out of the city and into the woods beyond as if nothing had ever happened. They walked away from the destroyed city as someone would walk away from a training lesson wherein they merely break boards and throw punches into thin air. For that’s all this was; a training lesson. And, for now, the kingdom of Vidia was their training tool.

Niji and Maersto Frypo neared their camp. Maersto hobbled over to the spit and lit the fire beneath. Niji walked over and set the boy down so that he was facing her and waited until he settled down and she leaned forward.

“Michael.” She whispered in his ear, and she plunged her hand through his chest. He choked for a second and then became still, eyes still wide with terror and pain. Niji pulled her hand out. Grasped in it was the heart. Maestro looked at her. “I’ll do it.” Niji said and walked over to a tree.

She kneeled down at the bottom of the tree, holding the heart up towards the sky. Looking at it she whispered an old traditional prayer. “Chilili yi Chililika, oe uiken fie tinkono oo sei nai keat fie tinkatinli eieinino.” (“Gods and Goddesses, I offer this heart so you may keep this spirit forever." ) And with that she buried the heart at the base of the tree and went over to eat the cooked boy with her master.[/color][/I]
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Harukichi scooted over to the side as she let the short-haired blonde sit next to her. The three guys were just a distance off now. "So," said Harukichi, excited to meet a "teenager." There was already another girl in the park as well. "My name's Sydney." Harukichi's eyes beamed as she asked her question. "How old are you?"

"21." To the answer Sydney gave, Harukichi was shocked. She looked younger than her age. Though Harukichi didn't care, she had a new friend. "Do you know those guys over there?" Sydney asked with a smile. Harukichi shook her head to the question bestowed upon her. "I have no idea who they are. I've only heard their names," Harukichi said as she pointed. "I've heard that one as Akio, and the other as Daisetsu. But I don't know who that other guy is with them." Upon hearing his name, Daisetsu looked over to Harukichi, grinning. He waltzed over to her and Sydney, his eyes a very deep sapphire blue.

"Hi," he said. In fact, he said it as if he were trying to be smooth. Sydney kind of laughed as Harukichi answered. "Hi," she said slowly, shaking her head and squinting. Daisetsu continued on. "Must I say you two ladies are looking hot this fine evening." He winked as he shoved his hands into his pockets.[I] "Show off," [/I] thought Harukichi. The other girl walking into the park had climbed into a tree not far away, along with some colored pencils and a sketch book. Harukichi found her interesting, and she as well looked fairly young.

[I]"All these teens today, it must be my lucky day to mingle!"[/I] thought Harukichi happily, and she couldn't help but flash a small smile. Though that smile turned to a frown as Daisetstu spoke once again. "So babes," said Daisetsu. "You have names I can call you by?" Harukichi crossed her arms, as Sydney rolled her eyes in amusement. But attention was then put onto Daisetsu greatly after what Akio had done from a distance. He had kicked the soccer ball clear onto the back of Daisetsu's head, thus making him stumble foward. Daisetsu looked back at Akio in complete anger, along with Akio shrugging and the unkown guy laughing a bit.

"AKIO!" shouted Daisetsu at the top of his lungs. Akio pointed with a face filled with guilt. "It was Azurel, not me!"

[I]"So his name is Azurel..."[/I] thought Harukichi to herself. The one named Azurel stood up after gulping his soda in shock. "How could it have been me?" called Azurel. "I was sitting!" Akio laughed nervously as Daisetsu kicked the ball back with so much force, that the ball went clear over both Akio and Azurel's heads, and across the street; down the street it went, rolling along the ground. "FETCH!" said Daisetsu laughing, and Akio looked at him as if he were crazy. "It's the least you can do after hitting me in the head!" he barked. "What can I say?" said Akio, shrugging. And he left to go get the ball that was still rolling down the street.

After watching that little scene, Harukichi looked at her watch again: ten minutes until it would be completely dark. There was the girl in the tree, Sydney, Azurel, Daisetsu, and herself there now. All the children and elders had left completely, leaving the park desolate and silent. Only those five were left.
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"Ok dude, watch out where you put your balls, ball boy! *Shudders* Does anyone feel cold all of a sudden? And where did everone else go? This is kind of errie. Oh, forgive me. My name is Azurel. You are?" Azurel yelled after Akio which were going to get the soccer ball, and then gave his name to the hot girls on the bench. Azurel had brought his truck closer so he wouldn't have to lug the cooler to and back. Akio yelled something about home and lobster and dissapeared.

"My name is Sydney." repiled Sydney as she laughed at Azurel calling him 'ball boy'

"I'm Harukichi. Why are you here so late?" Inquired the beauty Azurel had seen before. He thought it was a strange question, but he was truthful, so Azurel said, leaning against his truck (his truck is a chevy pickup. It's blue with black flames in the front.)

"Me and my dog Angel are spending the night. What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came here for some quiet time and relaxation. Can I see your dog?" Harukichi asked.

" Sure! *Whistles* Come here, angel! Good girl!" Azurel called out and picked up a German Shepard-Black lab mix.

"Cute! Its pretty. Can I hold it?" Harukichi asked as she petted Azurel's dog.

"Sure. Becareful. She might squirm." I said as I handed her my puppy.Azurel just stared at the night sky for awhle. He wondered if they were alone in the universe, but he would get his anwser soon enough.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Endymion stood before the dimly glowing aura eminating from the orb of light surrounding Grayce. He waved his hand and the lesser demons waiting on him bowed and walked away, leaving him alone with the girl. Aside from the aura, there were no other light sources in the room and it was nearly pitch black. He walked around her in circles, pondering the entire time until he stopped. He looked at the girl and smiled.

"You know Grayce....you were only meant to exist as a key for the birth of Deathe. And I am here to help you in the fulfillment of your journey." He smiled slightly. "Everything is almost in order for the ceremony...just you wait..." Endymion walked out of the chamber.

Entering into a chamber that was lightened, he stood before an altar with a tattered scroll. He studied it with his eyes meticulously. "Darzerb..." He called. A slightly hunched over demon entered the chamber. "Yesss...m'lord?" it answered. "I want the artifact cleaned....and properly kept until we're ready for her ceremony." Endymion told the underling. It nodded and left the area. As it walked out, a demon in the vicinity balked at the idea of cleanliness. "Endymion...does he want the precious ceremony of his to be all clean just like some human?" He laughed. He immediately froze however...from the corner of his eye he could see Endymion glaring at him before blood clouded his vision. Shadows had impaled his body in nearly every direction. Other demons whispered to eachother and carried on with their business.

Some time went by, and Endymion found himself in the company of Pity. Her accomadations were some of the largest in the citadel, but Endymion had no quarrel with that. As he entered the room, the young girl came up to him and looked into his eyes. He patted her head. "Nothing to worry about, everything is almost in order. You will help fulfill your desire to constitute her into being. The dawn of a new and eternal age is at hand my dear...." He smiled at her, "You need not be sleepless for much longer...we'll have a destiny...of darkness..."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Ty sat atop a roof and watched as the people went along with their business. Women held the hands of their children and men walked about. Most people stayed in-groups and talked among themselves. "How much of announce they are. They should all be dead." He gave a grin as he started to form a plan in his head. Children were laughing and playing in the streets. Ty hopped down off the roof and came out of the alleyway. He walked passed the children and sniffed. "Disgusting creatures." He mumbled his breath and walked down the street. He bumped into a woman and lifted her purses. As he walked away he counted how many coins she had in her purse. He gave a laugh "That was almost to easy." He grinned and continued on his way.

[font=Times New Roman][size=3]OCC: I hope this is ok [/size][/font]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]Daisetsu wondered where Akio was, considering he hadn't come back yet. "It should have taken him only a couple of minutes to get the damn ball," muttered Daisetsu. He then saw the nearby streetlight come on, and realized his lagging at the park had led him to deep trouble. When he was still in his former gang with Akio, they all would always stay out after the streetlight came on. And that is why his parents demanded that he now be home before the night set in.

But if he were to ever be out after dark, he would be in major trouble. This gave Daisetsu serious problems at that very moment. But somehow, he felt as though it didn't matter tonight. After a long and deep thought, he shrugged his worry off his shoulders. He looked around the area. The one named Sydney was walking over to where Azurel and the newly introduced Harukichi, who was holding Azurel's small dog, petting it gently. Seeing Harukichi, he smirked; he to walk over to where they all were, but something caught his eye. [I]"What the hell?...Oh." [/I] There was a girl in the tree he had walked by. He looked up and saw her looking at Azurel, Harukichi and Sydney with an observative expression.

[I]"She's hot too, hehehe." [/I] thought Daisetsu, being the flirtatious guy he was. He couldn't help it. It was apart of his personality. He called up to the girl in the tree, with her colored pencils and sketchbook. "Hey, babe! What's your name? Why don't you come down there, you look awfully lonely up in that tree!" Daisetsu called out, grinning.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Huh." The voice took her by surprise. She looked down to see a boy about her age looking up at her. " Oh hello, you gave me a start." She giggled, she placed everything in her bag and dropped it on the ground. Swing her one leg over she dropped to the ground. "My name is Hana. I wasn't lonely, actually I was trying to work." She smiled. "But I am forgetting my manners. What is you name?"

"Daisetsu." He gave Hana a grin. "why don't you come joinus, Hana."

"Sue I guess." She bagan to walk to towards the others and her sell phone began to ring. "Can you hold on for a sec?" She turnered her back. "Hello Hana speaking."

"Hana is that you. Why aren't you at home working?" Someone began screaming throught the phone.

"Hello Yukio." She said with a dull ring to her voice. "I am working I just went for a walk."

"You are to march yourself home. I am coming over to make sure you get it done." Yukio screamed to the phone.

"You know if you keep screaming like that you are going to lose your voice.' She thought for a minute. "on second thought keep screaming like that and lose your voice. My life would be happier. I'm going to hang up now. Bye Yukio."

"Hana don't you d-" Hana clicked the phone off and placed it back int he bag.

She laughed and looked at Daisetsu. "Sorry about that. My boss can get a bit demanding at times."

"Won't you get fired for hanging up on him like that?" Daisetsu ask with an arch brow.

"Oh course not I do this to him all the time. He take some much fun out of life. So lets stop talking about just think about him gives me a headache." She gave him a smile. "'I've never seen this many people after dark here before." She said as they started walked to the others.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Harukichi was petting Azurel's dog as the unkown girl came over with Daisetsu; he was trying to flirt with the girl in the tree as she hopped down, or so it seemed like it- Harukichi couldn't tell from her distance. They both walked slowly over to where Azurel, Sydney and Harukichi were, and Daisetsu grinned a bit.

"I've guess we've got some kinda' posse, or what?" said Daisetsu with a laugh.

[I]"It does seem like we're a group,"[/I] thought Harukichi, as she smiled at the girl that was recently in the tree. The girl introduced herself. "My name is Hana," she said. When everyone knew each other at the moment, Harukichi checked her watch. "Well, it's about time I go. So now-" But her voice was cut off, for the dog Angel was now squirming like crazy to get out of her arms. Sydney's cat Dusty was not far off, though was hissing like crazy. The five stood about, staring at the two animals for their behavior. "What's wrong with them?" asked Daisetsu. "They seem...hungry?" Azurel and Sydney both shook their heads.

"I don't know what could be wrong," said Sydney, and Azurel agreed with her. Harukichi thought to herself again. [I]"Then why the hell are they acting so strangely?" [/I] Suddenly, the two pets ran away from the park! A cold chill came so suddenly, that Harukichi shivered. But not because it was cold- she felt a touch frightened. "Hey," said Azurel, still looking up at the night sky, the stars popping out brightly. "What the hell is going on?"

Harukichi looked up to the sky, along with the others. Sydney stopped herself from running off to catch Dusty, and looked up with them. The sky looked like it was moving. "But how can the sky move?" asked Daisetsu with a laugh. "Man, I knew that gang would make me feel strange afterwards, but not to see swirling skies and pets going crazy." But the sky was actually swirling, as a glow emitted from the from the revolving night and stars. The five of them stood there, shocked and bemused. Harukichi for one, couldn't speak. But it was certain that the others felt the same way. Then, Harukichi heard a voice. She didn't know if anyone else could hear, so she remained silent as she listened.

"Lusafahaitoui," was all that was heard, before a immensely bright light made the five shade their eyes and wince. And at that moment, the bright light shot into five directions- all upon where each of them were, even upon Harukichi. It felt as though she were being grabbed somehow, so Harukichi opened her eyes to see pure darkness everywhere. She could still feel herself being pulled, though she didn't know why. [I]"What the **** is going on? Why the hell am I in the dark like this! Oh my gosh..." [/I] When she tried to speak, she couldn't. Her voice was gone. And she was not on earth, for as she turned her head, she saw the world far away. She looked frantically around for Sydney, Azurel, Hana or Daisetsu. They were all a distance apart from here, floating the same way she was. And as they were all being pulled, Harukichi felt herself being brought away from her own life.

She didn't know that she had a duty to fufill, as her body was being taken closer to an unknown galaxy and planet.

Suddenly, she saw a soft, white glow in front of her.[I] "What the...hell?"[/I] she thought, for she couldn't speak. It was clear that the others couldn't speak as well. All was silent and cold. The glow became larger, and then it formed. It seemed to be a person. But she didn't know who he was- he had white hair, and the palest, foggiest eyes ever. He was wearing a white cloak that had a hood, which he didn't wear; so Harukichi saw his face clearly. He looked so emotionless as he spoke.

"Azurel. Daisetsu. Hana. Sydney. Harukichi," he said. "Have no fear." Harukichi could only squint as he continued to talk. His voice was heard clearly, though his lips weren't moving at all. "I am a spirit. You are all needed in the galaxy of Cosmon. There is a land in danger- the land Vain, on the world Yu. But more shall be explained later. You must be transformed; for you all are the Angels." Harukichi could only gape as she widened her eyes in fear to the word "transformed." And as he said the word "Angels," Harukichi felt an agonizing pain rush throughout her veins.

She tried to scream out in pain, though it was no use- even as her mouth opened, she was silent. She then felt herself become light and dizzy as two bronze, narrow wings sprouted from the back of her head. Her body glowed a bronze as it enveloped her completely. She then looked down as the glow faded, to leave a metal suit. She had one arm completely in bronze armor, with a black glove, though the other was completely bare. She wore a bronze armored bikini, along with bronze boots. And she was complete with her transformation as an Angel, as she completely blacked out.

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Imric sighed and looked at his hands. "Who would have thought children had so much blood in them?" he thought out loud.
His hands were crimson with the blood of his latest victims, he was sitting on a wall on the outskirts of town. The place where the lowlifes go, the whores, the drug users and the homeless. Imric used to have some fun here but children where his preference now. You got a worse reputation form killing defenceless kids than you got from killing common worthless whores.

As he thought he heard a voice in front of him, "Hey there, you look lonely, hon. Wanna come have some fun?"
Imric looked up and snorted, "I seriously doubt any time with you could be classed as fun...but maybe...I don?t know..."
The girl, who must have only been about 17, huffed and put her hands on her hips.
"That wasn't very gentleman like, now was it?" she retorted, leaning in to try and get a better look of this man.
Imric looked up and lifted back his hood, slowly. He let his long blue hair fall out and his bright green eyes flashed in the moonlight. The girl stared, green eyes and blue hair...."THE DEMON!!" she shrieked and she started running back towards where her friends were.

Some people looked up and Imric heard rushed footsteps. He stood up and threw off his cloak.
"Well...I guess I need the exercise..." he sneered as a group of men rounded the corner armed with shovels and picks.
Imric looked at them and waved sarcastically, "Please attack me...I'm asking you to. Here, I'll even be nice and stand still." he said looking hurt. "Although...why would you want to hurt me?" his voice went deeper and he looked down, "I only killed your children...."
One of the men screamed, he was obviously a mourning father, "You monster...he was a child!"
The man froze and Imric lifted his hand taking the man with him, "Actually....I prefer the term....[I]Demon[/I] " he said as he threw the man against a wall.
This was it, the first battle in a long time had begun. Men and even some women rushed at Imric grabbing whatever weapons they could,
"It seems your rage has made you foolish...." Imric scoffed and lifted his right hand.

[I]Kan Rei Tsu You Ka Zetsu Kai Shidou Chohu......[/I] he began his chant, closing his eyes and fixing a look of concentration on his face. His voice got louder as he pulled his hand back

[I]Death Blow!..... GAICHUU KUJYO!![/I] He shouted blasting a massive wave of dark energy towards his attackers. They fell where they stood, their bodies splitting up and falling to the floor.
Imric wiped his hands looking at the remaining few towns people. Most of which were drunk.
"What do you say I.....torch this place?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders. An older villager looked terrified, he had seen Imric's flaming attack before, he started to run.
Imric sighed, "Hopeless...." he muttered, leaping into the air and taking flight, he pulled back both his hands and screamed, "FIREBALL!!" his hands blasted balls of flame all around him, people were screaming as they tried desperately to put out the flames. Building caught fire and the sound of children crying filled the air. Imric folded his arms as he flew higher above the town watching the flames engulf a whole district before eventually dying out.
He laughed and it was heard echoing far away, letting other demons know that he was back. The time to destroy Vain was creeping ever closer.[/COLOR]
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The sky swirled, a brillaint mix of gold, red, white, blue, and shadow. A single beam shot down from the twisting funnel, and Azurel heard a voice in his head, it whispered, "Lusafahaitoui," and the light glowed, covering all in the park. 5 beams shot from the souce, and one hit Azurel, square in the chest. He was being drawn up, up into the light. All of them were. Azurel was being drawn from his own galaxy, into a new one, an undiscovered one. Azurel tried to say, "How in the hell?" but nothing came out. He couldn't speak, not even make a sound.

Suddenly, Azurel saw a white glow in front of him. "What the...####!" Azurel thought, as he could not speak. It beacame appearant that none of the others could speak, either.The light wrapped around a form, a pale lumenesint skin, he had silvery white hair, and dead looking eyes.He was wearing a marble white silk looking cloak, with a hood, which he ignored as the face of the abberation was clearly ment to see. A flat, dead tone came from his mind, because his lips didn't move.

"Azurel. Daisetsu. Hana. Sydney. Harukichi," he said their names. " Do not fear. I am a spirit, and you are needed in the galaxy of Cosmon. A great plot of death and distruction is planned, one great enough to snuff all life in the universe. There is a land in danger- the land Vain, on the world Yu. But more shall be explained later. You must be transformed; for you all are the Angels."

At the word 'angel', the thought, [I] "What the hell? What's going on?"[/I] As soon as he thought that, immense pain erupted from his core, spreading through his entire body. 2 sets of wings erupted from his back, one set feathery, the other greyish white marble color, made of his flesh, covered in feathers also. Azurel's blonde hair became silvery and longer. His skin greyish blue, his jaw tightened. A magnificent midnight blue cloak wrapped around his figure, golden red runes shifting and dancing in the flickering light of the spirit. Azurel blacked out, pain seeping in his body....[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Sydney wasn?t really paying attention to the angel-spirit-thing, her green eyes wide in anticipation. She spun around to watch the swirling colors.

At the word, ?Angel?, Sydney felt dizzy. A sudden pain made her double over, eyes watering. Her hair whipped about her face. She blinked rapidly as silver and green wings sprouted from her back. Two pairs; one pair larger than the second, right in the middle of her back, and a slightly smaller pair right between her shoulder blades.

The feathers caressed her skin, but they did nothing for her pain. She tried to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth. She looked down to see her body robed in black and white clothe with metal chains holding it to her shoulders. She had a green jewel resting on her chest, with another below it, and a intricate chain that fell to her knees with another gold-encased green gem.

On Sidney?s head was a wreath of large white flowers, and white ribbons fluttered about her. She was dizzy again with pain, and blacked out, wings encasing her body.

OOC: Okay, [url=http://www.muvgallery.com/displayimage.php?album=10&pos=75]this[/url] is what she wears. ^___________^[/color][/font][/size]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]Ashton was now with the other four, his body being pulled out from earth for no reason. Or so he thought. As the spirit had finished his speech with the word "Angels," Ashton felt a surge of pain start up at his head, then spread all the way down to his feet. He silently scremed in pain as he thought to himself, over and over. "What the ****?! What the ****?! What the HELL is going on now?! My body feels like it's going to burn!"

He felt the pain surge through him; it felt as though someone were burning his insides. Everything hurt as if there were no tomorrow. But the pain was then concentrated to two spots on his back, and that was when his white, feathery wings sprouted forth. As the grew outward, the pain increased. The last thing Daisetsu saw from the pain, was a new suit he was wearing- a hooded silver shirt, with one long sleeve, silver pants, black boots and one black glove. He fell asleep into his own pain.[/FONT]
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[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Dark walked slowly on a hill looking down apon Kingdom Vidia. He folder his wings over his body and then closed his heavy black coat. He could now pass for human if it wasn't for his eyes. His eyes looked human on a glance but to stare deep into them is like staring at a monster. Eyes are the windows to the soul so they say, and you cannot hide you soul. He walked briskly down to the kingdom who's streets where abandoned at this time of night. Finding the nearest pub/inn he entered it. The occupants were drunk with delight laughing and flirting with the bar maids bringing them thier drinks and whores some looking for money others for a good time, money was the benefit.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Disgusting" Dark muttered under his breath taking a seat in a corner towards the back.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"So what can I get ya?" A bar maid asked slapping the hand of guys reaching for her ***.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"water" Dark said coldly.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Just one moment" The bar maid replied walking to the bar.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]She came back brandishing the liquid and set it on the table. Dark looked down at the mug and inserted his finger in the liquid and began stirring it slowly. Ice crystals began to form on the top before he took his finger out and drank some of the freezing liquid.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Hey there whats a good looking guy doing in this corner all by your self, dont you want some company?" She said placing her hand on the side of Dark's face and caressing it. "Ohhh your so cold, let me warm you up a bit"[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"I dont need company from your kind" Dark said harshly grabbing her hand from his face.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Fine" She said raising her chin an walking off.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"I'm sorry about that I told her to do it, you looked like youve been traveling for awhile and could use some company" A man said pulling up a chair across from Dark. "So what brings you here?"[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Do you know anything about the demons in Vain" Dark asked staring at his drink.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Why would you want to know something like that you got a death wish or something" The man asked shocked from the question.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"I can handle myself, so do you or not?" Dark asked sllightly annoyed.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"I know of 3, one that uses fire to demolish everything, another that loves killing children and the third uses ice to level anything human I heard the fire demon attacked a kingdom not to far from here a couple of hours ago" The man said grimly.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"thanks" Dark said getting up and going to the middle of the room taking off his cloak.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]"Dont mention i--- DEMON" the guy yelled realizing what Dark was.[/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Dark crouched down and srtetched his wings, his body started to glow pale blue. As he straitened ice shards shot everywhere in the room impailing ever human in sight. He cracked his neck before walking to the door and kicking it down and flying into the sky. He scaned the horizon for fire and found. He started flying towards it raining gaint ice shards on the kingdom below him as he passed.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Imric's ears twitched and he turned around in mid-air looking over his shoulder. He could sense something coming towards him....but he wasn?t sure what...
"Hmph...whatever it is, it sure is evil." he shrugged feeling the dark energy the being was emitting getting closer.
He thought, he had known one of the demons. He had grown quite fond of him....even called him a friend. But they hadn?t seen each other in quite a few months.
"It wouldn?t be him...would it?" Imric thought, he tapped his head. 'What was his name?!' he thought to himself, angry that he couldn?t think of it.
He looked down at the screaming villagers below him,
"Shut up!" he shouted, "I'm trying to think!" he rolled his eyes and laughed again...humans where such fun to toy with. He blasted the village with another horde of flames, scorching everything in site.
The screaming died down...."Finally...." Imric thought out loud. "Now what was I....DARK!" he punched his palm as he remembered the name.
'Dark...how the hell did I forget [I]that[/I] name?' he thought to himself and laughing slightly.
Imric looked at the village once more and smirked, 'That's enough damage for one night....' he flew down and landed in an open field. He needed no sleep so he would just sit and meditate until the next wave of violence hit him.
He sat down on a rock and crossed his legs and arms and closed his bright green eyes, waiting until someone foolish enough disturbed him.[/COLOR]
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[i][color=navy]Maersto was fast asleep, his back leaning on the trunk of a near-by tree. Niji couldn’t sleep. She played with the fire a while, making it wave this way and that, she even became so bored that she stooped to poking at the burning ashes of the child’s bones with a stick. Maersto gave a sharp snort, muttered something, and shifted his position so he was leaning on his left shoulder more than his right.[/i]

Heh. For a demon, he sure doesn’t act too superior. He acts like a bum, for crying out loud! Look at him! He snorts in his sleep, his clothes are torn… well, that’s mostly my fault, but still, he should have better manners, I mean he’s been this way for-what? - twelve years as far as I know! And maybe more! [i]Niji thought to herself. She gave a sigh and looked up at the stars. They were shinning extra bright tonight.[/i] I guess some things never change.

[i]Niji decided that she was bored here and that it would be much more fun to take a short flight, just to see the sky closer. Niji stood up and beat her wings. She soared gracefully in the air and hovered in one spot so she could look at the moon. It had taken her a long time to strengthen her wings enough to hold her for a while because they are so small. It required countless hours of work to make them strong enough to hold her for even a few minutes. Now they can only hold her for about and hour or so before she is drained from exhaustion and passes out. So she usually never stays up longer than about thirty minutes if she can help it. She’s still working on her wings, too.[/i]

If only I could be normal. Every other demon either has fully developed, strong, elegant wings or no wings at all, I have stubs that can hardly hold me for thirty minutes. [i]She thought. She hovered there wallowing in her misery until she felt something. A light breeze appeared from nowhere and ceased almost as quickly as it had come and with it a soft glow on the horizon as if from angels.

“Strange. Sunrise isn't for another two hours or so.” Niji said aloud. But she couldn't help but notice the light was several hundred, maybe even a thousand, miles away. She listened intently for anything else. All she heard were soft cries from a terrorized city, muffled by the distance. She was about to go looking for the angels, but she made out another sound. It sounded like wings. Not angel wings, or bird wings, or bat wings, demon wings. Niji dropped into a dive towards her camp. She as she dove she put out the fire with a wave of her hand. When she landed, she took apart the spit and fire pit and hid the materials in the bushes, leaving the clearing as though no one had touched it. She pulled her master back behind a bush and leaned him against the other side of the tree, the side facing away from the clearing while she peaked over the bush into the clearing. Her master seemed not to be disturbed by any of this and the wings were getting closer.[/i]

D***. It still smells like smoke! They’re bound to stop now! What if master wakes up? Or worse, what if he talks in his sleep or snorts again? I don’t know if I can take on a demon now, I haven’t had time to heal yet! I told master training by battle was dangerous! But no, it’s “good” for me! [i]Niji thought. She was a little panicked, but mostly worried for her master; he couldn’t fight. What if she failed him and lost the battle? Then what would he do? The beating of wings was louder now and seemed to be right over their heads.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hana replayed the scene in her head over and over again. [I]This can't be happening. I must be dead or why else would I be in total darkness. This is horriable I don't want to die.[/I] She curlled her body upclose to herself.

A spirit appeared before her eyes and began to speak. As his word came to her she heard the yet his mouth did not move. The spirit was strange she had never seen anyone who did not show as much emotion as he did. [I]What is this guy talking about. I am no angel or have I ever heard of Vain.[/I] As the spirit finished speaking Hana bgan to feel strange.

Her body felt as if it was one fire. It started with her back and spread throughout her body. He vision began to blurr and her mind became a jumble of nonsense.The flower on her head died and became red carnations. Her hair became straight and flowed to her shoulders. Hana felt her cloth began to burn off, leaving her naked and exposed. Small wings shot from her back making her wriggle with pain. Hana eyes began to tear. a long red dress appeared on her body. A lighter red made up the sleeves and lead to the red puffy shoulders. The dress grew down to her feet and a pattern of flower and leaves apperead on the bottom in white. Ribbons swirled around her waist and hung loosely their.

Hana breathed relief for the pain was subsiding. Her body was exaugtes mentally and physically. Her eyes closed and she fell asleep. Hana's body still begining pulled through the galaxy with the others to thte plant Yu.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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