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Project: True Destiny Unwinds [M-LSV]


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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][CENTER][U]Project: True Destiny Unwinds[/U][/CENTER][/SIZE]
[CENTER][B]In the middle of Syon Desert...[/B][/CENTER]

[I]A military base, formed about fifty years ago, became the centre of a secret operation. The base stretched out one mile in radius, but beneath the red sands of the vast Syon desert, it drove 100 feet into the ground - creating an underground operations system. The leader of Syon Military Base was Darcon De'Larne. In this base, they created Hi-Tech Mechanical Machinery for the wars that might occur in the times ahead??

Here, they were able to intercept terrorist calls, emergency calls, etc. But this time, there were no warnings given, no sign of what was to come.......whoever thought that the Galaxy, which seemed so beautiful and peaceful, would hold such a terrifying destructive secret.....[/I]

? Doctor Kane, the MechAnimas won?t respond to any of the pilots we have tested. The wave patterns of the mechs and the pilots have different wavelengths. The amplitude of the mechs are less than that of the pilots.?

A man in a white laboratory coat paced around in circles, digesting this news.

? Doctor Kane??
? Yes I heard you,? he snapped back.
[I]So, the Animas refuse to let anyone over a certain age pilot them. How curious?how indeed will we fix this problem? Could this have something to do with their personalities? Their AI? Let us hope that we find pilots soon otherwise this Project will be terminated.[/I]

[COLOR=Red][CENTER][B]In the heart of Sandon, the Capital - a city of beauty and love?[/B][/CENTER]

Sunlight beamed through the rectangle windows of a classroom in Lockyer High. Familiar voices echoed through the corridors outside and familiar faces crowded the classroom. Outside, the sky, as blue as the ocean itself, was not hidden behind clouds this perfect day.

[CENTER][B]Valentine?s Day.[/B][/CENTER]

The whole school was decked in the colour red. Steamers, heart-shaped banners, small cut-out cupids, plastic roses and balloons all decorated the many corridors of the school, most of them slowly turning in the gentle breeze that eased through the school.

Throughout the school, boys and girls were giving their Valentines heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, sweet smelling red roses, cute fluffy teddy bears and on the rare occasion, sparkling garments of jewellery.

It was a day based on happiness, friendship ???but most of all, love.


Probably the strongest word in the English language and all its translations.

Overused, but when really meant, it is the strongest bond any human being, including teenagers, could ever dream of.

But for a group of teenagers, the meaning of this word, and so many others they know but don?t realise the true meaning of, will become apparent to them after this day. Encountering dangers of unknown kinds, they will strive to keep themselves and each other alive until the approaching war is over. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Trebuchet MS] [b]In Syon base?[/B]

Alarms rang all over the military base. The ground shook madly. Doctor Kane rushed into the control room.
? What?s happening? Why has the alarm been triggered?? he demanded coldly.

A soldier swivelled around on his chair. ? It?s the MechAnimas sir. A few minutes ago, our surveillance cameras showed they were going berserk. Attacking the walls and each other. We don?t know exactly how much damage they have caused. The very ground shook as they attacked. What?s happening Doctor??

? I don?t know, but deactivate them immediately before they cause any more damage! SHUT THEM DOWN OFFICIER!?

The soldier swivelled back around and typed furiously at his keyboard.

? I can?t shut them down Doctor! They are blocking my attempts to get into their AI!? the soldier replied, looking at his screen in disbelief.

Doctor Kane looked horrified. [I]We need those pilots soon, before these damn machines destroy the whole base![/I]

[COLOR=Red] [B]Meanwhile, at Lockyer High?[/B]

Warm sunlight filtered through the open window beside Sora?s desk. Sora looked absent-mindedly out the window and at the sky.

? Miss Avian! Tell me the limit of the principle differentiation equation?? Mr Wilkins, Sora?s algebra teacher, barked.

Without turning her head, Sora sighed and answered his question.
? Sir, the principle differentiation equation has no limits.?

The class sniggered. They knew better than to ask Sora a question when she was looking out the window. All of them knew she listened intensely and took notes but it didn?t seem to get through the teachers? thick heads.

Mr Wilkins stood there tight-lipped.
? Miss Avian, it would do you better to look at the board and copy down notes.?

Sora held up her book, showing Wilko, so the students called him, that her book was full of notes. Wilko was again tight-lipped.

Suddenly the bell rang. The whole class, still sniggering, stood and started to move out of the classroom.
? Make sure you do exercise 11.1 for homework, the whole of the exercise!? Wilko yelled over the noise of the exiting students. Sora gathered her things and exited with the rest.

As soon as they were into the corridor, the whole algebra class burst out laughing.
? Geez Sora! You really stuck it to Wilko this time!? Oliver, one of Sora?s classmates, said.
? Everyone knows that you should never ask Sora a question when you?re looking out a window!? Eva laughed, ? You always get it right! And we all know you?re listening.?
? Yeah. The teachers just can?t seem to get it through their thick skulls,? Sora added. The class laughed again and then dispersed to their lockers.

Sora walked to hers alone, saying hi to everyone she knew who walked past. She was a popular girl, but not because of looks or being rich or snobby, it was because she was always funny and sarcastic and was a true individual.

Opening the door to her locker, she saw a few red envelopes on top of her schoolbooks. Valentine letters. She was quite surprised at getting so many. Placing them in her pockets to read in private, Sora set down her folder and pencil case and grabbed her money for lunch.

Sora walked to the cafeteria to buy a chicken Caesar salad and a bottle of orange juice. She sat down, after buying her lunch, at a large wooden table in the spacious lunch room. Like the rest of the school, except for the labs, it was decorated with all things Valentine-y.

[I] Oh bugger, I have gymnastics practice after school today. Bummer?. I can?t go out tonight?.there was a really good movie at the cinemas I wanted to see?.damn?.[/I]

Sora picked up her fork and dug into her salad, feeling particularly hungry this romance-filled day.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: Ok fellow RPers, just do something schooly and show us a little bit about your character. And you must finish your post sitting with my character because we need to be in a group for the next revealing post! :)
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Sayne stood up from his desk and looked around....Valentines day....he frowned. He didn't know much about it but he was told that its a day you show someone that you care....although even that was strange to him..he saw alot of people were carrying alot of cards, boxes of chocolate, soft toys.... Even on the way to school it was the same. People carried gifts and because Sora was the only person he actually knew he picked her a rose.

Sayne frowned as he withdrew a white rose from his desk. It was strange...he had never done this for anyone.....and he didn't know if Sora would accept it only because he hardly showed anything to her...not a smile....not even an emotion. He was always serious but one thing he did know.....he liked her...alot.

Sayne walked to his locker and pulled the door open only to have a whole bunch of Valentines cards, chocolates and other vatentine gifts fall out.

'What the hell....' he mumbled under his breath as he picked them up. as he picked them up. raised a brow and then shoved them into his bag...only because they were cramming up his locker. slammed it shut and carried on to the cafeteria.

He walked through the doors and the first person he saw was Sora. He grabbed his lunch and walked over to her and sat down across from her

'Hey Sayne,' she smiled even though she knew she wouldn't get a smile back...only a gaze and then he'd carry on with what he was doing

'Hi,' he spoke in his monotone way.

'How was your day?' she asked still smiling

'It was going good until I opened my locker,' he replied as he took a bite of his sandwhich he got.

Sora laughed, Sayne liked the way she laughed...although he wouldn't show it.

'You know Sayne, you've been here for two months and still your so serious,' she smiled as she ate her salad.

'...hn...' was his reply as always when he didn't feel like answering or taking any notice.

'Sometimes I wonder....if you even have a heart,' she whispered loud enough for him to hear.

At that moment he then pulled the white rose from the inside of his jacket. Sora nearly choked as she looked at Sayne...one person she never thought in all her life would show any kind of emotion like that.

'Don't you want it?' he questioned as he raised a brow while looking at her and what happened next just about made her fall off her chair....at the corner of his lips...was a smile....she looked around and then looked back..it was still there....she couldn't believe that he actually smiled at her.

Sayne placed the rose down beside her plate. he smiled slightly at her..something noone has ever seen and then went back to eating his sandwhich. Sayne felt strange...he always felt strange around her.....and he was hoping...actually hoping that she liked the rose....as he sat there and looked around people were handing out red roses..not white....his rose was the only one that looked odd...but he didn't care..he hated copying everyone else.
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Elizabeth was late for PE class once again. She ran her hardest to the gym, and tried opening the door. She realized Tawny and her friends had already gotten there. She cursed under her breath and slammed her fists on the Gym door.

"Let me in Tawny!!!! I'm going to be late! This isn't funny anymore! Damn, why can't you girls just grow up!!!!!" she hollered. She slammed her fist one last time, when the doors suddenly opened.

"Look what we've got here Jenny, Daddy's little princess." Tawny said. Elizabeth looked at her with hatred as Tawny toussled her hair. Elizabeth tried to get past them, but Tawny and Jenny stopped her.

"What in God's name are you guys trying this time?" Elizabeth said as she folded her arms against her chest.

"Just a little target practice." Jenny said as she pushed Elizabeth to the wall. Tawny punched her in the stomach and they both tried to pin her to the ground. But Elizabeth was a lot faster than them. She sprang up and kicked them both in the face. As they regained their balance, Elizabeth took advantage of the moment and ran into the Gym where she quickly got into her gym clothes. She looked back over at the door, and noticed a flaming Tawny and a bloody nose on Jenny. Elizabeth smiled sweetly and headed out for the class. She made it on time.


It was lunch time, people were heading off with their boyfriends or girlfriends, or just friends and eating lunch in circles. Elizabeth smiled as she often would. She never had time to create good friends or even keep friends for that matter. She went to the cafeteria and passed Tawny's table. Tawny put her foot out and tripped Elizabeth so her food fell on the floor. She hated school.... she hated Tawny. She was about to punch her when she saw a girl around her age.... Sora.... come over and help her with her things.

"Hey, come over and sit with us... there's plenty of room at our table." she said with a smile. She had a cute smile. Elizabeth smiled back. She got up and smiled at Tawny and Jenny as she walked past them. But not before back handing Jenny on the head. Jenny was about to strike when Tawny stopped her.

Elizabeth made her way to the table and sat down. She felt pretty okay sitting there, it was a new experience for her. Usually she would sit by herself, but to sit with others, usually made her uncomfortable. But the table was pretty quiet anyway, so she didn't worry about having to keep up a conversation. She was never good at those.

"You have a name?" Sora asked.

"Elizabeth Walker." she said with a smile.

"I'm Sora, and this is Sayne." Sayne looked up and nodded his hello as he continued eating.

"Nice to meet you both." she said. She continued eating what wasn't ruined in her lovely run in with Tawny and waited for the bell to ring.
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[COLOR=Green]?Do you know why you?re having detention with me Mr King??
?Err I slept through your class??
Mr Sheehan slapped his copy of senior physics on the lab desk.
?Do you even know what chapter were are on Darrius?
?Well perhaps you?re not as stupid as u act, do the complex reasoning questions at the end of the chapter then you can go to lunch?
?Right? said Darrius picking up the teachers copy from the desk.
?Oh and Darrius don?t use my class catch up on sleep in the future or find your self a more entertaining subject.? With that Mr Sheehan plucked the textbook from his hands and strode out of the class room.


Darrius walked way from the cafeteria in disgust, the candy bar was closed.
Nursing a cup of noodles he meandered his way through the lunch room looking for a place to park his disgruntled ass. Spotting a familiar face Darrius made a bee line for Soras table hoping to lighten his mood by having a chat with his friend since childhood.
?Hey Sora?
?Where did u come from, Darrius?
?Detention, Sheeney, napping, long story, hey who are your friends?
?Oh this is Sayne, and this is Elizabeth Walker, guys this is Darrius ?
After brief introductions Darrius was content to just eating and starting up friendly banter with Elizabeth.[/COLOR]
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OOC:James is an NPC. I'm glad this started up! And before this RPG really starts, I'd like to say that I wanted to amend my bio to make Keiji a relatively rich guy. His dad is the CEO of some company. Just so ya'll know.

Keiji laughed, after hearing a particularly good joke from his friend.

"Whoa. I'm not usually one for dirty jokes, but that one was hilarious, man!" Keiji exclaimed. The whole joke blurred after hearing what the woman did to the horny guy. But it was funny nonetheless.

"Well, let's get to lunch, right man?" James and Keiji walked down the hall, and went into the lunch room. Keiji saw Sayne, the relatively quiet guy, and Sora, an extremely smart girl. James peeled off from Keiji, and went his separate way. A group of girls smiled and waved at him from across the room. He waved back, and a chorus of "Oh my god, did he look at us?!" echoed across the lunch hall. Keiji quickly sat down, hoping not to draw any extra attention to himself.

"Hello to all! And how are you people today?" Keiji already knew them all. He didn't know all of them very well, but he was social enough to have talked to them all at least once. Most responded with a 'hey' and Sayne didn't say anything. He sat down at the table, and looked at everyone.

"Well, who here has a valentine?" Elizabeth ventured to ask the table. No one replied in the affirmative or raised a hand. It was a rather pitiful sight.

"Yep. No one. That's how some of these 02.14's go, right?" Sora replied.

"Well, I got you this rose, Elizabeth, and you this box of chocolates, Sora. I hope you both like them." The rose had costed around $50, and the box of chocolates was wrapped in a purple silk ribbon, and enclosed was another expensive purchase. Pure french chocolate. That costed $70. But their expressions were priceless.

Sora looked around, with uncomfortable eyes, as she was the object of many guy's affection at the table. Elizabeth blushed.

"Thank you." they both reluctantly said. The guys looked like they all wanted to decapitate Keiji. They were thinking things like "Damn him!" and "Let's kill him" either because he was rich and bought these two girls such gifts and 1 upped them, or because they say him as a threat.

Keiji wasn't an idiot. He knew they thought he was a jerk, but he couldn't say anything like "Hey, I'm not a jerk" or "Do you hate me because I'm rich?" without it making him look like a conceeded jerk. He looked at the ground. Both the girls looked rather agitated, embarressed, or angry. He could not tell which.

"No need to seem so exited. Later." He walked away, quickly shaking off his let down.
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Time had come, it was time for third sixth period math. Everyones least favorite subject. Today they had a quiz. Pop, of course. As the students filled in to the classroom, they began to notice that mr. cummings, the normak teacher, was indded not here today. A sub, tall, dark, not bulky but not exatly weak.

" hello class, I am Fei. Not Mr Fei, Just Fei... any questions?"

" Yeah, we still got a quiz?" rang up a small kid sitting in the back of the class.

" no, I hate quiz's. So, who would like a free day?" Retorted Fei.

" sweet, this guy rocks!" rang up many people in the class.

Fei lay his head down and began to nap. Not thiinking about how he was once like that, a nerdy kid. Now he was a sub teacher. Not the best job ever but hey, it payed the billes. He dreamed, deep meaninless dreams, no doubt about elly..

:: ring ring ring:

" ahhh, wha-oh, um see you tomorow, Mr. cummings has the flu." He got up and tryed to walk out. The door was stuck. He wondered if there was a trick to open the door.

" anybody have any idea?"
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]blah..blah...blah. Cliff was getting tired of his calculus teacher Mr. Ross. he wanted to doze off but he couldn't because he cant sleep in the day. he sighed and said dammit this is really boring. he then stuch his hand in his pocket to check up on something. hmmmm i see it is still here hehehe. he took out a small box and opened it. it held a beautiful emerald ring brimmimg with light. ahhhh its beatiful he said Maria will sure love this. He then read the inscription "To Maria With All My Love-Cliff"

Its perfect i bet she will soooo love this.

10 minutes the bell rang to lunch and all the students packed heir stuff and left.Cliff was the first out the door he was running to see Maria. He ran the fastest he has ever ran before he then got to Maria's locker. Hey Maria?.....ummm yes cliff? well i would like to give you this token of our love....Cliff hands the box over. What is it? Maria said with excitement as she opened the box. Ohhhh my god!!!!!!! she said as she grew tears of joy in her eye. I love you sooooo much sweetie she said Cliff just smiled. Maria then gave Cliff a big kiss.

Lets go to eat lunch sweetie. ok said Cliff. they both held hands as they walked to the lunchroom. I will pay for you lunch maria and i also got another special treat he said smiling. Maria was just too happy to say anything. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Elizabeth sat there as the table got even more crowded. She got up from her seat and threw away her garbage. She didn't know any of these people, and it was starting to get to her. She went over to Sora and put her hand on her shoulder and whispered a thank you. Sora looked at her and asked her to stay. Elizabeth smiled.

"I'll be back in a while..." she said and turned around and almost forgot the rose. She picked it up and held it as she walked away. She smiled as she smelt it's fragrance and headed for the field. She felt uncomfortable with it all.... especially since she barely knew him and he had gotten her such a lovely gift. She put the rose in her bag and walked until she reached the fence at the edge of the field. She put her fingers through the grate and stared outside. She wanted to leave.... she didn't want to stay anymore. A soft wind blew and the sun beat down through the trees. She wasn't social.... she hated large crowds.... she had been in and out of the school through out her high school years, and the only things she gained were enemies.

Her thoughts went to her father. She smiled... They had just returned from another overseas trip... Her father was a Fleet Admiral of an assault landing submarine, the [i]Shadow[/i]. Periodically, they would take trips there so he could oversee and check up on the crew and maintanace of the ship.... the water was like a second home for her... she often would imagine that her mother was a part of the sea... and when they would leave.... she was closer to her mother. Her father never told her anything about her mother. But she understood such things were hard to speak of. She died when Elizabeth was 4, and her father had been using work to distract himself from the pain. But she knew he missed her... more than he let on. And even though she never knew her mother.... she missed her too.... she needed a mother in her life...... but she would never tell her father..... because she was afraid of hurting his feelings.... her father was her best friend... and he cared for her more than anything else in the world.

Lunch was almost over.... Elizabeth picked up her things and headed for the cafeteria... She couldn't wait for the day to end....
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" Come on let me out of lunch detention , lunch is going to end, I need to eat." Vick complained to Mr.Gardner.

" You should of read your english book Vick, Just because your some standout around here dose not give you a excuse to not read." said a very strict Mr.Gardner.

A kid from the back of the class yelled at Vick and told him to shut up or every one will be staying for all of lunch.

" Everyone stop talking to Vick he loves the attention, Vick just get out of here and go to lunch." said Mr.Gardner

" Thanks Mr.Gardner." Vick looked at the other students and gave a big smile." When you lossers become a big name like me then you get your way." Vick walked out of the door and ran straight for the cafeteria. On arrival to the cafeteria Vick saw the biggest line he had ever seen at lunch.

" Damn it, hey let me cut in line i'll pay you back kid." The kid looked at Vick and said no. Vick looked down at the ground and was going to walk away from the line but than some one called out his name.

" Vick over here at the table , I picked up a large pizza come and eat."

" Well thanks Rey taking care of your star wide reciver." Vick notice that this table was very crowded and he looked around , Vick felt that everyone was one of those people that hated him. " Damn it all the Vick haters...Sora I wonder if she is one of those that hate me."

Vick walked over to Sora and put a valentine right in front of her. " What a lucky girl you are to get a valentine from me, mine has more credibility than the others."
Vicked walked away and said something smart to the others around the table.
" Don't hate me because you are having a bad valentine's day. Maybe if you had my name then you would have a great valentine's day."
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OOC: IM very sorry about my first post you guys. The bell rang, I was at school. ^^

" Um, Mr.. uh, Fei, sir. You have to unlock the door." Said a shy young woman in the back row of the class.

" Oh, I knew that, I was uh, testing you? "
He knew he looked like a loser. He did not care. Nothing was important to a man who had it all. Popularity,Money,Cars, even the sweetest Girl in the world. It was even sweeter, though, when you know that you earned it, and it was not givin to you at birth-right. However, those were all just conceptions that meant nothing. He was a sub now. Nothing was important. Not after he had lost her...

" Well, what are you waiting for? The food to get cold? "

No, sooner had he un-locked the door then had a stampeding heard-like rampage of kids almost trampled him. It wasent important, as a sub he had permision to cut in line. As he ariived in the caffeteria he saw what could only be considered mass histeria with a side of controlled chaos. It was far to loud. Good thing he had a headache eh?

It was far too much for him to stomach, he would not eat crappy cafateria school food [I]AND [/I] listen to all this racket. Not a chance in hell. He walked over to the nearest avalable chair...

" Excuse me.... EXCUSE ME! " Nothing worked. He cuped his hands and with one finnal yell of deperation he emptied his lungs . [B]" EXCUSE ME!!!"[/B]

The job was done, not a soul in the cafateria wasent looking at him right now. He simply put his fore-finger upon his lips and made the 'hush' motion.

" What a loser." A young mans voice rang out. The entire cafateria let out a collective 'ooohhh'. Shortly follwed by an " get him vick ".

"Yes, vick. Why dont you come get it. Dont worry Ill go easy on you. What, not so tough when you have to stand up? " It was an empty threat, he knew he would never get work at the school again if he struck someone.

A rather buff loking young man, most certainly a senior, stood up and rang back.
" Duck man, because its about to get heavy... FOOD FIGHT "

The entire Cafateria erupted with a sheer extasy of emotion. Fei Ducked out just in time as the food really started to fly. The kids inside forgot all about class, who-is-who and the soforths and just had fun.

" Damn, way to cheery in here. I need a cigaret." Fei mumbled to himself as he stood outside in the courtyard. Lighting up...
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[COLOR=Navy]Sakura sat at her table in Geography, she sighed and continued to make her notes on her palm computer. Geography was one of the most boring subjects that she had. Only being beaten by Maths. She glanced to the table on her right and saw her best friend and secret love, David. He looked as bored as she did, only difference was he wasn't making any notes at all. Sakura noted that they had a test in two days and tried to take as many notes as possible. It didn't matter if David never took notes, Sakura always gave him the ones she made anyway. When the bell rang, Sakura almost jumped with joy, and they headed out of class.

[B]"That was one of the most boring lessons ever."[/B] David yawned.

Sakura just smiled at him as they walked outside together.

[B]"Oh sorry Sakura, I gotta do something this lunch. Uh....I'll see you in....Maths."[/B] he groaned.

[B]"Haha, alright, seeyou then"[/B] Sakura laughed.

[B]"Oh, and uh....this is for you."[/B] David said, holding out something.

Sakura looked at it and saw a rose with a red envelope attached to it. Sakura looked up at him and he blushed. She smiled and took it from him.

[B]"Thanks."[/B] she said, hugging him.

Then they parted seperate ways and Sakura looked for somewhere to eat. Most of the tables were full, then she spotted one and went over. There was a number of people there already, but there was still room. She went over and asked if she could sit, they let her join and she took a seat. Sakura smelled the rose and put it safely into her bag where it wouldn't be squashed, then she took out her sandwich and started to eat.[/COLOR]
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"Dale. Da-a-ale..."

There was no real need to turn around. After all, he'd deliberately turned away in the hope that Tom would give up before even considering bothering him. He'd already figured it wouldn't work, especially on this day of the year, but there's never anything wrong with hope. That is, until it runs out. But until it ran out, he was perfectly willing to just sit there.

"Dale! ........... HEY!"

He new perfectly well what was coming next, and, as he expected, Tom suddenly pulled the headphones out of his ear. It would just take a few more seconds, and......

"Wow Dale. You really listen to this stuff?"

...... right on cue. Dale quickly turned around, to find Tom looking at him with the usual smirk on his face.

"Right. Like yours is any better."

Tom's smirk quickly faded. Dale had made sure thathe had a mouthful of food before turning around, with half of it now splattered across Tom's new shirt.

"REAL mature Dale. You should rea-"

"I know. I should really stop taking advantage of idiots, but hey, it's never gonna happen."

"You know, you'd keep more friends if you didn't talk."

Dale shrugged, "Like I said, never gonna happen."
Dale swallowed what was left of the food in his mouth, and leaned back into the seat. It was becoming painfully obvious by the look on Tom's face that his hope had just ran out. He braced himself for what was about to come.

"So, Dale..." Tom folded his arms on the table, and pushed down on them as he leant over the table. "......how's the love life?"

"I new you were going to say that."

"Well of course. It is Valentine's Day, isn't it? Well Dale? Any Valentines yet?"

"I wouldn't know."

"What, the whole broken locker excuse again?"

Just that instant, Dale made the fatal mistake of glancing past Tom towards a table at the other end of the cafeteria. He recognised a couple of them. Sora Avian was one. Even someone as unpopular as Dale couldn't go around the school without knowing her name. Then there were two guys, one of which he vaguely recognised, though not by name, and another one who was completely new to him. But he didn't really care about that. The last person was a different matter though. He felt quite ashamed that he didn't even know her name yet.

"Tough luck Dale, looks like you got the wrong girl."

Dale, who had been trying desperately to remember the girl's name, looked back to see that Sora had left her seat, and was walking towards him. She must have noticed him looking over to the table.


He would have felt incredibly uncomfortable, if not for fact that the guy who'd been sitting across from Sora looked just as confused as he did.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Red]Sora walked over to the table with Tom and Dale sitting at it. She had watched Dale and Tom?s tiff.
? Hey Dale, do you want to come over and sit at our table??
? Why not?? Dale replied and followed her over to their table.

Sora sat and looked around the table. She was quite shocked at all the Valentine?s she had received. Never in her life would she have thought she was this popular with boys?never.

Sora lent over to Sayne.
? Thank you for the rose. White ones are my favourites,? she whispered into his ear. That eluding smile came quickly to his lips, but as soon as it had come, it vanished.

Elizabeth walked back into the cafeteria and sat down next to Sora.
? Glad to have you back,? Sora said warmly. Elizabeth smiled back.

The table, she had once sat alone at, was now full of people of different sorts. Sayne, the quiet guy. Elizabeth, the one that was always bullied by Tawny and her followers. Darrius, Sora?s childhood friend and companion in chaos in their neighbourhood. Keiji, the rich kid. Vick, the attention seeker. The cool, calm and collected Sakura. Dale, the sarcastic one.

Another guy joined their group silently. Cliff, the one who was romantically involved with Maria, a really nice girl.

[B]Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the building. Many people screamed and the lights went out. Windows shattered inwards, cutting people ? Sora herself copped one in the back of the head. Everyone hit the floor. Sora and the others hid under their table as a piece of the ceiling landed heavily on their table, right where Sakura was sitting.
? What the hell??

Soon the fire alarm started to ring. Teachers were soon scurrying around, gathering up hysterical students and marching them outside. Everyone that sat at Sora?s table was escorted outside with Mr Fei, the substitute for Mr Cummings.
? Everyone?s been told to go outside. I?m designated to your group,? he said over the alarm. The students nodded, wondering what in god?s name had happened.

Once they were ushered outside by Mr Fei, they knew. In the distance, where the high-rises of Sandon were, lots of smoke drifted towards the sky. The normal number of high-rises that normally could be seen were cut in half. A huge shadow loomed ominously in the sky. It was like some sort of spacecraft from Stars Wars or some futuristic sci-fi movie. Smoke trailed from its rear as it slowly made its way across the sky. Sora and Sayne looked up. Fighter jets scrambled around it, firing their weapons upon it. The group looked towards the west, half of the city was completely destroyed. Not a single building was left. It was an empty plain of crumbled building and dead bodies just metres away from the school.[/B]

Tears welled up in Sora?s eyes as she felt her heart break. Her mother and sister were at the doctors at one of the western suburbs that were decimated. The tears rolled down her cheeks.
? MAMA! SELENE!? she yelled out and ran towards the destroyed streets.
? NO SORA!? yelled Darrius, grabbing her around the waist and continued with the group. He let go of Sora, who collapsed on the ground, crying.
? What?s the matter Sora? What?s wrong?? Darrius asked, crouching down to her.
? Mum and Selene were in Mt Gravatt when that thing destroyed half the city?they?re?dead??
? What??
? Selene was sick?Mum took her to the doctor there,? Sora said through the sobs.

Mr Fei came over to them.
? Come on guys, the government has released a statement saying that all survivors are to go to Syon Desert Base.?
? My father works there,? Sayne said softly.
? So does Sora?s,? Darrius said, comforting Sora.
? Well they?ve organised the school and the rest of survivors to stay there,? Mr Fei said. The group boarded a bus and were taken to Syon base.

Minutes earlier?

Doctor Kane typed furiously, looking at a screen with schematics all over it.
? Damn it?why?why?why are the MechAnimas attacking each other and the base? Are they trying to tell us something??

The attack alarm went off. Doctor Kane looked up and then rushed to the control room.
? STATUS REPORT!? he demanded.
? Sir, an unknown flying object has entered military airspace. It is nothing like any human technology?the Capital has sent warning of a UFO entering the Earth?s atmosphere.?

A deep, booming voice came behind Doctor Kane.
? Send out all fighter jets. Alert the stealth bombers. We?ll need all the firepower we can get.?
Doctor Kane turned around and saw General Tame.
? General??
? Doctor??
? What is happening??
? A UFO has entered the Earth?s atmosphere. Reports from far and wide show that is it alien technology, far more advanced than ours. If the MechAnimas were working, I would send them out, but since YOU haven?t found any pilots yet, I am disabled.?
Doctor Kane growled.
? It is not MY fault that the MechAnimas won?t accept YOUR second rate pilots??
? HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY MEN!? General Tame roared, confronting the Doctor abruptly.
? Then don?t insult my work!? Doctor Kane replied.
The General stood there white-lipped.

? SIR! Reports have come in from the Capital that the spaceship attack half of the city! It says that nothing is left and they are sending the survivors here!?
? What?!? the General roared again. He strode over to the control panel and grabbed the microphone.
? ALL PERSONELL TO TOPSIDE, READY FOR REFUGEES TO ENTER BASE!? He repeated the message three more times and let go of the microphone.
? I?m going to give out orders. Commander Rei, I leave you in charge.?
A young officer stood. ? Yes Sir!?
The General eyed the Doctor as he marched out into the corridor to organise room for the refugees? arrival.

The bus slowed at the gates of Syon base. Sora had stopped sobbing but tears still rolled down her cheeks. It was so hard to believe that her mother and sister had perished. Her father wouldn?t have heard the news yet. She was extremely eager to find him. He was the only one she had left.

The bus passed through the gates and entered a tunnel. It stopped on a huge circular disc at the end of the tunnel. Sora watched ten other buses park behind her. A sudden jerk shocked Sora as she realised they were now going down into the base. A few minutes ride and they stopped again. Darkness was all around them. A line of lights lit up before them and the bus started again and was off.

Then darkness?

This pattern continued for another half an hour. Sora knew the Syon military base was expansive but she didn?t realise actually how big it was until now. The bus with Mr Fei and all the people on her table at school stopped and the door opened. Mr Fei ushered them out and they found themselves in a vast jet hanger, devoid of any planes but the smell of fuel still lingered.

The group kept together, not daring to stray away just in case they got lost. Walking into the dimly lit hanger, they saw many other people like them ? lost, confused and saddened by the sudden devious event.

A tall, muscular man suddenly appeared in front of them.
? School group?? he asked in a gruff voice. The voice sounded familiar to Sora.
? Papa?? she asked loudly.
? Sora??
? PAPA!?
Sora ran to the man and his face appeared. ? SORA!? he said as he saw her face in the dim light. He bent down swiftly and hugged her tightly.
? Papa! Mama and Selene are dead! They were in the western suburbs when that thing hit!? Sora said, tears reappearing.
? No, Elise?Selene?? her father whispered. He hugged Sora tighter. The others watched on curiously. He stood again, Sora only up to his mid-drift.
? Come with me,? he said, ? By the way, I?m Commander Rei Avian. All of you can call me Rei since you brought my Sora back to me.?
? I?m Mr Fei, a substitute teacher at their school,? Mr Fei said, ? I?m designated to this group of students. Where are you going to take us??
? Most of you are Sora?s friends, right?? Rei asked. All of them nodded. ? Well, there?s room enough for all of you at my private quarters. I?m sure you?ll all be comfortable there.?

Another few minutes and they arrived at the Commander?s private quarters. He gave Sora an access card and told her that he?d be back as soon as possible. Sora nodded as she sadly watched her father walk off to the centre of the crisis. Sora turned around and swiped the card in the terminal, the doors opening. The group moved into the room, finding it to be very spacious and comfortable enough to support all of them. Everyone scattered, looking throughout the cabin. Sora just stood near the door.
? What?s up?? Sayne asked Sora.
? I want to go for a walk, want to come?? she said.
? I will!? yelled Vick from the bathroom.
? Me too!? said Keiji.
Soon, all of them wanted to go with her. A small smile crept to Sora?s face.
? Ok, we?ll all go. Mr Fei, coming?? Sora asked.
? Might as well, can?t have students running around a military base without an adult with them,? he said, smiling and puffing on a cigarette.
? Ok,? Sora said, ? But we have to stay out of everyone?s way and not make noise otherwise General Tame will kick us out.?

They left the cabin and walked around the grey-coloured corridors. After rounding a corner, they heard a man shout.
? We need pilots god damn it! And we need them now!?
? Calm down Doctor Kane,? Rei, Sora?s father, said. The group crept to the corner, ignoring Mr Fei?s objections of eavesdropping, and snuck a peek. A man in a long white laboratory coat was waving his arms about like a windmill while Rei tried to calm him down. Obviously, Doctor Kane was the one in the coat.
? Look, there are plenty of refugees that might be interested in piloting the MechAnimas. Why don?t we try some of them??
? NO NO NO!? the Doctor cried, ? We need specifically trained people. Also, their DNA must match the MechAnima?s AI otherwise things could go very wrong!?
? Yes Doctor Kane, I realise that. What are the MechAnimas? current status?? Rei asked.
? Trying to tear the base down. The containment room we put them in isn?t going to hold them much longer. They are going haywire!?
? Then I must go and see to them. Come Doctor, I will need your assistance.?
The two men walked down a dark corridor.

Sora looked at the others.
? What are MechAnimas?? she asked.
? I have no idea,? Elizabeth replied.
? Whatever they are, they must be powerful to try and tear the base down?? Cliff added.
? Do you think they are with [I]them[/I]?? Dale asked.
? I don?t know but we must find out,? Keiji said. All of them agreed, except Mr Fei.
? You kids have no idea what?s happening do you?? he asked, trying to sound like a responsible adult, but they all knew he was just as curious as they were.
? Mr Fei, you don?t need to act,? Vick commented. Mr Fei sighed.
? All right.?

The group snuck down the corridor Rei and the Doctor just passed down. They could still hear the Doctor?s frantic tone and Rei?s calm, reassuring one down the corridor they had followed. Soon, they came to a three-way passage. Left, right or middle ? which one?
? I think it?s this way,? Sakura said, looking down the left corridor, ? There?s a door at the end and I?m pretty sure it?s not locked.?
They quickly walked down the hall and came to the door Sakura had seen. Sayne and Darrius pushed the door open with difficulty. It was made from a thick steel and was quite heavy but they managed.

The group walked in. It was a huge underground hanger, much much bigger than the one they had arrived in. There were no lights so they couldn?t see much passed two metres in front of them.
? Hello? Anyone here?? Vick called into the darkness. A sudden noise of crunching metal and hissing hydraulics echoed through the cavernous room. Many pairs of gleaming eyes could now be seen in the foreboding darkness.

? No Sora!? Elizabeth whispered as she saw Sora take a few steps forward and disappear into the darkness. A piercing cry echoed around the room. The group covered their ears. It was a high piercing cry like that of an eagle.
? SORA!? Darrius yelled into the darkness. Sayne stepped forward. The ground trembled. A huge blaze of red and gold flickered through the darkness. A hissing sound came from a very close source. Most of the group stepped back a pace.

Sora then came out of the darkness, smiling.
? Sora! What the hell were you thinking?? Keiji said. The next thing they saw was a huge red and gold figure follow Sora out of the darkness. They looked up and saw a huge red and gold eagle standing behind her.
? What the?? Cliff said astonished.
Sora returned to the group, still smiling.
? I know what MechAnimas are?? she said. At that moment, light flooded the room. The group could now see many huge forms scattered around the room. Each was a different animal and all were mechanical.
? These are MechAnimas,? Sora said, ? Go take a look at them. I saw this red and gold eagle in the darkness. Its eyes seemed to draw me to it, like I was destined to me him. Something tells me these are not your normal weapons.?

OOC: Sorry its sooooooo long. I had to go through most of the events that happened as you can see. You can post your character?s thoughts and actions during these if you want, and you finally get to meet you MechAnima! Sorry again for it being so long![/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: Ok people. Theres been a slight mix up but...it is sorted. Now General Rei is Leader Darcon De'Larnes right hand man. Saynes Father Darcon is Commander over whole Syon Bases.

As the bus pulled to a stop. Sayne could see General Rei. A trusted freind and right hand man of his father.

As they all stepped out he watched Sora run to General Rei and told him of the news. Sayne then looked around and saw the tower he knew very well. He knew his father would be there...his father was always there.

General Rei looked up and saw Sayne

'Well hello Mr De Larne,' spoke Generalr Rei

Sayne gave a slight nod and a smile

'Well, I see you've learnt how to at least smile,' spoke the General jokingly

Sayne didn't answer but instead gave another slight nod.

'Wheres my father?' he asked

'Up in the tower,' spoke the General

'I see,' spoke Sayne as he looked around

General Rei showed them to this private quarters. And gave Sora a Key card.

After General Rei left Sora wanted to go for a walk. So everyone decided they'd go. Mr Fei wasn't all that good about knowing that they were on military ground.

'We have to tread carefully,' spoke Sora, 'General Tame will kick us out,'

'I know...he's got a real temper on him,' spoke Sayne as they moved along the corridors.

At that moment they heard the comotion about the MechAnimas. After hearing that they carried on until they got to another door. Sayne and Darrius managed to push it opened.

The room was dark. Sora had disappeared into the darkness and then appeared.

'I know what Mechanimas are.....' spoke out Sora

At that moment Light flooded the room and there they were. Magnificent beasts that appeared to be real

'Woe,' whispered Vick as they all walked in. Sayne didn't go any further as he lent against the wall and watched them walking around them.

'Hey whats that???!!,' called Sora as she walked towards something glistening in a very dark corner at that moment long blades shot out from the darkness and red eyes appeared. The blades enlodged themselves into the ground before her. Sayne walked over

'You alright?' he questioned

'Ah.....yeah,' spoke Sora as everyone watched.

'What is that???' questioned Sakura as they all stood by Sora.

Sayne slowly advanced towards the red glowing eyes unable to make out what it was

'Sayne don't go over there!,' called Mr Fei

'Sayne becareful!!,' called Cliff as they all watched him move towards the eyes

'WAIT!!!!.....STOP!!!!!.....DONT GO NEAR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!,' came a roaring yell from Commander De Larne who was running down the stares on the other side of the room with General Rei and General Tame behind him

Everyone whirled around as they ran towards them

'Oh shit we just been snapped,' spoke out Keiji

'What the hell are you all doing down here!!!...you are not meant to be here!!!,' growled General Tame

Sora looked at her father and then looked at Sayne and then at the others.

'This is a very dangerous area!!!,' exclaimed General Rei as he looked at Sayne, 'Mr Sayne........quick come back here....'

Sayne looked at General Rei whos stern eyes gazed upon him and then proceeded towards the red glowing eyes

'SAYNE!..do not disobey son!!! if you do you will be put in Isolation,' roared Commander De Larne his voice echoed around the hall, Sayne looked over his shoulder....he hated Isolation.....but for some reason...he couldn't take his mind off the eyes and walked closer

'THATS IT!!,' growled Commander De Larne as he proceeded towards Sayne...suddenly more blades shot out from the darkness and drove itself hard into the metal floor infront of The Commander..everyone jumped back but still the commander pressed forward...more came out

Sayne turned around to look at his father who now stood surrounded by blades

'The mechanima is unstable...we haven't even run any tests on that one because it does things like this....Sayne...get away from him,' spoke the commander as he looked at his son

The commander then tried again to grab Sayne but right then the beast's head shot out from the darkness and growled deeply causing the commander to walk backwards.

The huge beast emerged from the darkness....its Icey blue form glistened under the bay lights.

'It......moves....' whispered Tame as they backed away

Sayne watched the beast settle down behind him and rested his head on the ground keeping a close eye on the others. Sayne turned around. He stood at arms length away from it.

'Get Dr Kane down here now,' spoke Commander De Larne as he looked at Tame

'Yes Sir,' came the strong voice from Tame as he took off

'Do you think these students and Mr Fei...could be the MechAnimas Pilots?' questioned General Rei

Commander De Larne looked at General Rei then looked around and saw the Pheonix walk over to Sora and sit down

'Thats why we need Dr Kane,' spoke Commander De Larne

OOC: As Amgoddess said meet with your Mechanima.
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Vick sat at the back of the bus and was trying to figuer out just had happen. He sat and began to think why did this happen.

" Maybe god wants to punish me for being the way I'am. No not even I could draw so much attention that the world would start to fall apart." Vick looked around the bus and notice the attitude was very depressing. So Vick tried to at least too get someone talking to lift the mood on the bus.

" So what just happen?" Vick got no response.

" Hey were are we going ? " still no response.

Mr.Fei turned around and spoke to Vick. " Vick shut up, everyone right now dose not want to hear from you !" Vick lowered his head and began to wonder if his family was dead or alive, Vick did not speak for the rest of the trip to the military base.

-Syon base

The group watched as Sora got her Mechanima, Vick wondered if he could get one as well. Vick ran infront of the other Mechanima and tried to get one to follow but each one simply rejected him. An Mechanima that seemed to be a sleep cought the attention of Vick. He walked towards it as he got closer the Mechanima it stood up and gave a roar at Vick, it lowerd it's head to tell Vick it did not mean danger.

Vick touched the Mechanima that resimbled a lion, Vick took a deep sigh and smiled.
" Looks like I got an robot thing as well, now how about a bed and place to stay for the day."
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[COLOR=Navy]Sakura looked around the lunch area to see if she could find David, she saw he was safely with another group and sighed in relief.

Sakura got onto the bus with the others and looked sadly out of the window as she could see the smoke coming from the western suburbs. She looked over at Sora and saw that she was still sobbing sadly for the loss of her sister and mother. She felt the memories of her parents' death wash over her and the memories flashed through her mind, the images of her destroyed house, the ambulance wheeling her burnt parents' corpses on stretchers, the firemen, the police, all of the types of emergencies were there. The police told her that the evidence led them to believe that it had been arson. Sakura had been filled with anger and hate that day, she wanted to find the arsonist and get revenge.

Sakura snapped out of her memories as they arrived at Syon Military Base. The place brought back more memories, as her father had worked there and had brought her there on several occasions.

The group of them got out and they saw General Rei there to greet them. He looked at her strangely.

[B]"You look familiar."[/B] he said to her.
"You may have known my father, sir. Maxwell Kaze, he died five years ago along with my mother. He used to work here."[/B] she replied.

[B]"Yes, I knew him. He was a good man, and a good pilot."[/B]

Sakura just nodded and they walked off.

[I](Skip ahead to the Container)[/I]

Sakura watched as one by one, Sora, Sayne and Vick got their MechAnimas. She looked around the area and saw the other animals, she spotted one in particular that was looking at her. It was a large grey wolf that had piercing gold eyes. Sakura seemed drawn to it and started to walk over. The others watched as she walked past the other Animas to the wolf that lay at the back. She gasped at it as she saw it up close. She continued to walk forward and rested a hand on it. It growled warningly and Sakura took a step back. The wolf got to its feet and lowered its head, sniffing her.

[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Who are you, you don't look like any of the other pilots that we've seen."[/COLOR][/B]

Sakura gasped as she heard its thoughts.

[B]"I'm not one of those other pilots."[/B] Sakura replied calmly, placing her hand on it again and smiling.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]"Yes, you are different."[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Ok, in case you haven't noticed, Aria's thoughts (the wolf) are in Royal Blue while anyone else speaking and everything else is in Navy.
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Elizabeth sat herself on the ground as she watched them all go to the Mechs. She wasn't sure what was going on.... but her thoughts went directly to her father... she hoped he was alright...


Elizabeth jumped up and her body trembled. She felt cold....

[I][B]"Liz..... come here...."[/B][/I] it said. Elizabeth tried to ignore it.... but it kept pressing her to find her...

Elizabeth got up slowly and walked away from the group.... easily unnoticed, she went to the back of the facility and waited for something to make sense.

She felt a warm breeze above her and nearly had a heart attack when she saw her. She looked at the mech and it stared at her, her eyes intent and ever so watchful. Elizabeth's mind, once again went completely cold...

[I][B]"Don't be afraid...."[/B][/I] she said. her voice was soft and recognizable.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth said. Her voice trembled as her eyes opened even more.

[I]"I am Tiegre, and you are my Guardian..."[/I] she said. Elizabeth looked in her eyes... her eyes were beautiful... and her voice....

[I]"Don't be afraid...."[/I] Tiegre said to her. Elizabeth remembered her mothers song as she would sing her to sleep as a child... tears came to her eyes...

[I]"What are you doing? That's my mothers voice..."[/I] she said shaking slightly.

"Your mother was a beautiful woman, Liz...." Tiegre said softly.

"Stop this!!!!" Elizabeth screamed. She looked at her and Tiegre was closing her eyes.

Elizabeth felt cold again, and everything went black... memories of her mother flooded her mind and she saw her mother tuck her in to bed... she heard her song... and she cried.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked through the tears.

[I]"You are my guardian.... and I will be your guardian as well.... just as your mother would have wanted..."[/I]

"Why me? Why did you choose me?" she asked. Elizabeth wasn't sure how she started knowing all these things.... but she did. And it was making her head spin. It was as if her mind was being flooded information and stored in her memory. She saw Tiegre as a test module... she knew everything about Tiegre now....

[I]"You have your mothers grace..."[/I] she said. Elizabeth looked at her confused.

"How would you know that?" she said.

[I]"Your mother was a very special person...."[/I] she said softly.

Tears came to Elizabeth's eyes and she touched her gently and let the tears fall. She hugged Tiegre's leg and cried. Tiegre laid down and purred as she kept Elizabeth warm. In her mind, Tiegre sang to her softly the song her mother use to sing.... she had been without her mother's voice for so long....
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OOC: How exactly do we pilot the MechAnimas?

"Whoa... this is wild" Keiji was truly astounded. He was slightly afraid, but his curiousity drew him in, overriding his fear of death. He walked aimlessly into the middle of the vast room. A silver and green hawk beated its wings, kicking up dust, and blowing air at him.

"Oh... you want me, huh? Fine then." He ran over, and touched the creature's metal beak, and felt a slight electric charge going through his body and into the ground. "What what might your name be?"

The hawk cawed [b]"Amatu!"[/b] startling Keiji a bit, but he calmed down, realizing Amatu wouldn't harm him. He looked behind him, and the group had started to bond with each machine, all of them were quite cautious, but pleased with the results.

[b]"I've finally found you. You're the one, you're destined for me. And together, we will rule the skys"[/b] The communication was telepathic, established through him touching the metal.

"Then I'm ready." Keiji couldn't help but be amazed at Sora's magnificent MechAnima. It was a Phoenix, red and gold shimmering off of it, in a nearly holy glow.

[b]"Yes. She is beautiful... But tell me if you don't want me to read your thoughts."[/b]

Keiji let his mouth hang, completely astounded that a machine could read minds.

"Oh... no, no. That's fine, you may read my mind. And yeah, I'm in love. But she's going to get wisked away by some other guy. I mean, money can't buy everything, right?"

[b]"This is true. I wish you luck in your future."[/b]

Keiji smiled at the intellegience of his MechAnima.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Darrius was intently watching Saynes mechanima as Commander De Larne shouted orders,
?Sora, are you ok? Darrius questioned eyeing the quivering blade stuck into the floor,
?I?m fine I?m more concerned about Sayne? she replied in a worried tone.
the others were drawn as if by a strange force to the strange creatures in the room. Darrius took several steps backwards towards the door as the red and gold beast that had followed Sora out of the darkness snapped its beak at him, and nearly jumped out of his skin when a set of large whiskers brushed his cheek. Spinning around he confronted by a pair of large silver, black spotted paws. Slowly raising his gaze upwards, he was transfixed by the creatures wicked looking fangs, but it was its eyes that called to him, large luminous and troublingly flickering with intelligence. Darius let out a low whistle.
?Wow, that?s one big pussy cat?
The huge mech cocked its head to the side as if he had aroused its curiosity
Darrius took a step back in surprise
?Great googamuga!...y..you talk?
[COLOR=Gray]?Of course I can talk, nice work Einstein?[/COLOR] the mechs eyes flickered with mirth and Darrius could have swore he could hear it chuckling?
[COLOR=Gray]?Wait a sec u can hear me!? ?you can understand me, none of the other pilots ever could? [/COLOR]
?Well I?m not a pilot?
[COLOR=Gray]?No you feel different, strange?[/COLOR]
?Its weird, I should be crapping myself, I?m standing here in front of a ten ton cheetah, talking, but I feel like I?ve known you all my life?
?[COLOR=Gray]I felt you enter the room, strange but I feel somehow connected to you?[/COLOR]
Darrius walked forward and scratched its forepaws, its fur had a metallic feel to it.
?Hey is it cool with you if i clamber up??
[COLOR=Gray]?As long as you don?t start bringing me milk in a saucer, we?re cool?[/COLOR]
?That?s aaa gooood kiiddty?
The mech growled.
?Just kidding? Darrius chuckled and clambered up higher to sit cross-legged on the creatures head observing the antics of the people below.
Sora looked up from her mechanima and smiled at him.
Vick spotted him and raised an eyebrow. Darius only spread his hands and grinned.[/COLOR]
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Dale hadn't had time to find Tom after the explosion, for all he knew he could dead. But for some reason, Dale just wasn't bothered right now. All around the room the others were joining up with their ..... MechAnima's? ...... something like that. Whatever they called them, they certainly were different. And there were still a good number of them scattered around the room.

"So, which one's mine?"

No one was really paying enough attention to reply, so Dale just resorted to whispering his response. It was probably better that way anyway.

Still, he couldn't blame them for ignoring him. This was definitely an ... awkward situation, but there was something more to it than that. Something that couldn't really be explained. It didn't even seem to make sense.

Dale could have sworn, as he was trying to figure out what that 'something' was, that he sensed something moving behind him. However, it wasn't until he heard a gentle, rythmic hissing sound that he turned around.

"What the ... ?"

His gaze was met by that of something resembling a giant mechanical snake. Or a worm? ........ no, definitely a snake. Either way it was big.

"Wow. Is this one mine?"

[I]I guess you could say that.[/I]

Dale couldn't even answer back. This was really strange. First He comes face to face with a huge snake-thing, then it tries to talk to him? This was the wierdest Valentine's Day he'd ever heard of.........
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''Wha....WHere....Where am I?'' a young boy muttered as he lay in a bed in the ER room on the base.

''He's pretty banged up from the explosion at the school...I'm surprised that he survived...such a strong lad.''

''Who...*blinking...trying to adjust his sight to the lighting upon him*...who's there?''

''Praise GOD!...SIR SIR...he's awake...the young lad is awake.''

As Ajack began to regain his conciousness, images from the past 24 hours began to flood back to memory. Him being at school...it was Valentines Day...but just like any other day. Talking to all his friends...seeing those like Sakura, Sayne...Sora, all of them. But he kept to himself, he never got Valentines...as attractive and popular as he was, for some odd reason he was always shy around these kind of times at school.

''Someone get over here quick...he's going into shock!'' a nurse cried out.

Ajack was shaking, flinching, quivering all over...his mind was now finally catching up to him...the pain of his injuries, the shock of what happened.


''Hold still, hold still;...Doctor...give him a sedative...quick!''

''Where am I...let me go...LET ME GO!''

Ajack was breaking through his restraints; trying to get away from the now collapsing circle of doctors and nurses around him.

''My boy...she's gone...your Grandma is dead...'' said a nurse, trying to calm him down.

''NO...your lying...Grandma...Grandma...where are you?''

Twisting and turning...Ajack was relentless...as young as he was, him strength was incredible...especially as uncontrolable as he was.

Over a span of about 30 minutes...Ajack had finally come to grip with what happened.

''No...Grandma...*tears burst through just as uncontrable as his rage before*''

He had been picked up by his Grandma at the school; Ajack had an appointment to look at his scar on his arm he got from his street fight. He didn't mind leaving the school early...he was hoping he would get a Valentine...but his Grandma insisted that he must go to the doctor's...if the girl really cared she would wait for him.

They didn't get too far from the school before they say it in the sky...Ajack couldn't focus on it...but an incredible light came from its direction and shot the car into the air...the doctors told him that he was lucky to be alive...but because of his Grandma's age...she never had a chance.

*5 hours later*

The ER couldn't do much more for Ajack...his head had taken a good knocking...and his scar had reopened...but other than that he just needed some good old R&R. But he was restless...so he dragged himself out of bed and roamed the halls of the base. He saw some familiar faces and decided to follow them...all he had on was a open light blue t-shirt and pants with slippers (standard hospital attire).

As they all entered the room...seeing all of his fellow classmates choosing their mechs...all he could do was stare in awe. He loved all of them...they looked...majestic to him. Still not being noticed by the group...he slipped passed them while they looked at Sayne and the dragon.

As he walked down the room some more...he came upon a griffin...lying on the ground in a dark shadowy corner of the room. The only reaction that came from the beast was its red devilish eyes glowing.

As the Commander moved away from the blades of the dragon...he say Ajack standing in front of the griffin.

''Soldier...who's that boy over there?''

''Oh...he's some boy that came into the ER when the attack began. I believe his name is Ajack Masters.''

''Masters?....hhmmm...Joshua's boy...interesting. That damn bird hasn't shown any activity for weeks...very interesting.''
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Sayne watched as they all got aquainted with their mechs. Suddenly out of the blue the griffin began snapping at Ajack.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]He's the touchy one[/COLOR]. Spoke a deep husky voice from behind Sayne

Sayne frowned slightly and slowly turned around to the beast that lay behind him. The Mechanimas were very big....nearly one hundered feet tall.

'What did you say?' questioned Sayne in a slight whisper

[COLOR=DarkGreen]I've been waiting for along time for you[/COLOR]. The husky voice came again

Sayne watched the beast as it lifted its head and looked down on him

'Along time?' questioned Sayne

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Yes...I scanned this base to find the right pilot....and I found you. This happened before you went away[/COLOR]. The dragon growled

'Wait....can anyone else hear you???' questioned Sayne as he looked around

[COLOR=DarkGreen]No, I speak on a wave pattern that only you can understand..all they hear is growling more than anything[/COLOR]. replied the dragon

'So....how could that be??'

[COLOR=DarkGreen]I scanned your mind while you were here. I had to enhance my communication abilities to suit you and only you, you'll also beable to communicate with me through a telepathic connection if ever you are away from me. It wasn't hard to do[/COLOR]. Spoke the beast as it growled deeply as if laughing

'I see,' spoke Sayne as he looked around the room again

At that moment Dr Kane bursted in through the door with Tame behind him.

'NO NO NO NO NO!!!...This can't be right!,' Dr Kane spoke out loudly as his voice echoed around the room. Everyone fell silent and looked at him

Dr Kane examined everyone from a distance.

'The Griffin...he hasn't shown any signs of movement for ages..BOY BECAREFUL...HE'S VERY TOUCHY!!!' sopke Dr Kane looking at Ajack, ".....actually...they all haven't until today!!!,' He exclaimed going over his record reports. At that moment he turned to look at Sayne who stood by the untameable dragon, 'WHAT THE.....SAYNE GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!!......we know nothing about him...I haven't even gotten any record on him because he refused to let anyone near him!,'

'...Hn...,' replied Sayne with a raise brow as he looked at the beast who cock his head sideways

[COLOR=DarkGreen]...Hn.....[/COLOR] grunted the Dragon

'This can't be happening,' sighed Dr Kane

'What should we do?' Questioned General Rei

'According to the records....there isn't anything we can do...if these are the pilots that they've choosen....then...we'll have to go along with it,' spoke dr Kane as he sighed even harder, 'We have no say in the matter,'

'WHAT!!' roared Commander De'Larne, 'Sayne! Front and Center NOW!!'

Sayne looked at his angered father...but said nothing

'THAT IS AN ORDER!!,' Commander De'Larne bellowed out in rage

'....Hn...' grunted Sayne

'Commander De'Larne...Darcon, we need them to pilot the mechs...we need them all..especially the dragon...we need them all for this battle,' spoke General Rei, 'If we dont let them...then we have no hope,'

The inraged Commander looked at his right hand man and sighed, 'But he is...my son...my only son,'

'That is true...and Sora..is now my only daughter,' whispered General Rei, 'But we need their help,'

'My.......son,' whispered the Commander

'Yes your son....but isn't this what you raised him for.....war?' questioned the General

The commander thought long and hard. At that moment the Alarms were raised once again. The loud siren echoed throughout the corridors and inside the holding bay where they stood.

Commander De'Larne ran over to the communications computer board and brought up the communications room

'Private Warf, what is going on?' he questioned

'Another attack upon Sandon...they're going to destroy the city sir. There are still thousands of civillians there sir and the air force and ground units can't slow them down. They are requesting back up SIR!,' spoke the private

The commander looked around the bay and then at General Rei whos eyes seemed to grow glassy but also gave a slight nod. The commander gave one glance back at his son who stood expressionless

'Ok. Private Warf this is what I want from you. Find out who these people are. and send a comfirmation to the air forces and ground force units and tell them request has been acknowledged..Mechanimas are going to war!,' roared the commander.

'YES SIR!,' saluted the Private as the screen went blank.

Sayne looked at his father as a huge hatch opened and behind it revealed a long dark tunnel which lit up.

'This tunnel will led you to the outside, you will come out two miles away from the base. In every cockpit there is an Inter and outter visual communications system so you will know where each other is and you will beable to see each other....Ok...go kill those bastards. we want you all back here safely fighter jets will accompany you all,' spoke Dr Kane

'Ok pilots!.....your mission...as you already know...seek and destroy those who threaten Sandon.' spoke out Commander De'Larne

'Ok Sayne...you first,' spoke Dr Kane

Sayne turned to the dragon which sat up right. Its chest suddenly opened out and a platform extracted from its chest.

'Now how do i get up there?' whispered Sayne

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Easy[/COLOR]. spoke the dragon as a cable fell down from the opened doors,

'Sayne!,' called Sora as she looked at him

Sayne then ran over to her, he gave her a warm smile grabbed her around the waist and kissed her gently on the lips.

He then pulled away and looked at her, 'I've always wanted to do that......hmmm....see you on the battle field,' he whispered and winked at her, as her face turned bright red.

He then took off back over to the dragon, and grabbed the cable. with great speed the cable lifted him up to the cockpit. he stood there for a seconded and looked back at the others and disappeared inside.

The cockpit was small and very dark...but for once..his claustrophobia didn't kick in

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Comfortable?[/COLOR]. spoke the dragon.

'..Hn..' replied Sayne as he looked around

Sayne took a deep breath, 'Lets go,' he said as he followed the dragons orders of how to operate the system. Flicking on a few stitches and pulling back a few levers above his head the whole cockpit area lite up slowly.

Sayne grabbed two levers and pulled back on them and then pushed two towards the main board. flicked a couple more switches which turned on the monitors and the visual communications system showing him what was around him, he could see from every angel, he could see the others rush back as the dragon sprouted his wings and lifted off the ground

'See you all at the war zone,' spoke Sayne over the intercom his voice echoed in the holding bay

Sayne grabbed two levers that were situated on each side of his seat and pushed them forward, the dragon roared deeply as they shot off down the long hatch way.

They bursted out of the haul and into the sky

'Oh shit..' whispered Sayne as he could see far and wide....he could even see below him...above him....behind him...everywhere..it was as if he was standing out side...then the only thing that really caught his attention.....Black smoke....Sandon

'So tell me...you got a name?' questioned Sayne

[COLOR=DarkGreen]The names Deviryn[/COLOR]. Spoke the dragon proudly

'Well good to meet you..Deviryn,' spoke Sayne, 'I'm.....,'

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sayne De'Larne...I know[/COLOR]. The dragon spoke cutting Sayne off

Sayne gave a slight smile as Deviryn let out another loud growl as they flew towards the warzone, on the raidar Sayne could make out one huge ship and a fleet of thousands

'Lets do some damage,' spoke Sayne as he thrusted forward two more Levers and Deviryn flew at top speed towards the ships with his beam guns ready and locked..knowing that the others weren't far behind them

OOC: ok..I know this maybe moving too fast but we need to get the action going. Noone knows who the invaders are or what their intentions are ok. Amgoddess will explain that after we've done this first battle scene or when ever she does. hope everyone can keep up with the story.
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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Sora smiled as she watched all of the others meet their MechAnimas. The Phoenix walked up beside her and stretched its wings.

[COLOR=DarkRed]So...what do you think of me?[/COLOR] the Phoenix asked Sora telepathically. She jumped, not realising he could enter her mind so easily.

" What do I think? Hmmm....I think...you are magnificent!" Sora said, smiling. It was the first smile since the attack. General Rei saw it and a sense of relief spread over him.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Maginificent? Is that all?[/COLOR] the Phoenix mocked. [COLOR=DarkRed]You haven't seen anything yet my Sora.[/COLOR]

" What?! How did you know my name?"

[COLOR=DarkRed]Your father talks about you a lot to the Doctor. I hear him frequently boasting about you and your gymnastic skills. But that's not why I chose you...[/COLOR]

" Then why DID you choose me?"

[COLOR=DarkRed]That is a question I cannot answer just yet. You have to see it for yourself.[/COLOR]

Sora crossed her arms and pouted. She swore she heard the Phoenix laugh at her antics.

[COLOR=DarkRed]By the way, I'm Blaze...[/COLOR]

A few minutes later, the alarms rang again. Sora watched Sayne's father communicate with the control room. She also watched when Sayne headed for his dragon MechAnima.

When he came up and kissed her, Sora's face went as red as Blaze's metal feathers. She was startled at the very least at their momentary kiss. Watching Sayne get into his MechAnima's cockpit, a sadness came over her. What if they were killed in this battle? What if she never saw any of them, Sayne, Sakura, Cliff, Vick, Elizabeth, Darrius, Mr Fei, Keiji, her father, ever again?

[COLOR=DarkRed]You won't see them again if we stay here[/COLOR] Blaze's voice entered her head. For the first time in her life, Sora was scared - scared of being confined in the base until her death. A fire suddenly sprang up in her eyes. A piercing war cry echoed around the vast hanger. Blaze could feel her rage kick in.

" Blaze! I want to fight!" she said, turning to the one hundred foot high phoenix. He nodded and bent down to her to let her in the cockpit. A small room full of screens for the outside surrounded her. She felt like she was in the soul of Blaze. Panels of buttons surrounded her, her now being seated in the pilot's chair. Blaze opened his wings, stretching them. The sounds of hissing haudralics and pistons echoed through the room, catching the attention of the group.

Then, she felt something slip from her pocket. Valentine letters splatter across the dark floor, their red colour making them stand out. Sora gathered them up and looked at them sadly.

[COLOR=DarkRed]What are those?"[/COLOR] Blaze asked.

" Valentine letters." Sora chose one and opened it - the ritual that was soon going to become her routine before every battle. She unfolded the note inside the red envelope. It said:

[I]Happy Valentines Sora!

Have a wonderful day you special girl! Remember that you will always be beautiful in every way possible. Never doubt yourself and always remember the good times when the worst is happening. Be true to yourself and have a fun day!

Lots of Love

" Oliver..." Sora whispered, fingering the note. Oliver, the guy from her algebra class. She wondered if she'd ever see him again. This fueled Sora's internal inferno, making her whole body feel as if it was on fire.

" Lets go kick some alien butt Blaze!" Sora said with the fire in golden her eyes. She pushed the booster shaft to maximum and Blaze shot through the tunnel after Sayne, feeling the rush of adrenaline course through her body.

Soon, Sora could see the vast desert landscape around her on the perceptual screens. She felt like she was outside, on top of Blaze's head. The rush of flying now radiated through her body. How she loved to fly....it was her dream...her ultimate freedom. Blaze slowly moved up beside Sayne's dragon MechAnima, slowing down to wait for the others.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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