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People love starting topics about what's wrong with their relationship, and what people want in a relationship, but I haven't seen a thread devoted to taking relationships as they are. Feel free to spill your guts here, and comment on other people's relationships (and prepare to be commented on).

I, for one, am in love. I met her on OB a ways back, and we had a very good string of PM's going. After a while, we communicated a little by e-mail, but lost touch. A little before I started college, I e-mailed her again and got a reply. We exchanged AIM screen names and started talking. We talked for hours every day, and somewhere along the way fell madly in love. Even though she lives a thousand miles away, I flew down to her for a couple weeks over Christmas and new years. We got along very well, and when the time came for us to part, we were both heartbroken. It only took a couple days after I got back for us to decide to see each other again, this time for almost two months starting in early May. I'm confident that she's the love of my life, and we will be together forever. We're very sad to be apart from each other, but we try to talk to each other every day for as long as possible, and the pain is fading away as we start counting down the days it will take for us to be together again.
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Wow thats a really sweet story and I wish you the best of luck.

My current romance has been going for just over two years now, I'm very happy with it and my boy friend seems to be too. We met at school and started going out in our final year. I didnt put to much into hopeing it would work out because I wasnt very populer at my old school and thought he would drop me like a hot brick once people started saying things behind our backs.

People did say things but his attitude was "Im going out with her, its our business, you got a problem with that?" which totally bowled me over.

We have our ups and downs like any couple but there seems to be more ups then downs.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Wow...It's nice to hear some nice romance stories for a change.

I'm also in a long distance romance. I'm only 16 and I wasn't looking for anyone to love me. I knew I would find love someday, but figured it would be years from now. I was 15 when I fell in love with him over the internet. Crazy in love! Only still unsure of how we would be if we were truly together. We did meet and he was
more than I could hope for. I am sure he is the love of my life, and that I would never tire of his touch. When it came time for him to leave me at the airport, I felt so lost that I could hardly stand up. Neither one of us is perfect...but we are perfect together. I am also counting the days until I see him again. I didn't know it would be so hard to be separated once we were together. I try to think of the memories that we made and all the new things we experienced together. I talk to him every day. I dream of him everynight and they are good dreams.
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[size=1][color=darkslategray]Oh my, Adahn. I thought I was the only one who had that strong of a feeling for someone I met here in the OB. Only, we haven't met yet.

[b]SilpheedPilot[/b] and I met back in September of the year 2003. I remember exactly what RPG it was, and the reason for our meeting. We met in Reflux's RPG "War of the Shadows", a vampire genre. SilpheedPilot's and my characters were on the same side, yet my character didn't want to be. His character was a rutheless killer, and tried multiple times to kill my character. But each time he tried, he hesitated then kicked the crap out of my character, but left after each one with a sense of doubt.

This confused me, over and over again. So, I PMed Silpheed and asked what the crap was going on with his character. Well, that was probably the best move of my life. He and I exchanged PMs every once in a while, but it soon spilled over into Yahoo! Instant Messaging and AOL Instant Messaging. Within a month of writing back and forth over stories and IMs, we moved to the telephone.

I don't know what it is about him, but I know he is [i]the one[/i] for me. At that time in my life, I was struggling to keep faith in love. I was in a state of absolute misery. All I could feel was pain, and all I could taste was bitterness. I tried to be open to men, but none were anything to help; they only made things worse.

However, there came Silpheed. He was the only person who could reach down and pull me out of the ground. He showed me the light of love. He showed me that I could love, and that I could be loved myself. He's been the only guy I could express any sort of love towards. Of course, I do love my friends..but when I say I love SilpheedPilot, I mean the kind of love you cannot express in words. The love that lasts forever. We've been talking back and forth for almost two years now, and my feelings for him have never faultered or wavered; they've only grown stronger.

We had a rough time last year, and nearly lost each other. During this time, I was heartbroken. I couldn't feel anything. I felt so horrible, worse than I did when he and I first met. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get mad about what happened. I only thought of blaming myself for treating him the way I did when it happened. There is no way in the world I could ever be mad at him. And I missed him terribly. Then, one day, we finally spoke online. We spent hours trying to claim the blame XD It was a futile attempt, neither one of us won that battle. But what we did win was a stronger relationship.

And during these past two years, I've desired no other person other than SilpheedPilot. I've tried to date guys, but none proved anything but disappointment, and a sense of guilt. Even though Silpheed and I are thousands of miles apart, I still felt that I was cheating on him. And it's good to hear from him that he feels the same/if not stronger about me. And we are currently planning a meeting for this summer.

I could go on more, but I think I've gotten my point out ^_^ SilpheedPilot is my life, my savior, my heart and soul is his. [/size][/color]
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[color=green][font=trebuchet ms]Wow...I wish you two the best of luck in the future! :D

But I'm in a relationship that's on and off. It's not that we don't get alone, cause that's not the case, she just feels as though we're to young (I'm 18, she's 19) to have something as serious as what we have...but through all the seperation and mixed emotions, we show how much we really love each other because we can't stay away from each other for too long, we always come back to each other :blush:...we've officialy been together for three years in april...can't wait till then.[/color][/font] :love2:
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[SIZE=1]This reminds me of the *~*Crushes*~* thread a good long time ago, when I was using my old username. Actually it was only at the beginning of Last Summer. A great time that was. And I remember what RP mines was in aswell. Yes Jay, I'm bringing that awesome RP back up.

The Things We Do For Love. Excellent RP, where I met my first OB love. That was SA as she was then. Sonata now, but things didn't go for the best, but we're still great friends ^___^

Then, out of OB, I found a love, so strong that I cried about it afterwards for weeks to come. This was what I was talking about in Jamie's poem 'Wish'. I was absolutley devistated. I didn't talk to anyone for weeks, probably about a month at the least. I took it all out in the OB with the good ol' RP, or battling Tash over AIM.

But then, I found it she still liked me, yeh, I bet your thinking she went back to an old boyfriend or something, but I can assure you she didn't, I was actually stupid for asking her out in the first place. It was at a beach, the day after her break-up. Yeah, so my fault.

But, now we've been going out for 5 months on the 25th of this month. ^___^. But I will still hold something in my heart for that one member on OB who's name I'm not going to mention.[/SIZE]
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid]Aww...There are some really heart-warming relationship stories so far. *randomly hugz everyone* :love: I've never really had an online relationship with someone, but after having a couple of relationships not turning out what I thought they were going to be, I think I finally found the right one.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid]I'm now going out with a really nice and sweet girl. She's a bit bolder than I am, so she asked me if i wanted to go to the mall, etc. a few times, and then we decided to go out with each other after we built up our friendship. (But it's not like I'm going out with a really close friend, since I haven't known her for that long.) She's really funny, and knows just the right things to say. I know were both a little young for a relationship, (especially according to Ali's girlfriend's standards.) but I know it will last. Now, we do almost everything together, and she recently asked me to prom. She's so cute. ^_^[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Reise, you are now officially my target until I find out that username or someone better to pick on ^_~

Considering I've only just turned 15 this month, I've had a few failed relationships, which have taught me some good and some not so good things about how to handle people in general.

I know this thread is supposed to be a happy one, but none of my relationships have been bad, so to speak.

First one was with [B]Joe[/B], who I'd known since year 7 of school. We got on okay, but he never seemed the talkative type, at least not with me. I found myself developing a crush on him, even though my friends thought it was silly because he 'obviously doesn't like you back'. So I thought, whatever, I'll survive and get over him within a month.

It was the day before we went on a school camp that my friend Will blurted out that Joe had liked me for almost a year and I was ecstatic, let me tell you. I kept telling him not be embarrassed because I liked him too, but he just...well...ignored me ^_^;; The next day Will told me that Joe wanted to go out, I agreed, and we ended up being in a rather pointless relationship for a year. What a waste. Guess what, we never kissed once it that whole time!

Next followed a couple of online relationships, first one being with [B]ULX[/B]. Great guy, he really is, I still have a soft spot for him, actually. Anyways, we met through Muse's RP (She was DaisukeAngel, back then) and our characters hated each other. Eventually we got to PMing each other and I asked for his MSN address, we got talking and hit it off right away.

After a while though he didn't come online and we fell out of contact, it's a shame, really.

Next was [B]Reise[/B], who's a fantastic person, though I don't think we were compatible for dating. Then came [B]Tash[/B] who I'm not even going to speak about and last is...

[B]Legacy[/B]! The ultimate love of my life, no joke.

Prepare for a long retelling of how we met...

It was an RP I started about 5 months ago, called 'Only You'. It was based around the Shounen-ai theme and I was playing one of the boys who way gay, (omg!) his name was Imric. The basic idea was that Imric was betrothed but he was gay and didn't want to marry a girl, so he ran off. I never thought that his betrothed would need to be played by someone, but one morning I got a PM from Legacy asking permission to play her, my instant reaction? 'This chick is so damn cool'.

Yeah, so my first impression of Legacy was that he was one of those depressive, coffee drinking, poetic/artistic chicks who enjoyed hard romance rather than the sweet stuff.

He was the one who first came to me asking for my AIM address, so we started chatting. I still thought he was a girl after about 2 days, but then once we got to know each other he said, 'If you had black hair, you'd be a female version of me'. I swear, my face was priceless. I kind of froze, staring the screen for a while with my mouth open. Heh, I swear, I really did think he was a girl ^_^;;

After a while he told me he liked me and we got together, then he found someone else and told me that it would be better to have a relationship with someone he was physically with (seeing as we are 5000 miles apart) and I agreed, in fact, I encouraged the idea. I had been thinking to myself for about a week that it was a strange relationship and things were getting...weird XD So when he told me that he thought it would be good to break it of I was thinking 'Yes! Now I don't have to say anything.' Aren't I a nice person? ^^;;

After a few weeks I realised how dumb I'd been and realised that I liked him more when we were apart than when we were in a relationship. I think it was in English one day when I had finished talking about him and Natalie, my best friend, looked at me and smiled and said 'Do you love John?' I swear, I thought the idea was absurd and started laughing, telling her that I was, and I quote,
"Down to earth and mature, I would never let myself fall in 'love' with someone who I'd never met, the idea is totally ridiculous." (I got very pompous when I'm being defensive.)

When I got home and I chatted with John for a while I admitted that Natalie was right, told him and luckily for me his girlfriend had broken up with him that day, hurrah!

Yeah, so that's how we got together, I think we've been together for about 3 months now. Although we've had our ups and downs, we're pretty determined to make this thing work. We talk on the phone less than occasionally but I've been working on my parents to let me go and see him during the summer.

Annie, you and I have got a lot in common ^_~

Just noticed, this post is almost two pages long in MS Word, holy crap![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]wow so i am not alone on the online relationship thing. well i met my G/f on OB in august. i then chatted with her on AIM every single day.i then started to grow feelings for her and i confessed them to her on october and then we started dating. we are still dating. yesterday was our 3 month anniversary. i know she really loves me a lot and i also feel the same way but the problems arise when i am the one not believeing her. i have had a bad experience with society so i drifted away from them and never trusted them again. i was in a deep depression so i didn't trust and believe anyone. but now that i am recoving and trying to not be anti-social anymore i trust her and believe her more. we are even planning on marrying each other when we are 18 and we can meet. i am not shamed about being in an online relationship. well actually this is my first relationship i have ever been in. i am really shy so i never had the nerve to ask anyone out. then i went into a depression and turned my back on society thinking that evereyone hated me so then i grew a hatred towards them and became satanic. i have just realized that not everyone hates me some people are still nice but there will always be a few of those mean types. but i shouldn't hate eveeryone for what a few people have done to me. well i love my g/f very much i will always love her because she has helped me outta my depression and she has made me happy. i will never find someone else like her. i will cherish her forever. but i have noticed something now that i am happy girls are finnaly noticing me and seing how great i am. it's really funny. too bad i am already taken lol.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=-3]Okay...where to begin?

Let's give you some facts. I am 19, and I am currently in the best relationship ever. I am still with my junior-high sweetheart, I first met Marina when I was 12. I was quite the anime fan back then (As I am now). That's what first set us off. One day while I was walking past some lockers, I noticed that this girl had this Akira drawing in her locker...so I stopped and asked her if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Sure enough, it was an actual Akira drawing, one that she drew herself. I was so impressed, I talked to her for the rest of that day. We just kept throwing back favorites left and right, and so on. Before long, we realized that we had alot more in common than just anime. She had a strong compassion love of art and music, just as I did. But I never actually started getting romantically involved with her right away. For at least a year, me and her were the best of friends. And I mean really, we would rather spend time with each other than our other friends. This was special.

Before long, our 8th grade dance came around, and me and her were both going but with seperate dates. But that night, my date left to go to the bathroom and I never saw her again for hours. But I noticed that Marina was alone as well. Apparently, her date had ditched her too. Well as if on cue, our favorite song started playing. We both loved [B]Broken Wings[/B] - by - [I]Mr. Mister[/I]. So I asked her to dance with me, since we weren't doing anything else. And before I knew it, we were standing there kissing. And well, long story short...I'm still with her. We even attend the same Ai instiute. I love her very much, she means everything to me.

Infact, while not anytime soon...I think I might end up marrying her. But shh! That's just a thought...nothing else. :D[/SIZE]
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Romance... no-one will really read this, but whatever.

I have a crush right now with a girl who goes to my school. She sits near me in some of my classes, and we talk. We're basically friends. She doesn't really know how much I like her though. It's sort of funny, because some of my friends are trying to hook me up, but I'm just a shy dude. Anyway, I'm pretty sure she'll end up like all my other crushes. Eventually fading into the back of my mind, moving out of my dreams, and after a few more months, I'll lose all desire to be more than just a friend to her.

But we'll still be friends, and I'm cool with that.
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As of now, i'm single. I have to say, though, I'm pretty happy and content with my life. After several heart-wrenching failed romances ended in disaster, (my ex Sean literally said to me, "just die so I can spit on your grave" lol) I decided to just go with the flow and "date" my Playstation 2. ^_^ Besides, due to my orentation, I really dont know how to meet people well. I used to hang out at Starbucks and other coffee houses, but the guys there tend to be VERY egotistical and self-centered. Smart is good.....very good...but a big ego is just ugly. I also tried a local nightclub for such things, but I dont trust those people. Very shady and spooky if you ask me.
Well, I know all that sounds depressing, but as I said, I'm happy and I have enough hobbies and friends to not really "need" a romantic relationship.
I DO have this one crush on my friend who works in the Dunken Donuts in the supermarket I work in, and I'm going really really slow and subtile about it. I dont know how he feels, but he did hug me after work once, which was.....well, I was in shock. I'll post again on this topic if things take a turn for the better.


[i]"White man came, saw the blessed land. We cared, you took. You fought, we lost. Not the war, but an unfair fight. Sceneries painted beautiful in blood!! ~Wandering on Horizon Road. ...Following the Trail of Tears~"[/i] - by, Nightwish
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Wow alot of people met eachother on OB. Strange. Atleast I don't feel so much of a loser when I say I'm in an online relationship. We don't live too far from eachother, same state and everything. He lives in southern california and I live in northern. I'm known him since I was 13 year old, and we just clicked. Its wierd how that happens, If I knew how stressful it was I probably would not have got into it because of all the trouble it has caused my family. My mother knows of him, but I spare her the details since she's pretty discriminating about people (She likes to gossip thats all I'll say) But other then that my relationship with him is pretty good. He can't visit me yet, why? because my mother would throw a fit. She also likes to throw in the fact that he's mexican, and also of the fact that he's poor. She makes rude comments about it and I'd hate to have that shoved in his face because he's had to deal with racial problems in his life (shes not racist she just says mean comments to make me feel bad). Me, I'm white and I also grew up pretty wealthy (although I wouldn't say so now) and was one of the "richer" kids in my class for awhile. The fact that its an online relationship doesn't seem to bug her as much as the factor of us being so different. It sucks because we're alot more alike then we seem, and despite all the heartache and trouble, I wouldn't trade it for the world. He's always been there for me and is understanding, infact I can tell him almost anything. We plan on moving in together soon, and finally I'll be able to get away from my mom and her controlling nature (she doesn't even let my sister take her money out without her signature and shes 24!) and if I have to be near her I'll suffocate. Heh, anyways I'm glad there are others out there like me who are in somewhat similar situations :) [/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=2][COLOR=blue]Pumpkin, I just have to say, your post was more enjoyable because we know who your mom is (more enjoyable in a good way). It's got that family feel to it, haha. It's really funny how you talk about your mom, since everyone here would probably envy having one who actually enjoys/accepts anime (and yes, I realize her interest in anime has nothing to do with what you said about her, heh).

Sorry if my comments were offensive. They were supposed to be compliments, believe it or not. :sweat: Just thought I'd discuss a post in this thread is all.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Heh- I, too, am single and dating my PS2, although I will sometimes see my Gamecube on the side...(sshhhh! don't tell).
Okay- seriously. I just got out of a 4-year relationship with a guy that I've been friends with for about 12 years, and I'm not missing it one bit.
I think I am impossible to love. My personality is too enigmatic. People don't tend to like what they don't understand and they've made it clear to me that I'm impossible to understand. Therefore, I must be unlikable/unloveable, right?
It's frustrating to care so deeply about people who will never understand who you are, but, after a lifetime of frustration, I'm beginning to get used to it.
I'm happy to be single again but it sure would be nice to have someone to talk to. I just moved and I haven't made any friends yet. I literally have no one to just hold a conversation with. It really blows.
Oh, well... what can you do? Oh, yeah- visit forums and chat rooms- tee hee. Or talk/yell/cuss at the PS2 all day and watch strangers do stupid things at the bar all night. :drunk:
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I'm not sure about posting this.

I met Ranger almost 22 years ago at a party I didn't want to go to. We actually fell in love that night. We were married at Disneyworld 3 months later. The ceremony was attended by members of his squadron in the Air force Cinderella, Snow White, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He was and is my first and only and has been for a very long time. There have been hard times and good time and we are very happy together living a life and lifestyle we created for ourselves and our children. I love him very much.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]I'm not to sure about posting here but where the heck. I'm not in a relationship with this girls but I have liked her for at least two years and to think it all started out as a lie to throw one of my friends off the trail. Lets tell the tale:

"About two years ago I was having a convo with my friend and he just kept asking me who I liked at the time and he wouldn't quit so I just thought for a second and her name popped into my head so I told him that. Being please with my quick thinking I just got on with my life, how naive I was. After a few weeks I actually began to notice her more and more and more until I started working out where she was at the time and what lessons I'd have with her and when they would be etc.

By this point I was cursing myself and trying to get her out of my head but I couldn't. You'd think I would have told her, asked her out and all that but no. The reason being I'm me and such. So here I am two years on, we're both still at the same school with 5 months left or so before we all leave and I'm at a loss what to do"

The sad tale of my only experience with love (I do think it's love, why else would I be so engrossed with her and not do anything). Thanks for reading.

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This was a nice change from all the problem relationship threads we normally see.

I have been in love and married to my soul mate, John, since 1995. We will be celebrating our 10 wedding anniversary this year in November. It doesn't feel like 10 years, it feels like we are still newlyweds. Being married to my best friend is the best decision I made in my life. We met while he was attending college in my hometown. He was enrolled in the flight training program and I was still in high school. We were first friends and didn't start to date until a couple of years later.

Ups and downs we have gone through it all together. :D
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[color=teal]Gods, where do I begin? I can't praise Jamie enough!

I remember her RPG, 'Only You', and I remember sending he a PM about being her character's arranged fiance...and after that, I sent her an IM, asking her if my sign-up was alright. We started talikng, and I knew, right then, that I was done for. We sparked up a few more conversations when she starting asking me about her current boyfriend. She showed me quotes he said were his, but were beyond my dad's years. She showed me pics that were magazine cut-outs he said were his. And she took the news badly.

After a fashion, I told her I'd had feelings for her, and the her boyfriend was a jackass. The next day, she confronted him and got the truth out of him. And she split up with him. I don't know how long after that it was, but we hooked up. For two weeks, I was happy. But an old problem arose in the form of my ex, and I had to break it off. She told me she'd been thinking the same thing, and became my friend once more. I dealt with my ex, Stephanie, and decided to look for a relationship elsewhere.

I spent a month, happy and content, untila misunderstanding with my mom drove my girlfriend away from me. That night, I got on AIM and cried on Jamie's shoulder. We talked for what seemed, to me, to be hours. She told me she'd missed me, that for the latter half of the month she'd been secretly wishing I'd break up with my girlfriend.

I asked Jamie out then and there, telling her I still loved her, that I'd missed her. And I had. I still do.

Gods, when I first heard her voice, it was like hearing angels sing and Heaven call my name. I had to hear more of it. That month, I racked up a $1,088 phone bill for calling the U.K. Still, I counted the minutes to Christmas, when she'd be in New York. I called her at every opportunity, and held my breath waiting for the next one. I cried when she had to leave for home.

She's so sweet, and kind, and gentle, she makes me wonder how I ever put up with my life before she changed me. And she really did. I remember being a stubborn, hurtful hermit. Now, I'm grinning, making jokes, hoping to be a good daddy, and posting in the Lounge more freely than ever before.

And because of her, I've made so many good friends. Sonata and Kittychanann, amongst others. I never want to hurt this girl. I don't think my heart could take it.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I really like reading all your relationship stories. A lot of the sound like they came out of a Romance novel.
Here?s my long story.
Well, now I'm just a mere 13 year old very clueless to the word relationship. I didn't really expect to get a boyfriend anytime soon. Yeah, people did ask me out but I always said no in fear of my parent and sibling's response to the word "boyfriend" but there was this one guy I've had my eyes on since fifth grade. (Very young indeed) it was a childish crush between us two. It stayed like that in the 6th grade also. We?d always flirt with each other and tease about little things. Sadly, once we got to middle school the boy went to a boarding school (No he didn't do anything bad) up in Boston (Far far away from DC) and I sort of lost contact with him after that. My heart was broken but I moved on.
Now I'm in the eighth grade, wanting something to bring my life up to an all time high. Halo 2 sort of kept me smiling for a month or so but it's just a game nothing real.
I've got one guy in my math class that always hits on me. It's kind of cute some of the things he does but I still wasn't looking for a boyfriend. So, I'm on AIM talking to a friend about some Halo stuff when I get a random message from some random dude. We exchange names and it turns out to be the guy from Elementary school. A huge smile forms on my face as I read his name on the computer screen. We talk for a few hours about what has been going on for the past two years and he just comes out with "You wanna go out to the movies with me Christmas Eve?" (He came back home for winter break) Trust me, this isn't the kind of guy that just comes out and asks girls out but I said yes happily. So we hung out together on Christmas Eve, New Years, and the Sunday afterwards. I won't go into great detail what we did ^_~ but it was nice. Now the guy is back up in Boston and going to school. We try to e-mail everyday and he calls me once a week and he considers me his girlfriend.
Pause. You'd think I'd be enjoying all this right? Well, now it's sort of getting on my nerves. I don't know why. I guess it's his shyness around me. (In person not online at least) He can never start up a conversation with me and just fiddles with his iPod a lot. (I admit it?s cool but must you flash it to the whole world!) Maybe he's still in shock form all this time not seeing each other but I swear I went insane going to the movies, the parties, laser tagging, and paintballing with out him talking all that much. I don't know. Maybe it'll work out if I try more but I'm just thinking about dumping the guy. (Yes. How mean can I get?) I?m just being picky.
Pros about him, Japanese, likes anime, plays the guitar, cute, into rock, good taste in cloths, and good taste in food. (Not a very long list if you ask me)
Cons about him, very shy, mood less, always trying to buy me stuff, and not much personality.
Well, I was pretty bored so I felt like ranting on about something stupid. So feel free to give me any advice or criticism. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Me and Nathan met last year. *starry eyes* And I hated him for most of that time. He's a wee bit crazy, and when he gets depressed, he does odd stuff. Most of the time that I knew him, he was fighting with his girlfriend of the time, Melanie, because she was falling in love with some older guy. Another reason they fought once is because, in the middle of a fight at homecoming, me and him danced. When they were broken up for about four months, he finally got back to the way he was when I first met him and relatively calm. I wasn't interested because I was dating a senior. (What is with me and the older teens? I was 15 at that time, I'm sixteen now. The senior was eighteen, Nathan is seventeen. Anyway, that's the ages.) That senior cheated on me. My fault for dating a stoner, I guess. A day and a half after me and the senior broke up, me and Nathan started going out. A week later, Nathan dumped me. He said Melanie was still too on his mind and he didn't want to be with me if he wasn't 100% sure. That was about a week into December. Maybe the 9th or so? Between then and about the 27th, me and Nathan talked, saw eachother, *coughmadeoutcough*, and fell more and more in love. The 27th, he asked me out again. Saturday night, he called at midnight and dumped me, saying the same thing as last time. I'm a yoyo.

And loving every minute of it. I really don't mind. I mean, I was sad when he dumped me, but I'll move on, and dumbly wait for him. I know a lot of my friends are gonna say I'm stupid, but I still love him. Which is weird, because we only went out for a month.

I don't think he'd want to date me again, though. I bet this time he decided he hates me. But that might just be my insecurity talking, because I said the same thing last time.
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My current girlfriend and I are going pretty steady. We haven't been together for that long (this Sunday, the 17th, is our 1 month anniversary), but we care for each other a lot. We met the last day before my Christmas Break (December 17th). She told me she has had a crush on me for a very long time. So, we started going out. She is my first girlfriend (technically), and I am very happy to be with her.

We haven't did many things couples do yet, and probably not for a while. I think her cousin is paying me back for something I did for her...my friend is Josh Florea. He is like a brother to me. I introduced him to Courtney McGuire, a friends ex girlfriend. Well, in November last year, they started going out. While hanging out with them every once in a while, I met Samantha. Fast forward a month later. Samantha and I are now together and I don't feel lonely anymore...

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[font=comic sans ms][size=3][color=dodgerblue]

Hmmmm , what can I say. She who is my wife is like no other; a warm, kind and gentle person who has no hate or animosity for anyone. She is still an innocent believing in faeries, all things good and love while living in a world of wolves and not really understanding why people are cruel and hate. She is a true pacifist and yet she married a warrior. She is kind of heart, gentle of heart, the owner of a perfect heart. For that I have given her my life, my everything, my all. I have provided, protected and cared for her for 22 years now and shall do so until my last breath. Anyone who wishes to step between us.. myself, Lady Rin and the life we have together should have much bigger gun be a better faster shot.

I love you Lady Rin with all my heart and the other parts too.

[IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/desertranger/kisses.gif[/IMG]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1]Hi my name is Chris, and I recently just been dumped by a girl that I thought I loved the most. For this past month I've been dumped twice back to back hoping to recover from a 6 month relationship. It's that I can't pick the right women, I'm just letting people know that I'm losing my faith in love and I feel that's becoming more and more meaningless with each passing day I love, at times I ponder the meaning of the word love and come up with the conclusion that love is just a word that people can say to another, without hurting their feelings as well as getting their hopes up. After a while the person you thought you knew was cheating behind your back with 9 other men, and picking one of them over why? Cause she gave a test and I thought it was wrong. I support couples if they are friends no matter and I hope nothing every happens. But love it's to hard for me to move on and ask for another when I shouldn't be asking for anyone. Better off staying single no matter how bad the word lonleyness begins to kick. Thank you listening and responding to this.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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