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Inuyasha: Search for the Sword[M-LVS]

lil kitsune boy

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:: Three thousand years ago... ::

The air was oppressive in the demon's workshop. The forge had been blazing for the last month as the promising young smith worked.

'Are you done yet, demon?' the man demanded.

'Patience, Amatsu Mikaboshi.' the demon replied, swinging his hammer, 'A sword of this quality takes time and skill. This is why you came to me, because to use less of either would cost more in the end.'

'I tell you, Totosai,' Amatsu threatened, 'If this sword is not perfect, there will be no escape from my wrath.'

'So you said when I began,' Totosai reminded him for what had to be the hundredth time this week, 'But your 'God of Evil' act only prevents me from concentrating on your sword, my lord.'

Amatsu turned to leave, but left one more statement before he did.

'Just remember, Totosai. I am the god of evil, and if that sword is not done before I return, you will find out how I earned my title.'

Totosai sighed as he pulled the sword from the fire and thrust it into a pool of cool water.

'To see this sword used for such evil,' he said to the empty cave, gazing at the perfect blade through the steam, 'It breaks my heart. But, maybe someday, it can be used for good...'

:: A month later... ::

'Now, Izanagi,' Amatsu declared, 'Instead of killing you, I think I will seal you away, so you can watch as I rule your world. The very world I took, in only one battle, with this sword.'

Amatsu held up a small, ornate box, uttered a few words and Izanagi was sucked in, sealed away for all time.

:: Present day... ::

'And that's how the legend goes.' The man said, looking around the classroom. He was in his early thirties, very handsome with close cropped brown hair and a 'lady killer' smile. This was 'Motosawa-sensei'. The teacher all the girls had crushes on, the one everyone went to for advice.

'But, Motosawa-sensei,' A girl in the third row said, 'If Izanagi was sealed away and Amatsu ruled the world, how come he doesn't now?'

'Very good question, Ms. Ieyasua.' Motosawa replied as the girl blushed, 'In the story, some of the other gods rose up to defeat Amatsu Bikamoshi. Thus, freeing the world from his reign.'

'But what about Izanagi?' another student asked, 'Would he still be locked away, or did they let him out?'

Motosawa chuckled, 'I believe they would have let him out,' he said, 'Otherwise, how would we be hear? He is the 'creator god', after all.' Then Mr. Motosawa realized that one student wasn't paying the strictest attention.

'Mr. Haruno,' he said, 'Is this not interesting enough for you?'

'Sasuke,' one girl scolded him, 'Why aren't you paying attention?'

Sasuke looked away from the window he'd been looking out of, back to the girl's angry face, and Motosawa's disappointed one. Brushing his raven black hair, which was in desparate need of a cut, out of his yellow eyes.

'Thank you, Ms. Umuino.' Mr. Motosawa said, 'But, she's right, Mr. Haruno. You should be listening.'

Sasuke shrugged, 'I would, but I've heard all this before.'

'Really?' Motosawa asked, 'Then, please, how does it end?'

Sasuke sighed, 'Amatsu was defeated by Bishamon and Ho-Masubi, sealed away and his sword was lost during the battle. Afterwards, they freed Izanagi and lived happily ever after, right?' Sasuke finished as the bell rang.

'Alright, everyone,' Motosawa said, 'I want you to write what you think about this story, no less than three pages. Class dismissed.'

Everyone rose to leave, but Mr. Motosawa called Sasuke aside.

'Sasuke, is everything alright?' he asked, once most of the students were gone.

'No, why?'

'You've never zoned out in class like that before.' Mr. Motosawa said, 'Are they teasing you again?'

Sasuke closed his eyes, a source of constant aggravation and ridicule since his childhood.

'No,' Sasuke said, 'It's not that. It just seems like I'm... like I'm not where I should be right now, you know?'

Motosawa sighed, 'Sasuke, nobody wants to be in school...'

'It's not that,' Sasuke interrupted, 'I'm not sure what it is.'

Motosawa smiled, 'Well, it seems that this is interferring with your school work, so I'm recommending that you take the rest of the day off.'

:: The fuedal era... ::

This battle was a long time coming. Inuyasha, one of the sons of the Great Dog Demon. Kagome, the girl with holy powers from the future. Miroku, the monk who's line was cursed by Naraku. And Sango, the demonslayer who seeks to free her brother from Naraku's control. Against Naraku himself, the demon incarnation of Onigumo. This would be the final battle.

'Now you die Naraku.' Inuyasha declared, 'Windscar!' A powerful burst of energy flew from the sword. Accompanied by a sacred arrow fired by Kagome and the Horaikotsu, thrown by Sango. While, on the other side, Miroku opened his Wind Tunnel.

Naraku tried to hide behind a barrier, but the combined power of the three projectiles pushed him back into range, where Miroku's Wind Tunnel could pull him in.

'This isn't over, you insects!' Naraku cried, 'I'll be back!'

Miroku closed the Wind Tunnel over Naraku's cries, sealing him inside. When he opened his hand, he saw the hole fading, until it was gone completely.

'It's gone.' he said, almost collapsing in relief.

'Really?' Kagome asked, 'The Wind Tunnel is sealed?'

Miroku nodded as Kagome and Sango leaned in to look. They looked for a few moments before Inuyasha heard two sharp 'smack!'s.

'Some monk.' Inuyasha said, spotting something on the ground. He squatted down to look closer.

'I found the Sacred Jewel.' he said.

Everyone turned to look at him. They all knew what this meant, there was a choice to be made.

'Inuyasha...' Kagome started.

'Inuyasha,' Sango interrupted, 'You don't still intend to become a full demon, do you?'

Inuyasha turned, then after a few moments, tossed the Jewel to Kagome.

'You hang on to it,' he said, 'At least until we find someone to guard it properly.'

:: Five Hundred and two years later... ::

'The Bone-Eater's Well?' Sasuke asked.

'Yes, that's it.' his mother replied, 'Legend has it, they used to throw demons that they'd killed into it, and they'd disappear.'

'That's kinda gross.' Sasuke said, 'Is that it?'

'Oh no,' she replied, 'Supposedly, you can use it to travel to the past, but only if you have a connection with it. But, that's just an old story.' She laughed, 'Now come inside and help me with dinner. Maybe after we're done, I can tell you about your grandfather's sword and the dog demons.'

'Again?' Sasuke asked, heavily, 'You tell me that story every other day.'

'Well, it was always one of your favorites. Now, hurry up and get inside.'

As Mrs. Haruno turned to go inside, Sasuke leaned over to look inside the well.

'Bone-Eater's Well, huh?' he said to no one.

Sasuke looked down, hoping, maybe, to see something. But, after a few moments, gave up to go inside. As he turned his shoe found a wet spot on the floor, but he caught himself.

'That was close.' he said, turning back to the well, 'I almost fell down there.'

As he turned to leave, he heard a voice from the well.

'It breaks my heart. But, maybe someday, it can be used for good...' Suddenly, Sasuke felt dizzy. He tried to make it to the stairs, but the vertigo overcame him and he fell. He fell farther and farther, shouldn't he stop soon? Did he fall from the Earth? No, that was ridiculous. So, where did the ground go? So many things went through his mind that he almost didn't notice when he hit the ground.

Sasuke coughed. He tried to stand, expecting to feel dizzy again, but was surprised to find that he felt fine. He looked up, hoping to see the wellhouse, his mother and her 'You-know-you're-not-supposed-to-do-that' look. Imagine his surprise when he saw a clear blew sky and a bird fly overhead.

'What the hell is going on here?' he said as he began to climb.

Sasuke almost fell again when he reached the mouth of the well. His family's shrine was gone, replaced by forest.

'Um, where'd Tokyo go?' he asked the trees as he pulled himself the rest of the way out of the well.

Sasuke walked around, trying to gain a bearing on where he was and what happened. He saw a town in the distance, so he headed there.

He was almost to the town when he finally noticed something. The houses, they looked... old? Like huts, but like they were newly made.

This has got to be a dream. That's it, I was knocked out. he thought, trying to rationalize what he was seeing. But, something about that didn't make sense. It didn't feel like he was dreaming.

Sasuke walked a bit, trying to find someone who could tell him where he was. As he passed, he heard people talking in their houses. They seemed to be talking about some powerful threat, and Sasuke heard mention of a sword. After half an hour, he came across an old woman.

'Hello?' he called, trying to get her attention.

The old woman turned. Sasuke noticed she was dressed like a priestess, and her right eye was covered, possibly gone, by a tsuba.

'Oh, a visitor.' the old woman said, 'What can I do for thee?'

Thee? Sasuke thought, 'I was just wondering where I was. If you could tell me...?'

The old priestess smiled, 'My name is Kaede and ye are in Edo.' she replied.

'Edo?' Sasuke asked, 'How's that possible? Edo was renamed...' Sasuke stopped.

'Supposedly, you can use it to travel to the past, but only if you have a connection with it. But, that's just an old story.'

'No way.' Sasuke murmured.

'What is it?' Kaede asked, ''Is something wrong?'

'Um, yeah, maybe.' Sasuke said, 'What year is it?'

Kaede stopped to look at Sasuke. Noticing the jeans, the sneakers, the t-shirt and black jacket.

'Let me guess,' she said, smiling, 'There was a well involved?'

Sasuke's jaw dropped, 'How did you..?'

'Come with me.' Kaede interrupted, 'There is someone you should meet.'

:: Two hours later... ::

'So,' Miroku said, 'You can travel through the well, just like Kagome.'

Sasuke nodded, 'I guess,' he said, 'But, you're sure I can go back whenever I want?'

'That's right,' Kagome said, 'Don't worry about a thing.'

Sasuke let out a breath, looking around at them all. His eyes stuck on Inuyasha.

'You got a problem with me?' Inuyasha demanded.

'No, not at all.' Sasuke said, quickly, 'It's just... Your ears, they're...'

'Not human,' Inuyasha finished for him, 'You got a problem with that?' he asked, cracking his knuckles.

'Well, no.' Sasuke said, smiling uncomfortably, 'I think they're pretty cool. They remind me of a story.'

Inuyasha turned up his nose, walking away.

'You shouldn't act so surprised,' he said, 'You think a demon would be used to that sort of thing.'

'A what?' Sasuke asked.

'Come to think of it, I have been sensing a demonic aura since you arrived.' Miroku stated.

'Wait,' Sasuke said, 'You're trying to say I'm a demon?'

'Yeah.' Inuyasha said, 'Like you didn't know. Now cut the act and fess up!'

'Inuyasha.' Kagome said, 'Sit!'

Sasuke flinched as Inuyasha fell to the ground with a thud.

'How the he...?' he said.

'I'm not sure how to tell you this, Sasuke,' Kagome said, reaching over to pat his hand, 'But, Inuyasha was right. You're a demon.'

Sasuke pulled his hand away, standing.

'You know,' he said, 'I thought I was nuts, waking up in the fuedal era. But, you guys got me beat.'

'I know this seems hard to accept...' Miroku started.

'Don't.' Sasuke interrupted, 'Just don't, the last thing I need right now is...'

Sasuke was interrupted by a loud explosion outside.

'What the hell?' Sasuke yelled, running to see what had happened. Outside he found Kaede and a few men he'd seen in the village running towards them.

'Boy!' the old priestess yelled to him, 'Get the others outside, there are demons on it's way!'

Sasuke began to turn as the others ran by him, Inuyasha in the lead with his sword drawn and a red mark on his face.

'You picked a bad time to show up, demon.' Inuyasha said as Sasuke looked back, right at three fifty foot long centipedes.

'What the hell are they? Sasuke asked.

'It's a centipede demon.' Sasuke heard as something crawled up his back and sat on his shoulder.

'Who are you?' Sasuke asked, looking at the little boy on his shoulder.

'I'm Shippo,' he said, 'I'm a fox demon, and a great warrior.'

Sasuke looked at him, disbelievingly.

'Ok, so I'm still a little kid.' Shippo conceded, 'But, I help out.'

'Ok, so why aren't you helping now?' Sasuke asked.

'Why aren't you?' Shippo shot back.

'What am I supposed to do?' Sasuke asked, 'I've never even been in a fight, not to mention the fact that I don't have any powers or weapons.' He finished as Inuyasha cut a demon in half with the Tetsusaiga.

Shippo was about to answer when he noticed something that made him go white. One of the demons was headed straight for them.

'Run!' Shippo screamed as he jumped from Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke turned, but too late. The next thing he knew, he was encased by a coiled centipede body.

'That's it!' Inuyasha said, 'I'm getting sick of playing with these things, I'll get that last one with my Windscar.'

'Inuyasha, no!' Sango said, 'If you use your Windscar, you'll hit Sasuke, he's trapped in there!'

'Damn it.' Inuyasha spat, 'Why'd he have to go and get himself trapped? He should just bust out of there.'

Inside the centipede shell, Sasuke was freaking out.

'What the hell is going on here!?' he asked frantically. This had to be a dream, it just had to.

'Am I gonna die here?'

At this thought, something inside Sasuke snapped... broke, awoke, was born, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he was not going to die here.

'Do you feel that?' Miroku asked.

'Yeah,' Sango said, 'A powerful demon aura.'

'It's about time he wised up.' was all Inuyasha said before the centipede demon blew apart.

'Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!' Sasuke cried.

'What!?' everyone asked in unison.

'Hey!' Inuyasha said, walking over to Sasuke, 'Where'd you learn how to do that?'

Sasuke, out of breath, looked up at Inuyasha.

'My mom told me stories...' he said, between breaths, 'About someone who could do that... that's just what it looked like in my head, so I did it.'

Sasuke stood as Inuyasha opened his mouth to say something. Inuyasha stopped as Sasuke slapped his neck. He pulled his hand away and looked down to see what it was. He saw, what appeared to be, a human...ish, flea.

'Mioga?' Inuyasha asked, 'What are you doing here?'

'Master Inuyasha,' Mioga said, popping back into a much less... flat, shape, 'I bring terrible news.'

'Yeah,' Inuyasha said, 'So, spit it out, already.'

'Rumors among the demons of late have had a startling correspondence,' he said, 'In other words, they're all about the same thing.'

'Yeah?' Inuyasha prompted, getting impatient.

'They're all about a sword.' Mioga stated, 'A sword that's powerful enough to kill a divine being in one blow!'

'So?' Inuyasha said, 'Rumors are rumors. There's no need to get so worked up about it.'

'Master Inuyasha!' Mioga said, 'Do you realize what would happen if a demon got their hands on a weapon of that power?'

'Yeah,' Inyasha replied, 'If it even exists. But, for now...'

Inuyasha was cut off by a scream from Miroku. Everyone turned to see what was wrong to see the monk clutching his right hand.

'Miroku!' Kagome said, rushing over.

Miroku turned away quickly as dust and rock began to tumble their way toward him, driven by the wind.

'What the hell?' Sasuke and Inuyasha asked at once.

'No.' Inuyasha said, I can't be, Naraku's dead.'

'Tell that to Miroku!' Sango said.

Miroku fumbled through his robes, pulling out his prayer beads. As he wrapped them around his hand, the wind began to die.

'Ok,' Sasuke said, 'Someone wanna explain?'


Two years after the destruction of Naraku, Inuyasha and the others have managed to settle down and begin normal lives. Miroku's Wind Tunnel has disappeared. Kagome has returned to her own time, but manages to visit from time to time. The Sacred Jewel has been reassembled and locked away from the world, guarded by Kikyo.

But rumors have begun to spread amonst the demons of Japan, rumors of a sword that could destroy the world. Said to originate near Hokaido(far north), the sword is rumored to possess a power that can kill even a god in one blow.

Now, demons all across Japan have begun a frantic search for it. Even worse news, Miroku's Wind Tunnel has reappeared! Is Naraku still alive? If he is, is he after the sword as well?

It looks as though the normal life everyone thought they'd gained will be a little harder to come by than they thought. The time has come to pick up their weapons and save the world... again.

It's up to you what your character has done for the last two years, unless it was already up there(like Kikyo).

So, how's it sound? Sounds like fun, huh? Oh well, here's the character info we need, then we'll get started.

Age: anywhere between 9(i'm guessing that's shippo's age) and 25(exeptions for full demons)
Species: human, demon, or half demon(please include what kind of demon, inuyasha's a dog demon, shippo's a fox demon, that kinda thing)
Weapons/Powers: such as, the tetsusaiga(not really, unless you're inuyasha) or the wind tunnel, a giant boomerang(horaikotsu) travel through time(for the moment, we're just gonna call this a power, but if you want to, i need a good reason, like being inuyasha or kagome) also, please include when they lose their powers(half demons and curses should be the only ones who have to worry about this)
Personality: what you're like. are you fun loving? irritable? do you tease small children and animals for fun? that kinda stuff
Background: as much or as little as you want, but please put something so we can get an idea of your motivations(if you don't want other character's to know, simply say so)
Mission: what you're doing here

Here's an example:

Name: Sasuke
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Half-demon(dog)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Weapons/Powers: Iron Reaver Soul stealer, Blades of Blood, travel through time, enhanced strength, speed, senses and endurance. Loses powers during the night of the new moon.
Personality: cheerful enough, but if you make him angry, there's a good chance you aren't walking away whole... or at all.
Background: Sasuke spent most of his young life hearing about his grandfather and great-uncle from his mother. He decided that he wanted to be like them when he grew up. Of course, in the year 2005, there isn't much chance that he'd meet a demon to fight. It didn't really help that he was constantly made fun of by all the children in school for his strange yellow eyes. He always felt like his life wasn't ever going to go anywhere, until he found that well on his family's shrine...
Mission: Find the sword that threatens the world and find his grandfather's demonforged sword.

There ya go, something like that.

You are, of course, welcome to play any of the established characters. New characters are welcome and encouraged, as well.
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[b]Name:[/b] Tao

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Species:[/b] Half Demon (Tiger)

[b]Eyes:[/b] Orange

[b]Hair:[/b] Black

[b]Height:[/b] 5'7''

[b]Weight:[/b] 112

[b]Weapon:[/b] Cat's Eye Stone (Small blood red stone that has a black mark inside that makes it look like a cats eye.) This stone lets her shoot small red beams of energy but not often. This stone can transform into a sword but the stone is usless unless it is in Tao's hands. She will later find a new weapon... A special [b][u]Katana[/u] [/b]that was hidden by her father in a cave that only her family knew about. The stone she carries can be placed into a small spot on the katana and the sword will get a large boost in power. This sword is called the Blade of Tigers.

[b]Powers:[/b] With the stone she can shoot small beams of energy and turn the stone into a sword... She never uses these powers though. She normaly uses the following abilities. She can zip from place to place to avoid attacks and it takes time off her journey from one spot to another. She can also make her sharp claws glow orange and she can slash at the enemies... This is called Claw of the Tiger. She also has the power to transform into a tiger... This form is black with orange stripes... More black than orange just so you all know. (She turns completely human and loses her powers every 45 days... This is not based on any thing... It has nothing to do with the moon or anything... Just every 45 days.)

She can also smell very well, she has hearing like you wouldnt believe, and shes agile and stealthy as well... She has super cat reflexes.

[b]Personality:[/b] Very quiet at times and sometimes refuses to speak with certin people. She hates making mistakes and kicks herself a thousand times over if she makes a mistake. When she knows you she is very kind and protective. Will fight till the death to help friends...

[b]Background:[/b] Feudal japan has been her home since birth. Her entire family is full demon exept her father who mysteriously died four months after her birth. She grew up to be an extreamly strong half demon... most of her family is not even as strong as her. Just recently though a full demon of some sort slautered her entire family and kidnapped her younger brother... She figures this demon was not acting on its own... She figures it was someone who was either controling it or telling it what to do. So she headed out to find her brother... not even two days into her search she heard rumors of a sword of dangerous power.

[b]Mission:[/b] To find her younger brother... and this mysterious sword.
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[size=1][color="#CC0000"]Please add a little more to the backstory. One paragraph simply doesn't cut it (as you may or may not have read in the Inn's sticky). Most of the people who join probably have seen Inuyasha, so you can go into detail about the mysterious sword and the rumors about it instead of the actual anime. What about this RPG is different from Inuyasha, if anything? How did people even find out about the sword? etc.

Again, please edit in some additional information to your story or the thread will be closed. Be sure to look over the sticky for more information.

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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Name: Koga

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf Demon

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'10

Weight: 186 lbs.

Weapons/Powers: Koga only has one true weapon, which is a normal sword. He doesn't tend to use it very often, as he'd rather fight without it. Koga's power is his tremendous speed. He is very agile, and has the ability to surround himself in an extremely powerful tornado. Also, being the leader of the Wolf Demon Tribe, he has the ability to summon wolves to attack his opposition, who tend to follow him every where he goes, lurking in the shadows.

Background: Ever since the defeat of Naraku, Koga has gone on an extensive search, in an attempt to rebuild his Wolf Demon Tribe. In this journey, he found relations to the murdered members of his tribe, as well as other powerful fighters, and elisted them in his squad. Now, the Wolf Demon Tribe has finally been revived. But with his new tribe, Koga has changed his ways. He no longer kills the weak without purpose. He still, however, has his bad-boy attitude. Koga's rivalry with Inuyasha has settled down, and now, Koga no longer needs the Jewel Shards to give him powers. The shards have been in him for so long, that the powers it gave it has it's permanent existance inside Koga. He realized this when they were removed in a battle against a mighty gang of Beasts.

Mission: Ever since he heard about the almighty sword, Koga embarked on a new quest....to seek and destroy it. Why? Not too much about the possible destruction of the world, but about the true ability of a warrior. Koga feels that a warrior should build up strength that the sword supposedly contains, instead of finding it and simply killing all. A child could find the sword and become all-powerful, which he doesn't find fair, since he spent a long time training to get his level of power.
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Name: Hana

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species:mostly human with some cat demon blood in the family

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Black

Height: 5'6

Weight: 117lbs

Weapon/Powers: She is a hand- to- hand combatant that wears custome made gloves. These gloves have claws built in so that she can bring them out at any time she needs. Her powers are minimal due to the fact that her bloodline is so faded. She has extra quick reflexes, excellent hearing, and she can see quite well in the dark. She only has two special power attacks; Silent Strike: this is a powerful claw attack that happens so quickly the enemy doesn't see it coming. Razor Storm: this is actually a searies of multiple attacks that are delivered quickly and precisely causing severe damage to her enemy.

Personality: Hana is pretty relaxed, almost to the pont where most people call her lazy. But when she puts her mind to somthing nothing can get in her way of succeeding in that goal. She tolerates everyone, but is very choosey about her friends, and will pick enemies quickly. She always loves a good joke, and is quick to play off of others.

Background: Hana was born in Kyoto and trained in martial arts by her uncle. Her demon blood comes from her greatgrandfather who was half cat demon, no one told her about this until she turned 16. This is wear she began to use her skills to her advantage, using them to stop punks that picked on kids at school or thugs that bugged her on her way home from school. When she graduated highschool she began to feel that she was meant for something greater than going on to college. She moved to Hokiado when she was 19 and for the past two years she has honed her skills to perfection, and now she waits to see what life brings her way.

Mission: To find what the strange disturbances are, and stop them. (little does she know what shes getting herself into)
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We could pull it off with four people... Heck its a four person trip on the tv show... Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome. Yeah yeah Shippo makes it five but i dont really count him... he normaly never did any fighting. I am not counting Kilala either.

But eh its up to you.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]I'll help you out kitsune...

Name: Sesshoumaru
Age: 900+
Gender: Male
Species: Full Dog Demon
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Silver/White
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Unknown
Weapons/Powers: He still possesses the evil sword Tokijin, but somehow is unable to let go of Tensaiga, the sword given to him by his late father. Sesshoumaru also can still wield the energy whip that he has used for several occasions.
Personality: Sesshoumaru is still just as cold and distant from before, and he hasn't changed a bit.
Background: Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's older half-brother. And he despises Inuyashas for the half-demon that he is, and even more for the fact that he possesses the Tetsusaiga. He met a little girl named Rin, who took care of him when he barely escaped a fight between him and Inuyasha. He saved her life after she was attacked by wolves and brought her along to travel with him and his servant Jaken.
Mission: Sesshoumaru wishes to get the Sword for himself, and dispose of Naraku if the rumors that he have heard are true, and afterward, defeat Inuyasha with it.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Kitana
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Species: half wolf, quarter human, and quarter other demon (I don't really know what Naraku is). :catgirl:
Eyes: Really light blue
Hair: black hair put up in a ponytail with one strip of hair on each side, the strip on the right is all white
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 75 lbs
Weapons/Powers: Kitana has two fan blades, they look like curved swords but when she wants they spread apart like a fan. Kitana's power is that she is a pretty powerful psychic, she uses telepathy, mind reading, and telekanesis, but she usualy makes a black orb of psychic energy which she uses to throw at people, spy on people, control people and make forcefields
Personality: Kitana is a pretty serious person with a very short temper. She can be nice at times but not usually only when she likes the person
Background: Kitana's mom died when she was nine and was taken in by Sango and Kohaku after Naraku was killed, she knew Kohaku when he was under Naraku's rule and they became best friends. Kitana is really Naraku's only daughter, Naraku was always trying to use Kitana's power for his dirty work and he usually did, nobody knows that she is Naraku's daughter except for Kohaku. Even Sango doesn't know. Kitana doesn't want people to know because they might look down on her and think she was evil like her father.
Mission: Kitana wants to find the sword so she can kill Naraku, so he can't use the sword and become all powerful and destroy everything even if it costs her her life.
Sorry I'm so late. My computer was busted
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Name: Shana
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Demon (Fox)
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Red/Orange/Blonde Waist length and tied in a red ribbon at the nape of her neck
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 115
Weapons/Powers: Although she doesn't fight often, she'll use her claws and usually a street-fighting-hack-and-slash style. Also, she'll use Fox Fire now and then. And, every full moon, she's able to transform into a four-tailed fox with her true power; it's her favorite time of the month.
Personality: She's very fun-loving, but also very motherly. Ok, she's mostly motherly. She's also very [I]very[/I] overprotectant over the people she knows and loves. Especially her son.
Background: Shana was the wife of the leader of her fox tribe, and they had a son. Naming him Shippo, they were very happy. It was only when the Thunder Brothers came that they were unhappy. That was only because her husband had died because he refused to give them his jewel shards. When Shippo had disappeared, claiming to get revenge, Shana had become the new leader of the tribe.

Unable to leave for years, Shana had become the leader of the Wolf tribe's enemy and rival, always fighting and being at war. Once, the young leader had let slip of a young fox cub named Shippo wandering with a group with the half demon Inuyasha. At that moment, Shana had decided to leave the tribe in search of Shippo. And soon after Naraku had been killed, she had found him, and they became closer than ever, and Shana vowed to always protect him and to never leave him.
Mission: Truly, Shana doesn't even want the sword, but she follows Shippo. And [I]Shippo[/I] is finding the sword because he's following Inuyasha & Gang.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OKay, Kitsune, I'm here like you asked.

Name: Date Masamune, the One-eyed Dragon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: human (though some people think he's nickname is a more accurate)
Eyes: One, blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6
Weight: 200
Weapons/Powers: he's strong and fast, for a human, and he's really good with a katana. He also has studied the Mumyo-jinpo-ryu style of sword fighting and has learned a few special attacks.
Personality: Quiet, serious, and killer in a fight.
Background: Ever since Masamune was a child, he wanted to be the strongest. His father was a powerful Daimyo in the north and Masamune trained with the soldiers. Then he got an infection in his right eye and he plucked it out himself. After that, he began training even harder to compensate for his loss.
Masamune decided to leave the North and travel around, improving his skills until he was the world's strongest fighter and then he would take his father's place. It was during these travels that he heard of Naraku, Inuyasha, and Sheesomeru.
Mission: Trying to become the world's strongest
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Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf Demon
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown and quite long wears it in a tail like Koga, but it's braided.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs

Weapons/Powers: Kana's main weapon is her ability to make people under-estimate her, espicially her older brother, Koga. She is quite pretty and fragile looking, but looks can be decieving. She's fast on her feet and wears throwing daggers in her wrist bracers that she can be accruate with to a milimeter's width if she chooses. She can only summon two wolves to her side when the need arises, but Raka and Rasha (male and female wolf) are fiercly loyal -- the only one they will listen to above Kana is Koga.

Background: No matter how much she looked up to her older brother, Koga, she couldn't help but feel that he had cheated to get the position of pack leader by using the jewel shards to inhance his abilities. She knows he's good for the pack, but they often quarrel because he is constantly discounting her abilities and usefulness because of her looks. She was furious when Koga brought little Kagome to the den. . . not because of jealousy for her brother's attention, but because here was a girl who just waltzes in and is instantly considered a warrior in her own way, while Kana had worked her whole life for just an ounce of recognition. Again, after Naraku's "defeat" and Koga went in search of warriors, Kana was left behind. The others in the pack all call her 'huntress,' but never when Koga is around. Maybe he feels she's only good for decoration, so he goes all postal when he hears anything about her leaving the den or hunting with the pack. He even creams any pack member male who shows the least bit of interest in her. It just isn't fair in Kana's eyes. In order to prove herself to her brother, she decided to join his search for the sword. She didn't tell him this, though. She's been trailing the whole group in secret ever since her brother joined them.

Mission: To prove herself a warrior and hunter to her brother, help him and his companions rid the world of the sword. . . and check out InuYasha - the half demon who defeated her brother several times WITHOUT using any of the jewel shards (and stole his girl to boot.)
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Name: Kyo

age: 17
Gender: male
Species: Half-demon( Hawk demon)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde and just past shoulder lenght
Height: 5'9
Weight: 112 ( due to his blood line. like a bird he has a lite build and skeleton, though with how tough he is it's hard to tell)

Weapons/powers: He carries a long straight blade, a family heirloom, made from the silver feathers of his grand father. He has powerful talons on his hands and silver wings with razor sharp feathers. Cross slash, a swooping attack using his powerful arms and talons. silver swirl, he spins rapidly in mid-air launching his razor like feathers in all directions. He too is a time traveler.

Background: Born in the northern mountains he lived in seclusion for most of his life, though a half-demon he still appears very different with his wings and all. He left home, well ranaway is more like it, when he was 12 and lived amonst the people he had been deprived of his whole-life. He had to dress heavily to cover his wings and gloves for his talons. He lived in this way for many years til' his sixteenth birthday, which he of course celebrated alone. He was filled with a cold forbodding feeling from head to toe. He was drawn and repeled by this feeling and knew no matter what it was it was bad.

Personality: He is kind, though very detached due to the fact that he was ostrsized from society due to his odd dress and odd behavior regarding his past and family. Though he is rejected for it he has great pride in his family line and what he is. He always carries his sword with him, a fact which occasionally causes trouble with the police. He tries hard to due the right thing even when it;s not clear what that maybe. He is sincere in the things he does and say.

Mission: to find this terrible forboding energy and rid himself and the world of it.
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