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End of Days: Prototype [M-LV, maybe S]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Warning: A lot of text. Don't say I didn't warn you.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=2]The Beginning: [/B][/SIZE]
In the beginning, there was nothing. No starts, no life. An endless void of blackness encompassed all. For an untold amount of time, there was no light, no fire, nothing in existence. The darkness was all, for a second, or for an infinity. It's impossible to know how long the void existed. For nothing was there to tell the time, until the light began.

The light was a single entity at first, an all encompassing glow. It was the first life, the first thing to grace the universe. Call it God or whatever you wish. But it was there. The First Being. It made a light, a life, and goodness. But as all can tell you, there is no light without shadow. No good without evil. The being was not good, because there was no evil to compare it with. It just was.

It made the first good, and the first evil. The good was the light and heavens. The evil was shadow and hell. And in that dark hell was another being. The Devil. Where the First Being wanted Creation, the Devil wanted destruction. It was a being of shadow, pain, and fury. It was the direct opposite of the First.

In Heaven, the First created beings of light. In Hell, it made the dark ones. The angels and demons were the first to walk this plane of existence. Then, together with the Devil, the First created the Earth. A place between Heaven and Hell were life of a different kind was created. A sphere of hot earth floated in the sky, until it cooled and became Earth.

The First created the Earth to be a land of neutrality. To do this, to make sure it wasn't purely good, it needed the aid of the Devil. Both added their influence. This spawned freedom to the beings of Earth. They were not guided by as strong a flow as the Demons and Angels. And as they changed and grew and multiplied, the First and the Devil stepped back and watched. They've been watching for millions of years, as their creations continue to change. And they know the End draws near.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray][B][SIZE=2]Heaven vs. Hell: [/SIZE][/B]
There was not peace in Heaven and Hell. The Angels and Demons despised each other with a passion, for they were opposites. The Angels are creatures of light, and the Demons are creatures of dark. They are natural enemies. And they have carried that out in a great war, since the beginning of time.

Do not let the books fool you. The war of Heaven and Hell did not begin with rebellious angels, and it has yet to end. Armageddon is coming, but it hits when one side wins. Heaven wins, we die by the hands of Angels. Hell wins, we burn in Hellfire. Either way, we die and move on to our eventual fate.

During the war, however, there was a rebellion in heaven. Several, in fact. The same for Hell. Throughout the war, there have been numerous splinterings of factions, disagreements, rebellions, assassinations, traitors, spies, and everything else we see in human wars. They did it all first, after all. The first great rebellion, however, was led by the Morning Star himself, Lucifer. The greatest traitor of all, the Prideful One, he was the first to break rank and turn against Heaven.

Many have followed suit.

The war rages on despite these events. Heroes and villains emerge on both sides, from the most wicked demon, to the most honorable. Fallen Angels clash with True Angels. And the various beasts of either side take suit, burning with hellfire or descending from the heavens. The Demons and Angels aren't the only Celestial warriors. There are many on either side.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=2]Dragons: [/SIZE][/B]
The Dragons are one of the greatest and most well known beasts of the two factions. They were spawned from the fires of Hell, Infernal Monsters that wreaked havoc on Heaven until one turned coat and joined the Celestial forces. He is known as the Great Dragon, the first Dragon of Light. Lord of all the Dragons of Heaven. He is a God, and all the Dragons know him as one.

The first Dragons were fairly weak, comparatively. The great Old One, the Devil Dragon itself, gave birth to beings more powerful than itself, and they keep growing in strength. The Great Dragon was the most powerful son of the Devil Dragon, and when he saw the darkness that surrounded him, he fled to Heaven. There, he began his own legacy.

There are more Dragons than even those of Heaven and Hell. The Dragons of Earth were born from the dead beasts that ended up in the Land of Spirits. They became the Dragon Spirits, and have since grown and changed over the ages, becoming their own line. The Dragon Spirits are some of the most powerful of the Spirits, defending Earth their greatest calling.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][SIZE=2][B]Spirits: [/B] [/SIZE]
There are truly three factions in this Great War. Not just the legions of Hell and the armies of Heaven, but a third that keeps them both at bay on Earth. The Spirits of men and beasts that live just outside the Earth's dimension, in-between Earth and the two warring worlds. Amidst the Spirits of the dead reside these great warriors, and they will fight to the bitter end for Earth.

Most of the Spirits take the form of animals. The Wolf Spirits, the Dragon Spirits, the Bird Spirits, the Tiger Spirits, et all. They take the legendary power of their forms and use it to fend off the outsiders and save humanity from Armageddon. They view all from either side as enemies, and take no prisoners in the war.

In accordance with the Earthly elements, the Spirits have moved to the four poles to raise their powers. To the North are the Spirits of Water and Ice. To the South are the Spirits of Fire and the Sky. To the West are spirits of the Earth and Steel. And to the west are the Spirits of Thunder and Wood.

The Spirits have formed clans based on their animal heritages, with lords for each clan. The Spirit Lords are great and powerful warriors who have risen to their posts through hard work and battle. Each clan has four leaders, one at each pole. These Spirit Lords have the power to call upon the warriors of their Clan at any time, and use them to fend off the outsiders.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=2][B]The Others: [/B][/SIZE]
The most dangerous and mysterious of all the beings involved in the Great War, the Others exist in small numbers, but with great power. They are created beings, made from technology invented by Heaven, by warriors of Hell, and based on the imaginations of humans. It is unknown what part they may play in the War, besides the fact that they are Hell's greatest weapon.

For now, it seems like Hell has but one. A Prototype, AGT - 0001. Nothing more about it is known, save for its very creators. No one knows how powerful it is, or even what it looks like. They only know that it is a monster, forged from the minds of man. And that is the spring for the greatest horrors of all.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Now that the (seemingly) endless backstory is through...

The war of Heaven and Hell is nearing its end. But no matter which side wins, we lose in a big way. Our only hope rests in the hands of the Spirits of Earth, but they are losing ground against the superior forces of Heaven [I]and[/I] Hell. And Hell is poised with a shiny new weapon.

The Prototype of the Others is ready. And it's loose on Earth, poised to wreak havoc. A team of warriors from Hell is moving in the recapture it. A group from Heaven in moving in to take them out. And the Spirits are trying to stop them both. A battle is about to begin, and it may just bring about our untimely end.[/SIZE][/COLOR]



Name: In the naming aspect, go wild.
Gender: Angels and Demons have gender traits, either masculine or femenine. They don't actually have genders, but they seem like they do.
Faction: Heaven, Hell, or Spirits
Appearance: Most of them have two forms. A human form, and their true form. The true form can be the same, or very, very different. Most Spirits are animals in their true forms, the Dragons look like Dragons, and Demons and Angels run the gamut.
Weapons: From katanas to handguns.
Powers: No specific attacks, just a general kind of ability, such as fire control.
Personality: You know the drill.
Motivation: Instead of a Bio (which would be pretty hard to write) I'm letting you show your characters motives. Why they fight, what they fight for, etc. A little bit of past mingled with a lot of internalization. Should be interesting.

I'll post my character later. However, there is one thing I have to say now before you create your character. You cannot be, I repeat CANNOT be, Michael, Gabriel, or any of the other Seven Archangels. Same goes for Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Behemoth, Leviathan, Mammon, and Belphagor. Those 14 are far too powerful. I may integrate them later, or pick people to play as them. But I'm not having some shmoe walk in off the street and take the great warrior Michael.

Save my (few) restrictions, go wild. There should be more than enough here to get your creative juices flowing. And I hope you all have a great time fighting for the future of the world.

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[B]Name-[/B] Beelzebub, also known as Lord of the Flies, Prince of Beasts, yet he calls himself Faust in the human world.
[B]Gender-[/B] He is a masculine figure of the Demons
[B]Faction-[/B] Hell

[B]Appearance[/B] [URL=http://yoshi-room.hp.infoseek.co.jp/mknocolorhtml/e/beelzebub.jpg]True Form[/URL]
[URL=http://weisskreuznet.de/Schwarz9.jpg]Human Form[/URL]- (Excluding the strait jacket. . .at times), Beelzebub is a tall, lanky man who appears to possess no physical strength. He has deep amber eyes that seem to look into your soul, cropped silver hair that gives him an intimidating look, and a voice that brings girls to their knees and makes men bow down. Around his body, Beelzebub wears bandages around his body for he cuts himself many times. Yet, over that he wears punk-ish clothing that sets off a necromantic look about him, but gives a bit of esoteric chill to those who have the time to stare.

[B]Weapons-[/B] Other than the fact that Beelzebub is a demon, he has no primary weapon he uses. Whatever he can get his hands on; he will use it to his use and their dismay. Beelzebub has a way of creating weapons out of nothing as well, but also summoning powers of darkness and plagues to aid him.

[B]Powers-[/B] Demonic in more ways than one, Beelzebub is possibly the most demented of them all. He has a tendency to kill with his bare... demonic hands and at times, he has a thrill for tormenting his victims, but under no circumstances does he leave any alive. But when in battle, Beelzebub is prone to feeling pain. He is the Lord of the Flies, Prince of Beasts and therefore, his only true power is that of natural disaster and rage, blood lusting for anything that should come his way.

[B]Personality-[/B] A demon who fulfills his eternal life in Hell by taking it upon himself to integrate greed into the lives of humans, watching them fall, without fail, to the glittering gold that they desire so. He is an arrogant demon with a cold, demeaning, and bitter till the sweet end. Such derogatory manners have become of him and no matter what anyone says Beelzebub is one who prefers not to listen. He is filled with greed, only wanting power, rage, and the like. Nothing could seem much more important to him than regaining Hell from the Fallen Angels. But as a human, Beelzebub is nothing but a punk. He walks with an intimidating ambience about him, rarely talking and always having a blank stare, but constantly having a psychotic formula mixing in his brain.

[B]Motivation-[/B] With eternal hatred in his empty soul, Beelzebub truly believes that there is no place in Hell for Fallen Angels. When Hell came forth, there was only one superior race the in the underworld and only one race ruled it, the demons. Although they were of many different calibers and types, they were all created from the spawn of death, decay, and ultimate evil. They were the ones who were to do the dark lord's bidding as he wishes, perhaps questioning his authority and such, but never arguing in his place. They were known as the Seven Lords, as they called themselves, and Beelzebub was part of it. They were at the top of the food chain, so to speak, constantly giving minions jobs that seemed unworthy to them, training those they thought deemed well for Hell's special army, and giving demons the righteous name in Hell. No longer were they rulers of the darkened world, but merely pawns in a game between God and Satan. Who did Satan trust in a land filled with weak and fearing creatures? It wouldn?t be the Fallen Angels when they fall once more, he?d turn his trust back to the Seven Lords, in the time that they?re needed the most, and what would behold them to answer to a being who turned his back on the true power in Hell?
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Name: Kuriea (pronounced Korea) Lash

Gender: Female

Faction: Spirits- femine bird spirit

Appearance: see attachments

Weapons: A pike that has bird feathers decorating it.

Powers: Kuriea has a sionic scream that traels around for 10 miles. She can also fly long distances.

Personality:Kuriea is usually serious. She can get jokes but won't laugh. She is always on top of things and needs everything o be done. For example hen she is building a nest she will work for 2 weeks straight until she gets the nest done.

Motivation: When the native American tribe Kuriea lived in ,as her bird form , was destroyed so was her sprit. She does't know if it was the demons or the angels but she will get back at who ever did this. Thi is why she chose to be with the spirits.

Her lord lead the clan of the female bird spirits. Kuriea will fight untill her death and until she defeats every one and last angel and demon and save her beautiful Earth from being destroyed by the,m.

OOC: Tell me if anything is wrong
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Name: Arel, Angel of Fire

Gender: Angel, Male Form

Faction: Heaven

Appearance: Human form-In human form, Arel is of average height, with blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin. He wears a black leather jacket and a white t-shirt, and black combat trousers and boots.

Angel Form-Arel's appearance changes dramatically when he turns to his angel form. His hair turns flame-red and spiky, his irises turn red as well. His clothes remain same, although he sometimes sheds his jacket when he becomes an angel. He has large white wings which unfold from his back.

Weapons: Flame of Justice-A sword which is made entirely of flame. It appears in his hand when he needs it and disappears when he no longer needs it.

Powers: Fire-casting and manipulation abilities

Personality: Arel is someone who you would expect to be on the side of Hell. He takes great pleasure in what he does best, and what he does best is kill demons. He hates demons with a vengeance, and will stop at nothing until they are all wiped out. This has gotten him into trouble more than once, however, when he has tried to destroy demons much more powerful than himself, and been beaten severely. He always comes back to finish a fight, though, and usually manages to. He has adopted a sarcastic personality, and also enjoys chain-smoking, which can never damage his health.

Motivation: Arel was severely injured by a powerful demon when he was just a young, inexperienced angel, and this is what has driven him to become what he is today: a slayer of demons. He believes himself to be purifying the universe by wiping out demons, and is almost fanatical about his duty.

Once, when he was young and cocky, he turned and joined Hell as a double agent, without telling God. He was found out by both sides, and was tortured by Hell, then returned to Heaven and punished by God. He now only reluctantly works for God, disliking him almost as much as he dislikes the demons of Hell. He is likely to turn against his former masters, and possibly against Hell as well.

(Hope this is okay, ULX-this RP looks great)
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[b]OOC: [/b]Kwee! Cool RP ULX. I hope the Sign up's ok, but let me know if I have to change anything.

[b][size=2][color=Navy] Name: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kisa

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Gender: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Female

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Faction: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Spirits - Wolf Lord

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Appearance:
Human - [/color][/size][/b][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep her goggles but replace her clothes with a [/color][color=#000080]forest green button up shirt with pink cherry blossoms embroidered on the bottom right side of the shirt, and creamish white cargos.[/color][color=Navy] She also wears fingerless, greyish blue gloves with grips on the underside. She looks like a regular human except for the fact that she has abnormally long canine teeth and when irritated or extremely angry, she half changes, her eyes change to the colour of her spirit eyes and her nails get sharper.

[b]Spirit - [/b][url="http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/02.07.02/gifs/anime-0206.jpg"]Here[/url], she's very large and about two times her human size.

[b]Weapons: [/b]When she's in her spirit form, she just uses her claws and teeth, but in human form, she carries around [url="http://members.shaw.ca/tenipri/AGFS/IYJCLRCRD7.jpg"]this[/url] sword (yes the Tetsuaiga) which has been passed down through the generation of Wolf Lords, as it was made out of the fang of the very First Wolf.

[/color][b][size=2][color=Navy] Powers: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Speed, excellent sense of smell, good sense of taste, is very stealthy, flexible and acrobatic/gymnastic and [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy]uses the powers of the Sky and Fire since she lives in the South[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy], including power of the Weather.

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Personality: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kisa is a very territorial person as are practically all Wolves. She keeps order in the South among the wolves and other species[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy], whenever she needs help she calls and anyone available appears quickly to aid her. She takes her position as Wolf Lord very seriously and doesn't like to flaunt it around because it makes her a target, but it's hard not to be spotted as the leader when she's at least three times bigger than them.
Kisa is one to never admit defeat and will fight until she dies if that is what must happen. She always judges others by their smell, because she can tell what they're like from their scent.
When angered/irritated she can become violent and won't take any prisoners.

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Motivation: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kisa was born as a normal wolf, and her father had been the reigning Wolf Lord, her mother had already passed away when she was a cub. Kisa had lived very separated and was a typical lone wolf, with only a few friends. When her father was killed in a battle, she was immediately promoted to the status of Wolf Lord. Many of the males protested because she was female and shouldn't be allowed to have such power, but the Council had already reached the decision, and despite being 10 in human years, she had become the leader of all Wolves and many other species.

But of course, through all that time, they all had their human forms, but Kisa prefered her wolf morph, feeling safer and more secure in her natural form.
After being promoted to Wolf Lord, Kisa's wolf form became larger, but not as large as she would eventually grow to be, but that was because she was still young.

Being a Spirit, Kisa's reason behind fighting isn't because she's siding with Heaven or Hell, her reason is to protect Earth and keep the balance, as all Spirits should do. Her main allies are the other Spirit Lords that live in the South and then the ones in the other directions.
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[COLOR=#B33D79][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Sagittarius
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Faction:[/b] Heaven
Sagittarius' ivory hair and droopy purple eyes give her a look of serenity atypical for warrior angels like her. Off-duty, she's often seen in a white summer dress which matches her fair complexion quite well.
Her angelic avatar looks very much like her other form save for the requisite wings and halo. Geared in mithril armor, those who see her transit during her nightly patrols often mistake her for a shooting star.
[b]Weapons: [/b]
A mithril bow and a quiver full of silver arrows.
Life force manipulation. Usually takes the form of a high-level barrier that depletes her energy fairly quickly.

The tireless guardian of the border between North Pole and Heaven.

She is very fond of the Spirits and has worked with their ambassadors to bring both sides to an amicable agreement. Seeing that she was acquainted with the Northern Spirits and their customs, Sagittarius was asked to man the watchtower of the North Divide. For countless years she held absolute command over the gates and kept at bay all that dare cross the frontier. Her rule knew no faction, only trespassers; even the hosts of Heaven couldn?t use the gates.

Years of relative peace gave her time to think about the war and she often wonders why it needs to be fought. As the war rages with an intensity fiercer than before, her superiors now force her to allow their hosts passage, a request she has no plans of considering.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Clevielle
[b]Gender:[/b] Feminine
[b]Faction:[/b] Spirits - Bird Spirit
[URL=http://www.info-galaxy.com/Paintings/English/Galleries/Birds/Chipping_Sparrow_and_Asters/sparrow-2.jpg]Her True Form[/URL]
She is seen as a light delicate sparrow with brown feathers, and a white chest with a red dot.
[URL=http://www.artoki.co.uk/gallery/originals/ori-obligatoryscw.htm]Her Human Form[/URL]
She stands 5'8" tall, medium dark brown hair and has light blue eyes. Her body is slim and wears mostly skimpy clothing because she is rarely seen, wears feathers and jewels in her hair and is usually barefoot or wearing sandals or moccassins.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Bow and Arrow
[b]Powers:[/b] She can control the wind and the weather around her and also as a sparrow has excellent hearing, seeing, and tracking skills.
[b]Personality:[/b] She is very timid and shy when you first meet her, mostly because other spirits find her useless and find her to be weak. She is not a person to be taken lightely although she rarely ever loses her temper. She's not a very social person but is friendly towards anyone that crosses her path.
[b]Motivation:[/b] Clevi fights for herself and for the people of Earth. Although she does not have many friends, she wants to prove to herself and others that she is worth something. Fighting for a cause and being a part in saving or destroying something means alot to her, and has always believed in destiny and fate.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Book Antiqua]SIGN-UP

Name: Odell Jarrah

Gender: Male

Faction: Spirits-Otter?s

Appearance:human form- [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v239/OliverWhip/Proleplaycharectureguy.jpg[/IMG]

spirit form-

Weapons:He has a sword with a silver blade with sapphires laid into the blade and handle, which is silver as well.This sword is a symbol of the messengers of the spirits.

Power: Can create and manipulate water. In spirit form- Very flexible, good scene of smell and hearing. Can breath under water and can use all powers just as effectively under water as he can above it.

Personality: Loves to joke around and is sometimes called a smart ***. He thinks his job is an important one but thinks someone else should have got it, wants to be a warrior. He thinks that both angels and demons and scum fighting for greed, and that the humans disserve to live instead of being soon wiped out by the up coming Armageddon.

Motivation: His good friend is the Otter lord and because Odell kept screwing up on his jobs, his friend speared him punishment and made him a messenger for the spirits. Despite this he is always running into angels and demons that he battles. Determined to be a warrior he tries as hard as he can to accomplish his deliveries as fast and effectively as possible.

OOC: wow this RP seems neat can?t wait till it starts. Please PM me if I need to change anything. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name: Pan AKA Marcus Scipii (Pronounced Scip-EE-I)

Gender: Male

Faction: Spirits - Ermine King

Human Form: [URL=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alanstuart/on_the_cablecar1.jpg]Pan[/URL]
True Form: [URL=http://www.colby.edu/biology/bi257/images/Ermine%20-%202.jpg] Pan Ermine Form[/URL] (Note: He is about 10x larger then that.)

Weapons: In human form, Pan uses a long, barbed spear of silver. In his Ermine form, he can create ice projectiles of the moisture in the air. (This power has little effect in Hell, aswell as arid parts of Earth.)

Powers: Pan can control the snow. He can manipulate it into walls, projectiles ETC. In his spirit form, he's very felxable and can disapear easily.

Personality: Pan is strong willed, determined and friendly. (To humans and Spirits, anyway). He belives that the time of Heaven and Hell is over. The time now is for Spirituallity to return, and he is willing to do anything he can to make it so.

Motivation: He is determined to bring Spirituallity to rule, and that is motivation enough for Pan and his entire clan. They will fight hard, they will fight powerfully, and they will not stop until the Demons and Angles are all dead under his feet.

Looks cool, hope that's ok.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Name:[/B] Guilt
[B]Gender:[/B] Masculine
[B]Faction:[/B] Hell

- Human -
In his human guise, Guilt looks like your average punk. He's fairly tall, with a lean, muscular build. His hair is short and spiked, a vibrant crimson color. His brilliant yellow eyes flash behind red-tinted sunglasses. Everything about him screams fire and anarchy, from his wild hair to his heavy black boots. He generally manifests a pair of black cargos with flame lining, a red t-shirt, and a leather jacket. One oddly pointed ear is pierced with a dangling silver fang. The other is riddled with chrome studs, as is his chin and nose. Heavy chains dangle from his pants, and silver rings adorn all of his fingers.

- True -
Guilt's true form is even less pleasent. Red scales sprout all over his body, his teeth change to long fangs, and his golden eyes flash fire from every gaze. He's still humanoid, but his draconic history is obvious. A tail tears loose from his clothes, long and muscular. Spikes erupt from his spine, and leathery wings tear free of his back. He grows long claws, and wickedly curving horns. He is every inch a monster.

[B]Weapons: [/B]
While human, Guilt uses whatever weapon he can get his hands on, from a torn-loose steel girder to a handgun. However, he is most often seen with a hooked broad-sword given to him by his mentor.
In his true form, Guilt always uses either the hooked sword or his great claws.

[B]Powers: [/B]
As his form and lineage would lead you to believe, Guilt is a demon of fire. His pyrokinetic abilities, the ability to create and manipulate flames, makes him a powerful warrior. In addition, his dragon scales give him a powerful armor, especially against the flames, and he also takes on an incredible strength in either form.

Just like he looks in human form, Guilt is a punk. He's crude, crass, surly, rude, and downright nasty. He's very familiar with human concepts like sarcasm and cynicism, taking them on quite nicely for an outsider. He has none of the typical doom and gloom atmosphere most of the older warriors have, being a much more modern warrior. He's all for a good fight, or a good kill, and won't let anything stop him, espcially a stuff old Demon Lord.

Guilt is driven by self, and nothing more. He doesn't fight for the glory of Hell, he doesn't want to destroy the Celestial armies. He doesn't hate anyone in particular, he hates everyone. He'll fight anyone. Be they Angel, Demon, or biker. In particular the bikers, actually, but that's besides the point. He wants a fight, and he'll pick one with anyone. And he intends to win.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name[/B]: Midnight Honor

[B]Gender[/B]: Masculine appearance

[B]Faction[/B]: Heaven

Demon Form: *is looking*
Human Form: [url]http://www.matthewknelson.com/Art/fullsize/Color/vampirehunter300.jpg[/url]

[B]Weapons[/B]: In Midnight?s human form, he carries a cross pendant, when pushing the diamond in the middle it releases a spike which is held inside; the spike acts like a dagger, and is extremely sharp. In his Demon form he carries the legendary Matsamune, said to be crafted by God himself.

[B]Powers[/B]: Midnight can control darkness and shadows, he hasn?t honed on this powers, nor perfected them, as he has very little time to work on his powers. Another power he possesses is super-fast speed, by beating his wings at the seismic rate he can go faster than Mach 7.

Personality: Some could say that Midnight is of the ruthless type, betraying his Faction of Hell to join Heaven, he did it because he was expendable, and would be worth so much more in Heaven. He isn?t as bad as people think, beneath the layers of darkness, there is something. And if his ?cronies? in Hell found out, then, well he wouldn?t be around now. He is very internal, not allowing in close contact with anyone, officially named an Angel, this Demon deems himself a little insecure. The whereabouts of his existence, and how he was born is so much different than those surrounding him.

[B]Motivation[/B]: Midnight has no place for the likes of Satan or his chosen 'elite' and with this in mind, and memories of the torturing pain he went through his motive is destroy them all.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name[/b]: Tsuchi

[b]Gender[/b]: Feminine

[b]Faction[/b]: Spirits - Dragon Spirit


[url=http://www.nihon-fr.com/scripts/open2.php?id=manga/galeries/minablue/punk.jpg&galerie=Minablue%20/%20punk.jpg][u][COLOR=White]-Tsuchi Human-[/COLOR][/u][/url]
Tsuchi appears just as she does in the picture, though with longer red-ish hair, and she's quite tall, as well.

[url=http://www.paul-elisa.de/cabral/dragon/vc_ciruelo_bod01.jpg][u][COLOR=White]-Tsuchi Dragon-[/COLOR][/u][/url]
Tsuchi has razor-sharp scales that can cut into anything, even the strongest of metals.

[b]Weapons[/b]: While in her true form, Tsuchi uses nothing but her own powers and body. But while human, Tsuchi uses knives; one she keeps on her hip, the other she hides in her boot.

[b]Powers[/b]: Tsuchi can control the elements of fire and sky. Capable of commanding each with extraordinary ability, she is very formidable in either form. While in dragon form, her scales themselves can be used as weapons. Able to regrow them in seconds, she can fire them off at will.

[b]Personality[/b]: Tsuchi is bubbly and hyper, but quite cocky. Those who comand fire tend to be. Positive that she's the best at knocking people's brains out, she picks fights often, almost always winning. With a foul mouth like hers, there's no telling what may emerge from that hole in her face. Usually spouting out things without giving them proper thought, she tends to anger people, whether she means to or not. Though rude and violent, Tsuchi is quick to make friends no matter where she goes. She enjoys having her feet off the ground more than anything; even setting things on fire, and that's saying something.

[b]Motivation[/b]: Tsuchi, no matter how much havoc and destruction she may cause, loves the place she's come to know and love. Earth is her home, more than anything. Having it destroyed would mean losing many of the Human friends she has made, and maybe even some of her Spirit allies.
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Spirits ? Wolf Spirit
The woman stands 5?8?, with a very fine, shapely body, toned and curvaceous. Her feet arch as a dancers feet do, with longs legs and arms that end in artist?s hands. Her face is oval shaped, high cheek bones, smooth, a long, round nose, and long lips; the bottom lip is larger than the top lip, giving her a perpetual pout. Her eyes are almond in shape and color, framed by thick lashes, with delicately arched eyebrows like wings. Her hair is a deep mahogany, a dark brown with a red tint to it. It falls to her waist in loose waves, never held back or tied down. It lies still, lifeless, and is very soft, like the fur of a wolf. She favors simple yet comfortable clothing.
Kyshandra?s true form is that of a large, dark brown wolf, with almond eyes and a strong, deep howl and high ruff. Her fur is dark brown, tinted with gold and silver. She weighs roughly 200 lbs., and is about four feet at the shoulder. Her claws are two inches long each, and half an inch thick. Her paws are huge, and she is the size of a medium horse. Her teeth are fierce and white, her tail long and proud. She is not an animal to be messed with.
[b]Weapons:[/b] As an animal, she needs to weapons but her claws and teeth and agility. While human, she prefers to use a staff she carries, one of oak and it is 5?4?, and heavy. There is a blade attached to one end, curved on one side, but just as sharp on the edge.
Kyshandra has power of weather, causing cloudy days or clear nights for better travel. It comes in handy.
Kyshandra is often silent as a shadow, keeping her opinion to herself unless directly asked ? and only if she wants to. No one can fight it out of her, and if she wants to keep a secret, she will die if she has too, and no one will learn it. Kys has a quicksilver mind, and temper, but the latter does not show, except she often kills who angers her. Sometimes immediately ? sometimes weeks later when the person sleeps. She is a nasty beast, with no compassion left in her ? only loyalty for her lord, Kisa, and pride.
Kyshandra follows Kisa through everything, due to a favor done in Kyshandra?s life. Kyshandra was young when her father was killed by a roaming pack of wolf-spirits. Her mother was almost killed, until Kisa stepped in. The wolves fought it out, Kisa being merciless, but never budging from over the wounded wolfs body. She killed each of them, with the adolescent Kyshandra standing near her, growling warning to any who dared to interfere. The wolves were all killed, and although Kys? mother died from wounds, Kyshandra still thought of Kisa as her lord. She swore fealty as soon as she was old enough, and has followed Kisa ever since.

She does not truly believe that the demons and the angels should still be allowed to walk on the earth, but she will help Kisa keep the balance and order until Kisa falls, and Kyshandra with her. Kyshandra is not without fault, but she will not act upon that fault, and she will not repeat her mistakes. She follows Kisa without asking motivation, for she is loyal to no end when it comes to the other wolf. She would kill anyone for Kisa ? this is her own version of love, and her loyalty knows no bounds.

Finished, ULX. [/size][/center]
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[CENTER][B][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Alright, I don't have much time now, but I'll do as much as I can, 'kay? (Hey, Oliver!!!)

Name: (Human): Mayura Ryoku (Angel): Kitsune Arayel

Gender: Female

Faction: Heaven (Partially human. See Modivation.)

Appearance: Later...

Weapons: A staff encrypted with magical entities.

Powers: Has the ability to see into the souls of humans and take over their bodies, astro-projectile style.

Personality: Kitsune: Sweet, but kind of in a demonic way. Loves everyone, but makes no friends, because she doesn't allow herself to trust them.
Mayura: A loner, hates people. Loves to read/study. Lives with her older brother, so she doesn't have a very good female role-model, and hates boys.

Motivation: Kitsune isn't exactly an angel Well, not anymore, anyways. Mayura and Kitsune despise fighting and the like, and hate all war. Mayura is a seventeen year old germaphobe who is the nerd of her school. She's somewhat pretty, but just doesn't like to communicate. A+ student.

Kitsune is a powerful angel of light. She is amazed by humans and thier way of faith without any proof, their comprihention without proper knowledge. In that, she studies them. She would much rather probe the mind of a human than actually speak to one, though. Not even a year ago, her very exisance was threatened by the heaven-hell war, when she got caught in the cross-fire. Mayura had to abandon her body and her battered soul entered a fifteen year old girl by the name of Mayura. Kitsune is now a sort of alter-ego to Mayura, and by being posesed for such a long amount of time, has gained powers like Kitsune herself.
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[B]Appearance: [/B]
[U]-1st attachment-[/U]
Spirit form
[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=24&pos=30][COLOR=Yellow][U]-Human Form-[/U][/COLOR][/URL]
His eyes are golden, though, and his hair has more of a silver hue. The long sleeve is on his right arm, not left.

Doragon. The blade in his appearance picture. The hilt of the blades is red, as it is made from dragon scales, and the kanji for Dragon is engraved at the bottom of the blade. In his dragon form, his scales are hard as steel, and are impenatrable. He also breathes fire and has breath that's so hot it can melt metal.

Since he dwells from the South, Rezel has a magnificent control of flames and the skies. He is able to create and manipulate fire, and easily able to move it around with use of the wind. His powers are increased tenfold when in his dragon form.

Rezel is wise and thoughtful, and often finds the energy/cockiness that his familiar southern spirits have to be annoying and time expending. He is fiercely loyal, and will not stand for any of his clan to be harmed, no matter how he may resent them. He does have a competetive spirit, however, and finds nothing better than to battle a worthy opponent. He believes honor and faith to be the best virtues, and lives his life by them. He hopes that by the end of the war, the spirits will have prevailed and the Earth will be saved, and until that dream can be realized he will continue fighting.

Rezel has watched many humans grow and develop though the barrier that separates the spirit world and the human world. He has whispered kind, encouraging, wise words into their ears, helping them to become strong. He's watched trees grow, flowers bloom, and mortals fall in love. He's smiled as the world has seen prosperity and joy, and wept when the world saw ruin and chaos. He loves the Earth with all of his heart, and will not stand to see it be destroyed.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Pride, Captain of the Legions of Hell, Principality of the City of Dis

[b]Called:[/b] Callith Alguroth by the denizens of Earth.

[b]Sex:[/b] Male

[b]Faction:[/b] Hell, specifically under Lucifer


[b]Guise:[/b] He wears the form of a slightly tanned human male, standing just over 6'8" tall. Pride's handsome face bears twin emeralds, blazing clean like pure oxygen, that can crush the will of lesser beings to exist. A cascade of gossamer black hair is tied behind his head with a thread of Lucifer's robe.
His figure is lean and muscular. It gives off the impression of a chained and wouded bear who is oh so very close to being free of its prison. Strange tattoes mar both shoulders, the symbols chilling to look at, and are reminiscent of dark spells. They seem to have a life of their own, and have been known to move around of their own accord.

[b]True Form:[/b] The arouma of sickeningly sweet flowers surrounds a twelve foot tall animated skeleton. Pride was once a Fallen Angel, but has transmuted into pure sin by the machinations of Lucifer, and thus must possess the skeleton of a long dead Knight of Hell. The skeleton has twin orbs of emerald light where the eyes should be, and a thin mane of black hair ponderously attached.

The bones are bleached from years of warfare in Hell's blazing plains. Somehow they manage locomotion, and cannot be pulled apart, except perhaps by a Duke or Archangel under strenous circumstances.

It is clad in huge black armor, spiked and runed with many ancient spells.


For "honorable" single combat, he employs a jet black katana the is over 9' in length. It is held by a grip bound by angel skin, and the tsuba is pure emerald. The blade is vorpal and very durable, and it's name is "[b]Haymaker[/b]".

Twin elemental handguns, Jeulnelune and Carcharoth. Crafted by Lucifer after the 1st rebellion, Pride earned them for great acts of meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty.

[b]Jeulnelune[/b]- A sleek silver handgun that has no chamber. Instead, an orb of pure lightning magic has been permanantly fused into it's receptor, and allows Pride to fire chain lightning upon his foes. Jeulnelune can be wielded only by a Captain of Hell, but calls Pride it's master. Inscribed on the barrel is this, "Demon God of Thunder, Unleash Thy Wrath".

[b]Carcharoth[/b]- A sleek black handgun that has no chamber. Instead, an orb of pure fire magic has been permenantly fused into it's receptor, and allows Pride to fire a rain of flame at his foes. Carcharoth can be wielded only by a being of pure sin (Dukes of Hell also), and the epitaph, "The Jaws of Thirst" is inscribed on the barrel of the weapon.

[b]Powers:[/b] He can revert to his Fallen Angel form, but at great cost of power. Changing from his limited form of Pure Sin, back to the Fallen Angel he was in the prime of his glory, is incredibly taxing. Pride can also call upon Lucifer's legions for aide, resulting in some type of reinforcement, whether logistical or military, however this is seldom used and can be long in coming.

When he has his Elemental Handguns with him, he can control fire and lightning, but without them he only has minor illusory powers. His prime power is his combat primacy, the ability to overwhelm even a most staunch defender with incredible speed and strength. When in Fallen Angel form, he can do battle with all but the greatest Knights of Heaven.

[b]Personality:[/b] He is PRIDE. Driven by the desire to be first in all things, consumed by the knowlege that he is not, and clouded by the illusion that he is... makes him an incredibly unpredictable being. No matter what he fights to have his own way, he dominates others and seeks superiority in all venues. The is partially why he is not a Duke of Hell, because he has trouble seeing the big picture. Although, he does have his moments of clarity.

[b]Motivation:[/b] Long ago, when he was still a Fallen Angel, his desire was to be counted among the Dukes of Hell. Pride nearly was. However, Lucifer's incredibly devious manipulation of him transmutated him into a caged version of himself: pure sin. At first he hated Lucifer beyond all others, but slowly he has come to respect him, and has learned much. Pride was eventually granted the power to revert back to Fallen Angel by Lucifer, and has since earned the rank of Chief Captain of the Legions of Hell, under the command of the Morning Star himself.

Pride senses that he is close to having enough power to be free of his prison of Pure Sin, and strives beyond all things to be back to his former un-Glory. He grows stronger by the day, and knows that the era of his vengeance upon the Dukes will come within the year.

Pride is the oldest and greatest of the sins, the Father of Hate, Rebellion, Jealousy, Lust, and Deception, and Pride knows that one day he could rule over a united Hell, and a conquered heaven.
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[SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Hey, my Internet is fixed! [/B]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Mercy
[B]Gender:[/B] Feminine appearance
[B]Faction:[/B] Heaven
Mercy, in her human form, has a serene look about her. Something about her face, possibly her eyes, makes her seem like she is above all else and knows things about people that they themselves aren't aware of. It's a look that doesn't put people off, in fact, it draws them to her. With her bright blue eyes, flaming red hair bobbed two inches below her ear lobes and her milky pale skin; Mercy attracts attention from most people. She always has a small smile on her face, an expression that shows that she isn't one to be fearful of most things. She always wears white dresses, ones that reach just past her knees and cut off just after her elbow. In winter, she wears the same white dresses with long boots and a thick red coat. She never wears any jewellery or makeup except for a simple silver cross that she never takes off.

Not much changes with Mercy when she transforms to her true form. Her hair grows, reaching down to the base of her spine and her eyes become paler, almost white. Two golden wings spout from her shoulder blades; she also has wings growing from the back of her head, showing that she is in fact a powerful Angel. Her clothes are the same as in her human form, just with addition of a pair of white gloves that reach her elbows, the tops of them a beautiful lace pattern.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Mercy, as her name suggests, is not one for fighting. She is a healer and a protector. The only thing that she would ever use as a weapon would be a long silver staff with a crucifix on the end. This staff is a sign of her authority in Heaven, however if need be she can use it very effectively to beat back enemies.

[B]Powers: [/B] Healing and protecting are Mercy's specialities. She can cast massive shields with enough energy and strength to protect a small village for a good two hours. Her healing is also at maximum strength, she has been known to heal someone from the brink of death. She has a power known as 'Hour Watch'; if a person has died, their spirit should still be around for about an hour after death, Mercy is still able to pull people back after this has happened. This only works if the person was killed of unnatural causes.

[B]Personality:[/B] Mercy is one of the most well known Angels in Heaven. She is known for her good judgement and kind ways, always willing to help anyone who comes to her. When in her human form, Mercy will go out of her way to help others. There is something odd about her, however. When in her Angel form in Heaven, Mercy never speaks. She will write and show with actions what people need to know, but never once has she uttered a word. No one is sure why this is. She does always have that knowing smile on her face, a warm smile none the less. When in human form, Mercy will speak, but only when it's needed, she can be described as mysterious.

[B]Motivation:[/B] Mercy is rumoured to be one of the oldest Angels in existence, having assisted the First since he first needed helpers. She has grown to become a powerful fighter, even if she refuses to spill blood. When she was first created, Mercy only had one pair of wings. The ones on her head are not for flying but are a sign of her importance and achievements in service to Heaven. She is widely respected and is known in both Heaven and Hell. Satan himself is familiar with the Angel, as she has been used as a messenger between the two realms, carrying messages between the First and Satan. Lucifer also knows the Angel having been a close friend of her whilst in Heaven.

Mercy doesn't like to think that she is a fighter, more of a protector of good. She would rather die protecting someone than fight off another if it meant spilling blood, necessary or not. This is her downfall; the lack of motivation for war is what will most likely destroy her.[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

[B]Heh, I kept typing Satan, as 'Stan' XD I would so be calling him that if this was a comedy.

Note: I was listening to 'Cut up Angels' as my muse, eh heh. Bizarre.

Another Note: Mercy isn?t supposed to be an immortal bad *** Angel; the reason I made her so powerful is because?well?she refuses to fight. So, yeah >>; Hope that?s still cool with you, baby.[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Well, a lot of people have signed-up. More than I could've ever hoped for. However, letting all of you in would probably result in chaos and a fairly over-loaded RP. So, there are going to have to be some cuts.

Neuvoxetere - Beelzebub
Sakura - Kisa
Treno - Midnight Honor
Kitty - Tsuchi
Mouse - Kyshandra
Rin - Rezel
Raid3r - Pride
Saishi - Mercy

Katsie - Kuriea Lash
Anarchy - Azel
OliverWhip - Odell Jarrah
SakuraMinamino - Kitsune Arayel
Xanadu - Pan

Freude - Sagittarius
Pumpkin - Clevielle

No offense to anyone who has been cut. It's just, there are a lot of fabulous sign-ups here. And though a lot of yours had good sign-ups, they just weren't AS good. Freude, Pumpkin, I'm putting you on "pending" because I don't want to cut potentially good RPers because of things that may not be their fault. This should be up in a day or so, so be ready for the End of Days.


I really need to stop doing lame tag lines.

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