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RPG Asestis (M-VLS)


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[i]Legend tells of a time long ago, before the age of Man, when monstrous beasts were in control. These creatures possessed unimaginable power. There were none that could challenge them, and they ruled for thousands of years. However, they were not at peace with wach other. These great beasts hated and feared each other. They fought and killed each other. When the fighting ceased, none remained. The power of these beasts flowed into the land, into the creatures that inhabited it. Creatures who bore the resembalence of the dead beasts. Thus, the ones we know as dragons were born.

That was a time seemingly impossibly far in the past to have any relavance. But it does indeed matter, for one of those great beasts did not die in battle, but later. it was the only survivor, but was too badly injured. It could not save itself. What it could do was seal itself away, letting tme pass before the seal broke and it returned to rule over all.

The beast's seal has weakened throughout the ages. The only thing keeping it from breaking is the Asestis. Nobody knows what the Asestis is, or how it was created. All that's known is that it keeps the beast sealed away. It's also assumed to hold the key to the beast's permanent destruction.

The only people who still know the truth of this live in a small village. This village, bulit over the Cave of the Asestis, periodically send small groups of willing individuals out to discover the secrets of he Asestis and find a way to destroy the beast for good.[/i]

What do you do the day you're going to leave the place you grew up in? Especially when you know there's a chance you won't return? Many people would spend some time with their families, while others would spend the time circling the village and saying good-bye to everyone. Laqara was practicing. She was already a skilled fighter, but she insisted on practicing whenever she could. SHe was getting to be very good at it.

Laqara's hardcore attitude was familiar with he other villagers by now. Despite this, nobody had expected her to be practicing on the day she was to leave. Especially not in front of the village leader's hut, where those going on the journey were to meet. But Laqara had arrived early, and she did not believe in wasteing time.

Laqara, like everyone else in the village, had heard the stories told by the survivors of previous journeys. She, like everyone else, knew that there would be a great deal of danger on the journey, and she was not going to be caught unprepared.

The village leader herself, a woman by the name of Treana, exited her hut and watch Laqara for a while before turnng around and heading back inside. Treana's job would be to lead Laqara and the others down underneath the village to the Asestis itself. Once they arrived, that is. She sat down inside her hut, while Laqara kept practicing. Both were waiting on the others. When evryone had arrived, the journey would begin.


OOC: In case it wasn't clear, your characters are to head for Treana's hut. Remember, they do not yet have their gifts, and they have no idea what those gifts will be.
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Nida was alone that day. She had always been alone since she wandered into the village. She stayed of course but was never with anyone. No male friends, no friends at all really. She was kind but some what different. Some days she would be quiet and other days she would flirt with the guys. She continued to tell herself that she flirts because she is lonely but never voiced these thoughts to anyone else. She is very sensitive at times. Exspecially when something strange happens to her and she realizes nothing will be the same.

Nida yawned and stretched as she left her tent (yes tent) on the outskirts of the village. She had in hand her long scythe weapon. It looked like an the letter S. The large blade stuck out in one direction on the top and on the bottom the smaller blade stuck out in the opposite direction. I wasnt very heavy even though it looked heavy. The metal was solid and very hard but not heavy. It was very sharp.

Nida looked around and noticed a few others getting ready and saying goodbye. She sighed slightly and walked towards the larger hurt. Laqara, a strange girl who trained all the time, was outside the hut doing what she always did. Trained. Nida walked right past her and into the hut. She leaned the scythe against the wall and sat next to it. She kept silent, closed her eyes, and waited for the others.
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Seven entered the village, as he always had, and was greeted by weird stares. His appearence was a little offsetting, yes, and he looked very pale. He looked behind him, and sighed. "Why was I even created anyway?"

He looked for the batch of newest idiots who were going to the cave. He sighed, and kneeled before the central alter which was dedicated to the deities. He prayed that their deaths would be quick, if they were not to slay the beast within the caverns. He knew very well what lied underground, after all, he had been born from the cave itself. He knew not where the beast was, nor even what the cave truely wanted. All he knew was that he rested, when the cave was dormant of life, and when the villiage was sending warriors, he was awake.At least untill a few years ago. He sighed. He knew his powers would scare the others, so he remained around the villiage, untill he would be called to the hut containing the aventurers

"Such silly fools." He sighed. He decided he longed for company, so he aproached the hut. He bowed to the girl outside, and entered.

"I am.... Seven."

"What the hell kind of name is that?" the girl inside asks.

"Because i am the seventh....um....person who has tried to gett into the cave in my family." He lies, and feels guilty. "Another reason is this..." Seven turns, and lets his simple robe slip down his shoulders to show the seven on his back.

"I'm afraid i can't tell you all about me...."
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Pherelle lay quietly in the ominous shadow of the purple mountains looming off in the distance, BlightKnife propped upon the wall behind him. His eyes half closed, he went through the neccessary (or Unneccessary, from some points of view) mental preperation he knew he would require for the long and, hopefully, dangerous journey. In other words, Pherelle was half asleep,

It was often his custom to sleep before he did anything, as sleeping required less energy than practicing or talking to people... Or other such usless stuff. He knew that, somwhere out of sight, his father was watching. His father never approved of violence, but Pherelle never really cared. So long as he could earn a living entertaining people with his swordsman ship, he didn't care what his father thought. It wasn't until he was selected, and accepted, to go on the journey that his father just gave up. In fact, to Pherelle's infinite pleasure, they hadn't spoken in weeks.

At that moment, the sun decided to appear above the mountains. As the cool shadow evaporated, Pherelle sighed, stood up, slid BlightKnife into it's sheath, and stalked rather darkly towards the center of the village. His trip went uniteruppted, until he was within view of the large hut, the girl Laqara was talking to a stranger, but nothing caught Pherelle's interest. Nothing, that is, but the odd "Seven" that appeared burnt into the mans back. Oh well, people certainly did odd things these days...

"Son..." From the allyway his father spoke. Shutting his eyes, Pherelle turned.
"Son, I... I'm sorry" This struck Pherelle deeply. Of all the things he had prepared for, his fathers apology caught him completely by suprise.
"W-Wha..." Pherelle stammered, completely dumbfounded.
"I shouldn't have forbaden you... I know this is what you love... It's just... I didn't want you to get hurt, is all..."
"Dad..." Pherelle didn't know how to react to this... Not atall.
"Your grandfathers brother died on this journey. It was so long ago, I thought that if I kept it hidden from you... No, you must know. He went on this journey, a skilled swordsman like yourself. He went in the company of greater warriors I have never seen, but even he, one of the most promising expeditionaries of our age, did not return. Please, I just... I don't want you to die." His father was crying. With a gulp, he stiffled he tears, and began to turn.
"Wait. You... You must know that you cannot change my mind. I'm going, it's the only alternative. I cannot stay here in this village any longer. Should I die in the caves, I die a man, I die a warrior who gave his life, not an old man. I must go"

His father was already gone. With a sigh, Pherelle turned. The strange man was gone, but the girl was still there training. Sighing again, Pherelle began his trudge again, a mix of anger, depression, and an odd sense of longing. A longing to leave this whole mission behind... But that, he decided, would be againts character, and thus, he entered the hut in scilence. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]Walking soundlessly on the road Jadian began to doubt her reasons for going on this mission. [I]Ah well... Maybe I'll meet some interesting people.[/I] Looking around she saw two others talking in frount of the hut they were all meeting at.
Walking past cooly she received a quick glance from the man speaking. She stepped into the hut and sat down in a vacant corner, all the while returning the looks of two more people. "Yo." She said calmly. "Hi." The man returned. The other woman just closed her eyes again. [I]What a warm bunch...[/I][/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]"I'm probably late!" Jiu moaned as she shoved a few more things into her bag. Placing the strap over her shoulder, she rushed out of her home, saying good-bye to her mother and younger sister.

"Take care of Uya, Miu," she called to her younger sister. Uya was Jiu's pet cat, and she knew it wasn't a good idea to bring him along. So, she put him in her sister's care.

She strolled off down the path in a fast-walking fashion, grumbling under her breath about how she was always the last one there. "I'm probably so late, that.." she started, trailing off into a ridiculous list of things the others were doing while waiting for her to show up.

Jiu carried her sword in her hand, having lost its sheath long ago. She had given up the search for it soon after. A few people gave her odd looks, as if she was going to raid the town. But she paid them no mind. She was busy concentrating on how the village leader was going to kill her.

"What am I going to say when I get there if I'm so late? 'Sorry I'm unbelievably, ridiculously, frighteningly late'?" she ranted to herself. But as she ranted, she glared at the ground, not watching where she was going. She soon bumped into a young man.

Lucky for him, she bumped into him with her left side. Had she with her right, he may have been stabbed through the abdomen with her sword.

"Oops!" she squealed, afraid that he would be mad with her. "I'm sorry! Sorry sorry!"

"That's quite alright. Go on your way," he said calmly. She blinked a few times, then bowed and rushed off, this time looking straight ahead.

"He probably knows.." Jiu thought quietly. She had been treated better ever since she was given the news that she would be sent to find the Asestis. She had felt it was rude that she was being treated better just because she was being sent away on what some thought was a suicide mission, but knew better than to bring it up.

[i]"I don't want them to be even [b]madder[/b] with me,"[/i] she thought to herself. But all thoughts flooded out of her mind as she laid eyes on the village leader's hut. "I'm here.. And I'm not late!" she giggled in glee, noticing someone outside. If the 'meeting' had already started, she wouldn't be outside getting in some last minute practice.

Jiu scuttled past the girl, giving her a slight bow, then entered the hut. Inside, there were a few people, but not too many.

[i]"I'm so glad I'm not the last one to show up,"[/i] she thought happily. She sat down against the wall opposite a quiet boy and girl, and next to another girl. Letting her bag off her shoulder and placing her sword carefully by her side, Jiu waited for the rest to arrive so the meeting could get under way.[/size][/color]
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OOC: Everyone, please ignore InuyashaFandom's post, and any posts he makes in this RPG until further notice.

On a different note: elementalshadow, please work on post quality. I realize you don't have a lot of material to work with right now, but that hasn't prevented everyone else from making dencent-length posts. Please try and flesh your future posts out a bit.

I don't have time to post in context right now. I'll try to do so tomorrow or Sunday.
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[color=Navy]Sakura stood beside her mother and father who were still saying their goodbyes. She had an incredibly bored look on her face and was leaning a lot of her weight onto her glaive.

[b]"Can I just go now?" [/b]Sakura said impatiently.

Her parents finished off and Sakura hugged each of them and left the hut. There was still time left before she had to report in to Treana.

Sakura went away to a small secluded spot that only she went to to relax. It was quiet and small enclosed space, with a small fountain in the centre. The ceiling had a skylight which allowed the sun in so it was naturally lighted. Sakura walked over to the fountain and sat on the rim, she would miss this place, she had always come here to think and practise.

Sakura just sat there for a while until she decided to get herself ready for what would be ahead.

She started to limber herself up by doing stretches. When she wasn't as tight as before, she started her practise, slicing with her glaive. Sakura flipped the weapon upside down so the blade was on the ground and made a sweeping motion as if sweeping up something with a broom.

She held the shaft of the weapon in both hands over her head and did a series of backflips, stopping before she hit the wall of the enclosed space.

Sakura stopped and just started to absentmindedly twirl it between her hands, then twirling it around her body and over her head. She stopped suddenly. the point of the butt slammed against the ground.

It was time now, she put the glaive over her left shoulder and walked out of her Secret Place. She sighed and took a fleeting look at her place and the hut of her parents. Sakura lifted her head strongly and walked forward, to Treana's house. When she entered, there were already a few others there, so she took a free seat and waited with the others.
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Breea was panting hard, she had ran for the last two minutes, and she still wasn't there yet.

She wasn't made for running, or walking, or really anything physically active. She was made for writing and performing ceremonies and other things like that.

"Why me?" she asked, as she started running again. "If I can't handle this, how will I ever survive this journey?" She just wanted to be a hero, instead of chronicling other's adventures she wanted to have her own! And now she wanted to back out?! "NO! I will do this! Even if I have to die for it!" She spotted the house and heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't care if she was the last one there, she had made it alive!
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OOC: I'm going to go ahead and introduce Amon's character so that we can get this RPG moving.


Laqara had noted the arrival of the others while practicing. When Breea arived, Laqara decided it was time to head in herself. Not long after she entered, amon arrived and sat down. Treana looked over the group. "Looks like we're all here," she said. "Time to get going. Follow me, please."

Treana revealed a concealed flight of stairs inside her hut. Treana led the group down the stairs and into an underground tunnel. There was an odd glow in the tunnel, providing sufficient light. "The village leader lives directly over the entrance to the Cave of the Asestis," she explained. "This was seen as the best way to keep the entrance hidden. Nobody in this village but me and now you knows where it is."

Eventually, the group reached what appeared to be a solid wall with a small indent in it. Treana placed a small object into the indent, and a door slid open. "More protecion," Treana explained. "Only the person who holds the Mark of the Asestis can access the Asestis."

Treana led the group through the door, and into a large chamber. the far wall of the chamber was, unlike the rest of the chamber, clearly not a natural formation. It was perfectly cmooth and looked polished. It was also covered with glowing symbols of many colors.

"That is the Asestis," Treana said. "It's all that keeps the seal from breaking. Notice that one large symbol, the one that keeps changeing color?" She pointed. "That's the Asestis's center, as it were. What you all need to do is walk up to it, one at a time, and place your hand within it. You will then recieve your gift. Now, who's first?"


OOC: All right, now you get to post about your characters recieving their gifts. Have them place their hands on the center symbol, after which they will recieve their gifts. Then, have them discover what those gifts are.

Blanko, if you post before my next post, have the symbol split into two, and Laqara and Nida recieve their gifts at the same time.
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OOC: Im not going to decribe laqaras change. That is up to you takuya. I have left it open for you.
Nida took a deep breath, "Ill go..."

"Very well." Leader said with a nod.

As Nida approached she noticed all the colors. She watched the greens pulse and the reds glow. She took another deep breath and took another step forward. Suddenly though the symbol began flashing quickly from one color to the next. It split in two. One was red and one was blue.

The leader noticed this and looked at Laqara, "You should go at the same time as your sister. It split in two because you two are related I assume. You are the only two related people here. Walk up to it together."

"Ok." Laqara said stepping up next to Nida. It was strange. They were sisters but they didnt know much about each other because a long time ago they were split up. They just recently met again in the village. Nida never speaks of what happened in the time between the seperation and the meeting. Laqara never asked.

They silently exchanged glances and walked up to it together. They both reached out for the now split in two symbol and their hands were engulfed in a rainbow light as they reached out to it. A swirling blue light circled laqara's arm and began swirling around her. A red light did the same with Nida.

Nida felt strange. She felt as though her skin was drying up and getting tight. It wasnt comfortasble and at some places it hurt a little but nida just gritted her teeth and stood there. She put her hand down after a few moments and watched her sister. The same thing was happening. The light swirling.

Nida suddenly felt warmer. Not uncomfortably warm but she noticed the temprature of the cave seemed to vanish. She looked back at the others when the strange light when away. Everyone was staring at her and laqara.

Nida looked at her hands and gasped. They were dark red now. They had crack like lines all over them. These lines where bright red and glowing. She looked herelf up and down and continued to notice the dark red skin and glowing red lines. She touched her arm and felt her new skin. It wasnt skin anymore. It was almost as tough as rocks. It looked familiar too.

Nida thought for a moment and realized. Cooling lava. She, in her past, had been near an erupting volcanoe. She remembered what the lava rock looked like as it cooled. She went to run her hand through her hair and her hand went straight to the back of her head. She grabbed a strand of her hair curiously and pulled it in front of her to look at. It was like she was holding flames. Her hair burned bright red and flowed like fire only upside down. She was concintrating so much on her change she had no clue or care at the moment about what was happening to laqara.

Nida suddenly realized she wasnt imagining this change. She glared off into space and marched out of the chamber where the others srood just watching. The angryer she looked the hotter her hair burned and the more angry she got the more it started to stand up like fire. She stormed out of there without a word. In the cave before the chamber she went towards the exit. She then sat down and leaned against the rock wall. She curled up, shut her eyes, and sighed.

She sighed, "It's all over. What has happend to me?"
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When Laqara placed her hand on the symbol, a bluish-green light seemed to flow into her from the symbol. She reflexively tried to remove her hand, but could not. It was being held to the symbol by the flow. As the flow intensified, it started to hurt. Eventually, it stopped, and Laqara fell to the ground, extremly disoriented.

It took Laqara a few seconds to recover. When she did, the first thing she noticed was that the moisture in the chamber felt a lot greater. This effect increased as she stood up. "Is it just me, or did the moisture in this room suddenly double?" she asked.

It was meant as a retorical question, but is wasn't taken as one. "I think it's you," Sakura said.

it was now that Laqara realized that everyone was staring at her. And not the 'are you all right?' stare that she'd expected. What they were giving her was the 'what the fuck?' stare.

Laqara turned to face the Asestis wall. She was able to get a view of herself from the polished surface. Her skin was now a bluish-green color. Her hair was a similar color, but with more green than blue, and her eyes were the same color. She turned back towards the others. "What happened to Nida?" she asked.

"Something similar," Treana told her. Treana, having seen other groups recieve some unusual gifts, wasn't too shocked by Laqara and Nida's changes. "She left the chamber."

Laqara walked back out through the tunnel, finding Nida near the exit. Nida looked up as Laqara approached. Both of them were surprised to see the other's changes. "what the hell happened to us?" Laqara wondered.

Back in the Asestis chamber, Treana turned to face the rest of the group. "Who's next?" she asked.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"I'll go." Jadian said, taking a step forward. She placed her hand on the stone and at first nothing happened, then the surface began to glow pure white with hints of gold. The light seemed to reach out and engulf Jadian. Her arm began to throb with pain and her eyes glowed with an eerie golden color.

Looking at her reflection in the polished stone she saw how much her appearence had changed. It wasn't as drastic as the other two but it was something. Her color had darkened and her hair had grown longer, she grew taller.

Eventually the glow stopped. When her eyes returned to normal the were golden and showed with bright red highlights. Her hand was glowing and the entire cave lightened. All the others aside from Sakura, were staring at her with disbelief. "It's not that bad, is it?" She asked, her voice had changed to, accented. "No. Your gift did not cause such drastic change as the other two." Sakura said calmly.

Jadian walked over to the far side of the room and sat down with her back against the wall. "Who's next?"[/COLOR]
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[color=Black][b]OOC: [/b][/color][color=Black]Sorry I haven't posted.

[color=Navy]Sakura nodded and stepped forward toward the glowing symbol. She tilted her head to the side as she examined it with her eyes. Sakura stretched forth her hand and set it down onto the symbol, the colour flickered to navy blue and she could feel heat radiating from it.

The symbol just glowed for a while, before in a second, the coloured light flowed up through her hand and into her body. Sakura trembled, her eyes wide with shock.

She was released and collapsed, she was braced on her hands and knees, taking deep breaths. Inside her head it felt like there was a jungle inside, with different animal calls, some that sounded unearthly. Sakura cried out and held her head as something started to happen to her.

She started to change, everyone was watching her intently. She groaned in pain as her clothes and skin were covered in a black fur, she grew a tail, her face changed as did her body. Some people cringed as they heard the sounds of her bones re-arranging themselves.

Soon, a human no longer sat where Sakura had been, instead there was a small black dog who had a few white patches. It was curled on the floor and whimpering in pain. Her eyes opened and they saw the soft brown eyes, looking terrified as her vision was different and colourless.

Sakura panicked and started barking and growling angrily, she was upset and soon she changed again, reverting to her human state. Her breathing was ragged and she was covered in sweat. Her eyes were fearful of her own body, but she stood with help from her glaive which was beside her. Sakura backed up against the wall and started to think about what happened more carefully.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I decided on a simple change for the time being.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Sighing shallowly, Pherelle stepped forward. The last transformation in particular had been amusing, but not alltogether pleasant to watch. Oh well, if it happens it happen. Slowly stalking towards the ominous rune, flashing and bending light into a way light did not particularily enjoy, Pherelle outstreched his hand. With a quick movment, Pherelle placed his hand hard on the rune. It went out, or at least it seemed too. Pherelle stopped dead, but, upon closer inspection he saw that the dark rune was in fact pullsating. Perplexing, but interesting. Raising his eyebrow, he was completely and utterly unprepared for the wave of darkness about too shoot through his body.

With a horrified shock, Pherelle heard his own voice repeating random words in his head. But it wasn't just one voice, it was a thousand voices, all talking randomly. Taking a step back, he removed his hand from the rune. No luck, the voices presisted. Great, Pherelle thought darkly (Although he didn't hear this, it was drowned out by a thousand voices randomly spewing words)

Turning from the rune, Pherelle got what was probably the biggest shock of his life. Standing back with the group, was himself. But yet... Not himself. Quizzically, Pherelle watched and studied the dark figure, as the figure did likewise. Suddenly and unexpectantly, the figure dissapeared in a wiff of shadowy smoke.

"Oh I get it. Shadow replicas. Great..." [/COLOR]
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Breea looked uncomfortably at the symbol, she had seen the changes it had made in her companions, what if something like that happened to her too? She swallowed her fear and stepped forward.

"Here I go," she whispered softly, as she set her hand on the symbol. It glowed a brilliant purple as it engulfed her and she felt every object in the room at once, the rocks, the people and the Asestis itself. She had to focus, find something to focus on, something simple. A smooth pebble nearby is what she focused on ad the pebble was thrown, as if shot out of a gun towards the exit. More pebbles went flying away with it.

She released the symbol quickly in an attempt to stop the madness. She expected the feeling to disappear, but it remained, and in addition she had a pounding headache. She couldn't focus and she left the chamber desperately in attempt to control her newfound powers.

OOC: I have telekinetic powers, in case you're wondering. I have had permission to change my gift from Takuya.
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Nida was on the brink of an emotional breakdown and Laqara wasnt doing so well either. Nida looked up from her sulking spot to see Breea coming in their direction. It seemed as though she wasnt feeling to well. Nida noticed things moved around her.

"I understand it now. " Laqara said realizing Breea's gift.

"Its all over. Might as well just kill me now... Itll save the villages the time." Nida whined more. She was sometimes verysensative and at this moment... she was.

"Come on now dont get all bent out of shape. WE wont be killling you just cause of your change. We all went through a change... be it physical or mental."

Nida wasnt really listning though."Gosh.. Now im destinedto be alone forever!" She continued.

Laqara rolled her eyes, "HEY! You have me and the rest of the group."

"Thats not what im talking about!" Nida sighed curling up even tighter. "At least you look beautifull with your change. I look like a walking talking glowing statue or torch..." When nida normally went in to whine mode she would say just about anything that was on her mind.
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[color=blue][size=1]OOC: Sorry it took so long. >_>

"I'll go," Jiu said quietly to Treana. Most of the others had already gone through the strange ritual, and were currently attempting to counsel Nida. Still, Jiu needed to get this done first. But as the village leader stood awaiting for her to touch the strange symbol, her doubts began to engulf her.

[i]'What if I completely change? Like Nida and Laqara?'[/i] she thought quietly. [i]'And what gift [b]will[/b] I get? Something useless? Or something helpful? This is driving me nuts!'[/i]

Finally gathering up the courage, she walked forward and held a hand out.

"Don't fear, child," the wise woman cooed. "You will recieve a wonderful gift that may just defeat the beast."

The old woman's encouragement allowed her to place a hand on the symbol. Immediately, she felt a strange warmth. But it was soon replaced with the cooling rush of wind around her. The greyish glow of the symbol engulfed her for a brief moment before she was forced to let go as she rose in the air.

She thought that once her hold on the symbol was broken she would be released and fall back on the floor of the cave. Yet still she floated, a few of the small rocks in the cave being swirled around as well.

"Wha.. How do I get down?" she cried.

Instantly, she fell to the floor, cushioned by a gentle breeze beneath her. "So.. What's my gift?" Jiu gaped. Inside, she blushed, realizing how slow she was. "Wind, my dear," Treana said suddenly.

"How do you know?" Jiu asked her, getting up.

"The breeze, the sudden rush of wind, and your little levatation," the old woman smiled. Jiu stared at the symbol, then to her hand. She waved her hand a bit, expecting nothing, but recieved a small wind current swishing around in the same pattern her hand had been moving moments before.

"Cool!" she giggled in glee. Having recieved her gift, she remembered Nida's displeasure, and went outside to attempt to comfort her.[/size][/color]
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"Look, Nida,' Laqara said, "I don't think anyone's going to be out to kill you. At least, not in this villages. In other places, yes, but not here. These people have seen enough weird shit that others have gotten as gifts. they may be a bit... put off, but they certainly won't be out for blood."

"You're one to talk," Nida replied. "Your change works. You don't look like a complete freak, like I do."

"Nida, I'm just as changed by this as you are. The effect is different, true, but I'm as much a freak as you are. If either of us ever sets foot in any city, town, or village besides this one, people will try to do things to us. We may be attacked, although I'd say that's a little extreme for most people. We'd certainly be turned away by almost everyone."

"I would. You wouldn't be, at least not as frequently."

"Nida, would you please just cut it out? Yes, you've changed, and so have I. Yes, there are people who will turn you away because of that change. And yes, there are probably those who will attack you. All of those hold true for me, weather you think they do or not.

"Now, our group is going to be traveling together for quite a while. I can't speak for everyone else, but I know that I don't want to put up with anyone's constant bitching, and I'm guessing that none of the others do, either. So would you please just stop whining about it?"
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OOC: I am very sorry. I kinda... forgot about his board. I have like 4 boards I go to and I am in at least... 3 or 4 rp's. It strains my brain.

IC: "Umm... my turn I guess." Amon said as he walked up to the symbol. He put his hand on the symbol. He was ready for almost anything seeing the others gifts. He however wasn't prepared to have pain surge through his whole body.

His bones cracked and popped out of socket and his skin grew hair. His head was growing horns and his fingers grew into large talons, as well as his feet. He grew a tail, but htat split into two seperate tails. His face became that of a lions. Around his caller bone, a tusk like bone grew out and curved around his body, and another did the same but wenr under instead. This happened on both sides.

"RRaagh!" Amon's new form growled. He lost his ability to communicate in this form. He looked at his talons and thought for a second. He then scratched himself. "RRAGH!" He growled in pain. His mental capacity was pretty low as well. Then the transformation back to a human began. Everything reversed it self which to him felt worse than the first transformation. After all this was done, he looked around.

"Ow! That may take some getting used to." Amon stated. "Did I just scratch my self?" Amon asked the others.
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Nida growled to herself andstood up. She was to sensative she thought and needed to get over it.

"Im not worried about someone attacking or turning me away..."

"Then what in the name of all that is good are you whineing about?"

"I had plans! I was going to find a nice village, move in. First of course i was going to settle some unfinished buisness and such. But I wanted a family later you know. Now look at me... Thats never going to happen." Nida sighed and ran her fingers through her fire hair. "Whatever. Are we about done here. The cave is cold and damp.. It kind of bothers me. My hair might go out."
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"Hair might go out? Right. You are a very strange person. You know we could always just light it... well I don't know that. We could probably light it back. So... That's everyone right?" Amon said as he walked around the room.
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Jadian felt odd. She could see everything perfectly even though it was very dark in the cave. [I]Am I weaker then the others cause I didn't transform?[/I] She felt worried that her body had stayed almost the same. She sighed heavily.

Standing up she was dizzy at first but soon regained her balance. [I]Is this all I can do? Light up a dark room.[/I] She asked herself angerily. "Oh great, I'm a human lightbulb." She said aloud, making the others look at her. "What have you got to complain about." Nida said. "Sorry." Jadian replied, looking at the ground. "Are we ready to go?" She asked quietly.
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"I think so," Treana said. "You've all recieved your gifts, so there's no reason to wait. Supplies have been packed while we were down here. Take them and go."

"And where exactly do we go?" Laqara asked.

"I know only that your first destination lies to the east. I don't know where it is or what you're looking for, only that it's to the east."

Treana led the group out of the Asestis chamber. When they were all out, she removed the Mark of the Asestis from its slot in the wall, causing the path to the Asestis to seal itself shut. She led the group back above ground.

Many of the villagers had gathered to see them off. Laqara and Nida's changed appearances drew a good deal of attention. Neither felt like sticking around. They were the first to gather their supplies. Eventually, everyone else was ready, and the group set off.

The villagers watched the group walk off, then returned to whatever they'd been doing. Treana stood there a bit longer than everyone else, then went back into her hut. She took the stairs back underground and used the Mark of the Asestis to gain access to the Asestis chamber.

Treana walked up to the Asestis and put her hand on the symbol. "An interesting group this year," she said. "Especially Laqara and Nida. I've never seen a physical change like that before. An interesting choice. Might work, too. Overall, this is probably the best selection we've had. Hopegully, this won't take much longer."

Treana left the chamber, closing it behind her. "Shouldn't be long at all," she said to herself.
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OOC: I added what my chimera form looks like. So it's easier to understand what it looks like. Sorry if it's a bit small.

IC: Amon looked around as they walked. He liked to look at things he had never seen before. Really all that was new to him was the path. So eventually he became bored.

"So... umm... who here is glad about the gift they recieved. If you want to call it a gift. I don't really like mine. It makes me dumb and it hurts like hell." Amon said as they walked trying to start small talk.
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