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Ryoko T.D.C.

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[COLOR=Blue]yo yo yo my otaku peeps! (j/k) enway, i don't know if this subject has been brought up already (probably it has), but what's your type of guy/girl? you know, the type you want to marry or go out with. so if this thread has already been brought up, SORRY!

enyway, my type of guy that i like are skater boys. i can't help it. i've, like been around skateboarding for as long as i can think of and i used to hate it. but after awhile, i saw the guys that skated and just fell in love.... the tatt.'s, the sweat (yes, the sweat, because they take their shirts off when they sweat hella), their clothes, everything about them made me love them.

another type would be the jerk type of guy. because theres this real jerk-off at school who won't stop hurtting me (phisically, but not really hard) and is mean to me, but i'm like, in love with him! my friends and me call him blub blub because his name is Travis Fish. that's right, Fish....

now, what's your type of guy/girl? (sorry again if it was already brought up)[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Ryoko T.D.C.][COLOR=Blue]
another type would be the jerk type of guy. because theres this real jerk-off at school who won't stop hurtting me (phisically, but not really hard) and is mean to me, but i'm like, in love with him! my friends and me call him blub blub because his name is Travis Fish. that's right, Fish....

Jerk type eh? If you mean stereotypes that I like, none. I don't like people who fall into certain categories or play themselves out to be. I don't think its too smart to like someone who is mean to you either, just saying. Its your decision, but it sounds to me as if he's messing with you. Just be careful is all ok?

Anyways back to topic, I'll that I'd really look for in a guy is someone who can keep on to their promises, loyalty, attractive but doesn't have to be the best looking (i like tan skin a lot), great sense of humour, mature, older than me, tall, doesn't care what others think, and is willing to play the role of my best friend also. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm a bit picky, but hey what can I say? They get to have a gorgeous girl like me..muhaha...Kidding. Oh and by the way, yes I think this topic has been said plenty of times before too. But don't fret too much about it.
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[COLOR=Blue]yeah, your right, i did mean steryotypes, but describing the perfect person for you too is kewl. but i don't mean that he picks on picks on. i mean i have a crush on him and he dosen't know i like him. but ya know what they say, negative attention is still attention. :P

I do like some guys that aren't skaters, i just like a guy that i can get along with. i guess i would like the same type of guy like you Pumpkin. what i meant by me loving skaters is that i think i could get along better with a skater out of any other guy.

i agree, don't like a guy if he's mean to you. don't be like me. :P[/COLOR] :catgirl:
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Hmmm I don't really have a type though when I have a boyfriend I always try to get them to grow some facial hair. Its my weakness :animeshy:

Oh and if they can play the bass or drums they start falling into dream guy catogory!
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I don't think that theres a certain type of person for me. Its hard to classify and generalize things that I like into one person. A lot of times opposites attract and people you thought would never be together, actually get married and have a perfectly happy life together despite their differences.

However, there are some things I look for when I meet someone. I like good taste in music usually. Something similar to me. I love music, and it would be weird if I had a gf who couldn't stand the kind of music I listened to and played. I look for people who for the most part aren't depressed. I like to see a girl with a smile, my life is depressing enough already, I don't need her bringing me down to lol. I also look for a good sense of humor. No one wants a stiff gf whos afraid to even laugh around you.

These are just 3 things I look for of the 4539085093 original ones.
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Heres what I like in a girl or my type

-Hair color doesn't matter I'm not picky about that.

-Eye Color does not matter either those things are kind of trivial.

-Race: Oh that doesn't matter we all have the same guts and vital organs on the inside who cares about interracial dating I sure don't. Cause as Michael Jackson said it doesn't matter if your black or white or any other race. I am black by the way just wanted other people to know I don't know why though.

-Body: I would have to say the normal height and weight for that persons age and also a nice round ahem well you get the picture cause I am also knowns as a thigh and butt man, and any breast size will do I can't do anything with them they be A,B,C, and after that I don't wanna know, also I like a girl with nice long slender silky legs thats a good thing to have I mean legs that go on for days, weeks, years, and miles.

-Tatoos/Piercing: Oh that doesn't matter if its a way to express herself she can do it theres nothing wrong with tatoos or piercing's.

-Dress: I like a girl who is unique like me doesn't follow the crowd likes to be their own person and have their own style and doesn't buy things because everyone else has it thats no way to shop unlike most of the girls who are at my highschool who are the total opposite.

-Other:I kind of agree wtih shadowofdeath13 on the kinkiness threesome's are alright with me as long as its not another guy me no down with that, but I do disagree with one thing I would rather have the girl be as unexperienced in the actual sexual orenientation doing other things is okay, but I want to make sure she hasn't actually done the deed.

-Personality:I like a girl who likes to hang out go places to the mall, bowling, go see a movie. I also like a girl who's her own person doesn't act like everyone else doesn't try to fit in or doesn't have to because she is the incrowd. I also like a girl who likes to speak her mind and also a girls who is smart and beautiful or pretty doesn't matter which one of the two. As long as her intellect matches her physical body I'm okay.

-Religion: Well to me religion doesn't matter just because im Christian doesn't mean you have to be Christian and I would never force my religion on someone even though it was forced on me.
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[SIZE=1]*steals Inuyasha's format* ^_^

[B]-Hair color[/B] black is nice, but doesn't really matter.

[B]-Eye Color[/B] I could care less.

[B]-Race:[/B] I seem to drift towards Asian girls. An internal preference? Hm...

[B]-Body:[/B] Slender, perhaps slightly short, cause I'm not tall. xD I like girls with nice legs/arms, and a good-looking face. And proportionate!

[B]-Tatoos/Piercing:[/B] A few are okay... I don't really like them much. Minimal, I suppose.

[B]-Dress:[/B] I don't like girls who dress with everything hanging out. Erg. Girls who shop at American Eagle/Abercrombie & Fitch seem to be hot. Perhaps I like preps. *ponders*

[B]-Personality:[/B] Non-posers, slighlty conservative, and [B]nice[/B]. As in compassionate, honest, caring, etc. And happy. Gotta be happy, and enjoy having fun.

[B]-Religion:[/B] I prefer girls with religion rather than none. It usually means that they have a set of morals they abide by, which is cool. Aside from that, as long as it's nothing like Satanist, I'm fine with it. Overly-religous bother me though.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I think that most everybody has a "type" - there are just some things you find more attractive about people than others. For me, I guess it'd be the whole indie vibe. With that said, though, the type of guy that I usually go for isn't always the guy I do go for, weirdly enough. But in general, here it is:

? Dark complexion. I like dark hair, dark eyes. I know the blue-eyed blonde is the all-American poster boy but it's the brown eyes and the dark, rugged hair that really do me in. I really like that "manicured mess" look with the hair, and general scruffiness. Stubble is hot.

? Art/Literature/Music/Movies appreciation and/or talent. He doesn't have to be good at any one thing but he's got to really love it because more than half of what I talk about to people falls under this category.

? Jeans and sneakers. Seriously, guys don't wear them enough. Screw the khaki and screw Abercrombie. The older your shoes are, the better. I love that episode of Doug where he doesn't want to move on and buy a new pair of shoes. lol

? He's got to make me laugh. The darker the humor the better. I also like really bad puns. And any guy who can laugh at himself is a keeper.

? I need him to be clever, smart. Book smart and street smart, I guess. He doesn't have to be a straight-A kind of guy but it does have to matter to him.

? He has to want to do well, and he's got to be ambitious enough to go out and get things done. Also, I want him to push me to do things, too. Not nag, but encourage me to go out and be active and spontaneous and try new things.

? It'd be nice if he had a decent handle on current events of any kind, mostly with politics and sports. I like to know what's going on in both and he should too.

? Excessive drinking. It's all right to go out and have some fun once in a while, but if he wants to go to parties and **** like that every weekend then there will be a problem. I don't get drunk, and I don't want to waste all my money on it, either.

? Smokers. I grew up with it, and I can't stand it, and I'm certainly not going to stick around a guy who doesn't find anything wrong with it.

? Super clingy-ness. Sure, I like it when a guy enjoys spending time with me, but not every minute of the day, every day of the week. My sister's roommate and her boyfriend where always together and it drove me crazy just seeing it - I don't know how they didn't go insane. I value my independence way too much to deal with that.

? I don't mind spotting friends for things because I know that it's a give-take relationship and there will more than likely be a day when I need some extra cash for lunch or whatever. But I'm not going to continually give the man money. He needs to be able to take care of himself.

? Honestly, I'm not into huge, muscular guys. Exercise is awesome and healthy and a great way to spend time together, but the guy that goes all the time and bulks up and takes steroids and suppletives to get bigger muscles is not the guy for me.

? Don't like animals? Well I don't like you.

So yeah, it's a lot. But like I said, it's not like a guy has to have every little thing in order for me to look at him. As long as we have some common interests and we have fun together, it's all good. [/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]Hair color[/B] : Blonde, light brown

[B]Eye[/B] : Green/brown. I like dark eyes

[B]Race[/B] : White

[B]Body[/B] : Slender, Not too short. A pretty face oh and did I mention dark eyes? Nice legs and a firm chest is a plus xD

[B]Tatoos/Piercing[/B] : Not so big into tatoos but a tongue ring would be interesting. Nothing to freaky.

[B]Dress[/B] : [quote name='Retribution'] I don't like girls who dress with everything hanging out. Erg. Girls who shot at American Eagle/Abercrombie & Fitch seem to be hot. Perhaps I like preps.[/quote] I'm going with you all the way on this one Retri. *drools*

[B]Personality[/B] : Open minded and talkitive. I don't like a girl who can't keep a conversation going without ranting. Caring and respectful of other people. Someone who will talk about naughty things, hehe ^_^. A real people person. A good sense of humor, because I'm a funny guy ^_~

[B]Religion [/B] : Hmm well I'm going to have to go with Retribution on this one again. A girl with morals is an important factor.[/SIZE]

Perhaps I'll edit more in later... >_>
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I can't really say I'm that picky when it comes to things like that. There's different things that would be nice physically and mentally but most don't even matter that much.

First, he can be any race. That's one of the least important to me. I've crushed on blacks, whites, hispanics, and asians. But they can't be extremely into thier culture so that they try to force me into traditions that I don't like. One or two is fine, but not all of them.

Second, tall. Very tall. I can't stand anyone of short stature. I love to look up into people's faces when I talk to them which isn't hard because I'm short, 5'2 I think.

Third, his attitude can't be stuck up and cocky. Hopefully, he's emotionally stable always or at least he is most of the time. Very honest and caring. Loyalty is a must along with trust. If he can't be trusted or can't trust me it'll lead to some problems. His attention span is kinda long that he can focus on one thing for hours or atleast on me for that long. Not a depressed loner or bum who can't pick himself up. Happy for half the day at minimum and a big sense of humor because I love to laugh.

Fourth, physically cuddly. A little ripped maybe but it's not a desperate want. I need to have something to hug and not want it to feel like a pole.

Lastly, cute. Not sexy attractive that everyone looks at him when he walks by but atleast mildly cute.
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype]A type of guy...hmm...here goes...

-[U]Hair Color[/U] - Black...or blonde...how contradicting. ^__^

-[U]Eye Color[/U] - I really couldn't care, but, blue is nice.

-[U]Race[/U] - I don't have a preference, it's all personality.

-[U]Body[/U] - I tend to be a fan of that slender stature that some guys have. Maybe it's because I've been around them for so long. And I really don't like any chest or back hair. I'm really picky about that. It may sound odd, but after a while, I'll start to think he's my pet rather than anything. >__<

-[U]Tattoos/Piercings[/U] - I don't like a lot of piercings, or a lot of tattoos...er...well, if you've seen Travis Barker or someone with a lot of tattoos like that, I think that's REALLY overboard.

-[U]Dress[/U] - I'm not picky about what a guy wears, as long as it doesn't look like he just dragged it out of the trash. Although, I must say that I like when a guy has a sense of humor, and brings it into his shirts. You know the type that have the smart*** comments.

-[U]Personality[/U] - Nice, I don't want any cocky ******* who thinks that he's god's gift to women and that I should kiss his feet. And I've gotta make sure that he knows how to have fun, but knows when enough is enough. He doesn't have to be Mr. Sensitive either, but I would like him to speak up once in a while. It would be nice if he was smart, but that's not everything either.

-[U]Religion[/U] - I don't have a religion myself, and so I guess I'd prefer a guy to be that way too, but if he is, and the relationship is strong enough, then it's not a big problem.

Alright, I'm done ranting now. :p [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]Wow, everyone knows exactly what they are looking for...
Well, I like someone that likes me for who I am :catgirl: Also, someone like Trunks form Dragon Ball GT, as in, a kind, gentle and honest person. :D
I really hate someone who like only knows me for 1 month or something and wants to marry me. I mean, that's just freaky! :animestun [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]wow, lots 'o people don't really like all the tattoos or piercings. i on the other hand love 'em. guy can have as many as he wants (but not TOO much). and tattoos, i like a guy with a couple here and there, small ones mind you. but a guy without all those things is still kewl in my book.

i also like a guy that is taller than me (even though everything is ALREADY taller than me. (5' exactly)). i also like the type of guy that is slim, but if he's got a bit 'o pudge going on, i don't care. nice, of course, caring, duh, funny, yeah! smart, eh why not, sexy, no ********** duh! hehehe.....[/COLOR] :catgirl:
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Qouted from Retribution
[B]-Race:[/B] I seem to drift towards Asian girls. An internal preference? Hm...

[B]-Dress:[/B] I don't like girls who dress with everything hanging out. Erg. Girls who shop at American Eagle/Abercrombie & Fitch seem to be hot. Perhaps I like preps. *ponders*

Hmm thats strange you tend to drift more to preppy girls I tend to drift toward Gothic and Punk girls which most people at my school find strange because I go to a mostly black school and I'm black so you know weird looks also get em for the kind of music I listen to, but doesn't bother me.

I myself can't really find a race to drift to I don't really care at all about what race someone I like Asian, Black, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, Carcausian, Native American, or watever I don't really care.
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hm...*smiles* i guess i should say it now, i'm gay, so my type is a guy.

my type is someone who loves me, and is honest to me. I don't care if he is faithful, infact, some people can't help but not be faithful. They may love me, but they aren't chained to me by any means. As long as I have a peice of their heart, that is my type. I am so weak when it comes to matters of the heart.... i don't want to be alone i guess.
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My preference Is someone whose honest. Someone who cares for me and has morals. In terms of dress I dont mind anything as long as it isnt too ridiculous (I.E. Bunny ears in public :D ). the body and build are fine with me. Overall, they should accept me for me

what I cant stand is anyone who smokes.I also dont like heavy drinkers or violent abusive types! One more type I cannot stand is the arrogant jerks who think they are better than anyone else!
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Hair color : brunette preferably, but it really doesn't matter

Eye : doesn't matter

Race : White

Body : Cute face is a must. Being slender is big, and being built doesn't hurt either.

Tatoos/Piercing : anything beyond the ear...no.

Dress : anything besides 24/7 black

Personality : Fun and funny. Doing cute little stuff like sticking her tongue out and just generally being fun to be around helps.

Religion : Doesn't matter.
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[SIZE=1]I really like a guy who can understand me.And put up with my constant ditzyness.I like guys that can take a joke,aswell as make one.I also like guys with a personality,not one of those extremely beautiful but extremely dumb types.I also like guys who can cry and not care.

Yeah,I know a few of them.Sadly.

I don't care if this said "ideal guy" has blonde,black,brown,red or any color inbetween.As long as it is not green.There is something about green hair that makes me sick.Sorry if any of you have green hair,but it bothers me.

I'd be scared if an "ideal guy" for me has tatoos.Its erm...illegal right now.And major piercings aren't that great.I would be afraid to be with them in a lightning storm.

As for dress,I am picky.I love a guy who can wear anything he thinks will look good on him.I love little boy t-shirts,man-jewelry (not major though) and ties.I myself like wearing ties.I wish I knew a guy with courage like Momiji or Haru from Furuba,because I love their sense of dress.It's lovely.

This is a condensed version of "Mr.Right". I could write a whole book on what I wanted in a guy.But thats sorta selfish.So I don't plan on it.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Indigo]This is new.

I just want a decent looking girl who doesn't judge me for what I do. Also one who can get a little crazy. And if they get into what I do, the better.

My ex-fiance called it off (I was to be married at 21), she had to go back to Japan. She didn't even tell me good by. She called me the next day to tell me it's off.

Sorry for the rant, but she was, indeed, my type.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Havokio][COLOR=Indigo]This is new.

I just want a [...] girl who doesn't judge me for what I do.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
Ehh... that's pretty hard not to do. You are what you do, generally, so how could they judge you except off of your actions? Is there some other angle I'm not seeing? I suppose 'judging' and 'basing opinions off of' don't always have to be different things.
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[quote name='Retribution']Ehh... that's pretty hard not to do. You are what you do, generally, so how could they judge you except off of your actions? Is there some other angle I'm not seeing? I suppose 'judging' and 'basing opinions off of' don't always have to be different things.[/quote]

[COLOR=Indigo]I mean that they don't look down on any of my intrests. I like anime, which is supposed to be a "geek" thing. I know alot of people who would never hang out with people that watch anime. These are the types of people I'd like to avoid.

In example...

Don't think that someone's a bad person if they like fighting. Not weapons, or gang, random violence, but controlled. Basically, I want women who can keep an open mind.[/COLOR]
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