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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Welcome, everyone. I am Dragon Warrior, host of the greatest OtakuBoards roleplaying competition ever... well, perhaps to date. It's called [b]The Roleplayers[/b] and eight contestants chosen out of those who sign up shall compete to see who roleplays the best through acting skill, writing skill, and other unique skills they may possess that make their roleplaying experiences possible. If you think you can do well, go ahead and sign up. Follow the basic instructions below and your journey will begin.

[right]-Dragon Warrior[/right][/FONT]

[b]The Roleplayers[/b] is a yearly competition I shall do where eight people roleplay with each other using characters I've created, you've created, or other contestants have created, and you shall act in worlds and setting I have made (or voted on by all of you). I shall judge each round after it is complete and the weakest roleplayer shall get the boot. Hopefully that is all clear enough. Now onto the sign up!

[size=4]For Your Sign Up, We Require...[/size]
[FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]Your OtakuBoards Username:[/b] Mine is Dragon Warrior so that's what I'd put.
[b]Your Alias[/b] In the competition, you shall be referred to when out of character as your alias. Your alias must consist of the word "the" at the beginning. Examples for this would be:

[list][*]The Sexy One
[*]The Author
[*]The Competitive Fiend
[*]The Idiot
[*]The Cute One[/list]
Savvy? So make your alias matching you. Try to make a nice variety in these so people don't get each other confused. :)
[b]Image[/b] I'll need an image of a character you want to be recognized as. It'll just be an image used like your picture on an ID card or driver's license. I will edit the image after you place it here for what it'll be used for. So find a character that fits you.
[b]Writing Piece:[/b] Place a short story here. Make it really good writing. Grammar, spelling, any errors count. If you make mistakes here, your chances of getting in could suffer.
You all have 'til [b]August 13th[/b] to post your sign up. I think that's fair. Good luck, folkies ;)

NOTE: Questions about this can either be posted here or asked on my myOtaku site. Thanks.
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[size=1]So how exactly does the roleplaying portion of this RPG work? Are all of the characters supposed to exist in the same world, or even interact with one another? What kinds of characters are you expecting, and what kind of stories do you intend to tell with them?

Oh, and do people sign-up in this thread or The Inn?

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Good questions. I'll cover them immediately.

[b]So how exactly does the roleplaying portion of this RPG work?[/b] Well, I will give a basic premise to an RPG and contestants either have created a character or are given one (this depends on the round's rules) and must roleplay for a certain amount of posts each or length of time in this RPG idea I give. They may be doing two RPGs at once and the group is split into two groups. Or all contestants may be in one large RPG.

[b]Are all of the characters supposed to exist in the same world, or even interact with one another?[/b] I kinda just covered all this, but yes, you will be interacting with the people in your group and RPG. You don't have to, especially if it doesn't work with the RPG's plot or your character's style.

[b]What kinds of characters are you expecting?[/b] Well, like I said before, depending on the round contestants will be given characters made by me, choosing characters made by me, creating characters, and using other contestant's character creations. Hopefully character personalities and traits vary in the different RPGs we do throughout the competition. There will be a different RPG to do each round.

[b]What kind of stories do you intend to tell with them?[/b] Ah, I can't give away the ideas just yet. ;) But I can say that all RPGs are PG-rated and lower, so it's suitable for everyone. The most this'll go is some alcohol content (for like pirates drinking grog) and mild language (for the angry idiot). None of that is required, of course. But the RPGs will be different each time from medieval to gangsters to space pirates to whatever! This competition not only tests your skills as a roleplayer and writer, but to see if you can do a variety of different styles.

Enjoy and thanks for asking ;)
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[font=Garamond][size=2][color=silver]DW, you missed a question! Do we sign up here or in the INN?[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Garamond][size=2][color=silver]And a question of my own. I take it that considering the RPG's will be PG rated, our writing peice for our entry should be pg rated. Correct? Or no, considering it's just to give a sample of our work? As well, can we use a peice we've previously written, or do we need up to date, extreamly recent peices?[/color][/size][/font]
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[color=Navy]Alright, I finished, I may decide to change the Writing Piece.

[/color][font=Trebuchet MS][color=Navy][b]Your OtakuBoards Username:[/b] Sakura
[b]Your Alias[/b]: The Animal Lover
[b]Image[/b]: [url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url]
[b]Writing Piece:[/b] Sakura walked down the road quietly, the street was bustling and cars drove up and down the road loudly. She turned a corner and made her way to a familiar building. It was an animal shelter that she volunteered at. She absolutely loved it there, caring for the poor animals. Sakura had been working there for a little over two years, having adopted two kittens and a puppy during that time. She greeted the other workers in an open manner and tucked her bag away into the area where they all kept their things.

Sakura made her way into the back where all the animals were kept in caged areas. It was sectioned into several areas, medium sized animals like cats, dogs, rabbits; birds; small animals like rodents; reptiles; and larger animals. When she entered the medium animal area, the animals called loudly and Sakura smiled, it was a great place. She went to each of the cages and petted them. She took the animals from the caged areas and cleaned the cage before replacing the newspaper, and then she changed their food and water for the day before putting the animals back in.

Sakura got to the end of the line where there was a small black creature that was curled in a ball. She carefully opened the cage and picked up the furry, black ball. She gently coaxed the animal into uncurling itself and stroked it. No one wanted to adopt the animal, and Sakura was waiting to, because she had a period of time where she wasn't allowed to adopt another because she had just lately gotten one of her two kittens. The animal was strange, it was a mixture of a cat and a rabbit. His ears were long like a rabbit's but the body was of a cat, with a small twitching nose. He was only the age of a 5 month old kitten. Sakura had named him Lai, and everyone seemed to go with it.

A woman had found it on the edge of the road one day, but no one knew how it came to be. Many called it a mutant when they saw him, but most only saw the small ball of black fur, in Sakura's opinion, Lai was a miracle. No was quite sure, but it seemed that Lai liked Sakura more than anyone else that worked at the shelter.

Sakura followed the usual clean out routine but sat with Lai, stroking him carefully and just enjoying each other's company. She stayed that way for about half an hour and replaced him in the cage.

Sakura moved on to the different section that contained all the birds. It took longer to clean out with all the birds flying around, but she got it done quickly and without getting anything on her.

She returned to the front and checked the roster to make sure, she was only on duty for medium animals and birds. Sakura picked up her bag and left, she had taken about 3 hours. She was looking forward to going home, where her three young animals were waiting. She had a smile on as she walked, she loved her life.
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[color=blue][size=1][b]Otakuboards Username:[/b] Kitty
[b]Alias:[/b] The Bubbly Wierd One

[b]Image:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/OrangeOutfit.jpg]Here[/url]

[b]Writing Piece:[/b]

[i]Here I am, stuck on some overweight metal can with wings, about to be carried off to Nowhere, Arizona to be asked questions that I can't possibly know or remember the answer to, told ridiculously boring and long stories about life in the 'old days' by people who are probably four times my age, and embarrassed as they pinch my cheeks and coo as they draw in the others to follow suit, leaving a terrible trail of red lipstick and cheap blush.

Family reunions.. Bleh.[/i]

Little Nina was all grown up. Now in her mid twenties, her appearance matched her attitude. Fiery-tempered and stubborn, her back-length, aqua blue hair clashed with her crimson red dress, though both stood out from the casual attire the rest of the airplane's passengers. She sat in her seat, arms crossed in an agitated fashion, tapping her foot below, wanting nothing more than to be off this plane.

She'd go home and clean, go grocery shopping, even go back to work during her vacation rather than be stuck on this particular plane that would take her to the particular upcoming event.

Her past experiences with the likes of Aunt Lillian and Uncle Todd were some of the most unbearable memories that burdened her. She shuddered at the mere mention of their names to that day. And now they were going to get her to spend an entire [b]weekend[/b] in the same [i]zip code[/i]? It was cruel. That was it. She had tried tirelessly for the past few days to try and talk her way out of having to come, but to no avail. She was given her ticket, and readied to be shipped off.

Nina was growing tired of thinking about it. The more she thought about the reunion, the harder it was to stay awake. The dread that filled her was slowly replaced by her drowsiness, and then all was forgotten.The plane eventually lifted itself off the runway, and she found herself slipping into a deep sleep. It was peaceful, without the mention or mental images of two certain relatives.

EDIT: Finally got the writing piece done. It was random, and not really funny or sad or anything. Inspired by my latest plane adventures, though. x3 Hope it's good, DW.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]OtakuBoards Username[/B]: Kamuro

[B]Alias[/B]: The Emo One

[B]Image[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/9jpzs2.jpg][I]Here[/I][/URL]

[B]Writing Piece[/B]: Vincent didn't want to believe her, but the events of his life, things that had happened, there was just no other explanation for it. But how could he be part angel? That was a great responsibility he wasn't so sure he could bare. And the child of Gabriel? The Moon Brand? It was all so overwhelming. But he had to do it, he had to fulfill his destiny. And as his hand raised to meet the brand he fell to the floor, panting heavily.

He tried hard to control himself as every muscle in his body tensed and began to distort. He could feel the blood in his veins change and become even thicker then before, flowing through every inch of his body, a sharp and agonizing pain as the heavenly spirit traveled through each and every crevice. He could feel it center towards his upper back and cried out as the skin split violently.

Wings of light ivory sprouted from the wounds and burst into the air. Feathers floated slowly to the ground around him, a bloody circle of the most beautiful white plumes. His fist met the ground and pushed him upwards, stumbling slightly to regain his balance. Jace had felt this very same pain yet it seemed much worse for Vincent. Perhaps those of holier decent were more in touch with their heavenly counterparts? Who knows, however she did notice that his wings were different. Although darkened by the blood, they were white. Even the strong crimson color was overshadowed by a divine glow emitting from the ivory sails.

Vincent clenched his fists as the wings stretched outwards, splattering blood upon the walls as they shot into a great white span. As they returned to their original position the very tips glided towards his face, wiping the tears from just under his eyes and smearing a bit of blood across his cheek. "T-This power, I've never felt it before," he spoke quietly. Jace was in awe, even after experiencing this ordeal first hand she was amazed at the first transformation she'd actually scene with her very own eyes. She reached out her hands, running her fingers along the soft feathers that cluttering the wings.

[B]OOC: This was something previously written for an RP. I know you wanted something new but I had some writers block. Hold it against me if you wish DW. Tell me if anything needs changing.[/B][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

How did I miss this before now ? A rather splendid little RPG idea Gavin, it's very similar to one you did before, who's name I simply cannot recall at this moment in time. I'm going to give you a partial sign up as I'm still working out some of the nuances to the character.

[b]Your OtakuBoards Username:[/b] Gavin
[b]Your Alias:[/b] The Quiet but Amiable Academic
[b]Image:[/b] Need to find one.

[b]Writing Piece:[/b] Need to write this.[/size]
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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=DarkRed]Otaku Boards Username: Illium

Alias: The Sane One (Formerly)

Image: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=12]Feel free to change his clothes to suit the RP on hand[/URL]

Story: Should have this up in no time, mate, working on it now![/COLOR][/FONT]
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Your OtakuBoards Username: Darker Alucard
Your Alias: The Demon
Image: The left character in my signature.
Writing Piece: Alucard, known has "the Demon" because of his red hair was going to a Live performance of D12 at the "Red Lip" bar they were carding. Good enough for Him, he had fake ID. He looked to his Fake driving license and memorized every detail. Age, sign, everything. He gave the ID to the doorman that let him in. He hared the music, the beat, the flow... 3 minutes after the show ende he heard gunshots all over. 5 gangsters entered the building. he ran away and went to the bathroom. he washed his face and thought. "Lives are at stake. i can do something about it. it might take my life. Should i do it?"... he entered the air shft and walked untill he was right above the gansters head. Hde jumped above one of them grabbed his gun and killed the 3 of them. the last However shot him... The smell of blood and brains was everywhere. Alucard Lived has tortured soul. Poor Alucard...
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[font=Trebuchet MS]This should be amusing. :p

[font=Verdana][size=1][b]OtakuBoards Username:[/b] Bio

[b]Alias:[/b] The Uninformed One

[b]Image:[/b] [color=DimGray][url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v130/Archetype777/roleplayerspic.jpg"]click here![/url][color=Black]

[b]Writing Piece:[color=Gray] [/color][/b][color=Silver][color=Gray]((I felt like writing something silly, so tell me if you need something different.))[/color]

[/color]The thunder roared, even though it was miles away. At this point, other people would have boarded up their windows and hid in the basement, leaving nature to do as it would. But Reth still sat on the dock, staring out at the violent lake and the oak trees that whipped around in the summer squall?s wind. [i]Oak trees[/i], he thought, [i]are the wisest of them all.[/i]

A fresh tantrum of lightning punished the sky, but Reth didn?t so much flinch. He was comforted by the lightning, but not as much as he was by the torrential downpour that soaked through his strange clothes and into his skin. The humidity reversed the cooling effects of the rain, so he was actually quite comfortable.

He had been swinging his legs lazily back and forth over the edge of the old wooden dock since the storm had started, and now he looked up to the oddly-colored sky.

?I wish I could be an oak tree,? Reth sighed, ?Then I could spend all my time just sitting in the rain.?

As if to challenge this request, a white-hot bolt of lightning flashed through the air and cut through an old oak to his left. Reth uttered a small shout of surprise as he steadied himself to prevent falling off the dock. After his vision cleared from the light-blindness and he realized what had happened, he quickly stood up and ran to the tree. A large, black scar ran from the top of a split branch to the middle of the trunk. He traced his fingers across it and looked up at the canopy of trees. He had to blink through the rain that was getting in his eyes.

?Okay, maybe I don?t.? he said simply as he turned back to the lake, ?I guess being an oak tree sucks just as bad as being a human.?

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[SIZE=1][b]OtakuBoards Username:[/b] Pumpkin
[b]Alias:[/b] The Evil Guinea Pig Scientist
[b]Image:[/b] [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/DancingBlade/images/scientist.gif]Click[/URL]
[b]Writing Piece:[/b]
[i]I never thought it would end like this....they use to tell me banishment was the end....I knew one day it would come for me...but not like this...not ever like this..to run from the past is expected...but can you really hide from it forever? Fearing...for you know....confronting the past is evident.[/i]

It was raining. The water washed the sweat that dripped on her face, and the sounds of shouting could be heard echoing over the cliffs. She could still feel the heat of fire on her back and the shouts of the angry villagers as they chased her. It was freezing. Katara struck a match and lit some beach wood on fire, it was the only thing she could do to keep from freezing to death. Shivering, she curled up in a ball in the sand and tried to get some rest, she knew she would be stuck in this cave till morning and had to get out before the tide came. "Mila...sister..I hope your watching over me. I miss you." were her final thoughts before everything began to fade and the rain begun to stop.

Morning arose, and with that Katara had a big appitate. She caught some fish and ate it with seaweed, not the most delicious course, but it satisfied her stomache. She packed the leftovers into her bandana where she had packed a few household items just before her house was burnt down. She dug through her belongings A knife, her diary, a compass, a map and a locket of her and her dead older sister, Mila Adrias.. They had always looked alike, but were never twins although mistaken to be majority of the time. "I promise somehow I'll make this up to you. Your name will not be tarnished any longer." Katara said outloud promising to herself. She flung the bandana full of belongings over her shoulder and began to walk. She would now begin her new life.
[i]~ Belated Fortune as Mila Adrias[/i]

[b]OOC:[/b] I posted an older piece of my writing because I couldn't find the time to write a new piece in time for this. Sorry. Hope this is good enough.
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[color=#9933ff]Well, I've give this a whirl. Why not?

[size=1][b]Your OtakuBoards Username: [/b]MistressRoxie
[b]Your Alias: [/b]The Compassionate Intellect
[b]Image: [/b] Either [url=http://www.amybrownart.com/images2_2/open/encounter.jpg]this[/url] picture (the girl obviously) or [url=http://www.laceylady.com/fairy_books/amybrownII0602.jpg]this one[/url]. I realize it's really hard to see the girl in the first one, so it you would prefer using the second, go right ahead.
[b]Writing Piece: [/b]I wrote this a while ago, so if you want something completely new, just ask. I think this is a pretty decent piece, if I may say so myself. (And BTW, yes, the teacher is modeled after the teacher in "Peanuts." You know, the one that just mumbles, and Peppermint Patty responds to her?)

There I sit. I sit in my seat as the teacher drones on. And on, and on, and on. X__X I feel as if one more minute in her presence, and I shall surely drop dead. Luckily for me, there is less than one more minute of the class left.

Excited by the prospect of leaving this torture chamber labeled "education" I start to prepare to leave. [I]Rustle rustle. Zip Zip.[/I] All my books are safely in my backpack, and then, I hear my teacher.

"Mumble, mumble, mumble," she questions me menacingly.

"Yes ma'am, I'm paying attention. No, ma'am I was not about to leave. Yes ma'am, I'll take my notebook out again to copy down all the notes." That's the thing with teachers. Sometimes, they're cool, and they teach you stuff, but most of the time they're annoying. They usually like to yell at you for no reason at all.

I do as the teacher says, and I take out my notebook once again to start copying the notes I already have, but told her I didn't so she'd shut up.

Time seems to slow down. Slower and slower, like a car gradually running out of gas. I watch the clock with eyes like an owl, waiting for the second hand to tick on the twelve. My teacher is still oblivious that the period is about to end. When the period ends, the school day ends. The LAST school day of the week ends, and we will be free for a whole two days.

One second before the red handle hits twelve, the clock just stops! I panic, and wonder if anyone else notices that it isn't moving, that time isn't going anywhere. My worst nightmare has come true! I'm stuck in school forever!

Ring! Oh, good. Time starts moving again! There is a God! I turn to replace my notebook in my backpack, yet again. Smiling, I head for the classroom door. I have escaped the clutches of school, and this evil teacher! Well, at least for two full days - [u]summer vacation[/u] is 175 school days away![/size][/color]
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Guest ShadowGrey_Fox
Your OtakuBoards Username: Shadowgrey Fox
Your Alias: The guy at the back of the class.
Image: [url]http://www.alltrees.org/anime/notaprettygirl/tro.face.jpg[/url] << This will suffice as a Picture.
Writing piece: Well, this is just going to be off the top of my head, and be very improvised, so here we go.

I stand at my window, staring at, believe it or not, the street light. I watch as it flickers on. Night time has arrived. The sun has descended the horizon, running away from the slowly creeping Moon. Bah, another day wasted.

I slump on my bed, cursing the lack of parties, the lack of entertainment and the lack of friends I seem to have. Another day, another weekend, another week, and most probably another year where the most entertaining thing I did was play golf with my over protective parents. They dont understand me. No one really does.

Bah, again. I sit up. There must be something to do. Something exciting. Something entertaining, just something!

I look out of my window again. I stare for what seems like hours. Cars go past, one after the other, a constant ZOOoooooom, pause, ZOOOooooom, pause. . .

I need a life.

This is pretty lame, but its off the top of my head. I may edit later.
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Guest ShadowGrey_Fox
Holy Bejeesus! I almost forgot to edit mine...

Edit: Hurrah, Ive edited my entry... muahahaha!

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Guest ShonenSamuraiMugen
User: Little Slugger
Alias: The Holy Warrior
Image:The one You see to the right.
Writing Piece: I usually write works of fantasy, but today I wrote something fresh.

Saki ran faster towards the light...faster...faster...Then he began to fall. He didn't know what was happening, though he was sure he was dead. [I]What's happeni-[/I] He thought right before he blacked out. Back on the Ronen 4, Tai was deep in his thoughts about leaving his brother to die on the planet. He was interupted by the captain of the ship, Mrs. Rena. "Saki was an excellent Sakura pilot. You should be proud of having him as your brother..." She said trying to comfort Tai. Sakuras were the names of the mech fighting units. The name of Sakuras described the Ronen 4 crew. It gave hope to them that this small blossom of a crew could escape the Gariens, aliens that had killed most of the adults and children of the planet Earth, four years ago... Most of Tokyo's schools at the time were on a different planet. They had a field trip to the ronen base to check out the new Mechs they were building. The Gariens attacked the base, and the teenagers escaped with the Ronen 4 and Mechs inside.
Saki woke up to a shock, he was drifting in space. [I]I can..I can breath![/I] How could he have been in space if he was dead? How could he breath in space if he was alive? His last memory was an old man saying something about "Your second chance..." Saki saw a ship near by. [I]Tai...[/I] Saki thought. The crew reeled Saki in, unknowing that the body out there was once one of their own.
The crew was shocked to see Saki, he as well. "How, Saki? We watched that planet explode..." Tai said looking as if he was about to burst in tears." I think...God wanted me to return..." Saki smiled up at the ceiling. "Amen..."
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