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Sign Up To The Future, And Whatever It May Hold... [M-VL]


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[size=1][b]To The Future, And Whatever It May Hold[/b]
What if you couldn't remember who you were? What if you woke up one day and had no memeory of who you were, where you were, or what you were? What would you do?
The current year is 2025. Twenty to thirty years ago, the U.S. Government and some un-named forces began experimenting in long term genetic enginnering. They would take small children, usually babies and inject nanomachines into their bloodstream. These small machines would produce DNA strands that would, in turn, replace certain strands of the childs DNA. Their first trials ended abruptly when the children experianced complete genetic dissipation (GD- a condition in which the DNA of an individual unravels). The government made an official announcement that it had stopped all experiments and would shun anyone that continued it.
They did not stop. They only became more enthralled in their search to better humanity. Over the months that followed their experiments became more frequent. They also got better, more precise. The genetic manipulation began to show signs of working. Some children had enhanced senses. Some, enhanced physical abilities. Others, faint mental power. There was still one major flaw. After a period ot time, completely undeterminable, the subjects lost all memory. For some, it was weeks. Others, days. And still others, years. And not long after that they would experiance the GD syndrome.
The test subjects are the perfect weapons. That is what they were originally planned to be used for. After the protests and riots of 2021 all subjects were released from their training facilities and allowed to live as normal citizens. Some, with their obvious enhancements, were shunned and segregated from the communities of the world. Others, with less obvious abilities, blended in and kept their genetic manipulation a secret. But now the memory loss is beginning to set in. Bits and pieces of the specimens lives are beggining to fall away. Their bosses name. Their boyfriends name. Their names. Soon they will lose all memory of their lives, and soon after that...
As a countermeasure for this strange side-effect, the government made a serum that reversed it. Once sent into the body it would begin repairing the disconnected neural pathways. Memories would surface almost immediately. After World War III (2020-2023) the majority of the serum was lost. Only the people that produced it know where it is. They have went underground to avoid persecution in connection with the government experiments.
This is where you begin. No memory. No past. No present. Only a future. It's in your hands.

[b]Age:[/b] (Between 19 and 29 please)


[b]Abilities:[/b] i.e. Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Smell/Sight/Hearing/Touch/Taste, Telekinesis, Empathy, Precognition etc... If you do decide to go with a psychic ability make it medium in strength. One ability to a person.
Your background will unfold as you post. All you will know is that you have an ability that others do not. If you want to lose your memory a little while into the RPG that's perfectly fine.[/size]
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Ken Jameson


Ken is a well-toned young man, which goes hand-in-hand with his enhanced strength. His hair is crimson toned with black bangs, and his eyes are a dark-blue. He often wears his hair spiked. He stands at 6' 3'' and is very handsome, so women tend to gravitate towards him. Usually over his eyes are a pair of slim, oval, shades.

He wears a black, collared, unbuttoned shirt over a white shirt. Both shirts ae sleeveless and expose his arms. A pair of blue jean shorts usually join his attire. On his right hand, he wears a golden lion ring on his pinky, a silver wold ring on his index finger, and a golden dragon ring with ruby eyes on his middle finger. He always had his CD player in his pocket, with the headphones around his neck.

[B]Abilities: [/B]
[I]Enhanced Strength-[/I]
Ken has the strength of over ten men. His arms in no way give away his under-lying strength, and will often give his enemies or rivals a misconception of his power. He isn't carelees with his strength, though, and only uses it when neccesary.[/SIZE][/color][/CENTER]

[CENTER][SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Hope it's alright.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[size=2][color=Navy][b]Name: [/b]Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age: [/b]22

[b]Appearence: [/b][/color][/size][font=Verdana][color=Navy][url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she wears a white, button up dress-shirt and navy blue cargo pants. [/color][/font][size=2][color=Navy]She always wears a [url="http://www.johnlewis.com/jl_assets/product/230204719.jpg"]watch[/url] on her left wrist, a [url="http://img344.imageshack.us/img344/7770/1a1b4le.jpg"]bracelet[/url] on her right wrist, a [url="http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/5079/rensq0247p0101026ez.jpg"]ring[/url] on her right ring finger, and a silver [url="http://www.tajarts.co.uk/shopimages/products/normal/P829.jpg"]cross[/url] pendant. She's often caught with a mp3 player above her shirt with the earphones and string (the thing the mp3 player dangles off) hanging around her neck.

Sakura's toned and tanned from being in the sun and doing lots of physical activities, but she isn't buff and muscular. Despite herself being a tomboy, she's beautiful and guys often ask her out on dates that she usually refuses, not wanting a relationship with someone she doesn't know.
[b]Abilities:[/b] Telekinesis

Currently her powers are only at a medium level, she can move objects, mostly inanimate objects and small living things. Sakura has to be able to see it, even if it's through a window, or telescope or something. She uses it quite often, though not in front of others, she uses it so she can try to get better at it and to have it more powerful.
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[B]Name[/B]: Reiki Tsuzuki (He can only remember his first name)

[B]Age[/B]: 19

[B]Appearence[/B]: Medium? height (5'9") and thin, with dark brown hair and grey eyes. Although he isn't super pale, he's not tan either. He doesn't look Japanese so what's with his name? (It's a secret... for now) He looks a little young for his age.

He wears square-ish (a cross between an oval and a square) glasses with thin steel frames because he's a little nearsighted. He likes to wear dark jeans and button up shirts with short sleeves and a collar. Or he wears t-shirts or polo shirts. Baisically, his style of dress is conservative and plain so that he doesn't stand out.

[B]Abilities[/B]: An Empath. Proximity affects his abilities. If a person is in the same room, he can tell what they are feeling. If they are right next to him, he feels it very strongly. If he is actually touching the person, he feels it just as much as them and he can sometimes even read thoughts. Also when he is touching someone, he can transfer his feelings to them if he tries hard enough.

There is one person who's feelings he can sense no matter where they are. If they are very sad, very angry, very happy (etc) or in a decent amount of pain, Reiki can feel it. He has a name and that's it. He doesn't know if this person is a sibling or a lover or what, but he has a name and he's searching.

Also, Reiki has a (futuristic) credit card thing in his pocket. It uses his fingerprint instead of a pin# so he always can use it even when he loses his memory. He doesn't know how he got it but he has yet to reach the spending limit or get a bill so he keeps using it when he needs too.

QUESTION!!!!- Are we supposed to write in first person or third person?
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Heath Arcway


Heath has a very casual look, never found in anything remotely expensive. He prefers to be comfortable in his wardrobe, long cotton shorts, a loose plaid shirt, and cushioned sandles for his feet. His hair is usually messy and unkempt, so he wears an old leather cap to cover it most of the time. Even on the darkest of days he wears sunglasses, no one really knows why. He also wears gloves, full of holes and a little tight, but to his liking most of the time.

His most noteable feature are his tattoos. Various tribal signs and other symbols can be found throughout his body. None show any color, each one being done in the darkest of black ink. His looks aren't the most favorable ones, but he enjoys them just fine. Every part of his physical appearence serves a purpose or means something to him in one way or another. He expects people to accept him the way he is, and not expect change on their behalf.

Heath has the power of being able to conceal himself from people's physical vision. His powers are limited and he is only able to stay invisible for a certain amount of time. As he grows older and stronger, the limits decrease and he becomes more in touch with his mental ability. He has yet to branch out from the original tactic and learn new things to do with his power, but he hopes to make better use of it in the coming years of his life.

[B]OOC: Hope this alright, if anything needs to be changed just ask.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]Searching Database . . .

. . .

File Found.

[B]Last Update[/B]: 2-9-2021

[B]Subject[/B] 008193

[B]Subject Name:[/B] Nicole Barret
[B]Subject Age:[/B] 22
[b]Subject Sex:[/b] Female

[B]Subject Appearance:[/B]
[[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=6]Database Image[/URL]]
- [i]Height[/i]: 177.8 cm [70 in]
- [i]Weight[/i]: 54.8 kg [121 lbs]
- [i]Eye Color[/i]: Original Eye Color Unknown [Current: Blue]
- [i]Hair Color[/i]: Grey [Side effect of treatment]
- [i]Blood Type[/i]: O-

[b]Subject Ability:[/b]

- Subject capable of changing all of her characteristics to that of anothers, including finger prints and voice.
- Constant surveillance required.
- Subject must make brief physical contact with another's skin to be able to transform.
- Always wear suit when entering subject's containment cell.
- Subject's control over her ability is limited. Subject has a tendency to change unintentionally into the form of someone she has previously come in contact with.
- Keep subject medicated with [REMOVED] to reduce random transformations.

[color=#003faa]OOC: Hope that was okay Corey. I strayed a bit from the basic sign up, but I thought it suited the futuristic style of the RPG. Tell me if it needs changing. ^_^[/size][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I'll give you a semi-complete sign up Corey as I'm still working what would be an acceptable power to take.

[B]Name:[/B] John Edward Griffin

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Appearence:[/B] [url=http://adventkane.250free.com/Fraser.jpg]Jack[/url]

[[i]Will Add more[/i]]

[B]Abilities:[/B] [[i]Will Edit[/i]][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Laine Valerie Edmonds

Age: 21

Appearence: see attatchment, wears black, leather or denim, most often, and can't be talked into doing much with her hair. Her skin is slightly tanned, eyes a honey gold, and hair light brown. She never liked jewelry, but keeps two titanium studs in her ears.

Abilities: Empathy, some would see as more of a curse than an ability. She can sense the emotions of the people within a mile of wherever she happens to be. For the record, her empathic abilities include sensing people's feelings and experiencing them as strongly as she would her own. This so called "ability," has always made her susceptible to severe depression, and she is constantly fighting off the numerous feelings threatening to overwhelm her senses.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=crimson][b]Name:[/b] Simon Magus.

[b]Age:[/b] 25.

[b]Appearence:[/b] Dress and physical appearance are as seen in the attached picture. Generally keeps himself well hidden in his black traveller's cloak, wearing whatever casual clothes he chooses underneath it. Has the Greek letter of Psi tattoed on his upper right arm, but no other distinguishing marks aside from the random scar or birthmark. He is a rather tall, imposing fellow who tries to fade into the crowd as much as possible.

[b]Ability:[/b] Dead-eye senses. An enhancement to his visual and audial perception that makes him acutely aware of his surroundings. The ability gives him a perceived increase in his agility when compared to others, but it is his mind that is recognizing and acting at an abnormally fevered pace in lieu of any physical prowess. This can be a double-edged sword as with his increased perception comes increased sensitivity to the extremes of light or sound.[/color]
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[size=1][color=#E8170D][B]Name-[/B] Jackson O?Donnell
[B]Age-[/B] 24

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img355.imageshack.us/my.php?image=robertpattinson1ud.jpg]Jackson[/URL] has the appearance of a Country musician but isn?t perceived to be one. He wears a jean jacket over a dark gray shirt and loose, baggy jeans with the vintage rips and holes all about them. He occasionally wears a white and black sports hat but would rather let the wind blow through his hair.

[B]Abilities-[/B] Oddly, Jackson doesn?t believe he has an ability but as he walks the streets, he randomly feels the hairs on his neck prickle and a cold chill run down his spine, making him shiver even though there is not a single cold wind to be felt. What Jackson doesn?t realize is that he is able to sense another?s ability but only he cannot compel himself to pinpoint on the exact location. It can only lead him so far before the ?radar? dies. Yet, with the ability to sense, Jackson can mimic an ability which allows him to use theirs with the same limitations. The strange thing about Jackson?s ability is that each time he copies an ability, a small bit of the power becomes infused with him, albeit, it can be quite dangerous if he does not know how to control the ability.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Jared O'Toole

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Appearence:[/b] Jared stands at about six foot, two inches with a mop of messy brown hair on his head. His pale green eyes are slightly sunken due to his ability, and constant, around the clock working. He usually had a stubble on his chin and neck, and wears a pair of jeans and a button-up t-shirt.

[b]Ability:[/b] [i]Interface-[/i] Jared is able to link directly with any computer system using only his mind. He doesn't even need to be in direct, physical contact. He can break security encryption, which involves sending wave after wave of excess thoughts (data) at a system until it overloads, nearly instantly depending on the level of encryption. He can browse whatever database he wants after the encryption is down, the documentation transfering directly to his mind.
This ability comes with a cost. Not only is it limited by distance (about 10 feet), but if he downloads to much information at once to his brain, it will shut down to process it, leaving Jared in a comatose-like state.
Thank you to all that signed up.
Please believe me that this was extremely difficult. I spent a good two hours last night (and about one this afternoon *points at Revelation*) reading over all the signups and deciding who would work best together.
Any hate-filled rants should be directed to my PM box, but expect an equally hateful responce.

[b]Kamuro-[/b] Your appearance really clenched a spot for you. It was wonderful to read. Welcome to the Future.
[b]Kitty-[/b] I liked the setup of your bio, even if it deviated a bit. But the main reason you got in was your ability. It had pros, cons, and was something I never even considered for use. Welcome to the Future.
[b]DeathKnight-[/b] Also your ability. I love it. Welcome.
[b]Revelation-[/b] I love the ability, and, in lieu of the completed appearance, Welcome.[/size]
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