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Discuss What part of an RPG appeals to you?


What part of an RPG appeals to you?  

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  1. 1. What part of an RPG appeals to you?

    • Back Story
    • Creator of RPG
    • Character Creation (Referring to if its really flexible)
    • People that have joined?
    • Genre of RPG

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What is it that appeals to you? The Back Story given to you, The Character Sign Ups or even the creater of the RPG or other things?

I myself find that the Back Story is what appeals to me because I am an avid novel reader so if the story is good then I am fine about it. I also check who is joining it and compare them to my writing style because two contrasting styles do not work well.

I'm just wanting to know?
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I personally like the backstory and the characters that can be made from it. I like to read too, and I'm trying to write as well. For me, RPing is a little like writing a story; it needs a good set up, but it needs good characters too.

It's sort of like a test flight on new characters for me, and it also helps me get to know the characters a little better too. It's a bit like getting inside the mind of the role you took in the RP, and also a bit like acting too.

Though I freeze on stage, RPing opens a new medium on which to practice. You won't get any disgusted looks, unless you happen to be a poor writer, and it can really help a lot in the writing process.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

Personally I don?t think there?s really any one thing that attracts me to join an RPG, though a solid and gripping premise/backstory is often the first thing that hooks me. While often I do only join RPGs created by people I know, this simply because I know the style, know the quality and know it?ll be good. Genre, well I?m not really restricted to one genre, but I prefer sci-fi/action where possible, though recently I joined René?s Speed Dating RPG which is quite different to RPGs I?ve joined before.

One of the other things that catches my eye is when someone I know signs up to an RPG created by someone I?m not familiar with, and usually this causes me to immediately check out the RPG itself. I know that sound kind of shallow but I?ve got a slow internet connection which means I can?t afford to spend time browsing every RPG that starts. Finally for Character Creation, well I have to admit that?s more the icing on the cake rather than something that would make me join, if an RPG is mediocre all around and then has a good character sign up style, well it wouldn?t really push me to join.

Overall probably Premise would be the most attracting thing, though as I said I?m not picky, a good RPG is a good RPG.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=#CC6600]First of all, the thing that matters most of all, is the writing. Every person has their own style and way of explaining things. But first of all you must have a plot and what I like to call the "catch". Usually the catch is what draws the reader's attentions and makes them want to join your RPG. This is usually what I look for in an RPG and also that it is unique. I like almost every genre but my favorites would definately have to be sci-fi and fantasy.

I don't think that whoever joins your RPG is important, you could have tons of new people signing up for your RPG it doesn't really matter. As long as you have a plot that works, people will be attracted to this. As much as I hate to say this, reputation and display really help. I might see someone who I feel makes good RPGS and join theirs if it takes to my liking, but that's not necessarily joining the rpg just because I like the person. It means that I know what to expect and know they have more experience. Display is also important because it's what attracts the viewer's eye, you don't need to have fancy graphics, but maybe just use a small font and maybe seperate it into nice paragraphs. It really helps.

Geesh >.<;; sorry I wrote so much. But it's just such a wide varity of what makes an RPG great. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hmm, the RPG I play has great ways for character creation and a awesome back story thats nearly irresistable, if you are into the novels that its based off. Still, the character creation, in this is amazing, you can really hit in depth information on your sona truly make them believable and they can hardly be passed off as sketchy. Thats why I voted for character creation. If you can only create a lousy character or something thats barely above being generic (not saying thats the case all the time, just summarizing) then how can the character be realistic enough to play with in the RPG world? A back story is great to, and thats why I voted for it as well, but to me, my characters are the most important part of the game.

When I joined my RPG, I had no clue who was making it or who had even joined it, so I have a difficult time seeing its revelence to the game, which may just be my greeness showing through, I don't RPG often enough :animecry: but I do know what I like. Then again, that could be me being weird, so who knows... :catgirl:.

Still, I do enjoy walking into the game and not knowing who I will meet and who my little Tallana is gonna encounter, which personaly makes it kinda fun, you know? I mean if you know everyone there, then part of the fun is gone, becuase you already know pretty much well everyone.

Anyway, just my thoughts on RPGs...
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I voted for the background story, as it's obviously the first thing after the title one reads when one enters a RPG-thread here. To me, if the story isn't appealing, I often do not even read further, so things like character creation or other rules go unnoticed.

Of course all the stuff in the poll are important for to have a successful and good RPG, but as said, the background story is the most important one, at least in my opinion. The genre of the game is defined by it, as are the characters.

I don't really look at [I]who[/I] has created the game, although some names might attract me more than others, but basically anybody can create a great game if he or she puts enough effort to it. I'm also not bothered by whoever else joins the game I'm joining - if I know them before the game, great, but if not, I get a chance to get to meet new people.

That's the whole charm of RPGs to me: to enter a fantastic world of imagination with a bunch of others, and have a heckuva time. ;D
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[size=1]Simply put, I sign up based upon the people joining. I like to join quality RPGs, and the people who I look for in a sign up share my view on what exactly is a quality RPG. ULX, Imi, Deucalion, Sakura, Kairi, Reiku, Raiha, Cyriel, Epsilon, and Mugen just to name a few of the gang are all really great RPers - if they're in, I'm in too.

And I'm not going to join an RPG with what looks like to be a really amateurish cast. It sounds elitist of me but ... well, I'm not afraid to say it.[/size]
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[color=Navy]I'd say each of those plays a part in my RP choices.

The [b]Story[/b] is definitely essential. If there's a lot of mistakes language wise, I usually pass on it because that will determine how the quality of it will be. If the story isn't thorough enough, I won't chase it up. And if it's just ot my interest then I don't join.

[b]Creator[/b] affects my choices quite a bit actually. I usually read titles for any that interest me, then I move to who's made it. I always take a look at those that are made by quality RPers just to see if it interests me, most of the time they are my type and I usually join, even if I don't know much about the subject sometimes, like if it's based off a game that I haven't played, the creator is usually a friend and I just ask them for information.

[b]Character Creation [/b]isn't too big of a deal. I personally like it quite flexible, but with limitations or else it becomes a Godmod fest.

[b]People that have joined [/b]is something that affects my choice like the creator. As Retri has said, if I know they're quality RPers and create notable RPGs then I'll usually join in for the ride. Those that Retri named are a few of my top choices, along with Kayin, and Retribution himself.

[b]Genre [/b]is a large factor too, if it's not my type of thing, I'll usually stay clear, but if it's within my range of liking it and knowing about it, then it's ok.
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What makes me choose to do one RPG over another is Character Design and Back Story. I have to like the plot and I have to have the inspiration for a character I actually like. But what makes me do RPG's in general is the writing. Writing is my hobby. I love coming up with characters and then writing about them. I do write longer things but its hard sometimes to get it finished. With RPG's you can take it one post at a time and the other players fill in the gaps. Its more fun I think.

As an afterthought... I don't really pay too much attention to who is making/joining the RPG because I'm so focused on the plot. It does annoy me when people write a post and they don't have baisic grammar skills. I'm not perfect, I know, but I think my posts are easy to understand at least. I've had to re-read posts sometimes because it was so difficult to wade through the errors and ommissions. That doesn't affect me when I'm joining though.
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[font=franklin gothic medium]For me, I think it has to be the basic concept that interests me...I don't know if that means the backstory or the genre or what. It probably depends on the individual RPG. For example, Ozy's Beatles RPG had such an off-the-wall concept that I found it very appealing. I only didn't sign-up because I really knew nothing about The Beatles.

So I think that if someone can present either a totally new concept, or a really interesting twist on an existing concept, that's the first thing to grab my attention. Aside from that, it probably comes down to whether or not I find the specific universe and backstory interesting - if I do, then I'm likely to sign up.

It really doesn't matter who made the RPG or who else is participating - if I like the actual core concept and backstory, then I'm far more likely to sign-up. Sometimes my favourite RPG creators make stuff that I have no interest in whatsoever and sometimes people make awesome concepts and I've never really posted in their RPGs before. So for me I guess the content/concept of the RPG itself is of paramount importance.[/font]
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