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If you were stranded on a deserted island....

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My least favourate would be any "enigmatic character". In every conversation the responce would either be nonexistant (e.g Rei Ayanam, [I]Evangelion[/I]) or some cryptic/pointless riddle (e.g. Quon, [I]Rahxephon[/I]).


ME: we need to find shelter. Any suggestions?
QUON: Consuming darkness...Bitterly cold...

That sourt of thing would drive me insane.
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[SIZE=1]Desserted island along with a anime character i hate? It has to be the bad attitude people. I would hate to be with Sauske (Naruto), Naraku (Inuyasha) and maybe Dokuro-chan (From Dokuro-chan)
Sasuke i had to kill in the first day do to how smug he is (I'm thinking of early Sauske). Naraku I get annoying because he be bossy us around not lifting a finger. Then Dokuro-chan is nice and all but HYPER!! She will annoy me with her cutness and hyper-ness. She hit me with her bat spiked thing all that time and sing that annoying song to revive me "Piru Piru Piru Pi Pi!" [/SIZE]
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[color=darkviolet][font=lucida calligraphy] Do you have to just use anime characters? Or can Manwa and manga characters work too?

I'd want Kiley from Peach Girl on my island. Okay so he'd get annoying after a bit and I'd most likely vote him off sometimes. But he's funny and cute most of the time, so he can stay and we can pass the time.

Mizuno Ami from SailorMoon. She's a friggin' genius. If anyone could get us off an island it'd be her.

Ryoga from Ranma 1/2 would be good too. And if he really pissed me off I'd throw cold water on him and have him for dinner. (For those who don't know Ryoga turns into a pig when dowsed with cold water....)

Not from an anime because it doesn't come from Japan, but the whole magical girl thing is there. Riven from Winx Club. Just because he's very interesting.
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